sorry i just love this movie

sometimes i think i don’t even think of myself as a person. i watched a movie once that described it better than i could: i’m floating outside of my body, looking down at myself. watching everything that happens to me. there, but not really. so i’m sorry i hurt you. i wasn’t trying to. it’s just hard for me sometimes, to think of myself as someone who is loved. to remind myself that i have the power to hurt the people who love me. actually, you know, while we’re on the topic, i’m not sure if i ever really learned that i could.
—  50 pieces in 50 days #3 - afternights

I don’t want to ruin the party for anyone and really, don’t take this the wrong way because I have many friends and cool people among my twitter and tumblr mutuals that enjoy what’s coming but dear lord I am cringing so hard at everything I am seeing of this movie called “Tomb Raider”.

There are times when I forget and actually couldn’t care less about how much things have changed. But then I see trailers, pics and whatnot scattered everywhere and it suddenly hits me. How much I miss the Lara Croft I used to know and love ever since I was a kid, how she’s changed (not for the better for me, I am sorry) and how everything has been erased and rebuilt from scratch.

In the end, it’s just a videogame and a virtual character and needless to say, I frankly stopped caring a while ago and started to focus on things that really matter.

It’s just…. strange. To feel so different about my favourite fictional character ever. Like, my eyes read “Lara Croft” and “Tomb Raider” but my brain isn’t able to recognize any of them and associate the new image to the one stuck in my head throughout my entire existence.

anonymous asked:

Surprise! Your bias asked you out on a date! The only thing is, he wants you to match 8 of your mutuals with the rest of exo for a group date. @ the mutuals you're choosing for each member (not your bias) and explain why you chose them!!

sorry this was so late anon ☹️💓

minseok: @minsoakedme she just really appreciates everything about minseok????? he would be blessed to go on a date with her

suho: @suho69 this would be a friendship date cause molly loves girlies but they would have fun talking about movies and how cute junmyeon is!!

yixing: @ilovezyx we’re new mutuals but when i was looking through her blog…she loves yixing so much 🤧

baekhyun: @godbbh becky would treat bbh RIGHT she would be so gud to him

chanyeol: @royalyeol they’re both really funny so i’m sure they’d have a great time together wow

chen: @starlightdae they would both appreciate each other’s humor they’d def get along really well 💕

kai: @ninisgrl audrey and jongin are both really sweet and soft they’d be perf

sehun: omg i don’t really have a lot of sehun-l mutuals but i would say @soyousgf they both have really chill personalities i think they would totally get each other

this was way too hard so i ended up just pairing mostly everyone with their bias kdjsfhksdjdf but i’m telling the truth‼️ you all are the perfect match for ur faves


Here’s the latest Ask the Fandom question from a lovely anon follower:

  • Like almost everybody, I’m not crazy about the DuVe in Season Two and it really drove me nuts that Veronica was dating Piz again in the movie. But I just realized–Veronica really likes giving her old boyfriends (that she knows aren’t evil–sorry, Troy) another chance, like, maybe we’re at the right point in our lives for each other NOW? And considering exactly how many times she’s done that for Logan, and how well it worked in the movie, maybe I shouldn’t complain about it?

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pride & prejudice + mr darcy’s declarations of love


I decided to become an artist when I was about your age. I liked to draw so much, I almost hated to go to bed. And then one day, all of a sudden, I couldn’t draw anything. Everything I drew, I didn’t like. I realized that my art up to then was a copy of someone else, things I had seen somewhere. I decided I had to discover my own style. It’s still difficult. But then, the results… They seem to be a little better than before. It’s nice to be a witch, isn’t it? I like the idea - to be a witch, to be an artist, to be a baker… It’s an energy bestowed by the gods or someone, right? Though thanks to it, we do have to suffer at times.

I’ll just… never understand creators of musicals specifically making their followers feel guilty for watching a bootleg. Like sure, it’s one thing for creators of movies to be like “Can you please just pay $5 to go to the movie theater to see this so we get paid for our hard work?”. But your tickets cost $1000 a piece because it’s always sold out and require hundreds of dollars in traveling and hotel fees, Lin

How bout instead of “You’re disrespecting me” try “I’m so sorry you have to watch this shitty quality recording of this art I made that you’re literally dying to get your hands on, thank you so much for loving what I created and I promise I’m trying to get it to you affordably asap so you can truly experience it.”?

But idk, that’s just me.

listen as someone on the autistic spectrum, I can’t express how happy I am with Billy Cranston as a character.

A lot of the representation of autism/Aspergers I’ve seen in the media has been people who are typically cold/casually insult people/being pushed away or looked down on/overall just pretty negative.

But Billy Cranston..he is a beautiful soul. The biggest stereotype of people on the autistic spectrum is that we “don’t have feelings” or are “really apathetic”. Yeah a lot of us have difficulty understanding other people but that’s because our brains just function differently like a lot of us really do try to understand others because we want people to understand us! And when we see characters that have autistic traits (a lot of the time we don’t get characters that are canonically autistic so we have to look for our representation through characters with traits) being rude and deliberately dismissive of other people’s feelings (a certain detective and a scientist from two highly overrated shows come to mind😒) it’s really harmful to us and supports those stereotypes.

Billy Cranston is not dismissive and rude. He is full of love for his friends. He tries to understand the people around him, probably because a lot of people in a small town don’t try to understand him.

Yes his “quirks” are played for laughs a lot but it’s in no way offensive and is genuinely funny (I mean to me anyway, there were a lot of things he does in the film that I’m guilty of, like not understanding social queues and keep talking and not realising I’m repeating things).

And finally Power Rangers does something with Billy Cranston and his autism that a lot of movies/TV shows don’t do with their autistic characters (if there are any) and that is unapologetically celebrate him. To me, Billy was the heart and soul of the movie.

So can we please have more autistic characters that aren’t rude white man-children who’s disabilities are played for laughs, thanks.


You like animated movies?



While a bit generic story wise [okay ALOT], it’s still WONDERFULLY ANIMATED, HAS GREAT DESIGNS, AND IS SUPER CUTE AND FUN!

It stars a Cobra who wants to be somewhere he isn’t an outcast, and falls in love with a green snake who is then taken away by a dude who can control snakes and makes them dance for money and such.

It’s a nice movie and deserves some love, and is a good family picture. [ It is a proper rating of 7+ if that helps any}

They have fun with the animated snakes, with cool designs and nice body movement.

Each snake has their own flare and just really nice to see.

Its really a nice movie friends Plus…ITS ON NETFLIX! So if you have that watch it! Give it a good review too!

So please check it out!

Even can’t do laundry normally and Isak can’t make tea for shit. They’re both messy boys that have The Chair™ where all their clothes are thrown on. They have a wide screen TV to play FIFA on and Isak has an IPhone 7 but both don’t have a kettle and I bet some other basic stuff. They don’t make their bed. They put memes on their walls. They buy a pack of 10 white T-shirts and just both wear them always. Isak doesn’t find his pants? He wears Even’s, which are far too long for him. They aren’t organized at all and can’t remember where they put their stuff. When the other forgets to do something, the other doesn’t yell and just basically says well okayyy whatever while smiling fondly. They both grin like idiots when the other calls as if their crush called to invite them to a movie date. They both say I love you before they end the call. They both don’t know what a goodbye peck is. Only what a slow passionate parting kiss is. The boys are in love and living together. They are a realistic happy healthy couple and no I’m not crying.


laila attempts to come out as bi(sexual), but her mom hears bai.

Tendershipping YAY :D

After watching the “new” YGO movie Dark Side of Dimensions I felt the urge to draw fluffy and dark fluffy… after two years :-O

The movie was wow wow wow wow I LOVED it and wow ♥ Oh and I never shipped it but after the movie I can’t shop thinking about Prideshipping :D Seto is so… so gay for Atem… haha

In the end I stick to my beloved Tendershipping :3 back to the roots and stuff!

some thoughts I have about Sing(no spoilers)

  • I love how the Pig characters are not depicted as slobs/messy/gluttonous 
  • The characters that are big and/or fat don’t have their bodies used as a joke and any time that Mike made negative comments related to Meena’s or Rosita and Gunter’s sizes it wasn’t seen as a good thing and was meant to be seen as mean and not cool to do. (and they were minimal as well, so there wasn’t this whole running thing of him being gross about that)
  • I gotta say something about Gunter here, I love him. I thought he was going to be depicted as someone the audience was supposed to dislike. The trailer somewhat made him look ignorant/selfish but it was the total opposite?? He was a genuinely nice guy who was energetic and confident and all around really great
  • on the subject of nice characters; SO MANY OF THE CHARACTERS WERE GOOD PEOPLE, they were supportive to eachother and considerate and cheered eachother on! This is all while they’re in a competition. With the exception of Mike, they never made the other contestants feel bad or put them down about themselves and I think that’s one of the movie’s biggest strengths. Had they made everyone super competitive it would have taken away from the film in a big way
  • idk I love how positive and uplifting these characters are, I love seeing nice characters written in a way that feels natural and genuine

I’m gushing here, sorry, I just have a lot of feelings about this movie

  • Me, as an intellectual: I know peter Parker won't die in infinity war because he just got introduced and tom holland has a 6 movie contract so I have nothing to worry about

i can’t believe i never drew these edgy losers back when Possession came out


Rebelcaptain | Pacific Rim AU

Cassian was one of the best Jaeger pilots of the PPDC until, during a fight with a huge Kaiju, he felt his co-pilot dying. Key was his best friend, his only friend, and Cassian never recovered, choosing to retire, to escape far from the battlefield.
Burdened by self-pity and an oppressing sense of guilt, Cassian struggles to survive, until one day General Saw Guerrera, his old boss’s co-pilot, finds him, asking him to come back. They need pilots, all those they can find. They need him.
The exact moment Cassian enters the Shatterdome he realizes he’s home.
Jyn Erso is Saw’s adoptive daughter and a great pilot. Or at least she is on paper as Guerrera has always prevented her from piloting one of those metal giants she loves so much. The official excuse? She’s not ready. In reality? He just doesn’t want to lose the one member of the only family he’s ever had.
As Jyn and Cassian try to persuade Saw that they are drift compatible, Bodhi Rook lab technician is trying to find a way to understand Kaiju’s attack’s pattern. His research brings him face to face with organ smuggler and Kaiju enthusiast Orson Krennik. Not his brightest moment.
Bonus: the mighty Jaeger known as Force Alpha is piloted by married couple Chirrut & Baze, Jyn’s old friend and Cassian’s old acquaintances.
Jyn’s and Cassian’s Jaeger is called Rogue One by Bodhi, because “you are both scoundrels”.