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niall: ey mate, proud of you

harry: why’s that exactly, niall?

niall: last two in the band to not have gotten a girl pregnant!



harry: true!

*nods and highfives*

This one wont have a cut bc its short and not as dark (to me). Edit: car crash and hospital.(I’m very sorry I’m still figuring out the warnings and tags)

Lance has a lot of bad days. Days when he can barely get out of bed, but does so anyway because of if he doesn’t his parents will be angry. Days when he can’t feel the smile on his face because it isn’t real, it’s just there when customers are.

It’s on one of these days that his phone buzzes and he opens it to find a picture of a cat head photoshopped Onto a dinosaurs body.  The caption reads *I hope you’re happy, gremlin*

He messages the sender tells him it’s a wrong number.

They start talking, some how. Lance doesn’t have as many bad days anymore.

They make a plan to meet up, since they live surprisingly close, just a couple towns apart.

Keith is excited to meet lance. He waits in front of the grocery store they were going to meet at for hours, excited to meet the boy who thanks him every night before bed, for making him smile that day, who had called him earlier with excitement in his voice.

He gives up eventually, going inside to buy a snack, listening to the conversation about how someone had been hit by a car, how the kid who was hit looked bloody, how the people who were there couldn’t find a pulse, how an ambulance had gone by earlier, (he realizes it was probably before he got there because he definitely hadn’t seen one).

He goes home that night, angry and disappointed. He sends lance a text, giving him a chance to explain.

Lance doesn’t respond. Instead, the text that comes back says that the phone’s owner had been in an accident, that they probably didn’t mean to stand Keith up.

Several months later, Keith is having a bad day. He doesn’t want to get up. He doesn’t want to think about the boy who he had liked, who he hadn’t heard anything about in half a year.

Keith’s phone buzzes. He flicks it open, barely able to muster the energy to do even that.

He sees a picture of a face he had only seen in pictures before. There’s a gorgeous, tired looking not with dark skin, Brown hair, and a blinding smile in a hospital bed and gown, and the caption reads *Hey, sorry, didn’t mean to stand you up.*

BSD Official Anthology -Rei-: 僕とケーキと時々パグ

Hey y’all! I picked up the BSD anthology over the weekend and didn’t see translations for this chapter yet (or maybe I just missed them). It’s filled with Akutagawa’s life being suffering also a Pug!  My Japanese is rusty and far from fluent, but I wanted to give it a shot so other Akutagawa fans could enjoy too, haha. If I mixed anything up just let me know and I’ll edit! (Also, I don’t have a scanner, so please forgive the blurry cell pictures!)

Title: 僕とケーキと時々パグ (The Cake and I and Sometimes a Pug)
Mangaka: 東郷一貴 Togo Kazuki

Transcript and Translation under the cut~

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Byun Baekhyun and his ‘collection’ of hair colours 


Karasuno + Nekoma + Fukurodani vobaca cards! 


Tom Hiddleston’s neck vein appreciation post


The Blessed Messiah and the tower of Ai - Ver. Fatesona

HELLO YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS FIRST OF ALL and don’t forget to click for a better quality

I’m sorry for making you suffer but i like it. It’s been a while since i did this

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So here’s the casting : @sakudrew (Brandon), @rlynsss (Lyn), @tacticianwinter (Winter), @belowtheraedar (Rae), @oreowarrior (Floran), @lilleilder (Agathe), @soundlessroom (Denna), @jisunshines (Liefe), @krazehkai (Kai), @happywonderfuldays (Mai)



it’s not  ‘ ridiculous ’  to add to the urban legends about my very dramatic death at all. now shut up and take the picture, zoya. make sure it’s extra blurry. the forum peeps love to speculate.


Cinema Industry worst habit is still going strong : Whitewashing

Guess to whom it benefits ?

Is it really surprising to see that even the most-influential indian stars have been associated with fairness products ?

Many of indian actresses skin color has changed over the years, no need to name them… So if even a successful and beautiful actress doesn’t have confidence about her skin color what do you expect? Of course we are in an industry where some talentless people are given the best work just because they “look white”…

We’re in the 21st century. Light skin is not the only way to look beautiful.

This isn’t going to be one of my normal captions. I just wanna know how 6 months ago I was a stupid tumblr addict starting a random blog to have an outlet and here I am almost to 10k followers, thank you all so much! And to clear up some confusion, the theme of my blog is obviously purple, the girl in my profile picture had purple hair, I’m not her. Sorry to kill your dreams! Still love you! -t.m.

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With the help and dedication and members of the community, and a little bit of my work and video editing sprinkled on top, the birthday video for @therealjacksepticeye is done!! 

Jack, if you see this, we hope you have a birthday as awesome as you! And that’s very awesome :P love ya, Jackaboy! ^-^

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Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: some swearing

Words: 933

Summary: You had a pretty bad day. As you sit in your favorite café you notice Sebastian. He wants to be alone, so you head home, but not before you do something nice to brighten up his day.

A/N: Hey guys, so this is my first fiction I´ve ever wrote. I´m sorry if there are any mistakes in it - English is not my mother tongue. If you like it, I´ll maybe continue the story. In this part Sebastian is just a side character.. . Hope you guys like it! Love you xo

To say it was the most uneventful week of your life would have been the understatement of the year. None of your friends were available and none of your clients of your photo atelier had a job for you. And though you had loads of pictures of a wedding to edit it was the most boring week you´ve ever had.

“I´ll call it a day, Hannah!” you shouted towards your co-worker, who prepared herself another coffee in the kitchen. “Yeah, see you tonight! Don´t forget to wear something hot”. You rolled your eyes. Hannah wanted to hook you up with her friend Tom for about 2 months. Actually you weren´t really interested, but you knew she´d never shut up, so you agreed to a double date tonight. You grabbed your belongings and exited the building. At this time of the year it was still pretty cold in NYC and – lucky you – it just started to rain as you walked outside the main exit. At least it´s just a light drizzle, you thought while you headed to your favorite café. The small, cozy place belonged to the family of your best friend Dave and over the years it became your second home. Finally arrived you opened the door, muttered a “Hey” towards Dave and made your way to your favorite spot. The broad window-sill with the plaids and cushions. It never looked more welcoming. You stuffed your belongings under the table and made yourself comfortable on the window-sill, on which at least 2 people could lay. Dave offered you a large coffee you happily accepted. “Bad day?” he asked. You shrugged and mumbled something into the cup before you took a sip of the hot beverage. Dave chuckled in response and nodded. He knew that, although you were the personification of sunshine, rainy days affected your mood in a significantly bad way, but he also knew that you loved taking those days as a little break from everything. So he decided to walk back to the counter and let you be. You pulled your favorite book and your earphone outside your bag and began to read. Usually you observed the people outside on the street but you needed a little time to yourself, so you opened the book, turned to page 394 and began to read the last chapter. During the passing hour you completely drifted away and got to finish the book and two large cups of coffee.

As you looked up, to put back your book, you noticed the guy, who now sat on the other side of the window-sill. Something on him looked familiar to you. He wore a bright blue beanie and a jeans jacket with a striped jersey underneath. While he took a sip of his drink you noticed the stunning jawline this man was blessed with. As his phone rang, he took down his sunglasses and you got to catch another glance on him. You knew this bright blue eyes…

Oh my god! Your heart skipped a beat. OH. MY. GOD. Sebastian Stan. Sebastian FUCKING Stan! You quickly turned off your music, because it distracted you even more. Calm down (Y/N), calm down. Don´t hyperventilate. Everything´s ok. You heard him sigh and saw that he ran his large hand over his face. “No, Chris, listen, everything´s fine. I just needed a little break. Y´know, some alone-time. I´ll call you tomorrow, ok?” He looked pretty stressed and tired, but still like the cutest cinnamon roll you´ve ever seen. “Yeah, ok. Thanks man, really appreciate it. See you.” He sighed and let himself fall against the wall behind him. It teared you apart to see him like this. And though you wanted to help him you thought it would be too weird if you just started to talk to him and as he said: he wanted some alone-time. Of course it was a hell of a chance to have Sebastian fucking Stan right beside you, however you couldn´t do it. You couldn´t force yourself to talk to him. Sebastian wanted to be alone, he wanted to calm down after a pretty rough day and you couldn´t bear the thought of you interrupting him in his intention. He´s such a good and sweet guy, I can`t do it. He deserves some privacy…I mean, I could, but…No, no, no. You knew if you stayed any longer you couldn´t bear the sight of him and eventually talked to him, so you grabbed your bag and you went over to Daves Mom to pay your coffee. “Hey Mrs. Miller.” you greeted her. “Oh, hello sweetie, Dave already went home. How can I help you?” You glanced over your shoulder to see Sebastian, who still leaned on the wall with his eyes closed tightly. Suddenly an idea popped up in your head. “Ummm…Mrs. Miller, could you do me a favor, please?”


As you walked out of the café, along the window, you saw Mrs. Miller in the corner of your eye, as she brought Sebastian a delicious looking piece of chocolate cake… and she was pointing at you…

You couldn´t help but grin to yourself at the thought that you just made Sebastian Fucking Stans day better! At least you hoped so. Ok… maybe this was a sign, maybe not…however, now is the time to pull yourself together (Y/N)! You´ll never meet him again so it doesn´t matter. Date night´s tonight. Time to get ready. You turned on the music on your Spotify, but still felt like the coolest fucking person on this planet.

Unbeknownst to you, Seb ran outside the café trying to catch you.