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Omega Royalty Headcanons

-Royal Omegas are almost always placed in arranged marriages. Their mate will be chosen by their parents and the two won’t be allowed to meet each other until the wedding day

-Two weeks before the wedding the Omega and their family will travel to the kingdom that the Omega’s future mate lives in and they stay at the castle to help prepare for the ceremony

-During the two weeks the Alpha and Omega will both be assigned a Beta to keep an eye on them at all times to prevent any premature meetings

-The Alpha quickly becoming annoyed because they can smell the Omega’s scent throughout the entire castle but they aren’t allowed to track the Omega down no matter how badly their instincts want them too, and their Beta friend just laughs and enjoys the Alpha’s suffering

-A royal Omega being a bit on the scrawny side and being constantly criticized by family and other people because they don’t look at all strong enough to carry large and healthy Alpha pups, so no one will want to be arranged to them

-Male royal Omegas being forced to dress femininly and wear makeup even if they don’t particularly want to, because they need to look as delicate as possible at all times. Both male and female Omegas are forced to wear tight corsets and to keep their hair long so it can be pinned up uncomfortably but elegantly

-A royal Omega receiving only a very basic education because their parents don’t want to waste resources just for someone who will spend their life bearing heirs to another kingdom’s throne

-The Omega being married off to an Alpha who encourages them to pursue a higher education because they disagree with the older generations views on a royal Omega’s role in life

-Royal Omegas being respected by the public but often to their parents they act as nothing more than a bargaining chip to merge stronger kingdoms to their own through marriage

-A royal Omega being mated to an Alpha who allows them to cut their hair short for the first time and the Omega being ecstatic over the first taste of freedom they’ve ever had

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What are your opinions on John winchester... just my curiosity spiking?

Oh boy, that one. 

I think he was a bad, neglectful parent. But I don’t agree with the pretty wide-spread characterization of him as a total demonic, drunk asshole who hates his kids’ guts and beats them up. I don’t think John actually beat them up – not on a regular basis, at least? I could maybe see arguments getting heated and violent, but not so much of a constant smackdown for every small mistake. He might have put them down verbally, if the Impala comment to Dean in the end of s1 was anything to go by… we all know Dean would never let Baby get rust or anything :(

I think he, kinda, destroyed them emotionally and totally didn’t provide enough support. He loved Sam and Dean, I’m pretty sure – but love alone’s not enough. He was a traumatized, scared man who wasn’t in the place to raise kids. I know it turned out that this childhood was the only way Sam and Dean could save the world. If they were raised happy and safe without any training and only ever becoming close with each other in their formative years, I doubt they could foil Lucifer’s plans that were thousands of years in the making in Swan Song. But John had no way of knowing that, so, that’s no excuse!

Also, that face that Dean makes in the Dark Side of the Moon when talking about John…

Yeah, that one. Poor guy. From the looks of it, John would never let them be kids, especially not Dean with his parentification burden. I could maybe understand wanting your kids to be ready if you know monsters are coming for them. But, damn, he could’ve stayed with them. Teach them how to shoot a gun if you really gotta, but you can also play catch with them and read them bedtime stories, yanno. 

heyoo sorry i havent posted any art in a while im dead inside!! heres my fav wip panel from a comic im working on tho!! ✌️😎 he snort

TG: good morning everyone its actually seven o clock in the afternoon and i just got home
TG: i have a life update uhh me and some of my pals are in a fuckin PLAY
TG: actually two of them are in the play three of us are behind the scenes
TG: uH so our local theater show place is doing a production of the little mermaid and john and feferi are in it
TG: guess who feferi got
TG: and john is scuttle
TG: hes freaked out exactly two (2) audiences because he actually flies on stage sometimes
TG: and then dirk sol and i are just chillin on headset backstage its fun i love it
TG: but ANYWAY i got this request a while ago

“hey,, psssh,,, can you talk more about your hcs or au? i find them really interesting!”

TG: and because i love my friends in my timeline im gonna show you people what some of my pals and mates look like and give you some info check it out
TG: also i uh. apparently love long posts so please enjoy

TG: okay so uhh in my timeline john fucked around with the ecto machine but not like he did in the comic
TG: he still made those little baby versions of us but instead of sending them back in time he sent them into another timeline instead
TG: that means that in my timeline?? we have parents and siblings and cousins and shit
TG: also some of my timeline is made up of noncanon people and a lot of us are really close with them so if they come up im gonna link their names to the blog that has their pictures
TG: uhhhh i found oc templates im just gonna fill those out check it
TG: first are the usual humans

Name: john egbert and jane crocker (half siblings through mom)
Full name: jonathan tobias egbert and jeanette victoria crocker
Nationality: john - greek-turned-american; jane - american
Heritage: john - fully greek; jane - half greek half english
Language: john - greek and english; jane - english
Born: john - athens greece; jane - maple valley washington
Age: john - seventeen; jane - nineteen
DOB: john - april thirteenth; jane - june tenth
Hair: john - dark brown; jane - black
Eyes: john - dark blue; jane - ice blue
Skin: theyre both pretty tan
Height: john - 5′8″; jane - 5′5″
Gender: john - male; jane - female
Sexuality: john - biromantic asexual; jane - birocurious heterosexual
Quadrants: john - dahnte kiurjo (<3); jane - none
Guardians: john - dad (mark) egbert (deceased) and dad (paul) crocker (currently); jane - dad crocker

Name: rose and roxy lalonde (half siblings through dad)
Full name: Rosalie Ann and Roxanne Olivia Lalonde
Nationality: american
Heritage: mostly french part english and german
Language: rose - english and learning french; roxy - english
Born: both in keene new york
Age: rose - seventeen; roxy - twenty
DOB: rose - december fourth; roxy - august twentieth
Hair: rose - dirty blonde; roxy - blonde to pink ombre
Eyes: rose - violet; roxy - pinkish red (shes not albino but shes got some kinda eye mutation that i forgot the name of)
Skin: theyre both fair skinned
Height: rose - 5′6″; roxy - 5′7″
Gender: both are female
Sexuality: rose - biromantic demibisexual (HEAVILY female leaning though. she gay); roxy - panromantic/sexual
Quadrants: rose - kanaya maryam (<3); roxy - calliope english (<3)
Guardians: mom (rita) lalonde and. other mom (ruth) lalonde

Name: dave and dirk strider (were full siblings)
Full name: david elizabeth (yes its elizabeth) and diederik calvin strider jr
Nationality: american
Heritage: super german part russian some polish
Language: we all speak english and german in this household. yall should see dirks roadrage he yells in german and its the funniest fucking thing
Born: both in houston texas
Age: me - seventeen; dirk - twenty
DOB: me - december third; dirk - october tenth
Hair: me - fucking white i guess; dirk - golden blond
Eyes: me - i call it hellfire red; dirk - amber
Skin: me - the palest you could ever imagine. im albino; dirk - tannish
Height: me - 5′9"; dirk; 5′11″
Gender: both male
Sexuality: me - if youre new here and didnt know already im severely aroace; dirk - hes gay craig
Quadrants: me - SOLLUX CAPTOR IS MY BEst fRiend (were not in a quadrant or anything i just love this kid); dirk - jake english (<3), fuyona lattna (<>)
Guardians: bro (dane) and older bro (drew) strider (and also a dad strider ((dirk sr.,,)) but. we dont talk about him cause we dont like him very much at all ever)

Name: jade harley and jake english (theyre actually cousins raised together)
Full name: jadeyn marie harley and jacob elliot english
Nationality: jade - american; jake - australian/american (hes a dual citizen!)
Heritage: jade - very heavily polynesian part english; jake - very heavily polynesian/australian part english part puerto rican
Language: jade - english; jake - english and learning maori
Born: jade - baker island usa - jake - brisbane australia
Age: jade - seventeen; jake - nineteen
DOB: jade - december first; jake - december twenty fifth (CHRISTMAS BABY)
Hair: they both got super dark brown
Eyes: jade - bright green; jake - dark green
Skin: both are dark skinned
Height: jade - 5′7″; jake - 5′10″
Gender: jade - female; jake - demiboy (he/him)
Sexuality: jade - pansexual/romantic; jake - quoiromantic bisexual
Quadrants: jade - leon strider (<3); jake - dirk strider (<3), fuyona lattna (<> )
Guardians: grandma (joan) english and grandpa (jack) harley (both deceased), now theyre just kinda chillin by themselves

TG: yeah surprise part of my timeline is humanstuck aint it grand
TG: i dont have the dancestor sprites yet but the dancestors are all older siblings of the trolls the oldest being porrim at twenty one and the youngest being meulin at nineteen

Name: aradia megido
Full name: aradia vasiah megido (they all told me what their middle names meant but i dont, remember them,)
Nationality: japanese-turned-american
Heritage: mostly japanese part filipino
Language: japanese and english
Born: kitakyushu japan
Age: seventeen
DOB: april tenth
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: brownish reddish
Skin: fair
Height: 5′3″
Gender: nonbinary (she/her or they/them)
Sexuality: aroace (YEET!!!!!!!!!!) ((why am i like this))
Quadrants: tavros nitram (<>) ((theyve been neighbors and tight as fuck since ardi moved here))
Family: mom (sosara) megido and damara megido

Name: tavros nitram
Full name: tavros donjau nitram
Nationality: american
Heritage: half spanish half honduran
Language: english and spanish
Born: san marcos texas
Age: seventeen
DOB: may tenth
Hair: brown
Eyes: dark brown
Skin: pretty tan
Height: 5′10″
Gender: male
Sexuality: pansexual/romantic
Quadrants: aradia megido (<>)
Family: dad (darion) nitram and rufioh nitram

Name: sollux captor (MY FUCCIN BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Full name: sollux aureus captor
Nationality: american
Heritage: czechoslovakian
Language: english and czech (i just realized how many of my friends are bilingual)
Born: milwaukee wisconsin
Age: seventeen
DOB: may twenty second
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: one blue one brownish reddish (complete heterochromia)
Skin: fair
Height: 5′9″
Gender: male
Sexuality: biromantic asexual
Quadrants: lucius wuvlud (<3) ((and also me. in the best friends quadrant. because we are best friends))
Family: dad (tiumin) captor and mituna captor

TG: fun fact sol moved to houston when we were both six and his apartment is literally directly under mine
TG: weve been best friends for almost twelve years and were pretty much brothers at this point i love him hes my soulmate except platonic
TG: SOL ID DIE FOR YOU okay thank you anyway

Name: karkat vantas
Full name: karkat mennen vantas
Nationality: american
Heritage: half lebanese half french (hes used the term “crack heritage” before when hes answered this question)
Language: english and french
Born: wheaton illinois
Age: seventeen
DOB: june thirtieth
Hair: dark brown with a white streak (thats called poliosis!)
Eyes: grey with a brownish reddish ring in the middle (central heterochromia)
Skin: tan with pale splotches (and thats called vitiligo!)
Height: 5′2″ (im serious)
Gender: male
Sexuality: greypanromantic asexual
Quadrants: bane strider (<3?? kinda), terezi pyrope and vriska serket (they got this polyplatonic quadrant thing going on and they use this symbol for it <<>>)
Family: dad (karino) vantas and kankri vantas

Name: nepeta leijon
Full name: nepeta myshya leijon
Nationality: american
Heritage: fully saudi arabian
Language: english
Born: portland oregon
Age: sixteen
DOB: july twenty fourth
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: olive green
Skin: tannish
Height: 5′1 (shes………… little………)
Gender: female
Sexuality: panromantic/sexual
Quadrants: equius zahhak (<>)
Family: mom (neyida) leijon and meulin leijon

Name: kanaya maryam
Full name: kanaya terika maryam
Nationality: british-turned-american
Heritage: mostly namibian part angolan slightly english-blooded
Language: english
Born: oxford england
Age: eighteen
DOB: september third
Hair: dark brown with green bangs
Eyes: jade green
Skin: dark
Height: 5′7″
Gender: female
Sexuality: harold theyre lesbians
Quadrants: rose lalonde (<3)
Family: mom (spaika) maryam and porrim maryam

Name: terezi pyrope
Full name: terezi skepsi pyrope
Nationality: american
Heritage: half chinese half korean
Language: english and learning chinese
Born: seattle washington
Age: eighteen
DOB: october eleventh
Hair: black
Eyes: tealish
Skin: pale
Height: 5′6″
Gender: agender (she accepts literally any pronoun)
Sexuality: omniromantic/sexual
Quadrants: karkat vantas and vriska serket (they got this polyplatonic quadrant thing going on and they use this symbol for it <<>>)
Family: mom (neorei) pyrope and latula pyrope

Name: vriska serket
Full name: vriska hallea serket
Nationality: american
Heritage: fully blackfoot native american
Language: english
Born: minneapolis minesota
Age: eighteen
DOB: november eighth
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: blue
Skin: dark tan
Height: 5′8″
Gender: demigirl (she/her or they/them)
Sexuality: biromantic/sexual
Quadrants: meenah peixes (<3), karkat vantas and terezi pyrope (they got this polyplatonic quadrant thing going on and they use this symbol for it <<>>)
Family: mom (marqis) serket and aranea serket

Name: equius zahhak
Full name: equius rossan zahhak
Nationality: american
Heritage: mostly moroccan part algerian
Language: english
Born: houston texas
Age: seventeen
DOB: december thirteenth
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: dark blue
Skin: tan
Height: 6′0″
Gender: male
Sexuality: polyromantic aegosexual
Quadrants: ruby lalonde (<3), nepeta leijon (<>)
Family: dad (daklir) zahhak and horuss zahhak

Name: gamzee makara
Full name: gamzee kasper makara
Nationality: american
Heritage: full scotch-irish
Language: english
Born: cape elizabeth maine
Age: seventeen
DOB: january thirteenth
Hair: light brown
Eyes: purple
Skin: pale with lots of freckles (theyre in the shape of his facepaint WOW)
Height: 6′2″
Gender: male
Sexuality: omniromantic quoisexual
Quadrants: laylah pyrope (<3) ((shes not posted FUCK)), skylar lattna (<>)
Family: dad (gaztor) makara and kurloz makara

Name: eridan ampora
Full name: eridan ansell ampora
Nationality: british-turned-american
Heritage: mostly somalian part ethiopian
Language: english
Born: lancaster england
Age: seventeen
DOB: february fourth
Hair: black with a violet streak
Eyes: violet
Skin: dark
Height: 5′8″
Gender: male
Sexuality: biromantic/sexual
Quadrants: lilica viriam (<3), feferi peixes (<>) ((they actually grew up in the same really fUCKING big duplex theyre super tight))
Family: dad (lussan) ampora and cronus ampora


Name: feferi peixes
Full name: feferi latima peixes
Nationality: american
Heritage: half australian part malagasy part seychellois (like from madagascar and seychelles)
Language: english
Born: sacramento california
Age: seventeen
DOB: march nineteenth
Hair: drown
Eyes: brownish reddish pinkish??
Skin: dark with a lot of freckles
Height: 5′6″
Gender: female
Sexuality: panromantic/sexual
Quadrants: eridan ampora (<>)
Family: mom (sephia) peixes and meenah peixes

TG: uh for now at least
TG: still gotta,, do the dancestors and the cherubs,, and whoever else i gotta do,,
TG: but yeah those are my friends i love them
TG: also., nobody really,, had a kismesis i guess,,
TG: who needs to hate people when you can all just be friends
TG: hope you folks liked it sorry it was so long fhffjdhfd

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i admit to using your art as a reference, but i dont trace it, i just copy it to learn anatomy. i havent posted any of them, either. its just sort of a warmup thing i guess. im really sorry that people are doing shit though and ill stop if youd like me to

same apologetic anon here, to say that i also genuinely enjoy your art and i think that youre super cool!!!! i look up to you a lot and i hope there’s no hard feelings

hi! i just wanna say upfront that there’s nothing wrong with referencing art to learn. you’re okay with what you’re doing, it’s a normal process to reference art to learn and to admit to using art as reference. the problem only stems from people who copy art and then claim it as their own, who think it’s okay to redraw other people’s pieces and then deny it and say “oh it’s just a coincidence that these pieces are exactly alike” 

thank you so much and no hard feelings at all! you’re fine! my anatomy isn’t the best but i hope it’s helping you :’)

edit: i meant to say my anatomy isnt the best omfmgng

i think i’ll take a break, i dont feel like drawing or posting for a long time. this year hasn’t been any fun and i’m mentally exhausted. i don’t feel ok for several reasons and I havent take the time to care about myself either. im sorry if i’m not here or any of my other social media accounts, but i need time to rethink stuff, make complicated decisions and find things that make me happy. thanks for your support, i read all of your messages and they mean a lot to me, love you all. see you in a while i guess.

today my therapist and i were talking about controlling my emotions, and she was telling me i should try to think of something that makes me happy to calm myself down.. and like the only thing i could think of was furbies and she LOVED it she thought it was so great. so im here to tell you all that thinking about furbies when you’re upset is a therapist-approved method of coping

im sorry

in light of my lack of art posts,

im really sorry;; i know i said i was going to make and do so many things but every time im about to do them


im sorry if i havent fullfilled my self-proclaimed projects— i will eventually do them, i just need a little time. working for a studio where i have to stare at a screen for 8-5 then going home to stare more into a computer screen for god knows how long is straineous to my eyes (to say the least) so i hope you understand that i dont intend to not draw or not post anything unless yall are fine with half-baked doodles then i’d be happy to share them

this goes the same for the people who chat me up, i dont, and would never, intend to suddenly drop a conversation, it almost always means im needed (either at work or some stupid errand) else where, when that happens i usually get shy to message again because its awkward— i would like to apologise for that, please dont think im ignoring you i like talking to people about whatever

anyway… yeah, thanks for reading this! i hope you have a good day/afternoon/evening wherever you are in the world! ❤️

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ALLY you are my biggest fashion inspiration!! i live in england so its autumn now, what are your staple clothes for autumn winter?? do you have any pictures of your outfits from these times? and who are your fashion inspirations? I'm doing some online shopping and could really use your help! thank you, have a beautiful day xxxxx

Hey anon! Thank you, that’s super flattering :) I love fashion-related distractions, so I’ll put together a nice little post for you if I can. England is a lot cooler than Melbourne in Autumn, but I’ll see if I can give you some ideas anyway.

WARNING - Super long post ahead :) Photos at the bottom x

To me, Autumn is all about layers. It’s not Summer anymore, but it’s not quite brought the icy chill of Winter just yet; thus, it becomes a fusion of the two. I’d take a Spring/Summer weight dress, but add a tight plain tee underneath. Wear an A-line skirt, but add a turtleneck jumper and over-the-knee socks. Chuck on some long overalls, but wear some knitwear underneath, or a faux leather motorcycle jacket on top. I really love sock detailing, so lots of knee and thigh high socks, plain stockings, grey slouchy tube socks, and pretty ankle socks with floral designs or ruffles that dress up an outfit with some booties, mary janes, oxfords, loafers, even clogs or sandals. Rain boots are also perfect, especially paired with a nice coat or cape. Layer with warm cardigans, button down shirts and flannels, even flared pants if you can rock it.

I love adding accessories like hats, super thick scarves, fingerless gloves, head wraps, sunglasses, capes, shawls, cute backpacks, 

Materials like denim, velvet and (faux) suede are nice, colours like mustard yellow, maroon/burgundy, olive green, anything tartan, and marbled grey.

My favourite ‘look’ is one I fell in love with in 2010, a campaign called ‘Twelve’ by the New Zealand label Twenty Seven Names. Check it out:

This outfit below is pretty much my dream autumn/winter look

I don’t post my own clothes very often as I don’t often buy new things, but you can find some of my personal ‘outfit’ posts here:

Here are some Lookbook accounts that you should check out too:

I can’t afford anything by these brand, but maybe you can or at least draw some inspiration if you like the vibe:

Have a look at @simply-kenna​‘s YouTube channel and Instagram page, she radiates Autumnal vibes. Zoella has great Autumn style too.

My biggest style inspiration is Vanessa Hudgens, and you can follow a blog that chronicles her fashion taste here:

And finally, here are some Autumn looks that I would love to rock :)

(These images were found from just digging around online, but most are from Free People, Urban Outfitters or style blogs. If you want to find a certain item in one of the outfits, just reverse google search the photo)


Okay and now finally some hair and makeup inspiration :)

I hope that helps! :)