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Real Talk

But what if the big Amon-Kaneki talk was literally just…

Kaneki: So…uh…this world sucks. We cool?

Amon: Totes.

Kaneki: Cool…

Amon: So…Akira’s ok?

Kaneki: Yeah, she’ll be waking up soon. Kinda scared to talk to her tbh…

Amon: Dude, same. I call not it.

Kaneki: Amon, you useless choir boy. Alright I’ll talk to Akira, but you got to talk to Touka for me.

Amon: Deal.

Kaneki:…dude, why are you unbuttoning your shirt.

Amon: Gonna score me a free coffee.

hey fun fact just because you’ve been abused/treated badly by someone with a certain trait (and this is specifically about mental disorders) doesn’t mean you can go around spreading shit about everyone with that trait!

I’m sick of seeing discussion threads about BPD/NPD and always that one fucker saying “My mother had B/NPD and they’re ALL awful abusive etc” 

I’m sick of people with these disorders trying to find places to gain info about their disorder and being bombarded with people telling them they’re abusive.

I was treated like shit by someone with NPD but guess what, not everyone with NPD is like him! In fact, the majority aren’t like him. 

I know abuse can fuck with our heads. It makes us hypervigilant and scared of anyone similar to our abusers. But it’s our jobs to understand that just because someone shares a trait with our abuser, it doesn’t mean they’re abusive or dangerous at all. It’s our job to unlearn that. Hell, my abuser was emo as fuck and that’s made me super wary of emo guys but I also know that the mass majority aren’t shitty like he was, and you won’t ever catch me saying all emo guys are abusive. 

i think a lot about magnus infodumping about the law to rodimus

especially in rodimags terms

mags is just comfortable enough with rodi that he actually talks a lot about his interest in the law, and just tells rodi everything he knows

rodi listens to everything mags has to say because that’s his mcfucking boyfriend, and mags has this light in his eye whenever he gets to talk about his interest and is just so excited to share what he knows

it’s during these times when rodi realizes he’s in love and couldn’t be happier

my boyfriend and i were hanging out at my house and we were chilling on my bed and i open my laptop to youtube and it showed a video with bts and buzzfeed and i almost cried but i was like ‘haha we can just watch american horror story’ and he’s like ‘no let’s watch your video first! i’ll watch with you’ and he sat through five minutes of a bts interview and my heart busted 29 nuts

honestly one of the reasons i love miraculous ladybug is. the dramatic irony. dramatic irony is my shit and miraculous ladybug is literally filled 2 the fuckgin brim. everyone i know hates dramatic irony but this shit is my life source. its so satisfying to me knowing somehtnig everyone else doesnt know, thinking of all the possibilities if they did. and its so good bc its so PAINFULLY obvious too. really tho. nobody knows who ladybug or chat noir are which is just the icing on the fuckibn cake. chloe is ladybugs biggest fan. and goes 2 school. where she constantly puts her idol down. then we got alya who has no idea the superhero she blogs about is her best friend who listens 2 her ladybug screamign eveyr day, marinette swoons over her perfect manic pixie dream boy and puts posters of him on her wall and she has no idea that he’s literally paris’ favourite piece of shit pissbaby that she hangs out with all the fuckign time, adrien is in fuckign lov e with ladybug. hes in love with her and she stares at the back of his head every day in class and he doesnt kNOw. NEIther of them know. theyre both in lvoe with each other as different people. and thERE she is thinking “oh if only he could love me back~~” like BITCH HE DOES!! HE FLIRTED W U LIKE 2 MINS AGO!!!! if all of you knew. IF ALL OF Y OU KNEW. holy s hi t if everyone knwe if you kN

this shit gives me life.

So I’m finally watching MP100, and honestly, I… Love??? The body improvement club??? Like. They’re so supportive of their smol stringy son. They say no to unnecessary violence. They are probably some of the most passionate anti bullying activists at their school. They will kick ur ass if and only if you dare to hurt mob. They’re so great and positive. Good role models.