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can you imagine even’s reaction if the restroom only had a hand dryer and no paper towel dispenser? like “o shit what do i do now” and then isak comes out of the bathroom stall and he thinks to himself “alright gO BIG OR GO HOME” before he elbows the hand dryer and causes it to stop working and then he tells isak “sorry did you need air?” before he starts intensely blowing air out of his mouth


honestly idk what im doing with colors and shit but enjoy this shitty comics 

Do you ever think about how far Garrus has come along? Do you ever think that maybe he doesn’t think about it much himself?

He wasn’t in C-Sec just for his father; he was there to help people, but he never felt that he was doing much, and then when given something/someone to chase, he would risk civilian casualties to get them. He wanted to have more control, have things go his way more.

Then during his time on Omega, his most important rule - if not the only rule - was “no civilian casualties”. And despite what happens to him and his team, he still doesn’t regret leaving C-Sec, but he starts to see why being a leader isn’t all its cracked up to be.

And then he’s an expert Reaper advisor, who’s so far up the line of succession of becoming the leader of his own planet that generals are saluting him. Now he realises that it’s definitely not all it’s cracked up to be. Part of him probably wonders why it seemed intriguing in the first place.

And who’s there to comfort him as she makes him realise this? Shepard. She knows exactly what he’s going through, but she doesn’t make it about her. She doesn’t inflict her own pain upon him in hopes that it would make him feel better about his situation. She’s just there to listen without judgment. And through it all, she’s ways been proud of him.

It’s a relief to Garrus more than anything to be told by the most respected person to save a galaxy again and again that he’s where he needs to be, that he hasn’t failed as anything because of where he is now and the amount of lives he’s saved - more than he would had he not joined the Normandy… And it was all thanks to her.

They know each other so perfectly, they fit so perfectly. As partners. As friends. As lovers. He’ll never be able to express just how much she’s done for him, how much she means to him… how much he loves her. But he’ll be damned if he doesn’t try give as good as he gets.

Newt Scamander x Reader - Pretending You’re Beside Me

Title: Pretending You’re Beside Me

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Rating: G

Word Count: 1886

Warnings: Some crying, feels. Nothing really.

Request: anon - Hi! I just want to say that I love your writing and I was wondering if you could do a scenario where the reader sings the song “on my own” as she was caring for Newt’s creatures within the case. As she was singing, she broke down at the end of the song because she knew that he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings for him and then suddenly it turned out the newt heard her singing and confronted her about it? I’m so sorry it’s so long and specific ;;m;;

Here we go guys!

(Posting this now instead of later because I need sleep.)

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Disclaimer: Nothing here belongs to me, and belongs to the person who created it. The only thing I own is the plot.

Also, sorry it’s short;;;; I’m writing this while I’m sick and tired and I feel like I’m dying, so I’m just gonna try and get this over with so I can take a nap or just sleep in general =^=

Also, really really sorry. It ended up shorter than I expected. Gosh I’m tired. Anyways, Imm gonna call it done, I don’t know what else to add to it. I’ll probably write something longer in the future

Dipper - Majors in creative writing - 17
Mabel - Majors in mixed media art - 17

Mason - Majors in psychology - 21
Belle - Majors in fashion designer - 21

Tyrone - Majors in sport science - 19
May - Majors in human physiology - 19

(None of the Mabel’s are in it)

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I bet Dex named the dryer.

At first out of annoyance.

The dryer breaks. He’s already having a bad day and dealing with Feelings™ for Nursey. Angrily, he kicks the dryer, muttering something about Derek.

Still, he fixes it best he can.

And he’s feeling a bit better about life now he’s accomplished something with his day


The dryer a few more times. He’s not always grumpy doing it, and often works in silence.


Dex thinks as he works. It helps him organize his thoughts to be busy.

And whenever he’s fixing the dryer, his thoughts turn to Nursey

He mumbles “Derek” under his breath so often he associates it more with the machine than his (crush) friend


Okay so he didn’t HAVE to fix Derek the Dryer, as he taken to calling it in his own head. But he needs some time to think about Nursey. And this is the best place he’s got.


He didn’t expect Nursey to wait upstairs for him while he fixed the dryer, but he does. Dex tries not to read too much into it.


He’s weirdly grown attached to the machine, but that’s probably more to the time it gives him alone to think.


He’s sorry to see it go in a sense.

Still, it gives him more time to focus on the real Derek.

Overly Analytical Problem #13

10pm- Going to bed now. Remember, no studying before bed…
10:30- ok, I’ll just read some fiction before bed, it’s not like it’s “studying”
11pm- hmm…Have to check what phrontistery means. It was in the book.
11:30- Wow! What an epic word! Let’s check it’s latin roots!
Midnight- Guess I should try to get some sl- oh cool! Look at all this new information to study…

3am- oh… so that’s why duck saliva cougulates in intense heat…

This is why we get NO sleep…

How are you supposed to go through life knowing you had the person you were destined to know, to touch, to love right beside you the whole time? How can you go on knowing you gave that up?
I keep telling myself that the timing was all wrong, that we could have made it if we were a little older and didn’t have so much learning to do.  Because in the end we always end up pushing away the people we love. 
I hope you sleep better at night now. I hope that you’ve allowed yourself to be loved. I’m sorry that I hurt you.
But Jesus Christ, I can still see you in my dreams.
I can still feel you.
—  a book I am trying to write
Pack Sleepover


Requested: “Could you do a Paul from Twilight imagine of for some reason the whole pack has to stay at Sam and Emily’s so it’s basically a giant slumber party in the living room and Paul and his imprint are all cuddled up together trying to sleep but the rest of the pack is a bunch of annoying brats??”

Sorry for the wait, exams got me pretty stressed but they are finally over now!  I hope you like it, even though it is a little shorter than normal!

Word Count: 741


The idea of the sleepover was to have some time to relax together.  The pack had had a lot going on lately, a lot of vampire related troubles had been keeping them up at night and on patrol all day.  Now that everything was sorted and things were relatively normal again, Sam had suggested having a pack sleepover.  I suspected he wouldn’t suggest it again.  The food had disappeared almost as soon as it was placed on the table and as a result most of the pack were on sugar highs.  The pack tended to be energetic anyway but with a whole tonne of sugar running through their veins they were crazy.

In a useless attempt at calming the pack down a little somebody had put a movie on.  Most of the pack were ignoring it completely though, or hadn’t even noticed it was on.  They were too busy winding each other up and running around like 5-year-olds at a birthday party.  It was quite funny to watch to be honest, I was just glad that they were smiling.  I hadn’t seen them this happy in weeks.  

Paul stuck beside me, off to one side of the living room.  We were both laying in our sleeping bags, watching the drama unfold.  Paul had his arm around me as I was pressed up against his chest, feeling every vibration as he laughed at his pack mates.  Sam had given up trying to keep them all in line and had disappeared with a last despairing look, so now there were a whole bunch of teasing arguments going on around the room and a good few of them were play fighting.  At least I hoped they were pretending.  

By the time the credits rolled on the movie which nobody had bothered to watch, I was ready to fall asleep.  I rolled over to face Paul, burying my face into his chest as my eyes slowly closed.  I felt him place a feather light kiss on my forehead as I hummed contentedly.  And then felt something hit the pack of my head.  I rolled back over as quick as a Flash and shot a glare at the crowd of boys giggling like little girls.  
“Which one of you threw that?”  I snapped, reaching to find whatever it was that had landed in my hair.  It was a piece of popcorn.  I rolled my eyes when none of them answered and peeked over my shoulder to find Paul shooting daggers at them all.  
“It was Quil.”  He muttered, grinning as there was aloud exclamation of complaint.  That grin quickly disappeared as a piece of popcorn hit him in the centre of his forehead.   I bit my lip to suppress a giggle as I lay back down again, getting comfortable.  
“Are you done?”  I grumbled, closing my eyes again as Paul wrapped his arms around me.  
“Nope.”  The pack chorused.  

At first I tried to ignore the pack, but they sure were persistent.  They kept yelling over the room at us every time I felt like I was about to doze off and pretty soon the two of us were covered in the popcorn and jelly sweets that the rest of them had thrown our way.  
“Can you guys quit it?  We’re trying to sleep?”  Paul growled.  Sometimes I wondered how on earth he managed to put up with being in their heads all of the time.  “Can you guys quit it with the cutesy coupley stuff then because we’re trying not to throw up.”  Jared quipped back and I rolled my eyes, biting back a small laugh.  I opened my eyes to see Paul watching them with a small smirk on his face.  “If us trying to sleep grosses you out then good luck with this.”  He met my eyes before leaning forward to capture my lips in his.  Much to the annoyance of the pack.  I heard a collective groan from behind me and laughed into the kiss, before pulling back, a deep blush covering my face.  I hid my face in Paul’s chest, ignoring the laughter from the pack as they noticed my tomato-like complexion.  “Can you please just let us fucking sleep?”  Paul’s eyes widened as the curse word slipped past my lips.  “I would let her sleep.”  He said, looking uneasy.  “Or she may well kill you.”  I smiled, closing my eyes.  “And I certainly won’t be the one to stop her.” 


Some words I had written in the past but really needed to read again in the present.

Focusing on the present moment, being mindful to what is stable and present -with you, is so important to being able to calm down. Remember to breath, wrap up warm, and allow yourself to rest. It’s going to be ok.

Listen. I see antis getting mad again and I feel like I need to speak up. Do you think we are doing this for fun?

I wish Louis and the other boys were having babies for real. Just not under these circumstances. If I had a reason to believe Louis is straight I wouldn’t be here talking about Larry. I’d be excited at the thought of Louis being a dad. I would be talking about what a lovely couple Louis and Danielle make. But that’s not the case. For anyone with a brain willing to look at facts it’s clear this stuff is shady.

Similar case for Liam. I would love to be excited at the thought of him being a dad. Yet I’m not.

Babygate 1 and 2 are literally what our worst nightmares are made off. We don’t make that shit up cause we like drama. There’s enough drama without 1D. The reason so many Larries have left is (mostly) not cause they stopped believing. It’s because it was too stressful for them. These events are causing people stress, they are making us worry.

I would love to be able to just believe everything that’s being fed to me and not be bothered. But I can’t. I have a functioning brain and I notice things are not what they look like. I can’t and won’t ignore that. Please stop being so mad at us. If you believe Freddie is Louis’ son, go ahead. If you believe Liam and Cheryl are happy, sure. I don’t mind you thinking that if you don’t harass me with it. Yet you are the ones yelling at us for having a different opinion. Can’t we just leave each other alone? Time will tell who is right and wrong.

“Sorry I didn’t call til now babe. I was sleeping off a hangover. Don’t worry! I didn’t do anything too dumb. I don’t really need Nursey Patrol when I’m drinking…..But I’m glad you look out for me Will. It means a lot. Uh…I have to go. My moms taking me to dinner. Talk later babe. Love you”


“Hey Derek. Sorry I missed your call, my cousins were over, and I couldn’t answer. Sorry. I guess you’re still at dinner, or your asleep again. I - [muffled movement]. Sorry I had to go outside, my brother came into the kitchen. I know you need Nursey Patrol, and I’m glad you trust me to do it. I better go back inside. Love you”.

  • Lance: hey pidge
  • Pidge: Lance why are you in my room right now I was sleep--
  • Lance: do penguins ever get sad that they can't fly
  • Pidge: wtf why are you--
  • Lance: like, do they see all these other birds soaring through the sky and think "damn this sucks I wanna do that"
  • Pidge: Lance please--
  • Lance: but maybe one day a penguin will figure it out. We got planes. Maybe they'll get planes. Maybe they already have planes, idk what's going on in Antarctica
  • Pidge: L ANCE
  • Lance: yes pidge
  • Pidge: why are you doing this. Why me.
  • Lance: cus you're probably the resident bird expert
  • Pidge: what.
  • Lance: isn't Pidge short for Pigeon
  • Pidge: do you know what time it is
  • Lance: oh yeah it's--
  • Pidge: it's time for you to stop

⊹ ·     ✧ ✹ .   ✫
⊹  *
    .  · *    
  ✦        .    *
           ⊹ ˚ ✦ * ⊹

  • [Christmas Day]
  • Hoseok: *Runs to Yoongi's room screaming* MERRY CHRISTMAS YOONGI HYUNG!!!
  • Yoongi: wtf???...Hobi, it's 3 in the morning...
  • Yoongi: *groans* Can't it wait a couple more hours??
  • Hoseok: NO! I WANT TO GIVE IT TO YOU NOW! *does aegyo*
  • Yoongi: *sighs* ok fine
  • Yoongi: Is my gift going back to sleep? *laughs*
  • Hoseok: .....
  • Yoongi: sorry *obeys Hoseok's request*
  • Hoseok: *takes out a mistletoe and holds it above their heads* Look up hyung!
  • Yoongi: *processing the situation* HOBI WHAT IS THI-
  • Hoseok: *quickly but softly kisses Yoongi on the lips*
  • *slowly pulls away and whispers* I love you Min Yoongi
  • Yoongi: *blushes* I love you too Hobi
Juju’s 400 Follower Celebration

Yay! 400 of you gorgeous souls follow my stupid blog! I do not deserve any of you beautiful people yet you are all here! (Even the porn bots count) I had a thingy where you would vote for either ships or love letters. I had 6 votes for ships and 6 for love letters. I know that my last update says otherwise but I looked and saw that I was wrong. So I am doing both!

Rules for ships:

1. Write your personality and please specify that you want a ship!

2. For your personality, please enter: likes, dislikes, hobbies, talents, favorite music genre, favorite movie genre, obsessions, favorite food, and anything you would like to add!

3. I do not, I repeat, do not, want to know what you look like! Shipping is based on personality and personality only! Unless it’s something everyone notices or something you really like about yourself.

Rules for love letters:

1. Please write your name and things you like. Not like personality but things you like to do. What is something most people find you doing? Something that is classic about you

2. Please specify that you want a love letter!

3. Tell me who you would like it to be from. I am willing to do: Sam, Dean, Cas, Jared, and Jensen. I might make an exception for Misha, but I don’t know.  

I will have this open for about 24 hours. Right now it’s 12:00 am and I will end it at about 12:00 am tomorrow.

I will not answer the ones that are on Anon because this is a follower celebration. I don’t want to turn off Anon because….I don’t know. Just don’t wanna. Please send in what you want!

I’m tagging the people who sent in votes and some other people!

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anonymous asked:

Hi chris! (idk if its okay to call you like that or do you prefer actually christine?) I'm really sick as hell and i was wondering if you knew any good sterek fics where one of them is. sick and the other one takes care of him?

Aww hun I’m so sorry you feel icky :(  Its totally ok! my friends call me Chris and we’re friends now :) Chris is very gender neutral and Christine is more like hi I’m a girl :p 

Anyways, have some sick sterek :) And feel better!

Sticky Notes and Silent Words by  Bellakitse | 1.6K

Stiles has laryngitis, everyone thinks it’s funny, except Derek, his misses Stiles’ voice.

Go the Fuck to Sleep by  chase_acow | 2.4K

Stiles is sick and Derek takes care of him. Kinda. And mostly despite himself.

Have It All by  doc_sock | 5.8K

Derek is glad that he and Stiles are fuck buddies, really. So he wants more than that. So what? It’s not like what he wants is important.

(Love) Sick and Dying by  har1ey_quinn | 5.4K

“Do you need me to carry you?” Derek looks like anything Stiles says in an affirmative response will only result in him being thrown out the window.

“I-” Stiles squints at Derek. Apparently his lack of response is not good enough for the werewolf, so he takes it upon himself to try and shift Stiles into a sitting position on the bed. “Whoa, head rush. Ow.” Stiles brings his hands to rub at his temples, eyes shut in pain. The throbbing is getting unbearable now.

An impossible illness by  MemeKon | 3.3K

“D'you know what feels amazing when you’re sick?” He exclaims, taking Derek’s empty soup bowl from his shaky grip.

“A bullet through the brain?”

“What? No. What the fuck, Derek. Way to be drastic.” He rolls his eyes at him, putting the bowl on his bedside table. “A sponge bath. I was going to say a sponge bath.” Derek’s eyebrows do a sort of ritual dance at his words, over dark feverish eyes. “I don’t know what you’re saying, I’m not fluent in Eyebrow-ish.”

Stiles has the Flu | tumblr ficlet

Stiles gets the flu or something, and Derek comes over and takes care of him, but is so hostile and mean about it that Stiles thinks Derek’s there to kill him via alphabet soup burns or give him an overdose of cough syrup. When Derek’s just mad because Stiles let himself get sick in the first place.

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can you do 93 and 125 please

(11) Jailbreak | Gangster Jooheon drabbles

 “You didn’t just wake me up at 2 am because you were in ‘the mood’.” and “Quit moving, I’m trying to sleep. wait.. are you… what?!”

You should have known something was up when Jooheon didn’t quite want to go to bed that night. He was flushing slightly, oddly, saying something about staying up later because why not. You, however, were exhausted, and only brushed him aside to curl into your sheets and fall asleep. 

Now, you awake slowly, hearing shifting and rustling in the covers beside you that you suspect have been going on for two hours.  

“Quit moving, Mister. I’m trying to sleep,” you hear yourself say.

Instead of a light chuckle, the normal response, that you expected, Jooheon stills beside you immediately, mumbling out a weak ’sorry’. You blink the sleep out of eyes, wondering if something is seriously wrong.

”…Jooheon?“ You mumble sleepily, lifting your head to look glance over your shoulder. He is laying on his back, face somewhat discernable through the darkness, and frame entirely freezing at the sound of your voice. “Is there something wrong?”

He shifts again. “No…I mean…yes, there is.”

You turn over onto your other side this time to face him, worried eyes peering at his through the darkness. He only fidgets.

“I…uh, need help with something. Or, rather, I need you to help me with something.”

Your eyebrows furrow. “What is it?”

He only grins sheepishly, eyes darting over face in a silent plea to understand. You wonder what in the world can be so bad that Jooheon himself cannot communicate it properly to you, until your eyes are sweeping down his frame, stopping particularly on the noticeable area of his pajamas.

“Wait…are you…what?”

He flushes. “I’m sorry, okay? I was feeling a little…. frustrated.”

“You didn’t just wake me up at two am because you were in ‘the mood’.” 

His cheeks darken. “I was frustrated.” 

You try to hold back the laughter in your voice. “Why didn’t you say something earlier?”

You see a flash of conflict in his eyes. You find his crisis nothing short of adorable, for a gangster at least.

“What was I supposed to say? ‘Hey babe, I need sex right now.’?”

You laugh this time, covering your mouth only when he flushes deeply. “Yes, that would have worked. Why are you so embarassed? It’s not like this is the first time.”

He groans in exasperation, the back of his head pressing into his pillow. “Yes, but I’m supposed to be the cool and composed one. You’re supposed to be begging for me.

You raise an eyebrow at that. “Really?”

His eyes are still uncertain, cheeks slightly flushed from embarrassment and probably arousal from his two-hour hard on. “Yes.”

A smirk tugs at your lips as you settle back onto your other side, back facing the gangster. “Alright then, since you’re obviously so composed, good luck handling it yourself,” you wave him off.

You hear a frantic noise from him before arms were suddenly wrapping around your waist. “No, babe, please. I need help.”

You lift your head slightly to look at him. “Say that again.”

“Say what?”


His words seem to catch in his throat, rocking him into a state of disbelief that he is actually in this situation right now, but he is already so worked up that he can’t wait much longer. He notes to make you promise to never tell the boys after this.

He sighs. “Please, Y/n, I need you.”

The dull heat that licks up your frame shows that you are satisfied, encouraging you to hum your approval. You shift over him then, legs straddling his waist and lips immediately latching onto his neck.

He groans as if having been starving for days to be satisfied only now. His fingers tangle in the locks of your hair as you press your lips down the length of his throat and peppering kisses onto his collar bones. You take mind to lightly grind your hips into his, pulling one gasp from his lips, then a growl. His hands latch onto your waist and he rolls his hips up into yours harder.

You fight back a moan as you pull away. “Did I say you could touch?”

His eyes are wide for a second before he’s groaning in exasperation. “Y/n,” he whines, “don’t do this to me.”

You smile. “I’m sorry, I recall someone asking for my help earlier…”

He picks a hand up to cover his face, gaining his composure so he can just end this crisis quickly. He removes both his hands from your waist and onto the sheets, tilting your lips into a satisfied grin.

“Good boy.”

A deep blush settles upon his cheeks. “Y/n!

He doesn’t have time to complain when you are palming the tent in his pajamas next, drawing a breathy moan from his lips that puts a smile on yours.

You’ll probably enjoy this.