sorry i just couldn't with you two

Boys… boys!

If you don’t like each other then why are you

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sitting next to each other?

after two years and a million different urls, this little blog is doin’ alright. this is my first follow forever just as a way to thank the people who have brought me happiness while online! you’re all amazing!

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News media: Power Rangers is the first movie to feature an LGBTQ superhero


The signs as things my friends have said at two a.m.

Aries: Am I the only one concerned with how much alcohol this dog has imbibed? 

Taurus: Why is the past tense of “grab” “grabbed?” Shouldn’t it be something more fun, like…I dunno, “gribben?” 

Gemini: I hope you realize that I’m not even a little bit interested. 


Leo: Okay, but…what if…what if we just…ordered like six pizzas…right now…

Virgo: Do anime characters know they’re animated??

Libra: God, your stupidity amazes me! It’s like a whole new level of stupid I didn’t even know existed!

Scorpio: Quitters don’t fucking quit. 

Sagittarius: *loud sobbing* 

Capricorn: Pineapples are so weird. I don’t trust them. 

Aquarius: See you next water time, you fucking assholes


Miraculous Ladybug Little Mermaid AU

Just imagine:
•Adrien as Ariel (because, let’s be honest, he is a Disney princess)
•Marinette as Prince Eric
•Gabriel as King Triton (does that just not fit, tho??)
•Plagg as Flounder
•Nino as Scuttle
•Nathalie as Sebastian
•Hawkmoth as Ursula (let’s pretend Gabriel and Hawkmoth are two different people)
•Alya as Max the dog (you can’t argue with me on this one, lol)
•Chloe and Sabrina as Flotsam and Jetsam (they are both irl eels, tbh)
•Tikki as Grimsby (because she’s the voice of reason)

Now the plot:
•Adrien is a free spirit and wants to visit the human world, which King Gabriel refuses
•Adrien brings things he finds from sunken ships to Nino, hoping he knows what they are
•He has a secret collection of human treasures that only Plagg and Nino know about until Natalie sneaks in and finds out
•Adrien sees fireworks and follows the boat that are shooting them off, to find Princess Marinette
•There’s a storm, and Adrien ends up rescuing Mari from drowning
•Hawkmoth sees how much Adrien cares for the princess and sends Chloe and Sabrina to find him to make a deal
•Plagg finds a statue of Princess Mari and shows it to Adrien, but Gabriel ultimately destroys it, making him miserable that makes him follow the eels
•Hawkmoth makes him a deal that he’ll turn him human and give him 3 days to kiss Mari, but if he’s unsuccessful, he’ll turn back and belong to him
•Adrien agrees, is given legs, and is then found by Alya and Mari
•I think you all know how it goes from here: dates, singing, trickery, saving of the day, they get married and live happily ever after

Happy birthday to you…

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday dear blog!!

Happy birthday to you!

Yay! This blog is officially a year old! (It actually turned one on the 3rd, but I didn’t have the chance to celebrate it DX)

Anyway, I’m planning to do a giveaway to celebrate, plus I just got 300 followers! So we have two reasons to celebrate!

But first of all, I want to thank all of you.

Y'all have been a real help throughout this whole thing. I never actually imagined it would last this long! But a few people really helped me, and I really, really appreciate that.

Those few people are…

@ryancorrsin Man, words can’t even tell how much of a help you’ve been.

@asktoastythearcanine OML WHERE DO I START.

@askduskumbreon / @theoneandonlyduskstrike AHHHHH THANK YOU! THATS ALL I CAN SAY.


@grassnake-side-blog / @grassnakeandfriends-askblog The best, the absolute best. Tysm

And there are definitely more people, but my dumb brain can’t think of them all.

But, thanks again for being so very helpful!

- Nat Mod


“He is the closest person to me in this whole world. He is the man I will always forgive, always trust. The one man I would never, ever lie to.“

Seriously, employment office? You make me apply for a job at an alcohol store, a place that I’m the LEAST possible qualified person for, and have me fill all these online forms to say I did it, and now two weeks later you’re telling me, on paper, SEVERAL papers, EACH IN A DIFFERENT ENVELOPE (like, wtf???) that I never did? And now if I want to hang on to my only source of income -my unemployment benefits- I have to explain to you why I didn’t. The fuck is wrong with you?

Haikyuu!! Characters React To: Daisuga.
  • Requested by Anon:
  • -
  • Tanaka: Wait, you mean they weren't already dating?
  • Ennoshita: For once, I have to agree. I thought you two were already dating and we just kind of accepted it.
  • Daichi: Seriously..
  • Hinata: Yeah! Tanaka-sanpai gave the first years a briefing.
  • Sugawara: A briefing? Really?
  • Nishinoya: YEAH! I HELPED!
  • Oikawa: Even we could tell..
  • Iwaizumi: Yeah pretty much.
  • Hanamaki: You guys smelled gay, so that usually leads to actually being gay.
  • Matsukawa: What does gay smell like?
  • Hanamaki: Us.
  • Kuroo: Our team just thought you guys were already married.
  • Yaku: That's why we were so surprised you guys were coming out.
  • Daichi: ...You guys just assumed we were always together?
  • Sugawara: Honestly, with out question?
  • Asahi: Why wouldn't we? You guys are our friend's firstly and than teammates or rivals.
  • Kenma: Exactly, just like the racy photo's of Oikawa and Iwaizumi making out, we won't judge you guys.
  • Oikawa: I liked you better when you were quiet.
  • Sugawara: So no one questioned it, because you all thought it was a thing already. And you never judged us?
  • Everyone except Daichi: Yep.
  • Daichi: This turned out sweeter than I thought it would.

Let him get to know you better.

@radiofishface Can I just say that your akafuri is giving me life! I definitely stumbled upon this pairing late (just got into KNB like two weeks ago…^^;) and with the lack of fanart, I ventured into fan fiction; and this is by far one of my favorites! (Whoops! Run on sentence!) I read the first part and loved it! So thank you so much for this! <3.

Awww thank you so much! This is such a sweet message. 💕 I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying my fic, and to meet a brand-new KnB and AkaFuri fan! Welcome to the fandom. :D I’ve been doing fandom stuff for a loooong time, but I think KnB is probably my all-time favorite. 🏀🌈 (I was inactive over the last month due to some mental health stuff, but I’m really excited to jump back into KnB now that the Last Game movie is about to come out! //bounces)

And oh gosh yes, I relate to being thirsty for more AkaFuri. I’m a multi-shipper but there’s just something about the two of them together? I could write about the pairing forever, seriously. //laughs (Which is good since I’ve committed to doing a whole series about them. XD) Anyway, thank you again for your really nice message! I’m so glad that people are still joining this fandom and finding pairings they love. ❤️

hearing the news that jeremy davis left paramore

I knew what today was. I just tried to block it out. I think I just need some time to clear my head of you before I continue being so persistent in my efforts to get us back. But how could I forget…
I was running and saw a couple kissing. I ran as fast as I could back to my car and then I just collapsed. My car was two miles away. I sprinted two miles in attempt to not think of you.
On my drive back home, I listened to all of your favorites. It wasn’t intentional but I guess it was the least I could do. I still refused to think of you.
I didn’t call. I didn’t text. I shouldn’t feel guilty because it’s not like you are waiting by the phone, but for some reason I do. I didn’t say anything at all to you.

But I’ve said it to myself multiple times today. Happy Birthday. I’m sorry that I’m not saying it tonight…

—  I wish I could be there to celebrate but things changed months ago and I don’t think you want me there

opheila  asked:

honeybee and poetry!! 💕

(i love love your new url!!)

honeybee: name something positive you have done for yourself or someone else in the last two weeks.

  • i’ve been trying harder with self care recently (for my health but also like for life)

poetry: if you have one, name a favorite book or poem.

lovely asks



Two million zeni. A bounty for a strange woman. Robs banks, and changes personality and appearances when she sneezes. Judging by the price on her head, she must have stolen a good amount. He could swear he’d seen her face on bounty signs in other cities while working other jobs, too. He rubbed his chin and glanced down at the cold, days-old pizza on his plate. 

Yeah, he could use that cash.

He pulled himself up off the couch and got going.

It took him some time to research, but eventually he where she’d last been spotted, and what she may be up to. It’d been a few days since he’d last seen the broadcast about her bounty, and he’d found himself staying at a large, well-known interplanetary bank on Mars. If he’d played his cards right and figured this out correctly, she’d be hitting this place soon. He just had to act casual until then, waiting in the long, long, long, long line to see a clerk. And damn, at this rate, he wouldn’t even need to come up with some kind of pretend reason for being at the bank to tell the clerk.