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The Reader and the Writer (Part 3)

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Part one here    Part two here

Anon requests: Will you please do part 3 of the reader and the writer

You’re writing is so amazing, it’s what keeps me alive 😂😍 so thank you for doing such an amazing job and I hope you’re having an amazing day 💜 And I was wondering if you consider writing a part 3 of The Reader and The Writer someday? Because I’d love to read more of it 🙈

Please please PLEASE do a Part 3 to the reader and the writer? It’s amazing x

Omg! Part 3 please gor he reader and the writer 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍



Part 3 of Reader and Writer?? Cause you are too good to us??? Like thank you??? 💞I swoon for your writing 💞


The Reader and the Writer (part 2) was amazing and so are all ouf your writings ! I can’t wait for a part 3 !

Will you do a part 3 of the reader and the writer??




Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: The reader returns, and she offers the writer some explanations that he’s been waiting for

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,041

A/N: It’s here! I am so so so sorry for making you guys wait this long, I had so much going on this week and I had barely any time to write at all. I hope this makes up for it, enjoy!

Jughead didn’t expect for (Y/N) to return to Pop’s; in fact, he thought she’d leave town.  However, the following night he was proven wrong when she walked in and sat across him in their usual booth.

“You’re here,” he stated. (Y/N) quirked an eyebrow.

“You expected otherwise?” she inquired, crossing her arms.

“Well, to be fair, I hadn’t seen you in about a month before yesterday,” Jughead defended himself.  (Y/N) sucked in a breath and went to contradict him, but she realized he was right, so she shut her mouth.  They sat in silence, both of them avoiding eye contact with each other.  Finally, (Y/N) sighed and broke the quiet.

“So I’m guessing you want to talk about it,” she said, not even bothering to pull out a book.  Jughead nodded as he closed his laptop.

“I think I deserve a bit more information than the fact that you were born in Riverdale,” he grumbled.

“You do,” she agreed.

“So why did you think that was important to tell me?” Jughead began the interrogation. “Out of all the things to say to stop me from leaving, why that?”

“Well it worked, didn’t it?” (Y/N) attempted to joke, but Jughead didn’t even crack a smile.  She sighed and continued.  "I don’t know, because that’s the beginning. I’m a reader, Jug, I like to start at the beginning of a story.“

"And so your beginning started here.”


“But then you moved somewhere else?” Jughead asked.  (Y/N) nodded.  "Why?“

"Because we had to,” she responded.  "My parents were… unpleasant people, to say the least.  Bad people tend to mingle, and thus my parents met the Blossoms.“  Jughead’s head perked up at the mention of the family.

"The Blossoms?” he echoed.  "As in Jason Blossom?“

"No, the other notorious Blossom family in Riverdale,” she rolled her eyes, sarcasm oozing from every word.  "Yes, Jason Blossom’s family.“  Jughead’s silence signaled for her to continue.  “My family and their family had this long-lasting feud for as long as I can remember.”

“So is that why you left?” he asked.  “Because of the feud?”

“Yes,” she answered tentatively, “and no.  It’s complicated.  You see, I didn’t leave Riverdale with my parents.”  (Y/N) paused for a moment, biting her lip.  “My parents were murdered.”  Jughead’s eyes widened as he realized the severity of her situation.

“The Blossoms did it?” he immediately assumed.  (Y/N) shook her head.

“Not that we know of,” she replied.  “They never figured out who did it.  Yes, the Blossoms were high on the suspect list, but personally, I don’t think it was them.  They’re too snobbish to actually murder someone.”  The pair fell into a silence, Jughead attempting to soak up all the information he was just given.  (Y/N) lazily glanced around the dinner, scanning the strangers’ faces.

“Why’d you come back?” Jughead spoke up.  (Y/N)’s eyes flicked back to his face.

“They were about to sell our old home,” she shrugged.  “My aunt was infuriated, so she packed up all our things and moved here.” Jughead had so many more questions swirling around his mind, but when he observed (Y/N)’s face, he saw how tired and deflated she looked.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized, “this is too much for you.  I shouldn’t have pressured you to tell me everything at once.”

“No, it’s fine,” she insisted, shaking her head.  “I want to tell you, I… you deserve to know.”  Jughead reached across the table, grabbed (Y/N)’s hand, and gazed at her in a manner she couldn’t quite distinguish.  He didn’t say anything, and neither did she.  They just sat there in the booth, on a quiet day in Pop’s, Jughead holding (Y/N)’s hand and she was letting him.  Without speaking, she understood what he was trying to tell her: there was nothing left to say.

For the next two weeks, neither Jughead nor (Y/N) said anything to each other.  They still went to Pop’s every night, and they sat together at the same booth.  But (Y/N) always had a book, and Jughead always had his laptop.  Frequently, when one of them wasn’t looking, the other would glance up and stare for just a moment.

On a slow Tuesday, Veronica entered Pop’s.  She was only there to pick up the food she and her mom had ordered, but she noticed (Y/N) and Jughead sitting together at a booth, and so she sped over there.

“You’re back,” she noted, sitting down next to (Y/N).  She glanced up, putting Frankenstein down, and shot Veronica a timid smile.

“I’ve been back for a few weeks,” she responded.  Veronica furrowed her eyebrows.

“Really?” she questioned, shifting her gaze to Jughead.  He didn’t look up from his computer.  (Y/N) awkwardly nodded, turning back to her novel.  Veronica glanced back and forth between (Y/N) and Jughead, waiting for one of them to say something.  “Do you guys ever talk?”

“It’s not always necessary,” Jughead replied, rolling his eyes.

“Well yeah,” Veronica shrugged, “but you guys are dead silent.  Neither of you have spoken to each other since I got here.”  When neither of them replied to her comment, Veronica understood that she was unwanted and left.

The two sat in silence for another hour before Jughead interrupted it by slamming his laptop shut.

“Okay, I’ve spent two weeks thinking about what to say,” he started, catching (Y/N)’s attention.  She lifted her eyes from her book and stared at Jughead, puzzled.  “But I don’t know.  I don’t know what to say!  How do I respond to the fact that your parents were murdered?”

“You don’t have to sa-”

“Yes I do!” Jughead interjected.  “Because we’re… friends, we’re friends.  And I’m supposed to say something to make you feel better.”  (Y/N) tilted her head sideways as she gazed at Jughead, trying to think of a reply.

“You still have a question,” she finally said, “don’t you?  And you didn’t want to say anything else because you didn’t want to tempt your own curiosity.”

“No,” Jughead shook his head, “no, I-”

“Just ask,” (Y/N) stopped him.  “Just ask me, Jug.”  He inhaled sharply, and examined her face.  There was no doubt, no hesitation; just determination with a hint of anger. Jughead sighed, giving into (Y/N)’s, and his own curiosity’s, demands.

“What’s your real name?”

Part four here

polka mans

So me and @bottledsleep​ were at a con and we found some fuckin T R E A S U R E S

a patrat with a pretty good perspective on life

a wigglytuff with a transparent personality

a machoke with acid-reflux

regigigas that never earned its stripes

a hariyama with at least one eye on the prize

an excadrill with some palette issues

this one looks fine

this fucking gardevoir with a drug problem

i don’t even know where to start with this one

this roserade had a wild vegas night

a stump of a dustox

grovyle had a jaw-dropping experience

a crocanaw that’s just glad to be here

and this poor swampert who tragically contracted a deadly case of play-doh face

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I feel like there aren't enough phone sex fics in the fandom. Could you please take this as a prompt?

Hey anon, I’m not sure you really meant me? I’m not known for writing smut (cause I can’t write it). But I tried and here it is. Set in “Chinga”, NC-17 (I suppose). You get a read more cause it’s loooong.

Four rings before Scully picks up the phone and puts Mulder out of his misery.

“Hm, yeah.” Scully’s voice is nothing more than a tired mumble and yet Mulder finds himself sigh in relief, and grin stupidly, upon finally hearing her voice.  

“Hey Scully, it’s me. You weren’t answering your phone earlier and I – wait, I’m not interrupting anything, am I?” Mulder is cradling his basketball in his arms; he better not be interrupting anything. What was the guy’s name Scully kept mentioning? Jack? He grimaces when he realizes that he’s been stroking the basketball, treating it like a lover. He lets got of it, watches it fall to the ground with a soft thud, and roll away under his desk. Wishing it was Jack’s head, kind of. Mulder has been trying to reach Scully for hours now (Is Jack to blame? He’s not sure he wants to know). He is not going to tell her how close he’s come to flying out to Maine.

“I was sleeping.”                                                                      

“It’s only… oh, it’s already 2 am. I’m sorry, Scully. You uhm, like I said, you weren’t answering your phone. I was worried.”

“I’m fine Mulder. Just really tired.”

“Some vacation, huh?” Mulder knows that he should say his goodbye now, let her go back to sleep. Except he’s so happy to hear her voice, as exhausted as it may sound, that he’s unable to be reasonable. He hasn’t seen her in days. He hasn’t heard her voice in hours. He can’t just hang up now.

“Yeah.” Scully yawns. “Mulder, was there anything you wanted? It really is late.”

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omg hi!! i saw this on other blogs but who would you associate your mutuals as wanna one? like __ is jihoon or something you feel? I thought it would be cute to ask!


Jisung - @danielsoftgf @ongjins

dian is like the SWEETEST MOM/DAD on this site i swear omfg she’s so freaking adorable and always checks up on her kids AND UGHH SHE JUST MAKES ME SO SOFT SOMETIMES


Sungwoon - @alliwannado-w1

idk she gives off this cute and adorable, but deadly vibe?? NOT LIKE SHE’S GONNA MURDER ANYONE BUT I MEAN LIKE she’s super SUPER talented at everything and is SOSOSOSO KIND but could be really scary if she’s mad idk HAHAH

Minhyun - @seunghyuks

she’s beauty, she’s grace, but she can also punch u in the face :^) when i first started talking to her she was super super nice n polite like minhyun and i was like she’s so precious??? but that was before i found out she can also throw a mean roast sometimes :(( but i lov her sm

Seongwoo - @laisgrl

I BARELY STARTED TALKING TO HER BUT JANA ALWAYS MAKES ME LAUGH OFMGOFMG her sense of humor has seongwoo shaking rn like all she has to do is just breathe and i’ll be on the floor possibly in a coma

Jaehwan - @kimjaehwanswife

ogmofmidf lucy reminds me of jaehwan so much just because of all her random but funny as hell shitposts all the time like i luv how she can just keep talking and talking and it’s just like a nice refresher on my dash nd i feel like she could probably outscream jaehwan if she wanted to u know

Daniel - @perkwoojin

she’s so?? well rounded?? good at everything?? OK LITERALLY JAS CAN WRITE, SHE CAN EDIT, SHE CAN GIF, AND SHE’S FUNNY ON TOP OF THAT LIKE WTF SHE’S THE FULL PACKAGE which i kinda relate to daniel bc he’s well rounded too AND I ALWAYS SAY THAT I HATE HIM BC HE’S MY BIAS WRECKER but i mean it w love which is why i’m always mean to jas a lot too luv u 🅱️ish this is the only time i’m saying it 

Jihoon - @porkjeojang

BC SHE’S SUPER FLOWERY AND ADORABLE I JUST LOVE HER she’s also really really freaking pretty like wtf she could probably kill a man if she did aegyo she just really brightens my day and my dash with her personality and WOW i love her so much 

Woojin - @pinksausageduo

AGAIN i used to think she was like an awkward person to talk to BUT LIKE AFTER 0.5 SECONDS SHE JUST BECAME RLY OPEN AND CHATTY LIKE WOW DID NOT EXPECT THAT and her dance moves are absolutely FIRE just like woojins :’) 

Jinyoung - @wannasseu

she used to seem like really quiet ish to me which kinda reminds me of baejin during the first few eps of pd101 when he was unconfident but as i talked to her more, she turned out to be SUPER FLUFFY AND HELLA RELATABLE A LOT LIKE TALKING TO HER IS SO MUCH FUN AND IT’S ADORABLE WHEN I COMPLIMENT HER WRITING WITH MEMES AND SHE GETS SUPER SHY ABOUT IT 

Daehwi - @laignlin

ok i used to think she was all sweet and adorable and stuff on the outside but NO this girl loves to roast me and CAN BE REALLY SASSY A LOT BUT she also makes my day 1000% better w/ how energetic she is or how passionate she is about her hatred for school JUST SO RELATABLE GUGHHG 😩😩😩 and her snapchats keep me alive in the morning i luv u :(((

Guanlin - @woo-jin-young

i mean she likes memes, she dabs, and she’s hot so what more do u need to see her similarities with guanlin (also her sense of humor makes me choke sometimes i’m so in fucking love)

ok looking at this now this is probably not accurate at all but idk i guess its also like a mutual call out post bc i luv u !!! im so sorry this was so bad LMAO

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I have a few pro-snape blogs on my dash (with great content otherwise so I just look the other way when it comes up) and for some reason I thought you were one of them and you reblogged a post that wasn't pro-snape at all ('you: always, me, an intelectual: lily take harry and go') and I had to scroll back three times to believe my own eyes before remembering you're not one of the blogs I need to look out for.

I am so sorry if I did something to make you think I’m pro snape, I am a well-documented snape hater omfg. Like I acknowledge his importance as a character but F U C K  T H A T  G U Y

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Question to the admin! In your opinion, how do you think Luffy would confess to Zoro without saying "I love you"? As in, how do you think Oda-sensei would hint it, if you were him?

(adm: Since I don’t think Luffy would just blurt it out out of nowhere, I kinda had to build a plot I thought would be good for them to have a moment!! It’s not entirely developed, though, so I’m going to have to ask you to use your creativity as to what happened during the whole thing!!)

(Warning: Long post!!)

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Is there any specific reason your patreon is only open for NA and Europe? I'd love to support you, but I'm from South America...

hi!!! i’m so sorry for my late response, please forgive me: i’ve been busy at cons and trying to keep up and catch up with other errands!!!! I AM BACK!!! 💦💦💦

1. i’d be happy to expand my patreon rewards to south america!!! i’ve only had other north americans and europeans reach out to me about my fandom shenanigans in english, so i figured there wasn’t a big audience!!! i’m so sorry for presuming, i’d be happy to include y'all! as a texan, i love all my friends south of the border

2. thank you to everyone whos been super patient w me thus far! expect a really detailed patreon update post on shenanigans and timelines for the project very soon (and also LOL i havent drawn smut in so long omfg ive just been piling up all my nsfw doodles, i cant look at them im too old for this)!!! thank you so much!!! i really appreciate yalls patience and support 🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻 

P.S.A for this blog.

Last week while trying to post I received this message. I had to open another account just to get through to staff help & politely ask “WTF ???” .

So I took it on the chin that all would remain deleted & opened some new blogs to remain connected to you guys 💌🐾 :3

But Lo & Behold ! My account was reinstated & here I am again ! So with this shake up I’m going to cut through the unbelievable 5 and a half thousand blogs I’ve realised I’ve followed since joining tumblr (omfg) & if I happen to unfollow it’s O.K I’ll be be back, I’m just doing a spring clean :)

So sorry if I spammed everyone with new blog posts. I won’t delete them though just in case it happens again.

Special Thanks to mllekaren who was there for me, particularly when I thought I’d lost all my pic’s & word posts where ASOIAF & GoT align.

Thank you gorgeous 💌🌏

Title: in love and war

Rating: T

Summary: Her betrayal had made that seed of hatred further bloom…and yet right along with it had bloomed its twin – love. The two were intertwined, couldn’t live without the other.

Word count: 1,572

Warnings: angst, parallels, annalogia (kinda), character death, angst

I haven’t written anything solo in so long… So this is an apology as well as a thank you for being so patient with me, you guys!! You’re the best!! Please enjoy this twisted heartbreak, if you will ◟(◔ั₀◔ั )◞ ༘♡

He stilled at the sight of her.

Even with the temptation of three dragons nearby, their scents making his stomach pull hungrily, the sight of her was enough to stop him dead. She was standing just behind one of the dragons, the one that smelled like ash and sickness, as he had an arm thrown out in front of her. Even though he wobbled on his feet, his battered body barely able to stand, he stayed firmly placed.

Protecting her at the cost of himself?

The fool.

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okay so your blog is waaay out of my aesthetic and everything and at one point i didnt know how i started following you, but i think it was just today i saw one of your posts and it just, i dont know it made me feel so much more confident and you truly are a good hearted person so, thank you, thank you so much for running this blog and letting me, and so many others know that things are going to be okay (sorry for all the words)

Wait wait wait what post?!?! What is going on omfg I have no idea what is happening but thank you so much!! I’m getting over a cold right now but this made me feel instantly better aa! I haven’t had such a rush of energy in days ahah. Thank you for sharing these kind words with me. I don’t know what I did to have such amazing followers but you guys really do pick me up on the harder days. Have a good week friendo~

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Let's say Frost was capable of bearing a child for Hit and himself.... do you think Vados would deliver the baby like Whis did for Bulma?

Vados delivering the egg omfg yes

But where would it be storaged? His belly? Abdomen? Does it come out of his mouth like King Piccolo?

I’m sure if they were in a hurry too (like the Zen-Ohs wanted another tournament but Frost’s still incapacitated cuz of the pregnancy), I’m sure she will.

Champa would probably be like “you can do that??” If the rest of the team was there, Kale would be blushing and gushing over the little baby, “Kawaaii!”

Though it’s never confirmed, I like the idea of Icejin giving birth by laying the egg first, but if Vados wanted to get it over with to get Frost back up, I’m sure she’d deliver it already out of the egg.

If by any other reason, I’m not quite sure. That’s what you’re asking, right? If she would? Maybe for unknown reasons, Frost might have complications with the birth and Hit has no other choice but to go to Vados (the only ‘mystical’ being he’d know) to ask for her help. Would he be willing to go that far for his new found family?

Frost developing birthing hips during the pregnancy tho

Take Care (Jongin Oneshot)

Originally posted by hongheechan

Summary: You struggle to find your Alpha as you’re launched into an unwanted heat.

Warnings: Alpha!Jongin & Omega reader, surprise appearance by alpha!Taemin// Slight angst// ABO Dynamics & Heat Cycles

Rating: T (I’m not at the point of writing smut for jongin again yet,, sorry y’all)

Word Count: 1.9k

AN: The first thing im posting on this blog omfg, I started writing this a while back and just recently was able to finish it after leaving it halfdone for a month. ((possible part 2 in the future,, maybe…))

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I just... I just saw a rowan defense post where the op said that Aelin was "egging him on" and that he had every right to hit her because what she said "was like condoning the holocaust" and IM LITERALLY SCREAMING. I don't ever think i've felt more disappointed in the human race then I do at this very moment. Sorry I just needed to vent to someone

OMFG nothing burns me up more about Rowaelin shippers than them saying she deserved it.


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Omfg Abbie. Omfg. Ok. Listen. You can't just shove it into our faces like that, thats not right or even fair. I guess I never really read a mischievous, badass Jinyoung and I love it already and the descriptions, well fuck. It is truly amazing and as English is my sec language I even had a bit trouble reading a few words. I loved it, for real. Can't wait till u post it

LMAO sorry i still have like approx 4 more chapters to write! but thank you so much! i’m taking so long bc it’s the 1st idea n concept ive felt like rlly passionate abt dkdnsdmsj anyway tysm for this message n i rlly hope you’ll enjoy the whole thing!!