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  • You: there is a gay white character in Beauty and the Beast for about THREE seconds! I'm glad they are representing the LGBT community :')
  • Me, an intellectual: 4/5 of the power rangers are POC and they're all of different nationalities, there is an autistic black character and a Latina lesbian character and a HOT Asian character who are actually leads and not just there for publicity and a false claim of diversity, the autistic character is loved and not once asked to go out of his comfort zone, they're all teenagers who love and protect each other and also save the world while being huge nerds,

hi here’s joseph being happy and having a great time with his kids because that’s what they deserve. @ devs i have a lot of thoughts about the good joseph ending if y’all just didn’t write it or made it unattainable or it’s bugged or whatevs. hmu under the cut.

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A silly thing I drew where I imagine Dib would be one of those teenagers at one point where he puts on eyeliner really badly and it was super painful for Gaz to see and take in with her eyes so she has him sit tf down one day so she can do it for him

Imagine Your OTP

Person A and B are preparing for their movie night of The Princess Bride. After getting all the snacks and movie ready.

Person B: “You know I haven’t seen this movie for quite a while.”

Person A: “You know I find that Inconceivable!”

Person B: “Are you ready for me to start the movie?”

Person A: “As you Wish!”

Person B: “Okay, well now that is out of the way-”

Person A: (in a Spanish accent) “Hello my name is Inigo Montoya, You killed my father.”

Person B: “Please can we just watch the movie.”

Person A: “As you Wish!”