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I just sent you a question, and then you posted the thing about people sending you tons of questions like you were their library, and now I feel guilty bc I see the issue. Sorry if you felt pressured and feel free not to answer my previous ask! Just wanted to get a second opinion on the behaviour and I consider you a knowledgeable person.

Oh, no no no, I tried to majorly clarify that that specific post only refers to the people I see in this weird physical landscape we refer to as ‘offline’ and that I have to communicate with by inefficiently flapping my mouthmeats much more slowly than I can type. 

The blog literally exists so people can ask questions! It just means that when I’m, like, out dancing or getting drinks with people I don’t really want to be answering questions instead of chatting about the weather or that cute person in the corner. 

I’m gonna go edit that so it’s even clearer. :)

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I am very understanding on when Lauren stands with all of this, and she's said this — idk, feels like 2014 again lol. But I hate it when she's so rude about it. Like, if you're gonna call out shitty stans for what you see at least call all of them, not just shitty cs that make us all look bad i dont know!!!! ah!!!!! anxiety!!!! Sorry if any of this sounds selfish or whatever, but it just hurts me. I was doing just fine, but I HAd to look up camren on youtube that 2014 fml

It’s okay I get it - I think she just wanted to shut the haters down and didn’t really think about the non-crazy fans who obviously got very disappointed and felt accused of something they’re not responsible for - she put us all in the same basket without thinking that it might hurt some. The fact is, she never embraced the opportunity to make Camren something positive (I think the main reason for that is that Camren was indeed real). Lauren has always been at war with CS, not once did she say anything positive about it - even though it helped a lot of people - I mean it was understandable when she was younger and figuring herself out but now she’s 20, she’s out, and still she couldn’t find a way to end it on a better note - I get that she’s mad and probably tired of it all, and that she had to be direct and blunt, but I think she could’ve used other words.


Pairing: Park Jimin x You
Genre: Just some fluff
Warnings: none

× × ×

“Hey Jiminie, how are you” You asked tiredly, as you spoke with your boyfriend over video chat

“I’m okay, just tired…how’s my baby?” Jimin asked, staring at your eyes

“I’m tired too. I have a lot to study for upcoming exams” You said rolling your eyes when you thought about the universety

It has been hell currently, tests are each day and there are sometimes even more than 2 in one day. You felt like your head will explode with all that studying

“Aww that’s bad” Jimin pouted and you knew exactly why

“I’m sorry ChimChim. I wish i could make it, but i really should pass this exams since they’re really important” You sighed

“I understand” You knew he said that only for you. It was obvious he was very sad

“I promise i’ll come some other time!” You said trying to cheer him up

“Well finee” He groaned, rolling on his bed

“Baby, you should rest before the concert starts! It’s really important for you to be relaxed as possible. I sadly gotta go now, but i love you and i cheer for you! Good luck on the concert!” You said waving at him

“Thanks babe..byee” He waved, smiling sadly

You sighed as he ended the call. It was really obvious he was sad.

Bts was having a big concert this evening. You as Jimin’s girlfriend, have a ticket for the concert and you were supposed to come. But the problem was the universety.

You weren’t the best student and you had a problem with making time for studying so your grades dropped a little. Not only that, but there were some important exams and you needed to pass them

But it’s either concert or good grade.

Making a decision was already hard enough, but seeing Jimin’s face so sad..It broke your heart to see him like that. And now, he needs to be at his best so he could perform nicely as always, but his emotions were wild inside of him now

You glanced at the pile of untouched books. You barerly knew any of that, and you had exams tomorrow and day after it.

You sighed, getting up and walking towards the wardrobe.

“I’ll fail it, so why to try to study then?” You asked yourself, pulling out your outfit for the evening.

You had to go to the concert and to see Jimin. Nothing was more important than him right now.

× × ×

“Jimin, concentrate”

Jimin sighed, trying to sing the song again. He would’ve sang it great, if you only weren’t occupying his mind. He missed you dearly, but he just found out he won’t be able to see you.

“I’m sorry. I’ll concentrate” Jimin apologised and they started repeating the coreo again

But his sad additute catched attention of the boys. It was rare for Jimin not to be all jumpy and happy.

“What’s wrong with him?” Jhope asked

“I think Y/N said that she can’t come to the concert” Jungkook replied, glancing at his sad hyung

“No way! Why?” Taehyung asked

“She has some exams she might fail” Jungkook said

“Damn it, Jimin was really excited to see her” Taehyung said recalling how happy Jimin was when Y/N said she could come

Suddenly, Suga’s phone vibrated. He unlocked the phone and read the text he recieved, not being able not to smile.

“What’s up?” Jungkook asked curiously

“Nothing’s bad as we thought” Suga said, turning his phone around so other boys could read the text

“That’s awesome!”

“He will be so happy!”

× × × ×

“Thank you for coming to our concert!” Bts yelled, bowing at ARMY

The ARMY happily waved with their Bangtan bombs around, looking at their favourite idols.

“But before the concert starts, we would like to say something, if that’s okay” Rap Monster started

“We know how much Jiminie and Y/N love each other very much-” Taehyung said

“-And we know it’s tough for them to be so long apart-” Jhope added

“-Because, we had a very busy schedule and Y/N was busy a lot because of universety and exams-” Jungkook said

“-so she said she couldn’t come to the concert. But their love is too strong to be held by those bounrades called exams. They missed each other dearly-” It was Suga’s turn now

“-So we just wanted to do something for them, so that they could see each other in person again after many months.” Jin finished

Jimin was looking at his friends confused, since he had no clue what was happening right now.

The ARMY moved left and right, making a small path from the entrance to the stage. Y/N entered the building, heading on the small path to the stage. She was running towards Jimin.

As she run, the path behind her was closing, ARMYs were waving with their bangtan bombs, making the view look magical.

“Y/N!” Jimin yelled as he hugged Y/N tightly when she stepped on the stage

“Y/N, you told me you won’t come!” He said happily, not letting go of her

“Well, the exams aren’t as important as you are. And i know what my priorities are, and that’s cheering for you from the crowd” Y/N replied

Jimin wasted no time. He cupped your cheeks with his small hands, kissing you lovingly.

ARMYs went wild, letting out loud squeals and aww’s as they took pictures of you two.

As you broke the kiss, you gave him a small peck on the cheek making him blush at your actions. You bowed at other boys, thanking them for making this so special for you and Jimin.

Soon, the concert started. You were standing in front row with ARMYs, enjoying watching your boyfriend from that spot.

Every now and then, Jimin would occasionaly send you wink or a small kiss, which would make you blush and ARMYs would squeal at his cuteness.

Since the concert was lasting around 2 hours, you had enough time to befriend fans which were next to you.

They were speaking formaly with you, which you found amusing since some fans were even older than you.

× × ×

Since the concert finished now, and Jimin motioned to you to go with him backstage. Just before you left the crowd, few girls which were standing around you, asked you to stop so they could tell you something.

“You two look perfect together” One girl which was next to you told you, making you blush at her statement

“And i hope you two have bright future together” other girl said, bowing at you

You thanked them for kind words before running again towards Jimin. You hugged him tightly and he pecked you on the lips, wrapping his arm around your waist

“What were you speaking with them?” Jimin asked curiously

“They told me that they think we look nice together and hope that we have a bright future together” You said with a smile

“Well i would like that.” He said, kissing you again, now more passionate

“I would like that too” You replied with a giggle

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Tomco fic idea- Maybe sometimes Marco wakes up in the morning to find Tom just snuggled next to him.

Awww! This was so cute! A really nice and adorable idea for a little drabble! I hope you like it! Sorry it’s so short, it’s one of those little drabble things. Just a snipet. Enjoy!

These mornings were the best. Marco’s eyes fluttered opened and he saw the little bits of light coming in through the curtains. He smiled when he felt the familiar comfort of the moment. Days like this were always nice, when outside was freezing cold, but his bed was nice and warm. And he had no real reason to get up, so he could lounge as long as he wanted. Marco rolled over and saw something that made this nice moment even better.

Tom was curled up in a little ball at the foot of his bed like a kitten. But he had his arms out reaching up towards Marco, like he wanted to snuggle him, but didn’t want to wake him. Marco sat up and gently shook the demon to get him to open his eyes. “Tommy, come on.” Marco urged. Tom opened his eyes and Marco motioned for him to come closer. Tom didn’t waste any time. He crawled right up next to Marco and under the covers. Marco giggled and kissed his demon’s head. “Sweetie, it’s cold, don’t stay down at the foot of my bed.” Marco told him. “Come up here with me.” He smiled.

“Sorry Mar-Mar.” Tom yawned and the two cuddled closer. Marco smiled and nuzzled Tom’s hair, holding him around the waist.

“This is the third time you’ve come by recently.” Marco said with a teasing tone. Tom smiled and moved closer still. He pulled the blanket around the two of them.

“I know.” Tom smiled. “Sometimes I wake up at night and get lonely.” Tom responded. At hearing this, although it was just a little thing, Marco hugged Tom tightly. Even though it wasn’t such a pathetic thing to say, the thought of his demon feeling anything less than totally content and loved made Marco nauseous.

“Aww! My poor Tommy.” Marco gushed. Tom blushed and pushed Marco away gently and playfully.

“Stop it, it’s not a big deal. Sometimes I just like to see you.” Tom responded. Marco grinned and covered Tom’s face in little kisses. He moved Tom closer to him and grasped his shirt. Tom smiled and wrapped his arms around Marco.

“I know you do, and I really do love that I’m the first one you come to.” Marco admitted. “You know that even if you just feel a little bit lonely, or a little bit sad, you can always come to me?” Marco asked him. Tom smiled and nodded, playing with the string on Marco’s hoodie. He wore that red thing all the time, even to bed when it was cold enough. And Tom loved it. He would steal it and wrap it around himself, it made him happy, like Marco was hugging him. And sometimes when Marco would go away for a while, he would leave it with Tom. And Tom would hold onto it every night.

“I know, I can always come to you.” Tom whispered. “And I always will.” He added. Marco grinned and brushed Tom’s pink hair from his face. He looked so cute all smushed against the pillow, with two of his eyes closed and the other looking at him sleepily.

“You can get some sleep, love-bug.” Marco told him. Tom yawned and closed his eyes, smiling when Marco situated himself more comfortably in his arms. Marco closed his eyes and made sure the two of them were cuddled close and happy, warm despite the cold air in the room. Marco felt Tom’s grip on him tighten and he smiled.

These morning were the best.

Picture Perfect - Chapter 12

Here it is, as promised. Technically where I live it’s not tomorrow yet.

The full chapter is available on AO3 or

If you want to be tagged, don’t be shy - just let me know and I’m more than happy to include you.  And if I forgot you I’m so incredibly sorry and I swear it wasn’t on purpose.  Just let me know and I’ll add you back in.  Tags are below the Read More…

This past week had been one for the books as far as Oliver Queen was concerned, and he wasn’t entirely sure how he felt about it.

On the one hand, his mystery girl was becoming less of a mystery. Well, that wasn’t entirely true, he supposed. He still wasn’t any closer to finding out her identity, but he was getting to know her a little, and he definitely liked what he was getting to know.

The night Dickface, or Carter fucking Bowen as he was more commonly known, had taken Felicity back to her place, his mystery girl had returned his text message with one of her own, and their conversation had served to improve his mood immensely.

She was fun and flirty, and she didn’t cave to his begging, despite knowing who he was. That was definitely a first for a woman. Well, maybe a second; Felicity didn’t usually cave to him, either, and she knew that he was Oliver Queen and the Hood.

After that first night, which was innuendo-laden and full of banter, she had become slightly more reserved in her texts, occasionally even going over twenty-four hours without responding to him. It was like she had pulled back after that first night, and he didn’t know why. He had alluded to masturbating to her pictures, maybe that had caused her recent reticence?

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Suffocation By Hugs

Anon Request: 
“Hey! Could you do a jacksepticeye x (fem)reader, where the reader has a really bad day and Sean tries to cheer her up? and it’s all really cute and FEEELS. I’m soo sorry that it’s vague, but I wanted to give you space to be creative hahah”

YAY! Another Jackaboy fic! 
Sorry it’s taking me a while to get through your requests. But  I WILL get through them! I promise! 

Originally posted by jacksepticeyegifs

The bed bounced as Jack flopped on the blankets beside you. 
“Whatcha frowning about?” He asked. The two of your were sprawled across the mattress, your bodies lying opposite ways but your heads were next to each other. 
You sighed.  It felt like that was all you did today. 
Sigh, sigh, sigh. 
You sighed at work, you sighed at school, even at the gentle old lady down the street. 
Today just hadn’t been your day and you didn’t want to bring Jack down with you. 
“Just wondering how many cracks are in the ceiling,” You tried to diverge the You-tuber’s attention away from your face. 
But of course, the man knew you too well and he turned his head to look at you. 
“Bad day?” He asked, sensing the tone in your voice. 
You sighed. 
“Not one I’ll celebrate over,” You grumbled, trying not to meet his gaze. 
Suddenly, you felt the bed shift and you watched with a raised eyebrow as Jack crawled over the sheets and tumbled off the bed. 
“What are you doing?” You asked. The absurdity of Jack’s fall off the bed made you chuckle a little. He over exaggerated the “getting up” process with waving arms and grunts of exhaustion, but managed to find his way to your underwear drawer. 
You watched, utterly flabbergasted as Jack pulled something from the draw and placed it on his head. 
He turned around with a “Ta-Da!” and you burst into a fit of giggles. Jack had placed a bra over his eyes, making him look like some ridiculous bee-creature. 
“This is how it goes right?” He asked with a smile. 
“No, you idiot!” You said with a chuckle, “Put that down.” 
He laughed and flicked it off his head. He made his way over to you, leaping onto the bed and lying on top of you. 
You grunted softly as he allowed his body-weight to fall on you, pretty much crushing you into the bed. 

“What are you doing now?” You mocked breathlessness and he wrapped his arms around you body. Sliding them under your back and squeezing you. 
“Hugs always make me feel better,” He said with a babyish tone. “Does it work for you?” 
You laughed and snuggled your face into the crook of his neck. The whiskery hairs on his chin tickled you as you allowed yourself to relax into the embrace. 
“It is,” You said. “Even though your suffocating me with your body.” 
“I’m not that fat,” He murmured sarcastically. When he tried to roll off you, you gripped him tighter, holding him in place. 
“No, not yet.” You insisted. Jack smiled and settled down again, moving just enough so he wasn’t squashing you. 

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yo jikook got any pets

JM: I have a Pomemranian named Hachi. It’s short for Hachiko. I cried so much when I saw that movie and I just felt like naming her that after I found her in a box as a pup after leaving work one day

JK: I have a German Shepard named Max. My parents gave them to me when I was a kid for my birthday. I love taking him on walks

((Okaaayyyy….so I said I would be doing digital,but right now I don’t have a laptop since mine broke so until May I’ll still be doing traditional….I’m sorry if I disappointed anyone! :( Lmao Jungkook will forever keep changing in my art rip me))

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Hello! Could I please have a headcannon with everyone (RFA+V+Saeran) finds out MC has eczema that makes big patches of red irritated skin that's bumpy and scars with spots everywhere? Eczema is generally caused by dry skin, irritating/uncomfortable clothing, and the weather. Lots of people with eczema had little pain unless they break the skin while scratching (Sorry I felt like explaining it might help)

A couple of my friends actually have eczema, but still, thank you for explaining! I did a skin condition headcanon here but since this is a bit different, I’ll still write this.

-He noticed sometimes you would rub on the red marks and then hiss in pain.
-That’s when he began getting concerned.
-He asks you about it and you tell him you have eczema, and he feels really bad for you.
-You assure him it’s usually painless, just at the moment your skin is really irritated so it stings.
-He’s actually heard of the condition before, but never known anybody with it, so he doesn’t know what it’s like.
-Whatever it’s like, he wants to help you out.
-He’ll research some remedies and ask around people he knows for any advice they may have.
-He just wants to be useful and help ease any discomfort :)

-He hates that it can be so uncomfortable for you.
-He knows what eczema is and has worked with some people with it. The only thing he really knows it that it can be irritating.
-The boy knows self-care and self-grooming like a professional.
-So, he’ll help find special skin care treatments to help you out.
-Lotions, ointment, foams, anything that he’s heard will help get rid of the red spots.
-He also doesn’t smoke around you because he’s been told that kind of thing can cause flare ups.
-He’s working on quitting anyway, and this is just another one of the many reasons he’d like to quit.
-Just for you~

-She’s known a few people with eczema, so she knows that it’s relatively painless.
-That doesn’t keep her from doting over you though.
-She’ll buy you lotions or ointments to help with your irritated areas.
-She wants to keep it from hurting as much as possible.
-Jaehee actually keeps lotion with her in her purse, both for herself and now also for you.
-Very considerate about the whole thing too. She’ll ask what kinds of things you’ve noticed can cause your eczema to flare up and makes mental notes to make sure to keep you away from those things as much as possible.
-She’ll keep any dietary triggers in mind while running the cafe with you and all.

-He assumed you had eczema because he saw it on your arms when he first met you.
-It wasn’t that he was upset by it, but he just saw it when you shook his hand.
-He’s concerned that it is uncomfortable for you and wants to make you feel better, so he’ll ask you if you’re arm is okay.
-You reply with “Oh, yeah, it’s just eczema.”
-He says “Yes, I thought so. But is it bothering you? I could have someone bring something to help you if it’s bothering you.”
-He’ll get you really effective and helpful lotions if you’d like him to.
-You won’t have to worry about dietary triggers because Jumin takes care of all of that.
-He’ll also make sure to keep the penthouse at the appropriate temperature and reduce any exposure to irritants like smoke and pollen that could cause flare ups.

-Since he’s such a self-proclaimed super genius, he knows what eczema is.
-When he sees the red on your skin, he knows what it is.
-He doesn’t really say anything about it because he doesn’t want to upset you. Plus it’s not like it bothered him. He just wanted to know if it hurt you, because if it was hurting you, he wanted to help.
-It’s mostly painless, and he knows that, but still.
-If you bring it up in conversation or complain about it, he’ll ask if you would like his help.
-When he met you and found out you had eczema, he researched different products and remedies that could help you.
-He’s prepared. He’s got so many bookmarked tabs on his computer just for you.
-You have significantly less flare ups because of him.

-He can’t see much,
-that’s how most of his hc start out I’m so sorry
-but he can feel bumps on your skin. Also, sometimes you wince when he brushes over them.
-Obviously, something is wrong.
-He’ll ask you about it, hoping that it isn’t a sensitive topic because he doesn’t want to offend you.
-You tell him it’s eczema and it makes total sense to him now.
-Since he lives to help others, he’ll buy or make you some things that could help like medicines.
-He tries his best to keep environmental triggers like temperature moderated so that you don’t have flare ups, but there’s only so much he can do.
-He kisses the red spots to make them better ^-^

-He’s noticed it but of course didn’t know what it was because his whole life has been so sheltered.
-He was hoping it wasn’t some sort of terminal disease or it wasn’t painful.
-You explain what eczema is and promise him that it is typically painless and not life threatening.
-Sometimes it bothers you and he can tell.
-He’ll ask him brother for help because he has only just learned what this condition is, he of course has no idea how to handle it.
-He follows his brother’s advice and buys you lotions and other medicine to help you out.
-Since sometimes food can be triggers, he’ll keep you away from those things.
-Really, he’s just glad it’s not as bad as he first thought it was.

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Hi, I'm the girl who's been rewatching tvd, sorry if I'm bothering you. One thing I've really noticed now in retrospective is that Stefan and Elena weren't together for that long, I mean sure season 4 was still Stelena angsty and they kept teasing them in season 5 but overall we've been dealing with DE for longer yet I still felt like Stelena had a longer relationship? Just can't understand this.

Hello, not bothering at all, I’m happy to answer everything, I just don’t think I’ll be rewatching anytime soon.

Well the thing about Stelena is that when they were together they were a team, they made memories and had cute relationship moments like the ‘you’re staring - i’m gazing - it’s creepy - it’s romantic’ or the farris wheel, they just felt like a couple and the conflict wasn’t about not being right for each other, it was Damon or Katherine or Klaus.

And then with DE idk I feel like they just didn’t know how to write a relationship for them because it literally made zero sense that she’d forgive him for everything so they had to do the sire bond to get them to hook up somehow and then once that happened they just kept fighting and having breakup sex to keep it ‘interesting’ I guess, and then when they realized how terrible this relationship was they erased Elena’s memories to have them be apart and get together again.

So DE never really had a proper relationship if you think about it.

Night in the woods reaction *spoilers *

Night in the Woods, was honestly just what I needed right now. It was a game that kind of went along with what I am going through, except I am not depressed like Mae was. However I did relate a lot to her. Unsure of what she wanted to do with her life, getting out of college because it just didn’t feel right. It’s hard, and this semester has been the hardest i’ve ever done purely because I have to just get through it, or lose all my money, sorry back to the game.

I loved it so much. All the characters were so charming and sweet (well aside from the cult) and I just felt like i was in their group of friends. And especially with Jack playing it as well It felt like we all went on this journey together. ANd the voices he gave all of them really sold it, they were just so perfect for the characters. Now i was really scared for the ending, because my thought was that Mea was either going to get killed, or kill herself, which is why i pushed off watching it for a bit,because Mea reminds me a lot of me, and if they ended it with that I think it would make me feel more hopeless about my situation.  however i really wanted to see how it ended so I just mustered up all the courage I had, and watched it,and I’m so glad i did. The ending was open enough so people can branch their own stories of what happened, while leaving all the characters in a place where they were all happy and relatively okay. Though I really wish they would have had one final song for you to play at the end their.

Now here is a list of things i’m really glad they added

1. Making the main character in a middle class family. A lot of people think middle class is fine and they dont need to worry about anythign, which is not true. For me my mom and dad both work, my dad is at a job he hates just to bring in money for us, which I find extremely admirable. But they can’t afford to pay for my education, so I’ve had to do that myself. Which is one amount of stress. Not only that but when you are just completely lost in what you want to do, that doesn’t help either.

2. Not making the pastor the bad guy. In a lot of movies and shows, they mostly portray the Christian character to be a jerk, or evil. Which makes me kind of say, and I was holding my breath to see if Pastor K ended up being in the cult. She was not though, she was just continuing to help as much as she could , which I loved so much.

3. The realism. This hit some pretty hard topics and it’s really extra cool when you find yourself almost crying over some cartoon animals. The dialog , the emotion , everything, it was just so true to life, so relatable, and I and just so glad they made it that way.

All in all I’m so incredibly glad @therealjacksepticeye (aka my best youtuber friend ^w^) played this game, it really made me feel a lot better. Thankyou

ps: I’m really upset you didn’t quote hot fuzz more in the playthrough >w< I WAS WAITING FOR IT DUDE!!


My fanfiction for Feanorian week Day 4 - Caranthir.
Prompt: Marriage

Also on AO3

“I’m not going. I’m staying in Valinor.”

Carnistir froze, hearing those words. Slowly, he looked up to her. Milyë stood there, with firmly face. So unlike her…

“I’m not going to give up all that I have so far, Carnistir. Sorry.”

Her voice was so strange, like if it belonged to different person. And still, it was her. How could he be so surprised? Her decision shouldn’t be shock for him. But hearing those words…

“Won’t you say anything?”

Demanding, sharp voice.

“Milyë… I… Why?”

His voice was shaking, he couldn’t say a coherent sentence. He was never good with coping with his feeling, he thought…. And now he felt just humiliated by breaking down in front of her eyes.

“Carnistir I… I can’t. You know its not for me” Her features softened. She sat next to him, and took his hand. “I think it will do us only good.”

“How could you say so?! Milyë, are you kidding me?”

Woman was looking down for a moment, not saying anything.

“It couldn’t work out, Carnistir, we both know it. Even if we didn’t want to admit it even to ourselves. It was a mistake”

“A mistake? What do you call a mistake? Our marriage? How could you forget how we were happy? Does it mean nothing for you?”

“And how long did it last? A year? 5? And what’s then? Do you still want to pretend everything was good? Because I’m tired of it.”

“Have you ever loved me?” he asked desperately, afraid of the answer.

“I thought that I love you”

Her words was like slap in the face, even if he anticipated it. They get married quickly, in haze of love. Which not necessarily had to be something bad, he knew a lot of good couples who started like that… But it wasn’t their case.

When excitement ceased, they started to see how different they are. And how much it disturbed them. Carnistir didn’t admit it even to himself, but when they were leaving to Formenos, and Milyë refused to go, he felt relief. But now… It was so definitive. If Milyë decide to stay, they may never see each other again. It would be over.

He looked at her, resigned. He felt so tired. Surprisingly, he wasn’t even angry.

“Stay. Maybe you will find someone you will truly love.”

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Sorry if I'm being a bother, but are you going to update the singledad! Lance comic (???) or was that just a one time thing. Again, sorry if I'm bothering you, I just really love your art!

No, no. You aren’t bothering at all, thank you for your words actually :)

uhmm, I wasn’t thinking on doing a comic per-say, I was working on another comic (one for the Prince Lance and Captain Keith au) before I felt like doing the singlefather!Lance one, but we’ll see how things go I guess, I definitely want to do more of these aus so this is not the last thing you are going to see about single dad Lance and Math teacher Keith uwu 

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Have you seen the new beauty and the beast movie ? They have a song called (Evermore) and idk why it reminds me of drarry Sorry this so weird I just felt like sharing. Hope you having a good day

I have! Evermore does have that falling from grace and arrogance message, and i can imagine Harry having that “should i stay or go” moment that can make Draco reconsider himself, so i can sort of see it actually?

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Three pieces of headcanon for Bianca Grieve please :)

OOOH THANK YOU I HAVE SO MANY. Here is way more than three oops. 

- She falls in love with a woman - kisses a woman - when she’s nineteen; and its a revelation. She’d had a few boyfriends in high school, nothing serious, just for one or two months, but only because she felt like she had to, because all of her friends were. She always assumed she just hadn’t found the right boy. But then she falls in love with a woman at police college - all tattoos and bravado, soft smiles and short hair. She kisses her, late one night on the oval while they’re training together - cold and tired and enamoured - and she figures out she just hadn’t found the right girl. 

- She doesn’t speak to her parents.

- She moved from Canberra to Sydney for a job with the AFP, and she hates it at first - too loud, too busy, too lonely. But there’s nothing, no-one keeping her back home, and she makes herself settle down, finds the things she likes about it - good coffee, her work, Janet.

- Her apartment is barely lived in, is empty and quiet - so it’s a bit of a relief, staying in the motel in the room next to Janet, even though she knows she misses her kids like hell. It feels selfish, and she’s careful not to push, to tread carefully around her feelings for her, around their feelings for each other - but it was the most at home she’d felt in years, when Janet had asked her to stay the night, when she had woken up with her head in the gap between Janet’s shoulder and breast. 

- She lied when she said she was asked to be protection for Janet at her home. She asked them if she could. 

- She spends the weeks of mandatory leave, after everything with Peta and the Commission, building IKEA furniture in her apartment with Andy. She figures she should get settled in, figures she should leave Janet be. So she buys a case of beer for the two of them, and they only fight a few times over the instructions. Janet calls, asks her to come over, asks her to please stay, and she has to ask Andy back to help her dismantle everything. 

- She’s terrified by the idea of parenting, never really had it on the books. But she loves Janet’s kids like they were her own, revels in the way they love her back.

- She likes to have lunch with Janet, or at least bring her coffee if they’re pressed for time. But they’ll try, often enough, to share a meal across the mess of her table (her foot tracing her thigh underneath it) or go for a walk, or make out behind the closed curtains of her office, or in some abandoned corridor somewhere, her back pressed up against a desk or a wall, her hand tangled in Janet’s loosening ponytail.