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i love your new theme! also, congratulations on finishing sixth form i know it's tough!! i took a gap year but i'm also starting uni this autumn too :3

eeeeeeeeep I’m so glad you like it! I’m actually not really that fond of it aha, and @simsomedia has actually been helping me look for a new theme! I thought I’d really like a more minialmalistic theme but it turns out I actually prefer a more hectic theme xD so my blog will probably be back under construction very soon!!

Also thank you omg! It was very tough! But honestly I’m just glad it’s all over now! I’m supposed to be going to uni in September too but for a while I’ve been debating whether or not to take a gap year! For the past few months, particularly, I’ve wanted to take a year off, but my parents are very against it because they think if I take a year off I’ll never go to uni xD But I’m seriously considering taking a job at my local Golf Club for a year and then going to Uni! I’ve applied for ancient history at university but I’m not so sure if that’s what I want to do anymore, so I figure it’s best to take a year off and really figure out what it is I want to do? Anyhoo, either way, thank you for the kind words sweetheart! 

What happens when reioka and I talk

reioka: For real?! Tony’s tiny, not person sized?!
ifdragonscouldtalk: No XD hes person sized in the fic
But it would make it funny
Imagine bruce trying to find a needle small enough to get a blood sample
reioka: I mean… ask a bird vet probably
ifdragonscouldtalk: Tony hanging off Steve’s pinky finger by his tail
reioka: The idea is very adorable, if impracticle
ifdragonscouldtalk: Bucky has a cat. The cat likes little tony. Tony does NOT LIKE the cat
reioka: Awww.
Wait like like “dinner” or like like “person!”
ifdragonscouldtalk: We dont know. Tony screams when Cat gets within 3 feet. Steve keeps Cat out of the room now.
reioka: Aw poor kitty lol
Poor Tony
“It’s big! It’s get sharps everywhere! EVERYTHING IS SHARP!”
ifdragonscouldtalk: Bruce puts a filter in the tank. Tony doesnt like the filter. It swirls the water around and blows him away. Tony launches a war with the filter. Bruce is Not Happy.
reioka: Smol Tony building tools with the rocks at the bottom of the tank, sacrificing one of his pieces of seaweed to tie them all together to fling into the filter and cause it to jam
ifdragonscouldtalk: Hes smug af cuz he clearly Won until he sees Bruce’s face o h s h i t
reioka: Lmao does he even understand WHY he needs a filter
Does he want to swim in his own excrement
ifdragonscouldtalk: He lived in the ocean before reioka
All he knows is before the waters were still and now they are Not
He probably doesnt notice XD
reioka: Lmao the waters were never still you water horse you were just too far down to notice

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Sorry for my poor English, but I want to share with you 


I have found the form of Gaston!
Time: Battle of Malplaquet

In short, Gaston is an English man. The red color of the uniform is the color of the British army, while the French had a blue uniform.

What cause I came up with: Gaston - a deserter, who went over to the side of the French army (because of Lefou or not, I don’t know, but I like the version that because of Lefou xD). By the way, this thing does not surprise. He calmly sings in the song “Gaston” in a tavern that he can shoot in the back, and it does not bother him. So, for him it is Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Then, this gives reason, why he does not understand the French phrase spoken at the very beginning of Lefou. HE DOES NOT KNOW THE FRENCH. They all talk on the original (in the film) in English, so Gaston speaks English. ( Ahaha.

What if...

Ok, guys remember my “Brain freeze” post? Well, since thomas had made it canon that phrases translate onto the sides I got another set.

For Prince the phrases “crushed hope”, “shattered dreams” and “bad romance”

For logic the phrases “Mind blown” , “thinking hangover” and “brain dead”

For Anxiety the phrases “Shaking like a leaf” and “Frozen in fear” (I only say two because you angst writers don’t need more XD)

And Finally for Morality the phrases “Bottling emotions”, “felt my heart drop” and “I felt my heart stop”


I like your question ! Thank you ❤
It will take more than one post to answer.
The declaration will come when I’ve finished drawing it~ I’m slow, sorry o///o But I’m working on it >v< !! 

The realization though… well, it came naturally, you know ? Weeks, months, years passed and they shared so much, they felt so right with each other, and even though they wouldn’t have imagined before, one day they saw each other with new eyes. 
Peregrïn fought the feeling at first, she had many reasons to believe her feelings could not be returned. 

(Read from Bottom up)

So, this is a bit embarrassing to put on here… but i’m really happy about it at the same time. 

So my mom messaged Cartoonz on Instagram (Somehow ended up through my email), and he responded. 

I didn’t know anything about this, in fact, she had woken me up during the night to tell me, but i didn’t even know it. She had to tell me about it again when i got home from school. 

I’m a bit embarrassed to have my idol know about how self conscious i am, and about my past and all, but i’m not mad at my mom for telling him. In fact, how can i? She was merely messaging him to appreciate him for making me happy, and messaging him for me.

I’m still shocked she did that, and even more shocked that he replied. My heart is literally pounding like crazy. I’m completely flustered that she did that, and all giggly. Idk why i posted this here, but i guess i had to share it.

Thank you mom, for i would never have messaged Cartoonz in my life XD
Not to mention when i go meet him in Durham, she’ll most likely have to push me over to him because i’ll be to shy. Knowing her, she’ll talk about the email @-@ 

But i’m not mad :) 
Sorry for this being random XD 

Marc-Andre Fleury - Je t'aime

Originally posted by ehghtyseven

Request: “ Can I request a Marc-Andre Fleury (Flower) imagine based off of tonight’s game (5/17) vs Ottawa? You’re his wife and he comes home angry and just starts screaming in French? (Or English if it’s easier for you) and you just sit there and listen until he finally calms down and you just comfort him? Maybe you two curl up in bed and you just run your fingers through his hair to help calm him? (It always calms me when someone does that to me.) Sorry if this is complicated XD “

I feel like crap right now but I’ve had this is drafts for years and it’s finally time I finish it! This one is also kind of short? And the ending kind of sucks? I also hope this French is correct, I literally used a translator website so.

Warnings: Foul language

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Strabrainbow pls

I don’t have time to draw requests right now, but I have a shenanigan waiting to be shared.

(long ago when I had just created Cliff)

Killer: omg I’m so excited

Killer: we get our OWN SHIP CHILD

Color: uhhhhh huh

Killer: (cuddles weirdly) darling I love you~

Color: what should we name the kid

(Killer ponders the matter with much consideration for about four seconds.)


Color: what

Killer: it was the first thing I thought of

Color: wHAT

Killer: we can just call him Cliff


Omg I had this drawing forgot it in my folder, I can’t finish it because like always this soul is a lazy person XD but okay Here is!! Sorey my ray of sunshine with his little boy Varus, son of Him and Mikleo lsakjdhsdksh I wanted make the other side with Mikleo and Mia but I repeat, I’m Lazy~

Share if you want but give me the credits for my work please!! 

My english is a trash Sorry like always


“Don’t look at me in that way, it’s your fault!”
“Nope, it’s your fault, dumbass!”
“Why do you have to be so stubborn? I did nothing for this to happen!”
“You did even too much, instead!”
“Are you listening to me, Bakageyama? I said I did nothing!”

A sudden gust of wind made Hinata blink twice, but he didn’t move from where he was. Kageyama was now in front of him, moving his wings slowly to put them back. His glare was cold, but Hinata wasn’t scared.

“How is it possible you did nothing?” Kageyama hissed. “I wasn’t even here, so it has to be you.”
“Well, it’s not me. So stop blaming me!” The redhead exclaimed, stepping forward.
They looked at each other and concentrated on keeping eye contact, so they didn’t feel their back tingling at first.

Kageyama accepted Hinata’s silent challenge and approached him with his face. “I can’t find any other explanation right now, except you’re afraid of telling the truth.”
“So this is what you think? You don’t trust me?”
The part of their back where their wings began tingled even more and they ended up clenching their fists more for pain than for anger.

“How can I trust you if something like this keeps happening?!” Kageyama shouted, few inches apart. Hinata had to shut his eyes closed for a while, also because the pain was harder now.
“I… I just know it’s not my fault…” he murmured, opening one eye and noticing that Kageyama was doing the same.
“And… and it’s not my fault either!”

Suddenly they felt a strong heat coming from their wings. Hinata clenched his teeth in pain, putting a hand on his shoulder, and stared at Kageyama without a word. There was astonishment on his face: he could see Kageyama’s wings burning on their whole edge, feather after feather, and Hinata looked at them with fear.

“Oi, did you hear me?!”
The taller boy snapped, pressing his lips together and bearing that enormous pain stubbornly.
Hinata hesitated and then answered with annoyance: “It wouldn’t happen, if it wasn’t for you.”

Kageyama fell on his knees a moment after, folding his wings on themselves with both hands crossed on his shoulders. Hinata couldn’t see his face since Kageyama was keeping his eyes down, but he knew his pain was worse than his because of his wings’ size.
Another twinge of pain made him wince and Hinata fell on his knees as well. The sting was terrible.

“It hurts…” Hinata complained, bending his neck backwards.
Kageyama lifted his suffering expression and opened his eyes wide, seeing the little flame rising up from Hinata’s few feathers. He bit his lower lip. “Damn.” He murmured.
He eventually raised a hand towards Hinata. He knew what to do, without being mature enough to admit it, though.

“C-Come here.”
Hinata stared at him for a moment. Kageyama’s glare was still threatening, but his mouth was distorted in embarassment.
“What are you waiting for?” Kageyama continued with quiet voice. “Come here, dumbass.”
Hinata was worried, but approached him slowly and Kageyama embraced him with one hand hesitantly. After some moments of silence, they felt better and the fire on their feathers disappeared little at a time. Kageyama’s grip around Hinata tightened and the smaller one pressed his cheek on his chest. When they realized it clearly was a hug, they both blushed.

Kageyama sighed and relaxed his face muscles with eyes closed. “Better?”
Hinata nodded and closed his hands, keeping them on Kageyama’s chest. His eyelids were heavy from tiredness and sorrow.
“I’m sorry.” Kageyama said with sadness, as soon as Hinata’s wings began to glow under his chin.
Hinata couldn’t see what was happening on his back, but as usual he felt a pleasant warmth inside him and knew everything was alright now. “I’m sorry too.”
Kageyama hugged him tighter with both arms and his wings encircled the smaller boy for protective instinct.
That silent glow on Hinata’s wings and the warmth they were sharing were enough to shut them up.


For @craziiwolf’s KageHina Winged AU! I love it and I had to write something on it ♡ I’m sorry for my English, it’s not my mother tongue. XD I hope you all like it!

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i just had the urge to tell you that I had the weirdest dream that all the boys of yuri on ice is competing for yuuri's hand by singing one direction songs and i remember Chris singing kiss you, Victor with one thing and JJ(? ikr weird lol) with what makes you beautiful and it's like a high school musical setting. yuuri gets bombarded with songs everywhere he goes and gets pulled into dances lololol sorry i just felt i need to share it 😂😂😂

Oh my God, what even xD As I read this I pictured every last part of it… Haha. Omfg.

^^I mean, I can definitely see Victor singing^^
(Victor won the competition, right? :P)
Thank you for sharing this weirdly wonderful dream! xD

Post Battle for Mewni Studo (ish) Drabble

I honestly don’t usually write fanfiction, just mostly my own original stuff, but I ended up being self indulgent with this, haha. But yeah, I’m sorry for this, I know it’s probably out of character but I’ve had Studo on the brain since Battle for Mewni and there are barely any fanfics for them so this just sort of happened. I didn’t spend much time on it so it’s probably not that good but I figured I’d share anyway since Studo is like this rare and elusive ship in the svtfoe fandom. xD Though I don’t think this is very shippy so if you don’t like Studo but like friendship between them you might enjoy this anyway. :)


Star was not entirely sure what finding one’s self in the void ought to consist of but she was fairly certain that Ludo was not going about it in the right way. That is to say, he did not look particularly well despite his large grin upon seeing her. The chip bag he was wearing looked newer, perhaps it was the one that she had thrown in with him. He seemed to have managed to build himself a little shack consisting of precariously placed twigs, that was something she supposed.

As she studied him she noted that Ludo was covered in bruises that may or may not be from the entire Toffee situation and there were dark circles under his eyes, which could indicate that he wasn’t sleeping very well. Honestly Star was able to understand that all too well. She had never exactly been the type to be ailed with nightmares but there had been too many close calls for her subconscious not to mess with her as she tried to sleep. Sometimes she couldn’t even recall what had caused her to wake up, only to be left with the strong feeling of unease that she had dreamt of vivid and horrifying things. But she tried to push that aside and do what she liked best, focus on the here and now and deal with the problems later.

“So, uh, Ludo,” Star said slowly. “What’s all this about?”

She had not expected to hear from Ludo so soon after he had her throw him back into the void. Either finding himself was a less lengthy goal than it seemed or he wanted something from her. What exactly he could want, Star wasn’t entirely sure.

“What? Can’t we talk?” Ludo folded his arms, sounding almost defensive.

“You wanted me to come here just to talk?” Star raised an eyebrow. “Really? About what?”

Ludo blinked, as though he hadn’t expected her to let him continue past that. “Uh, well,” he sputtered and looked away from her. “It’s just, I’ve been thinking…. I’ve been thinking that maybe with some of my issues I could use someone else’s help.”

Star’s lips twitched upwards into a half smile. “Like my help?”

Ludo jerked his head in a nod.

“So you basically want me to teach you how to be less of a jerk?” She asked, only half serious.

Ludo smiled weakly. “Maybe?”

Star stared down at him incredulously, unsure if she heard him correctly.

At Star’s silence he pouted and huffed. “Fine, forget it, I don’t know, I don’t know what I want anymore, okay?”

“Hey wait, uh, it’s okay,” After a moment of hesitation Star knelt down next to him, his gaze snapped to hers at her movement, looking almost baffled.

“I can do that,” Star said. “I mean, help you with your issues and stuff… If you want.”

Ludo scratched at his arm. “Sure,” he muttered, breaking their eye contact.

“Okay,” Star paused, frowning thoughtfully at him. “Hey, Ludo, can I ask you something?”

“What?” Ludo looked back at her warily.

“Do you want to destroy me anymore?”

He blinked. “What?” He repeated.

“Well, it’s just, we were enemies and all that junk for the longest time but I’m not sure what we are anymore,” Star frowned. “I don’t think I want you to be destroyed, being controlled by Toffee is bad enough. I’m don’t know if we can go back to being enemies again.”

“So what are you saying?” Ludo asked, squinting at her.

“Maybe we could try being friends,” Star blurted.

“Friends?” Ludo repeated, stunned.

“Yeah, I’m going to be your try to be less of a jerk teacher after all,” Star shrugged. “It’d make things easier if we were friends too, right?”

“I guess,” Ludo said, a small smile spreading across his beak.

Star smiled back, albeit with a devious edge as she leaned closer to him. “So, how about for the start of your lessons, we shave off the beard?”

Ludo’s indignant yelp and Star’s ensuing giggles echoed for miles.

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Imagine Mark's second video of the day is just some pure Easter fun. With Chica in bunny ears and some Easter crafts. Everything is normal, no mention of Darkiplier or whatever but then at the end he says something like... 'Sorry I couldn't get a second video in today, it's been pretty busy. And I would have gotten this video up earlier but we had some technical problems.' and thus more freaking out from the fans (sorry for this spam, I just had an idea and I wanted to share it with someone c: )

And Google split-second exchanges with him in place…? I mean XD But it’s pretty late now, so I don’t think he would do anything else haha

And also, it’s alright! :D

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"I can save you" "No you can't" prompt maybe? Yes yes?


“I can save you.”

Morty had looked over one day, after being contemplative and quiet, and the words that left him were a bombshell dropped on Rick’s brain. He turned to look at his grandson, eyebrow raised, and chuckled a little, rolling his eyes.

“Ye-yeah, Morty? Y-you think s-so?” It was obvious that the elder didn’t believe that. He didn’t need saving. What he needed was another drink.

“Yea-yeah, Rick. I… I do.” But his tone wavered and he looked down at his feet, shame written across his features. Maybe he really did know better. It was almost cute; had Rick been a little less inhibited, maybe he would have kissed him. Sadly, he knew Jerry was home and willing to burst into the garage at any given moment.

“We’ll see.” Ominous as it sounded, Rick didn’t have high hopes for himself, unlike his hopes for Morty.


“M-Morty, go!” Rick yelled, hollering as loud as he could with a chest full of broken ribs.

“I– I’m not leaving you, Rick!” Morty looked like he was going to put his foot down, be adamant, and not permit Rick this last good thing. It was infuriating, but so endearing that Rick’s face betrayed him, a gentle smile on his lips as he tugged the other in for a slow kiss. The wheezing sound of his breathing left Morty in a panic, but he didn’t say anything, just relished in the soft touches.

“You can’t save me, Morty.” Rick muttered, pulling away barely enough to shoot a portal beneath his grandson, “But you can redeem me. Be better than me. Go on and do something good with your life.” Monologuing wasn’t his favorite thing, or maybe it was, but it at least kept all of the other’s fearful complaints out of his head. If he was going to die, that was fine. He was an old man, he’d done his fair share of everything, but Morty had barely begun to live. Maybe he’d get that chance, now.


My idea of heaven omg😍😍😍
I went to an aquatic convention today and had so much fun!!! They had some beautiful fish and some AMAZING scapes!! I would love to come back again next year! While I was there I picked up another little fishy friend (last picture)!! Love him so much already! I do not have a name for him just yet, so if you have a suggestion, please go right ahead and tell me! I also got one of those fun stuffed plecos that stick to the side of your tank!! I’ve been wanting one for a while haha 😂 He glows in the dark! XD
Hope you enjoy the pictures!!!
(Sorry for being such a nerd XD, just really wanted to share Haha)

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Omg Alexious Loizon loves you! He reposted your art on twitter, insta, Snapchat EVERYTHING. I can't blame him. Your art work is something to be proud of. Remember when Josh Gad reposted on with of your artworks that had him and Luke. YOU NEED THAT FRAMED. We all love your work. Be proud of that. Just think happy thoughts...blood, explosions, countless windows. I'm sorry I had to so that XD. Love you ;)

Ahaha, well, he’s the sweetest, but I really don’t think he personally likes me ahahah XDD But I’m so glad he takes his time for sharing my silly doodles from time to time! >//< OF COURSE I REMEMBER I WAS SHAKING SO BAD I HAD TO TAKE A WALK TO CALM MYSELF DOWN AND I GOT SICK THE FOLLOWING DAY THAT WAS A-M-A-Z-I-N-G (and I’m not being sarcastic - but I was extremely lucky with him that day, I usually don’t have twitter luck) (ノ∀`♥) And thank you very much!! <333 I’m not interested in widows or explosions (sorry Gaston), but blood does make me happy, ah :D Love you too darlin’ <3

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@dreamnoteprincess: Sorry for all the Samsie stuff today, but I just had too.
So here are Sammy and Susie’s kids I came up with; Annie Lawrence and Simon Lawrence.
Also if you can guess where their names came from I would give you a hug. Your hint is that their names come from something music/musically related.

((aww they’re cute! I’m not a music person so I have no idea what their names are referencing, sorry xD thank you for sharing!))