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I shouldn’t be doing this :3c but meh, also have two versions too ‘cuz idk if I should adapt the colors for Laz, Pidge is Peri already, so no prob at all, except that now I’m picturing Peri saying “my name is Lapis, I’m SO emo” with a trash pile-made Lapis


hanamaki takahiro wallpapers ➽ requested by: @sugablossoms


Some words I had written in the past but really needed to read again in the present.

Focusing on the present moment, being mindful to what is stable and present -with you, is so important to being able to calm down. Remember to breath, wrap up warm, and allow yourself to rest. It’s going to be ok.

Jemma, Daisy, and Mace in 4x09: Broken Promises


can you imagine overwatch agents (minus winston, of course, who is their best friend and who comes over for wine nights) not understanding that they’re different people. every time tracer is gushing about emily and how perfect her beautiful wonderful girlfriend is, everyone is side-eying her. 

it comes to a head when they stage an intervention. 

“are you sure she’s the right one for you?” mercy says delicately. “it seems like a… dangerous situation.” 

lena, face horrified, “I would never hurt her or let anyone else hurt her.” 

“but how can you continue being an agent of overwatch then?” 

“my love life doesn’t affect my abilities as an agent,” lena snaps. “i was the first one back! i believe in overwatch!” 

“but with her as our enemy–” 

“emily? our enemy? she can’t even do a cartwheel!” 

“she did a backflip off of my face last week!” mccree cuts in, offended. 

“what ARE you talking about? you’ve never even met her!” she throws her arms up in the air, exasperated. “how can you say this when you don’t even know her? look, does this look like the face of a talon agent? she only looks like a zombie on mondays, unlike widowmaker and reaper, who are like. actively dead.” 

she holds up her phone’s wallpaper, and it’s a selfie of her and emily, with emily hugging lena from behind and nuzzling her hair and lena holding the phone and smiling cheesily 

angela squeals and steals her phone to gush over it. “oh, that’s precious! i’m so glad you aren’t dating a talon agent, what a relief!” and lena is like “wait what” and rapid fire wondering what the fuck her friends think of her to think she’d date someone who regularly kicks her ass 

and everyone else is trying not to look too jealous because damn. that is a cute picture. what a lucky brat. 


Final round of my Brandenburg doodles using using  ヒラ’s old Brandenburg OC design because its my friend’s favorite.