sorry i have the biggest crush on your art

anonymous asked:

If this makes you uncomfortable feel free to delete it, but I just had to say I've had the biggest crush on you for probably years now (back from your old username) and watching you grow in your art and yourself has been amazing ;; I just saw the little survey you did and I know you said trans ace's don't get love so I just wanted to let you know they definitely do, just from too far away. Anyways again if this is weird I'm so sorry and I hope you have the best day possible ♥

whatevermate1234  asked:

hey, kiddo!! (ily!!!)


1. First impression: very cool and funny oh damn! good art ack, and great ideas!! part of the ask blogs, can’t talk, too cool!!
2. Truth is: !!! one of my many dads!! very cool Lil Dad, so good at art, really the biggest sweetheart asdfghjk

3. How old do you look: like… 15? again, not good w ages ^^;

4. Have you ever made me laugh: many times!!!!
5. Have you ever made me mad: no!
6. Best feature: aaaaaaaaaaa you care so much about your friends and also i love your hair and your fashion sense (what ive seen of it!!)
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: i don’t get crushes easily, sorry, no!
8. You’re my: cool dad !!!!
9. Name in my phone (if you were in my phone): Lil Dad™
10. Should you post this too? Shore!!!!