sorry i haven't been online for so long

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(Sorry for any mistakes I'm not a native) I think your art is amazing and I love it. I've been following you for already few months but I haven't check for a long time and now I checked most and I'm already so excited for more information about FluffyTale o(^▽^)o (and actually I think your Engish is good) Also do you have patreon (or some kind of site we can donate on) and can I buy some of your keychains and merchandise online if it's possible (>_<)?

awww thank you!! im so excited for letting you guys know more too >u<! (*look at today’s date* oh gosh..i guess i really need to start it these days XD)

and im so sorry that i dont have any patreon or ko-fi or paypal i cant sell things overseas or letting you guys donate me ;u;

but if you really want to support me , you can just follow me and give a like to my post , thats warm too *^^* ♡

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Hi I haven't been online for a while, what's happening with Harry and sea world? Sorry if you've answered this already x

Harry just made a quick remark stating that you shouldn’t visit Sea World, and his words are powerful, haha, not long after Sea world tweeted this 

and then Sea-World-Erin felt a little salty hehe

And this is so frivolous… 

Harry isn’t a marine biologist or anything, but she doesn’t know shit about whatever grounds he had for his comment. She doesn’t know what knowledge he’s accumulated through his work with Ric O'Barry personally and then his work with the Dolphin Project either. She’s making an assumption.