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I Fucking Love You - Mike Fuentes
Hi can I have a fic where mike is a player but we have a bet on who can play who and I end up playing him but he falls in love with me and doesn’t tell me and I move on but I realize I love him so I try hanging with the band a lot to get back to him and he tells me to go away so I do but then we r both miserable for a while till he realizes he actually does want me in his life so he comes to my job and makes a big scene about how he loves me we live happily ever after (my job is photography thx)

I hope you like it, I loved this request and made it all one part c: Written by Emma.

Mike’s POV

“I will win this bet.” She murmured into my ear slowly. Trailing up my chest, her hands fiddled with my clothing. “Mhm, no you won’t.” I turned his head to her, our faces wearily close. “Are you sure?” She tilted her head admiringly. Her hand reached my neck, and her fingertips circled softly. “Perfectly.” I lied.

That memory seems too long ago… That bet we once had going on, it was so stupid, I got caught up into it so much I got trapped. Our bet was who could play who. Y/N was a photographer, known by bands to of slept around with many other band members, wrapping them around her little finger whenever she wanted. No doubt, she was a great photographer, but her flirting skills were a lot better. Once she had a photo shoot with my band, Pierce The Veil, I got tangled in her little game without even realising. My brother, Vic, and my band mates, Tony and Jaime, set me up to a small challenge. They told me to try and hook up with the girl. They knew the way I roped in girls easily, I believed I could get any girl I wanted. And god, of course I wanted her.

Soon enough, she knew what we were planning and decided to make a bet with me instead. Regularly, we met up, went on small prissy dates. She dressed sweetly, flirted subtly. She was working her magic on me then, I was too dumb to realise. Up to that point, I had no idea I had serious feelings for her, I just wanted her in my bed, I’ll admit that.

Then, something changed. The dates lasted longer, we’d spend whole days, weekends even, together. She slept at mine sometimes, not once did we do it. Instead, we lay there, talking about our thoughts on everything in the world. She would kiss me with those perfect lips of hers. Gently, I would cradle her until she fell asleep. That was when I begun to question myself.

Our relationship soon became more serious. She began to live at my house. Her items were getting moved in: her clothes, her stuff. I didn’t even realise this was all a game for her, I didn’t realise she was doing this all to win. I was neck deep in love with the girl. Of course, that was my one mistake: falling in love.

One day, I woke up and she had gone. She left. Her clothes were gone, making my wardrobe look bare. Her make up, toiletries had all disappeared. All except one thing: her toothbrush, which stood in the cup alongside mine. Everything else had disappeared from my house. There was no trace of her, not one.

I didn’t kid myself, I was hurt. Majorly, seriously hurt. I felt like my beating heart had been ripped out of my chest. Drowning silently in my sadness, I locked myself away, shut myself out from everyone. Even my band, even my brother. Nobody. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I declined calls, ignored texts. The only occasion I left my house was to get alcohol. Pathetically, I drunk myself to waste. Every morning, every noon, every night. I wanted to drink all the pain away, I wanted to feel numb. I wanted to ignore the fact the one girl I had loved left me.

No excuse, no reasons why… That’s what hurt the most. She didn’t even explain herself, she just packed her bags and left me. Every morning and night I saw her pink little toothbrush sitting in that pot. It began to haunt me, seeing it all the time. Sometimes the drunken night before would make me forget about her the following morning. But no, that toothbrush brung all those memories back. To when I would walk in dozily, seeing her stand there with a cheeky smile and chirp in her tone telling me to get ready.

It began to anger me. Stupid, idiotic, I know. But seeing that small trace of her… It angered me. That she had once been here, she lived in my home, she lived with me. Then she just had the nerve to leave me unexplainably.


Solemnly, I sigh. I miss him, so god damn much. I don’t know why, why should I? I meant nothing to him, like I thought he didn’t me. For once, I was wrong. I set myself up for something way too big for me. Tell me why do we all crave love like it’s some sort of prize in a game?

Sitting in my current distraction, Ben’s, flat, my thoughts loomed back towards a few months ago. Those months were the best of my life. Those months I spent with Mike Fuentes, a drummer for Pierce The Veil. He was the best man you’d ever meet back then. He was happy, funny, attractive as hell.

Hell, that’s what it was like when I had to leave him. But, I had to. I couldn’t stay there, living in his place, only knowing I was to be chucked away like a toy after he got bored. Hypocritical and pathetic of me, I know. But I was so hooked up on him… His face, his body, god it made my heart do somersaults. Even now, these broken-hearted months later.

“Baby,” Ben greeted me walking into the living room, snatching me out of my thoughts. “You look sad, anything up?” He asks, sitting next to me. I shake my head, it wasn’t the first time I thought about Mike, I did it a lot. “Good.” Wrapping his arm around me, he brings his lips to mine and without hesitation he kisses me firmly.

He kissed me long and hard. Even now, I think of Mike. Those nights where we would have a drink and he would kiss me eagerly. Although, it never went any further. In this case, with Ben, it always lead to something. Groping me, he breathes heavily against my mouth. For some reason, I just couldn’t tolerate it anymore. I depart from his lips, to receive a face of confusion from him.

“We need to talk.” I rush my words. “About what?” He asks. “Me and you.” I say, trying to sadden my expression. This won’t be too hard; me and Ben aren’t seriously together, we moreover just fuck and that’s how it is. “You ending it?” He bites his lip, he knows it’s coming. Sadly, I nod. “You sure you want to? Me and you, we’re quite you know, a perfect match. Everything we do is great. You sure you want to end this?” He tries to smile but I hear some sense of desperation in his voice. I’m used to this: breaking up with guys. Always with the thought of Mike in my mind. “I’m sure.” I murmur.

Later On That Day

I walk into the photography shop I work at, I’m greeted by my manager, Elliot. “Y/N,” He beams. “Elliot.” I smile. “What do you have for me today?” I ask, talking about any new shoots. “Well..” He runs the back of his neck as I sit down in front of the laptop. I open up the database and check. Pierce The Veil is at the top of the list, showing a due date of tomorrow. My expression falls. “You don’t have to do it, I know with Mike and all, I can set Jack to it.” He names another co-worker. “No, I’m fine, I’ll do it.” I shrug, how hard can it be?

The Next Day

How hard is it gonna be? How hard is it gonna be? I thump my head against the door I’m up against. I’m insane, I swear. What do I think I’m doing, seeing Mike? It won’t make a difference. Maybe if I get him to understand..

Swinging open, I almost fall through the door. “Y/N?” Vic Fuentes, Mike’s older brother and the bands vocalist says. I’m not sure if he’s greeting me or is just confused. Quickly, I stand up against the door frame. “You, opened the door, I was leaning on it and..” Vic just nods his head with a slight frown. He gestures for me to walk in and I do so. “Hey, guys, look who it is.” Vic presents me. Jaime and Tony look up and wave, Mike isn’t in here.

“Our manager said Elliot was sending Jack.” I hear Mike’s growl entering the room. I turn to see him and my heart misses a beat. It easily ignites the old flame that used to bloom in my heart. He has a intimidating look on his face, but I see through it to how it was before, when he couldn’t get a smile off of his face. “There was a change on the schedule, Jack couldn’t do today so Elliot told me to.” I lie. “Uh huh.” He mutters.

Silence sets quickly. I feel awkward, extremely awkward. The guys aren’t speaking, neither am I. What can I say? I don’t feel welcome here whatsoever. It was definitely a bad idea.

“So, want to get on with the shoot?” Jaime asks, breaking the silence like a hammer to glass. “Yeah, sure. Elliot said you guys just wanted a casual shoot in your hotel room.” I gesture around the room. “Yeah, just something simple our manager said.” Vic murmurs. I’m surprised Vic is being fairly nice to me; him and Mike are close so I bet they both spoke about me horribly once or twice.

Relentlessly, I get on with their shoot. They weren’t their normal selves and neither was I. I just pointed and directed as I took group and single shots. They were quiet. Mike didn’t speak to me once throughout the whole shoot, wouldn’t even cooperate when I was trying to take a portrait of him. It dragged on drastically, I assume for both of us.

It finally finishes and the guys are flickering through the photos on my laptop. By guys I mean Jaime, Vic and Tony, Mike has gone off elsewhere. I want to talk to him privately, but I doubt it’ll happen. “I like this one.” Tony points at the screen. It’s a band photo, all three of them are smiling, except Mike. “Mike looks a little grumpy.” I can’t help the words topple out my mouth. “Mike is always like that.” Tony replies, getting a subtle look from Vic. “Sorry.” He says to him, Vic just shrugs. “He’s right.” He mutters glumly.

“Y/N, after you went off and left he’s been like that ever since. Haven’t you realised that?” Vic looks upset at me, and I just flush red and then turn away, beginning to pack my things. “I, I didn’t mean for it to come out so harsh Y/N. But you are aware of that, right? You left him, he’s been a miserable fuck since.” Vic looks into my eyes with a look of sadness. Tony and Jaime nod in agreement. “You’re wrong, he doesn’t care about me.” Hanging my head, I shake it side to side.

"Oh, Y/N, where have you been?” Jaime says. “Are you blind? It’s obvious he’s become that because of you. I don’t mean to pile all of this on you, but it’s true.” He says afterwards. “No, he couldn’t of.” I frown at them all. “The bet, he-” Vic interrupts. “Mike never gave two shits about that bet. We set him up to it because we knew he liked you, it was the only way we could get him to admit it.” He raises his eyebrows and looks at me slightly disapprovingly. “Fuck knows why, but he had to fall for a girl like you.” He hisses. It’s unusual for Vic to act like this, but it is his brother.

"What do you mean, a girl like me?” I look at Vic in confusion. “A girl who fucks around with numerous guys, not giving a slight fuck about any of them. I’m sorry to sound rude, Y/N. But you’re one heartless bitch.” He says it calmly, but I hear the bitterness in his voice. Taken aback, I take a few steps away. I stammer; I struggle to find the right words.

"I came here for Mike.” I say. “What do you mean?” Jaime asks. “Elliot didn’t tell me to come, I offered to come here because I wanted to see Mike.” I swallow hard. “To tell him how I feel about him.” I go red in front of the band members, it’s embarrassing admitting it to them. “How you feel about him?” Vic repeats. “I, I..” I stutter. “You what?” Tony asks me. All three of them look at me with wide eyes. “I love him.” Flushing red, I see Vic’s lips part in surprise.

“No, you don’t.” Mike’s tone emerges from behind me. Rapidly, I turn on my heel. “Mike,” I say, heart pounding. “Don’t, Y/N. Don’t waste your breath.” He mumbles. “Mike, no, I want to explain everyth..” I stop talking under his threatening glare. “Just, go.” He says. “Don’t Mike..” I look at him pleadingly. “I said go, so fucking go.” He mutters through gritted teeth. Looking towards Vic, Tony and Jaime for help, they remain silent. “But, I love you.” My throat begins to go dry. “Go say that to your boyfriend, Ben. Actually, go say it to all the members of AA, considering you’ve fucked them all in the last two months. You’re just a desperate, lonely whore.” He smirks in pure sarcasm. Dumbfound, I blink at him repeatedly.

Holding back the tears, I bravely talk back to him. “I broke up with Ben, actually. So why don’t you shut the fuck up, okay? How about you take your pathetic, sorry ass back to your fucking house and drink yourself to shit. Because that’s all you fucking deserve you arrogant, ignorant fuck.” I spit and storm to the door. Slamming the door behind me, I break into tears immediately.

Two Weeks Later

Bored, lonely and unsatisfied, I sit in my office at work. I have a blank expression on my face; it reflects me on the inside. I feel empty. Ever since I saw Mike and the rest of PTV I haven’t been doing much, I’ve just sat here, everyday, all day. However I haven’t been able to take one decent shot since that day. It’s thrown me off my game, Mike yelling at me like that. Elliot has moaned at me for not bringing back the photos from the shoot, but I couldn’t grab them after I hysterically stormed out.

Jaime, Tony and Vic have all text me, telling me to come back to their hotel room to see Mike. I needed to get my camera and so too, but they want me talking to him. They’ve all said he’s been worse, drinking heavier especially. They say they know he wants to talk to me really, but after that event, I’m not sure I want to speak to him. After the words he said to me, I don’t know if I even feel the same way anymore. Whatever the case, I’ve been ignoring the texts. I don’t want reminders of how shit that day was.

“Y/N, call for you.” Elliot calls from the counter. Grudgingly, I slouch up and walk out. Taking the phone off of him, I hold it to my ear. “Y/N?” I hear Vic’s voice. “Go away, Vic. I don’t want to talk to you, or any of you.” I mumble. “Please, just listen, Mike is-” I almost yell down the phone. “I don’t care what Mike is! I don’t give a flying fuck, alright! After all that fucking shit he called me, instead of me wasting my breath on him he can march his sorry-little-ass-” Elliot taps my shoulder. “What?” I spin around angrily. Only to meet direct eye contact with Mike, standing at the shop door. “Mike is coming here..” I murmur to Vic, placing the phone down.

"I.. marched my sorry-little-ass here..” He half smiles. “Don’t you even. Don’t you dare come here and try to charm me with that stupid smile of yours.” I hiss, walking away from the counter. Grabbing my wrist, he pulls me towards him. “Mike, for fuck sake, let go!” I yell, not fazing him whatsoever. As he doesn’t move, I try swinging for him with my other fist to get him to let go. Simply, he catches it with his other hand and holds them both down to my waist. “Y/N, let’s talk, we need to talk.” He says calmly, I stomp my feet in tantrum. “Please.” He says with a pleading look in his eyes, the same look I gave him before he ordered me to leave their hotel room. “Go talk to that desperate, lonely whore.” I hiss the words he said to me. “I am.” He does his stupid smile, which makes me flip out. “Don’t you fucking dare, Mike. Don’t you fucking dare do this to me..” I feel the tears whelming up in my eyes. “Don’t I? Don’t I fucking dare? Oh, for fuck sake, you can’t say that to me. Not after you fucking left me those fucking months ago. With no fucking reason as to why, you just fucking left.” We’re standing in the middle of the shop, earning curious glances from everyone. “You fucking left me, alone, depressed, wondering what the fuck I did for you to leave me. Do you know how shit I felt? I did drink myself to waste, actually. I was so fucking broken without you… You didn’t even care enough to call.” The anger has left his eyes, and he looks upset. “You know, I fucking loved you, so much.” I can see him holding back the tears.

"You never said.” I mumble. “What?” He asks. “You never said you loved me.” I say, louder. “Not once, not ever.” I restrain myself from bursting into tears. “Well you know what? I did, and I still fucking do.” He says it as if he’s disgusted in himself.

“You’re in love with me? Or that desperate, lonely whore.” I growl, I wasn’t going to let it go easily. I completely ignore what he just admitted, although that would change everything. “Oh, shut up, Y/N.” No horrid tone is in his voice. “Maybe I don’t want to shut up?” My voice creeps louder. “Well how about for once in your fucking life, you do. That would help you a lot right now.” He rolls his eyes. “Maybe I don’t want fucking help either? Maybe I don’t fucking want anything?” I begin to cry.

“Say it.” Mike says. “Say what?” I brush tears away. “Say it, Y/N.” He steps closer to me, his hand tilting my chin up to look in his eyes. I know what he’s looking for now, but I can’t, I won’t. “Y/N, just fucking say it, you know you do.” He bites down hard on his lip. Shaking my head, I step back, but he follows. “Y/N, say it. Just say it, alright? Make all this stupid pain and emptiness leave both of us.” His glance becomes desperate.

"I love you.” I whisper. His hand brushes my cheek, making my heart warm. “Mike, I love you.” I say, louder this time. He breaks into a smile. “Oh, Y/N. I fucking love you too.” Immediately, he crashes his lips into mine, as if he’s been waiting for this moment for a while. A small cheer comes from customers whilst Elliot says: “About bloody time.” One of Mike’s hands caresses my waist whilst the other cups my face. Swung around his neck, my arms bring me closer to him. I feel my heart beat in once again, I feel alive once more.

Take My Best Out / Part 2

Thanks for every like, every comment, every message… everything! I think I’m in love of the idea of this story… It’s totally myself. Enjoy my two Sant Jordi presents :)


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Finn hears the beep of his phone and puts his guitar away from his lap, sitting on the bed and grabbing the device from the bedside table. He sees a new Whatsapp from a new number, so he unlocks the screen and clicks on the Whatsapp app. He clicks on the conversation and reads the new message. He presses on the other’s profile, taking a look on the picture they have and when he recognises who it is, he smiles. He quickly puts the conversation again, typing whatever it comes to his mind.

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