sorry i just love this adaptation so much

rhodey is the cutest person i can’t believe this,,, saying “boom” when something goes his way…Dad Jokes™… being So Into Being War Machine oh my god literally every one-liner rhodey has is life-changing i can’t believe how good he is??? “welcome to the dance floor, boys. oh no, i didn’t say you could leave” “I think it’s weird. you look like two seals fighting over a grape” “you look damn good mr president but i’m gonna need that suit back” WAR MACHINE,,,COMIN AT U,,, “no, it’s your fault, I just wanted to say I’m sorry”

he adapts so quickly to ridiculous situations he’s brave and resilient and selfless and incredible and his password is WARMACHINEROX with an x all caps what a giant dork i love him @ marvel where the fuck is my war machine movie

On Irene, Molly, And Mary...

Ah, these women! What more can I say? I love them and it’s the very reason why I feel like I needed to talk about them, especially in light of “recent events.”

Now, I would’ve included Mrs. Hudson, but everybody loves her (I’m pretty sure all of us have secret shrines dedicated to her) and in contrast to these three other women, I haven’t seen anyone talk sh*t about her. Maybe the reason why I’m writing this is that I feel like these special women also deserve the same recognition? Idk. As usual, I’m waffling. Haha. 

Anyway, going back to my point, I’m just going to start this ramble: 

Molly Hooper

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For someone who was intended to be a side character (since she was not a part of the ACD canon), Molly stood out because even before anyone else (even Lestrade who thought that Sherlock was a great, but not good, man in S1) saw the detective’s capacity for good, she was already there, admiring him. I honestly don’t think it was just his brilliance or his amazing cheekbones (lol) that captivated her, but it was the belief that Sherlock is something more than he what he leads on. He had his eccentricities, but she was able to look past that. 

And if there’s one thing that I found compelling about her, it’s her character development. She didn’t dwell on her unrequited love, she wasn’t a martyr, she dated other people (shoutout to Jim from IT), she called out Sherlock for being an arse during that Christmas (ASiB), and by season 3 and 4, she became an all around BAMF. 

So I don’t understand why I’ve seen people calling her weak. Because I personally believe that loving someone does not prevent you from being a strong and independent person. Molly never changed her ways for Sherlock. Sure, she swiped lipstick that one time, or she dressed up that Christmas, but it was to boost her own confidence. She knows that Sherlock doesn’t notice these things in a ‘I want to impress him’ kind of level, so I personally believe she was doing those things because she wants to – not for him, but for herself.

And seeing her in TFP hurt me like hell. She looked like she was having a rough day, and then Sherlock just pops in a request like that – it was disheartening to watch. But Molly Hooper handled it like a boss. Even if it hurts, she was in control of herself. She was angry, she didn’t want to be treated like a toy – she wanted him to know that saying those words are not and should not be easy. Even in pain and distress, she was able to teach Sherlock Holmes a lesson. 

So if that makes her weak, then they should change the definition of the word in the dictionary, because there’s a huge amount of courage in there. 

P.S. To be fair, Sherlock did say ‘I love you’ twice. Now, I’m an Adlock shipper, but so far, Sherlolly shippers had that dramatic Anderson-imagination kiss and two ‘I love you’s so cheers to y’all! 😉

Irene Adler           

Originally posted by i-am-adlocked

Queeeeeeeeeeeen! Okay, sorry! I just love this woman. 

Personally, I fell in love with the idea of Adlock ever since I first read A Scandal In Bohemia. I never liked my ships to be ‘canon’ in a way that they’ll run off into the sunset and be all cheesy, and that’s why Sherlock and Irene’s dynamic resonated with me so much. I do blame them for developing my now logical and complicated approach on the subject of love, but I digress. 

There has been a lot of criticism about the modern adaptations of Irene Adler, but I will simply focus on the BBC one for this post. Irene was, and still is, being reprimanded for being a dominatrix, but to me, it just made sense. Her initial role was to distract Sherlock and to lure him into unfamiliar territory, but sex isn’t the element that became the foundation of their relationship – it was their instant intellectual connection. 

And this is also the very reason why we’re not dismissing Irene or Sherlock’s sexuality in shipping them, contrary to the common criticisms of these pairing. Even if Irene is a dominatrix, sex isn’t really what they are about. I know I’ve stressed this many times, but Sherlock admitted that he is captivated by Irene (”Craving the distraction of the game, I sympathise entirely…” his words, not mine) and Irene was also very much smitten with Sherlock, so it may not be romance (or whatever it is that normal people do), but they are indeed attracted to each other in a very complex level that I think even they don’t understand. To add to this, we already have an entire discourse regarding Irene being “gay” etc. etc. which I think makes her even more amazing because she’s like f*ck all your stereotypes, I’m going to swing all ways possible and be badass at it and I can’t… I just can’t deal with that point even anymore… She is more than that frickin’ label, for God’s sake. 

Anyway, another commentary about Irene that pisses me off the most is the one about her being weak – again, similar to Molly’s. She didn’t ask for Sherlock to rescue her, and he absolutely didn’t beat her. In fact, he broke almost every single one of his personal rules when it came to her: flew thousands of miles to get to her, kept her Vertu (”If she’d left him, he would keep it. People do. Sentiment.”), thinks about her out of the blue, the TEXTING, and I could go on and on and on…. And she did make Sherlock “I haven’t begged in my life” Holmes beg twice in the most mundane, interesting, and sentimental way possible: “But I will have the camera phone.” “Please.”

This is a woman who can get by on her own, who has managed to stay alive despite the circumstance that she’s constantly on the run, and she is her own person, whether or not she has crossed paths with Sherlock Holmes. 

So to put this in full-circle, I’ll just say it again: QUEEN!

Mary Watson

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I never really appreciated Mary’s character in the ACD canon because she was barely even there. It wasn’t even explicit if she died or not, but there was a line that expressed Watson’s bereavement, leading to that conclusion in the books. 

Frankly, just like Irene, I’ve been waiting for her character to make an appearance, and was almost settled by the idea that she might have been replaced with Sarah (John’s girlfriend in S1), but I still had my hopes up. So when she arrived in Season 3, imagine my excitement. 

But it wasn’t until that scene in TEH where she was obviously amused by Sherlock that made me love her. Now, just a quick segue, I’ve always hated Sally Donovan because she was cruel to Sherlock and she didn’t really seem to have a redemption arc unlike Anderson. She was a representation of the world that treats Sherlock Holmes as an outsider. And Mary wasn’t like that at all. She was accepting and understanding, and unlike the common cause of hatred towards her, she wasn’t keeping Sherlock and John apart. In fact, she was trying so hard to assure them that things are not going to change – that they would still be Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. 

Then we discover that she’s not as she seems, that she has secrets, and it explained why she cared for Sherlock– it’s because broken people try to fix other broken people through each other’s company. She was willing to compromise anything, she was greedy to not let John know, she was desperate which led to her shooting Sherlock – overall, her character has dimension. She’s not a bad or good, she has her own demons that she’s trying to overcome. When Sherlock told John that “you chose her”, it felt haunting because it resonates to our own horrors – we attract what we seek. And to me, it’s what made Mary – BBC’s Mary – a brilliant character. 

These are just a few reasons why I can’t accept any hate towards these characters, their roles in relation to Sherlock and John, or even hate addressed to the people who adore them. 

Overall, these three women were introduced to us in a sequence that also relates to Sherlock’s own development: Molly signified the value of trust, respect, and regard for his life; Irene embodied incredible wit, surrendering to the whims of sentiment, and finding a remarkable connection; and Mary provided the feeling of warmth, acceptance, and the balance between danger and redemption.

And again, dear haters, this is why they matter.

This is Sidon/Link and I completely blame @sinnabar for this bc that’s who made me improvise this. It’s largely unedited, and just a small amount of Fluff.

I’m still working on other things but there’s something relieving about 30 minute drabbles.

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Hey, everyone! I’m so sorry for disappearing for some weeks. I’ve just moved to a new apartment and I’ve been a little busy with everything. Also, my parrot (yep, I have a one!) has not adapted very well to the new home. So I’m having to give him a little more attention lol

But I’m very surprised with all the kind and worrying messages I received ♥

Thank you so much for the affection, people! And don’t worry! I love you guys… and I’ll never leave you! ♥

Beauty and the Beast has always been my favourite disney and favourite animated movie. I find it just perfect, the story, the characters, the emotions, the magic… when Belle fell in love with the Beast, I fell in love with the movie.
So when I heard about a live adaptation, I couldn’t hide my excitement, but at the same time, I knew I would be even more severe with it.
I watched it this morning and let’s say it right away, it’s far from the level of its predecessor, but it’s not a bad movie either. I would even say, it’s ok.

Let’s talk about the story and direction first. No surprise, as an adaptation, it follows the same path, keeping the dialogs and iconic moments, and for those parts I can say it was pretty good. Then come the adding scenes and here, I am shared. Some are very welcome like those focusing on the father and his past (having more details about Belle’s mom permits a further connection with the Beast who lost his mother too, so it serves to the story). But other scenes are just pointless, and mostly focused on secondary characters. For example, they decided to include the enchantress in the movie but…..she is totally useless…. I felt it like it was to throw a celebrity’s face at us, I didn’t understand the point of this character :/
Also, what a mistake to show the prince as human in the beginning!!!!!! I admit, this is the thing that made me cringe hard. Let me explain. The 1st Disney presented us the man as a Beast, because that was characterized him at this moment, even as human he was just a Beast. But we learn to discover the human in him, until finally meet him under his true appearance. SHOWING THE PRINCE IN THE FIRST SCENE RUINED THIS >< !!!!! **angry**
I didn’t like how they handle the very end either, it should have been Belle & Prince moments, when the world is singing their tale. But the many second character got a moment too and it even stopped on the singer’s face, like why?? There’re some choices of direction I clearly didn’t understand.
Anyway, it works for the most part but like I said, some things were pointless.

What about the characters now? Well, I have to say it, the Beast was GREAT.
And really, that was the thing I was going to be so much critical, since, I think it’s the same for everyone who loved the animated version, we have all melted for him and learnt to love him like Belle did. And this is exactly the case here, at least for me. I even think they handled it a bit better tbh. In the first movie, The Beast went from a grumpy attitude to a pretty sweet guy quite suddenly. Here, after being saved by Belle, he is softer for sure but he still has a grumpy character because he still doesn’t know how to act near Belle. But his gaze changed for sure, you can see the emotions through his eyes, like in the animated version. And once again, I melted for him, I could see the human there. And it’s a shame Belle wasn’t as good sadly. Don’t get me wrong, Emma Watson is a good Belle really, she plays it well and her performance is fine. It’s just she was lacking of something I’d say….I needed more delight? she kept a lot the “tender smiling face” but I expected her to be more expressive seeing all the magical things happening around her. Even during the danger with the wolves, she doesn’t look afraid really. She was maybe a bit too reserved. But at least, when he was with the Beast, her expressions were more “alive”, so it’s not that bad either. But she has also some positive side like the way she is actually asking why everyone has this appearance. Belle is curious and willing to help, so it seems normal she would wonder about this, in the animated it always seems a bit odd to me she never asked anything about the origin of the magical things around her.
Concerning the secondary characters now, there are actually pretty good. Gaston was the best character for me like omg he was perfect. I couldn’t see a better Gaston x) Lefou was fine too, pretty funny and very lovable imo. The father, having more development than in the original, was more interesting personally. Then for the castle servants, I have nothing to say either, they’re funny, dynamic, enjoyable, and well interpreted (emma thompson especially).
But like I said before, the enchantress role was useless and some other characters didn’t really need more expositions.

Now, the music. I am gonna say this but the best parts of the movie are for sure the musical scenes. It’s exactly how I pictured the live version of them, big, very well choreographed, colorful and memorable. I’m crazy of Alan Menken’s themes in this film, and hearing them in cinema, I swear it gave me the chills so much (and I almost teared up during the main song/////). There are also new songs, and they haven’t all caught me the same, some are even not really necessary in my opinion, being very short and adding anything in particular. But How Does A Moment Last Forever and Evermore will definitely stay in your mind (Evermore is my new disney crush song >v<).
Ok ok, I’m gonna say it though, I heard a lot about it before the movie but, yeah yeah, Emma Watson’s auto tune is too obvious and even a bit distracting ^^’’
I watched it in english so tbh I wonder how it would be in french now (I don’t even know if the songs are dubbed).

I will end with the decorations and costumes. It was really massive and I can see all the works behind it, and really I can say I’ve been very pleased most of the time. I still can’t love Belle’s dress though xDD just, no…

So, if you have read all of this, I’m sorry ahaha I love so much talking cinema and I knew I would have a lot to say for this one. So my finale opinion? The best live version of all certainly but it has its disappointing details. It’s still a fine adaptation imo, I’m satisfied with it even if it won’t ever replace my first love, the first movie.

blight-incarnate  asked:

Hi! I just finished reading Until My Feed Bleed and I absolutely loved it! You are #writinggoals. Can I ask you a few questions about your writing process? If not then it's completely fine to ignore the rest of this! About how long did it take for you to write each chapter? How thorough was your initial outline (if you did an outline)? How do you balance your writing with real life? With longer fics I've always struggled maintaining momentum when I'm writing so I guess my question is (1/3)

do you have any tips for how to not burnout when writing a series? The question of my life: How do you get past writers block? I have this fic idea that I’ve been sitting on for a couple of days and I’m really excited about it but it’s mostly small idea nuggets and HCs so how would you suggest going about taking disjointed ideas and developing them into a cohesive plot? (2/3)

Lastly do you have any general writing tips for someone who isn’t necessarily new to writing fanfiction but wants to hone their writing skills? Sorry for all these questions! I’m just really curious and always looking for ways to improve my own writing. I love your writing! Thank you so much for writing the Rivals Series! It’s been a real treat to read it! Keep up the amazing work!!!!! (3/3)


1) 30-50 hours per chapter after chapter 8 when they got long

2) Very thorough - I had everything planned down to the skate music, although it did adapt and develop as time went on

3) I don’t. I spend time writing when I should be doing other things and it’s a very bad idea

4) How not to burnout. Have a detailed plan. That way you’ll always know what to write next and writer’s block isn’t as awful. Also don’t do what I’ve done and make sure you don’t write too much all at once because you will burn out in the end 

5) For developing ideas, write down all the scenes in you head that you want in the fic. Then try and figure out how to connect them all to each other. The story will start to take shape from that

6) General writing tips - write a lot and read a lot. That’s how I did it and it seems to have worked out ok for me!

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The young Sneasel approaches warily, his ears pinning to the back of his head. "U-Uh, are you feeling OK?" He mumbled, a little intimidated by the pokemon's size but he could not help but feel concerned for their ill posture. "Y-You look like you've got a stomach ache."

“I’m sorry I made you worry, but I’m fine.” The Umbreon said, reassuring

“I was just nervous and scared coming here since I’m afraid I can’t adapt here and befriend any, but after seeing all sorts of friendly Pokemon around like you, I feel much calmer.. Thank you for worrying about me.”

No need to be alarmed lil buddy! This Umbreon won’t bite uvu

I don’t know how tall Liria is, but Glow here is about 5,4 in height

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i really really really like inej bc for the longest time, whenever i read a book the main character would usually never be a PoC and it kind of affected the way i saw myself, like i could never be as badass bc i wasn't that generic trope, and then inej comes along and I'm so ecstatic over the fact that we finally have an indian character!! it feels nice to know that authors can acknowledge us yang?

this….THIS….everything about this. i will fight anyone who says diversity isn’t important because ^^^ is a prime example of why it is

i love leigh bardugo for giving us inej. so many popular books have the same lead - pale brunettes who we are supposed to believe is just “average yet they learn to master combat/powers/whatever skills overnight and save everyone. and they’re almost always beautiful. even as they insist they aren’t everyone flocks to them and tells them they are. i feel like it’s always thrown in our faces how spectacular in every. single. possible. way. these white characters are and not being able to identify with them because we don’t look like them, we don’t sound talk like them, we don’t come from the same customs, it’s kind of like….well i can never be like them??? only these types can be the heroes?? only these types matter??

and then there’s inej, a strong, bad ass character who, in a story of morally corrupt characters, manages to stay pure at heart. and this girl who can scale walls and wield knives, this hopeful teenager who wants to save people, who sacrifices herself again and again for those she cares about…she’s brown. and she has depth, and she’s powerful and brave and wasn’t written to be the perfect savior trope but still is in a way. she’s pretty much the glue holding her entire crew together and ends up saving their butts. not to mention she’s a character in ya whose entire arc makes!! sense!! she’s not amazing because she’s chosen to be. she actually is an average girl with vulnerabilities who adapted according to her environment/experiences and she has qualities we can see ourselves in. also how refreshing is it to see a poc who wasn’t written to suffer to benefit someone else’s narrative. literally everyone in this duology is suffering lmao. sorry i’m ranting but i just love inej so much and it’s so important to me that she’s poc (jesper too but since this ask was explicitly about inej, i’ll stay on track).

i wish i had a character like her to read when i was getting into books at 13. i aspired to be a writer back then and i was actually influenced enough to write the same girls i read - white. and that’s disturbing to me, as a poc, because society literally conditioned me to think white was the default main character for the type of stories i wanted to tell and i hate that so so so damn much.

i’m especially relieved poc on the younger side of the ya target audience range will get to read her but this character is just so important for everyone!! i hope leigh keeps employing amazing representation in her future projects. i hope more popular ya writers would too.

and listen you should know you can be just as bad ass and extraordinary as the rest of those stigmatized tropes. ily ok you’re 10x better than those characters that have been forced on you ❤

monroix replied to your post: Totally considering to make Modern Verse Athos a…

agh, I´d love BBC´s Sherlock but no one wants to rp that but you are right Athos would fit in

I liked the BBC version well enough, but for some reason I’m just in love with the Elementary adaption. And like I said.. Athos just reminds me so much of that version of Sherlock. Drugging himself to forget about a girl he thought was dead because of him? But then she suddenly ‘returns’ from the dead, just to turn out to be a badass female master mind that had been paying with him for years? Uhm… Yeah u - u

Okay so I initially wanted to draw Eijun and Miyuki posing with their favourite foods but then the illustration guide book revealed that these two dorks are like, the least pickiest eaters ever with no specific food as a favourite?? The only thing listed was that Eijun would eat anything but nattos and Miyuki is weak to sweet things. I was about to give up on the food idea when I realized… hey, I can actually work with this.

I just did Eijun’s one because it would be the most hilarious. I’m sorry Eijun. I love you so much, but you are too fun to tease……….

Another thing - LINE has this series of emoticons that remind me way too much of Eijun…..:

I liked the second one so much I adapted it for this picture HAHAHA

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I had to move to another country last year to go to college, and I'm still adapting. I can't seem to fit in anywhere and it led to me being depressed and having really low self asteem about myself and my studies. Just wanted to let you know that you (and some other people that have these kinds of blogs) really inspired me to make my own bullet journal! It really helps with my mental health and it makes me feel like im good at adulting! So thank you, daily inspiration really means a lot to me ❤❤❤

hello lovely!! i’m sorry to hear that you’re struggling to adapt - i hope it gets better soon and that life is a little kinder to u 💓💞💗  thank u so much for stopping by to send me this wonderful message!! i’m glad that i helped even a little to inspire you - you have no idea how incredibly honoured i am 💕  you’re far too sweet. sending u good vibes!!

weekly sleepover 🥀  send me an ask about anything - lets get to know each other better!

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Have you listened to/heard of the Focus on the Family Narnia audiobooks? They're absolutely wonderful adaptations with different voice actors for each character, great music and sound effects, and commentary by Douglas Gresham (sorry I sound like an ad, I just love these so much). I used to listen to them every night to help me sleep, and they're really easy to focus on unlike a lot of audiobooks.

No, I haven’t! I really only fairly recently entered the Narnia fandom (though I did see the movies when they came out) and am reading the books for the first time. So far, I’ve read The Magician’s Nephew, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, The Horse and His Boy, Prince Caspian, and am almost finished with Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I’ve never been much for audiobooks personally because I enjoy reading so much and I’m lucky enough to actually have time to read for pleasure whenever I feel like it, but I know a lot of people lead busy lives and don’t have time like I do. So whenever there’s a book that I recommend I always say that even if you can’t read it yourself, listen to the audiobook in the car or whenever you can! These seem like a great option for the Narnia books, so thanks for the recommendation! I’ll have to pass along the word next time I tell someone about the books!

That was… a very average and a bit underwhelming episode, at least in the most important part.

While the animation was mostly consistent and really beautiful at times I can’t help but feel like most of the emotional impact of Full Moon was lost. Up until the spike it was well done and beautiful but then…the reactions came and…no pay off.

It’s mostly because Akiteru has been handled a bit poorly through the season, I get it, they only got 10 episodes, they don’t have time to add all of his comments and remarks… but this was Tsukki’s moment, the moment that sets the whole flow and feeling of the rest of the match…and yet his reaction to Kei’s spike was completely underwhelming (well they’ve been making Akiteru way less emotional than he actually is and we know that’s what sets him appart from Kei, he’s very emotional and actually shows it)

My little brother is the…!!

best i guess.

While in the manga

He was crying, not because of the amazing block his brother did, but because he finally sees Kei belonging to the team, why is this very important and why does it make me mad they skipped it? well it comes from this person:

Akiteru beats himself for ruining volleyball for Kei, so of course it’s only natural that he’s emotional and crying about it, to finally see your brother overcoming what you ruined for him “Kei is finally acting like he’s a real part of the team” Akiteru knows how much Kei struggles to trust himself and other people, that’s why this moment meant so much for both Tsukki and him…why did they skip it OTL

And then of course, the 3rd gym deleted scene which totally messed up the 1 point is as good as 100

When this scene didn’t show up in the equivalent anime episode I got a bad feeling…and I’m so sad I was right, they simply skipped it, disrupting the whole point of the block.

Kuro’s words give meaning to what Tsukki was trying to do, he knew that blocking Ushijima was important to turn the tables, to show that they can actually win AND IT was the reason for both Hinata and Tsukishima’s so dang cute moment. Kuroo messed up his wise words at the end (its ok, you tried) and the words were left in the air, so when THE POINT happened who reminded Tsukki of them?

Hinata of course! the message stick with Hinata in a more literal sense and I dare say he’s been thinking of them all this time because hey, kuroo-san said them, they must mean something cool (oh how I adore you sweet sunshine child), Tsukki probably had dismissed the words until that moment - Notice how he smiles before he smirks- yup those words finally made sense! Akaashi, Bokuto and Kuroo are so important for our noodle’s development and it’s just so so sad it was skipped. (Not to mention Hinata’s words make no sense in the anime because they basically lack context)

Don’t get me wrong, IG is making a wonderful job overall (I actually loved the episode, the voice acting was supreme specially) as someone who has been struggling with really bad adaptations of their fave mangas for years, HQ!! has been so refreshing, I can always trust IG because it’s evident how much they love the original material but saddly this episode didn’t live up to the manga chapter at all, and at least for me, it was the episode I was more excited about so I’m just conflicted.

Just…please read the manga. (you’re also missing on how wonderful the Shiratori boys are, a lot of their interactions and inner thoughts are being skipped as well ;_;)

Hola! Just letting you know we’re still alive.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting, I’m just being caught up in pretty much everything. But anyways, this little nugget is 1 month old today! <3 I swear it just flew by so quickly. She’s just being such a good baby. She had her first photoshoot a couple of days ago and the photos turned out so cute. I can’t wait to show you *if only my laptop hadn’t been stolen from my car so I could actually retouch the photos!! I swear I’m still not used to NYC. As much as I love our penthouse I just can’t adapt to this type of living. I’m used to living in suburban gated areas haha.  

Am I the only one that wants the Descendants Sequel to still be about the original four? (Mal, Jay, Evie and Carlos?) Sure the idea of other villain’s children is a cool idea, but I feel like theres so much more that needs to be developed.

Like Jay and his kleptomaniac tendencies, they cant just disappear! He needs to learn to break the habit to live in Auradon I’m assuming. And that he is this all time sports star, but there was little show in development with the team interaction. The only players he interacted on the field were Carlos and Ben because he was comfortable with them. How has he grown to accept a full team on his side that he doesn’t need to play all star and share the spotlight?

And Mal is only just learning what its like to be in a relationship, which was actually never truly established. (but we can safely assume that yes they’re in a relationship) And her mother is now a lizard, which she needs to adapt to.

Evie learned she didn’t need to be pretty and dumb to get a guy. So what happens between her and Doug? I need more development there!

Carlos found one dog and was happy, but not all dogs are friendly or cared for properly. Carlos could totally still develop with his relationship with animals. And they barely mentioned how incredibly smart this kid actually is like in the book! This kid invented a radio that temporarily broke the barrier around the island! Give him some spotlight in the academics!

Ben is King now, so how is this going to work with time between that and Mal?

Audrey was totally slammed in the boy department (quite unfairly, but granted her and Ben had some issues to begin with) and she ended up with Charming jr. Theres no way that lasted right? Or is there more to the story?

Jane learned a big lesson, but how has she adapted her life style?

Theres just SO MUCH they can develop and tweak. So much potential with the already existing characters. Adding more just seems to much. To many characters to look at, or they cut the originals! And that is a little upsetting to those who already love the characters soo much now.

Sorry, but Descendants Sequel needs to keep original characters and work with them.
I definitely am not saying stop creating these gorgeous characters that are children of villains, please keep at it! Just, lets hold off on them in the movie till maybe the third installment? (I know so far away, but you understand?)

So like, the AC Adapter for my tablet decided to die, so I’ve been without my tablet for the past few weeks, and since Naruto Gaiden has been increasing my desire to do fanart, I went back to pen and paper just until I get a new adapter…colored in photoshop with a mouse…I forgot how horrible drawing with a mouse was, I’ve spoiled myself with tablets. Sorry it’s so sloppy…

Anyways, did I mention how much I love these two? Sarada and Chouchou are just perfection. I never expected to love them and the other kids this much! Now I wish these two were in the same team…

I’m secretly starting to ship Mitsuki and Chouchou

taloness  asked:

Hello, can I ask for you to share more of your wonderful ideas about Sam being Jewish?

YES!! I should probably make a tag for all this. I will do that… soon.

I’m not a very organized thinker so even though i would do narrative form that would take longer to write and I’m EXCITED!! about this!!! so.

His mom is jewish - she converted when she was in college, but his dad is one of those people that if you asked he’d say he’s christian but, like, never goes to church or does anything. She dragged Sam to shul every week, or at least almost every week. He was so cute that he never wanted for attention, and she was grateful for the break from taking care of the baby for just a few hours and talk about something beyond herself.

He learned to tie shoes crawling around under the chairs during services, when he noticed Mr Abramson having trouble bending over far enough to tie his nice shabbos shoes. He learned to braid with his mother’s tzitzit.

At his bar mitzva, he gave his dvar about the slavery of the jews, the slavery of black people in america, and the importance of people holding institutional seats of power working to uplift the oppressed, not keep them down. Everyone cried. Everyone.

He bakes AMAZING challah but he will never put raisins in it because he hates them (because he has TASTE sorry I just really hate raisins). Shabbat morning, he makes challah french toast.

His first tattoo was tzedek tzedek tirdof on his left arm where the box of his tefilin sits, right on the bicep. His second was the pararescue insignia over his heart.

When he tells his rabbi that he’s bisexual, she just hugs him and says “now you have twice as many people to love, and twice as many people to love you” (this may be adapted from my own coming out experience)

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