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Hello hello! When I first read this request I skimmed over it and thought you were asking for a drunk sailor MC 😂 My bad! Anyway, enjoy ♡

Jaehee Kang
▪it doesn’t bother her at first because you can’t help it, but she’s such a light sleeper that eventually she’s gotta do something
▪one night she had enough and threw a pillow over your head to muffle the noise
▪she isn’t mad, in fact she kind of thinks it’s funny that you have such a loud snore
▪she snores too, just suuuuper lightly
▪it’s like little “puhs” as she breathes out ohmygod 👌👌👌
▪she just buys earplugs or wears headphones now
▪since she lived alone, she has a tiny bed that she sleeps on, it’s not hard for you to take up the entire thing
▪she goes out and buys the biggest bed she can afford, now you can sprawl out to your heart’s content and she doesn’t have to worry about you kicking her in the face
▪problem solved

Jumin Han
▪he thinks it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever done
▪he really cannot work his camera properly but he’ll still try his hardest to get it on video
▪he fails and ends up taking 20,000 rapid shot photos
▪ …he runs out of space a LOT but he can’t bring himself to delete a single one
▪ you have to do it yourself and he does get upset with you
▪Jumin, honey, you don’t need 100,000 pictures…20 is enough

▪if you sprawl yourself out across his bed, fine.
▪Jumin will just wrap himself around you but under no circumstances would he ever move you
▪especially since you’re sleeping so sound
▪he’d rather sleep on the couch than wake or move you
▪if you push him out of bed he won’t make a big deal out of it because it’s out of your control
▪Jumin probably snores too tbh, just lightly

▪I canon Zen as having a super loud obnoxious snore
▪I mean, loud enough to shake the end table next to his bed
▪so…rip his neighbors
your snores are synchronized with his
▪same as Jumin, he’ll just fit himself into whatever space you give him
▪he woke up super early one morning and heard you snoring, he got a freaking gleam in his eyes
▪he’ll tease you about it just because he knows he does the same thing

▪he’ll either shove you straight off of the bed or sleep somewhere else
▪he doesn’t sleep often enough and crashes from all of that caffeine, so he gets really cranky when exhausted
▪10/10 will record your snores and make remixes of them though
▪would probably tease you about it but knows when to stop and when it starts becoming insulting

▪the first time you snored, he thought there was an earthquake
▪he ran into your room with blankets and flashlights, trying to shake you awake
▪"Come on, MC! Wake up! There’s a really bad thunderstorm and we need to get away from the windows"
▪poor boy nearly peed his pants when you let out a bed-shaking snore
▪a lot of times he just sleeps in his chair (sometimes during a match of LOLOL, which makes his teammates mad) but if he does sleep in the same bed & you take up half of it, he’ll lightly try to move you
▪and I mean moves your leg a millimeter
▪if you have any reaction to it he squeals and jumps away from you
▪kinda sad about it but thinks it’s cute when you flail around, your hair a mess and snoring
▪ he gets really smug whenever you sprawl yourself over him or throw a hand over his chest

V & Saeran
▪neither one will say anything if you hog the blankets or take up extra room
▪snoring? Not a problem, amigo
▪Saeran is more likely to try to move you at least a little, but V would just sleep on the couch so you’re more comfortable
▪both boys would sleep with a tiny inch of blanket & be freezing just so you’re happy and sleeping fine
▪but trust me
▪if you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom
▪they’re immediately covering themselves with blanket while they can
▪V’s more likely to feel guilty about it though

▪ain’t nobody got time for that
▪if you’re wrapped up in in the blankets, he pulls them away from you
▪it’s like a scene out of an old cartoon where you’re thrown in the air and do a couple spins
▪your snoring does not phase him in the slightest, he probably didn’t even notice

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I'm having diffoculty deciding whether I use dominant Ti or Fi. What are some visible differences between them? Also, how can I tell whether I use objective or subjective morals (Fe vs Fi)? Thanks!

This might be a bit disorganized, but bear with me :’) I’ll be sure to cover all the judging functions so you have a good understanding of their differences.

So, it’s important to first understand what these types have in common in order to understand exactly how and why they differ. IxxPs all approach the world with the intent to judge it according to their internal frameworks. Immature IxxPs tend to place all their eggs in the basket of their dominant function, so to speak, and are therefore extremely inflexible in regards to rearranging their framework. They don’t like accepting new information or considering alternative perspectives. It’s easier to throw out contradictory information rather than overhaul the entire system. This is the reason why immature IxxPs are generally narrow-minded and prone to stale, knee-jerk judgments. They aren’t proactively using their Pe or Je functions, so the validity of their precious framework is pretty much nonexistent. It may seem valid from the perspective of the IxxP, because they’re only holding their judgments to the standards of their own subjective framework. This is why immature IxxPs are prone to circular reasoning. “It’s correct because I believe it is correct.”

Now let’s start on the differences between IxTPs and IxFPs. Here’s something I wrote a while ago about the differences between Fi-Te and Ti-Fe:

Fi-Te uses a framework of personal self-referencing values backed by external systems of logic. (“This is what makes sense to me based on an intricate analysis of what I personally value and this is how the factual systems of reality support what I believe.”)

Fi+Te users will be speculating in-depth about values. “Why is this good/bad? Watch me pick apart the topic with my Handy-Dandy Moral Reasoning.” But then when it comes to truth-based matters they won’t have that same speculative attitude. Their response will be like, “Things are obviously this way and should be done in that manner. Why does this need to be discussed?”

Ti-Fe, on the other hand, uses a framework of personal self-referencing logic backed by external systems of values. (”This is what makes sense to me based on an intricate analysis of impersonal elements and this is how the value-based systems of reality support what I believe.”)

Ti+Fe users will be the ones speculating in-depth about rationale. “Why is this true/false? I’m gonna pick apart the topic with my Superb Intricate Logic.” When it comes to value-based matters, however, they won’t be doing that same speculation. “Um, things are obviously this way and should be done in that manner. Why are you even questioning this?” [x]

From a different post I wrote on Ti:

At its core, Ti is subjective logical analysis. It operates with the intent to make logical judgments that are consistent with its understanding of the world. … Ti also provides balance to Fe’s desire to uphold group values by detaching from situations and analyzing from an impersonal, logical perspective.

Ti’s judgments take on the form of linear reasoning. “If the sky is blue and all blue things are colored, then the sky is colored.” (If a = b and b = c, then a = c.) Basically, it’s like a process of elimination that Ti goes through, step-by-step, to ensure logical accuracy. It cuts out the illogical until only the logical remains, and there it finds the truth it seeks. That’s what people are talking about when they reference Ti’s “framework of logic”. Ti uses that logical framework to continue to make consistent, accurate judgments in the future. It tends to check and recheck its logic because it doesn’t draw from the outer world like an extraverted function. Ti’s judging process is totally internal, so it has to carefully analyze all aspects of an issue in order to arrive at a valid judgment. Honestly, a lot of Ti-users have a “gift” for making things seem logically sound without there being any actual evidence at all to support their reasoning. Their statements may be logically sound, but the premises may be faulty if their perceptions are inaccurate… or they may just be hoping that you don’t notice the holes in their argument, lol. [x]

Fi has a similar process to Ti, in the sense that it gradually forms and refines. The difference is that Fi operates with the intent to make judgments of value (what is good, what is not). It uses a formula of internalized values to determine what it should accept/reject as it interacts with the world. Above all, Fi-doms want to be consistent with their values. They may try to explain/justify their impulsive value judgments with lengthy moralizing as an afterthought, in order to save Fi’s ego. It’s the value-based equivalent of a Ti-user’s “well TECHNICALLY…” Their reasoning may be consistent and valid according to their personal system of values, but their argument may easily fall to pieces when confronted with factual reality.

In response to overemphasized Fi/Ti, some people might think: “So what if you personally find fault with this thing? Don’t sweat the small stuff. You’re making the situation unnecessarily difficult.” An extraverted judging function really comes in handy in those sorts of situations. Te/Fe allows the IxxP to compromise with reality. Like yeah, the situation may not align perfectly with your preexisting judgments, but how much weight do those judgments really hold when faced with reality? Wouldn’t it be better to work with reality rather than counter-productively trying to force a highly subjective framework on everything? And that’s why Te and Fe are there. They bring objectivity and efficiency to the sometimes-ridiculous intricacy of Fi/Ti.

Now, the Je functions are efficient in the sense that they judge according to the clearest course of sensible action. “We can get from A to B with this method and obtain the desirable result, so let’s do it.” Their approach is broad and productive, in contrast to the meticulous approach of Ji. Even though both Te and Fe work with reality to form their conclusions, their goals are different. Te aims for logical efficiency. It forms judgments centered around the hard truths of reality. In the case of xxTJs, they prioritize Te’s judgments and often take the shortest “most logical” path to their goal at the expense of their personal values. With xxFPs, they will often disregard Te if its conclusion clashes with their personal values. Fe aims for social efficiency. It can be equally brutal to Te in its pursuit to maintain that efficiency. It forms and enforces judgments based on collective values, sometimes at the expense of a more in-depth analysis of the situation (in the case of xxFJs). As for xxTPs, they often disregard Fe if the conclusion clashes with their personal logic.

So, simply put:

Balanced Fi-Te maintains its value system and regularly readjusts it to reasonably account for objective truth.

Balanced Ti-Fe maintains its logic system and regularly readjusts it to reasonably account for external values.

Now I know you asked specifically for visible differences (whoops), so this may be more of what you’re looking for:

An IxTP with a good grasp of Fe gives off more approachable vibes; they utilize facial expressions as a tool to aid communication. They tend to “smile” with their eyes more naturally than IxFPs. Fi-users in general tend to give off serious vibes; their facial expressions are more muted and their eyes seem distant. They tend to express themselves in strong, short bursts and then return to their impassive setting. (IxTPs may be similar in this aspect if they have a hard time regulating their Fe, but their “bursts” will appear more unnatural and forced in comparison.) Fe-users tend to use their expressions to encourage the group to react on a similar wavelength. An IxFP is far more likely to express themselves passionately for the mere sake of self-expression. This may seem inappropriate or ill-timed from the perspective of an Fe-user, while the IxFP may be wholly unaware of this. An IxTP might misinterpret the strong expression from an Fe perspective, believing that the IxFP’s intention is to manipulate them into agreement. (Not to say that Fi-users don’t manipulate people. They’re just more likely to strong-arm people into agreement rather than attempt an Fe-esque approach.)

Basically, the idea is that Fe-users (IxTPs included) approach social situations on a larger scale, with an awareness of the “the group” as an entity, and therefore make value judgments based on that broad awareness. Fi-users (IxFPs especially) approach social situations on a smaller scale, from their individual perspective with the intent to relate all things back to the self, and therefore make value judgments that originate from the individual perspective.

That’s about all I have for ya. Thanks for asking!

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A while back you mentioned being frustrated by the lack of feedback on your fanfic, feeling like people only like the smut. I've been feeling this way too and have wanted to give up on writing altogether because it feels like my writing sucks. I know you haven't given up (you're amazing btw) and wondered if you had any advice?

Oh, anon. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been feeling this way. It sucks. It’s a crappy feeling and, unfortunately, it’s not an easy thing to deal with. And it makes me sad, because you’re not the first person who has approached me on this topic.  

First of all: a lack of feedback does not mean your writing sucks. 

Second: not writing smut does not mean your writing sucks. 

I know, I know—being told that doesn’t make the feelings go away. Feedback is the only tangible sign fanfic writers get that people are reading and appreciating what we struggle to put out there. Receiving none to very little hurts. And hurts a lot. 

Especially on a platform like tumblr, where you’re in a community of like-minded people and it’s hard not to make comparisons between yourself and others. You see your mutuals and peers excitedly posting and reblogging their own stories or chapters, see their note counts going up and up, see their hit and comment count on A03 increase on a daily to weekly basis. And you think—“If they’re getting that kind of attention, why can’t I? Am I just a crappy writer?” 

Fanfiction acts a lot more like professionally produced media than fandom likes to admit. It is governed by trends and tropes, and the fics that follow the fan-preferred formula are the ones that are going to be the most popular. It’s also about timing—even if you do start writing something that falls within the popular categories, it may not grab anyone’s eye because there were a thousand similar stories posted a year before you even picked up your pen. 

And then there’s the fact that some elements of fanfic are always going to be more popular than others. For better or worse, stories with explicit sexual content, especially if they feature fan-favourite pairings, generate more attention than genfic content. Still, I don’t think writers should ever be pressured into writing something they don’t want to write because it’s what the fandom wants. Dragon Age fandom loves Solavellan smut, but there’s no way I’m ever going to write Venara/Solas smut because it does not suit Venara’s character to be framed in that kind of context. And yet, I still hear things like, “Your story would be so much better if it had smut it in” and “I don’t read fics that don’t have smut.” When writers hear phrases like this too often and see how popular NSFW and explicit-rated fics are, it reinforces the idea that smut is good writing, and to be a good writer—or to realistically portray romantic relationships—you must write smut. 

This is absolutely not the case. Popular does not mean good. Stick your guns and write what you want to write, not what’s most popular in your fandom.   

I think the first step here is to acknowledge that there is nothing you can do as a fanfic writer to control what fandom is going to be interested in. There is nothing you can do to guarantee that you’re going to get readers, comments, views, comments, kudos and the like. 

Allow yourself to be frustrated. That’s a genuine emotion you’re feeling. Get it out—and then let it pass. Ask yourself honestly if writing fanfic is worth working through the stress and the negative feelings. If your level of frustration is so high and you’re constantly feeling like shit about your own writing—that’s not fun, nor is it very healthy. Writing fanfic is a hobby and if that hobby is causing undue stress, stop. 

Take a break. 

You can always come back later—even if later is weeks, months or years down the line. It doesn’t mean that you’re not a writer or that you’re accepting defeat. It just means that you need time away from it, to rejuvenate your passion and your creativity without negativity attached. 

Taking a break from writing fanfiction doesn’t necessarily mean taking a break from writing. You can turn to creating original works—short fiction, novels, plays, poetry, journaling, blogging, whatever tickles your fancy. Find friends, either online or in person, with whom you can safely share those creations, who will give you genuine feedback and boost your confidence in your craft. 

But if you decide to continue writing fanfic, there’s a few things you can try:

Find a reason for writing fanfic outside of getting feedback. Everyone and their grandmother says “write for yourself”, but that can ring a bit hollow after a while. If that’s the case, maybe you’re writing it to improve your writing skills in preparation for writing an original work. Maybe you’re writing for self-expression and exploration. There can be a lot of other reasons. 

For something a little more tangible, you can try is cultivating a writing support group—a few friends who you can count on to read your work and give you feedback, no matter what. This isn’t an easy task. It takes time and effort. But once it is in place, there is a lot of relief and joy of knowing that there are at least two or three people out there who genuinely love and are interested in your writing. It’s more enjoyable to write for a regular audience of three (who you know will show up) than a possible audience of a thousand (who will probably never show up). 

You can also find online communities that hold regular writing challenges or prompts where feedback is encouraged. My partner likes the Dragon Age subreddit for this reason: they have writing and OC prompts posted twice a week. If you share a piece of writing or something about your character, you will get a handful of comments with the expectation that you will also read/comment on others users’ creations. 

If you’re a longfic writer who is struggling for readers, you can also try writing shorter pieces about your main characters. Over the years, I’ve found that more and more readers don’t want to commit to a +50,000 word story. Writing a piece that’s ~1000 words can act as a bite-sized entry into your unique writing style and the world/characters you are writing about. Groups like @dadrunkwriting are great for this since prompts are fun and short and there’s no pressure to produce high quality writing. Also, it’s a group that’s about writers supporting other writers, which is both fantastic and very, very necessary in a fanfic era where readers comment less and less.

I think when you’re a fanfic writer, you’re in it for the long-haul. Just like it is in the professional writing world, it takes time to establish yourself in fandom and get regular readers. It’s a process. The people who are able to post a single fic and immediately gather dozens, or hundreds, of readers and comments are few and far between—and very, very lucky. Don’t be too hard on yourself when that’s not the case for you. 

I hope that helps. Don’t give up on yourself or your writing. Good luck!

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how do you feel about this whole "ouma is nazi" discourse thing? :/ it's apparently a fairly popular way of seeing him to people that haven't played the game or read spoilers and personally it just makes me go "....meh". kind of like the thing where people dissed tenko from the second her dislike of men was mentioned?

It is a very, very tiring misconception and it’s perhaps one of the worst things about the promotional art that DR has ever done.

I’m going to talk a little bit at length about this because I want to get it out of the way. Don’t worry anon, this isn’t a rant at you and you are being very polite! I just want to make clear a few things for anyone else who’s confused on the issue, and I feel like this might be a good post for people who feel conflicted about ndrv3 to read up on.

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Your analysis of Len's speech patterns is so amazingly detailed and wonderful. Sometimes while writing Barry I feel like I fall into too much of a generic voice so I was wondering if you've noticed anything that's really specific to Barry's speech?

I totally feel you, anon. 

I think because Barry is the protagonist, and because he’s this kinda nerdy (but not super nerdy) guy who gets enthusiastic about things he loves, deals in sarcasm and dry humor sometimes, and tries his best but leads with his emotions… well I think most people who write him end up doing so in part by projecting themselves onto him? Which there’s nothing inherently wrong with, and I’m sure I do it too, but it means he ends up sounding like us, or else not like anyone distinct, rather than as himself. It’s something I work hard to avoid in my fics sometimes, tbh.

Anyhoo, I also find his speech a little harder to dissect because there’s fewer things that just jump out, relative to Len’s. So I’ll talk about his patterns that go along with his specific word choices, like body and voice and such.

Because for starters, speech is at least half body language and facial expression. Barry uses broad, wide, gestures, especially with his arms and sometimes his whole body. He’s very kinetic, often pacing or moving or walking over to someone, and moves a lot when he’s emotional about something. Not that he can’t be subdued, but if he is, it’s for a reason, typically an emotional one. He’ll curl in on himself a lot too, if his energy is low, but if he’s subdued but has to face someone, then you just get a hunch to his shoulders unless he has to square off against them. 

He’s also a freaking bobble head, often giving his head a bit of a shake side to side, for laughing or teasing or disagreeing or exasperation. When he’s embarrassed or guilty he ducks his head, when he’s overwhelmed or exhausted he runs a hand over his face, when he’s tired but trying to focus he runs it through his hair and when he’s shy and hedging about something then he scratches the back of his head. When someone (read: when Iris) is upset with him, he’ll touch his face and then drop his hand then do it again, desperate and pleading, curling his fingers and uncurling them as he brings them toward his mouth then tries to barrel through an apology. That’s when he’s confronted. When he’s more ready to genuinely apologize, he gets more subdued.

Things Barry will say, hmm. 

Well, he’ll start a sentence and trail it off before getting straight to the point. A momentary hedge, so to speak. None of these are direct examples from his speech, but I bet you can imagine him saying all of them: “Yeah, about that…” and “This is… Look, you know as well as I do that–” and “I don’t know I just… There has got to be some way to fix this.”

That last one brings me to another point. Unlike characters (*cough*Len*cough*) who stress sometimes strange words to clearly hammer-home a point, Barry tends to only emphasize verbs in his speech, particularly the copula (basically, the first verb in the sentence). “What I do know–” and “We have to do something” and so on, and he tends to do it when he’s louder. (Thinking currently of “what I am is the guy who’s not fast enough to stop Wells!” from 1x22, where he actually enunciated the ‘fast enough’ bit as well, which is a rarity for his speech patterns).

That reminds me, in line with that, Barry has a tendency to sometimes ask questions in one breath and answer them in the next. He’s not really asking, he doesn’t say “what” but he poses things like a question. “Watching that happen in from of me? Living that? It was real to me.” (which he said about Earth 2).

Oh yeah, volume. Barry shouts when he’s angry. He gets quiet when he’s ashamed. 

He also brings other people into his speech. The example from above “you know as well as I do”? Well he does things like that, bringing the person he’s talking to around to his side by verbally including them in his statements. “You and I both know” and “We’ll think of something” and so on. He actually starts a lot of sentences with “you” it seems (contrasted with some people who have more “I” focused language). It shows a sort of mindset where he connects with his team and the people around him, brings them in to his perspective. An interdependent mindset.

What else? His sense of humor is something I feel like people miss at times? Barry’s not really laugh out loud funny, but he’s the first to smirk at an off-color joke (unless he’s already in a bad mood to begin with), or to widen his eyes at something awkward someone said. His actual humor tends to err on the side of a little self-deprecating but he can also direct it outward, normally slightly scathing and sarcastic. Actually, a good comparison would be Steve Rogers’s sense of humor in The Winter Soldier, if you’ve seen it? A bit of a troll when he’s in a good mood or flirting, but also dry as a freaking desert sometimes.

He’s also cocky, and when he is, he’s all smiles and humor and teasing people like “you know you love me” kind of stuff. He gets this ridiculous swagger and it’s adorable. 

When he’s annoyed or frustrated, that “for real?” attitude comes out too. 

Actually, that makes me think: he uses pretty clipped sentences. His speech patterns aren’t complex by any measure. The sentences tend toward short and have two clauses, at most, or you could interpret them as often having two clauses but those are very short and simple clauses. No run-ons in his dialogue, no excessive adjectives or adverbs except to emphasize and qualify. His speech is plain and not flowery (outside of romantic situations, at least). He doesn’t tend toward long speeches or explanations unless or until he’s put on the spot. His rambling is so awkward because he doesn’t normally get to talk and ramble, so when he does it spirals lol.

He also has a tendency to qualify things (unlike Len, lol), but he especially qualifies absolutes as absolutes. What do I mean? When he tells Joe about Earth 2 Joe West, he says “but you didn’t like me… at all.” He qualifies the statement “you didn’t like me” by making it even more absolute than it already was (whereas a typically qualifying clause hedges a sentence and makes it less absolute, not more). This is just sort of in line with his tendency, stated above, to give part of an idea, pause, then add the rest. To ask a question then deliver the answer, or to hedge and then get straightforward. 

Actually, that’s kind of neat, isn’t it? A lot of his speech is like a 1 step, 2 step kind of thing. (Another example of how this works, in the Time Vault in 2x17, “this Barry – your Barry?” He gets hyperspecific, even though he’s using the words here to manipulate).

For a more granular reading, unlike Len who uses words like “gotta” and “ain’t” and those extreme contractions, Barry doesn’t over-contract at all. He’ll use “gonna” maybe, but not “oughtta” (it would be “ought to” or some in-between of “ought’ta” almost), but does say “outta” instead of “out of”. Doesn’t say “lemme” but rather “let me” and doesn’t say “y’know” but “you know” (some of those are in contrast to Joe’s speech patterns, for the record). Barry uses “wasn’t” but more “’s not” rather than “isn’t”. “It’s not right” not “It isn’t right”. Mostly regular contractions other than that, like can’t and shouldn’t, it’s and “that’s” so on, etc. 

Barry’s also comfortable starting sentences with conjunctions, like ‘because’, ‘and’, and ‘but’ quite a lot. That’s typical of human speech though, if not formal writing.

And… this post is long enough so I should probably cap it there, rather than trying to dig around any more. If you have specific questions about his speech or movements or want more detail on anything I’ve brought up here, let me know!

Michael in bed

Michael would be very open about your sexual encounters, I reckon. Like, he wouldn’t be afraid to voice his opinion about what he did and didn’t like after each time you’d had sex. Except there never would be anything he didn’t like… So it would really just always end with something like, ‘you know, I really love when you use your tongue when you’re sucking my dick,’ or, 'I don’t know if you purposely or involuntarily make your pussy clench around my cock, but either way, don’t ever stop…’

But sex would be reasonably rare with Michael. And by rare, I mean still quite often but maybe not quite every night. And he would treat every single time like it really mattered. Like, he’d try to make it last really long, and he would want you to be enjoying yourself the whole time. So sometimes he would have to stop you from doing stuff just so he didn’t come too early. Like, if you were on your knees and lapping at his thick cock while his hand was tangled through your hair, he would eventually have to grunt and pull your head back and say, 'sorry, baby, I was just-you’re just- fuck- If you kept going I was going to come down your throat before your pussy had gotten any action…’

And Michael would love nothing more than you dressing up in cute little numbers for him. Whether it just be a new pair of underwear that you bought, or legitimately a proper sexy lingerie set, he would adore you. And he would try to make the most of it too. Like, say you were wearing a fancy lace bra and panties and were already waiting for him when he got home after work, he would make sure you spent at least an hour just parading around in it for him before he actually took it off and fucked you. But then other times, he would go to another extreme and force you to keep it on while he merely moved the panties to the side of your burning heat to slide to his cock in…

And sometimes he would use sex as a way to convince you about something. Like, if you were supposed to both be going to a party in an hour but he was feeling unsocial, he’d try to persuade you with his dick. So when you were in the bathroom trying to fix your hair in the mirror, he would sneak up behind you, and wrap his arms around you, pressing his chest into your spine and making sure his crotch was far enough into your ass so you could feel how hard he was. Then, while grinding ever so slowly into your behind, he would breath into your ear, 'maybe we could just stay home tonight, princess?..’

But generally he would just be the gentle type. There would be lots of hand holding and kissing on the forehead and he’d care more about your safety and pleasure than anything else. So, in the middle of anything, he would always persist with asking, 'are you alright?’ or 'is this good?’ And if it had been a while since you had last moaned, he would become really concerned and think you’re not enjoying it, so he would speed up and harden how he was slamming into you…

And he’d always seem so proud when you took charge of the action because he would normally be in control. But then when you were the one on top of him and bouncing up and down on his cock, he would tuck his hands behind his head and just look up at you with the dumbest smirk on his face and he would just get extremely vocal and use a crap load of pet names to try and let you know how content he was with you being so horny on him. 'yes, baby, that’s my girl. Ride my cock like the good girl you are. I’ve taught you so well, haven’t I, my sexy little babe?..’

And okay. The best time for sex with the two of you was birthday sex. Michael would always treat you well, but on your birthday he would go to whole other extremes. Like, you would wake up to his hair tickling your thighs and then before you knew it, his wet tongue would be licking up your folds and flicking over your clit, and then he would continue to suck and lick and nibble until you were shaking underneath him. And then that wasn’t the end because he would turn it into a game for himself of how many times he could make you come. Eventually he would just end up saying, 'how about since you’re now 18 years old, we could go for 18 times?’

There would always be these few times every now and then, though, when Michael would become a bit needy. And it wouldn’t happen too often, but when it was happening, you know that it was happening. Like, in public, he would keep his hand hanging slightly lower on your back than usual, and then once in a while, he’d let it slip a bit lower so he could pinch your ass. And when you were sitting down, he’d wander his fingers around your waist and then drape down over your crotch, and he would just let them linger there. And when you got home later and shut the door, you’d instantly feel him push you onto the bed and be like, 'you’ve been looking so good all day, and now I think to be fair it should be my time with you, okay?’

Oh, and a drunk Michael would be a horny Michael. 


Ashton / Luke / Calum


Smile For Me

Title: Smile For Me
Pairing: Reader [N]/Ryan Haywood
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,900
Summary: You had a bad day, no, make that a bad week. It’s all a little bit too much for you so you somehow hold it together until the AH office is empty before you break down. As much as you didn’t want anyone to see you like this, you can’t bring yourself to wish Ryan hadn’t forgotten his keys.


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anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm not sure if you already posted about your favorite Hunhan/SeLu moments? If you haven't can you post gifs of these and why? Thank you!! The ship's always sailing!!

 Sure, there are many many moments that are favourites of mine, so many that I’d be here for a while listing them all. I generally love every single small moment they shared, whether that be a small glance, or a giant hug. Warning long post ahead-

To start, this isn’t really a moment as Luhan done it often, but I absolutely adore the way Luhan would put his hand under Sehun’s chin, and then most of the time Sehun would turn and smile at him. This was apparently Luhan’s way of checking he was happy, and a way of breaking his sassy bish face. I think it’s just so sweet, and special, and it showed the caring relationship between the two.

 Hehe I think Luhan was tickling Sehun in the gif below. I just like their playfulness too aww.

I love the way Sehun sorta done a sassy smile at him in this one

This one isn’t really the same, it’s more of a comfort looking thing to me? Idk Sehun looked either a little shy or maybe bored, and Luhan thought he’d help out I guess, and try to make him smile?

And never to forget, the showtime one

I would be here forever posting all those little chin holding moments, there many other snaps of Luhan doing this. And this isn’t another technical moment, but I like the way Luhan almost protected Sehun, it’s all in this ask here, so if you want to read it go ahead. This chin thing could be another way of his “protection” thing. But I’m pretty sure Sehun once said he didn’t like his smile, so maybe Luhan disagreed and this was his way of making Sehun show his beautiful smile.

My absolute favourite, and most heartbreaking favourite moment has to be Luhan’s last concert with exo, 21/09/14. Here’s a basic run down of all the glances and other things, and a lot of things happened in the song moonlight, mostly glances, but I just feel like that song is now their song for us who ship them, here is things about moonlight. Now getting on to what I was going to say (I’m sorry I got carried away lol), my fav moment is when Sehun watched Luhan’s last solo with exo. The others went to change, but Hunnie wanted to stay and watch. The staff were fussing around him, sorting out his hair, giving him water etc, but not even for 1 second did he take his eyes of his hyung. Now we don’t know exactly why he stayed, but he probably knew this was the last time he could ever see his hyung dance in real life, and Luhan had fallen over earlier too, I think Sehun was very concerned about him. Maybe Sehun didn’t want this moment to ever come, but it did and he had to make the most of it, maybe that’s why all the glancing happened too?

See how he just didn’t look away, it just hurts. I feel like when you have to say goodbye to someone you love some people find it easier to try to stay away from them so it isn’t as heartbreaking, maybe this is how they felt on this concert, but Sehun just needed that one last proper look at him.

Again, this technically isn’t a moment either, but I love the fact that they both still wear their cartier bracelets. Luhan wore his recently in his newest mv (the one for the fans), and Sehun constantly wears it. I guess this could count as a moment? Sehun didn’t wear his cartier for a very short while, but we found out why after, it was because the poor boy had a cut where he’d normally wear it, and he’d been wearing the cartier over it. I guess he took it off because it hurt, love hurts right?

I feel like it’s their way to remind each other of their friendship. They obviously don’t speak as much (not saying they don’t because I believe they do maybe?), but this will remind them. Maybe sometimes they look down at their wrist and smile remembering the other? Luhan also has a ring, and I’ll take even longer explaining it, but here is an explanation. I once saw a pic and Sehun had a ring too, but I didn’t save it /urgh @myself/ And remember when the fansites brought them both necklaces with “H” on, and they both wore them? I just find that so cute, and it just shows how close they are, because if they weren’t they may not have worn them?

My last favourite moment is when they went to the noodle shop together. And then a year later Sehun uploads a selfie of him on the road of that noodle shop, and Luhan uploads a selfie looking real emo, and people will say it’s a “coincidence” just like 520 was a “coincidence” *sigh*, like some might be but stuff like this happenes a lot a coincidences don’t happen that many times. I believe they plan stuff like this to make us all cry real tears of Jesus. And this idk how true this is, this is just a rumour, so don’t take it seriously but it has the pics of the instagram updates too, read the post here. This probably isn’t true, but yeah. Anyway, here’s the pic from last year

I know they all went out with other members and blah, but it’s the same for other ships, their moments going out would be the most special one to you. But what makes this even more special to me was the whole instagram pics a year later. 

These are my absolute favourite moments, and I’ll just post a few of my fav gifs of them together.

And I found my fav audio post of them and that’s here, and I also really liked the moment where Sehun got a tad jealous over Luhan and Chanyeol, here.

As I said I generally like all their moments, but idk those (not exactly) moments are my favourites. And remember this is my opinions on a ship that I ship, and it’s completely fine to not ship it, just don’t hate/shit on things that make others happy 

reservoirdogma  asked:

OKAY TALK TO ME ABOUT OWEN AND CLAIRE HEADCANNONS because I haven't been able to find anything online for them and it's killing me dead I shipped them so hardcore. (I usually don't even buy those token romances in blockbusters but this one hit all my buttons somehow)

OK THESE ARE LITERALLY ALL ABOUT THEIR FIRST MEETING/FIRST DATE BECAUSE I AM OBSESSED also I am posting this publicly because like you I have been consumed by claire/owen feels and I want to take the world down with me and damn it I want someone to write real fic ok somebody write fic

- owen had been working with the raptors for a while before claire landed her job on the island, and he happened to be passing by helipad when she was first arriving. she climbs off the chopper wearing her college sweatpants and an old t-shirt (one of very few times that he would ever see her without her signature heels-skirt-blazer combo) and struggling to carry her three large suitcases (filled of course with heels, skirts and blazers). he thinks she might be one of his new interns so he introduces himself and offers to carry her bags, but not before letting it slip that watching her try to manage it all on her own is kind of amusing to him – which claire does not take well. she brushes past his extended hand, very clearly annoyed, muttering something about a long travel day and delayed flights and missing luggage and not having time for this. he follows her, making another joke about how much stuff she has because ‘damn, I thought I was an overpacker…’ and she sends him the deadliest of deadly glares over her shoulder before a driver helps her into a car and she disappears, leaving owen wondering where in the world they could be taking his intern and why he feels like he misses her

- the next morning during InGen’s weekly check-in with his team and the raptors, he has a do a double take before realizing that the woman in the black pinstriped pantsuit and four-inch heels is the same woman from the night before. she is content to pretend last night didn’t happen and introduces herself in her most formal tone, extending her hand. he laughs, trying hard to resist the urge to brush past her like she had the night before, but she’s giving him this look that’s caught somewhere between pleading and contempt, so he plays along for her sake (and also, admittedly, for his)

- after her first couple of months on the island, she starts to warm up to him a bit. owen always finds time during the check-ins to talk to claire. he starts calling them ‘dual check-ins’ – claire checks in on the raptors, and he checks in on claire. she’s not crazy about the idea (‘how many times do I have to tell you, mr. grady? just because we are in the jungle instead of a conference room doesn’t make this any less of a business meeting’) and she does her best to keep him at arm’s length, but there are moments where she allows her guard to fall (‘okay, you can ask me ONE question. but then you give me an update on the raptors!’). he respects her limits, knows when to stop pushing her. her family is a sore spot, he learns quickly, so he doesn’t ask about them often

- as acting manager of jurassic world, she does her best to make it to every weekly check-in, but things just keep coming up again and again, so she only ends up seeing him about every other week. he asks about her when she’s not there, and he will only demonstrate improvements in the raptors’ abilities when she is there to watch. his obvious crush on her becomes an inside joke among the InGen board members

 - at the end of claire’s first quarter as acting manager, InGen holds an event in her honor. owen – who has somehow managed to avoid all of these annoying banquets in his past couple of years on the island – is one of the first to arrive. he sits at a table with his team and tries not to let his eyes wander over to claire all night (it’s bad enough that the InGen board members are joking about his crush, but now his team is giving him shit for it too). he can’t help it, though. she’s wearing the most beautiful gold dress, and she’s smiling more than he’s ever seen her smile before, and whenever her eyes connect with his he feels his heart drop down to his stomach. after all of the official board members and presidents and owners and shareholders have given all of their official speeches, owen stands up before he can think twice about it and taps his fork against his glass. he tells everyone to ‘toast to claire, the woman who keeps us all going.’ when owen’s eyes meet claire’s through the crowd, he swears there’s a tear in her eye. he catches a moment alone with her before the night is over, and she’s not sure if it’s the wine or his toast or the way he looks in that damn suit, but she asks him out to dinner the following night.

- she shows up to his place the next night, six o’clock sharp, itinerary in hand. she hugs him hello when he opens the door, and he’s so surprised that by the time he rests his hands on her back she’s already pulling away. she calls him owen for the first time and his heart just about stops beating. her smile drops when she looks down and sees the board shorts. ‘did— I’m sorry, am I early? do you need more time to get ready?’ ‘nope.’

- he ends up making her ditch the itinerary after the first hour and takes her to a burger joint in the park that she says she’s never been to. ‘why would I want to go to the one restaurant on this island with the lowest customer satisfaction ratings? we’ve almost closed it down three separate times.’ ‘claire, if you ever closed this place, I’m sorry, but I would resign on the spot. I’m pretty sure it’s written in my contract.’ ‘there’s no way that’s written in your contract.’ ‘well, it should be.’

- owen gets ketchup all over claire’s white sundress and she threatens to send him her dry cleaning bill (two weeks later the bill is taped to his front door)

- during lulls in their conversation, he talks about the raptors. he talks about the raptors… a lot. at first, she’ll admit, she finds it kind of cute – endearing, like the way a child talks about their dog. but it comes to a point where she can hardly get a word in edgewise, and finally she insists that they get back to her itinerary. he makes some snappy comment about her always needing to be in control which he immediately regrets, but it’s too late to take it back. ‘fine, we’ll forget the itinerary. I’m ready to go home.’

- they walk back to her place in silence, claire three paces ahead with crossed arms, and owen trailing behind rewriting his apology over and over again in his head. when they reach her building, she turns to face him only for a brief handshake. ‘goodnight, mr. grady. I’ll see you on monday.’ ‘goodnight, ms. dearing.’

 - things between them are inescapably awkward after that night. their conversations are all busines, and claire has to hide the fact that she misses all of owen’s annoying inquiries into her personal life, and that it upsets her that he doesn’t try to show off in front of her anymore

+ a while after the events of jurassic world, he takes her on a second date. he shows up with his own six-part itinerary and she can’t help but laugh at the fact that four out of the six steps are ‘kiss claire’