sorry i haven't been posting much recently

It’s been a while.

Have you been well? I haven’t posted in a while, nor have I reflected much on how I’ve been feeling as too much has happened recently. I hope I’ll have more time soon :)

I hope you’ve all been well and happy.


Hey everyone just wanted to give you all a quick apology for the lack of posts on the blog recently, there hasn’t been much of anything related to The Host or The Author I’ve been able to find.

So I just wanted to say sorry about that and remind you guys that you can submit and ask questions at any time. Anon is on so you don’t have to worry about that when you ask questions or tell me your headcanons! Also if you make anything related to The Host feel free to tag the blog! Or better yet shoot me a message with a link to the post to make sure I see it as tumblr can screw up it’s notifications sometimes :P

Also! If you don’t want to tag the blog the tag that works best for me to see you post is ( #danger in fiction ) so I’m most likely to see your post there :3

One more quick thing I forgot to mention was if my main @frozenseas hasn’t liked your post then I haven’t seen it! I use my likes to keep track of stuff I’ve reblogged before to help insure I don’t reblog the same thing 30 times :P

Sorry I’ve been so inactive lately I’ve been trying to cook up a get rich quick scheme so I can buy a (FUCKEN $900) ipad and finally watch naruto without having to get out of my bed. I’ve used this joke already but if God made eve from a single rib then why is apple charging me an arm and a leg for a electronic rectangle. 

My drawing of Michael Clifford using palette 36 from this challenge

Feel free to request a palette and/or person:)

Silently Spoken

The much overdue christmas oneshot that I teased about in an ask meme a few months ago and finally made myself finish last night. Also, the sequel to Shut Up and Dance, if you’ve ever read that one.

Title: Silently Spoken

Summary:  Some languages don’t need words, and through snowball fights and community holiday events, Sapphire is starting to learn.

Rating: PG-13 cause Sapphire can’t keep her eyes to herself

Word count: 6000


Much thanks to @mintly​ for the beta!

EDIT: this isn’t being posted on because all of my work has been ripped off of that site and put onto multiple spamming websites without my permission or, until recently, even my awareness. I have reported all five of the websites that I’ve found my stolen work on, but lord knows how many more there are. Until this shit gets fixed, I’m not going on for a while. Sorry for any inconvenience.