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anyway! i just want to say this trend of straight people saying “we’re sorry you felt like it was homophobic but it actually wasn’t” is extremely gross and harmful. by invalidating our feelings, they are able to shift the blame to us. they are able to say we made up this problem and, therefore, our reaction was overblown, too strong. this is not true. our feelings are real and valid and their inability to recognize this just shows how correct we are, honestly.

ok this kinda stuff is what i was talkin about with my OCs.. um I’ll talk about them a little for context.. so their names are Leo and Amaya and they’re best friends! They’re super into theatre stuff,but they’re not really confident about what they’re good at yet so they practice 2-person versions of their favorite plays all the time,which of course means a LOTTA costume changes! And a lotta memorizing! But they have a lot of fun with it because it’s with each other!

This part is from their very favorite play with Amaya playing the role of Ronette and Seymour while Leo plays Audrey. (Amaya usually plays the lead because she’s had two full singing lessons and Leo usually is really good at singing love interest songs so) ANYWAYS here’s a quick colored version of their costumes for that part.

*rises zombie-like from her grave*  I’m aliiiiiiiiive

@httydfangirlz I got this ask two months ago and I’m so sorry to you and everyone else who has sent me a request. I’ve been in such a bad writing slump that I haven’t even been able to open my computer. That, and I got a second job and I just haven’t felt like doing anything when I get home at night.

But I feel like its coming back to me, so we’ll see how things go. Hopefully, I’ll update some of my other stories.

“Stop being overdrama-Oh!” Astrid’s laugh cut short as Hiccup’s eyes rolled back in his head and he dropped.


It had started with a tickle in the back of his throat. A scratchy sensation that had him clearing his throat every few minutes. Hiccup was hoping it was an after effect of the day before. They’d been heading a group of dragons and he’d spent most of the day yelling at the twins to get back into formation. He’d been hoarse by the time they’d finally returned to Berk.

Hiccup cleared his throat again and erased one of the lines he’d just drawn onto the parchment in front of him. He was planning an extension to the dragon stables. With the Riders back on Berk, and more Vikings befriending dragons, they needed more room.

True Winter was a few months away. When the days were dark and cold and bleak. Hiccup wanted the stables finished before then.

The weather was already beginning to turn. Over the last few weeks it had gone from driving rain to damaging hail. Frost was beginning to creep across the eaves in the early morning.

Hiccup sneezed into the crook of his arm. He had too much work to do. He couldn’t afford to get sick right now.

A soft knock on the door drew his attention. Hiccup looked up just as Astrid let herself inside.

“Hey Milady,” he let his pencil fall from his fingers and stretched. He’d been bent over his work for hours.

“Hey,” Astrid took a seat beside her boyfriend. “What are you working on?”

“Just some plans for the new stables.” Hiccup let Astrid pull the parchment away from him and watched as she studied the designs. “I thought you’d be out training right now.”

“I was,” Astrid rolled up the papers and put them aside. “But it’s pouring outside. Even I know when to quit.”

Hiccup tipped his head to the side, only just noticing the sound of water hitting the roof above them. He turned back to Astrid, taking in her wet hair and damp clothes.

“Aren’t you cold?” He asked. It was warm in the Chief’s hut. Hiccup had lit the fire before he had sat down to his task. Still, Astrid had only just come in out of the freezing rain. “You’ll get sick if you’re not careful.” Hiccup got up to fetch one of the furs sitting by the fireplace. His nose chose that moment to itch and a sneeze burst from him.

“Are you sure you’re not the one getting sick?” Astrid laughed, but she accepted the fur, pulling it around her shoulders. She sat, leaning into Hiccup’s warm side as he went back to work, only moving when Stoick returned with food.

The three of them ate together, swapping stories of their day around Berk.

Later, when the rain had eased, Astrid excused herself and went home.

Hiccup decided to turn in for the night, exhaustion weighing on him. Toothless padded up the stairs behind him, pausing at the top for a moment to watch his rider climb wearily into bed before he curled up in his corner to sleep.


Hiccup woke late the next morning. If it wasn’t for his father calling from downstairs, he probably would have slept longer. As it was, his head was pounding. The tickle in his throat had evolved into a dry, raw ache. His breath rasped in his chest.

He lay for a moment, his eyes still closed, mentally preparing himself to get up. He needed to show his father the changes he’d made to the stable designs. He hadn’t had the chance the night before. Once he had Stoick’s approval he needed to meet with the workers who would help with the construction.

Afterwards, he was expected in the training arena to oversee the next stage of development of the Auxiliary Team. Gobber wanted his help in the forge, Astrid wanted Hiccup to have dinner with her family.

He could probably get out of dinner, Astrid would understand. Gobber had mentioned something the other day about an idea for a dragon wash. The older man had been asking Hiccup if he could come around in his free time. The orders for dragon-related paraphernalia were coming in thick and fast. Hiccup had been putting it off, but he’d promised Gobber than he would come by today.

A large snuffle beside his head made Hiccup open his eyes. He reached up to scratch Toothless’s jaw. Somewhere amongst all this Hiccup needed to find time to fly Toothless.

He sat up with a groan.

“What do you think the chances are of taking it easy today?” Hiccup rubbed at his eyes. His name floated up from downstairs again.

Toothless snorted.

“Yeah… unlikely,” Hiccup agreed. He swung his legs slowly over the edge of the bed.

Toothless sat back on his haunches and waited as Hiccup attached his prosthetic and changed into some clean clothes.

He felt wobbly as he made his way downstairs. His head felt like it was stuffed with lamb’s wool.

Hiccup shuffled across the floor and took a seat at the table across from his father.

“Hey Dad.” He picked tiredly at the bread in front of him, his stomach twisting at the thought of eating.

“Son,” Stoick looked up. He was holding the plans for the new stables. “I’ve been looking over your designs,” he paused to take a swig from his mud. “It’s looking good.”

“Yeah… about that…” Hiccup pushed his plate away. “Do you think maybe I could… uh sit out of the meeting this morning?”

The cup hit the table. Hard. “What?” Bushy eyebrows raised in confusion. “But this whole thing was your idea.”

“I know Dad, but- “

Stoick cut him off. “You know it’s time for you to become more involved with the running of Berk.”

“Yeah, I know we said-“ Hiccup tried to explain.

“And what better way to get to know your people than by working with them on an expansion of the village.”

Hiccup sighed. His dad didn’t understand that this wasn’t just another attempt to get out of his duties. In fact, he was really excited to help make Berk better for the dragons that lived there. The stables were only phase one.

“Okay, fine. I’ll be there.” Hiccup stood from the table.

Stoick frowned, gesturing to the food in from of them. “You don’t want more?”

Hiccup shook his head. “No thanks. I’m not hungry.” He held out his hand for the papers his Dad was holding. “I guess I’ll see you there.” He motioned for Toothless, holding the door open so that his dragon could bounce through.

Frost crunched underfoot as Hiccup followed the Night Fury outside. The air was biting and fresh. It helped to clear Hiccup’s head somewhat, but congestion still sat heavy in his chest.

“Let’s just get this over with,” Hiccup told Toothless as he climbed up into the saddle.


The meeting sucked just as much as Hiccup expected.

It actually went really well. There had been no major disagreements between the Vikings gathered and the work was scheduled to start soon.

It sucked because Hiccup’s head was so stuffy, he could barely string two thoughts together. His headache pulsed just behind his eyes and he’d been fighting the rising urge to cough for the last thirty minutes.

He’d given up on trying to look interested in the conversation, letting his father take charge, and sitting with his head resting in his hands.

The second the meeting was over, he excused himself and left, Toothless hot on his heels. They got outside and Hiccup jumped onto the saddle, directing Toothless to just go.

As soon as they land Hiccup is down, stumbling across uneven ground as harsh coughs tore from his throat.

“I’ll be okay.” As soon as he could breathe again, Hiccup turned to reassure Toothless. “Come on, we need to get to the arena.”


Astrid’s already in the arena with Stormfly when Hiccup and Toothless land. He leant on the wall beside her, watching as the Auxiliary Team performed a series of manoeuvres overhead.

“You’re late.” She’s watching the sky, but Astrid let her gaze flick over to meet Hiccup’s.

“I know, I’m sorry.” It came out as a croak. Hiccup tried again. “Actually, Ast. Do you mind taking point on this?”

Astrid took a second to take in Hiccup’s appearance. “Sure, babe. Everything okay?”

Hiccup nodded. “Yeah, just tired.”

“Maybe you should head home,” Astrid suggested. “I’ve got everything covered here.”

It sounded so tempting, but he still had so much to do. It was barely lunch time. “It’s just a cold Astrid. I can push through.”

“But you don’t need to.” Astrid stepped up closer to Hiccup. “I can handle things here,” she said. “And I know you were planning to help Gobber out this afternoon. I can let him know you won’t make it.”

“Thanks Astrid.” Hiccup gripped Astrid’s hand briefly, then called Toothless over. Things had been non-stop ever since they’d returned from Dragon’s Edge. Hiccup was almost looking forward to an afternoon off.

“I’ll come see you late,” Astrid promised as Hiccup and Toothless took off.


What time was it?

Hiccup felt so disoriented. How long had he been sleeping? He could hear voices downstairs. His Dad was talking to someone. Their voices drifted up the stairs to wash over him.

Sitting up was hard. Hiccup’s head spun.

Standing was even harder.

Toothless crooned softly as Hiccup wobbled on shaky legs.

“Let’s go see what’s going on.” Hiccup’s voice was a painful rasp. He coughed, wet and raw and gasped for breath. “Maybe it can wait.”

The people downstairs must have heard him, his father called his name.

Hiccup took slow steps, exiting his room and pausing on the top step above the main room below.

Fishlegs is talking to Stoick, gesturing animatedly as he describes something he found. Hiccup caught bits and pieces as he descended the stairs.

“-and then I took it to Gobber. He thinks we might have discovered something even tougher than the Gronkle Iron. Oh, hey Hiccup.”

Fishlegs looked over at Hiccup as he reached the last step.

“Hey Fishlegs,” Hiccup took a seat by the fire. He could feel himself shivering despite the warmth of the flames. He still had no idea what day it was. It felt like he’d only slept a few hours, but Fishlegs had gone to visit Mala and the Defenders of the Wing. If he was back, that would mean Hiccup had slept right through to the next day.

“Hmm?” He glanced up, realising that Fishlegs was talking to him.

“Gobber was wondering if you could meet him at the forge this morning.”

That helped clear things up a bit. It was morning. Hiccup must have been exhausted. It wasn’t the first time a cold had knocked him out like this. It happened every winter. He’d sleep for a day or two and then be right again.

“Hiccup?” Stoick was staring at his son. He and Fishlegs were still waiting for him to respond.

“Oh, um, can you tell him I’ll see him tomorrow.” Hiccup decided that if he took another day off, he’d most likely be fine by tomorrow. Besides, the forge was noisy with the constant ring of metal against metal. Hiccup wasn’t sure his pounding head was up to it.

Stoick shook his head. “You can’t sleep all day,” he said. “You took the whole afternoon off yesterday.”

“I know, and I promise I’ll get on to it tomorrow,” Hiccup started.

“You’re not at the Edge anymore,” his dad reminded him. “Winter is almost here and there’s so much to do. You did so well yesterday.” Stoick sounded so proud. Hiccup felt guilty, like he was letting his father down.

“Thanks, but- “

“This is so exciting Hiccup. People listen to you. They’re beginning to accept your authority.”

“Fine, I’m going.” Hiccup stood up quickly. Too quickly. The room spun lazily and he was sure he would have fallen if he didn’t have Toothless to grip on to.

Fishlegs looked from one Haddock to the other, shifting nervously. “I’m sure it’s not that important,” he stuttered.

“No, dad’s right.” Hiccup led the way to the door. “Let’s go have a look at this new metal.”


The forge was stifling. It was uncomfortable. Every so often a sharp breeze blew in from the entrance and Hiccup was freezing again.

He’d been hammering away at this metallic mixture Meatlug had regurgitated until dizziness and double-vision had him gripping two hammers instead of one. He’d sat down quickly and let Gobber take over most of the work.

Hiccup covered his mouth, hacking into his hands.

“Look at this! He’s alive!” Astrid sat down beside Hiccup, bumping shoulders with him. “I wasn’t sure you were going to make it when I sent you home yesterday,” she joked.

Hiccup stared at her. He hadn’t even noticed her walk in. He wiped his hands on his pants.

“Though seeing you now, I’m still not sure you will.” Astrid lifted her hand to lay it against Hiccup’s forehead. “I was surprised when you weren’t at home,” she told home. “Your Dad told me I might find you here. So, I came to check on you.”

“Aww, well isn’t this sweet.” Gobber stopped hammering to swap his prosthetic out. “Take him home lass. That awful sound he’s making is driving away business.”

Hiccup found the energy to roll his eyes. “Nice to see you care, Gobber.”

The older man laughed. “I do care lad. I care about my customers,” he laughed. “Get on home now.”

“I’m going. I’m going.”

Astrid help Hiccup up.

“You shouldn’t even be here.” It was a gentle scold, but a scold nonetheless.

“I tried Astrid,” Hiccup argued, voice cracking. “Dad’s so excited that I’m back and helping him out with running the village. I tried to tell him this morning I wasn’t feeling well, but he wouldn’t let me get a word in.” He had to stop so that he could cough again.

“You okay?” Astrid asked when he finished.

“Just peachy.” Hiccup grinned, his cheeks rosy from the cold air and the fever burning just below his skin.

“Good to hear.” Astrid linked his arm with hers. “I don’t know what I’d do otherwise.”

They’d almost reached Hiccup’s house. Toothless had run ahead and was sitting at the front door, pawing at it.

“This is it Astrid. I think I’m dying,” Hiccup complained. A few more steps then they’d be inside.

Astrid laughed. “Somehow I doubt it. You’ve got a cold, you’ll get over it.”

“I don’t think so. This is it.”

“Stop being overdrama-Oh!” Astrid’s laugh cut short as Hiccup’s eyes rolled back in his head and he dropped.



His dreams were full of fire and ice. He burned in the flames that licked his body, eating him up until he was nothing but ash and dust, then the ice cracked over his skin. Frozen, he fractured into a million shivering pieces.

Over and over. Burning and freezing in the darkness that swallowed him, until… nothing.

Awareness returned slowly and the darkness dispersed.

Hiccup opened his eyes.

“Look who decided to join us.” Stoick was sitting beside his son’s bed.

Hiccup frowned, his brows knit together as he tried to recall what had happened. His last clear memory was finishing up his plans for the extension of the stables. Everything after that was a blur.

He decided to ask his Dad.

“You got sick.” Stoick’s tone was full of remorse. “And I didn’t even notice.”

“It’s okay.” Hiccup pushed himself up to sit.

Stoick shook his head. “No, it’s not son. I’m your father. It’s my job to protect you.” He held up his hand when Hiccup tried to protest. “You tried to tell me. Multiple times. I didn’t listen.” He sighed. “Astrid’s very angry at me.”

Hiccup chuckled weakly. He could just imagine it. Astrid was afraid of nothing. She would tell the Chief of Berk exactly what was on her mind. Hiccup almost wished he could have seen it.

“She’s a good girl.” Stoick smiled down at his son. “You’re lucky to have her looking out for you.”

“I know.” Hiccup’s gaze was focused just past his father’s broad shoulders. Stoick turned in his seat and spotted Astrid standing at the edge of the room.

He flushed pink and cleared his throat awkwardly. “Oh, Astrid. Didn’t uh, didn’t see you there. I’ll just… uh, leave you two… okay.”

It wasn’t often Hiccup got to see his Dad lost for words. He watched, amused, as the large man excused him from the room.

“Hey.” Astrid took the seat vacated by Stoick.

“Hey.” Hiccup picked at his blanket.

“You know, you really scared me the other day,” Astrid told him.

“I’m sorry.” Hiccup met his girlfriend’s steady stare.

“Just try not to do it again.” Her expression softened into a smile. “I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

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It's me again! Sorry it's been a while - I've been off doing Adult things like College and Work but I am back with some asks! --- I just got caught up on #ForceSurprise and I am in LOVE! Baby Satine is already gotten a hold of my heart - Can we get some cutsie fluffy times? Maybe Anakin not knowing how to deal with babies? Sheeve sending a "Congrats" message through flowers that only Obi-wan understands and it prickles him?

Taking a small shuffling walk, Obi-Wan felt his lower half twinge with pain but continued moving forward along the rails as the Healer kept an eye on him. “You are doing great Master Kenobi. Once you can move without supports, we’ll let you out of the Halls and back to your room.” She assured him with a warm smile.

“I know, I know urk. Its just frustrating, I had no idea my hips would ache this much.” Obi-Wan grunted and then sighed a bit. “I knew I was pushing a giant melon out of a lemon sized hole but come on…”

Healer Mira giggled a bit a the image but nodded. “Honestly you’re doing great, as I said, once you can move without needing support, we’ll let you go back since we can be sure you can carry your baby around then. If it wasn’t for that we’d let you go back now but you do kind of need your hands to support yourself at the moment.”

Obi-Wan just waved one hand at her, using the other on the rail still. “I know. I’m not angry at you. I’m annoyed at myself. Technically speaking I’m all healed up thanks to the Jedi Healers, its just residual soreness that’s making all of this difficult.”

“The mind is a powerful thing. If it tells you your body is hurt and sore, it will make your body believe it.” Mira hummed then tapped something into her pad. “But hey, at least you have some help.” The two looked over to where Anakin was awkwardly sitting with Satine in his arms, looking kind of stiff.

Obi-Wan smirked. “Don’t drop her.”

“I won’t.” The man squeaked.

“Or squish her.” Obi-Wan added and Mira covered her mouth up with a tiny giggle as the blond alpha’s eyes went wide.

“I can DO that?” He whispered in horror and looked down at the sleeping Satine. “I’m not going to do that.”

“I do hope not, I pushed that thing out of me, I would be severely angry should something happen to the nugget.” Obi-Wan continued moving steadily. “And then I might have to pull your beating heart out of your chest with my bare hand.”

Both Anakin and Mira stared at him.

“What? That is my baby and said baby is going to become a capable adult that will kick everyone’s ass. But until she can, I kick ass.” The omega snorted.

Anakin slowly looked towards the healer. “I can’t tell if he’s joking or not.”

“I don’t think he’s joking. But hey, parents tend to be protective of their babies.” Mira shrugged and then moved to provide support for Obi-Wan’s walk back to his room.

“Come along knight Skywalker, bring the baby or there will be hell to pay.” Obi-Wan offered cheerfully, sniggering a bit when Anakin got up to follow instantly. ‘Such a cute puffer fish he is.’ He grinned at the healer.

As if she was reading his mind, she raised her brows in amusement and shook her head, helping Obi-Wan to his bed and letting him settle in. “Oh, seems you have a gift.” She noted, eyeing the flowers on the stand next to the bed. “Those are quite pretty.”

Watching Anakin place Satine down, Obi-Wan just gave a low hum. “I’ll take a look at them in a moment.”

“As you say papa krayt dragon.” She laughed, heading out since Obi-Wan wouldn’t need her anymore and there were always others who did.

“I can’t really squish her, can I?” Anakin questioned from where he was standing by Satine’s bassinet, which had been placed close to the changing table for Obi-Wan’s sake since he mainly wanted to take care of her himself.

“She’s just a little baby, enough pressure and pop. But I trust you. I was joking earlier.” Obi-Wan chortled as the blond came over to him and sat on the bedside. “Now lets see about these flowers.” He reached out to them to nab the card in the bouquet.

Flickering it open, he gave it a quick read and then narrowed his eyes slightly, feeling Anakin watching him curiously as he did. Obi-Wan then glanced at the flowers quickly.

“So?” Anakin finally questioned.

“Its from the chancellor.” Obi-Wan hummed, still flickering his eyes over the flowers even as Anakin perked up and started speaking about how nice that was of the old man.

‘If you don’t know flower language then yes. Alright old man, you declaring war on me in flowers is a shitty move. But don’t worry. I know my game.’ Obi-Wan reached out, picking up the gargrell flower in the mist of the bouquet, staring at the fiery orange color.

His lips pursed as he did. ‘Like the color of lava on Mustafar.’

you: tododeku

me, an intellectual: todoiideku

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Not yet knowing what Contraptions do... Wouldn't the Izzet have been a perfect place to put the mechanic, since both red and blue like creating artifacts?

While the set has a little multicolor, most the cards are monocolored and a faction of Goblins require lots of monocolored creatures in both colors. Blue Goblins just feel wrong. (Yes, we did them in Mercadian Masques and they felt wrong there.)

EDIT: There were smart Goblins in Mercadian Masques, which I disliked, but sorry, my mistake, no blue Goblins.

hey, so i’ve been kind of in a funk where i can’t bring myself to write. i’ve come to terms that all my friends are pieces of shit too, so that’s hit me hard. i think july 21 was the one day this year i felt happy, and i wish i felt that way all the time. anyways, i am currently making something. i don’t wanna say too much, but it is going to be all my thoughts and emotions put together. i’m promising myself, i’m not giving up on it. 

this isn’t me saying i’m quitting rp, i just don’t want to be online sometimes now. the friend who helped me believe in myself left again, so i’m just trying to come back. i miss angelo and marilyn, but i’m just so sad and unmotivated. i will rp soon, idk when, but i will. who knows, maybe i’ll be online tonight. 

but thank you guys, for cheering me on and making me feel validated. i need it a lot more than you think. 

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What Now?

It’s not edited but I managed to whip it up real quick in school. I’m so sorry it’s terrible but I’m still trying to deal with things at home.

I’ll try to update as frequent as possible.

Originally posted by logan-and-stuff

Justin’s POV

Loud and relieving. That’s how I would describe the sigh that emitted just mere seconds ago from my own two lips. For what felt like no less then a few days ago, I was once again just absolutely drained. 

It had been a long, long day down on the purpose tour today. Lots of yelling and demands being thrown left and right. People stressing over minor issues that only seemed to blow up and bite us right in the ass later - I was beginning to fall behind, having trouble keeping up, having only got 4 hours of sleep the night before. 

 And above everything - the busy schedule and having only gotten back to the hotel less then 20 minutes ago - I had barely gotten any time with Y/N. 

I knew for a fact she was busy herself though. Today was a rather hectic day if you asked anyone. But it felt a little weird. Slightly wrong in a sense. The two of us had been by each other’s side for the past 16 years. Yes. 16 years. And not seeing her had taken a tole. 

I felt absolutely miserable throughout the day. Having no one who’d make me laugh when I was down or whip me back into shape when I was pissed. I’d known for a fact she was busy down helping Karla with the merch store - setting up for the show and all - but knowing that she was literally only right outside the walls I was setting up in, and wasn’t hanging out with her felt weird.You’d never find a pair of best friends as close as we were. 

Although I did get a few minutes with her earlier on, I kind of wish I hadn’t had that time to spend with the girl. Recently, we’d been having a little bit of a … challenge. A ‘war’ if you must. 

Y/n and I had taken it upon ourselves to push each other to the absolute limit, and see how far we’d get in a teasing match. Yes, you heard right. At the most random, inappropriate part of our day, one of us would just prance in and practically start grinding all over the other, right until breaking point - then leave. 

It had been an oncoming thing and let me tell you, it’s become a bit of a menace and has definitely placed us in some bad situations. Including today. When Y/N and I had miraculously found just a few minutes to spare.

We’d met in my dressing room, me having only 10 minutes till I was set to perform and I was little shaky. 

Palms sweaty, head hot and shaky hands, I parading around the room, breathing in and out in hopes to clear of my pre-stage nerves. Y/n, who’d been in the room no less then 2 minutes, finally peered up from the box of merch she was frantically folding with a high eyebrow. 

“You okay?” She questioned, her tone seeping with curiosity. The suddenty of her voice had my whole body pausing and twisting back to glance at her attractive form. 

“Me? Yeah fine. Just a little jittery.” I sighed. 

Though Y/n shrugged, more then likely knowing how I’d get before a show. It was common. “Don’t worry Jay you’ll kill it. You always do.” 

Her words had a small and grateful smile peering across my lips, head tilting slightly as I smirked down on her, my actions had her blushing in an instant.

“Thanks Y/N.” I chuckled. 

“All good.” She replied, suddenly jolting to her feet with a sly jump. 

I watched in an anticipation as she took small and timid step towards me, repeating this with a little more confidence each time. 

“Besides.” She hummed, licking her lips. It was almost impossible To miss the seductive tone hidden behind the amusement. “That what I’m here for. To calm your nerves.” 

It took not even a second to realise where this was headed, and I was more then ready to shut it down with no hesitation. But In an a mere instant, she was right in front of me body, leant against a wall, trapped right between her. 

“Y/n.” I warned. But she took no warning from my tone. 

“How would you like it, if I did … this?” A sudden strained pleasure was felt throughout my lower region as she palmed her hand against me. 

Oh lord, I was already feeling myself grow against her. “Or this?” And in an instant, her hand was inside and trailing low in my shorts. I slumped back in anticipation, biting hard against my bottom lip as she rubbed against my hard on, growing tall in her hand. It scared me how quick she could get me hard, she was my best friend. I shouldn’t be hard at all. 

“You like that huh?” She smirked, leaning forward to latch her lips onto my neck. No response was heard from me, having no ability to talk, though a muffled grunt of satisfaction was all the response she needed. 

A throaty chuckle was felt against my skin, her body leaning forward to grind against my own, a finger hooked around the waistband of my shorts, slowly tugging the material down, all until, everything, her touch, her body, her heat and just her presence in general was gone in a flash.

My eyes peeled open, a pout playing against my lips as I spot her swaying hips as she walked a mere 5 meters away. She was headed straight for the door, a smirk of satisfaction seen as she spun around to wink in my direction, before she was gone. 

I blinked, trying to process the whole entirety of the situation that I had stupidly enough fallen at the hands for. Glancing down at the issue she had caused below. That’s little bitch just pulled a teasing move on our war minutes before I was to reveal myself in front of thousands of people. 

 And she had gotten me hard enough to a point I couldn’t even hide it. It was just that noticeable. Maybe if I was quick I coul- 

 “You’re in two Bieber! Positions!” Scooters voice was heard down the hall. 

Just great. 

Let’s just say the paparazzi got a good enough headline to use for the next week or so. 

This war between us had gone on long enough. It was beginning to hinder our daily lives but none of us had made any move to end it. It had gotten to a point where we were plotting our schemes. 

Which had me thinking, what was she doing now? 

She was only in the room right next to mine, having been forced by scooter to get our own hotel rooms this time round considering when we’re together we tend to make a lot of noise. 

 Not like that. We’re just rather loud and hyper together. I hadn’t heard from the girl since we’d arrived back home from the show tonight, having seen her walk right into her room and not another noise since. 

She did look exhausted today, and I did feel her pain. But I just couldn’t help the way my legs carried me over towards the wall separating our hotel rooms when my curiosity had taken the best of me. 

 My ear, now pressed against the thin layer of drywall, listening intently for anything, but coming up empty handed. I heard nothing at all, which only encouraged me to press my head up against the concrete further. 

That’s when sudden, panty breaths were heard, moans of pleasure and slight need sounding through the material. 

In an instant I leant back, eyes wide as I processed the sound, but was quickly found pressing my ear back against the wall. 

Continuous moans and breaths were heard, puffs of air quick and breathy. She wasn’t-… was she? 

Even if she was. This was wrong. It wasn’t my business when she felt the need to pleasure herself and I couldn’t say anything on the matter. Most adults did it. Besides it- 

“Justin.” A moan had me jumping far from the wall in a hurry, face red as heat raise against the skin. Had I? Did she? Oh my lord was she thinking about me?

Had I heard wrong, or was Y/N pleasuring herself with me in mind? 

I hadn’t even let the thought process in my mind before I was found slumping against my bed in a trance. What If she really was? Where would that place our relationship? 

We were best friends and I mean sure she was attractive, but did I really wanna go down that path? 

You kinda already did when this whole war started. Oh lord shut up conscious! 

But why was it so right? 

Yet another sigh was emitted from my mouth as I dwelled upon the matter. 

No Justin I shouldn’t think about this at all. This wasn’t my business. If y/n wanted to say anything about our relationship she would, and she hasn’t, so I wasn’t going to say anything either. 

Though my body seemed to be having different ideas, for I was soon found making my way over to her hotel room. Not even bothering to knock on the door I was found barging through with a head full of thoughts ready to spill, and as I opened my mouth to begin my rant - it was then I caught sight of a sleeping Y/N. 

She lay in a cold sweat, face distraught and twisted in conflict. The poor girl looked terrified. And in that moment I hadn’t known if she was dreaming up something dirty or scary. 

Either way, an idea was suddenly appearing in my head, a way to use this situation to my own advantage. It’s revenge time Y/N.

Quickly and quietly, I managed to slip past the door, and shut it without issues. Y/N’s whimpers and pleas were slowly becoming less audible, though I still found myself trailing over to her bedside.

The girl appeared just as fraught as she sounded yet I climbed up and crawled over her body. The sudden pressure on the bed around her, dipping her petite frame in all different directions had Y/N stirring ever the slightest in her sleep.

But as quick as it began, was as quick as she calmed. And at this point, I was smirking in triumph between her legs. Slowly edging down lower and lower, right until my head was aligned with her sex.

She sport nothing but a pair of material shorts amongst her legs, a tank supporting her torso, though no bra was seen. Her perky nipples lay in display for my eyes and I could practically feel myself growing at the sight.

Though I brushed the feeling and slowly began sliding down the material shorts in hopes to not disturb her slumber, which surprisingly enough was a success.

With a smirk on my face, I placed each hand under her thighs, lifting her knees up for better access, subconsciously caressing the skin. Unbeknownst to myself, I hadn’t realised the effect that left on her, and the feeling of goose bumps beneath my fingers left me giddy. 

Y/N’s breath gradually began to fall shallow the closer I grew to her sex, and it wasn’t until I pushed her panties to the side that she suddenly fell breathless. 

That was it, I was done teasing the girl. But I couldn’t seem to pull away. And without warning, against my judgment I suddenly dug my face straight into her thighs, tongue darting out until I was practically making love to her pussy.

That’s when Y/N shot up, face panicked and skin pale, but overall, her eyes held lust. It was visible the way her face fell shocked and disapproving when she spot me between her thighs, but the second I glanced up at her from her pussy, she was falling slump and gripping my hair.

“Ugh.” She moaned. “J-Justin.”

My body reacted to the pleasure she made audible, eyes rolling back and dick hardening just the slightest bit more. I moved my mouth along her sex, sucking her clit harshly in my mouth.

Y/N’s body shook a few times in her position, biting hard on her bottom lip. Eyes diverting from the ceiling to my own as I stared up at her face. Our eyes connected and help eachothers gaze for just a second, until she quickly shot her head up again, focusing back on anything but me.

I frowned at the action, knowing well this was a little awkward for the both of us, but I just couldn’t help myself. Though I managed to ignore the thought and this time, began to quickly flick my tongue up and down her clit.

I could see by the way Y/N’s face twisted in agonising strain how hard she was trying to control her moans, her eyes dancing around the room slightly but constantly trying to keep them away from my gaze. 

Suddenly catching her off guard, I slipped my fingers past her pussy and into her without warning, her body jerking at the sudden feeling. 

“Fuck. Shit!” She practically yelled. “I’m a-almost there - Fuck bab- I mean, Justin.” 

I chuckled slightly against her pussy, continuously pumping my fingers as she clenched around me. And I guess the vibrations had sent her over the edge since before I knew it, her body was shaking against my face with pleasure. 

I managed to glance up with my face still dug firmly between her thighs, spotting her face twisted with pleasure and furrowed eyebrows, eyes squinted harshly and lip tightly dug between her teeth with little wrinkles upon her forehead. 

My heart cleched, just like her pussy at the sight. She was so cute. And that sentence was really dirty. 

I swallowed the last of her arousal and moved my mouth away her now sensitive clit with a smirk.

I smiled up at Y/N, noticing a thin beam of sweat across her forehead and relief set upon her face. Climbing up against her now bare legs, I managed to flip her over and lay beneath her, with her legs straddling my torso. 

“Your so tight.” I cooed. “I loved seeing your face when you came. You were so hot.” 

Her cheeks heat up at the compliments I whispered into her ear, but overall she pulled back with confusion.

“Justin?” She questioned. I hummed. “What does this mean?”

Thats when my body froze. 

What does this mean? I wasn’t sure If I had feelings for and overall she was my best friend. But oddly enough, It didn’t feel wrong. 

“I honestly don’t know.” I answered.

With a sigh, she leant forward and dug her head into my chest, breathing out in doubt, her mind probably swimming with a thousand thoughts, as well as my own.

But besides the silence, I managed to ask. “So what now?”

Y/N shot up, eyes showing a glint of amusement. “Round two?” 

And with no hesitation I nodded. “Round two.” Then began to remove my shorts.


Its bad I know. But it’s something right?

I’ll try and get to requests soon.

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Hi, I'm feeling kinda off today and I just feel like telling someone. I've had a kinda crappy day but at the same time I feel just very unfocused and like I can't really remember what's going on. I just feel weird. You don't have to answer this if you don't want to, I just felt like telling someone and I think you're great and idk why but you were the first person I thought of. Sorry xxx


I feel you, I have days like this DEFINITELY. Take some time for yourself! Do something nice for yourself! Relax and try to clear your mind. It’s super important to chill once in a while, the world is crazy and life can be crazy so make sure you practice SELF CARE. Anyway I’ll stop preaching. If you ever need anyone to talk to you can DM me, i’ll do my best to help??!! You are so sweet and you deserve the entire world, I hope you feel better soon! ♥♥♥♥

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Sorry if this ask seems kind of strange, but i just recently started questioning my gender and realized i was genderfluid! I felt dysphoria when I was younger, mostly around puberty, but since I found out that i was genderfluid, its gotten worse and it makes me feel like I'm faking it just to be "special" bc it wasn't as bad as before I realized I wasn't cis. Can you offer any advice?

You know how when you stub your toe or have a headache or something, it hurts more when you focus on it? That’s what dysphoria is like. You’re not faking (: you’re just more aware of it! And while it kinda sucks, it’s okay and totally normal.



My charms are finally done, you can pre-order them on my tictail!

All charms are 2.5 inches and double sided with the same artwork on the back. All pre-orders will come with a 4x6 print of butler P5 protag or Akechi, just because I felt bad for not including him in the set.
For those that saw the post earlier about the giveaway, there wasn`t enough interest to really have a giveaway so I`m going to cancel it but thank you to the people who did join and sorry ^^

Pre-orders end on August 5th at midnight, EST time and If everything goes well, I plan to ship everything out by mid to late August but if not the latest is most likely early September. Thanks for your time! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

Little Black Dress

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader

Genre: smut

“Why the fuck would you disrespect me like that in front of everyone” Yoongi yelled at you. 

“What the fuck are you talking about, it’s just a dress calm down” You yell back. 

“I don’t care. I told you to change before we left and you disobeyed me. That dress is too tight and it’s too short. Everyone can basically see your ass” he growled and walked over to you pressing his lips against your ear. “Everyone could see what’s mine”.

You gulped and felt your knees almost give in. “I’m- I’m sorry yoo-” you were cut off as Yoongi grabbed a fist full if your hair. 

“That’s not my name Princess”

“I’m sorry daddy” you whispered as he let go of your hair.

“That’s better. You’ve been very bad all day baby and I think you’ve forgotten who’s in charge here” he mumbled as he pressed kisses down your neck.

You let of a soft moan as he found your sweet spot. “Daddy’s gonna punish you tonight princess, but first I wanna see those pretty lips wrapped around my cock” he said pushing down on your shoulders signaling for you to get down on your knees. 

You obeyed and got on your knees. Yoongi starts to undo his belt and his pants. He undoes his button and stops. “Do the rest. I wanna see how hungry you are for my cock. You immediately unzip his fly and pull his pants down along with his boxers. You hear him chuckle above you. “Somebody is eager”

His thick cock stood before you slightly grab it and jerk it off a bit before taking it into your mouth. You start off slow, taking him inch by inch. You decided to tease him and and swirl your tongue around his tip knowing how much it drove him crazy. “No baby I’m in charge tonight. I’m gonna Fuck that pretty little mouth of your and show you who you belong to.

You felt Yoongi rap his hand around your ponytail and force you to take all of him. You gagged as you felt him hit the back of your throat. He picked up his pace and fucked your face fast in right never letting you breathe. He made you take him deeper each time. “Fuck I’m gonna cum” he growled before shooting a load down your throat forcing you to swallow. His heavy breaths above you for some reason turned you on more than ever. “You look so good with glossy eyes and a freshly fucked face”. 

“Get up and strip” he ordered. You got up and unzipped you dress leaving you in nothing but your bra “My princess decided not to wear any panties. Such a Fucking slut" 

Yoongi walked over to you and pushed you down on the bed. He took off his pants and shirt before climbing on top of you. His fingers traveled up and down he your body, playing with your nipples and more. His fingers ran slowly over your slit making you whine in pleasure. "Does my baby like that. You love it when I finger fuck you don’t you”? He asked kissing your neck.

You nodded your head yes but that wasn’t enough for him “use you words princess. Beg for me" 

"Yes daddy I love it when you finger fuck me. Please daddy I need you so bad” you plead  

His fingers slowly circled a your clit

“No I don’t think so baby. Bad girls don’t get my fingers. You’re lucky I let you suck my cock” he said removing his fingers from your core.

He flipped you over on your hands and knees before slamming into you with out warning. “Fuck” you cry out as he thrust into you at a fast and rough pace. "Shit you’re so fucking wet and tight.” You felt a hand come down on your ass followed by a stinging sensation. “You looked so sexy in that slutty dress. Everybody in there wanted to Fuck you” you felt another smack on your ass “Everybody wanted to Fuck what’s mine. Tell me its mine” he demanded follower by another smack.

“It’s yours daddy. My pussy is yours it’s no one else’s” you scream. He grunts above you as he grabs your hair and yanks it back. 

He grips your waist and pounds into even harder than before. “Can I cum” you ask.

“Beg for it like the slut that you are” he tells you never letting up. 

“Please daddy can I cum, I’ll promise to be a good girl from now on. Please I wanna cum around you” you beg as he hits your G-spot over and over again. 

“Go ahead baby cum on daddy’s thick cock” he urged you on. That was all you needed before you came all over him with a cry of his name. 

He continued to fuck you through your high but soon you came down. “Fuck I’m gonna fill you up so much princess. I’m gonna fill you up all with my cum cause I know how much you like it” he leaned down and kissed your back “Your my little cum slut” he growled as he came inside of you. 

He pulled out and collapsed on the side of you in heavy breathes. He pulled you closer and kissed the top of you who head “I love you Y/N but don’t disobey me again" 

“Yes sir” you giggled but soon you both drift off to sleep

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despite me not being in the fandom activly anymore ( because I never felt like I belong here because I don't create) I still follow you because you're one of the very few that cares

I’m sorry that you feel that way. But just know, that people who run blogs like mine only exist because of people who reblog, and comment and like our posts. Please dont feel like you dont contribute because you dont ‘make’ something. You contribute by being here.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing 

I chose Kota’s name for this passage exactly.
(I named her after a Coda in music)

Anyway just a little background.
And that’s exactly her purpose.
I guess it makes sense after the story is over.
I had this in mind the entire time. I have a lot of background things in mind at all times lol. 

Yknow how Robert won't talk to you at the end of Joseph's storyline?


Okay, sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself, but I theorize that they went on dates like the one you go on with Joseph instead of just a one night stand. Their fling may have lasted longer than yours because of how close Robert and Mary are. I think that in the end, Joseph felt guilty for cheating and stopped seeing Robert, just like he does with you. Anyway,


Okay this might sound like bull to a bunch of you, but I’m just gonna go ahead and say that if you’re suffering from a major depressive episode be careful what kind of music you listen to.

At the moment I am not depressed, but I certainly have been, and I’ll tell you something interesting I discovered.

During my last slump I listened to a lot of Linkin Park (because, honestly, I quite like them, sorry guys) and I had a very very steep decline, everything just got worse.

So eventually I thought “let’s listen to something else today” and I did, and I felt better.

Then I started listening to the TF 1984 Movie sound track over and over and over again, and honestly? I started to feel 100x better, and managed to climb out of my slump and recover, and I still listen to that movies sound track everyday, even though I don’t have to.

Okay, that’s all, thanks guys, I know everyone is different.

Listen I’m bi as Heck and as much as I love girls, I also love boys? Boys are amazing and pure and liking boys is a wonderful feeling? I never see a lot of posts talking about cute boys so

Some Boy Aesthetics™ I’m in love with include:

Their tired grins? Have you seen a cute boy grin when he’s tired? Life Changing

Sleeves rolled up to forearms is all good and Well but also when they have Sweater Paws in their hoodies or jumpers? Makes the tallest of them seem so smol? I’m lov?

When they run their hand through their hair and it sticks up in places and it looks So Good

Collar Bones

Soft pudgy stomachs they absolutely make me melt

When ya boy gets flustered A++ Bonus points if he giggles Boys giggling is Everything