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Jumin meeting a barista MC? Is charmed tf off by her and he keeps coming back and finally asks her out on a date? I'm so thirsty for this man it isn't even funny.

~I really love this idea! Thank you for the request and I hope you like^^


  • V had recommended the coffee shop
  • So he felt he had to go
  • He expected to get a cappuccino once and be done with it
  • When he saw you, he noticed that you were cute, but he didn’t think anything else of it
  • You smiled and handed him his cup
  • There was art of a cat looking up at him as he held it in his hands
    • “You did this?” he asked
    • “Yes,” you smiled, “I’m sorry, I just love cats. I hope you don’t mind!”
  • Okay, he blushed a little
    • “Apologies if I gave the impression that I was displeased…I am actually quite fond of cats,” he replied happily.
  • He couldn’t help but stand there and talk about Elizabeth the 3rd
  • And he actually smiled when you asked to see a picture of her
    • “She is so adorable!”
  • He found himself coming back to see you, which was strange
  • The coffee was good, V was right
  • But it was mostly to see you ?
  • You never asked about what he did for a living
  • You never made assumptions
  • You just talked to him like a normal person
  • You cared about animals
  • He would sit and sip his coffee while watching you interact with the customers
  • You had a nice smile and were always so cheerful
  • He tried to not act annoyed when customers didn’t leave a tip
  • You knew his drinks by heart and made them just the way he liked
    • “Good morning, Jumin! The usual?”
  • One day he brought Elizabeth to see you
  • You made a cute giggle when he brought her to the counter
    • “Jumin…you can’t bring a cat in here,” you smiled warmly
    • “Oh? I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize,” he said
    • “It’s okay. Let’s step outside so I can meet her properly?”
  • She took to you right away and even let you hold her
  • She purred as you pet her head
    • “She can tell you have a kind heart,” he smiled
  • After that, he was completely taken with you
  • One day he came in but you weren’t there for your shift
  • He asked the manager
    • “She is very ill, I told her to stay home and get some rest…” he told Jumin with a worried look
  • He wouldn’t take coffee from anyone else
  • It wouldn’t taste right
  • As quickly as he could he put together a gift basket filled with essential oils and immune system boosting teas and food and fruits etc like just anything and everything he could think of plus bath products
  • Brought it back to the café
    • “Could you see that MC receives this?” Jumin handed it to the manager
  • He’d like to send it to you himself, but it wouldn’t be proper to have your address
  • The manager nodded
  • It seemed like he had waited forever for your return
  • Every day he entered and you weren’t there was another slight weight added to his heart
  • He found himself worrying about you
  • What was this?
  • You had been the happiest part of his days since he started conversing with you in the morning
  • It was only when you were not there that he realized just how much he enjoyed your company
  • How much he looked forward to seeing you
  • It had to mean something
  • His heart jumped when he walked through the door and finally saw you again
  • A smile growing on his face
  • It was like breathing fresh air to see your smile once more
    • “Jumin! How is Elizabeth 3rd?” you waved, “and thank you so much for the gift…it was too much, you really didn’t have to…”
    • “I would have sent more, if I knew it had helped,” he replied
  • You smiled briefly but ended up coughing a bit
    • “Are you alright? Should you be pushing yourself to work like this?” he said with concern
    • “I’m so sorry. I’m fine, I promise!”
  • He was slightly nervous all of a sudden, a new feeling
  • Watching you make his drink, he decided to finally make a move
    • “I missed your presence here in the café.”
    • “Oh?” you looked away a little shy, “but we have so many other talented people to make drinks!”
  • Jumin laughed
    • “Yes. Although, I would be lying if I said I didn’t prefer the ones you made.”
  • Okay now your knees are a little weak
  • You let out a nervous laugh
    • “If I may continue,” he said, “I realized that while the coffee was more than satisfactory, what I was missing was you. I’d like to take you to dinner?”
  • You dropped a cup in shock
  • Stuttering and smiling
  • He thought you were adorable when you were flustered
    • “I…w-would love that, Jumin.”
  • You nodded and bit your lip
  • He felt elated hearing this
    • “Perfect! Tonight, then? It’s a date,” he gave that endearing sideways smile of his.
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Fandom: The Hobbit
Pairing: Thranduil x elf!reader
Sequel to: Feel again [x]
Based on: Hi again! I hope I don’t bother you with my wishes xD Would you write drabble about Thranduil and reader? Maybe this would be sequel for my earlier request? :)The plot happens after the battle of five armies. Thranduil and reader have been together from that. In the story reader practice her sword techniques in the Thranduil kingdom’s garden and he comes to watch and want join with reader. They practice together and in the end Thranduil kneels in front of reader and ask her hand for marriage. - herainia
Notes: fluff, some Elvish
Words: 2.563

Author’s notes: I’M TERRIBLY LATE, and I already explained you why. I’m really sorry about the delay. Anyway: Hery, you would never bother me with your requests, because you are an adorable person and your plots are just too interesting. I hope I haven’t let you down with this one >.< There’s some elvish and, as always, the translation is at the end. Enjoy!
[I do not own the gif]


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AN: I adore this gif to bits, all the colors work together so well and his expression is v emotional. Oh my. This gif pairs with the part of the imagine where Pietro is listening to Thor, just for reference. Thank you anon for sending this request in, and I’m sorry it took forever and a half to get it up! I hope you like it dear! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxox :3

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt: I LOVE YOUR WRITING!! I know requests are closed buuuut I’ve never requested before and I had a cool idea! Could I get a Pietro x reader fluff(or smut idk) where Piet is in love with reader and overhears Thor saying how he wants to bed reader. Then Piet starts getting jealous and mocks Thor’s accent when flirting with the reader, getting angry and telling Thor to “fuck off back to Asgard”, reader goes to see why Piet was rude and he confesses?? PLEASE AND THANKS LOADS OF LOVE 😘😘😘

Warning: Some drinking, swearing & Smut (as requested by another anon, enjoy!)

((Just FYI~ In this reference (because I actually adore Jane X Thor) I’m just going to write Thor as single. No breakups or whatever, as far as you have to be concerned, Jane doesn't  exist in this one shot.))


“Sokovia Vs Asgard”


“So, Thor, any special someone in your life?”

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hi sorry i just found your blog through your gf's blog and Oh My Gosh you guys are so pure you love each other so much You Go and Keep Being Adorable because you are doing a great job making each other happy ok sorry bye

Hii welcome to my blog
I indeed will keep loving her v much and I love making her happy and seeing her smile
Thanks for visiting my blog!!

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hello! I just found your blog and your sprite edits are absolutely adorable!!! uvu could I possibly request red vriskan, red cardiac arrest (terezi & nepeta) and possibly pale porrim & damara? thank you so much!! ; v ;

asdfghjk, thank you!! here you go, friend; sorry for such a long wait. ヽ(´ ◇`)ノ

the nepezi pixels were actually already requested, but i included them here anyway.

☆゚.*・。゚individual pixels under the cut ゚。・*.゚☆

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Can you do that 50 Nepetas thing with all the trolls (((hnnnnghhh Tavros' would be fuckin adorable)))

I don’t think so sorry! that would be a lot of pics (especially with 30+ drawings for each) 

Anon:Do you ship anything in snk except yumikuri?

my other ships are on the shipping wall but I’m not into snk enough anymore to be really invested in ships ;v; (also I just found out yumikuri is apparently canon?? man I haven’t been keeping up with snk for too long lmao)

Anon:Ikimaru! I better see hells a lot of Nico for this years skeleton war. You got this 😎👍

haha who knows :^) I already made one joke about the skeleton war with Nico tho


thanks a lot!! <3