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Follow You Anywhere (Drake x MC)

[A little note: I wanted to toy around with a story of drunk Robyn, but then that idea turned into something else. Something kind of long and hopefully fun!]

[Summary: Another night outside the manor nearly lands MC (Robyn) in trouble. But Drake’s quick thinking gets them out out of it.]

Word Count: 2,666.

Robyn had lost her shoes.

They were still inside her hands, as she gathered her skirts and came across another hall. However, the moment she was face to face with a disgruntled security guard, she knew they were out of luck and whatever contingency plan she had been planning fumbled as the man glared arrogantly at her.

How had a night of drinking turn into this?

She knew pinpointing the exact moment it had all gone wrong was probably sometime after the rounds of whiskey. Maxwell and Hana were interested in some adventure and Drake had been sordid about the idea until the sixth round. Robyn had been the one to come up with the idea - and the trip here was sealed the moment they grabbed a cab. 

Maybe it was her decision making that had gotten her into this. 

But now that she was here - inside one of Cordonian’s most prestigious museums; their night of having a complete and private viewing had gone awry the moment she had stumbled too far from the rest of her friends. 

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(hate to post this but I need another couple of days of pause. I’ve got a cold that got increasingly worse during the past week and working in the past 3 days was like climbing a mountain. I’m literally one panel away from finishing the next three strips but I will have to do adjustments and write in dialogues and I’m just too tired to keep going today x_x sorry, see you hopefully when I’m a little more alive soon.)

Four Puffs 1/2

Steve Harrington/Henderson!Reader
Word Count:

Request: @mikeygc3000​  said: Could you write one where you’re Dustin’s older sister and all the kids can tell that you and Steve are in love but are in denial so they set up a blind date by tricking you and Steve and you both end up together in the end???? And lots of fluff!???? (P.s I just found your blog and I’m in love with it)”

A/N: sorry to break this up into two parts, but it was getting monstrously long, and I need to edit the second half, lol. Also, fun fact, someone is credited as playing Mr. Henderson, so I headcanon’d a bit. (and as always, requests are OPEN)

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Temporary panel summary break:

Hey guys. So, this was a very difficult decision to make because I genuinely love doing the panel summaries and I know they mean a lot to so many people, but with everyone going on in my personal life and how much I’ve been struggling, I’m taking today off from doing panel summaries (for HonCon 2017).

I love doing the write-ups and gathering the live-tweets together for y’all in one post, but they are very time consuming and sometimes stressful. Normally that’s just fine, but today I’m trying to rest and relax as much as possible before the crazy, dreaded week I have coming up. 

I will be sharing the Storify panel summaries put together by Sil and Candi, which contain the livetweets, pics, and videos that con-goers post during the panels. I will also be reblogging and posting pics and vids as normal. 

I thank you all for your understanding and I will be back to doing the summaries during the next con I’m sure. Hope you all have a great day! 

listen, making Oswald the ‘Emperor Penguin’ and having him and Edward raise Martin together is the ultimate reference to their first conversation and is obviously the best possible writing choice because it ties everything together and makes you look clever af (@ Gotham writers come at me)

so, if anyone needs me, i’ll be writing about Edward dancing with Martin to big band music while balancing him on his feet (Oswald walks in and he knows, he just knows he has to marry this man and keep him forever. Penguins mate for life, after all. )

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What’s all this about candy canes? (Sorry I’m new)

Oh never apologize for asking questions!!!

Sooooo, two years ago I wrote @justanotherdrarryblog some filthy Christmas smut called Have You Been a Good Boy? Which featured praise!kink, Draco in a velvet Santa Suit, mild BDSM with Christmas tinsel and most notably some super NSFW things with a candy cane.

Last year I wasn’t able to write anything smutty for Christmas because I had a new baby and was a human zombie…. but all holiday season I was reminded by people they couldn’t look at candy canes the same anymore.  Which someone just told me a few days ago when they read it for the first time.

My goal this year is to write something even kinkier and smuttier and defile something else associated with Christmas, because why not!  I’m just trying to decide what.  And if anyone is interested it will be in the same verse as the last one.  :)

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Are there any gender-inclusive terms that can take the place of "ma'am" and "sir" when trying to get someone's attention? Or for addressing people when you need to be extra polite. I haven't had any luck finding one. "Hey, you" doesn't quite cut it.

i usually just drop such words entirely rather than attempt to replace them.

“excuse me, sir / ma’am.”
“pardon me, sir / ma’am.”
“i’m sorry, sir / ma’am, but do you…?”

in writing, you could replace “sir / ma’am” with “mx” (pronounced ‘mix’), but in a verbal situation that calls for politeness, that’s probably not the way to go.

anyone else have any suggestions for anon?

// dial tone //

I heard your voice again tonight

I’m sorry I didn’t answer

I forgot why I left for a moment

the way you frantically spoke

over the static

that fills the void between us

left me wanting to crawl back

but I won’t forget

the way you loved your words

more than me

and treasured each syllable

as if you nurtured them

until they formed words

you could pluck

and reshape to your need

but I was just a defect

you couldn’t fit in your mold

so I’m not going to apologize

but I cannot love you anymore

~k (phone tag)


Prompts: “I need some time” & “You can’t keep pretending it didn’t happen, cause guess what? It did!” & “I’m pregnant” &  “Stay with me” & “Stop pretending you’re okay, cause I know you’re not” & “Just talk to me”

Tagging: @line-viper​ (requester)

A/N: I have smashed a few requests together here, because they all seemed to fit when I was writing. Also, sorry for the terrible quality of the gif!

You can find part one here.

“I need some time,” that was all Elijah had said after finding out you were pregnant. It hadn’t been cruel or dismissive, but the lack of emotion that sat in his words haunted you. He had detached himself from the conversation so quickly, leaving you alone with your thoughts as he left the house in order to think.

It had now been over a week since you had shared the startling news with him, and you were growing more and more anxious with every passing moment. You hadn’t broached the topic with him, wanting to give him the space and time he needed in order to process such a startling revelation, but without a word having been said about it since you told him the truth, you weren’t sure how much more of it you could take.

Things seemed to explode early that afternoon when you found him alone in the library, casually reading an old novel he had read numerous times. Fury and irritation bubbled away at you at his relaxed state, and before you knew it you were storming over to him, snatching the book from his hands with a wrathful glare.

“Enough,” you spoke through gritted teeth, unable to continue acting like your world wasn’t crashing down around you. “You’ve had a week, Elijah, a week to process what happened, and all you’ve done is act like nothing happened at all.”

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Sometimes All We Need Is A Little Touch (Trixya) - Thomo

( A/N: Hey y'all, am back with a new request for m/m trixya. It’s a teacher/student fic, and i know it was just recently requested but I needed to write it, sorry bout it. It’s 2.9k words of slight angst, smut, and just overall rushed lust. Probably not my best work, but if you guys like it I could probably turn it into a little chaptered thing. If not, I hope you enjoy what’s here! Thanks for reading x -Thomo)

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- golden boy | b.b

Prompt: N/A

Summary: Bucky is met with a surprise from his past and she’s back with vengeance for the wrongs he did against her.

Pairing: Bucky x Sister! Reader

Warnings: Lots of Violence, Wanda gets mf STABBED, angst

Words: 1, 516

A/N: HAHA im back i didnt die lmao just LAZY AS FUCK sorry this is soooo bad but i need to start writing again so please take it lol

The hardest part for Bucky once he adjusted to life in the present was missing the people that he had once lived with. One absence in his life seemed to continuously burn a hole in his heart; his sister,  (Y/N). She had been the one who begged him not to leave to the very last second, making him promise his life on coming home.

And he did come home, but she had already left.

So he mourned her. She had disappeared off of the face of the planet some years after he had ‘died’. Nobody could explain it, nobody gave him the answers that he so desperately asked for. He let the conversation phase out, but every day, the thought would plague his head, twisting his gut upside-down.

On the days when it hurt the most, he would huddle up on the couch watching the TV. The residents of the Stark Tower didn’t let him hole up in his room anymore, a little scared of what mind happened to his head if he did it too much. This was one of those days. He didn’t even know what TV show he was watching, he just knew he had already watched a season. Yeah. It was definitely one of those days.

He didn’t even look up when the doorbell rang, instead he ran his fingers over the stump where his metal arm wasn’t. If he didn’t need it, he took it off. It wasn’t so important to him anymore.

Peter went to go get the door, staying over for the weekend. The conversation was faint, but he could hear it.

“Hi, girl scouts! We’re selling cookies to try and raise funds for, uh… breast cancer.”

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You know any fanfics where Anakin never became a Jedi and is still a slave on Tatooine? If I can't find any imma have to start writing them myself XD

I must confess that for a moment I thought about answering NO just because I want more fics like that. SORRY!!! so, PLEASE, despite of my answer, write your fic because I know need it in life. DON’T MAKE ME BEG!!!

The fics bellow all deal with variations of the AU you suggested: Anakin is not freed by Qui-Gon during TPM. Everything else is different and unique to every fic but I hope it’ll help (and I’m probably forgetting a few, sorry).

I Have to Leave at Midnight by Vintage_Smokestack

“I did a thing on tumblr where people would send me a made-up fic title and I responded with what kind of fic I would write to go with it. CaraLee (liveandletrain on tumblr) gave me the title ‘I Have to Leave at Midnight’. Of course I thought of a Star Wars Cinderella AU; what else? Anakin, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, is Cinderella.”

Driving Away by Sith-likejedi

“Anakin and Shmi have lived with Watto for a long time. Watto had owned them for a long time too. But Watto sold them on - and that man isn’t as nice as Watto.”

oh rise with me forever by yet_intrepid

“an AU in which Padmé is captured and enslaved on Tatooine, and she and the Skywalkers decide to do something about it.”

To Find the Sun by the_little_bay_that_could

“Star Wars AU. Set around the timeline of TPM, it begins with a 9 year old Anakin and a 12 year old Obi-Wan. Trapped in the clutch of the illegal slave trade, Anakin is sold as a sex slave on Coruscant. Meanwhile, a young Obi-Wan trains as a Padawan under the apprenticeship of Qui-Gon Jinn.Be it the will of the Force or not, the two boys cross paths to form what they believe to be an unbreakable bond. In time, the Jedi take notice of Anakin and deliberate on what will be of the future of the boy.”

Sun Kissed by Vee017

“Being on a world that supports slavery is one thing. Buying a slave and bringing him into Republic space is entirely another.”

Three Years by Intent_To_Stay

“Anakin Skywalker is nine when Jedi and Queens and Angels fall onto his desert world. He doesn’t leave with them.”

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(Said we can send prompts with wanted to) PROMPT: dan and phil come out in a live show they kiss at the end its cute, smut can happen if.. you'd like idk change whatever you wnat

Word count: 900

Summary: “Shall we tell them now?” Dan whispered into Phil’s ear. Phil stared at Dan, then back at the thirty thousand people watching their every move. Biting his lip, he nodded.

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Dan and Phil

Tw: None

Time period: 2017

A/N:  okay i can NOT write smut as far as i know (maybe in the future) so i’ll just give you the beginning to a blowjob, sorry. +++ this is v short because i wrote this at 9 am and i haven’t slept and i felt like this was necessary to write right now. i couldn’t sleep until you were acknowledged and provided the necessary phanfiction you need and deserve!

     Today was the day. Phil had been anxious about this day for awhile now, but he was also excited. They’d been waiting eight whole years to actually admit they were something more than just (bear with me) bros. Pals, mates, buddies. They still technically were, but just something… a little more. It’s kind of hard to tell your millions of fans you were ‘just friends’ when him and Dan slept in the same bed, cuddled, kissed, fucked, etc. It was just left hanging in the back of Phil’s mind every time he denied anything about phan. 

     The day couldn’t have been anymore perfect. Everything felt so cozy and just perfect. It was slightly raining and thundering outside, the flat was warm, it smelled like cinnamon and library, Dan looked like a sloth on a branch as he slept on Phil. Everything felt so homely.

     Phil had woken up at 10 AM, his right hand carded in Dan’s curly hair and their legs intertwined. Phil looked down at the sleeping man before him. He took a deep breath in and squeezed Dan slightly. Dan squirmed a little before slowly opening his eyes and looking straight ahead for a few seconds before looking up at Phil.

     “Hi.” Phil smiled and ruffled Dan’s hair.

     “Hey.” Dan responded in a raspy and tired voice, giggling, staring into Phil’s eyes. Phil stared back into them until sitting up, depositing Dan on his lap, leaning over and kissing him.

     “Gross, you aren’t allowed to be cheesy in this household.” Dan jokingly scolded after Phil pulled away.

     “I am your household, dingus.” Phil kissed Dan again before rolling him off of his lap by pulling his knees up. Dan made an oof as he rolled onto his front side. Dan just laid there for a moment.

     “I want tea.” Dan mumbled into the bed.

     “Is that an order?” Phil cocked his eyebrow and giggled.

     “No.” Dan laughed into the bed.

     “Well in that case…” Phil stood up and left the room. He returned to Dan sat against the headboard. He set down his coffee and handed Dan his tea. They both sat, sipping their drinks, side by side with their legs similarly crossed.

     “Are you ready?” Phil asked after a few minutes of peaceful silence. Dan held his breath for a second.

     “Yeah, definitely.”

     “Going live in 3…2…1…”


     “Hey everyone!” Dan and Phil said at the same time as more and more people began to enter the stream. The two boys were sat on the same bed, a bed that the Phandom had never seen before. Since they moved, they decided to get a new bed that they could share so they didn’t have to constantly switch. Everyone joining must be confused. They haven’t a clue what’s about to happen.

     For 20 minutes straight, Dan and Phil did the joint live stream like they would do any other time. They answered questions, talked to each other, laughed, joked, though they obviously ignored all the questions about where they were and who’s bed they were on.

     “Shall we tell them now?”  Dan whispered into Phil’s ear. Phil stared at Dan, then back at the thirty thousand people watching their every move. Biting his lip, he nodded.

     “Well, this is about to be the absolute cheesiest thing ever.” Dan giggled and looked at Phil. “Well- as literally millions of you all suspected, collectively, for the past eight years…” Dan abruptly paused and leaned in towards Phil. Phil leaned forwards and their lips collided. Dan’s arms wrapped around Phil’s neck and Phil brought his right hand up to Dan’s cheek to deepen the kiss. By the time they pulled apart they were both bright red, smiling and giggling, casting side glances to each other as they watched the chat explode. The views increased and they could only imagine how much Twitter was blowing up right now.

     “That was the ultimate fan service. It won’t get any better than that, guys.” Dan chuckled and read over all of the messaged speeding through the chat.

     “They’re gonna break the sound barrier!” Phil laughed. Dan looked over at Phil in astonishment.

     “You actually used the proper term!” Dan exclaimed and pulled Phil into another surprise kiss, causing Phil to fall backwards. Dan pulled away, grabbing Phil by the shoulders and pulling him back up.

     They were both bright red and basically sitting on each other now, as they read through the chat. They answered more questions, responded to some things, but explained how they’d make a whole video to explain more of this.

     “This’ll definitely reduce the amount of editing on the gaming channel videos.” Dan admitted and looked over at Phil. “Maybe we’ll make a compilation of things we edited out.” Dan suggested and raised his eyebrows and looked over at Phil who was smiling brightly right back at him.

     After they ended the stream with a final kiss (at the request of every single person in the chat) they both took a deep breath. Dan closed the laptop and slid it to the end of the bed.

     “Feels like a huge weight has just been lifted.” Phil admitted.

     “All eight years of it.” Dan added. He sad cross legged beside Phil who had his head laid against the headboard.

     “How about a congratulatory blowjob?” Dan offered. Phil laughed and nodded.

     “Sure.” And Dan was unzipping Phil’s jeans in a matter of seconds.

     “To us.” Dan fake clinked a glass in the air with Phil before wrapping his hand around Phil’s exposed length and getting to work.

For the sake of the others
Fandom: Sanders Sides

Ships: None

Characters: Patton Sanders, the others are just mentioned once or twice

Genre: I have no idea

Warnings: Self-deprecation, Dark Patton (sort of), descriptions of pain, that’s about it

Here’s my second Sanders Sides fic! I was going through my old pieces of writing and they are so bad that I felt the need to cleanse myself… by writing something newly bad. Or at least, edgy. Oh boy is this edgy.

Hope you all enjoy, and don’t forget to review/reblog!



Morality, what are you doing?

The side in question frowned, not so much at the voice speaking than at the question it posed.

I’m crying.


Patton shrugged, reaching up to dab at his eyes. The sweater he’d chosen to wear today–homemade, scratchy, good for cuddling but not so much for crying– did nothing to mop away the tears, but he paid it no mind. They’d leave eventually. With a few quick, practiced gestures, he piled all the table’s plates and glasses onto a small tray to transfer to the kitchen, humming a little as he did.


He got up and started making his way to the kitchen, humming some more.


Maybe, if he hummed loud enough, he could drown the voice out. Wouldn’t that be something. Or maybe, if he just really focused on the task at hand–


Patton froze, nearly dropping everything as a jolt of pain suddenly raced down his arms.


You know, Morality, I don’t like it when you ignore me.

Patton sighed. He placed the assorted tray on the kitchen counter and leaned against it, rubbing his hands ruefully.

You know, voice buddy, I have another name, right? If you want my attention, call me Patton. Or Pat. Or Pattoncake! Morality sounds so much more formal… and anyway, we’ve already established that I do more than just point out what’s right or wrong.

Why are you crying, Morality?

Patton smiled, hoping it didn’t come across as too tense. Not that it mattered. The voice couldn’t see him. This whole ‘smile-when-youre-nervous’ bit was pure reflex, anyway.

Aw, are you worried about me? That’s sweet.

I’m worried about your job. Or rather your lack of doing it.

Haha… wait, what’s that supposed to mean?

I’m not going to ask you again, Morality. Why are you crying?

Patton rubbed at his eyes again. Fruitless effort. Trying to control his tears was like trying to lasso a hurricane.

I saw a movie, that’s all. I’ll be back to my regular old self in a jiffy.

A hollow rasp echoed through his mind, and Patton flinched, even while trying to keep up the smile. The voice didn’t laugh a lot, but when it did, it was never pleasant to hear: a cross between nails scraping on a blackboard, and the screeching of tires in a parking lot. A sound that could be hardly classified as human, let alone humorous.

And you said you were more than just a sense of right and wrong. Oh, Morality. You can’t even do that correctly.


Don’t you know that lying falls under the ‘wrong’ category?

Patton opened his mouth to protest before remembering that would serve no purpose other than attracting the others. He closed it again hastily.

I don’t lie, and you know that.

Not to the others you don’t. The voice sounded like it was enjoying itself. But to yourself? You do nothing but it.

But what I said is true! I saw a movie, and now I’m crying. It’s called The Fox and the Hound–

A new rush of pain hit him, this time in his chest. Patton’s smile dropped immediately, and it was all he could do to not cry out– he felt like icy needles were pricking him over and over, straight in the heart.

I already know about your movie. But that’s only a half truth. You’re dancing around my question, and you think I won’t notice it. But I have.

Another laugh. Even less human than before.

I don’t appreciate half truths, Morality. They’re not much better than lies.

Patton bit his lip, slipping down the counter and huddling into himself at the bottom of it. The pain had changed, had stopped pricking him. Now it was pulling, yanking his heart apart in two opposite directions, pulling and grabbing and tugging, and Patton was sure it’d break, because there’s only so much something, someone, can take without snapping in half–and what an irony it’d be if Thomas’s heart had no heart anymore.

P–please stop! It hurts.

The voice laughed a third time, and Patton’s hands flew up to the sides of his head in a desperate attempt to block out the noise.

I’m hurting too. From all your lies. Ease up my pain, and I’ll ease up yours. Now answer me this. Why are you crying?

The pulling continued, but had now travelled up into his head as well; had travelled into his eyes with such an intense pressure that Patton was almost oblivious to his heart, had travelled into his eyes which were burning as if set on fire, had travelled into his eyes which were going to be pulled straight out of their sockets, had travelled into his eyes

Because… Because I’m sad, okay? I saw the movie, and now I’m sad! Now stop. Please!

The pain stopped as fast as it started. Patton took a long, shuddering breath, and lowered his hands from his ears, trying to steady himself.

Excellent work, Morality. See how easy that was? Just a quick, one word answer. Not an explanation on why you’re that answer– just the answer itself. You are sad. Now let’s take this a step further– can you guess why I’m here?

Patton, who was slowly working on picking himself off the floor, hesitated.

Because… I shouldn’t be sad.

Precisely. The voice sounded almost proud, and Patton felt a twinge of desperate joy at being able to at least get one thing right. Or at least, not in front of the others. Don’t want to risk getting them all down. You’re core of a lot of Thomas’s happy feelings, remember? They rely on you to keep the mood up.

Finally on his feet again, he frowned a little.

I’m at the core of a lot of Thomas’s feelings.

No one is denying that. But why should you get everyone riled up over some minor thing you’re upset about when the others are upset about much more important things? Virgil is literally the personification of anxiety. Don’t you think his problems are probably a little more serious than yours?

I guess, yeah. Patton smiled a little at the thought of the other side, then stopped when even that slight effort hurt. But I do my best to support my dark strange kiddo!

Then why not support him more by helping him full time? Your problems are not as important as his. Your problems are not as important as anybody’s. You’re the least weighed-down side, and you should take advantage of that. For the sake of the others.

Patton nodded slowly. His neck ached at the effort, but he ignored it. That…actually made sense. He couldn’t be sad, because he had no right (let alone reason) to be.

He thought about Virgil, who had to deal every day with Thomas’s worst fears. Roman, upon whose shoulders rested Thomas’s success in the acting world. Logan, who had to juggle the pressure of making sure Thomas wouldn’t fail in the real world. Then about himself, whose primary job was to brighten their day.

He rubbed again at his eyes, then went to the bathroom to splash some cold water on his face.

For the sake of the others.

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I hope the hacker Tae fic isn’t a smut fic. Sorry if that sounds naggy 😅 but honestly for those of us who don’t read smut and come across an amazing writer like you, it’s a little depressing. Obviously you don’t need to adjust your writing style to satisfy anons like me, but I was just hoping that this one would be more *innocent*. ❤️❤️❤️

Ah unfortunately, this one is most definitely a sexually explicit story because of the nature of the reader’s profession. I’m really sorry! The only ones I know so far that will not be smutty are The Devil Skates on Thin Ice, 2 and Gateway to Gehenna, which is a demon Taehyung story that I am still planning.

alpacascones  asked:

I'm sorry if you don't want to hear my bad story but I just need someone to rant to. So earlier, a blog I like messaged me asking me to unfollow them because apparently my blog was inappropriate, so you can't go on there if you have safe mode on. And I don't know what I posted that's so bad for it to be flagged inappropriate. I write headcanons and the worst thing on there is on a PruAme headcanons thing and it's just "*They get drunk together, a lot *which leads to loud, drunken sex" I confuse

Fuck ‘em, you got a lot of people who care. Forget about them.


Tagged by the amazing @kika-doll 😘💙 thank you so much for tagging me!! sorry it took me so long answer 🙈

*post the rules
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1. What did you wanna be when you were younger? If you don’t wanna do that now, why? 

i wanted to be a veterinarian because i loved animals so much, but i thought i would like… put bandages on them then figured out you needed to do much more than that 

2. Favourite holiday and why? 

i’d say christmas because it’s cold and the whole family gets together

3. What instrument do you wanna learn to play? 

piano! i used to know how to play it but i forgot completely

4. Favourite novel? 

one hundred years of solitude by gabriel garcia marquez for sure

5. Favourite song of all time? 

this is so hard! idk… maybe burn it down by linkin park

6. Favourite takeout? 


7. Notes on hand or paper? 

hand because otherwise i forget lol

8. Star sign that’s most compatible with yours? 

i think mine suits me, but i dont really know about other star signs (i’m virgo btw)

9. What would your superpower be? 

love teletransportation

10. Would you prefer to be a dancer or a singer in a show? 

singer! even if i cant sing for shit lmao

11. Dream job?

writer :)

My questions:

1. Favorite animal?

2. If you could only live with one, computer or phone?

3. Do you have a collection?

4. Favorite movie of 2017?

5. Do you have any pets?

6. Did you read the Harry Potter books? If so, love them or not?

7. What new year’s resolutions do you have for 2018?

8. If you could change something from your past, what would it be?

9. Any location would you want to visit?

10. Favorite social media?

11. Would you prefer to constantly live in the cold or in the warm?


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ok so i started uni in october and it's low key going well but also it's not like i just feel like i don't really have any friends on my course, i just see people in lectures then leave and don't see them again and im not close enough to invite them to other things to hang and idk it just seems like everyone else finds it all so easy and it comes so naturally to them and i cant do it, idk how to idk idk idk. sorry for lowering the tone a bit i just kinda need to vent yknow, sorry

Okay so I was going to answer this when I was out but I wanted to give you are real answer that required me to be able to sit down and write this all out. 

For starters, hon, I feel you, big time. I just started university this year too and I had all of one friend that I came up with. Soon enough though she found her clique quickly (shocker, she’s a poli sci extrovert) and we drifted apart. I barely see her anymore, even to this day. 

So I was left completely alone with little to nobody to talk to, only finding acquaintances in my classes. I would call them friends, but I never really saw them out of classes. Then I joined a chem group and we hung out for a bit before kind of disbanding and I only really see them in class now too. 

It’s hard to do, moving away and trying to find your place in a school that seems not to really care if you sink or swim. It has its own life and you are just kind of thrown in, not knowing who to talk to or how to do it on your own. Trust me, I’ve had many of nights where I sat there and cried because I hated the way things were going for me. I had no friends, a shit roommate, and classes that I didn’t know whether or not I was going to pass. 

But I’m telling you that it does get better, and your people really are out there for you. It sounds cliche and stupid, I even thought that at first too but you eventually join some sort of club, or have some class, or even meet someone at the library and hit it off with them. I did and I know that as long as you put yourself out there, you will too. 

I think one of the best assurances that I got about college was that I was going to find my people. Whether it was my first semester in my freshman year or my last semester of my senior year; you’ll find them. 

People are out there that are feeling just like you are and they are trying to figure out their place in college. It’s a huge learning curve that you have to adjust to and don’t stress too much about not finding people to hang out with right away. Just focus on the things that make you happy and you’ll end up attracting others. 

Join clubs or sports or just find something that you enjoy doing on campus. I’m joining a pre-vet group next semester and I’m part of another organization too on campus. So honestly, don’t worry about whether or not you have friends right now as long as you put yourself out there. I find that most are pretty welcoming too on campus!

I promise that I’ve been where you are and I’m not going to say ‘oh, just hang in there, it gets better’ because I know that it seems like bullshit. You are lonely and upset and just wanting to be able to spend a friday night with some friends. So put yourself out there and try to talk to as many people as you can. As someone who’s naturally really introverted, awkward and shy I know first hand that it is easier said than done, but don’t worry about it. Things will happen, you can’t rush them. All you can do is try to help them along the way. 

Please feel free to come talk to me if you’re ever having any difficulties though, as if nothing else, I’m a pretty decent listener. I wish you the best of luck, babe. Even though I know you won’t need it. :) 

Much love, always, xoxo. 


Can we talk about how good of an actor Mark is for a second?

Mark played all of his characters absolutely flawlessly. Honestly. Maybe there were some very small nitpicky things that could’ve been better but in the end, he played each of his characters so well. 

But when all is said and done, I commend him on his acting because of THIS:

He goes from looking distraught, absolutely numb and heartbroken and altogether just sad

To this. This absolute fury as if he could murder a man right then and there by simply giving them this look. This look of anger that makes it seem as though he’s about to explode. 

In one. Goddamned. Second.

Granted, he did so much good acting in this series; There were so many moments where it didn’t feel like Mark, it felt like the Colonel. Or it felt like Damien. But it didn’t feel like Mark. (I love it when actors can do that tbh). 

But in this moment, you can see him transform from who he is into Darkiplier. He captured that. Right here in this one second clip. With one look at the camera.

Mark Fischbach, to you I say two things:

1) This was astonishing. This entire series had your whole fandom freaking out and theory-writing for four days straight, and honestly there are probably still going to be theories even after this. I hope desperately that you love what you gave us just as much as we did because this was amazing. 


(And a LARGE thank you to Teamiplier because none of this would’ve happened without you guys)

Sorry for the vent but honestly I can’t be the only one who thinks this, right? 

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