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I didn’t notice on my first play through. While you’re trying to help find a way to Sully’s plane (after the run-down of dragging him off the island), Sam lingers at each and every scenic spot behind the group that they pass.

Just taggin along. Taking in all the things he probably spent most his time in prison and before imagining would sound, smell, and look like. And then he finds he’s going to need to leave it all. Before he’ll get the chance to really take it all in, and have it stay where the struggle to get there took place.

It was so easy, once Pete was dead. All around him, people were screaming, crying, protesting loudly against the injustice of it all, but he was calm - dead in all but body.

His eyes were dry, he noticed with an absentminded wonder as to the cause. In fact, he was eerily calm as well, despite what had just occurred. Even his voices were silent. How strange.

He had a gun in his hand. When did that happen? He could have sworn he didn’t have one a moment ago. Pete didn’t like guns. He liked saving people, not killing them. He liked saving people so much, he even tried to save Wade himself, but that was useless. He was only good for killing. Pete was too good for him.

A voice came from behind him and he turned around slowly, his eyes taking in the red, white, and blue-clad form of Captain America. Why was he talking to him? He was too good to talk to the likes of him, Wade knew.

Another flurry of speech came and he realized that his hand was raising, slowly, taking the gun with it. He watched from a distance as his body clicked off the safety and fired once. The Captain fell to the ground and lay still, just like Pete.

More voices came now, louder than before, and for the first time an emotion broke through his cool calm. Why did they scream louder for Captain America than for Pete? Did they not care about his death? He looked around him, noticing the way they cowered away from him when just two minutes ago they had been crowding around him for safety, and his ire eased slightly. It was he they were screaming about.

They didn’t need to do that. He wasn’t worth screaming about. Pete wouldn’t have liked the fact that they were scared. He almost wanted to reassure them, but his mouth couldn’t move and the worry slid to the back of his mind along with all the other things he didn’t want to think about. It was getting rather full back there.

Another voice, and this time he turned to see the helmet-less Iron Man himself, Tony Stark looking more distraught than ever he had seen him before, standing before him. Once more his arm raised, another shot, and the third body fell to the ground.

Wade mourned the fact that Pete wouldn’t like what he was doing, but he couldn’t stop himself from raising the gun to rest underneath his own chin. It would only help for a little bit, he knew, before he would have to wake up and face reality.

But at least he would get to spend a little time with Pete again before he had to go.

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Snow giving Regina hope speeches which eventually leads her to Robin…