sorry i haven't been uploading anything

anonymous asked:

You haven't uploaded anything for a while, are you working on a big project? Sorry, I'm a little nervous, I've been wanting to send you an ask for a while now, I didn't wanted to bother you!... Keep being awesome!

Aw, don’t be nervous, it’s quite alright dear!! Thank you so much for asking!!

Yes, I’m working really hard on a commission, and it’s turning out great! Electriceidolon, who commissioned me, donated 20$ to Child’s Play and asked me to draw my favorite Markiplier moment, and since it’s the first commission I’m doing in collaboration with Markiartist-for-charity, I wanted to make it glorious

I was stupid enough to choose a photo where Mark is wearing his lucky flannel, so it might just take a day or two more for me to finish it… Again, thank you so much for asking me!! c: