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I just bought this and (I’m not promoted but) this is one of my new favorite crime magazines. If you can find it I suggest you buy it. This month it had a lot of interesting things from Dylann, death row confessions and Ramirez. I’m sorry but I felt the need to share. (Oh yeah there is also Dahmer and school trip strangling XD). But yeahhh if you can’t buy it pm me and I’ll summarize any part you want

Sasuke’s Lights

For the “Mother-Daughter(s)” project ^^

The background was hard to do, had to be re-done all from the start but here it is finally the third installment for the Mother-Daughter(s) project  Yes I’m aware I made Sakura’s chest a little too big XD…sorry!

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aaaaah i was tagged by @clockstopperofficial thank you!!!!! i love tagging games omg

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a - age: 18!!!!! c:

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e - easiest person to talk to: i’d say my therapist? 

f - favourite song:  it’s currently this one i guess

g - grossest memory: not sure i want to share it,, sorry

h - horror yes or horror no: nooooooo

i - in love? don’t think so

j - jealous of people?: oooooooh dear lord you have no idea

k - killed someone?: not yet haha XD *~* so edgy

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: naruto run past me again

m - middle name: don’t have one mmm

n - number of siblings: 2 bros and 2 sister yo

o - one wish: death. sorry sorry um become famous for something good

p - person you called last: my mom :?

q - question you’re always asked: can’t think of one, sorry

r - reason to smile: dave my love, my everything,

s - song you sang last: hot to the touch cold on the inside !

t - time you woke up: like, 2 or 3 pm

u - underwear color: uuuh black with red stripes

v - vacation destination: i love new york so new york? :0

w - worst habit: saying the wrong things at the wrong time to the wrong people

x - x-rays: ???????????????????

y - your favourite food: don’t really have one? sorry :0

z - zodiac sign: aquarius!!!

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Sorry for not sharing anything recently my sweeties! After I got done with these my mind went on almost full oddness. Like, it was like I was just… blank? It’s a little hard to explain. I have a lot of things I want to work on, but in reality, it was hard to focus and I lost all inspiration and that kinda caused me to wait on posting these.

So Al (( @altadoodler )) challenged me AGAIN (( XD )) when I sent an ask about drawing them as a merman cause he had to use a fork for brushing, and something about how he almost drew himself as Link…

*gets hit with a boulder of inspiration*

I go at it! The merman was HELLA PAIN IN THE ASS for me. I don’t know why but I was erasing like crazy trying to get it to work out ((GIANT thank you to @arejare for the help with his hand BTW!))

Whereas Link was pretty easy. I can see why it would have been so simple to draw Link from his personal drawn selfies. Like, the resemblance is really uncanny! I used one of his own pictures as a reference and drew Link’s outfit from memory. If you guys don’t see it, the outfit is from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.

*is personally very proud of both*

I have 4 major final exams that will be very decisive for me, and the first one is today.

During 6 months I worked in a group of three, and we had to choose a theme / a question we wanted to base our project on. We chose to study ‘suicide and literature’, using two authors to guide us. I mentioned several times here that I absolutely didn’t get along with my group 😐 but we still managed to finish the project xD

I guess I’m saying this because I’m freaking out a bit for today, so much anticipation after having worked on it for so long ARGH! At 3pm I’ll be having my oral!

Please wish me luck!

I just fought So Sorry...


I checked, he has like five different hats omg <3

I feel so sorry for this cute little baby

Just look at how cute he is <3


Are we in Super Mario Sunshine? Is this a furry version of Elsa with the gift of creating life?? Anyway, I want that pen he has xD

So cute <3 It’s funny because you can’t actually harm them, you just MISS xD

This is the most hilarious way to get rid of an enemy in this game xD Draw a boat, and away it goes xDD

Adiós, compañero. Sayonara, baby. Nos veremos en el infierno.


100 gold!! That’s for the minimun turn count, though, you’ll get more if you waste your time doing more stuff!

I love this enemy and I must draw him. Sorry for the rant… I just had to share this ahaha xD

Trouble Maker

Trouble Maker


Summary: He sure keeps you on your toes, for you never know what to expect next. Damn angels.

Words: 962 

Pairings:   Lucifer x Reader

Warnings: Nope

Request:  Asked by @lucifer-in-leather – How about a Lucifer x reader where she tries to take him on a typical human date… like bowling or something? XD

A/N:   Okay, I am so sorry, I feel like Luci is very much OOC, but had fun none the least.

<3 Love ya lots!

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xD Once I began to publish the images of the event *sigh* my fb profile some people asked me if I had already finished the event and my answer is “no” , the pictures I have of the database, I was very happy to share with all swd fans and I hope you enjoy ! :D  if someone does not like this idea of the photos, i so sorry T.T …well I think that’s all for now -//w//-

The True Tragedy

Fandom: Danganronpa
Rating: Teen 
Words:  311
Warnings: Character death (sorry cant keep my promise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
Characters: Junko Enoshima
Summary: A piece focused on how Junko Enoshima views the world before she bids the world goodbye.
Links: AO3 

Happy birthday @battledove! a little bit late than i had hoped id share it but hey! better late than never! Your wife did cause some mischief when writing her so ill just put the blame on everything on her for this XD 

I wanna give a thank you to @letmereachforthestars for helping me through this too ^^!

He comes to me as though the Fade were just another wooded path to walk without a care in search of wisdom.We share the ancient mysteries, the feelings lost, forgotten dreams, unseen for ages, now beheld in wonder.In his own way, he knew wisdom, as no man or spirit had before.
Trying out some new brushes and playing with textures. Didn’t come out the way I wanted, but when does it ever? xD

anonymous asked:

(Sorry, i had to 'go' anonymous bc Tumblr wouldn't let me send the ask out of it gor some reason) Anyways, long chapters are love, long chapters are life!! XD can't wait and i don't doubt it'll be totally be worth the wait! And don't worry about writing too much things that were in the show, too much info is better than too little!

Aaaw Thank you!

I’ve been trying to keep the chapters shorter overall for the sake of getting them out regularly and to keep my sanity. Just cause I CAN write fast doesn’t always make it a good idea. 

However longer chapters will start to happen more often now, especially when I get to the smut. I get a little verbose there. There are also places where it’ll make more sense for one long chapter than several shorter ones. 

Not Pony Related. (LOL)

I´m thinking of making a new tumblr for the non pony related stuff and fanart I make. This is one of my last fanart I´ve made (while waiting for 5 hours in line for an autograph, I´ll explain it later). so, sorry if this has a lot of mistakes, I´ve made it with pen and colour pencils, so I had no eraser with me, I´ve given some photoshop touchups finally today and wanted to share. I also did some Gravity Falls and Adventure time stuff.

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Servamp: Tickle the Angel

This was for the anon who wanted a ticklish Licht. Sorry if it was short, but for some reason, my brain wasn’t working…not to mention it’s incredibly early, and I have no idea why I am up to begin with XD But I really hope you like it!


Fighting was a regular thing for the Greed Pair. Almost everyday, Licht and Lawless were always at each other’s throats. Well….their clothes you could say. They had ripped so many clothes, that Licht’s uncle threatened to make them share a room if he even heard them fighting, and he meant no warnings either. So when they started fighting, Lawless made sure that it was more physical then verbal. Dodging another kick, Lawless went to circle around Licht, but the Eve played dirty, and grabbed his long scarf that hung from his shoulders.

“A-Angel-chan!” Lawless complained, feeling his scarf choking him, as Licht pulled it, and slammed the Servamp to the ground. A foot landed on his stomach, and the blond coughed out when the air was blown out of him. Licht glared down at his red eyes with stormy grey ones. “You need to learn some manners…”

Licht stumbled suddenly when the Servamp disappeared from his foot, but when something grabbed the back of his hoodie, Licht swung around, and grabbed onto the Servamp’s scarf again. They both pulled, and when Lawless felt his grip weakening, he scrambled to grab more cloth, but when his nails quickly scraped against Licht’s back, a squeak was heard, Licht flinched, and Lawless’ scarf was out of the Eve’s grip.

“R-rat! What did you do!” Licht growled out, turning on the Servamp with the worst evil glare he could muster up. Lawless blinked, and looked at his hand. He didn’t do anything to hurt Licht, he barely touched him. So…what was that sound? Glancing back up again, Lawless reached out again, and Licht growled at the hand. “Don’t touch me you demon hedgehog!”

Not listening, however. Lawless quickly sped around Licht again, and swiped the teen’s spine again. Licht tensed, and let out a slight whimper, and all of a sudden, Lawless’ face lit up like the sun. Licht stared at the annoying smile on the blond’s face, and suddenly grew nervous. Back up slightly, Licht powered up his boots, and aimed a flying kick to Lawless’ face, but when the Servamp disappeared again, Licht turned to meet his body, but was too late because the blond tackled him, and trapped him on his lap. Ready to punch Lawless’ face in, Licht raised his fist, but a gentle touch to his back made his fist flinched, and his hands wrap into fists around Lawless’ shirt.

“Well well well, Angel-chan…” Lawless sneered out with a smirk on his face. Licht went to glare at the blond, but when more fingers traced shapes on his back, the teen let a small hiccup out, and curled in more. Lawless felt his jaw drop when Lict curled in on him more, and his face went into his chest. Keeping his fingers moving on the Eve’s back, Lawless watched as Licht squirmed in his lap more, and little chuckles were heard. “Looks like you’re ticklish after all.”

Licht wanted to punch that shit eating grin off the Servamp’s face, but right now…he was a bit preoccupied. Every time one of Lawless’ fingers would trace down his spine, all the strength he gathered up disappeared in an instant. Squirming, Licht shoved his hand in the blond’s face, trying to dislodge the Servamp from him, but no matter what he did, nothing worked, and all the laughter that he was keeping in his throat was slowly leaking out in little bursts. Lawless heard the little bouts of laughter coming from Licht, and it happened when his fingers traced circles just in between his shoulder-blades.

“S-stupid bastard…” Licht gasped out, feeling a forced smile rising on his face. Lawless noticed the smile, and dug a little harder on the spot in between his shoulders, which made Licht gasp out, and more laughter spring from his mouth. Finally hearing the real laughter, Lawless watched as his Eve’s face turned a bright red with laughter, as the teen struggled to get out of his lap. “K-knock it ohahahaff! N-nohohoho…”

Grabbing Lawless’ hair, Licht took all the strength he had left, which wasn’t much, and threw the strongest headbutt he could, right into Lawless’ face. Gasping in shock, Lawless let go of Licht, and rose his hands to his face, nursing a bloody nose that would stop soon anyway. Licht quickly jumped off the Servamp’s lap, and summonded his boot’s power. A embarrassed and furious blush was on his face, as he panted to catch his breath. His back was tingling, like Lawless was still tickling it, even though he wasn’t. When the bloody nose stopped, Lawless realized he let go of his Eve, and looked up to see the glaring storming grey eyes, and the glowing purple boots.

“U-uh…” Lawless mumbled, feeling a slight twitch of fear shooting up his spine. Licht looked furious, and if the Servamp didn’t know what would happen to him in that moment, he would soon. Licht raised his leg, and Lawless paled slightly. “A-Angel-san…do you know h-how to take a j-joke?”

“Die you bastard hedgehog,” Licht growled, as he launched himself at the yelping Servamp. Lawless dodged it, but the next kick wasn’t so lucky, because he got a boot to the stomach, and his whole body shot through the apartment’s wall. Licht ran after the fleeing Servamp, who knew he needed to flee to live, even though he was basically immortal. “Get back here you demon!”

“You guys!” Licht’s uncle screamed, watching the Eve and Servamp running out of the new hole in the apartment. They were too preoccupied chasing each other though, which left the sandy blond manager to deal with the angry staff on his own. “I swear when you two come back, YOU ARE GOING TO GET IT!”


Okay, I just wanted to share my quick sketch xD I will re-draw this, cause it’s not that good. xD Also, I gave up drawing on the computer. I draw faster on paper and I just had to draw this. MariChat is so sin. btw I love how he jumps out of the window.

In case you can’t read what I wrote on paper:

Chat Noir: “Hm? Marinette is not here?”

Marinette: “~That was a nice bath <3″

Chat: “W-well, I will come another time…”

I just realized that we know from Agents of SHIELD that fully functional ocular prosthesis exist in the MCU, and yet Nick Fury still chose to keep his injured eye and wear a fucking eyepatch over it instead because he probably thought it looked badass as fuck and he’s like the physical embodiment of overly dramatic