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Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Game - The Student Council’s Tea Party

THIS IS THE MOST FUN I HAVE HAD WITH A TRANSLATION IN LIKE, EVER. Warning for a massive heap of pictures (I am so sorry if you’re on something that doesn’t show a ‘read more’) as well as student council histrionics and Yumoto completely failing to read the atmosphere as usual.

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My Customary Self-addressed Birthday card that’s meant to be shown to the world.

I have become undertale trash, and I’m not sorry about it >:] enjoy,

((First, some things to clear up: I know Frisk is gender- ambiguous (The same with Chara and the monster kid), but I always sorta pictured Frisk as a female, and in contrast, I always pictured Chara (I pronounce “Car-uh”, btw) as a male. Frisk’s design is based on the fact that I picture them as a girl, and I played around with aesthetic differences, giving her a braid, a huge (I describe as either a hand-me-down/purchased second-hand or from a set of pajamas still far too big for her) shirt decorated with a red heart (the soul, which cannot be seen here, sorry) on the left lapel, a pair of black jean shorts, black leggings (they’re thermal), and a pair of brown boots. The braid is here as that’s her “Serious business” look, and stating later that she’s come to like wearing it that way. These will be in an upcoming fanfic. Unknown publishing date. I really wanted to be able to save Asriel in the game, and I *may* do that in this fanfic, *wink* I really want to because I ship these two, sooooooo much. (((Well, it’s mostly cute, childish fluff when they’re little. I only get to older stuff when they’re older))) Stating these loud and clear. Also: the two jpegs in this post are what a png I meant to make good was supposed to look like on different backgrounds, a white and a black one. I was trying something new, and I am filled with DETERMINATION since these jpegs came out looking as good as they do.))

Btw: the font used is called “Determination Sans”

Until next time, my lovelies~

I had to edit this, the png was not working. I hope it works this time. Oh, it still doesn’t… Oh well, it’s a napstablook day….(Enjoy thanksgiving, btw. sorry to bring ya down) I apologize, the png was taken down.

Addendum: I didn’t mention race here since there wasn’t any color in the picture, but I also headcanon Frisk as being Hispanic, and I picture Chara as being white, mainly of Irish descent. Inconsequential, I’m sure, but I kind of wanted to mention it.