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Hope (Langst)

(Hey I wanted to include a warning because this includes some torture and mental manipulation/images.)

Slowly, Lance cracked open his ocean blue eyes although it did little to help overcome the overwhelming darkness he was faced with. Shivers wracked through his body as he attempted to move forwards however cool metal chains held him back. Panic started to set in as he struggled against his binds, as he struggled to get out, as he struggled to calm down and think. The battle had been tough, the strongest memories being the noise. Ear piercing shrieks of pain from the Unilu they were trying to help had surrounded them as loud blasts of gunfire found their targets. The occasional blast of an explosion would shake the ground as the planet’s whipping winds slammed into the objects in its way. As his thoughts became clearer his breathing slowed and he slumped back. Yet with the calm came the wave of pain. Suddenly he could feel every bruise with their dull, pulsating pain and the sharp, shooting, almost burning pain of the cut on his shoulder. The Paladin gasped sharply as his breathing became shallow and his movement came to a complete still as to avoid agitating his injuries any further. He couldn’t help but to make a remark dryly to the empty room. 
“Well, quiznack.” 


After approximately 30 minutes of sitting in pain on the freezing floor, the door to what ever cell he was contained in creaked open slowly and outside light flooded the room. In entered a cloaked figure, faced obscured from view as the light silhouetted their figure and blurred Lance’s adjusting vision. Blinking profusely he continued to look upon the approaching figure, finally working out that a druid stood before him. The two sat at an uncomfortable stand still as the druid looked down at him, it’s unfeeling eyes gazing at him relentlessly as Lance attempted to work up the courage to speak. After opening his mouth in an effort to speak words that would never be the druid raised it’s hands and a shock of energy coursed through him. It felt like fire was running through Lance’s veins as he jittered and screamed in pain. That pain consumed him, making it woefully easy for the druid to pick through the Blue Paladin’s memories as if it had all the time in the world. 
The onslaught stopped after an unknown amount of time, the pain having made the time seem continuous, indefinite and the Paladin of Voltron struggled to regain his breath. Unbeknownst to him the druid had slinked out of the room, now having an abundance of knowledge to use against him. 


Waking to shouting wasn’t unusual however the almost animalistic snarls were odd. Heart pounding as he became alert, Lance watched the door area in hope. That hope didn’t let him down as the cell door slammed open with Keith rushing into the cell. His eye’s were almost filled to the brim with tears as he saw his team mate and he didn’t hesitate to call out to him. “Hey Mullet! Fancy meeting you here!” Lance chuckled lightly as Keith looked at him from only a foot or two away. Looking up at the other in worry as Keith didn’t move he tried again, this time the laughter and joy in his voice faded. “ Er…aren’t you gonna’ help a pal out?” At this the Red Paladin laughed maliciously, neither moving forward or backward yet hunched over as if whatever he was cackling at was the funniest thing he’d ever heard. Wiping a tear from his eye casually Keith spoke for the first time since he’d entered Lance’s cell. “What? Don’t tell me you actually thought we were here to rescue you? You were easily replaceable.” And with that Keith turned to exit the cell. “ Wait, that was a joke right? Right? You’d never say that… Keith?! KEITH?! WAIT! PLEASE!” The cell door slammed shut and Lance was left shouting his desperate pleas to no one. 


Time and time again Lance suffered through botched rescue attempts by his team mates. Time and time again he suffered through cruel, unfeeling words so unlike his friends. Time and time again he suffered through excruciating pain delivered by the hands of those who would never think to do such a thing; the hands of his second family. Time and time again hope would rise in his chest, flickering as it remained undefeated by the bad. By the time that hope would have been fruitful… By the time it took to work, Lance was a husk of the loud, confident Paladin he once was, now laying beaten, broken and afraid of being hurt once again. So when Shiro and Hunk entered the room, gasping as they saw the blood splattered on the floor and the boy sprawled across it, rushing towards their friend and fellow Paladin they had so clearly failed, it was a surprise to them when Lance screamed as he spotted them. To Lance however, as he continued screaming even whilst he was unbound from his chains and raced out that small cell, it was as if he was awaiting pain, humiliation and, perhaps the worst, a false sense of hope. See, eventually Lance had learnt that hope and pain are intertwined and that hope always lets you down.


Charmed [Jason Todd x Reader]

Anon requested: “can i request a story where the reader work in a burlesque as dancer and Jason takes Tim to this place (because come on Tim u have to be a man(?) and Jason just falls in love with her and btw your blog is amazing! And god! you’re so cool!!”

A/N: My creativity died with my education when I took that Biology mock exam I’m sorry this one is really bad but it’s been sitting in my inbox for too long

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warning: None

Word Count: 786



Tim didn’t know what baffled him more; Jason having the mind to even think of such a ridiculous idea or the fact that he actually let himself be persuaded to go along with it.

He stared at the empty stage helplessly, waiting for the show to begin. He had to get this over with, because he had work to do.

“Relax.” Jason said lazily, “you need this. Just enjoy it because it’s probably going to be the last time you see anything like this.”

Tim glared at the older man. “I do not need this. I don’t know what your definition of a real man is, but this is definitely not it.”

“Maybe not.” Jason admitted, “but it beats anything else you’ve done.”

The room darkened and the spotlight was on the center of the stage. Music began to play and a beautiful woman walked onto the stage.

Tim swallowed and a blush rose to his cheeks. The woman was beautiful in every way possible, and she wore nothing but a purple corset, matching underwear and high-knee socks. However, instead of being entranced by the gorgeous woman Tim couldn’t help but feel highly uncomfortable.

“Woah…” he heard Jason mutter. Tim glanced at the man beside him and raised an eyebrow when he saw Jason’s eyes fixated on the dancer.

The woman began to move, her body swaying with the music as she smiled and teased the audience. Tim had to look away, not because of the display but because he couldn’t help but feel sorry for the woman, for she was currently being displayed as some kind of art exhibit.

He turned to Jason to ask if they could just get the hell out of the place, but seeing the look in Jason’s eyes, the awe and amazement and… love?, he decided to stay quiet and endure the show.

Eventually, the experience ended and Tim released a sigh. Jason was still staring at the stage, where the dancer was previous standing. Tim waved his hand in front of Jason’s face but got no response.

“Jason.” Tim called out. “Jason lets go. Jason. Jason!” It took him a solid five minutes to get any attention, and another ten to drag the much larger vigilante out of the place.

As they were walking towards the parking lot, they suddenly heard a female squeal. Both men snapped their head towards the direction of the noise and dashed towards it. When they got there, Tim could see several large men cornering the dancer from earlier. The look on her face told him everything he needed to know.

In a blink of an eye, her harassers were laying on the ground, out cold. Jason stood over them, his hand clenched and his face twisted in anger. However, that melted away when he turned towards the dancer.

“You okay?” he asked in such a gentle voice Tim almost choked on his own saliva.

The woman nodded slowly, glancing at the men on the ground. She wrapped her arms around her body, visibly shivering.

“Thank you.” she whispered, “I don’t know what would’ve happened if you weren’t here.”

Jason smiled, his eyes showing fondness and admiration. Tim realized what was happening.

“Here.” Jason took off his jacket and wrapped it around her smaller body. 

“You don’t have to.” she muttered, though accepted the piece of clothing gratefully.

“I want to.” said Jason. A smile appeared on her. “Do you want us to give you a ride? I promise we don’t bite.”

She chuckled and shook her head. “My car is in the parking lot. I think I can make it there safely. I appreciate the concern though.”

“If you say so…”


“[F/N].” Jason repeated the name, “it suits you.” The compliment made her blush.

“And you? What is your name?” 

“Jason, and that’s Tim.” Jason gestured towards Tim, who had been watching the scene unfold before him with mischievous glee.

“Wha–” Jason frowned when he heard his ringtone. He gave [F/N] an apologetic look before answering the phone. “Yeah? … you’re kidding. No–really? And you can’t handle this yourself?” Jason sighed in frustration. “Fine, I’ll be there.”

Tim knew that it must’ve been Roy, or maybe even Dick. Jason didn’t look like he wanted to leave, but he said, “sorry, it’s an emergency.”

“I understand.” [F/N] stated.

Jason gave her a grin before hurrying to the car, grabbing Tim’s arm and dragging him along in the process.

“Wait!” [F/N] called. “What about the jacket?”

“Keep it! I’ll be back for it!” Jason answered, shutting the car door. As they drove towards the manor, Tim couldn’t wipe the smirk plastered on his face.

Oh wait till the others hear about this.


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Oh man dj hiro all the way. And yes for the helmet you envisioned. And of course he is a popular awesome dj but just enjoys doing it cause he can be himself with it and not have to worry his bro. Of course Tadashi is still super worried. Ah so cool.

Aaaahhh, I have so many headcanons popping up for this AU! (Sorry not sorry, this ended up as almost an entire story plot??)

Tagging bh6-au-ideas​ because DJ HIRO AU

At first getting the disc jockey job was an accident. Really, it was; totally an accident. During one of the nights Hiro had gone bot fighting, some of the opponents he had won against didn’t take their losses too well (the sore losers). Obviously, that resulted in him running for his life, but when he couldn’t shake them off, Hiro had run into some strange alleyway - one, for the life of him, he couldn’t remember being on the map of San Fransokyo’s underground.

Nevertheless, once Hiro had run into an alleyway he didn’t remember, he’d panicked a little. After all, he had just freshly turned 14 - barely legal. His panic-stricken brain had turned on “emergency mode” and just kinda went with whatever street smarts Hiro had learned from Tadashi as a kid; basically, the basic of basics: Find a crowd.

Hearing loud music coming from behind a door, Hiro hoped his luck would hold, and slipped through it. He was instantly met with a wave of heat and the smell of sweat. Smoke blurred his vision, and there were so many people crowded into one small space, he felt both claustrophobic and reassured that the goons that were chasing him wouldn’t find him.

Mystified by the pulse of the music that was so loud he could feel it thrumming in his chest and beating in his throat, Hiro wandered further in, gaining only a few cursory glances. Bodies all around him moved in tandem with the music and Hiro found himself moving along with the crowd.

That was the way he first got hooked.

When he gets home that night (with Tadashi still at SFIT), Hiro - the naive noodle child - does his research and learns that the place he had been in was an underground night club for all ages. He also learns that the hypnotic music he had heard was a remix by an unnamed dj.

Caught by the power of music, Hiro ends up looking for songs similar to the ones remixed by the unnamed dj, and ends up finding names from, like, decades before his time. Using the ancient and all powerful Youtube, Hiro finds several dj’s/artists that he likes. Among them are:

Even though Hiro really likes this kind of music, he doesn’t actually consider becoming someone who made the music. He does, however, go back to the all-ages club several times. So much so, that sometimes Hiro forgets that he’s also a bot fighter.

The next time he does goes out for bot fighting, though, Hiro riles up some really persistent thugs that aren’t too happy that a fourteen year old had just conned them out of nearly 1.5k (collectively). Deciding that, yep, now would be a good time to retire early, Hiro runs through the alleys, sheer muscle memory bringing him back to the club.

But this time, when he gets in, there’s no music.

Well, there is music, and there are people, yeah, but everyone is sorta loitering about, swaying gently in the dark to some sort of background music that wasn’t nearly as pumped up as it usually was. Thinking himself to be safe, Hiro walks towards the stage and asks a nearby person why it’s so dead in the club. Turns out that the dj that was supposed to show up ditched his gig, and no one was providing the music.

This is when the accidental ‘whoops-I-somehow-became-a-DJ’ happened.

The thugs - the really big, burly, ‘I-can-crush-a-man’s-skull-with-my-bare-hands’ thugs - crash into the club, and as soon as Hiro catches sight of them, he flips his hood up and stashes Megabot and his cash in his pockets. They don’t recognize him with his hood up and his fluffy hair hidden, but even so, Hiro starts to get antsy when they start picking their way towards him. In the end, Hiro somehow manages to trip up the stairs leading to the stage, and for whatever reason, the MC for the night thinks HE’S the missing DJ.

The MC drags him up into the spot light, and suddenly all eyes are on him. The MC announces Hiro’s the DJ they’ve been looking forward to all night, and off to the side, the MC whisper-begs for him to improvise something. Even if he messed up and made a fool of himself, something had to be done to lift the mood of the club. The building itself was looking at being sold; the owner of it wasn’t making enough money through sponsoring newbie DJ’s to cover his rent.

Being a bit of a sucker with a bleeding heart (though he would never admit to it - he was a seasoned bot fighter, god damn it!), and already stuck in the spot light, Hiro agrees - but not before making the MC swear to heaven above that he wouldn’t mention his name. When that condition is met, however, Hiro walks up to the panel and just- stares.

He’s never seen this kind of tech in his life. How the hell was he supposed to do this??

The MC had said that messing up was fine, but failure wasn’t a word in the Hamada brothers’ dictionary.

So Hiro does the only thing he can think of: he messes with the controls like one would if they were playing a fighting game for the first time and you press each button one at a time to find out what it does (while the other player waits for you, of course).

Once he’s gotten everything mentally cataloged and sorted out, he decides to pick something from memory to replicate. The first thing that comes to mind is a mix of Skrillex, Daft Punk and DJ Snake, of all things. He gives it a go, and- huh, what do you know? It wasn’t that hard. I mean, Megabot’s controller was harder than the controls on this stuff! Hiro mentally preens. He wasn’t a super-genius for no good reason.

He ends up sounding a bit like THIS, and people love it. It’s better than some of the other techno stuff they’ve heard, and there’s something about it - new, raw, electrifying, fast, powerful - that gets them going.

Hiro’s just relieved that by the time he’s done the song the thugs leave. The MC, of course, is ecstatic. He insists that Hiro gives the roaring crowd a name for them to know him by, and Hiro panics a bit before blurting, “Megabot”. The MC slaps him on the back good-naturedly and announces Hiro as “DJ Megabot”.

Thus begins Hiro’s road to underground stardom.

Later on, when he returns to the club (which Hiro finds out it is named “Speak E-Z”, after the 1920′s era), the MC - who introduces himself properly as Reggie, the owner of the place - recognizes him in his signature hoodie and calls him over to discuss having Hiro in for another gig.

Hiro ends up agreeing, because, he did have fun that one time - if you didn’t count the thugs out for his blood - but on a few more conditions: his identity couldn’t be revealed. As in, no one saw his face, knew his name, or questioned his age.

Reggie’d never agreed to anything as fast as those terms right at that moment. 

After that got sorted out, they agreed that Hiro would make his reappearance - “Your debut!” Reggie had called it - on a Friday night for ‘Happy Hour’ at the club and again on the Saturday of the same week for ‘Rave Time’. 

Before Hiro leaves, Reggie gives him the URL and password to the underground club website, where the map shows all the clubs in San Fransokyo. Hiro marvels at how similar it is to the Bot Fighting site, just with more black and a lot more rainbow strobe lights flashing across the screen. Well, at least that explained why Hiro hadn’t known about the club that first time he’d stumbled across it.

Hiro ends up going home that night with his brain firing off ideas at him with ways he could keep his identity a secret. He’d seen pictures of Deadmau5 and Daft Punk (honestly, those were his favourites), and if he was going to do the same, he might as well have fun with it.

Eventually, he comes up with the helmet mentioned in this post. Hiro models it after Megabot’s actual head, with two “ears” being modeled after the magnetic bearing servos (which actually serve as headphones that link up to whichever turntables he chooses to sync with - though he eventually builds his own custom one), and the middle part of it - the part where it covers his face - being round and with a tinted light-up screen so he could see out of it, but no one could see in. 

Initially, the screen is inputted with two “faces” - Megabot’s faces. The smiling yellow face is for Hiro’s “Happy Hour” gig, and the grinning red devil face for his “Rave Time” gig. Later on, he learns that he needs a way to communicate, mainly because he refuses to have anyone hear and recognize his voice, so he inputs a voice changer into the helmet that makes his voice robotic. (His signature line becomes, “It’s time to destroy the dance floor.” and people love it. Go crazy over it. Hiro revels in the power).

And just to be a snotty little shit with a sarcasm kink, Hiro inputs the option where he can say something, and the screen on the helmet will write it out as it pans across his face screen. (Even later later on, Hiro will also program symbols and pictures/gifs. One time, a girl was touching him a little to… intimately, and Hiro had literally stopped, turned his head, and displayed a big, bright, red and white, “STOP” sign on his screen. He embarrassed the girl so bad, she stomped on his foot and stormed out of the club. Hiro then switched to using traffic lights as his go-to picture/gif for when people could approach him. The STOP sign was reserved for emergencies).

After the first two gigs in the club, Hiro is forced to open a new email account to manage all the requests he was getting to preform in other clubs. He also ends up opening a new bank account too.

As it turns out, Hiro - or rather, DJ Megabot - gives rise to a whole new genre of dance music. The masses have taken to calling it “Experimental”, and when Hiro goes online to search his dj name (hey, he was curious!), he finds that he actually kinda likes the new title to his kind of music. After all, experimentation was how he ended up disc jockey-ing in the first place.

After Hiro gets really into the DJ-ing world, he decides that he’s gonna quit bot fighting. Although it’s sooo lucrative, it’s definitely not the safest occupation, and Hiro has gone through enough close scrapes to know that being a disc jockey with his fame was just as lucrative, and a whole butt-load safer. 

Hey, at least Tadashi wouldn’t be on his case as much anymore, right?


The night that Tadashi takes him to SFIT in hopes of stopping his bot fighting tendencies was the night that Hiro had promised himself would be the last time. For old time’s sake. Then that was it - he had found closure, he was done. No more bot fighting.

It didn’t work out that way, of course, what with Yama and his goons cornering him and Tadashi coming to his rescue and then subsequently getting thrown into jail.

But then Tadashi shows him the world of higher education and Hiro’s torn between two options. Does he continue schooling and go to college with his big bro, or does he continue on with his DJ-ing life? He has enough money saved up to go to SFIT without ever touching any of his Aunt Cass’ bank reserve for their education, but on the other hand, he was having so much fun being a disc jockey.

The finishing move goes to Tadashi, because really, who can resist going to SFIT when their big bro shows them their project for the upcoming finals? Baymax was hella cool.

Hiro swears to himself when he and Tadashi get home that the next gig he does, he’ll announce that he’s going on hiatus. Just for a short while. Until he can finish college. It’ll be like, what? Two years? Until he reaches 16. It shouldn’t take him any longer than that to complete school. He’ll graduate the same year as Tadashi. No sweat.

But in true Hiro Hamada style, nothing ever really goes as planned…