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Title: Not Like This
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: Agnst, may or may not be total shit but I like it. I also hate writing fights but it was a necessary evil.

Danny brushed his hand through his hair, weaving past some of the people who were still out on the streets that evening. His steps were quick as he tried to get to Colleen’s dojo as soon as possible, a little smile on his face at the prospect of seeing you.

Earlier that morning, Danny took you to meet her and Claire for the first time. He knew you the change of scenery would do you some good and since Joy had forced him to come into the office that day. It seemed like the perfect plan to get you out for a little.

Plus, the two of them were more than thrilled to meet the girl Danny wouldn’t shut up about and get to ask you questions about what he was like when he was younger.

And when he mentioned you were learning to defend yourself, Colleen practically lit up at the idea of getting to teach you.

Danny missed you throughout the day though.

He had become so accustomed to having you around him all the time that when a full day passed and all he had to do for the day was paparwork, he was more than thrilled to see you again and hear everything about your day.

He didn’t even notice when some guy directly knocked into him, briefly apologizing before carrying on his way.

The delight was short lived though, because as soon as he made to into the building of the dojo, it was unnervingly quiet. Colleen almost always had music playing and the inside of the building was pitch black.

Using the light on his phone, Danny managed to find his way through the building. But his blood ran cold when the door of the main dojo was hanging open, several of the screws on the hinges loose or on the floor.

Danny slowly stepped inside, the light from the street lamps streaming in from the windows, letting him see that the room was empty. He reached into his coat to grab his phone to look for any messages from any of you, but in the pocket his hand grabbed onto a card.

It was a small bit of stiff paper with an address written out in mismatched letters and numbers, he flipped it over to a symbol he was becoming far too familiar with as of recently.

He took one more glance around the room before bolting out of the building.

It was a warehouse.

Why is it always warehouses?

Danny parked his car a bit of distance away, taking a moment to stake out the place and noticing that one was stationed outside, but the card told him he was in the right place.

He quickly made his way to the enterence, looking around and noticing that different sections of it were blocked off by rows of shipping units.

Whoever took the three of you must have gassed the room, Colleen and Claire were capable of handling their own and you might not have been the best fighter but you were smart enough to know how to work your way of dangerous situations.

Still, Danny could feel how hard his heart was beating, practically knocking against his ribcage at the thought of you all being hurt or worse.

Then came the scream.

It was you, he just knew it.

The sound rang in his ears and everything in him just stopped. When Danny heard it again his feet took off, trying to follow the noise. He could make out distict yelling and the overall noise of struggle echoed against the dull walls of the warehouse.

He ran passed a unit but jumped out of his skin whenever something was thrown against it, he skidded back to the opening.

Danny didn’t even notice he fist was glowing until it went through the steel of the lock, practically shattering the whole thing as the doors limply hung open.

All he could see was Claire strapped to a chair and several men holding various weapons try and take on Colleen

She had managed to get herself loose of the restraints and was trying to take care of them.

Danny was only pulled out of his daze when one of them managed to punch him right underneath his ribs.

After catching his breath, Danny took out all of the men in the front of the unit. Once that was taken care of he broke off the restraints for Claire.

“Where’s (Y/n)?” Danny asked as he helped her to stand.

“Some of them took her to the back of the unit, I’ll help Claire. Go get her.” Claire ordered, pushing him away and grabbing the nearest weapon she could find.

While Claire and Colleen kept the men busy, Danny jumped over some boxes and immediately saw you slumped against the corner of unit wall.

One of the men landed a kick into your stomach and Danny leaped into action. Trying his best to keep his focus on the task at hand, but the sound of your screaming was still etched into his subconscious.

One guy had managed to pin him against the wall, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw another man walk up to you again.

It took a minute to get himself out of the hold, but just as Danny was about to go to you. You were standing againt the wall now, the man limply leaning against you.

Danny’s brows scruched together, but once you pushed the man off of you and he fell to the ground, blood pooling around he knew something was wrong.


Something clattered onto the ground and Danny watched you staring blankly ahead until you slowly sunk the floor.

Danny ran to you, his hands grasping onto your shoulders while he resisted the urge to go absolutely ballistic at the sight of you.

Bruises trailed down the one side of your hairline and your lip had been split, and he didn’t even want to think about all the injuries he couldn’t see.

But what made him the most heartbroken was the way your gaze was fixated upon your hands. They were covered in blood and your fingers were trembling terribly.

“(Y/n)?” He asked again, his voice much shakier now. “Please look at me.” He begged, hands coming up to cradle your face, his eyes starting to water when he noticed your skin felt like ice.

He could see the terror in your eyes but your expression remained cold. It took a moment but your gaze slowly came to meet his.

“I’m fine.” You whispered, gaze flittering down to your hands.

“Danny,” Claire said, coming up behind him while her hand rested on his shoulder. “She’s going into shock, you have to get her out of here she calm down. We took care of the rest of them.”

Danny only nodded, standing up before he arms wrapped around you in a protective hold, helping you walk out of the storage unit.

He could see you were breathing heavily and you kept mumbling to youself. All he could was tell you over and over again how sorry he was.

Claire lead the whole operation from there, checking everyone’s wounds before putting her sole focus onto you. Danny had given you his jacket and all three of then were doing their best to bring you back.

Once you were starting to come to, Claire ordered Danny to take you home as soon as possible and gave him strict instructions to take care of you and help you rest.

He made sure both Claire and Colleen were completely safe before taking you home.

It was so strange, he couldn’t recall a time when you were completely silent around him. Unless you were lost in a book, you wanted to know everything that was happening with him or the world around you.

But now, to see you look so lost made his heart ache.

It wasn’t until you were safe inside his apartment, sitting on his bed in a new change of clothes, that Danny tried to talk to you again.

“I thought you would be safe at Colleen’s, I had no idea something like this would happen to any of you,” He started. “I am so sorry.”

You placing your hand on top of his. “It’s okay, you didn’t know.”

Danny couldn’t help but shake his head. “Are you okay? I just heard you screaming and I took off running.” His fingers lightly traced the banaged Claire had placed on your hands.

“I never wanted to hurt anyone.” You said, your voice breaking off at the end. “And now I’ve killed someone.”

Danny hands reached out to you and pulled into a tight hug. “It wasn’t your fault, that person deserved what he got and you only did what you had to.”

He could hear your muffled cries, and he didn’t know how to make the pain go away.

“I’m so sorry this happened to you. I never wanted to put you in danger,” He whispered, pulling back and resting his forehead against yours. “This doesn’t change anything about you. You’re gonna be just fine, okay?”

You wiped at your eyes and only offered him a weak smile, not having the heart to give him a proper response.




The Various Sides of Lee Seokmin

97.02.18 Happy Birthday to the always fabulous and handsome Lee Seokmin! 🎂🍰🥂🍾

This baby was the very first one that caught my eye in SEVENTEEN when I watched their ‘Adore U’ music video after being impressed by one of their live debut performances! Soon after, I realized that Dokyum was not only a singing angel, but also a really dorky but lovable boy! I wanted to include so many more moments of my bias but one GIFset is not enough!!

Happy Birthday once again to this wonderful human being, and I hope your year will be blessed with everything that you’ve always wanted!

 I will always be your fan! 😍😘❤️💛💚💙💜❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟

#Happy_DK_VERNON_Day & #소중한_한솔이와_석민이의_생일을_축하해

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On this episode of Real Husbands of Storybrooke:

Maybe you should have rethought that statement, David.