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First date

Okay, this imagine is not only the longest that I’ve written but also the one I’ve spent hours with. 4 hours I needed for it but I’m honestly proud of this work. Hopefully, you guys will like it too. Please give me some feedback, I really appreciate evry opinon. Sorry for typos and grammar mistakes. Enjoy my lovelies! Btw, Harry looks like the picture above in the story! (Both pics are not mine!)

“How are you feeling, babe?” (Y/N)’s best friend asked her as (Y/N) was observing herself in front of the mirror for the last time. To say that she was nervous was an understatement, she was hell terrified of the upcoming night even though there was no reason to be. Deep down she knew everything would go just fine and she had not have to be worried about it at all. But still, her legs were so shaky that (Y/N) felt like they would give up steadying her when she even dared to walk. And not to mention her heart. Her heart beat increased faster, threatening to rip off her chest in two the more she thought about the date she would have in an hour. She took a deep breath to calm down her nerves, to get rid off of the uncertainty that was consuming her. Breathe in, breathe out. Relax. She reminded herself nonstop. How bad could it be? It was just a date.

Yes, it was just a date but which girl would not freak out if she was asked for a date by the one and only Harry Styles?

She was still perplexed if she was being honest. How come that someone like Harry wanted to date somebody like her?

(Y/N) turned around and a pout appeared on her lips as she looked at the black dress that adorned her body. She wore it only on certain occasions or when it came to important events that she had to attend. She was never the type of girl who liked to be overdressed to be fancied by a man. No, she always stuck to natural beauty, preferring a less amount of makeup on her face even though her job was contrary to what she usually held on to. She was a makeup artist, working alongside Lou Teasdale, a very close friend of Harry’s. That’s how she met him.

Lou once took her on a  gathering where her famous friends met each other, among them were people like Nick Grimshaw or Lottie Tomlinson. (Y/N) was quite honored to meet each one of them, but when she was face to face with Harry Styles it honestly felt like she achieved at least something in her life. Okay, that was definitely an exaggeration but it really gave her that feeling. She was a fan of him you can say.

“Do you think I look slutty?” (Y/N) questioned her friend. Her ass was sticking out obviously too much for her liking and matter how much her friend tried to convince her that she looked fine and sexy as fuck, she couldn’t stop doubting it.

“Slutty? Are you kidding me? You don’teven wear something that makes you look like a slut. Geeze, you look more like a nun if you ask me.”

(Y/N) threw her pillow at her friend who had a cheeky grin on her lips.

“Not funny.” She mumbled, turning around to face her reflection and adjusted her dress.

“ Relax, it was just a joke, girl. Calm down. You look really good and Harry will definitely fall down on his knees because he’ll be so overwhelmed by your amazing beauty. Hell, if I was gay I would totally want to date you. I mean those boobs and this ass-wow! ”

(Y/N) rolled her eyes at her, shaking her head. ”I don’t feel like I’m okay. Maybe I should call off?”

“No way this is happening!” Her friend called outraged, standing up from the bed she was sitting on the whole time and placing herself behind (Y/N).  With laying her hands on her shoulders she continued speaking. “You’re going to on that date and you’re going to have so much fun, okay? Babes, I totally know how you’re feeling and I understand. If Harry Styles asked me out I would have probably burned down an entire city out of happiness but I promise it’s going to the best date that you’ve ever had. And the sex you will have afterwards will be mind-blowing, I’m sure.”

“I’m not going there to get laid and neither plan on doing it.” (Y/N) replied, an annoyed tone underlined her statement.

“But you can’t deny that you haven’t wasted a thought on it.” Both girls laughed because it was indeed a true fact and (Y/N) reminded herself of why she loved her so dearly. (Y/F/N) always did everything to cheer her up, to put a smile on her face. In her hardest times she was there for (Y/N), wiped off her tears ,never left her side for once and supported her countless of times. (Y/F/B) was more like a sister to her. A sister she never had. They were so close and a lot of experiences and memories bonded them to each other.

“Come on, let’s finish getting you ready.” (Y/F/N) suggested and led her to the dressing table where she made (Y/N)’s hair and makeup.


Meanwhile, somewhere in London in a fancy and quite expensive penthouse, a young man went back and forth to check up if everything was prepared and was going well as he planned. Harry spent hours in his kitchen to prepare a delicious meal for his date and he was quite proud of himself. Hopefully, (Y/N) would like it.

He took a look at the dining table which he decorated with two plates, forks, knives and wine glasses a few minutes prior. He also made sure to scatter some rose petals on the table and he even lightened two red candles. With the soft music playing in the background, a very romantic atmosphere was created, exactly how Harry wanted it. Normally, he was not a romantic guy in his opinion but the sight in front of him proved that he could be if he gave a little bit of effort.

Checking up the time, which told him that he had no longer than fifteen minutes, Harry hurried to the kitchen and took the dessert he made out of the fridge. Mousse-au-chocolat with raspberries on top.

He placed it on the dining table and voila, the evening could begin. He immediately ran to the bathroom to check up himself. Running his hands through his messy hair, he tried to fix them so at least it looked like something. With spraying a few splashes of his favorite cologne before, he brushed his teeth afterwards.

Harry couldn’t remember when it was the last time he had been so excited for a date. With his busy schedule in the past, the touring, the interviews and songwriting in the past, he never had the time to get to know somebody or ask them out. His busy lifestyle never allowed him to find somebody that he liked very much and to date her. Even though he talked to (Y/N) only a few times when Lou brought her to the gatherings, he knew she was something special. The first moment he laid his eyes on her he just wanted to make sure that no one except for him could make a move on her. He wanted to make her his. He would love to call her his girlfriend sometime, to introduce her to his family and friends. Yet he was afraid of how the media and the fans would react if they ever found out but at the end they had to live with the fact.

“You already think like she was yours.” He mumbled to himself, fixing his white shirt, wrinkling its sleeves up to his elbows.

He was wondering how the night would end. Before he dared to ask her out for a date, he’d been a nervous wreck. He was scared she would turn him down. But as a “Yes” escaped her beautiful lips, Harry was so relieved he could have jumped out of happiness. However, in front of her colleagues, he thought it was a good idea not to do it. He felt like he had already embarrassed her in front of them.

At point 8 PM, Harry perceived a knock on his door and he breathed in and out deeply as he went to open it.

(Y/N) who was standing behind the door patiently, tried to stay calm. All the way long to Harry’s she reassured herself that everything was going to be just fine and she would enjoy the night with him. Her hands became slightly sweaty as she heard footsteps reaching the door.

“Here we go.” She mumbled under her breath. She put on a smile on her lips as the door was finally opened.

But her smile slightly faded as she faced him. Her heart stopped its beating and she felt a huge amount of warmth spreading through her whole body. She was out of words. He looked absolutely handsome. Beautiful. Angelic.

He wore a white shirt and she could see the outlines of his tattoos underneath. His legs were adorned by tight black jeans and black boots covered his feet.

But she wasn’t the only one who was speechless and knocked out of breath. Harry, Harry was totally mesmerized by her, blinded by her beauty. He could have indeed fallen on his knees in front of her, just like (Y/F/N) predicted. Her normally straight hair was curled and that black dressed fitted to her body perfectly. She was absolutely breath-taking.

The two of them stared into each other’s eyes for a while before (Y/N) could regain herself and made the first move.

“Hello Harry.” She smiled at him with slight red cheeks. His gaze on her was warm but she still felt uncomfortable.

“(Y/N)…” He only breathed out. He knew he made a fool himself right now by staring at her instead of inviting her in but who could blame him? “You look- (Y/N), you’re- wow.” That was it. Just wow. Gorgeous.

“Thanks.” (Y/N) replied sheepishly. “You look handsome yourself. May I come in?”

“Of course, of course.” Harry stepped aside so she had full access to enter his fancy penthouse.

“May I take your jacket?” He asked her, helping her out of it like the gentleman that he is.

(Y/N) thanked him for his kindness and Harry led her to the living room. Her eyes widened as she entered the room. Everything looked so elegant and just like Harry but it seemed hella expensive. Even the furniture. (Y/N) didn’t want to know how much he probably had spent for the couch she was sitting on.

“Do you want something to drink?” Harry inquired. “Water, wine, juice?”

“Thanks, I’m fine.” (Y/N) responded.

“How was the ride?”

“It was okay.” She offered him another smile. “I just had some difficulties with finding the address. But I’m glad I made it on time.”

“I’m sorry about that.” Harry said, returning the smile (Y/N) gave him. So beautiful, he thought.

“No need to apologize. I’m here now.”

They had a small conversation of how they had been in the past weeks and what they had been doing before Harry invited her to the dining room. (Y/N)’s eyes went wide open as she saw the beautiful decorated dining table. Just like how she imagined it to be.

“Harry…” She spoke, touched by his effort. “You really didn’t have to do that. I would have been fine with take outs as well.”

“You’re worth more than just take outs, (Y/N).” He said, pushing her chair back slight so she could take a place. “And you’re a terrible lair.”

“I’m not-“

“Do you want some wine?” Harry cut her off, pointing to a bottle of red wine in his hand.

“Sure, I would love to.” He tilted the bottle carefully and poured some wine in her glass. They clinked their glasses and took a gulp of it.

Placing her glass next to her plate, (Y/N) glanced at the meal in front of her. Harry had prepared pesto pasta with grilled chicken and it looked so alluringly delicious to her. She probably could never prepare such a meal. She was quite clumsy when it came to cooking. She admired his cooking skills. Maybe he could teach her how to cook sometime.

“You can start if you want to.” Harry offered and (Y/N) obeyed, taking a small bite from her plate. Harry observed her features intensely as she chew the food in her mouth. He was insecure how she would find it. With the look on her face he could neither tell that she liked or that she hated it.

(Y/N) however didn’t mean to make him feel that way. She only needed time to enjoy the food she was tasting. And it tasted heavenly.

“Not bad, Styles.” She said with her thumps up and Harry let out a relieved breath. “I’m impressed.”

“May I say something?”


“You almost gave me a heart attack.” Harry laughed. “I thought I did bad.”

“Oh no…I’m sorry. It tastes really delicious.” (Y/N) blushed. “I never ate something cooked by a male and it is very admirable how you managed it.”

“Thank you.”  Harry responded. At the same time he felt honored and proud of himself because he was the first man in (Y/N)’s life who cooked for her.

While eating, they talked about different stuff. Harry was very interested in her life which he showed by asking her numerous of questions. He got to know her family and friends, the people she grew up with and the ones who made her the person she was today. Harry watched her in awe as she passionately spoke about her job and stuff that she liked because he loved the shine that formed in her eyes. Inwardly he really hoped that one day he would be also the cause of this shine in those mesmerizing orbs of hers.

When he was talking (Y/N) could not stop but to be focused on his lips. She had never expected that words could sound so beautiful when they came out of his mouth. His voice was so indescribably amazing and soothing, she could have listened to him all day without any interruptions. The most important thing was that he was talking. The way he pronounced a word, the way his British accent would underline them, it was to melt away. But the way he spoke out her name was even more beautiful. Whenever he used to say her name, a shiver would run down her spine, giving her chills in her whole body. He had lips of an angel. (Y/N) wondered how they would feel on hers, how it would feel to kiss an angel.

She woke out of her trance as Harry looked at her worriedly.

“Excuse me?”

“I just asked if you wanted a bit more of the pasta.”

She shook her head smilingly. “Thanks but I’m quite fed up. It was really delicious, Harry. Great job! I would love to eat more of your cooking sometime.”

“I’d be honored. Would you like to eat the dessert on the balcony?” He pointed at the area behind him. (Y/N) agreed with a nod but before that she made sure to help him putting the dishes into the sink in the kitchen. Harry appreciated her help but told her that she had not to do it. She shrugged her shoulders, telling him it was fine for her. After the table was tidied up, Harry took the cups with mousse-au-chocolat while (Y/N) took the wine glasses and the wine bottle and the two of them entered the balcony.

Even though it was already in the evening, the weather was still warm enough. Harry had an area with a tiny table and lounger. They had a perfect view on the city and (Y/N) held onto the railing while admiring the view in front of her. The moon and the stars emphasized it wonderfully.

Harry joined her but instead of looking at the same direction as (Y/N) he rather looked at her because she was the one and only beauty there. He had no idea if he was ever able to avert his eyes away from her, she was so captivating. She smiled and had her eyes closed, just listening to the noises from London’s streets. The wind was slightly blowing into her face, moving the curly strands of hair. Harry had the urge to touch them because he knew they’d be soft on his fingers.

(Y/N) caught him staring at her, a blush crept its way on her cheeks.

“You look beautiful when you blush.” Harry admitted.

“Thank you.” (Y/N) said. She wondered how many times she had thanked him the night. Probably a thousand times. Suddenly, she felt his fingers between hers and the warmth of his hands overwhelming hers.

“I really enjoyed our date, (Y/N).” He admitted. “I would love to ask you on a date again. Only if you want to of course.”

She nodded her head in agreement. “Yes, that sounds like a very good idea.” She knew she couldn’t let him go out of her life anymore. He had intrigued her in so many ways tonight, the thought of leaving him alone seemed impossible in her mind. All she wanted to do was to keep him till the end. This date shouldn’t be the one and only they had. She wanted more. And she was willing to do everything to get it. To get him.

Harry entwined one hand out of hers to shove back one strand of hair behind her ear. One simple touch but enough to make hear heart beating wildly in her chest.

“I really want to kiss you.” He whispered with a smile.

“I don’t usually kiss on the first date.” (Y/N) said, causing his smile to drop slightly. “But I think I can make an exception.”

With that, Harry put her face softly between his hands and gave a dimpled smile before he leaned forward to capture his lips with hers. (Y/N) felt like she was flying and thousand, no millions of butterflies erupted in her stomach. Harry kissed her so gently, so soft that her she thought her heart would explode out of happiness.

When they pulled away, they smiled at each other and Harry caught the glimpse of passion in her eyes that he craved to see.

“(Y/N), I don’t know about you but I have feelings for you and they’re deep. I have feelings for you since the moment I saw you. And if you give me a chance, I would love to show you how much I care about you. Being your boyfriend is all I want.”

(Y/N) smiled at his confession but she had to admit that she was very shocked about his honest words. This time, she was the one who bent forward to bring their lips to a kiss again.

“You’ll get a chance Harry.” She said.

She wrapped her arms around his waist, leaning her head against his chest where she could perceive his constant heart beat. Harry slung his arms around her body in order to keep her safe and secure. They stood there like this for a while and gazed at the city together.

It was the best first date that they’d ever had.

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heey! can i request a bullet scenario for daniel where you're sungwoos little sister and daniels been that brother's best friend that you've practically grown up with??

hey anon, thank you for the request and hope you enjoy!! ❤ also i spell sungwoo, ‘seongwoo’/’seongwu’ or i just say ong for simplicity sake so i wasnt sure if you meant ong or sungwoon so i went with ong haha, sorry if you meant sungwoon!! 

Kang Daniel - Brother’s bestfriend!AU

Originally posted by sungwhoon

  • You’ve known Daniel since you started primary school
  • He was two years above you, and became best buds with your older brother Seongwu
  • (So ongniel is science has been going strong since the ripe age of 5)
  • You were rather quiet and shy as a kid so you tried to hang round your brother a lot at school
  • because you and him are super close
  • but you became too dependent on him at school and struggled to make friends in your own year
  • so as much as Seongwu adores you as a younger sister, he wanted you to break away from him and his friends
  • but you got upset and cried because you didn’t want to be separated from them
  • and 7y/o Daniel tried to cheer you up by wiping away your tears and patting you on the head and giving you lollies
  • “please don’t cry y/n, it’s okay, you’ll still get to see me when I come to your house to play”
  • Looking back it was an experience that you are glad you went though, because you ended up meeting kids who are now some of your best friends
  • and you still saw Daniel whenever he came over to play with Seongwu
  • as you grew older you became more resilient and independent
  • but that didn’t stop you from being dragged along to things by Daniel and Ong
  • for example, they forced you to go to every soccer game of theirs to be their no. 1 supporter
  • and they’d make you wear face paint in the school colours and do all the chants
  • they even tried making a dance for you to copy and it consisted of popping and bboying and you were like omfg i caNNOT DO THIS

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Heyo fellow Gryffindor INTP~ I absolutely adore your writing! I swear, it's so cute! I haven't followed you for long, but I love it! Either way, I was wondering if you would write how the RFA+Saeran+V+Vanderwood (Little bby needs more love) would react to MC having a little brother (Maybe one with a little sister complex- ) that she takes care of cause something happened to their parents? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Thank you~ and please keep being your amazing self!

Ayyyyyyy what’s up my friend!

~Man, we have the best personality amirite? (n˘v˘•)¬

Ooh a +Vanderwood ask, my first ever! ((I use They/Them for Vanderwood)) Thanks! Anyway, here ya go!


  • Was getting bullied a little bit by your younger brother
  • Poor Yoosung just wanted to be friends
  • Of course this was all done behind your back and Yoosung would die before he told you
  • He was a MANLY MAN he could take care of this himself!
  • Out of sheer luck he caught your brother playing LOLOL and ended up giving him tips for acquiring a super secret armor
  • After that, your little brother thought he wasn’t so bad after all
  • Yoosung is like a dad to him almost after a while
  • It’s really cute
  • Always worrying about him hurting himself
    • “Don’t run to fast you could trip!”
  • They stay up too late playing games sometimes and he laughs as you scold Yoosung


  • He liked your little brother because he ended up being BFFs with Elizabeth 3rd
  • She sleeps with him in his bed and goes with him everywhere, they’re a dynamic duo
  • However, he wasn’t totally into Jumin at first
  • It wasn’t until he was asking you for something and you said no that Jumin took him under his wing
    • “No. That’s not how you negotiate. I have much to teach you, so you’d better listen up.”
  • It was the best and worst thing to happen
  • Your little brother looked up to Jumin so much, he was like a younger copy of him, and Jumin was so proud
  • He’d go with Jumin to the office and look over paperwork with him
  • Jaehee on the other hand…wasn’t so thrilled at having a pint-sized boss ordering her around now, too.
    • “Assistant Kang, I’m not even 12 and I can see two misspelled words in this report already.”
    • “How observant of you. I’m very impressed. Assistant Kang? Why are you just standing there? I believe a ‘thanks’ is in order seeing as he caught this before it went any further. In the future I expect you to be more thorough with your paperwork.”
  • You send Jaehee a nice “Sorry” gift basket once a month.


  • Just a ride on his motorcycle was all it took for these two to bond
  • He loves visiting Zen on set!
  • He tells all of his friends at school that you’re dating a famous person
  • They have “man time” together while watching action movies
  • Zen drinks beer and your little brother has root beer
  • He did stop smoking though, he doesn’t want to be a bad influence on him
  • Sometimes when you go to bed early or are working late, they stay up past his bedtime and Zen tells him stories about when he was in a biker gang


  • He loved her from the start tbh he approved instantly
  • She makes the best sweets, always helps you cook meals in the kitchen, and she’s super smart!
  • He was really happy to see you two together
  • Freaked out when she told him she was a Judo black belt
  • He wanted to learn, too!
  • So Jaehee signed him up
  • They practice in the living room (one time he knocked over a vase while you were cooking dinner and Jaehee took the blame. It was the start of their little secrets they have together and he knows he can always go to her with problems)
  • Jaehee is his biggest cheerleader during practices and stuff, she’s super encouraging
  • He hates musicals but he pretends to like them because he knows she does


  • Kind of a rocky start for these two
  • Unlike Yoosung, Saeyoung would tease him right back
  • So they would bicker a lot when you weren’t around
  • Until they found their shared love of pranking
  • Their first victim was poor Yoosung
  • They made him watch one of those ‘scare’ YouTube videos where something pops out and they video taped him
  • Then they were pranking you
  • Blowing an air horn when you were trying to nap
  • Or placing fake bugs and spiders all over the apartment
  • They were always up to something together
  • You often had to yell at Saeyoung for letting him eat so much junk food and snacks and spoiling his dinner


  • At first he wasn’t too sure of V, because he wanted you to be protected
  • And how could someone with no sight protect you?
  • But he wasn’t giving V enough credit
  • He was slowly creeping by V (who was sitting on the couch sipping his tea) making his way to the kitchen to steal some of your fresh baked cookies when V spoke up and startled him
    • “She’s not going to be too happy if you’re planning on eating those before dinner.” he sipped his tea, still facing straight ahead.
    • “How…how did you know I-”
    • “I may be blind, but I could hear your tip-toeing loud as a marching band in my head.”
  • He thought it was so cool, almost like being a superhero
  • He bought a blindfold and wore it around the house to be like V, trying to walk around without his sight
  • Of course he knocked over and broke a few things in the process
  • But V just laughed, telling you to calm down when you tried to apologize
    • “The stuff is worth nothing to me compared to you two.”


  • They kind of steered clear of each other at first
  • Just dirty looks and scowls from across the room and behind your back
  • One night as you put him to bed Saeran stood outside the door listening to him whimper, telling you he didn’t want to go to school because of bullies
  • He met you in the bedroom
    • “I’ll pick him up from school tomorrow,” Saeran noted
    • “Are you…sure?”
    • “Yeah it’s no big deal, just go use that time for yourself. Go shopping or something.”
    • “…ok,” you agreed hesitantly
  • Saeran showed up at his school to get him
  • But literally one look at this guy from his classmates had them scared to death
  • They had no idea this was his sisters boyfriend woah!
  • He didn’t have to say anything, and from then on they left your little brother alone
  • From that day forward Saeran picked him up from school and they would go out for ice cream together
  • He’d tell Saeran about his day and what they learned
  • They’d throw rocks at cans together and do all of the stuff that little boys like to do
  • It was like Saeran finally got closure from his shitty childhood by making sure your brother was happy


  • Vanderwood really liked your little brother
  • They won over your brother when he found out they had been a secret agent
  • He was listening to you two talking in your bedroom when he overheard it
  • He thought they were just some average person who liked to keep the apartment tidy
  • The next time they were alone together your brother tried to catch them off guard, throwing a shoe at their back, and was shocked when they dodged it with ease
  • They were like a superhuman to him
    • “Please teach me! I heard you talking last night so I know all about it!”
  • Vanderwood groaned, you’d kill them if you knew he’d found out
    • “Ok but, this is our little secret, ok?”
  • It wasn’t anything serious, and your brother was too young to know anyway
  • You didn’t ask questions when you came home to them outside
  •  Vanderwood sitting in the chair smoking as your little brother washed the car
  • You heard them talk before you went inside
    • “Yes, wax on wax off, wax on wax off,” Vanderwood commanded
  • You shook your head and closed the door

The first time I’ve drawn Maud (even if just as a chbi!). I need to draw her more sometime. :0


Maud gets her “rocktorate” and graduates from college, now preparing to expand her horizons. Pinkie Pie is ecstatic when her big sister expresses interest in living in Ponyville and tries her best to convince Maud to stay. While studying rocks is a big motivation, Maud admits that she’s actually more interested in finding someone she can relate to (outside of her family, of course). This only excites Pinkie more, and she makes it her personal mission to find a BFF for Maud somewhere in Ponyville. And that candidate just might be closer to home than she would’ve thought!

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Hey there :)) could you please do a request where Betty gets kidnapped one night and she was just on her way to meet the gang at pops? The gang obviously notices that Betty is late and tries to find her. They go to her house, the school everywhere and conclude that she's missing. Her parents find out and freak out. Please include Jughead and Betty together as in a relationship and make it super angsty!!!!! Thank you so much 💋

Here you go, hope you like it! P.s: This is a long one guys, sorry about that! I straight up wrote a freaking novel lol

**Warning: This fic touches on the subject of kidnapping. Although it is not graphic, it still might be a sensitive subject for certain readers.**


Betty Cooper stood on the curb across the street from Pop’s, smiling to herself as she watched her friends filing into a booth closest to the window. Reaching into her purse, she pulled out her phone and dialed her sister’s number.

“Hey, Polly it’s me,” she said into the phone, shoving her hands into her jacket pockets as she stepped to the side and let the family in front of her cross the street. “I’m almost to Pop’s so I can’t talk long, but I just - I wanted to tell you how proud I am of you. I know you probably don’t hear that often, especially from mom and dad, but I just thought you should know that you’re probably one of the strongest people I’ve ever known. I don’t think I could have gone through what you’re going through right now and come out of it a better person but you - you’re raising your baby the way you think is right and you’re doing it on your own. You’re an incredible sister and mother and friend and I just - I wanted to tell you how much I love you. Anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow okay? I can’t wait to squish that little nephew of mine’s cheeks! Bye!”

Betty slid her phone back into her bag before looking both ways for oncoming traffic, and crossing the street. Once she made it safely across, she noticed a familiar face leaning against the side wall, and quickly hurried over to greet her.

“Hey, Josie!” Betty called out to her. “Can’t wait to hear you and the pussycats at the parade tomorrow!”

“Well, I expect another rave review from a certain school newspaper, that’s for sure,” Josie told her, raising one eyebrow at her expectantly as she adjusted the cat ears on top of her head.

“You know me, I only write the truth,” Betty reminded her, taking a step backwards as she headed for the front entrance of the diner. “See ya!”

Josie waved goodbye before hopping into the car that just pulled alongside the curb, making Betty the only person left in the parking lot. Just as she was about to pull open the door to Pop’s, a noise coming from the alleyway on the opposite side of the restaurant struck her attention.

“Hello?” Betty called out to the empty parking lot. “Is someone there?”

When no one answered, Betty was ready to deem herself a fool and head inside the diner like nothing happened until a figure crossing the parking lot towards the alley - letterman jacket, dark hair, tall build - drew her attention back to the strange noise.

“Reggie, is that you?” Betty asked as she took a few steps into the dark alley. “Reggie?”

Rounding the corner, Betty stepped into the alley to find the man facing in the opposite direction, his face completely hidden from her view.

“Reggie, what are you-” Before Betty could get the words out, the man turned around to reveal his face to her, causing Betty’s heart to pound rapidly in her chest as the fear began to set in. 

“You’re not Reggie,” Betty muttered, her breath catching in her throat as she heard movement coming from all around her in the alley.

“No, love,” the man growled, his voice low and rough as he signaled for his menacing companions to creep up behind her. “Can’t say that I am.”

With a quick nod of his head, the man stepped away from Betty and allowed for three men to grab her from behind and lift her into the air.

“No, get away from me! Get awa-” Betty tried to call out for help, kicking and screaming as they carried her through the alley, but it was too late. One of the men had silenced her by placing his giant hand over her mouth, his grip tightening as he threw her into a van at the back of the alley.

No one had heard her cry for help. No one was coming to save her. She was alone and she had no idea how she was going to escape.


“I can’t believe you ordered that.”

Veronica took one look at the giant burger that the waitress had just set in front of Archie and raised an eyebrow at him in mock-disgust. “Do you know what that much grease is going to do to your skin?”

“No, but I’m sure you’re going to tell me,” Archie sighed, looking from the hamburger, to Veronica, and back again, an amused tone to his voice.

“Hey, Veronica, have you heard from Betty?” Jughead wanted to know, his brows furrowing together in concern as he looked over his shoulder for what felt like the hundredth time since they had filed into the booth half an hour ago. “She should be here by now.”

“Not since our phone call earlier,” Veronica informed him, picking up a fry from the plate in front of her and waving it dramatically in Jughead’s direction. “She insisted that my leather mini I bought online last week wasn’t going to make look like a bloated cow, but I told her that-”

“What time was that?”Jughead cut her off, his patience beginning to run thin at Veronica’s incessant need to change the subject back to anything to do with fashion. “Your phone call?”

“Uh, around 5:30 I think,” Veronica answered, her forehead scrunching together as she thought back to the conversation in question.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure,” Veronica assured him, pushing the plate of fries away and narrowing her eyes at Jughead. “Okay, what’s with the spontaneous game of 20 Questions: Betty Cooper edition? Is something wrong?”

“I don’t know,” Jughead muttered, his gaze focused on nothing in particular in front of him. When he noticed all of his friends’ eyes on him, he quickly shook his head out of its trance and turned to them with a reassuring smile. “I mean no, of course nothing’s wrong.”

Skeptically, Veronica pulled her gaze away from Jughead and turned to Kevin. “Anyway, Kev, what’s your take on the skirt situation?”

Letting his friends continue their conversation, Jughead slid out of the booth to a quieter section of the diner and pulled out his phone.

“Uh, hey, Bets, it’s me,” Jughead greeted his girlfriend’s voicemail, his hand sliding up and down the back of his neck nervously as he tried to keep his voice calm. “I told myself that I was never going to play this sort of role in my lifetime for fear of becoming just like every underdeveloped male character in a romantic drama, but with you I can’t seem to help it. I’m starting to get really worried, Bets. I know there’s probably a logical explanation for your not being here but I’m to the point where I can’t think of one that makes any shred of sense to me. So when you get this, can you please call me back so we can both laugh about how much of a fool I am together please? I just - I want to know that you’re safe.”

Just as Jughead clicked off his phone and turned to head back to the booth, a figure heading in the opposite direction caused him to slam directly into their chest and nearly knock him into booth next to them.

“Oh, sorry, Arch,” Jughead mumbled as he looked up to see his longtime friend staring at him with concerned eyes. “Didn’t see you there.”

“Jug, what’s going on?” Archie asked. “You’ve been acting strange since we got here. Does this have something to do with Betty not being here yet?”

“Of course not. People can be late, Archie,” Jughead reminded him, his eyes darting to the floor as he attempted to avoid Archie’s gaze. “That’s not an abnormal thing to occur, especially for teenagers.”

“It is for Betty,” Archie pointed out. “She was an hour and a half early for our Kindergarten graduation, Jughead. And if you remember correctly, she made sure that all of us were the first ones at the door to take the SAT’s last month. She texted us hours before we had to be there to make sure we were up and ready to go. Betty hasn’t been late a day in her life and there’s no way that she would start now, not when she had that important announcement she wanted to share with us tonight.”

Jughead fidgeted uncomfortably next to Archie, his mind screaming at him to tell him that he was right, but his heart too terrified to admit the truth.

“You think something’s wrong,” Archie concluded, and Jughead’s head snapped up to meet his gaze.

“No, I don’t-”

“Come on, Jughead, I know you,” Archie reminded him, his voice dropping to a whisper as he let a few of their classmates headed for an open booth pass them. “You’re really worried.”

“I just - I have this feeling,” Jughead struggled to explain himself, his words coming out rushed and unsure. “It feels like something’s not right. And I know her, Archie. She would have called me if she was running late. She would have made sure that one of us knew where she was.”

“I agree,” Archie concurred. “So let’s go find her.”

“You don’t think I’m crazy?”

“You know Betty better than anyone, Jughead,” Archie explained, reaching up to clap a reassuring hand on one of Jughead’s shoulders. “If you say something’s not right, then I believe you.”

“It’s probably nothing,” Jughead backpedaled quickly - a way of assuring himself more than anyone, that his girlfriend really was just fine. “I’m probably freaking out for no reason and she’s just at home with her parents or with Polly or I don’t know, staying late at the Blue and Gold and forgot to tell me.”

“Okay, well let’s go find out for sure so we can have a good laugh about this later, okay?” Archie suggested, knocking back Jughead’s shoulder in an attempt to get him to crack a smile. When he gave a faint nod, Archie took that as an affirmative and gestured towards the door. “Alright, let’s go.”

“Archie, wait,” Jughead stopped him, placing a hand on his arm to swing him back around so that they were facing their friends. “We should tell the others.”

“After you,” Archie let Jughead pass him before heading to the booth to join their friends, both of them shuffling their feet as they walked through the diner to stand in front of the table with troubled expressions evident on their faces.

“Something is wrong I knew it,” Veronica declared the second she looked up from her phone to take note of Jughead’s furrowed brows and deep frown. “Did Cheryl make Dilton Doiley wear the mascot head again? Did he pass out like last time? God, I thought I told her to-”

“It’s Betty,” Archie explained, his eyes drifting to Jughead standing next to him, his arms crossed in front of his chest. “Jughead and I think that something might have happened.”

“She’s not answering her phone and I haven’t heard from her since right before she left to come here,” Jughead continued. “It’s not like her and I’m - I’m starting to get worried.”

Without another word, Veronica slid out of the booth, slinging her bag over her shoulder and turning to face her friends with a look of determination.

“What do you need us to do?” Veronica asked, her brows drawing together in concern as her thoughts drifted off to where her best friend could possibly be.

“I think we should spread out, look at all the places where we think she might be,” Archie suggested, turning to Jughead for confirmation. When he nodded, Archie continued on with his plan like they were heading off into battle. “Jughead and Veronica, you take the Cooper’s house while Kevin and I check the school. In the meantime, Veronica can you-”

“Already sent a mass text to everyone in our class telling them to let me know if they’ve heard from her in the last hour or so,” Veronica explained. “If anyone’s seen her, we should know within the next few minutes or so. We’re going to find her, Jughead, I promise.”

“First rule as a mystery or horror novelist, Veronica,” Jughead muttered, his eyes dropping to the ground. “Never allow your characters to make promises they can’t keep.”

“Well, this isn’t some Stephen King novel,” Veronica reminded him. “This is real life, and she’s Betty Cooper. The B to my V. Your girlfriend. And we won’t stop looking until she’s back in that booth with us, enjoying a strawberry milkshake like it’s just any other day. That’s a promise I can keep.”


“Are you sure this thing’s sturdy?” Veronica called up to Jughead as she slowly made her way up the ladder leading to Betty’s room.“I mean, I’m really not wearing the right shoes for this. If this $150 heel gets stuck in that rung, I’m so sending you the bill to get it repaired.”

“Well, would you rather go through the front door and explain to her parents what we’re doing here?” Jughead asked, glancing down to watch Veronica take one nervous step at a time from his spot at the top of the ladder.

“If she really is missing, Jughead, we’re going to have to tell them,” Veronica pointed out, clutching the rung above her with both hands as she waited for Jughead to make his way to the window.

“She’s not missing,” Jughead muttered under his breath, placing his flashlight under his arm as he fiddled with opening the window. “We’re just going to have a look around her room - see if we find any clues that might tell us where she is.”

“Are you sure that the window is even going to be-” Veronica started to say as she watched Jughead struggle with the window, but quickly silenced herself as he slid it open with such ease that made it seem like it hadn’t even been locked in the first place. “So this is why you guys look so happy all the time. You have an all-access, sneak-in-anytime-you-want, booty call entrance.”

“Would you just stop talking and start climbing,” Jughead snapped, locking the window into place and stepping into Betty’s bedroom.

“Sir, yes sir,” Veronica mocked, carefully swinging her legs around and hoisting herself into the room.

Jughead shut the window behind her and stuffed the flashlight into his back pocket as he casually began to peruse Betty’s desk, lifting up papers and various odds and ends that looked like they could be hiding something.

“What are we looking for exactly?” Veronica wanted to know, crossing the room to run her hand along the quilt that Betty’s grandmother had made for when she was younger, feeling the fragile fabric with her fingers as she sat along the foot of her bed.

“Notes, books, any sort of hint that might suggest she made a stop before she came to meet us at Pop’s,” Jughead explained, leaving the mahogany desk to rummage through the trashcan that sat alongside it.  

“Well even if she did, I doubt she would have left anything in her room about it,” Veronica pointed out, hopping off the bed to join Jughead by Betty’s closet. “That girl’s been more secretive than ever lately, especially with her parents poking around here all the time.”

“That’s why you need to know her favorite hiding spots,” Jughead mumbled, his head snapping up as if a thought suddenly occurred to him. His feet moving quickly, he made his way to Betty’s bedside table and began rummaging through it until he found the screwdriver he remembered her mentioning a few weeks ago. Once he had what he was looking for, he turned around to face the wall closest to the bed and crouched down to the floor.

“The air vents?” Veronica questioned, skepticism evident in her tone. “Isn’t that a little, Veronica Mars?”

“It might be outdated, but it works like a charm,” Jughead informed her, twisting the screws until the frame popped off and setting it onto the floor next to him. Reaching inside, Jughead pulled out a thick leather-bound journal and held it out to show Veronica.

“Great, now I’m going to have to explain to Betty why I’ve been sneaking into her room with her boyfriend and reading her diary,” Veronica mumbled. “This goes against so many girl codes I can’t even tell you.”

“Be quiet a second,” Jughead shushed her, flipping to the last page in the journal and reading intently.

“What is it?” Veronica leaned in to see what Jughead was looking at, gently jerking the book away from him and pointing it in her direction. “Did you find something that might tell us where she is?”

“I can’t believe it,” Jughead breathed, his eyes going wide as he finished reading the rest of the page. “She actually did it. She actually-”

“What the hell are you two delinquents doing in my daughter’s room?”

Veronica and Jughead spun around to find Mrs. Cooper standing in the doorway, her hands on her hips and her eyes shooting daggers in their direction.

“Mrs. Cooper,” Veronica said in a small voice. “We were just-”

“Save it, I don’t want to waste my time hearing half-assed excuses from the likes of you two,” Mrs. Cooper ran a tired hand down her face as she took as few steps into Betty’s room. “Now, would one of you like to tell me where she is? Last time I checked, she was supposed to be having dinner with both of you at that little diner she loves so much right about now.”

“Um,” Veronica whispered, exchanging a worried glance with Jughead as she scrambled to think of something -anything- to say to her.

“Well, go on then,” Mrs. Cooper pressed. “Stop bumbling like you forgot how to speak - where is she?”

“We don’t know,” Jughead admitted, a defeated expression crossing his face as he lifted his gaze to meet her angry eyes.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Mrs. Cooper narrowed her eyes at Jughead. “Where is my daughter?”

“She was supposed to meet us over an hour ago,” Jughead explained. “She never showed up and we haven’t heard form her since.”

“That’s not like her,” Mrs. Cooper concluded, turning her back to Jughead as she called out to her husband. “Hal, get in here!”

“And there’s something else you should know,” Jughead added, holding out Betty’s journal for her mother to see. “I found this - it’s Betty’s journal. She was documenting everything she knew about the murder investigation and what she knew about Jason and Polly. I mean, this goes back to just after Jason was pronounced missing over the summer. Anyway, this last entry is from today and I think…” Jughead trailed off, turning to look at the faces staring at him with terrified expressions.

“What?” Mrs. Cooper urged him to continue, her hand resting gently on the journal as she pried it from Jughead’s grasp.

“I think she finally figured out who murdered Jason Blossom.”


“Hello?” Betty’s voice echoed off the walls of the dark warehouse she had been taken to, her eyes searching in the darkness for any sign of movement. “If you’re going to take an unarmed minor in the middle of a dark alley, at least show yourselves so I can see what a bunch of cowards really look like!”

Betty thrashed against the chair she had been strapped to, her hands wriggling uncomfortably between the rope that linked them together.

“She’s a lively one,” a voice came from somewhere behind her, causing her to jump slightly in her chair at its abruptness and turn towards the source. “Definitely not what I expected from the youngest Cooper girl. Polly, maybe, your mother, definitely. But little Elizabeth - not so much.”

“Who are you?” Betty demanded to know, her head whipping in every direction as she tried to determine who it was she was speaking to. “What do you want?”

“I just want to have a little chat,” the voice said, the nonchalantness in its tone causing Betty’s cheeks to redden with anger. And while she could never have explained it, there was a familiarness to that voice that made her feel even more uneasy than she had only a moment before.

“I don’t talk to strangers,” Betty spat, her frustration becoming more and more apparent as her kidnapper continued to remain anonymous. “That’s the first lesson they taught us in preschool, if you can remember that far back.”

“Oh, but I’m not a stranger,” the voice admitted, sounding much louder and clearer as it came closer and closer to Betty. “You know exactly who I am - and you know exactly what I’ve done. And you see, Betty Cooper, that’s a problem.”

Suddenly, a figure emerged from the darkness to reveal its identity to Betty. Her blood ran cold as she took in this person’s appearance, recognition flashing across her face as they took a step into the light.

“It was you,” Betty breathed, a shudder running down her spine as the mystery that she had been obsessed with for months finally came into her view. “You killed Jason. I was right.”

“Congratulations,” her kidnapper said dryly, clapping slowly as they came around the chair to place a firm hand around her neck. “Here’s your grand prize.”

Betty shut her eyes, letting her mind drift to thoughts of her friends and family - to thoughts of Jughead. She remembered the way his lips felt when they kissed hers. She remembered the way he made her smile when he cracked dumb jokes about authors that no one but her understood. And she hoped more than anything, that she would get a chance to be with him like that again - if only for a moment. 


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Arthur Shelby x Reader

Prompt: #22: “I can’t do this without you.” (Requested by Anon)

You and Arthur were pretty much inseparable. You had met him at the Garrison and he had invited you to come watch one of his fights. You went because you thought he was cute and couldn’t help but love the goosebumps he sent up your arms. You had watched that fight and the least you could say was that you were impressed. He fought incredibly well, but you could tell he was having trouble holding back. You weren’t sure why he was holding back, but you didn’t really think twice about it.

After his fight, he found you in the crowd, applauding for him with a grin on your face. You were, however, one of the only women there and Arthur could notice some men looking at you. He thought it was just because you were pretty and that a woman had come to watch such a thing, but he was wrong. When he stepped down from the ring, he saw them all take steps towards where you were standing and a chill went through his spine.

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Essays in Existentialism: Punches III

Maybe you can do another Punches chapter? It would be so intresting to see Clarke meeting Anya, Clarke seeing Lexa fighting and strugling to accept that Lexa willingly fights and gets hurt. Thank you so much, you are my favourite fics writer :)

Previously on Punches

The city was frozen, though the thaw at its heart began to change it. Buildings dripped and streets cleared of ice, for a day or two, and the next wayward storm would blow its way through, punishing it for believing that it had a chance at all to reach the sacred gates of summer. But still, the city did its best to usher in the changing of seasons. The snow didn’t pile high anymore, but came in wisps and dustings, and the ice didn’t pepper the roads or sidewalks, but relegated itself to puddles and gutters. The city tried, so hard, to escape the perpetual winter, that it did not even notice or care at all, about what would happen on the other side of the world.  

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The White Princess Live Blog Episode 3

Here’s my live blog of TWP Ep. 03.  What a wild ride, eh?  Anyway, it’s 5 pages long and full of snark so… enjoy!

Yeah, just throw us right into a childbirth scene.  that’s not jarring at all.

Yeah, IDK why he’s sending Jasper either - seems like a bad idea if there’s a rebellion on this side of the pond.  But whatever.

How is Lizzie just now thinking of this all-important curse?  Been pregnant like 8 or so months and she’s just now worrying about that???

Oh I forgot EW’s imprisoned in the palace.  Looks like we get to see Plotty McPlotterson plotting it up.  Yeah, Feminism™!  Holy Hell! Lizzie’s been in confinement for two months?  That aint right??? Confinement is only supposed to be a month — and if this baby is supposed to be secretly ~~premature~~ that timeline just doesn’t work.  If people are supposed to think this is a full term baby, she would have been going into confinement 3 months before birth so??? I just???

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She’s got a bad reputation (Part 2)

As requested by @littlew0nders: Bad Reputation Part 2! Kinda inspired by Clay’s and Bryce’s conversation in 13 Reasons Why.

Thought I might share this right now, because, well, life’s short and I was feeling it. Let me know what you think!

He had debated this.
It had kept him awake at night.
But he knew he had to do this.
He ringed the doorbell, clenching his jaw and stepping from one foot to another.
Standing in front of Alex Lundgrin’s door was not what he imagined to be doing on a Friday afternoon before leaving for London but some things just had to be resolved.

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• to be honest you first saw him on show me the money but when you saw him in real life you didn’t judge him based on that, he seemed really cool and chill and swag and not to mention cuTIE
• when he saw you he dragged all the hyungs out one by one and told them to keep cool and not to embarrass him bc tHEYVE DONE IT BEFORE AND YOU LOOK REALLY SWEET AND NICE AND HE DIDNT WANT TO BLOW ANYTHING
• and the hyungs kinda laughed a little bc is he sure that it’s them that’s doing stuff, when he’s the one who froze and started to sweat hardcore when you walked up to say hi to him lol
• obviously wrote a rap for u when it came to ask you out but got so nervous and stressed about it bc it had to be perfect that he locked himself in his room. he eventually gave up and decided to wing it and used the sea of crumpled paper to make paper cranes bc he needed all the luck he could get. i mean u were perfect to him, if you said no he didn’t know what to do.
• when the morning of the special day finally came, rap lyrics just started flooding out of his mouth and at first he was like whATS GOING ON W ME then he realised u were his muse aw
• it was a really REALLy great and meaningful rap and you were like woah Hansol that was amazing but why did u write that?
• “because I wanted to ask… doyouwanttogooutwithme?”
• “I’m sorry.., what?”
• “I said… doyouwanttogooutwithme?”
• “i can’t hear what you’re-”
• “oh you should’ve spoken louder and- wait what?”
• tbh at first you thought he was messing with you but you realised he was serious and said yes ;;-;;;
• and he just stood there for awhile, taking the moment in in silence and having a little part inside himself bc yoU JUST SAID YES TIME TO TELL THE HYUNGS NSIDNSKDNKSNC
• took you to an amusement park for your first date and kept bragging about goin on all the rides w u even the scary ones and buying EVERYTHJNG u wanted and eating all the food there was for sale and TBH u were pretty hyped for it but u didn’t think he could pay for EVERYTHING
• but when u got there you immediately requested to go on the scariest ride there was and hansol didn’t want to seem weak so he was like “let’s start with the smaller rides” and from there he proceeded to make excuses to get away from the scary rides.
• “the lines too long.”
• “I need to go bathroom.”
• “are you sure u can handle that ride, y/n? seems pretty uh, scary… for you, that is.”
• “u see, I’m really just looking out for ur safety here, maybe it’s not such a good idea if ur scar-”
• and he really wanted to cry bc >=< why were u so brave
• but after the ride he gained a lot more confidence and went w u in all the scary rides YAYAYAYAYYY
• kept his promise of buying you everything you wanted (more like everything u looked at) food, shirts, toys, anything. but eventually he ran out of money and ofc it ran out when it was the worst time and it was raining. he wanted to buy an umbrella but u ended up buying it and he was so sorry about it and ur like NONO ITS OK OK?
• you guys sat on a bench, with an umbrella over ur heads, waiting for the rain to subside bc people weren’t allowed on the rides and talking about your life story’ how he moved from America to Korea at the age of 5, his journey to become an idol and things like that, you guys got much closer after the chat.
• + he fed u cotton candy and other stuff bc u couldn’t eat w one hand since the other was holding the umbrella aw
• then once the rain had gone the two of u proceeded for another round on all the rides yay
• once night fell it got really really cold so Hansol gave u his jacket all cool like and u were blushing so hard u were glad it was dark bc u were pretty much a tomato
• calls you babe and baby bc that’s the things that rappers say and it sounds cool and swag when he says it so
• you guys are the kind of couple that’s so buddy buddy w each other it’s like ur best friends u kno like sometime throwing shade at each other and stuff
• you two were actually too shy to initiate anything for your first kiss and it had been quite a while and the members were getting kind of fed up at how awkward it would get when you two were about to kiss but decide against it. so they pretty much secretly made a plan to ‘accidentally’ push the two of u together, therefore making u two kiss. so when they did do that to the both of u, u guys just stared at each other whilst ur lips were touching and then Hansol eventually snapped out of it and properly kissed u and u TWO WERE SO CUTE
• likes to wrap his arm around ur shoulder
• but he’s still shy about public skinship aw
• has a habit of going straight to you for help with lyrics for his rap, even if your in two different time zones he’s all like MY WONDERFUL JAGIYA WILL HELP then he reaches for his phone and calls u and it’s like two in the morning for u and ur like WHAT DO U WANT AT THIS HOUR and he’s like HELP, SEND ME A POCTURE OF UR FACE I NEED INSPIRATION and ur like MY FACE ISNT PRESENTABLE and he’s all like O PLS IVE SEEN U IN UR UGLIEST BABE JUST SEND ME PLS
• and the members are just watching u two bicker back and forth
• but u eventually send a photo and immediately he got waves of lyrics to use
• and u smile and is like “yeah yeah ily too, night, get some rest ok?”
• likes to give you shy little pecks anywhere on the face cutie
• fave hug is where he gets to bury his face in ur neck bc u find it ticklish and it’s cute when u laugh bUt onlY WHEN UR ALONE BC THE MEMBERS WOMT STOP TEASING HIM IF THEY SEE
• when he wants attention he’ll just give you like this serious face and send u a silent message from across the room that goes along the lines of come love me, I want u to love me but I don’t want to admit it… But come love me anyway
• likes (more like loves) his little sister sofia, he speaks so highly of her and the second you met her you two clicked immediately and it made hansol happy bc two of his favourite girls getting along is the best thing in the world
• + she also said that he wouldn’t stop talking about you to her and how you were the most amazing person ever awwww
• but u don’t really mind they’re best friends so u understand yay
• Seungkwan secretly had a word with you and is all like “please don’t break my best friends heart. I’d hate for that to happen to him and he’s genuinely happy with you.”
• likes to watch movies too, u guys always stay in for movie marathons and everyone’s just like dO U EVER GO ON PROPER DATES??? and the two of u just stare at them like ?? we got popcorn, chocolate, 5,000 movies, a tv and each other, what more could we possibly need for a date?
• likes dogs too, if he’s like giving u a piggy back outside or smthn and he sees a dog he’ll literally drop u and start loving the dog and he completely forgets ur there until the dog trots away and then he’s like oH DID I DO IT AGAIN and ur like mHM YA THINK
• dislikes it when people bring up or tease him about show me the money, it’s obviously something he wasn’t entirely proud of and it upsets him whenever someone brings it up
• and ur anger pretty much cheers him up most of the time bc omg ur too adorable u dork
• had secretly been going to seungkwan for voice lessons everyday for hours and ur like whERE DO U GO ALL THE TIME and he just winks at u and says “you’ll find out soon, babe.” ;)))
• and ur like “:((((”
• and he’s like “;;;))))”
• “::::((((”
• “;;;;;;;;))))”
• has an addiction showing everyone his adlibs even if they’ve seen it many times before, they gotta see it again. everyone sorta just plays along bc it makes hansol happy.
• “so jagi, you hAVE to listen to my new take on seungkwan’s adlib, it’s REALLY good!”
• “//internally sighs// okay babe, can’t wait to hear it (!)”
• couple related stuff is a big no no, it’s hard enough to get him to go shopping with you but he’ll draw the line once he sees you milling around the couple items.
• when you resort to tugging at his sleeves like a child and pleading and whining like a baby, he still doesn’t want to and just stays there vigorously shaking his head in silence bc hES TOO COOL FOR THESE THINGS OK ???!1!1!1!!
• when hansol gets jealous he’s pretty chill about it, he just goes up to the person and is all like are you serious dude, do u have to do that? and then the person eventually stops and he’s still chill.
• but when the two of you are alone he begins to bombard you with questions
• “you love me the most, right jagiya?”
• “you’ll never leave me for someone like him, right?”
• “oh okay, yeah that’s what I thought.”
• his phone background is a photo of you the one time you dressed up in his 'hip hop’ clothes and u bought some fake bling and sunglasses and started rapping to lotto and he had to take a photo bc you looked hilarious and cute
• but then u swore and he was like NOPE THATS ENOUGH DONT SWEAR
• your phone background is a photo of him dressed head to toe in couple items bc you got mad at him and he was like ILL DO ANYTHING and yeah that’s how he ended up like that
• so pretty much he would do anything to see you smile <3333
• tickle fights for days, it would start off as an accidental brush on the neck and then it would lead to screams that could break windows and kicking each other’s faces off aw
• often rolls up to ur apartment at 1 in the morning to go on night walks with you, it’s the only time he can see you due to his practicing and he really misses u all the time. you don’t do much during those walks just talking about life. he sometimes walks u back home at 4 in the morning and by then ur ready to pass out so he gives u a piggyback and plops u on ur couch aw
• then he gathers tons of blankets and pillows and makes u as comfy as possible and just sits on the floor staring at u for a while bc he’s so lucky to have u in his life ;;___;;
• one time the two of you sat down for your usual movie dates and it was ur turn to pick what to watch and u made him sit through excruciating pain whilst u guys watched his videos as a child
• “it was gonna happen one time or another, babe.”
• “whatever.’
• "u love me.”
• “//sigh// yeah, unfortunately.”
• you guys ALWAYS do rap battles and it’s so freaking adorable
• he sends you to sleep by laying you down and just cuddling w u and staring at u w ur eyes closed and moving ur hair out of ur eyes and just admiring u
• u wake him up tbh and his excuse for not waking up early is bC HES A GROWING BOY AND NEEDS HIS SLEEP OKKKK
• it’s hard enough for hansol to be a rapper, but to be one of the main rappers in the group is even harder, it means more parts, which means more lyrics to write, which means more stress, which means less sleep, which means worse health, which means more worry from you.
• he’s always insecure and upset about the fact that people always view him as the American boy from seventeen, when really he’s more Korean in his heart. he’s also really anxious that his rap lyrics may not portray the message he’s trying to get across, it’s always what the fans and viewers would think.
• but ur always there to support him which is why he’s utterly in love with you.
• ur first fight would probably be something big, considering how you two usually take shade from each other pretty well. you walked out and since hansol is slow at reacting to things, he let you and only when u were gone did he realise what had just happened.
• he was immediately sorry once reality hit him but didn’t go straight to you, scared he’d say or do the wrong thing, so he went to look for his hyungs for help. they gave him advice and he ended up apologising by throwing rocks at ur window and proclaiming how sorry he was kinda of like Romeo and Juliet (the one where his look alike Leonardo DiCaprio acted in)
• you were like “what’s that noise at my window?”, when you came to see outside you saw hansol with a basket of small pebbles and a trillion bouquets of flowers.
• and you ran down outside bc a) it was the middle of the night and he was screaming and b) to give him the biggest hug in the world bc nobody had ever done that for you aw
• you and hansol are the kind of couple that everyone would consider goals. your always there for each other, as best friends and lovers, you know exactly what the other needs at the right time and are honest with each other, you’ve forever got each other’s backs and although you two are only growing, what you have isn’t some teenage love. it’s eternal love. it’s adult love, elder love and anything older than that. there’s nobody else fit for hansol than you, because you’re always there to keep him focused, to make sure he’s keeping himself healthy, to inspire him and to love him. and there’s nobody else for you than hansol because he makes a smile stay on your face, he’s there when you need someone, whether you need to laugh or cry and he’s there to make you feel like your important to someone.. Important to him.
• “Your gestures hit right at my heart
You make me say mansae a hundred times~” -HanSOl
It's Not That Common, It Doesn't Happen to Every Guy, and It Is a Big Deal!

10,388 words of me trying to fit as many headcanons in one fic as humanly possible. Polyfrogs Soulmates (AU where you have the first words your soulmate says to you on your body somewhere)!

Chris knows when he’s very young that he’ll have to leave home eventually. He loves his family, he loves his home, and he loves the Sharks, but his words seem to imply that his soulmate will meet him somewhere that isn’t California.

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Girlfriend Tag

“Hello everyone, and welcome back!” Joe smiles at the camera, pushing his hair out of his face. “Now, I know a lot of you are wondering, Joe, you don’t have a girlfriend, how are you doing the girlfriend tag? Because I’m assuming that’s what I’ve titled this video.” He leans forward, speaking a little lower, “Note to future Joe, label this video as the girlfriend tag or something like that.” Nodding to himself, he straightens up and smiles again. “Well, to answer your question: I do have a girlfriend!”

He looked to his right, gesturing to the person out of the frame to come into shot, and Y/N sat beside him, offering a small wave to the camera.

“Hello everyone!”

“I know, surprising, isn’t it?” Joe chuckles. “Although a few of you did figure it out.”

“Which is weird, because we were so careful.”

“The fans, they’re crazy.”

“Don’t call your viewers crazy.”

“It’s a good crazy, though!”

“Just, ask the questions, Joe.” Y/N rolls her eyes, shaking her head a little.

“Right. So for those of you that don’t know what the girlfriend tag is, it’s pretty simple. I ask some questions, she answers them, you guys get to know a little bit about us.” Joe explains, lifting his phone as he mentions questions.

“And surprise! I’m asking Joe some questions too!”

“You are?”


“We didn’t plan this.”

“That’s what makes it fun.”

“Alright, first question!” Joe glances down at this phone. “Easy: where did we meet?”

Y/N smiles at him, before turning to the camera. “This one came into the shop I was working at, incredibly flustered and freaking out, because he had yet to get his sister a birthday present. I also happened to be closing in five minutes, which only added to his nerves.”

“I’m such a shit brother.” He laughs.

“But you got Zoe a wonderful gift.”

“And your number.” He winks at her before looking at his phone again. “When did you meet my parents?”

“Oh gods,” She groans, her head falling into her hands. “That was so embarrassing.”

“You have to tell them, love.”

Sighing, Y/N lifts her head to look into the camera.

“Okay, Joe and I had been dating like, two weeks, that’s it. And we were,” Her cheeks flush red at the memory. “We were making out on his couch.”

“I’m a very good kisser.” Joe smirks.

Anyways, we were making out, and his dad walked in. Apparently Graham had decided to surprise his son with a visit into London.”

“Dad said she made quite the first impression.” Joe laughs, wrapping an arm around her shoulder.

“I couldn’t look at him for an hour.”

“It was great!”

“Oh be quiet and ask your next question.”

“Alright, where was our first date?” Joe asks.

“You just want everyone to know how much of a romantic you are, don’t you?” Y/N teases.

“I’m incredibly proud of this moment.”

“Joe, sweetheart that he is, took me on a wine tasting date. Very classy. Very romantic.”

“Never topped that first date. Set the bar too high.” He shakes his head, “Who knows if I ever will.”

“I’m sure you will, babe.” She pats his leg reassuringly. “My turn to ask a question!”

“What? No! I’m not done!”

“Too bad. I’m asking one. Because you know people are wondering this. Who said I love you first?”

“And that’s it for the video!” Joe claps his hands together, but Y/N smacks him lightly in the arm.

“No, it’s not. Answer the question.”

“She did.” He grumbles.

“To be fair, I kind of surprised him.” She lets out a small laugh, “It was out of nowhere.”

“I was explaining a new video idea—“

“But he was so into it, and his eyes just lit up—“

“It was a stupid idea.”

“I just realized, that I loved him. So I blurted it out. And then he continued telling me his idea, completely oblivious to what I had said.”

“I was on a roll. And wanted to run the idea by you.”

“When he realized what I had said, he shut up real fast.”

“I think I blacked out and went into shock. But eventually said it back.” Joe finishes, smiling softly over at Y/N.

“It was precious.” She comments, “Now you can ask another question.”

“Thank you. What am I good at?”



“This is a horrible question.”

“Because I’m not good at anything?”

“No!” Y/N stares at him with wide eyes, “Because you are good at so many things. Like his memory is amazing. And this boy can cook. Also, his videos. You’ve seen them right? Plus he has a book, sorry, two books, and two films. Joe is multi-talented. He’s good at so many things. I can’t choose one.” She glances over at him, noticing the redness in his cheeks. “And on top of all that, he’s modest.” She leans over, pecking him on the cheek.

“Thanks, love.”

“You are most welcome. Now, I have one more question for you.”

“Perfect, it’ll be the last one.” Joe nods at her, tossing his phone over his shoulder.

“What is one thing you wish I didn’t do?” Y/N asks, watching his face for his reaction.

“Okay, now that is a horrible question.”


“Because if I say the wrong thing, I actually won’t have a girlfriend.”

“Answer the question.”

“Uhm,” He looks up at the ceiling, contemplating his answer. “Alright. First thing that comes to my mind: I wish you didn’t come to bed with cold feed.”

Y/N lets out a laugh at his answer.

“That’s your answer?”

“Yup. And I’m sticking with it.”

“You dork.” She tells him, still giggling.

“Anyways, that’s it for this video. If you liked it, and seeing Y/N, give the video a thumbs up. Remember to subscribe, because it’s free. And I will see you next Sunday with another Sugg Sunday Special!”


They both wave before Joe reaches over to stop the recording.

“Well, you’re officially introduced to the world.”

“Cold feet, really?”

“You’re stuck on that?”

“My feet are not cold!”

“Yes, they are.” Joe grins, reaching over to tickle her sides. “So start wearing socks to bed!”

“No!” Y/N squeals, falling backwards onto the bed, trying to escape Joe, but he only follows her, laughing along with her.

Caught (Stiles Stilinski ft Scott Mccall Imagine)

Originally posted by teenwolfxhorrorstory

Originally posted by teenwolf

Request: Can you write an imagine where the reader is Scott’s twin sister and she is secretly dating stiles and Scott finds them in the shower together (he smelled stiles and saw his clothes in your room) and starts freaking out and gets in a fight with stiles afterwards (you can add smut if you want). Sorry if that’s a confusing prompt.

A/n: it wasn’t confusing at all, but thank you requesting this and hope you like it x

((Ps, i kind of changed it a little))

Me and Stiles liked eachother for months. It all started as sneaky glances and a wink here and there and it turned to full on make out in his car. Which finally led you and him to become boyfriend and girlfriend. But we weren’t like most couple. We had to sneak around. A lot. My mom didn’t knew and neither did my twin, Scott. 

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I played charades with SHINee!


I’m sorry this is so long!!! I wanted to be very detailed!

Brooke (@brookelyns12), Heather, and I went to the SHINee fan meet in Chicago tonight! We were among the 20 ladies picked to go up on stage and play charades with SHINee! So, here’s how the evening went for me.

So first, I have to say how we were picked. When we first got into the venue, my friend stopped a guy (Eddie, he was super nice and amazing), and asked where our seats were and he said “Oh, they’re over there. Do you want to go on stage and play a game with SHINee?” and we went “uh… yes. That would be good.” So he told us that after they sang “Hello” we needed to go to the side door and meet him and was it okay that we were going to miss the Q&A part and we were like “yeah that’s fine.”

So, we find out seats and I literally had to breathe into a bag to calm down. We made friends with some girls sitting by us and one girl near us could scream so loudly that it hurt, so I’m really glad that I brought ear plugs. Also, the music was super loud and hurt, too, so another reason I was glad.

So, they came out and sang “Everybody” 0.0 and then they introduced themselves and only Onew bowed because I think he forgot (I don’t know, but i loved it!) and they introduced themselves in english. And when Jjong did, a fan boy shouted “I LOVE YOU!” and Jjong smiled and said “I love you, too” in english! and Minho kept saying “Chi-town” instead of Chicago and I saw him tear up during them introducing themselves because of how loud we all were for them. Key said they were so blown away by us and the love they had already received and he wanted to know where we get out shirts and CDs (merchandise, basically) because he knows they don’t have a store in the U.S. I don’t know if they found out (the MC said something about Ebay, but I don’t personally tend to use Ebay, I typically use kpoptown and cdjapan).

Then they went off stage to change and the MC talked to us. He joked that we would cheer for anything he said and then said “I had eggs for breakfast!” and we cheered really loudly and he laughed. Then SHINee came back out and they played the fan video for them. And Jjong cried and so many people had amazing videos and OMG THEY INCLUDED MINE!!!  In the video I had hearts over my head and told them how proud we all are of them and how much we love them and just want them to be happy and Onew did wavy hands at the screen during my video and I FREAKED OUT and fell down into my seat and sobbed for a few seconds. Then after the fan videos, they sang “Hello” and it was so good! 

When the song ended, we ran out and met the other girls who were doing the game, too. Eddie told us to put our bags down in the waiting room and then we lined up in a backstage hall and they separated us into 5 teams of 4 people. There were only 3 of us, so we had another girl added to our team.  She told us she came to the fan meet because her sister wanted to for her birthday and that she was turning 14 today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMAZING GIRL!!!) I’m so excited and happy for her that she got to do this on her birthday!

Then, they had us go out on stage and line up and SHINee each drew a ball with a number on it and that number told them which team they got. We were team 1 and Onew got us (he gave the ball with the number on it to the other girl in our group and she was so excited)! Jjong got team 2, Key got team 3, Minho got team 4, and Taemin got team 5. Then they tried to tell us how to play the game and it was loud and confusing and I looked at the girl and said “I don’t know what we’re doing?” and Onew leaned over and said “Me either.” And then I figured out it was charades and I leaned over to him and said “Okay, so you’re supposed to act out the word on the paper and we have to guess.” and he said “Only me?” and looked so adorably perplexed and I said “I don’t know. Maybe.” That was right.

Taemin’s team went first. Their category was school and they got 12 correct. He was so cute and silly acting out the things and he was super impressed when his team guessed some of the words. Onew laughed at the faces Taemin was making. Also, Onew realized that it was really hard to hear the girls’ guesses, so he went over and held a microphone up for them. He did it for Minho’s team, too. Minho’s team was next and their category was occupations and they got 9 correct. The first one was firefighter and it was so cute how he pretended to have a hose and AAHHHHHHH! Key’s category was instruments and they got 10 correct. Minho and Taemin stood behind him and tried to distract the girls and it was hilarious. Onew and I kept leaning forward trying to see the card to see what the words were. When we weren’t sure what xylophone was, he went over and looked at it and then came back and said “oh! It’s xylophone!” and he said it in the cutest voice! Then came Jjong’s turn and his category was movies and they got 10 right. And he totally cheated. He just started saying famous lines from the movies and it was hilarious. Also, Onew has apparently never seen Avatar because Jjong didn’t know how to do that one and they had to pass and Onew went and looked at it and came back with this confused look on his face. 

Then it was our turn. AHHHHHHHHHH!!! We got animals and we got 9 correct. I told Onew not to worry too much because I know he’s a amazing actor and we can do this! Key held the microphone for us. Onew had 3 boxes to choose from and so he walked over and had me choose which box to do. He opened it so cutely (just kept tossing it all adorably and aggressively on the ground). When we were getting ready to guess, Key held the microphone up to me and I said “Do you believe we can do this?” and he said “I don’t know.” and I said “Do it. Believe in us!” Then we were about to start and I went to give Onew a high five and he wiped his hand on his pants first and then gave me one and then the went down our line and gave the whole team one! I can’t remember all the animals we went through (I do remember my friend took forever to get giraffe, but please forgive her. She’s a new SHAWOL!), but Onew did so well! I ended up being last and the word was tiger and so Onew roared and pretend to bat things with his hands, so I started guessing big cats, but I guess I spoke too quickly and quietly because I said “lion? tiger? cat? uhh…” and he kept doing it and Key said “It’s a big cat” and so I was guessing leopard and mountain lion and Key said “Keep going. It’s like that.” and so I went back to lion and Onew ended up saying “No, lion.” and then time ran out. They told me it was tiger and Key said “Yeah. Tiger. Tiger. Tiger.” and I said “I said tiger.” and he said “but you didn’t get it.” and I did this little jump at him (Okay, it looks kinda aggressive in the video, but I wasn’t that close to him and he’s really tall and I think I just startled him because I’m really small and have literally no stage fright) and said “I said tiger!” and Onew came over and said “She said tiger!” into his mic and Key said “I’m not the judge.” So I went over to the MC and said “I said tiger!” and Onew ran over and yelled into the mic “SHE SAID TIGER!!” and the MC pretend to call security. So I walked away because I didn’t really care, but if our team lost, then Onew would have to do punishment and I didn’t want that! Then the MC said “that’s one aggressive girl!” and I walked back over to him and put my hands on his arms and said “It’s really okay, because it’s really loud in here and you just didn’t hear me. It’s okay.” and he said “Yeah, it is really loud. Okay.”

So we walked back to our spots and Onew came over to me and said “The next one was jelly fish. What? How?” and then he and my friend tried to figure out how to do jelly fish for a second and he laughed. Then they announced that Taemin won and he did this adorable proud spin! Jjong was really proud of his team and he gave them all a big hug! Not to be shown up, Onew pulled us all in his team in to a big hug and he hugged us so tightly and warmly. They decided that Minho and Onew lost and they let us leave the stage. We walked off and went back to Eddie and got our stuff and went to our seats. I found out that between me leaving stage and me getting to my seat, the MC announced that I actually had said tiger and that Onew shouldn’t get punished, but they still did it anyway. You should know that my friends and I basically made friends with any staff member that walked past us. We kept asking Eddie if he needed anything because we were so grateful and he thought it was really sweet and told us to find him after the show, but we couldn’t because venue staff ushered us out (which is understandable, but it was sad that we didn’t get to hang with our new friend.) I also want to say about this that I genuinely wanted to hang out with EDDIE because he seemed really cool and friendly and wasn’t trying to use him as a way to get any private one-on-one time with any of SHINee. Someone suggested that to me later and I got mad. SHINee are busy and need their personal time and I SERIOUSLY do not want to interrupt that at all. I got to see them and that is genuinely enough for me. 

After the game, we went back to our seats and they did the punishment game for Onew and Minho. They had to act out how they’d act if their girlfriend was mad at them. They looked embarrassed, but did it so cutely! Onew pretended his girlfriend slapped him and then they talked it out and made up and it was so cute! Sassy Key called out saying that Onew’s acting was bad. Then Minho had to do it and he made Onew pretend to be his girlfriend and proceeded to try to jump all over Onew and kiss his face and when Onew pushed him away, he did major aegyo and you could see Onew fighting a smiling but holding it together well. It was so cute! After that they sang another song (was it Replay? I can’t remember) and then they went backstage to change again. They played a behind the scenes video of the making of View and it was precious!!!! I’ve seen it before, but still! “Carrot no no!” Then SHINee came back on and sang View! and then they sang Sherlock (? honestly I’m having a super hard time remember what they sang after I got back to my seat). They ended and said goodbye and Key promised to come back again because of how impressed they were and how great we were and he was the last off stage (Minho was second to last and did his thing where he walks to every edge of the stage and waves at EVERYBODY) and kept talking to us in English about how they ARE going to come back!

When we left the venue, we found a group of 3 women outside just sitting and crying. So we went over and gave them tissues and consoled them and they told us that they were just so happy. They had been fans since SHINee debuted and they were older fans (about 30 years old, I think, probably a little less) and they had never imagined that they would get this opportunity. If SHINee had done this ANYWHERE else in the states, they wouldn’t have gotten to go, so this was huge for them! I actually videoed them telling us some of this. I am going to post it later, because THAT is the kind of thing SHINee needs to see. They need to see that they have fans in the states that have been around since the beginning and are so proud of them! I know not everyone has been a fan that long, myself included, but I need them to know that they are SO loved!

So, this is what it’s like to see SHINee up close in the flesh. Taemin is a literal fairy, but, at the same time hilarious, sexy, sweet, clever, and gorgeous! Minho could be carved from marble and I would see no difference. He has so much love for us in his heart! He’s so happy and sees how amazing his life is! Some idols don’t see, but he sees! Jonghyun… wow! You’ve seen pictures of him, but they do NO justice for him! He is probably the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen, and I didn’t even get to get that close to him. He’s so happy and clever and funny! One of the movies he had to do was Jurassic Park (Onew laughed really hard at that!) and so he just pointed at his face and then did t-rex arms! I laughed so hard! Dino!!!! He was also very loving with his team and gave them hugs and hand shakes! He’s also nowhere near as short as people make him out to be! I would look quite small compared to him! and HIS HAIR WAS THIS SO BEAUTIFUL LIGHT PINK AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Key can’t be real. His skin is flawless. His voice is sassy yet deep. He’s dark chocolate! His eyes are so intense (yes he had contacts in, but the point is, he was making intense eye contact with me). He’s tall and thin and if he couldn’t sing he’d be a model in a second! When you stand next to him, you can just FEEL him. His aura is huge and intense, but delicious. And Onew… How do I talk about this boy? How do I portray how sweet he was? How every time we looked at him he would look right back into our eyes. How he tried so hard to understand the things we were saying and respond well to them. How his tan skin glows  and his eyes light up when he smiles at you! His smile is sunshine and his laugh is a choir of angels! His hands are so much smaller than I expected, but not in a bad way (definitely bigger than mine!). He gave us all the attention that we needed to know that we were important to him and what we had to say was important. He was so comfortable and observant. And you should know, during our group hug, I had my arm wrapped around his back and my head against his chest and his back and chest are so wide and firm and strong feeling! Like, you can feel how stable he is physically. Like leaning against a warm, comforting… wall, I guess. And he smelled AMAZING (especially considering him being under the lights and sweating and stuff). He didn’t smell like any particular smell. He smelled clean and… safe. He smelled like home. I never want to forget how he made me feel! He made me feel so important and needed and loved. 

Wedding Day - Jelena One Shot.

Selena’s POV

“Rise and shine, baby!” I was suddenly woken up by my mother’s voice, still half asleep I heard her saying: “You get married today.”
Huh? What? Oh. Oh shit, I get married to Justin today.

“Good morning, mommy.” I stroked my eyes and then hugged her, “What time is it?”
“8:30, the make up artist in gonna be here in a hour, the hair stylist is coming thirty minutes after, so you better get up now.”
“Okay, okay.”

I went to the bathroom seeing myself for the last day as a “single” woman; I couldn’t believe that our wedding day was already here and Justin’s proposal was one year and a half ago.
I took a deep breath and washed my face and brushed my teeth. The wedding dress was waiting for me in my wardrobe, but I would’ve worn it at last, after both hair and make up were done. I put on my mother’s silk robe and had breakfast with her, Brian and Gracie.
My little sister ran to me and hugged me, she was so excited to be one of the flower girls – the other two were Tori and Jazzy, Aiden was the ring bearer officially, but since he’s just four years old, Jaxon will make sure that the rings arrive to the altar – and we chose the flower girls’ dress together; the theme was purple tones, because of Justin obviously, and they would’ve worn a beautiful lilac one.
“I wanna see your dress!”
“You will, as soon as my hair and make up will be equally beautiful.”
Gracie sighed, “Fine.”
I ate milk and cereals and when I was done I was still hungry but my brain was like: “Hey Selena, you have to fit in your dress, you’ll eat a lot eventually tonight.” So I went on the couch to watch some TV waiting for my make up artist to come.

Justin’s POV

My alarm clock rang at 9 and in the moment I opened my eyes, I realized that I would’ve married Selena a couple hours later. Wow.
I still think of when this was just a silly dream of my 15 years old self, and exactly 10 years later, after lots of trouble and wrong timings, I did it; we did it.
I couldn’t stop smiling through the whole morning, my mom came over when it was time to get dressed. “I want to help my little boy to dress up one last time.” She said.
My tuxedo wasn’t anything eccentric, unlike my daily clothes, my mom helped me with my tie, then gave me the lilac tissue I would’ve kept in my pocket.
“I wrote you and Selena a letter.”
“You have to read it with her, maybe not tonight because I guess you’ll be busy celebrating..”
“Did I lie?”
“Okay, I’ll read it when we can. Thank you.” I replied with a little embarrassment.

“Your dad texted me, he’ll be here soon with the children.” I nodded; piece by piece, the wedding day was starting to take form, which was still unreal for me and anxiety was starting to kick in.
“It will be fine, it will be fine.” That’s all that I could think of to calm myself down.


The ceremony was about to begin, there weren’t many guests, not everyone supported our decision- mostly some of Selena’s old best friends- so we invited only the closest friends and our families, those who never stopped rooting for us. I greeted everyone in the church and had small talks with them; I was so freaking nervous, I took way too deep breaths, I felt sorry for whoever shook my hands, my palms were probably really sweaty. I couldn’t stop smiling, though, Selena was going to be my wife in not even twenty or thirty minutes.
My friend, my best friend, my girl, my wife.

Selena’s car arrived, with the children and her parents, everyone was excited to see her and her dress. “Let’s do this.” I thought when the music started, my sister and her sisters came in with the petals and the world seemed to stop, it almost felt like the guests were all holding their breaths, but when she appeared at the door, I did that too.

Her veil arrived to her chest, she was holding a rose bouquet, the dress was a long gown that embraced her curvy silhouette, Selena was so radiant, her beauty was almost divine in that moment, her smile was the best thing I’ve ever seen, I couldn’t help but tear up at the sight. My dream was coming true, actually, it was even better than what I saw in my dreams; but honestly, it didn’t have to be a big ceremony, or have the most chic dresses and decorations, all I needed was her, to make everything perfect.
Her father kissed her forehead when they arrived in front of me and gave me a reassuring smile, leaving Selena to me. I lifted her veil and realized that I wasn’t the only one with teary eyes.
“Are you ready?” Selena asked whispering.
“I don’t wanna seem too creepy, but I’ve been ready for this day since we first met.”
She laughed, “of course you were.”

Selena’s POV

The priest started talking, then he read some quotes from the Bible.
The moment to exchange the rings arrived, and Justin pronounced his vows.

“Selena, since you’ve been in my life, everything changed. Every aspect of you made me think “Wow, I’m not letting that girl go.” And without even realizing, I fell in love with you; I thought “Why would such a great human being love such a imperfect boy?”, but life is unpredictable, so you loved me somehow.
You’re such a special woman, words can’t even express how much I love you or how much I am proud of you for everything you’ve overcome: you have the biggest heart”- he paused, wiping a tear away - “it even has room for forgiveness and I- I still wonder how could I be so lucky. I could’ve lost you so many times, I am not the easiest person to love, but you never gave up on me, even when I did.
You inspired me to be a better man, Selena, for myself, for you and for the future family I want to create with you, because I want to inspire them as much as you did. I promise you I’ll always take care of you, love you, respect you, I’ll always give you whatever you need, I’ll always try to make you happy, even more than these past ten years. I love you and I can’t wait to spend my life with you.“ He put the wedding band on my finger.

In that moment, my make up had been probably washed away from my tears, I quickly looked around and I saw a lot of tissues and heard many sniffles. “My vows will probably sound so bad after hearing yours, you’ve always been better than me with words; since the very first day, I could tell that you had so much love to give, you made me fall in love with your simplicity, you’re real and genuine, you’re the sweetest person I’ve ever known and, to this day, I wonder how could I be so lucky and have the most perfect lover, because I don’t feel like I deserve all this love that you keep giving me. I’ll try my best to give it back to you, even though you say that I don’t need to do anything, because you love me the way I am. I love you because you never asked me to change, I love you because you have so much strength in your soul, I love you because you have faith in anything that you believe in, I love you because you’re not perfect and I love you because you’re still learning. I chose to marry you because I wanted us to keep growing together and keep learning. I promise you that I will never stop loving you, that we won’t sleep until we solve our little feuds, that I’ll watch Friends’ reruns forever and you’ll have to deal with it and watch it with me, that I’ll make your favorite dish whenever you have a bad day, that my mood swings will always be there, that if- I mean, when we have kids, I will take you down the Diapers Hole with me, I will be constantly mad at you if you don’t do as much as I do to calm their cries, and I apologize in advance for that.“- I paused to laugh- “I can’t wait to start this journey with you, probably filled with nonsense and some drama, but also so much love, because that’s what makes us Us. I love you with every heartbeat and I hope that you’ll be right next to me until my last breath.“

Justin’s POV
2 years before

“Do you guys like her?” I said washing the dishes with Fredo, he was strangely silent; “It was a fun night, I gotta go home now, bye guys.” Ryan ignored my question and left, I didn’t comment about that weird scene.
“Fredo why are you so silent? You barely spoke during the dinner.”
“I’s just that I have a thought..I don’t know if I should tell you.”
I figured he was talking about Jenna so I asked him to be honest and say what he was thinking of.
“Jenna is a very nice girl, but I know that you don’t really like her, but you think you do.”
“What are you talking about?”
“You need to stop looking for her into other girls, if you really want to move on.”
“I didn’t look for her!” He didn’t need to say a name.
“Look, Justin..I’m close with both of you, I recognize similar traits not only in her personality, but also in her appearence. Everybody noticed it.”
“Jenna is fucking blonde and she has nothing to do with her.” I kept lying, I didn’t want to admit that he was right.
“They have the same eyes and nose, Justin. You met tons and tons of girls, yet you started going out with her. This is not a coincidence.”
“I’m going to bed.” I left the plate in the sink and left the room. I stared at the ceiling wondering if this was fair; I liked Jenna, that’s true, but not because of herself, but because she reminded me of someone.
Alfredo stepped in my room, “I’m tired and I’m going home. Just one more thing, the options are two: you call her, you talk to her, and whatever happens happens, or you dump Jenna and you try to find a girl that you like for who she really is.
“I don’t want another girl.”
I whispered almost aggressively.
“Goodnight Justin.”

I dialed a number I knew too well at 2 AM, hoping for a reply.
“Justin, is everything alright?”
“Can you please come over?”
She didn’t say anything at first then she said. “I’ll be there in five minutes.”


She put the ring on; Selena’s words moved me, I mouthed a quick “I love you” and she replied “I love you too.”
Right after she whispered that, the priest asked the last important question to the both of us, we both answered cheerfully “I do.” with the biggest smiles on our lips.
“I now pronounce you husband and wife; Justin, you may kiss the bride.”
I didn’t waste any second, I took Selena in my arms and kissed her, hoping that if it was one of my dreams I wouldn’t have to wake up to an alarm. But it wasn’t a bittersweet dream, it was the most perfect reality.

I took a look around us, everybody was shouting happily, me and Selena couldn’t stop smiling. Fredo and Ryan hugged me first,
“You did it, man.” Alfredo said looking proudly at us;
then Priscilla and Jay came to us, my parents and step-parents, my sibilings, Selena’s parents and her sisters, her cousins and our other friends.

Alfredo wanted to be the photographer, at first, I kept saying no, even though Selena was enthusiastic, because he was my best man and I didn’t want him to stress out on two roles, also I needed him in the pictures but he hired an assistant for those, so finally I accepted.
Me and Sel, Priscilla and the other bridesmaids (Ashley Cook, Francia, Courtney, Sammy and Ashley Benson), Alfredo and his assistant arrived on the beach where we would’ve taken all the pictures.
While posing together, I realized that Selena was really my wife now.

Selena’s POV

“Can you believe that we’re fucking married?”
“No..” We both chuckled- “I guess I’ll call you my fiancé for a couple months more before I get used to this.” I kissed him on his lips and I heard a click from the camera; after a few more photographs, the others joined us.
The sunset arrived and we started driving to the restaurant for the dinner, that’s where the fun would begin.

The speaker announced us as “Mr. and Mrs. Bieber” to our guests and I loved the sound of it, everybody clapped and then we all sat down.


“Yeah?” I said while taking a pan to cook.
“I’m not creepy if I say that I think I found our wedding song, right?”
“You’re not creepy, you’re adorable. Unless the song is a Wiggles song or a heavy metal one. Can I listen?”
“Sure. You’ll recognize it, it’s very famous.”
He pressed play and Drops of Jupiter by Train started filling our kitchen. “Should we rehearse?” He put his arms around my silhouette and we started swinging.
I closed my eyes; I could see it, I could see it happening in our future. “This is perfect, Justin.” I whispered as the song was ending.

We swung in the same way we did 7 years earlier in our kitchen, but this time I wasn’t imagining anything, it was all real: the dress, the guests, the restaurant, us.
“I love you so much.” The feelings were overwhelming so I started tearing up on Justin’s chest.
“I love you too, Mrs. Bieber.” He made me spin and dip when the song finished, he dried my cheeks with his thumbs and grinned, making me smile.

The first dishes arrived and the band started playing some Soul/Rn’B/Jazz music to create a nice atmosphere.
“Do you remember this one?” Justin whispered in my ear and I recognized that tune; it was My Girl. It brought back so many memories of a special, strange night when we were this close to going back to the start, but the fate somehow didn’t want to, yet we arrived to our wedding day.

“Did you ask them to play this? I don’t wanna cry too much tonight.”
“Actually no.”
“Really? I don’t believe you.”
“I didn’t ask them!”
“Okay, okay.”
“It’s weird though..out of all the songs they choose to start with this one.”
“Justin, did you ask them?” I raised an eyebrow, he sighed.
“They sent me a setlist of songs that they wanted to play, and it was in it, but I asked them to play it first. Even though I should’ve asked them to change the lyrics in My wife.” He laughed softly.
“I think we should start eating before it gets cold.” I faked being mad at him.
“Will your relationship with food come before our marriage?”
“You already know the answer.” I smirked and stuck my tongue out at Justin.

We heard a glass tingling, it was Ryan Good’s glass: “Excuse me, I would like to say something for those two lovebirds. First thing’s first, I can’t believe that you got engaged before me and Ashley, but at least we got married before of you two, otherwise she would’ve killed me.” He made everyone laugh, me and Justin looked over to Ashley who shrugged shyly. “No, okay, now we talk about the serious stuff; I have never seen two human beings sharing so much love, fighting for each other so much and making each other happy like nobody else, like you two.
Justin, I’m proud of you, brother; it wasn’t a easy journey to get where we are now, but you made it and you taught me that love is the strongest force in the universe.
Selena, I’m proud of you as well: you’re the sweetest, kindest, most wonderful woman Justin could’ve chosen, I consider you part of my family as well; I am proud of you for choosing him back and loving him no matter what.” Justin kissed my cheek and looked at me with pride- “So now, let’s raise our glasses for these amazing newlyweds because one: we were all rooting for you and two: we probably wanted this wedding more than you two combined.”
“He’s right!” Pattie shouted from the other side of the room, with her glass up in the air, with the biggest smile. “Cheers!”

A waiter announced on the microphone that it was time for the bride and groom to cut the cake and invited us all to go outside; the cake had three tiers, the decorations were made with golden icing and on top there were the typical topping with the happy married couple and one photo of me and Justin that Fredo snapped months prior.
“Ready?” Justin put his hand on mine, holding the knife, I nodded and leaned in to kiss my handsome husband. Husband, I might get used to this earlier than I imagined.
Fireworks appeared behind us abruptly and I was in awe of the spectacular light show that they created with all the colors and every shape, Justin looked as shocked as me.
“In case you’re wondering who did this”- Scooter interrupted my questions- “I asked the restaurant if they could make this little surprise for you. Love you guys.”
“Thank you so much Scooter, this is beautiful.” We hugged him but he said “Don’t hug me, you’ll miss the best fireworks!” He smirked at us, Justin winked at him.

When the fireworks ended, it was time to eat the dessert. Finally!
Wedding cakes were the best cakes.

Justin’s POV

“Now that all the corny part is done, let’s get the party started!” I shouted on the microphone, it was just 1 AM after all.
I saw Ashley Cook whispering something in Selena’s ear and they started laughing, and talked a bit: “What happened, babe?” I asked out of curiosity.
“You’ll see..” She took my hand and lead me to the dance floor.

Later Selena interrupted the songs announcing that she had to throw the bouquet as the tradition says; “All the non-married girls gather here!”
Ashley, Courtney, Sammy, Francia, some of our cousins were ready to catch: “3..2..1..Here it comes!”
Selena threw it and I saw a lot of hands in the air until two finally caught the rose bouquet: it was Ashley, Selena went to hug her best friend and then looked at Alfredo; he walked towards them.
I thought “Wait, he doesn’t have the came- he isn’t gonna snap a pictu- no way, no way, is it really happening?” Alfredo grabbed Ashley and kissed her. “I told you that you were gonna see it..It was sooner than I expected, though.”
“Since when?!”
“Actually, they went on their first date two weeks ago and Ashley was telling me that they first kissed last night.”
“Well, I’m surprised but we knew that it was gonna happen, right?”


We danced until 4 AM, a lot of our friends were drunk, others were trying to make the drunk ones stand up.
“It’s not a great wedding if there aren’t drunk people.” Selena said sarcastically.
“It really was a great, tiring wedding. Oh, by the way we have to do something before sleeping tonight.”
“Justin, you just said that it was a tirin-”
“No, I’m not talking about that, silly. My mom wrote a letter for us and she wanted us to read it tonight.”
“Oh my Gosh, really? That’s so sweet of her.”
“Yes..but don’t thank her now, it should be a surprise, so we’ll talk to her tomorrow.”

We thanked everyone as they left until finally, at freaking 5 AM, the driver took us home. We arrived inside of the gate and waved goodbye to the driver.

“Jump on.” I picked Selena up in my arms, opened the door with one hand and walked through the frame as a married couple for the first time.
“Aaah, we did it!”
“And you already got your first husband job: help me with this dress.”
“Yes Mrs. Bieber.”
“You like saying that, don’t you?”
“I recall you loving that too since Valentine’s Day of seven years ago.”
She smiled, finally her dress came off: “I was going to remove all that’s left on my face but we have to read the letter.”
“Don’t worry, go wash yourself and I’m gonna undress too in the meantime, we’ll read it when we have nothing else to do.”
Selena walked to the bathroom as I stepped into the bedroom changing into a T-shirt and shorts.

Selena took the letter and started reading out loud:
“Dear Justin and Selena,
First of all, congratulations! You’re married! I’m so, so happy that you found each other, because I think that you bring out your best when you’re together and I’ve never seen my son happy like when he’s with you Selena, his eyes shine for you like stars shine for the moon. I couldn’t be happier to officially welcome my new beautiful daughter in our family, even though you’ve been like a daughter for me for a long time. Selena, you brought light in Justin’s life, you cared about his well-being and happiness, you gave him love and support and that’s all a mother could ask for his son, because you didn’t make only his life better, but also mine; in the years when Justin wouldn’t talk to me, I would constantly pray for him and worry because I didn’t know his company, I didn’t know who truly cared about him. All I knew was that Justin had you, even if you weren’t physically next to him, you never left his side and that gave me hope, because you read into Justin like I never could, you always know what to say and how to push his buttons, so, sorry if I seem repetitive but, I am the happiest person because of your wedding. I hope that you’ll always love each other like the first day and when you’ll fight. you’ll always remember why you exchanged your vows in front of God. It won’t be a easy ride, but if you let love guide you, it’s always going to be alright.
With love, Pattie.”

“My Gosh, will I ever stop crying?”
“Cry whenever you want, I’m always here to dry your tears. Uhm.. it didn’t sound so oversentimental in my head, I meant like.. I’m a human tissue.
Selena’s laugh rang in our kitchen, the tears were still in her eyes as the dawn was coming, “I love you, you idiot.”
“You’re stuck with this idiot forever.” I kissed the tip of her nose.
“Forever? Eh, I guess I could live with that.”


finaaaaaaaalllyyyyyyyyyy!😍😍😍 this one shot has been in works for more than a month and I’m sorry that you’ve had to wait this much for it.😔
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Toy Ducklings and Sticky Hands (5/5)

Part (1)  -  Part (2)  -  Part (3)  -  Part (4)  -  Part (5)

Arthur was on bed rest and it was honestly driving him a little mad, namely because sweet, lovely Matthew wasn’t available for helping out which only left him with one option.

His own brothers.

Of course, most of the lot were unruly enough to know better than to agree, but not Alistair. Oh no, never him. He gladly accepted the request, which made Arthur’s stomach churn because he was fairly certain this would be the most stressful month of his life.

And here he was supposed to be relaxing, but it wasn’t like Alfred could take off work…

Alistair was his only hope.

And that was bloody terrifying when you got right down to it.

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Hysteria- Chapter 3

After the movie ended, I carried Jax into my bedroom and tucked him in before pulling my pajamas out of a box, putting them on and brushing my teeth. I crawled into bed and picked up my phone, which I had neglected for a few hours. I had two missed calls from an unfamiliar number and a voicemail.

I furrowed my brow in confusion and put my phone to my ear, playing the message. “Hey Ev,” I recognized his voice immediately, though it was lower and more articulate than I remembered from all those years ago.”I got your number from your mum. I can’t seem to find you on Facebook or anything. I just have to ask you- I mean I’m pretty sure I already know the answer, but, I- I don’t know- I guess I just need to actually hear it from you. Is-” He paused, and I heard him take a deep breath and exhale. “Is he mine?”

Tears pricked at my eyes. He sounded so hurt and confused, and I had done that to him. I set my jaw and sniffled, forcing myself to remember his words when I told him he was pregnant. ‘You’re not keeping it though right? I mean you can’t possibly. We can’t have a baby. We can hardly take care of ourselves- I mean we practically are babies.” He had said it like it was so obvious, like there was no other choice but to give him up, and he shattered my heart into a million splinters with those few sentences. Why does he get to sound hurt about it now? I’ve put in nearly five years of raising this child, loving him, devoting myself to him. He doesn’t get to waltz in and pretend to be a father this late in the game. And Jax doesn’t need that kind of confusion.

I stared at my phone for a few minutes before sending him a text. All it said was “Yes.” He deserves to know, sure, he has that much right. But I’m leaving it at that. I put the phone on silent and placed it on the nightstand before pulling out my ponytail and letting my ruffling my elbow length auburn hair. Rolling over, I pulled my son into my arms and placed a soft kiss on his head. Still sleeping, he snuggled closer and placed a small hand on my cheek. I smiled and closed my eyes, squeezing him close and drifting into a deep sleep.


I woke up the next morning before Jax- which rarely happens. I slipped out of bed carefully so as not to wake him up and headed into the kitchen. After opening up a box and finding a mug, I made myself a cup of tea and sat down at the table with a book. I felt a little guilty, like I should be unpacking or doing something more productive with my alone time, but I just wanted to relax by myself for a bit.

 I hadn’t checked my phone since the night before, and I didn’t really intend to. Or at least not until I had to. I don’t know what freaked me out more from Dan, a response or silence. Either way, I wasn’t ready for that answer, and I planned on avoiding it until I was.

After about a half hour Jax still wasn’t up- the move and the walking about yesterday must have tired him out a lot- so I put my book down and began to unpack. By the time he came around the corner rubbing his eyes I had most of our small collection of dishes unpacked. “Good morning sleepy head!” I said, smiling as he sat down on at the table.

“G’morning mum. Can we have pancakes?”

“I’m sorry, hun, we don’t have the stuff for me to make pancakes with. We only have cereal for breakfast.”

He looked down at his feet, pouting. “How about this?” I continued, “We’ll have cereal this morning, and then we’ll go see the London Eye with Aunt Jenny, and then for dinner we’ll have a pancake buffet?”

His eyes had lit up ever since he heard the words ‘Aunt Jenny.’ “Yes! Please that will be so much fun!” he said nearly bouncing up and down with excitement.

 It took about an hour and a half to get the two of us ready. By the time we had eaten, showered, dressed, and scheduled a meeting time with my sister, we were both more than ready to get out of our cluttered with boxes apartment. “Mum,” Jax said as we sat down on the tube headed to the Waterloo station stop. “You really need to get started with unpacking. It has been two whole days!”

He sounded so deadpan that I couldn’t help but laugh. “I think it usually takes more than two days to fully unpack and finish moving. But you’re right, I do need to get started. Though I did unpack a lot of dishes this morning.”

 “Good job, I’m proud of you.” I wrapped my arm around him and hugged him close in thanks.

My younger sister Jenny was waiting by the station when we walked out. Jax ran into her arms and she lifted him up before going, “Oof! You’re almost getting too big for me to do that.”

He started running his fingers through her long blonde curls, a habit of his, and puffed out his chest, “Well I am almost five.” Jenny and I shared a look and a chuckle before heading to the huge London Eye. After waiting in line for about a half hour, we got in one of the large pods and luckily enough had it to ourselves. Jax pretty much smashed himself against the glass and stuck there, in awe of the amazing view of the city. Thankfully, this gave me a chance to talk to Jenny.

“How did the move go? When will you let me come over and see it?” she asked, nudging my shoulder.

I laughed, “The move was fine. I’m still unpacking. And you already saw it when we were touring places for me to get.”

She rolled her emerald eyes. “That doesn’t count it didn’t have any of your stuff in it.” I shrugged. “But really, though, are you liking London so far? I hated it when I first moved here- it was to metropolitan- but I got used to it. Now I feel like I’ll never leave. I’m so happy you and Jax are so close now.”

I nodded, “I’m glad we’re closer too. It will be really nice to be able to see you more often.” We lapsed into a comfortable silence, both watching as Jax fussed excitedly over the city. Finally, I spoke again, “I saw him.”

Jenny looked confused. “Who?” In response I merely raised my eyebrows and nodded my head in the direction of Jax. Jenny’s mouth dropped and she mouthed, ‘Dan?’ and I nodded affirmation. “Holy shit,” she said. I elbowed and shushed her language. “Sorry, sorry! No swearing in front of him, I know. It just slipped. Was Jax with you?”

“Yeah, he was. And Dan saw him. We were out for a walk and stopped at a Starbucks just a few blocks down the road from the flat. He ended up in line behind us. Apparently he lives near there,” I sighed heavily, thinking about how I still hadn’t gotten a response to the text I sent him last night.

“Wow, what are the odds. That is like, really terrible luck. Did you tell him? Like did he figure it out?”

“He got my number from mum and called asking if Jax was his. I texted him yes, but haven’t heard anything back. I don’t know if I want to. If he doesn’t respond things can just continue on and they have. I mean, Jax and I are perfectly fine and happy without that complication.”

“It’s a lot to handle. He may just need time to process before he responds. I mean, can you imagine all of the sudden finding out you have a five year old?”

I shook my head and looked down at my hands. “No I can’t.” I raised my head and gazed out at the city, realizing we had already made it to the top of the Eye.

She clapped a hand on my leg and stood. “Well let me know how that situation plays out.” She strolled over to Jackson and knelt down to his level and began telling him about the different buildings they could see. Smiling, I joined them, wrapping an arm around my son and soaking in our new home.

The rest of the evening was fantastic. After the London Eye, we spent some time wandering around Hyde Park and grabbing pizza for lunch. Soon it was time to part ways and Jax and I headed back to the new apartment. I made the promised pancakes for dinner and put in a movie for Jax to keep him entertained while I did more unpacking. I needed to get his room ready so he didn’t have to keep spending every night with me. Not that I minded. In fact, I preferred when he slept in my bed and snuggled, but I knew for his development that he needed to have his own room and his own space. I didn’t want to have a 12 year old someday that still wanted to sleep in his mum’s bed.

By the time I was finished getting his room ready the movie was over and it was time for bed. I tucked him in, read a bit of Harry Potter- we were a quarter of the way through the Philosopher’s Stone- and kissed him goodnight. It was only 9 o’clock, but I was exhausted as well. I collapsed onto my bed and almost didn’t notice my phone vibrating. I held it up to see that I had a new message- one from the same number that had called twice yesterday. It read, “I think we need to talk.”

King of Rotten

A/N- I love you guys, so much <3

“Please Crowley, just save him! He’s all I got” You firmly held your ground with your hands in balls by your side but bit by bit your protective posture began to break as you realised time was running out. The time of John’s life, it was a stupid rookie mistake. He told you to stay hidden but when you saw that Wolf nearing him you had to warn him which ended up almost costing his life, if you weren’t so fucking reckless you wouldn’t be here, giving up your soul.

“Fine. I’ll do it… but darling if you think you’re gonna get years I su- I DONT CARE ABOUT THE YEAR’S CROWLEY! just save my fucking dad and send my holy ass to hell? Alright?” You saw the King of Hell laugh and snicker. To say you were confused was an understatement, his grotesque lips should be smacked onto yours by now sealing the deal.

“Oh sweetheart, you are going to hell” you gulped and your insides curled but your facade didn’t falter. “But you’re going as my wife. See I’ve taken a liking towards you and you have been my favourite Winchester by far” Your heart was thumping against your chest as if it was going to leap out and fall splat on the floor. You wanted to throw up in disgust, making a deal with a demon is shameful enough but marrying one is a whole other level of low. You saw Crowley look at his watch and back at you.He was mocking you, knowing you were going to give up, unable to see your father die.So you strode over to the demon and placed a harsh and unemotional kiss onto his lips. He moaned and your body rejected every sense of him.

“And poof. Daddy Winchester is okay. I’ll give you 20 minutes sweetheart then we’re going down to mine and no hellhounds, I’ll receive you myself, Queen.” Crowley clicked his fingers and suddenly you were outside of the hospital. Twenty minutes? That’s not enough. You ran inside the hospital and towards the elevator, you noticed it was going slowly so you ditched the lift and ran up the stairs.You didn’t let the burn stop you as you were running out of time. You opened the door to the 5th level and ran to John’s room, bumping into trays of medical supplies.

“NO! WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER?” You heard your father’s menacing roar down the halls and you finally made your way to his room. You were breathless but suddenly all your worries were washed away when you saw your dad was up from a coma. Obviously doctors would call it a miracle from god but we all knew god wasn’t in charge of that miracle.

“Daddy?” You walked up to his bed and he looked furious but pained at the same time. The doctor mumbled an excuse and left you alone.

“Y/N Winchester, what have you done?” You hugged him and cried softly.

“I’ll be okay dad, I’ll be okay. After all you raised me to be the badass I am today.” He wiped your tears away and he nodded, holding his authoritative stance.

“How long do you have Y/N?” You glanced at your watch and noticed 13 minutes had passed, you cursed under your breath.

“7 minutes” John’s eyes widened in surprised, he expected a week, a year or even a freaking day. He got up and grabbed his duffle bag, reaching for the salt but you stopped him.

“Stop Daddy. It’s okay, the deal isn’t a normal one. Hellhounds won’t come for me, please don’t let my last 6 minutes be full of shit” John pulled you into a hug and he inhaled a shaky breath as did you. He took off his necklace and placed around your neck, it was a locket of him and you when you were a baby. You held the locket in your hand while you sniffed.

“There’s so much I wanted to teach you, you’ve made me so proud Y/N Winchester.” You let go of him and comically saluted him.

“Thank you, Sir. I love you dad, the- Sorry Y/N, times up” You turned around and Crowley was standing there.

“No! no no no not yet” Crowley flicked his fingers and you disappeared right in front of John’s eyes.

“Y/N? Y/N!!! NO DAMMIT Y/N?” John cried out into an empty hospital room and he was replied with deafening beep and an uncomfortable silence.

You looked around and saw you were in an absolute beautiful room, there was a massive chandelier hanging from the gigantic room. The curtains look as if they were pure gold, along with the bed that was bigger than anything you’ve ever imagined. As much as you would be jumping up and down at your dream room your heart pained knowing you’d never see your dad again.

“What will the Queen’s first command be?”Crowley asked in pure amusement. You shrugged your jacket off as well as your shoes.

“The first command would be to get out of my face and get me a damn taco.” You walked over to your bed and fell ontop of it, sighing at how you went from hunter to Queen of hell. You let the tears fall freely, suddenly you felt more alone than usual and you heard the muttering of demons outside your door. You threw your hands over your eyes and eventually you drifted off into a deep sleep.

10 years later.

Your heels clicked on the tiles as you walked across the halls of your mansion. Your locket bounced up and down on your leather jacket. You pushed your glasses off your face and into your hair as you away from the hell fire.

“Jefferson is there a point in having a damn starbucks made in Hell if the only person who uses it doesn’t have her damn starbucks?” You called out to thin air and suddenly your trusty and not so loyal demon friend appeared in front of you with your drink.

“Queen.” Jefferson curtseyed and you felt bad for snapping. You took the drink from him and sipped on the cool liquid.

“Sorry Jeff, just had a really annoying day. I tried looking for Crowley but there’s no sign of him. I think I’m worried and I hate that so freaking much” You flicked your wrist and your doors to your room opened instantly. Being the Queen of hell had it perks among the usual crap, you got to keep your humanity but that didn’t stop you from experimenting with the magical abilities Crowley gave you.

“He’ll turn up sooner or later, your majesty” you nodded and sighed, dismissing your friend. You heard a slight familiar ring and you ran to your table side, searching for the source of the ring. You opened the second draw, seeing your old phone ring. You were slightly confused since the last time you used that phone was when you were hunting years ago, you only use it when you feel down and miss your dad. Other than that it was out of service.. You answer the unknown ID and placed the phone next to your ear.

“Hello, love? You there? Y/N?”

“Crowley? Where on heaven, earth, purgatory or hell are you? It’s been days!”

“I’m in bit of a pickle sweetheart and these mutts gave me one call. So how about you pop on over here and it’s time to someo-” You cut him off by teleporting to his location. You landed straight into a dark dungeon and you saw your husband tied to a chair, with a literal collar around his neck. You noticed the two men sitting on a table in front of him and they hadn’t detected your presence.

“Wow, the king of Hell tied up like one of his dogs. This is a sight to see, what have you done this time Crowley?” You snapped your fingers and the dark dungeon illuminated and the shocked boys turned around to look at you. The shorter one pulled out his gun and the tall one pulled out what seemed to be holy water. You lifted your hands in surrender and you bit your lip from the amusement of them thinking you were a demon.

“Not a demon Mt Everest, just a pretty abnormal human” You winked at the giant and his postured calmed down abit yet the shorter one held his ground. You were confused though, you felt drawn to them, you felt like you knew the two, they looked so…. familiar.

“You do know them, Y/N.” You glared at your tied up husband in anger.

“Quit reading my fucking thoughts Crowley or I’ll shove an Angel blade right up your ass… and what do you mean?” Crowley loved your sassy/ aggressive side, he enjoyed more than a great glass of whiskey. It made him feel daring, alive and mostly human.

“Sorry darling, just wanted to speed this along. As I was saying before you rudely interrupted me, these mutts over here are John Winchester’s boys” Your eyes grew wide with shock and you saw the wave of confusion wash over the two men.

“Yeah okay so? What does that have to do with anything and why should we care?” The shorter one spoke with a gruff voice. You suddenly felt vulnerable, you hadn’t spoken about your dad in 10 years and no told you anything about his whereabouts.

“You should care because that girl over there? is your baby sister. That’s right John Winchester had a baby girl” The boy’s snapped their attention back to Crowley with wide eyes. Your hands instantly went to your locket and you shook your head, not believing you had brothers this entire time.

“You’re lying” The shorter one spat out while the taller one observed your entire body.

“Dean… she looks like dad. Look at her, she’s a splitting image of him” You didn’t know if you should be happy or scared. Happy that you had brothers or scared they wouldn’t accept you anymore. The man who was called Dean pointed his gun towards your chest and with a stern face he spoke.

“Sam we can’t trust Crowley. So prove it” You stood your ground and you placed your hands on your hips.

“My name is Y/N Winchester, I’m 26. John Winchester raised me since I was 4 but not really. He’d visit every 6 months or so and he’d leave me at a hunter named Bobby’s house.” You saw Dean hesitate into believing you so you went further on. You opened your locket revealing the old picture of you and John. He was holding you, in his arms while you toothlessly giggled at his funny face.

Dean walked over to you and held the locket in his calloused hands. His eyes trailed to your face and his stern look softened into an apologetic expression. What you didn’t notice was Sam passing Dean the Holy Water as he splashed you straight in the face. You spit out the old water snapped your face dry which caused Dean to back away.

“How’d you do that if you weren’t a demon” You looked behind the boys to see Crowley simply smiling at the chaos occurring within your body.

“Perks of being married to the King Of Rotten, it’s pure magic only. Some spells here and there, my mother in-law is apparently a really great teacher, even though I want to chop her head off and set her entire body on fire.” You chuckled and the boys looked pale with shock.

“You’re married… to Crowley? Oh god he brainwashed you… really Crowley? Brainwashing our sister?” You smiled at Sam calling you his sister but you shook away your thoughts, knowing this could end terribly.

“No, no brainwashing. Dad was dying so I sold my damn soul and chuckles over here added a little something extra to the deal. Me becoming Queen of Hell.” You saw Sam snicker along with Dean.

“Definitely a Winchester. Guess we’ve all gone to hell once or twice” You giggled but then stopped when you realised what they said.

“Wait Dad’s in hell?” Your attention snapped back to Crowley.

“MY FATHERS IN HELL? YOU PROMISED CROWLEY! HE WAS SUPPOSE TO LIVE YOU COCKROACH” You were about to charge at your husband and he raised his hands like he was innocent in this whole mess. Sam stopped you before you did something you regretted.

“Y/N sweetheart, I honoured our agreement. Daddy dear coughed up his own soul for the meathead behind you plus he’s in heaven already, those boys made sure of it” You sighed and dropped your anger along with Sam’s hand. You walked up to Crowley and released him of his bounds, Sam and Dean became defensive but you waved your hand at them.

“He’s literally harmless. Whatever you want we’ll give it to you without chopping eachothers damn head off. So how about it? Ice Cream and strippers, for all?” You sheepishly smiled at the hot raged men and back to Crowley.

“Crowley, you stink and hell is going to well hell without it’s damn puppet master. So get down there, fix it up. Okay?” Crowley cracked his neck and fixed up his suit. He kissed the side of your forehead and disappeared.

“Literally whenever he does that I feel like I need a damn cleanse or something” you shivered and noticed the awkward quietness between the three of you.

“So Y/N. Do you like books?” Sam asked in an attempt to create a conversation. You appreciated his attempt.

“uh yeah but I’d rather wait for the movie”Dean chuckled and he walked up to you, pulling you into a hug. You hugged him back with equal force, even though you met 10 minutes it felt as if you knew them for years. Sam hugged you next and you felt tears pricking your eyes from the overwhelming reunitiement.

“Enough chick flick moments, show me around your damn man cave or whatever.” Your brothers smiled and walked out of the dungeon and into the halls.

“Well c’mon then baby sis, let’s show you around” That night you went to bed with comfort, knowing you had a family other than Crowley. That your legacy didn’t end with you but with you and your brothers, continuing with your dad’s favourite motto.

“Saving People, Hunting Things, The Family Business.”