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It's Not That Common, It Doesn't Happen to Every Guy, and It Is a Big Deal!

10,388 words of me trying to fit as many headcanons in one fic as humanly possible. Polyfrogs Soulmates (AU where you have the first words your soulmate says to you on your body somewhere)!

Chris knows when he’s very young that he’ll have to leave home eventually. He loves his family, he loves his home, and he loves the Sharks, but his words seem to imply that his soulmate will meet him somewhere that isn’t California.

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I’m finally having access to internet again! Yay!

I’ll start answering/replying everything from now on! Sorry for the absence but it was certainly not planned…But in advance, thanks for all the kind notes! <3<3<3

Anyway, have an WIP (one of the many) that I posted on Instagram! 

Ismene, Erika’s soul-sister as she claims. Thought they are cousins, she always introduces Ismene as her (older) sister. 

By the way, as we are almost 500 there (Thank you so much guys! ;___; ) I’m going to lunch a giveaway there soon enough! <3

“Just keep running into each other everywhere” AU

Minho just doesn’t care about coffee.

 If it were up to him, he’d get up every morning, shovel a spoonful or two of store brand instant into a cup with warm water from the kitchen sink and then down it without even stirring. The last time he did this, however, Newt nearly had a heart attack; he doesn’t let Minho make “coffee”, anymore.  

Which means that it’s Newt who is to blame for the fact that Minho’s just spilled about three quarters of his overpriced double shot espresso on some guy with dark brown hair and broad shoulders and long eyelashes and a shirt that’s sticking to his abs in a way that Minho shouldn’t be so preoccupied with because he literally just soaked the guy with steaming hot coffee.

And Minho wants to apologize but all he says is “Fuck.”

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Stuck in the Middle

Summary: Muggle AU where Remus and Sirius meet at a convention cosplaying as punk!Bucky and hipster!Steve (also James is black – hence his Falcon cosplay – sorry I don’t make the rules.) 

For queermarauders since we don’t talk as much as we should, and Elliot is awesome.

“Still think they should have let me take my bike in here,” Sirius says, tossing another fry into his mouth. “I mean, do you know how much more badass I look when I have it?”

“True, but you had it for the parade, at least. Besides, it’s probably hotel policy or something stupid. Bet we could sneak it in, though.” James winks at him, and Sirius tosses a fry his way. James catches it in his mouth.

“Holy crap! Can I please get a picture with you two?”

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