sorry i just love this pic so freaking much

@balancingfit Progress using my #bbg program! She says “💫To the girl on the left- I bet you never thought you would run a half marathon, wake up at 3:37 am(🤣) daily to workout and love it! Or share this pic for thousands to see, because I remember exactly how you said you would never wear a scarf around your neck for a pic again.💫To the girl on the right- I am so freaking proud of you for setting goals and sticking to them, for not caring so much about the number on the scale but so much more about how you feel #screwthescale and for throwing the ✌️sign up because you feel like it even though your daughter prob thinks your too old for that (sorry Court🙄). And most importantly for just taking care of yourself because that’s really what’s this is all about🙌
💙5 years between these pics/ Staying healthy and fit doing @kayla_itsines BBG program on the #sweat app on week 78 ” #bbgprogress

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Ok so this picture means so fucking much to me.
First of all because of Harry’s hand on Louis’ back…(i mean hellooo it’s such a gentle touch)
And most importantly because of Louis’ little tummy. He’s getting so thin and i just love him so much in this pic…he’s like the definition of perfection and looks so freaking cute:33

I just really miss his little Tommo Tummy…

(09.01.2016) || Sorry that I’ve been gone for the last little bit! I just moved back to my university town and I have an apartment that I’ll be sharing with my best friends and life has been so stressful!!! I’m the first one here and I swear everyday there is something else that has to get dealt with and I’m honestly freaking out about it. 

Also I am feeling pretty excited about classes starting back up in a few weeks so that’s great! Hope you are all doing well and not being too hard on yourselves!

Much love!


THANKS DRE!!! Omgg we did a jojo colab on nikos but it crashed on me so she finished it for us omggg.. sorry my gio is so messy 8_8 MISTAAAA <333 nikoes continued to be dead so we were like lets draw on ps LOL so im like k while we were freaking out jojo pairs so I drew kakyoin and she drew jotaro. Whenever kakyoin pinches his hair hnggg 838;;; I read too much smut sorry OTL THANK YOU SO MUCH for the collab. We need to collab more 8v8! That joutaro is too qt 838

I love mista.. so doodled him a bit LOL. I like where he places his gun… HAHAHA OTL;.. My mom kept going in and going like wtf at my pic so I just stopped drawing it… She kept inquirng me about why his pistol was down there. I was like Idk its called Sex pistol so ???

The last picture I was on pchat with aridima and we were talking about body types and I was like dude man Imagine if kakyoin was like super buff and jotaro was like super skinny… yeh… this happened. 

Sorry for all the brain cells I may have killed 8v8. I truly apologize for that many times.

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I just wanted to inform you that I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH YOUR BLOG IT'S SO FUCKING FANTASTIC AND OHMYGOD YOU'RE SO FREAKING CUUUTTTTTEEEEEE I JUST WANT TO HUG YOU FOR 18 HOURS!!!!!!! (>•w•)> LET ME LOVE YOOOOUUUUUU!!!!!!! If you're not already taken, would you like to be my partner in mutual-sebstan-obsessing crime????? Or wife. Wife is good, too..... :3

/////////i am tEAR s i aM CRY////////////


Tonight I’m going with Lulu my second and very much needed for attention bias. lol

Luhan looks so freaking sexy in this… I had to… omo… i just can’t.

HAHAHAHAHA… when he made this face on Runnyman… I just couldn’t help but laugh so freaking much. hahahahaha. Sorry Lu but this is my favorite.

Seeing this pic… Lu looks so cute sitting there. OMO. He looks perfect.


YAS, LUHAN~! Woah, that is a sexy picture o_O *saves forever*

LOL, yes! Love that picture so much XD He makes the best faces

He always looks perfect, let’s be honest, lol. So cute *pinches cheeks*

Then he pulls this and you’re like ‘wtf?’