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✩ “I have to work harder than anyone else to make it! I’ll never catch up otherwise…! I want to be like you…! Like you. The strongest hero!” (๑و•̀ω•́)و  ✩
Midoriya Izuku | Aka Deku | Birthday gift for my lovely Olivia~ (*’∀’人)♥

5 Things the Rogue One Fandom seems to agree on
  1. Everyone lives - Nobody dies. That is not debatable.
  2. Chirrut and Baze are married af.
  3. Diego Luna is an adorable & innocent cinnamon roll - Regardless of his movie choices or how often he gets bleeped out in talk shows.
  4. Bodhi Rook deserved better. Full stop.
  5. Riz Ahmed’s eyes are too big for his face.

“I swear…I won’t stop no matter what. I’ll keep on walking as long as I live!”
 Allen Walker | The Exorcist | Birthday gift for my sweet Pri!! @allenswalkers 

no use

Here, in case I haven’t quite driven the point home:


I shouldn’t be doing this :3c but meh, also have two versions too ‘cuz idk if I should adapt the colors for Laz, Pidge is Peri already, so no prob at all, except that now I’m picturing Peri saying “my name is Lapis, I’m SO emo” with a trash pile-made Lapis