sorry i just like these maps

what “don’t hate on ships” means : don’t harass people who ship unpopular/not well known/ect. ships + send them anon hate for simply shipping two (or more) characters

what “don’t hate on ships” doesn’t mean : pretending as if pedophilic/abusive/ect. are 100% okay and acceptable + that people shouldn’t call you out for shipping something problematic and harmful



after months of trying to make sense out of this damn apartment i finally sat down and did the math (or like. i didn’t do math at all, which is why the proportions are all wrong. sorry about that lol). i think this is pretty accurate? possibly? man i’ve looked at every single angle i can find of all these rooms now and this is like. the only way for the whole thing to make sense? i think?

the only thing i can’t map out is where the door ins ep7 is (where isak opens the door for even and they make out). i have two guesses, which is why there are these vague (front door?) things in blue. lmao. i’m pretty sure where the blue door where the boys leave is tho (the one that just says front door). 

but! let me know if you can find any mistakes or have any new thoughts!!

“Seventeen Days” (Part 3)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Fantasy/College AU)

Summary: An angel from heaven is sent back to Earth to prevent college senior Bucky Barnes from ending his life. But here’s the catch - she only has seventeen days to do it.

A/N: from this point on, i’ll be doing an extended author’s note at the end of every chapter so i’m not ruining the chapter in this note. tags have been kooky with me, but the tagging list for this story is still open! -j. x

“Seventeen Days” (Masterlist)

He easily pulls you up onto your feet in a fluid motion. “Hey, sorry about that. I wasn’t looking where I was going,” he apologizes.

“Oh no, I’m the idiot looking at my phone and - oh, thank you,” you beam as he bends over to picks up both your phone and suitcase for you. You suppress the appreciative sigh bubbling up your throat as you get a good view of his butt.

Thank you, indeed.

“Why are you lugging around a huge suitcase in the middle of the -” He pauses as he catches your expression of admiration. “Hold up, were you just checking out my ass?”

Rapidly blinking doesn’t help your brain come up with an excuse, so you own up to the question with a sheepish shrug. “Sorry, but it’s a really nice ass,” you confess. “You must do, like, a million squats a day or something.”

A pleased look crosses his face. One hand goes on his hip while the other coquettishly bats the air. “Stop, girl. You’re making me blush,” he unabashedly grins.

Outstretching two thumbs-up, you flash him a radiant smile. “Whatever you’re doing, continue it,” you encourage. “And sorry to bother you, but could you tell me where Pym Hall is? I was looking at the map on the school app, but it’s -”

“- Really small, like it’s made for ants, right?”

Your jaw slightly drops while your eyes arch upwards. “Those were my exact thoughts!” you exclaim with surprise.

“Good to know I’m not the only one who hates the map,” he chuckles. “Pym Hall is just across the quad. It’s the second building with the statue of the lion.” He pauses, his eyes dropping to your huge, green suitcase. “I could take you there if you want.”

“Oh, you really don’t have to.”

“Pym Hall doesn’t have any elevators.”

The polite rejection you’re about to deliver stops at your throat as you recall your room is on the third floor. A sheepish smile curls up and you push the suitcase his way. “I really appreciate it.”

“Hey, no problem. I have nothing better to do, might as well help out a pretty girl,” he winks.

Are all Earth boys super nice? With a smile big enough to light up a city, you hold out your hand, enthusiasm glittering from your eyes. “I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N), by the way. I’m a transfer student.”

He grabs your hand and energetically pumps it up and down. “Sam Wilson, at your service.”

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Raven Cycle Fic Recs!

The Pynch section yo

Wonderterror Weekend by nimmieamee - E - 49k

Adam Parrish gets Saturday off and spends the day falling in love with Ronan Lynch.

He also spends it fighting monsters, visiting Europe, and traumatizing people. But falling in love with Ronan Lynch is the part he chooses.

With Quiet Words I’ll Lead You In by @jesper-fahey - T - 20k

In that moment, Ronan looks like some kind of ferocious monument to a new found god; young, but infinite in power and a furious kind of sharp-edged beauty. Adam’s lungs feel a little short of air, but it’s probably just due the cold.

“I was freezing my fucking balls off out there.” Ronan complains and, just like like that, the illusion is shattered. He is a boy once more.

Cabeswater is trying to get Adam to realise something, but he’s struggling to understand what. When he and Ronan break down in the middle of nowhere, Adam finally finds himself with enough time on his hands to figure out some things about himself and his feelings.

Keeps Me From Unravelling by @jesper-fahey - N/A - 11k

Whatever response Ronan gives, it’ll be the truth, not just spilled platitudes; it makes Adam desperately want to win his approval. Ronan, this enigma of a boy with the ability to create anything from nothing, who has dreamed some of the most amazing, ridiculous creations. Adam chews on his bottom lip briefly, before forcing himself to stop. To be casual.

Ronan stops, stares at the gift sitting on his lap and then barks out the loudest laugh in delight. “Fuck, Parrish that is hideous!” His eyes are alight with a wild kind of joy.

(Or the one where a prompt generator gave me “Adam Parrish knits Ronan Lynch a hideous sweater” and I ran with it.)

Heart of Stone, Heart of Flesh by @charmingpplincardigans - T - 28k

The elk appeared out of the shadow of the forest canopy as if materializing in mid-air. He was as tall as the moa, but also had massive antlers that reached up and tangled with the branches on the trees. His coat was a dusty chestnut color with a white starburst over his chest and smattering of white across his cheeks and nose. The elk leaned over the fence and bent his massive head, as if showing Adam deference. To Adam’s right, Destroyer knelt down on her front knees and dipped her nose into the grass.

To Adam’s left, Ronan bent his head too, like he was about to say grace. When he spoke his voice was soft and low. “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you. I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”

(Or, the one where Adam is a veterinarian and Ronan has dreamt up a whole menagerie of extinct/magical creatures.)

Amor gignit amorem by @amethystinawrites - G - 3k

Considering everything that had happened and just how desperately Adam wanted to get away, he hadn’t expected to find anything like peace in Henrietta.

Trust Ronan to prove him wrong.

Roses on Parade by Jamesina - M - 8k

Adam accidentally ends up in Ronan’s dream and Ronan is very Ronan about it and Adam is very Adam about it. Gansey is also briefly very Gansey about things.

Alternate summary: Adam has feelings and hyperventilates about it for 9,000 words.

Heavenly Wine and Roses by Jamesina - M - 4k

Gansey has everything under control.

Roses in Between My Thighs by Jamesina - E - 6k

Four things that could have ruined them but didn’t.

the hang of being alive again by @ronibravo - M - 12k

Falling for Ronan had felt like going to speak at the same time as someone else after a long silence, two people bumbling over their words to say, no, sorry, go ahead about three times before one of them says what they were going to say.

mapping territories by @cheselle T - 3k

“I’m not going to offer you a briefcase of money and demand you stay away from him,” Declan said. “This isn’t a fucking telenovela.”

“I can’t believe,” Adam said, “you just said the word telenovela out loud.”

or, Declan has a talk with Ronan’s boyfriend.

adam parrish is in love (or, you can take the boy out of the south) by heyfightme - M - 4k

“Alright Parrish, I yield. What is it, then? You miss the Daisy Dukes and shitkicker boots on those cowgirls back home?”
“I’m from Virginia, not Texas. Not a lot of cow-anybodies.”
“I refuse to believe you don’t know anyone who lives on a farm.”
Parrish rolls his eyes hard enough to shake the earth.
“Stewart, of course I know somebody who lives on a farm. Just no cow-people. There’s a difference.”

Adam is in college. He has a roommate. Adam’s Virginian accent has gotten him curious. Also, Ronan comes to visit.

-Somnium Meum Vestrum by shoulderbone - T - 8k

Ronan smells like smoke and spice, like the memory of a home he’s never had; like a feeling he dares not name.

Without Having To Say by @charmingpplincardigans - T - 24k

“Yeah? Which was the big guy downstairs? Because my good Catholic upbringing didn’t make the distinction.”

Out of nervous habit, Ronan brings his wrist up to his mouth and chews on the leather bands there. He’s been wearing them and chewing on them since he was sixteen. It’s a wonder there’s anything left to them at all. He feels the same way about his good Catholic upbringing.

“I think,” Adam says, quiet now. “That he wasn’t very nice, but that he wasn’t ever given a reason to be. I think it was self-defense.” It’s an explanation that sounds both close to home and far away. He looks up and out the window. His gaze gets caught there, distracted for the first time since they started.

Ronan looks as well, but it’s dark out now and all he can see is the shadow box reflection of the room against the black behind. Set against the rest of it, Adam’s hunched over reflection looks small and dark. Ronan is little more than a few swaths of stark negative space cut against the white glow. Neither of them has a halo.

(Or, that one where Adam is an art major and Ronan agrees to model for a sculpture of Satan.)

maybe i dreamt you by @memordes - T - 17k

Adam seldom dreamt of other people. His dreams were nebulous, winding, leaving him with abstract impressions. But there was Ronan, solid as flesh—and from there, the dream left Adam with the echo of a feeling.

It was one hell of a feeling, though.

The not really/necessarily pynch fics

Things That Go Bump In The Night by mochroimanam - T - 9k

Subtitle: The real ghosts are the friends we made along the way!
The gang goes to a Halloween haunted house attraction, only to find that things are a bit more….realistic…than expected.

Ronan reminded himself, viciously, that he interacted with a real ghost every day of his life. But Noah’s moments of otherworldly strangeness had nothing on this specter’s air of sheer sinister deadness.

Adam took a step forward next to him, and Ronan’s hand shot out, fingers gripping Adam’s sleeve. Being cornered like this made Ronan feel the same way he’d felt trying to get out of the dank cellar – claustrophobic and scared and angry. “Parrish,” he hissed, trying to pull Adam back. The girl was a good 20 feet away, but it still felt too close, and being any closer seemed like a decidedly bad idea.

Out for Re-henge by @charmingpplincardigans - G - 7k

Blue has a favor to ask of Ronan while Gansey and Adam are away. She ends up receiving much more than she expected. (Or, that one where Ronan teaches Blue to drive stick and they have adventures.) Post-BLLB.

we built this city by @fahye - T - 13k

“As you keep pointing out, I’ve died twice,” said Gansey. He was so bright that Henry almost wanted to look away from him, and so compelling that he couldn’t. “I don’t care what I’m supposed to be doing.”

I think of you.
I wish I didn’t.
I wish the rainy season in my head
Didn’t cause flashbacks.
Flashbacks of you and I
Kissing in flames of desire,
Making me burn up with the warm breaths
You would breath into my lungs.
Dammit I wish I could forget the
Way I looked under your glowing ember eyes.
You. You. You.
It’s always going to be you.
I made you into the hero,
My white knight
Here to slay my depression.
I somehow romanticized you
Into love because I remember how your kisses
Felt like a pinch
Here To distract
Me from another pain somewhere else inside me
I know now you were nothing but a band aid.
You just covered my wounds
You did no actual healing.
Oh but dammit
It is hurricane season and his love
Doesn’t act like umbrella
Like Your love did.
And dammit
It’s pouring inside my head-
He doesn’t know how to keep me warm
He doesn’t know how to pinch me
Dammit he is a stranger to depression
And you are a warm friend.
I need a kind greeting when I get to the door
But he only offers bad directions.
I am not asking for him to make the monsters go away
I’m only asking that he sit with me
While they visit.
But he thinks the darks spots in me
Are just the places
That need light.
He can’t see me in them
You knew my black
And called it my night
You told me that everyone needs
A dark place to rest every once a while.
Dammit you ruined me.
No one will ever get to map out my heart
Because it will only lead back to you.
I am just a bridge to you
Sorry I was a bridge to you
You lit your half on fire
I am just a burnt crisp of wood
That used to belong to something
That is longer existing.
Parts of me are no longer existing.
He tries to rebuild me
But the manufacturer
Is out of commission.
I am like a car without a roof
He can’t take me out in the rain.
I am thinking of you
And when you told me
That you were going to my life raft when
Waves took me under.
Well my heart is drowning
And he doesn’t know where
You left the boats
He doesn’t know where to dive in.
I am just a swimming pool of self loathing
He can’t see where to put the love to save me.
I’m thinking of you.
It will only ever be you.
In the monsoon raging in me
You are a bolt of lighting
And I am just another clash of thunder
Rumbling out in the distance after you.
Sometimes when the storm is pounding
I look into the puddles it’s created
In my reflection
I only see you.
I wish the rain drops didn’t feel so much like
Your kisses.
If they didn’t maybe I could let it wash me away
But the landslide only brings me
To the places you once were.
I am just another abandon beach;
My heart is just another place you once were.
—  You were my shelter in the storm but you have left my heart homeless.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, violence, RAPE ATTEMPT (not too much explicit!)

Summary: You? an average civilian pretty content with your average life. Him? A super soldier who must keep you away from Hydra’s tentacles with the only rule that you can’t never know about his existence, neither his team. But why is a world knowed evil organization after you? Would he break the only rule when your life gets threatened by a not-Hydra related danger? 

A/N: OKAY! My fault, I’m sorry, but protective!Bucky gives me life. There will be reader’s POV and Bucky’s POV, separated by lines. 

Tags: @fashun–deevah  @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x @marvel-fanfiction (if someone wants to be tagged or untagged please let me know) :)


You love summer days.

All shinny and warm. The only drawback is that you have to work, but well, you can’t have it all, do you? 

Stretching your arms you turn on your chair to face the big window of your office, from where you are you can see the big buildings that surround your work place. Under your window, people walk and laugh living their own lifes and you smile melancholic when you spot a couple kissing in a bench, lucky bastards.

- (Y/N)! - you jump in your ergonomic chair when the voice of your boss tears you apart from your daydream.

- Y-yeah sir? - you stutter

- If you have enough time as to look by your window maybe you don’t have that much work as to be receiving a salary! - he yells at you

- N-No sir, I do have work, sorry sir! - you get back to work hurriedly under the intense gaze of your boss. Richard, the asshole of the building, who hates you since you declined having “a drink” with him. You don’t have any intention to have anything with that pig, like, never.

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Pairing: Finn Balor x original character

Summary: You just want attention. I knew from the start. You’re just making sure I’m never gettin’ over you.

Tags:@neversatisfiedgirl @motleymoose @kyoukohorimiya @wrestlingnoob @ambrosegirlforever @deseraysmiththings

He jokes with me once we’re backstage, “You should come to the WWE, be with me.” Haughty. Sure of himself. Even he if is kidding, I know he means it at least a little bit.

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‽ - getting lost together (w/ husband!jin)

“You know, Jin, honey, the love of my life, the man I’ve agreed to marry and conceive babies with - if we’re lost, just say we’re lost!”

“We are not lost!” He exclaims, partially speeding up in the process but his mind takes him down a notch and he comes to his senses that it’s normal to take an extra hour(s) when it comes to road trips and you finally take a glance over to the map he has pinned to the space beside the steering wheel and you click your tongue, “Oh yeah?”

“Yes, Mrs. Kim now if you would please let your husband get the job done, I would-”

Not have the map upside down for two hours now?”

“What the f-”Seokjin’s doing a double take at your words and you notice how wide his eyes become. He may be the man, but if that man doesn’t continue with man, you’re an idiot sometimes, it wouldn’t be love. With a snicker, you prop your feet up against the side of his thigh, nudging him with your foot, “You want me to flip that over for you, champion?”

With a deep sigh, he’s doing a quick check through the rear mirror and pulls over to the side when there are no cars around. He hesitantly peels off the tacked map, flipping it over before he pins it back. You figured you had your victory moment, basking in the glory but it all ebbs away when Seokjin turns to you. He smoothens his hand up your legs before pull you closer and he exhales deeply before he - “Sorry, Y/N,”

Hey, just because he’s being sweet now, doesn’t mean you can’t rub it in like the wife status hanging on your shoulders.

“For what?”

“…for not taking your thoughts into consideration,”


“…for thinking I was right the whole time,”


“I was wrong, okay? Totally wrong and now we’re in the middle of God knows where and-”

“Shh,” You place a finger over his plush lips and fish out your phone, dangling it in front of his face, “Can I waze us there?”

“…only if you promise not to tell the guys,”

“Eh, we’ll see about that.”

((”do we want to know why you guys took so long?”

“gee, ask mr.i-had-the-map-upside-down,”

“…my own wife, unbelievable.”))


A free to play MMO, with the best stylized environment design for that type of game I’ve ever seen, look at these screenshots:

Not enough people play it. I invite you to give it a try! You can organize your own house the way you want

Have mounts (hoverboards, horses, giant lizards, hamster balls, etc.)

The music is awesome, the colours are wonderful, the aliens have interesting lores, there are pvp options for like.. up to 50 vs 50 people, but my favourite part so far has been simply exploring. Going off the map. You can criss-cross an entire continent

Even the sky is detailed.

Today and tomorrow, 11. and 12. of March, they’re giving away for free max level character slots to people who start playing.

I’d just like for more people to try it out. It’s free to play and I think it’s worth it.

Window Dressing

Sorry guys - I had to coda :)


They drank for a while - a long while. Hardly a Team Free Will record, but as the evening wore on more than a few six packs worth of bottles ended up scattered across the map table, like amber pins marking far off destinations. The bunker air felt warm, for once, or maybe it was just the alcohol raising the temperature of the blood in his veins. Soon flannel and trenchcoats were shed, sleeves rolled, shoes propped up and heads tilted back in laughter.

Dean felt good - better than he had in months. They’d hopped so quickly back into finding the nephilim following their arrest that he hardly had a chance to shower and sleep, let alone take a few minutes to feel human again. To laugh again. That horrible room, those concrete walls - they still sat in the back of his brain like a lead weight.

Part of him was still there.

He closed his eyes as he finished his beer, trying to imagine a new set of dash marks in a different wall - each representing a day out. A day of freedom, back with his family and, sweet mercy, real food. He counted five. Long way to go before the two tallies evened out. Maybe by the time they had, this sense of dread will have faded to a dull roar.

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Million reasons part 2

Requested by: @ihatemylifeeveryday

Song: stay by Rihanna

-I know jeff died before Hannah but I decided I want to keep him so let’s just pretend sheri’s tape is about something else meaning jeff is still alive

I was working on homework, or at least I was trying to. It had been 2 weeks since Alex had admitted to cheating. I hadn’t really felt like doing anything. I looked terrible but clay was helping me through it. He would tell me to at least show up to school dressed up nice and pretended I’m doing better without him. But as soon as I’d see him in the hallway I’d have to go another way or else I’d end up breaking down right there. I had skipped the only class I had him Credit in these past weeks and I could already tell it would take a toll on my grade so I decided to finally go today after 2 weeks.

“Are you finally going to the class today?” Clay asked as he played with the magnets inside my locker.

“I don’t know Clay i can’t face him alone.” I sighed.

“Jeff has that class I can ask him to sit next to you and distract you or keep an eye on you.”

“I don’t know I don’t really know him.”

“He’s a really nice guy and he’ll understand he probably hates cheaters.” Clay smiled.

“Okay.” I nodded. I watched clay as he walked away and headed towards Jeff Atkins as he took things out of his locker. They started talking, suddenly clay pointed towards me, Jeff turned to look at me before turning back to clay as he kept listening. When they finished talking Jeff shut his locker and headed towards me.

“Hey, so clay explained everything to me. I’m sorry he cheated on you he doesn’t deserve you.” Jeff gave me a sympathetic smile before hugging me. Clay was right he’s really sweet. The bell rang so we where late he grabbed my hand making me jump slightly from the unexpected gesture.

“Trust me?” He asked, I nodded in response as he laced our fingers together once again and we started walking down the hallways, people staring at us. By the time we got to class everyone was already in there and we where late so everyone turned towards the door as we walked in. The first thing I saw was alex and Jessica sitting together with the rest of there friends, Bryce, Justin and Marcus. I was about to look away when alex looked down from my face to Jeff and I’s hands linked together. I watched his jaw tense up as anger took over his face….oh so that was what jeff was thinking. We walked all the way to the last two seats, a table facing Alex’s. I watched as Jeff pulled a chair out.

“Princesses first.” He winked. I couldn’t help but giggle at the gesture.

The teacher assigned us a project that required two people. Usually it was always alex and I, and maybe out of routine he got up and it seemed like he was looking at me when he suddenly sat back down again and turned to Jessica.

“Don’t look at him just pretend he’s not there.” Jeff whispered in my ear. I nodded before turning to him.

“Partners?” I smiled.

“Definitely. He smiled back.

I got to know jeff more as we worked on the project. He was extremely funny and made me forget about the alex situation for a while, it was nice.

“So I had to walk down the hallways…all the way to my locker in my boxers just because Monty thought it would be funny to steal my clothes…that’s not the worst part….” Jeff continued to talk as he was cutting things. I started laughing when I looked up alex was watching us with a hard grip on his pencil.

“It’s working.” Jeff whispered in my ear as his arm wrapped around me. This caused me to laugh, I watched as alex looked at jeff with pure hatred. When class was over we continued to hang out around the hallways and at lunch. I ended up inviting him to my house after school because he suggested that I needed a small break from all of this and we decided on a movie night.

When we got to my house jeff left to buy snacks while I prepared the movies. Suddenly the bell rang, I ran towards the door.

“You don’t have to knock je-” I looked up to see alex….he had a black eye.

“What happened to your eye?”

“I got in a fight with monty….expecting someone?” Alex sighed, alex wasn’t really the fighting type, he was actually the guy who broke fights up…especially monty’s fights.

“Jeff we where having a movie night.” I swallowed thickly. I couldn’t even face him.

“Like a date?” Alex looked hurt.

“You should leave.” I tried shutting the door as my eyes started watering. He put his foot in before I could shut the door.

“I need to talk to you.” Alex sighed.

“There’s nothing to talk about alex.” By now tears where running down my cheeks. Suddenly jeff’s car pulled up and he jumped out right away.

“Leave her alone she doesn’t want to talk haven’t you messed up enough.” Jeff glared at him as he walked towards us.

“Who the fuck are you tell me whether I can or can’t talk to her.” Alex challenged him. I stared at him in surprise, once again alex wasn’t really the violent type. They started shoving each other snapping me back to reality.

“Alex stop!” I yelled. He turned to me. “What’s wrong with you? Just showing up here and starting a fight after everything you’ve already done. You’re really changing from the alex I know, first you cheat and now you’re fighting people.” By now I was full on crying. Jeff grabbed my hand and stared leading me inside the house. I watched as alex ran to his car, wow he gave up that quick. Jeff was about to shut the door when alex started running back with something in his hands.

“Y/n just please listen to these…I left a note inside…I’m sorry.” His eyes started watering before he walked away.

“I don’t feel like having movie night anymore.” I turned to Jeff.

“It’s okay…I’ll leave everything I bought in your counter…get some rest okay?” He smiled. I nodded as I stared heading upstairs to my room. I put the box alex gave me down as I snuggled into my blankets. I shifted around unable to sleep before grabbing the box and opening. The first thing I saw was 13 tapes. Then a map and a note neatly tucked in the side. That must be Alex’s note. What does he have to say and why didn’t he just write it instead of putting it on tapes. I ran over to my parents room, they have to have something for me to listen to them on. I shuffled things around in the closet with no luck. I gave up as I stood in the now messy room. Suddenly my eyes landed on a box under the bed. My dad’s high school stuff. I moved aside high school yearbooks and different things as I got to the bottom of the box my eyes landed on it, a Walkman. I ran back to my room leaving the mess behind. I put in the first tape.

“Hey it’s Hannah. Hannah baker. Don’t adjust your….whatever device you’re listening to this on. It’s me, live and in stereo. No return engagement, no encore, and this time, absolutely no requests. Get a snack. Settle in. Because I’m about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically why my life ended. And if you’re listening to this tape you’re one of the reasons why….” I stared at the Walkman in surprise.

I stayed up all night listening to the tapes. When I got to Alex’s I broke down. I didn’t know he had done this and now I understood his sudden behavior. It was now morning, I had fallen asleep while listening to the tapes. I finished the last two as I sat there in my bed emotionless. I grabbed his note and stared reading.

By now you know why I’ve been acting the way I am. I told you I cheated on you because I couldn’t live with actually letting you know what was wrong with me. Truth is i was so distant because I was to busy listening to these tapes, hating myself for everything I caused. I couldn’t just tell you about these because then you’d know I’m the reason Hannah killed herself. You would look at me different, I just know it. I still love you, and seeing you move on so fast with Jeff, it makes me hurt even worst. I’m sorry for lying. I got in a fight with Monty, he heard about me “cheating” he was being an asshole, saying things about you, about us and I could take him talking about me but not about you. I’m sorry for fucking up. I’m sorry for hurting you, stay with jeff, he’s a good guy you deserve him. I’m sorry- alex

I stared at it confused. I had to go see him. I ran around the house collecting my stuff as I slipped my shoes on my phone buzzed on the coffee table. I walked over to it.

Jeff: y/n it’s alex

I quickly grabbed it.

What about him?

Jeff: I heard he’s in the hospital, a gun shot wound

I stared at the message as I started hyperventilating.

“No no.” I started sobbing my legs felt weak causing me to fall on the floor. I watched the 3 dots indicating jeff was typing.

Jeff: I’ll be there in a minute we’ll go to the hospital

If only I’d been there for him, If i would’ve known what was going on, it’s all my fault.

Originally posted by dailymilesheizer

Le Fantôme, a Danny Phantom x Miraculous Ladybug crossover snippet I hope to develop into a full-fledged fic. At some point. Probably under a different title, but if I do ever turn it into a real story, I’ll cross-post it on and the AO3 under Lynse. I just thought I could take a stab at fleshing out the idea paragraph I’ve had floating around for nearly a year now and see if anyone’s interested in the process.

In short: Danny should never have taken Tucker’s dare. But how was he to know he’d get jumped by two teens in costume and that they’d actually manage to destroy what might be his only way home?

Danny ducked as the lethal yo-yo cut through the air where he’d been a moment before, flicking intangible so he didn’t get caught on the rebound. “I should never have taken Tucker’s dare,” he muttered as he put on a burst of speed, zigzagging his way through the sky and keeping clear of the buildings.

This was bad.

Taking Tucker’s dare had only been his first mistake. He wished he could blame Tucker for making the dare in the first place, but he was the one who had agreed to see if he could sneak unnoticed into the Far Frozen and steal the Infi-Map.

Well, his other option had been allowing Sam to see some primary blackmail material, so Tucker’s so-called incentive was really blackmail itself, but Danny had laughed at him. He’d thought he was up to the challenge. And he had been. Technically.

He’d gotten the map, all right, but when he’d told it to take him where he needed to be, thinking that that was the fastest way to wherever Tucker had been holed up, it had definitely not taken him back to Tucker.

He should have known better, but it was too late now.

Danny risked a glance over his shoulder, eliciting yells in French from his pursuers. The ladybug lady might not actually be trying to kill him, but he didn’t want to take a chance on that. Especially since she and her partner had attacked him first.

Well, in all fairness, he’d dropped out of a portal from the sky and had done his best meteorite impression as he’d clung to the Infi-Map for dear life. And he may have knocked the kid in the cat costume off course as he’d been jumping between rooftops, but that hadn’t been intentional. And the boy was clearly fine, because he’d recovered before even hitting the ground, using his baton to mimic helicopter blades by spinning it over his head to control his descent.

Unlike Danny, who would have been a smear on the pavement if the Infi-Map hadn’t stopped just in the nick of time. The street he’d landed on hadn’t been terribly busy, but that didn’t mean people hadn’t run away screaming even if no one had gotten hurt.

He’d been too busy trying to get his breath back and too mentally preoccupied with the fact that he couldn’t hear any English to notice the girl in the spotted suit until she’d used that yo-yo of hers to tear the Infi-Map out of his hands.

He hadn’t been able to stop her from tearing it in half.

He hadn’t even known it could be torn in half.

He’d always just sort of assumed that the Infi-Map was indestructible, that Frostbite kept it locked up only so it didn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Apparently not.

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anonymous asked:

Why do you keep equating her PR games with her personal life? This is not about her sexuality. STRAIGHT PEOPLE FAKE RELATIONSHIPS TOO. This is about marketing and promotion. Open you mind up and stop attacking people because you refuse to see your anons have a point.

Let me break this down for you all since you’re having such an incredibly hard time understanding the issue I’m having with all of this. I’m just going to map it out for you guys since some of you apparently missed how disgusting you’re being. This all started because of this anon: “not excited for ts6 anymore that little bish has been treating us like shit and wants us to buy it lmao i’m downloading it” 

Sorry, but what kind of petty ass high school baby bullshit is this?? This anon is mad about the new PR stunt because it means no gay narrative for Taylor when we thought that maybe, JUST MAYBE, she’d be beard free and she’d push the gay on TS6. They’re literally mad because Taylor isn’t coming out, which apparently means she’s “treating us like shit.” She’s ‘using’ the loyal fans who know the ‘truth’…the, dare i say it, GAY truth (which you actually don’t).

(also you do realize that coming out is personal, hence the personal life mention).

But, wait! Lemme stop you there before we continue though cause I know what you’re going to say: *cries* bUt she LIKed HoMOphoBIC STUFf on TwiTTER and on the TumBlr  ):

(If you’re referring to the l*arrie post, she wasn’t entirely wrong. Some of you are over the top and tracking her planes/every move is weird af)

Also, I just went through all 2,000 something likes of hers on twitter. I’d like to point out this: it’s a cute like from 2014. 

She proved over and over that she’s not homophobic so you saying she’s treating you like shit is crazy lmao you’re saying she’s treating us like shit because of that and it’s false. “Using the gay fans” lmao

So like….do you see how that’s relating to her personal life? Kaylor’s are tired of her stunting, but she’s stunting to create a straight narrative. Why are you guys pretending you didn’t know this? SO YEAH the issue is you’re mad cause she wont stop stunting and come out already. Her boyfriend PR moves are to distract away from any other possible narrative.

So on the next episode of, we have this anon: The moment she pulled that Joe Jonas break-up call stunt; she invited everyone to analyse and dissect her personal life.

Honey…. no. Just….no. She was like 17 and had no idea what she was doing. She didn’t invite you to dissect her personal life and how dare you make that gross ass assumption. She’s not a reality TV star, but some of you are making it seem that way. Is Keeping Up With The Swifts on E! because if so please let me know! That’s the only time you’re invited to dissect someone’s personal life. Otherwise, you’re being Extra™ and invasive for no reason. She’s here to make and sell music. 

Then we have this nice gem from another gross anon:  “If I met Taylor now, I would probably laugh at her face”

Again, why? Like I really have no other response, but why? Cause you’re petty? You guys are making this about her personal life because you’re so mad she won’t come out. You’re saying she’s treating gay fans like shit and using us while liking homophobic stuff when she has liked MORE THAN ENOUGH gay shit on Tumblr. She’s proved to not be homophobic so find another excuse to hate on her.

Bathroom Boy - Fred Weasley Imagine


Hello could you do a Fred Weasley x reader or use my name (Jess) where Fred refuses to play pranks on the reader and George catches on to why and pulls pranks on the both of them to get them together lots of fluff please and can the reader (Jess) be in Gryffindor please? Thanks in advance
Hey,could you do some Fred x reader,in which he runs into the girl bathroom(could be the prefects bathroom,‘cause you know maybe the marauders map told him the password or something)and then he listen to the reader singing in the shower,and he’s concentrating so much in the singing that he forgets to leave?i know it may be quite difficult LOVE your blog btw❤️❤️❤️

A/n: Finally posting a story after a long period of time! I’m sorry to every single one of my followers for not posting in while. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post another imagine Tuesday just for you guys!

I decided to combine these imagines to spice things up like that salt guy from the Internet. Hope you like it.

(P.s. I know Adele wasn’t a thing back in this time but I love this song so, please excuse me. Also, the reader was singing this song just for Fred.)

-Fred Weasley’s POV-

“I’m bored”

“What do you want to do?” I ask my twin brother. It was Christmas break and we stayed here at Hogwarts as our parents went to Romania to visit our brother Charlie. Christmas at Hogwarts is definitely magical yet as the years pass Christmas is the same every year. We were in our dormitory, I looked out our window watching the snow fall onto the grounds of the school.

“Let’s prank someone!” George says out of nowhere, we really hadn’t had the time to prank someone due to exams but since it’s break. Why not?

“Let’s put a box of fever fudge in Filch’s office!”

“Can’t. Mcgonagall caught us last time for that one, she’ll know it’s us.” I remind him.

“Hmm… Snape? Puking pastilles?” He suggested.

“I don’t feel like hiding for my life”

“Oo! I know! That girl in our transfiguration class, Katie’s partner. I forgot her name.”

“(Y/n) (Y/l/n)” I said immediately regretting it.

“You know her?”

“Well, not really. We just have classes together, that’s all.”

“I reckon you’re not telling me the truth mate.”

“I am! I hardly know her.” That was a complete lie and George knows it. (Y/n) (Y/l/n) is the most beautifulest girl I’ve ever laid eyes on. Her laugh and her smile makes me all warm and makes me act like a complete idiot around her. She’s kind, loving, smart and I know how cliche I sound but it’s true.

She always puts everyone else’s needs first. She never lets anyone give her crap and she stands up for what she believes in, I remember that one time when Malfoy called Hermione a Mudblood. (Y/n) was so mad, she bewitched him by using the petrificus totalus spell and kicked dirt in his face. I fell for her even more that day but I don’t really know if she knows that I exist.

Yes, we have classes together but does she know me? We look at each other sometimes, pass smiles, send waves but there’s a question that nags me all the time, if I don’t find the answer soon, I feel like I’ll never find it. Does she like me too? I know that yes could possibly be an impossible answer but what if that slight chance of possibly comes true.

“Besides the fact that you’re lying to me, we should prank her. She stayed this break. We s-”

“No, I’m not going to prank her” I told him. George smirked and pushed himself up off the bed.

“What is it that your hiding brother?” His voice laced with the sound of amusement.

“Nothing” I say calmly trying to hide the fact that I’m obviously lying. I stand as his smirking figure makes me uncomfortable “Stop it, bloke”

“Whether your willing or not, I will find out!” He says as I leave the room, I roll my eyes.

“Sure you will!”

~The Next Day~

“Hey mate” The voice of George entering my ears. I was extremely cautious all day yesterday since his little remark. I’ve kept to myself but right now he seems normal. No smirk, no devilish glint in his eyes. Just a normal George Weasley. “I brought you this butterbeer from Hogsmead, I was just there with Lee” he grinned passing me the cup.

“Thanks” I say, I look in the cup as if expecting something to jump out of it.

“Well aren’t you going to drink it?” I look up at him.

“Why should I?”

“Because it’s your favorite and I got it just for you. Honestly mate, do you think I poisoned it or something?” He was right, I was just overreacting. I took a large gulp from it then I felt this strange feeling overcome me.

“How do you feel?” He asks

“Unsure.” I say without even thinking as if I didn’t have any control.


“Because I know you’re up to something” Then I realized what he’s done. He put Veritaserum in my butterbeer to make me tell the truth. He was grinning widely, I stood up and ran as far away as I could from him.

“Fred wait! I still have questions!” I heard George say but I kept running. I ran to the nearest door but it was locked. The next one locked but the one at the end of the hall was open. I sneak in and close the door quietly but I freeze in place as I hear the water running. I turn around and realize, from all of the surroundings, that I was in the prefects bathroom. I put my hand on the knob and was about to twist it but I heard footsteps.

“Fred! Come on! I stole that batch from Snape’s cabinets and I don’t want to do it again.” I walk away from the door silently but from every step I take the more closer and closer the sound of water running gets closer.

“Everybody loves the things you do
From the way you talk
To the way you move
Everybody here is watching you
'Cause you feel like home
You’re like a dream come true”

I knew instantly that it was her. Her angelic voice filling the bathroom, I remember her voice because I would often her hear hum or sing before class would start. I get closer to the showers to hear her voice more clearly.

“But if by chance you’re here alone
Can I have a moment
Before I go?
'Cause I’ve been by myself all night long
Hoping you’re someone I used to know”

I stood there listening as if I were in a trance, it was hard to move away.

“Let me photograph you in this light
In case it is the last time
That we might be exactly like we were
Before we realized
We were sad of getting old
It made us restless
Oh, I’m so mad I’m getting old
It makes me reckless
It was just like a movie
It was just like song
When we were young”

The water stopped running and the curtain opened.

“Fred!” She screamed holding her towel against her chest.

~(Y/n)’s POV~

“When we were young” I stopped singing as I turned the water knob to stop the water. I grabbed my towel off the railing and wrapped it around my body. I grabbed the curtain and moved it aside.

“Fred!” I screamed holding my towel tightly against my chest.

“I- I’m sorry.” He stuttered

“What are you doing in here?” I asked slipping on my slippers. I actually wasn’t uncomfortable at all, I trust Fred although I’ve never really met him fully. He seems nice, I have him for mostly all my classes.

“I’m hiding from my brother.” He says quickly as if willing. I smile due to him sounding like a child.

“I’m sorry if you heard me.” I whisper picking up my clothes “I know I’m not very good at singing.”

“Are you mad? You’re amazing” he said, I look at him and I can’t help but smile widely.

“Really?” I ask. He nods his head rapidly, he seems to be staring at me quite intently. I just realized that we’ve been having a conversation while I was wearing nothing but a towel making me chuckle to myself that it’s actually happening.

“What are you looking at?” I joke.


“Why?” I can’t help but ask quickly without thinking.

“Because your beautiful” I smile at him.

“Um…” I try to hide the blush that’s rushing up to my cheeks. “Can you leave so I can change? It’s kinda getting cold in here” I laugh briefly.

“Oh, sorry. Sorry. I’ll just leave” he said while walking backwards, I wave slightly but laugh as he bumps into the wall. He says bye and then quickly disappears behind the door. I smile to myself as I change into my clothes. Fred is something else and I like that.

~The Next Day~

~Fred’s POV~

“I can’t believe you did that to me” I mumbled to George as I played with my porridge.

“What? Me?” He acted shocked “I was trying to get the truth but you choose to take the hard way”

“I could have told you without you putting Veritaserum in my butterbeer!”

“Well, I didn’t know that you were going to run into the prefects bathroom with that serum in your system. Well, you told her all that good things that you like about her right?” He said innocently.

“Yeah but what if she asked me if I liked her? Then she would probably think that I’m some weirdo listening to her shower.” George shrugged his shoulders.

“Hey, bathroom boy.” I turn my head to the side to see (Y/n) smiling down to me. She sits besides me and begins to eat. George stands up giving me a smirk before actually walking away.

“I’m really really sorry about yesterday”

“Don’t worry about it. At least I got a compliment out of it.”

“You’re a really good singer, you should join Choir”

“No, I don’t sing well.”

“Yeah, you do”

“How do I know if you aren’t lying to me?”

“Remember yesterday when I told you that you were a good singer.” She nodded “I wasn’t lying. My brother gave me Veritaserum”

“Is that why you were hiding from your brother?” She smiles.

“Yeah but your should join.”

“I might but I- Ah!” She screamed and I yelled as cold liquid fell on top of us. I open my eyes to see bright red paint all over me and (Y/n).

“Oh my god” she said and then out of nowhere she laughed. Glitter gold and black fell to top it off.

“George!” I yell.

“It wasn’t me mate” he said innocently but I knew that he was lying. I was about to kill him but I was distracted by her laugh. It was filled with such joy, it made me start laughing. Soon, after we both got cleaned off we sat in front of the fire in the common room.

“When we were in the bathroom and I asked you why you were staring at me… Did you really mean it when you called me beautiful?” She whispered looking at me

“Of course I did” but before I knew it she kissed me. I cupped her face and brought her closer. She wrapped her arms around my neck and deepened the kiss. We pulled back after a few seconds when we were out of breath.

“I love you”

“I love you too, Weasley”


(It’s been a while since I’ve ended an imagine with I love you)

Love Equation | Oneshot

Summary: Me minus you equals zero.
Word Count: 2,648
Genre: angsty-ish with fluff :^)
Member: Lee Chan
TW: none i can think of! let me know if you need anything tagged

A/N: project “try to write something for the loml every day until his bday” is a go! idk if i can manage this, but i’m trying my best :’) also, has anyone caught the trend yet? if you haven’t, then wait until tomorrow’s post and try to see if you get it!

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anonymous asked:

Hi, would you do an imagine where Bucky wife suffers from a lung Inflammation but he’s currently on a longer Mission. So one day he gets the call that your condition got worse and you’re already in the ICU. Bucky then gets home immediately, staying by your side and hoping for you to get better? :) I also suffer from this at the Moment and it sucks to be in a Hospital :(

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: just a lot of angst lol

A/N: Hello there love! first of all, let me say that I’m very sorry to hear that you’re in the hospital :( I really really hope you’re gonna get better soon and if I can do anything for you, you let me know ok? <33 also, I’m sorry this is so late, but I still hope this is what you wanted bb!


Natasha sat down next to Bucky and nudged him with her elbow.

“What’s up Winter Soldier? Why are you looking like someone just ate your sandwich?”

He quickly put the picture of you back inside his pocket and got up to join Fury and Steve, who were currently looking at a map of Russia.

They’ve been on this mission for two months now and he hadn’t heard from you since.

He wanted to call. God, he wanted to call you so badly.

But they’ve been on radio silence ever since they left, in case anyone was listening in.

They were on a mission to destroy this huge Hydra base. Normally he didn’t go on missions this long, mostly because he couldn’t stand being away from you this long, but this was a personal mission and he had to finish it. To finally come to terms with his past.

Once they were done with the briefing, Cap and Natasha went to the kitchen of their small apartment they all shared. It was old and rundown and he was so ready to leave this shithole and go back home.

To you.

When Bucky wanted to join the others after a second, Fury placed a hand on his shoulder, a serious expression on his face.

“There’s been a phone call. I think you want to call them back.”

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