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all to myself: vlog 4

“It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)

↳ vlogger au
pairing: jimin x reader, yoongi x reader

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No Matter What

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

 Pairing: Stiles x Reader


 A/N: I’m actually kind of proud of this 🙈 Let me know what you think! 

A huge thank you, to my favorite co-pilot Em @fillthevoid-stilinski, for editing again 💖 


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My Top 11 + Thoughts

Here’s an unrealistic Top 11 (sorta in order of how much I want them in Top 11):

  1. Kim Jaehwan: Top vocalist for sure. He fits all types of songs. If anyone was doubting Jaehwan’s idol ability, I’m sure he proved them wrong in Sorry Sorry; if they were doubting his high note power, he proved them wrong in Downpour. Thank god he won his group, he was just so amazing. And for a singer, he’s got pretty damn good idol presence. I hope one-pick voting doesn’t hurt him too much, because with what this group looks like, BOI/OIO is going to need him a lot.
  2. Noh Taehyun: Thank GOD Taehyun won dance. He’s so amazing. Choreography genius, dance king, looks so amazing onstage, seems to have such good leadership qualities… and on top of that, he can sing and rap as well. Shape of You really brought out the best in him. If you don’t have him in your Top 11… what are you doing?!
  3. Ong Seongwoo: I love him. He’s such a witty dude who’s been working so hard for so long, and on top of that, he can do EVERYTHING- his singing and dancing are both so great. And he’s really hot. That’s always a plus.
  4. Kang Daniel: What is there to say that others haven’t? He’s not just attractive, he’s good at dancing, he seems really kind, and he’s also stable enough to make A rank.
  5. Ha Sungwoon: STOP SLEEPING ON THE (A-ranked) HOTSHOT BOYS. Sungwoon is a stable, excellent vocalist and dancer. His voice is really nice and his vocals in Downpour made me tear up a little. I’m angry that he didn’t get that many votes, to be honest… and now I’m worried he’ll fall far enough to get eliminated before concept evaluations.
  6. Park Woojin: Amazing stage presence, amazing ability… what’s not to like? His Get Ugly performance made me sweat.
  7. Park Woodam: That Mansae performance had me sold immediately. Amazing, amazing, amazing. My heart hurt for him when he couldn’t select a vocal performance… I hope he doesn’t fall far this week, since he shot up so many ranks last week.
  8. Park Jihoon: I’ve been caught by Wink Boy’s charm! He’s got excellent stage presence and he can dance decently well. Also, wow, he’s so cute! He’d make an amazing center for BOI/OIO.
  9. Jung Sewoon: Wonderful voice, amazing vocalist. One of my faves. After reconsidering, I thought he might be better as an indie soloist, but for now I don’t have that many absolute Top 11 picks and so I’ll leave him in there for now.
  10. Lee Daehwi: Decent at everything. Cute. Not sure what else to say. 
  11. Im Youngmin: This guy’s a good rapper- why not?

Trainees that were just too unrealistic, even for me:

  • Kim Seongri: One of the best vocalists on this show for sure, and yet he’s always slept on. He finally got his moment to shine as main vocalist and then got outshone by Yongguk. I know he’s going to be eliminated- which he doesn’t deserve- but I would just like to mention him. He’s amazing and deserved so much better.
  • Yoon Heeseok: A 6-month Jellyfish trainee who can do lots of things well?! YES. Also, he went from F to B rank! Unfortunately, his screentime hasn’t been great, and his rank has dropped over the weeks, even though he’s always been well-received by the live audience. His presence in Amazing Kiss as well as his decent Call Me Baby performance have really made him a favorite of mine. I’ll be sad to see him go.
  • Takada Kenta: He’s good and seems really cool… unfortunately I don’t think he’s getting anywhere close.
  • Kim Taedong: Hmm… maybe. I don’t know. I hope he doesn’t drop, I’d love to see more from him.
  • Yeo Hwanwoong: Man, I’m sad about him. He’s definitely one of the best dancers on this show. But despite how well he did in Right Round, he only got 3rd. I think he’s going to be eliminated, and I’m not ready for him to go. He’s so good.
  • Woo Jinyoung: He’s good, but no one has noticed him. I’m sad :(

Okay, here’s the part that might get me killed. Trainees that I for sure don’t want in Top 11:

  • Bae Jinyoung: His vocals were pretty weak, despite everyone calling him amazing or whatever. I just don’t think he has what it takes.
  • Joo Haknyeon: Call me what you will for saying this, but the words Haknyeon said to Eunki can’t just be edited THAT maliciously- they can’t pull words from his mouth that he didn’t say himself. He complained about his rank falling and about the choreography that he wasn’t even helping to make- all this to a leader whose rank was more than 25 places below him. And then he won his group when Hwanwoong was so much better! I’m not even going to get into him being “lazy” because I know editing can easily influence that, but anyways… that’s the definition of annoying to me.
  • Kwon Hyunbin: He doesn’t really have any talent. Again, I’m not going to get into the whole “lazy” thing because that’s easily edited, but he really doesn’t have anything at all that would attract me to him as a Top 11 trainee. He’d honestly be better off going back to modeling.
  • Lai Guanlin: I like him, he’s really good-looking, and he clearly works really hard, but there’s too many visual F trainees in the current Top 22. Enough with that, please. (Wouldn’t it be great having 5 male Sohyes in BOI/OIO? /s)
  • Yoo Seonho: I just don’t really feel anything with this guy. He’s good-looking, sure, but I just don’t feel anything there.
  • Park Sungwoo: He’s cool, but it was a little cringey seeing him try to keep up with the dance for Shape of You. Again, we can’t have five people in BOI be male versions of Sohye.

What do you think? Did I forget anyone? (I probably forgot someone, rip.) If you have civil disagreements to voice, I’d be happy to hear them. Hate will be blocked. Most likely no one will pay attention to this post anyways, but since I spent so long finally sorting out who I want in Top 11, discuss it with me! 

You can find me on Twitter at @luxsideris. :) <3 Also, if someone called semisomniac replies to you in the comments of this post, that’s my main account :P

Long Ass Post Regarding The Bastille Fandom and how it's really Not As Great as it's made out to be


so ive seen a Lot of posts lately praising the bastille fandom for being so “nice and sweet and chill and tolerant” etc etc.
and they bother me a lot.

I have nothing against the people making these posts. they’re happy with the corner of the group that they associate with, and that’s fine.

what I do have a problem with is the posts themselves.

they make out like this fandom is so nice and peachy and perfect when if you look even a tiny little bit further away from your own friend group within it, if you scrape a tiny bit under the surface, it’s obvious this is certainly not the case, and nobody acknowledges this.
no fandom is perfect, especially not this one.

we have our fair share of sketchy disgusting shit going on.
it may not be to the level of certain others but it is there and it’s bad, and the mentality of glossing over that completely is worrying me.

I have a few points I’m gonna go over, mostly relating to this fandoms treatment of Dan, and their treatment of each other.

•1 Treatment of Dan

this is probably mostly in reference to the twitter group of the fandom but it’s bad on tumblr too hoo boy.

to put it bluntly

y'all are fucking THIRSTY
and it’s disgusting.
because Dan doesn’t have a partner that we know of publicly everyone seems to take that as him being free range and make some pretty Ugly and Disgusting comments towards him- and even worse y'all do it on twitter too, on his tweets, which he can see?
the way you talk about him really rubs me up the wrong way.

he’s a human being for god’s sake and i don’t wanna sound like your mum but ACT LIKE YOUD WANT TO BE TREATED YOURSELF.

he is not free for you to treat like you do- and a good mirror for my point of the fact he doesn’t have a partner we know of is: you don’t make those kinds of advances toward woody, do you? y'all know he’s married and you respect that, which is great. but you can’t show the same courtesy towards Dan? (and don’t try to say that woody isn’t as attractive as Dan that has nothing to do with this.).

Even worse is your harassment of anyone involved with Dan’s life like his friends especially his female friends -
the AMOUNT OF TIMES i have SEEN speculation about one of his friends or a crew member or anything being his girlfriend- and then you go and harass the poor girls?? what the fuck??? it shouldn’t matter to you if he has a partner and if he does you DONT HARASS THEM LIKE THIS.
i find it really hypocritical especially after the whole glory thing.

•1a Treatment of the boys on twitter

I’ve said something about this before but the twitter fandom is SO bad. I’m not very involved with it so i won’t make claims but they’re some of the worst i think mainly because due to the nature of twitter they have direct contact with the band.
anyway, twitter fandom is awful, not going further bc y'all know

•2 Treatment of others within the fandom

oh boy!
y'all are not all nice
as someone who floated around Heaps before i settled within the space I had within the fandom when I was a somewhat active participant in it, I can tell you that a Good Percentage of you in the tumblr section of the fandom are demons.
I’ve seen people bully and harass others, send anon hate, more and more and more and i think maybe it’s gotten worse since the second album?
the main problem is I think you’re all too overprotective of the band as a whole.

•2a Treatment of the creative side of the fandom

this place is the WORST when it comes to art theft of various incarnations Holy SHIT
you steal and repost other people’s edits, their art, their gifs, with no credit and that is Bad. You know it’s bad but do you stop? no. do you check sources? no.
you follow and reblog from accounts that repost gifs and you dont give a shit- even when the original watermarks are Right There

And let’s get back into how y'all treat Greg shall we?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it as many times as possible-
how have you not learned? why do i still see leaked photos going around? why do you not check the source before you reblog? why do i, to this day, see photos from the photobook online when you’ve been specifically told not to post them?

it’s ugly and disgusting how you treat creators in this place, especially Greg.

• in conclusion

there’s more to this but this is long enough already.
what bothers me the most is how nobody seems to see this? how you praise each other for being so Great and Cool?
there’s some great circles of people in here, i agree, a lot of you are really great but there’s still the other side to it there.
no fandom is purely nontoxic!! you know that!!
it’s worse here than you think it is and that’s what i want you to take away if you got through this long ass terrible post.

sorry for being the one to crash your party but it’s the hard truth and I wish more people were aware of it because this ignorance worries me.

(thanks to joyce for talking with me and helping me think out this post a bit)

Here’s a deleted scene from the story I’ve been working on (currently in beta… stay tuned). 

Sidney’s parents came out for the parents’ weekend. Zhenya wasn’t sure when they got into town, but they were at the arena the morning of the game against the Sabres, politely participating in the group locker room tour although they had been in the arena many times.  

Sidney came over to Zhenya’s stall, wearing all of his gear aside from his jersey and skates. “Did Jen text you?”

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You and Dan do a tag video for the internet

Dan switched the camera on.

His arm rested comfortably on my shoulders, his side pressed nice and warm to mine. The blinding lights used for recording were up and making the both of us sweat. Before he said anything I turned and looked at his profile. He had that same anticipatory look in his eyes whenever he started recording a video. He and I were wearing matching shirts, like the losers we were, but he honestly filled it out so much nicer. Designer looked so good on him. Probably feeling my eyes on him, he looked down at me. “You ready to film another garbage video for my garbage channel?” I smiled and nodded, pecking his lips softly and redirecting my attention toward the camera.

“Hello Internet, today I’m here with my beautiful y/n!”

He gestured to you and you waved awkwardly. He’d been speaking into a camera lens for years, while you had only been in a few of his videos, so you weren’t as seamless as him. “Uh, hey there internet, you look nice today.” Dan chuckled at how uncomfortable I sounded, and squeezed me for a second then rubbed his hand up and down my arm a few times. “Today we’re, surprisingly, not talking about how much of a loser I am or the inevitability of death coming to us all.”

“He’s already done enough of that today off camera.”

“Fuck off. Today, we’re doing what everyone wants in 2017: a tag video!”

The two of us did a cute little pretend cheer and celebration because no one did tagged videos past the year 2014. What could we say, we were into retro trends. “Yeah, it seems like lots of you still have questions about me and Dan’s relationship, and while we’re not ready to go into the tying up and choking kinks yet, we can answer some basic stuff, right Dan?” I looked at him expectantly. He just stared at me with disgust on his face. It was still pretty adorable, and I leaned in to steal a kiss quickly. “This is when you say yes and then start reading the questions,” I reminded him. He blinked and then seemed to shake off the daze I put him in. “We totally have to edit that shit out. Anyway!” He pulled up the list on his phone. “We’re going to answer a few of these ‘Boyfriend Tag’ questions for you all.” Without further ado, he started.

Where did you meet?

“Y/n and I met online, like true millennials.”

“Yeah, I had messaged Dan on some weird fandom site we both liked and he actually replied assuming I was a Phan. In reality, I was just asking him if he knew about some new merch and had no idea Danpire90 was actually him.”

“Wow way to expose the username and my creepy internet habits!”

You only smiled.

Where did you meet each other’s parents?

“Well, as some of you might know, I’m not from England. I’m actually from America. So Dan and I were together for like a year and a half before we both took the trip across the Atlantic to meet my family. He was completely awkward and swore in front of my grandmother.”

“That’s not even the worst part! Your dad threatened me at the dinner table and when I laughed cuz I thought it was a joke everyone in your family looked at me with like deep seriousness. I thought I wasn’t going to last the night!”

“Yeah, Dan’s parents were so much more chill. They were just glad to ‘see their sad baby boy happy and settled down’.” Dan sighed, embarrassed just remembering when they said that. 

What’s something you hate that the other person does?

“Dan you can probably guess mine.” He looked in my eyes like he was trying to read my mind. I just gave him a playful little smile. His eyes crinkled when he had his answer. “Is it when I leave floss everywhere?”

“It’s absolutely when you leave dental floss everywhere!” Dan fell to the side laughing at me. “No but guys seriously he will literally floss like 25 times a day and leave that shit on every surface and it’s like finding hair and a spider web at the same time like that’s so nasty!” You were serious about this, years of living with Dan meant you had accepted it, but that didn’t mean you liked seeing used floss all the time. Dan wiped his eyes and kissed your cheek. “Sorry I always do nasty things, pumpkin. But if we’re being honest, your snoring is one of the worst things on Earth and you can’t even change that.” You had to agree with him. He’d shown you the recordings of it, and you sounded like an old man.

What is your s/o’s style?

“Black. Anything black,” you said. Deadpan. Dan couldn’t even argue. “And you wear what, anything that’s ugly?” Dan stuck his tongue out at you. You poked his ribs and pouted your lip. “It’s called unique you monochrome loser.”

Is your s/o loud or quiet in bed?

“Oh some of these are naughty, fam,” I giggled. Dan made another disgusted face at me. “Don’t ever say fam you trash heap.” I ignored him, putting actual thought into the question. “Uh I don’t really think Dan is loud…you don’t make much sound and when you do it’s like those super deep moans like-” I tried to demonstrate how he sounded when in the middle of sex, but from Dan’s burst of laughter I must’ve sounded like I had a burp trapped in my chest or something. “I’m not a fuckin bear!”

“I know I know but I can’t do the thing!”

“Oh fuck off!”

We were giggling for like a minute before Dan started regaining composure. “I guess you’re right. Now that I think about it I don’t make much noise. And you’re just like ‘and IIIIIIIIIIIII-” I smacked my hand over his mouth and knocked us both to the side and slightly out of frame. “Daniel James Howell that is so untrue!”

What’s the first thing your s/o does in the morning?

“Well it’s obvious, Dan brushes his teeth because he has actual OCD.”

“And y/n glues herself to me and steals my body heat because she’s cold blooded.”

Favorite cereal?

“What a random question, this shit was definitely made in 2013 or something,” Dan mumbled. I leaned my head against his shoulder. “I honestly have no idea what weird British inedible cereal Dan likes but for all my American viewers, Cinnamon Toast Crunch all the way!” Dan faked chest pains, “American cereal is just sugar and the occasional bran flake. You seriously don’t know my favorite cereal? You and Phil steal it all the time and you still don’t even know what you’re eating? Well, I’m not telling you, you’ll just be eating mystery cereal forever.” I shrugged, that was fine with me.

Kiss your partner right now, who’s more aggressive?

Before I’d finished reading the question aloud Dan had his hand on my cheek and a tongue in my mouth. I moaned, taken aback for half a second then reciprocating just as hard, trying to overpower him and leaning forward. We made out much longer than we probably needed to answer the question before I remembered we were actually in the middle of a task. Pulling back, we just stared at each other and then broke out into laughter. “That cannot go on youtube! We’re gonna get flagged!” Dan said.

Who said I love you first?

“Believe it or not, it was actually Dan. He’s secretly a huge romantic softie when he’s not on camera.” We met each other’s eyes, and I was talking to him and not the camera anymore. “We were on a date and it was raining too hard to leave. So then suddenly the power goes out in the place and everyone is scared and bear just pulled me close and whispered ‘I love you’ in front of everyone there. The people around us were like ‘aww’. It nearly made me cry, mostly because all that attention was embarrassing.” Dan giggled and kissed me softly. Wow, we were doing a lot of that in this video. It was usual to keep our relationship private, we weren’t even into the whole PDA thing when we were out in public. I guess either the Phans would have enough cute material to last a lifetime or Dan had a lot of editing to do.

We pulled apart and I ran my fingers through his curls. “I think that’s probably enough questions, bear.” I was done doing this filming thing, ready to just relax with Dan and snuggle on the sofa or something. Dan agreed and we turned back to the camera one more time.

“Okay that’s enough looking into our lives. Thanks for watching us make fools of ourselves and expose each other. If you liked this video, or if you thought this video was too happy for my channel, consider subscribing for infrequent depressing videos. Leave a like if you enjoyed, as well. Talk to you guys next time. Bye!”

He got up and turned off the camera, exported the SD card, and went to edit it.

Hours later, we were relaxing together and I was doing what I always did whenever he uploaded. I checked through the comments. Most of them were like always, overwhelmingly supportive and gushing over how cute Dan and I were.

“I’ve never seen the tall bean look this happy.”

“…was Dan supposed to edit out that question about the kissing?”

“They’re the most wholesome parents I could’ve ever asked for”

“I thought you were going to edit out the kissing question.” Dan put his phone down and looked at the comment you highlighted. “Yeah, I was. But then the more I watched it the less I wanted to take it out, we looked pretty good. Did you want it taken out?” You shook your head. He was the one who always liked privacy, you couldn’t really care less. “If you want to show the world how much you love me, I’m not complaining.”

“I really do love you, pumpkin. And I always want the world to know it.”

If I was dating Dan all I would want is to do a tagged video with him…among other things.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do another algee and Keith imagine. Pls. And I love ur blog 😍😍😍

Gifs & Pictures are not mine

Warning: Major FLUFF, you’ve been warned

Word Count: Keith’s Imagine: 4.0k & Algee’s Imagine: 3.2k

A/N: I hope you all enjoy the imagines, I hope it meets up to your expectations & thank you so much for saying that it warms my heart and makes me really happy.- XX basicKassandra

Keiths Imagine:

Dating Keith wasn’t easy for multiple reasons, he was ALWAYS late to every date because of work, ALWAYS gets stopped by fans but of course thats one of the reasons you loved him but importantly he was ALWAYS getting hit on by other women in the industry because you and him were a secret. Everyone in the media just saw you two as childhood friends, and it wasn’t a complete lie because you’d known Keith since he was 8 and you were 6 years old but it’d hurt because friendship doesn’t mean anything in the glam world. You were just a regular person, who went to school and worked your everyday 9-5 at the music store and he was super star hottie who had the voice that belonged to the angels above, it’s true that he could have any women he wanted and you never understood why he chose you but you stopped second guessing it sometimes. It was hard for you both to do romantic things without being caught by media, so you both settled for small things like you visiting him at the recording studio which you did every Friday but this Friday was a special one because today was April 28th which just so happened to be you and Keith’s 2 year anniversary and you knew he had completely forgotten but you couldn’t blame him because of how busy he was, so you brought his a couple of snacks and a gift that would make his day a bit brighter. You walked into the recording studio and just as you were about to step into the booth you heard voices “Keith, how come you aren’t off the market yet? You’re young, handsome, talented and most importantly famous.”you heard a female voice through the doors you imagined her paws all over Keith which sent your body into heated mood “Maybe because I’m not looking for anyone now, just being free for a while before I think of settling.” You heard Keith say in a smooth tone not letting her previous comment rattle him and even though you know his statement was false it still hurt you to hear him say the words, you gave the door a weak knock before hearing Keith respond “Come in!” you opened the door smiling at Keith causing the unnamed women to roll her eyes and sway her way out of the room closing the door behind her loudly “How much did you hear?” Keith said wrapping his arms around you which cause you to become nervous and start questioning how he knew you were listening to him the whole time “Baby, your face. I’ve been studying it for 16 years so I know when something is bothering you,” he said pulling you into his arms trying to bury you deep inside his chest but you were so affected by his words that you squirmed your way out of his strong embrace “Enough to know that you enjoy being free and aren’t thinking about settling… Is that why you haven’t mentioned me? Because you want to be free?” you said feeling the tears run down your face “Baby you can’t be serious right now.” he said letting out a frustrated sigh as he began to move his hands trying to calm his nerves before getting up. He slowly walked over to you and he grabbed you wrapping you in his arms holding you tight. “Baby, I didn’t mean anything I said and you should know that. I’ve loved you for 16 whole years, not a day goes by where I don’t think about you. I don’t put you out there because I don’t want people to know I’m happily taken, I don’t put you out there because the media and fans will and can do vicious things to ruin us or even hurt you and if something like that ever happened I don’t think I would be able to live with myself. Today marks 2 years in our amazing relationship, you loved me before all the fame and glory and you’re still with me now which means none of that matters to you and I would be a damn fool if I let you go. Plus I find our secret relationship very sexy don’t you?” he said laughing as he looked down at you kissing your forehead. You laughed and smiled “This is one of the reason why I love you, you goofball.” you say as you tip toe to reach his mouth and kiss him softly.

Algee Smith

Finally you made it to the big leagues as they say in the reporter industry, you were at the BET Awards and trying to get the latest scoop on all the hot celebrities that everyone has been raving about but every reporter on this carpet was hoping to get the perfect interview with one of the cast members for “New Edition Story” it was a story everyone was after tonight and hopefully if you played your cards right that reporter would be you. You were wearing a plain black dress with slits on the side, plain doesn’t always mean ugly. You set up your microphones to make sure they were ready and working because of a busy carpet like this you never know what would happen and just as the stars were about to pour out your bladder hit you like a truck, it was so bad to the point where you couldn’t hold it and it made you so nervous because what if you missed you big moment you would never live that down. “Just go (Y/N). I’ll man the fort don’t worry.” The camera guy Phil said smiling at you while you nodded and rushed elegantly off to the bathroom, and once you had relieved yourself and started walking back you realized you left your phone in the stall causing you to hurry back, once you retrieved the phone and made sure you didn’t leave anything else behind you heard a voice echo down the hall “Well you look rather lovely.” The voice said causing you to freeze in your tracks only one name passed through your head. Algee Smith. You turned slowly facing him and looking at how his white suit contradicted with your black dress “You don’t look so bad yourself.” You say giggling a little once he noticed your reporter passed he became very wary “You’re far to pretty to be a cruel and heartless reporter.” He said in a sad tone “Well who said I was cruel and heartless , I’ll have you know I’ve been called quiet the opposite.” You say raising an eyebrow at him. He laughed holding out his hand gesturing you to take it “Be careful you wouldn’t want the cruel and heartless reporter to cut out your heart would you?“ You say teasing him and you accepted his hand causing both of you to laugh “As long as you keep it somewhere safe that’s always near you , I don’t think I’d mind that much.” He said smoothly looking ahead “Quite the smooth talker huh?” you ask looking at his face to see a slight smirk appear on his face “Maybe you’re a witch in disguise as a beautiful young heartless and cruel reporter, cause it seems like you’re taking my breath away.” He says stopping before the door “Here we must part.” you say walking towards the door and just as your about to open it you feel Algee’s lips skim your ear “I’ll let you interview me under one condition.” he said lowly so only you could hear which caused shivers to run down your spine you nodded slightly hanging on to his every word “We do the interview over a private dinner, don’t look for me tonight because I’ll find you Cinderella before the clock strikes 12.” he said opening the door for you allowing you to return to your spot in the reporter section as you watched him wink in your direction as he walked by ignoring all the other reporters. Your smirked devilishly and began to think “Sorry ladies and gentlemen but that one is mine.”

Broduce 101: Episode 5 (Quick Livestream Recap)

Unfortunately I had a few problems with my livestream although the mods did a wonderful job, so I missed most of the first half and a few bits after. Here are a few things that happened that were worth mentioning from the parts I did catch. There were a lot of tears to swift through so I’m sorry if that affected my recap, which is not in order soz:

  • At some point, Pledis’ Dongho (or Baekho) arm wrestled and pretty much humiliated the whole of the Avengers team. It was very cute because they keep editing him as this massive sang namja guy while I think he’s a squish.
  • The Avengers team are pretty much squishes. Ha Sungwoon was shook.
  • Their editing of Baekho is weird in general, since it’s based on his appearance.
  • Oh god I had a vision into the future where they make him lose weight. I don’t know if it’s Pledis for the now practically guaranteed Nu’est comeback or Mnet because he made BOI
  • The editing also very helpfully kept showing the trainees around their number to maintain suspense. If the camera swerved to Noh Taehyun after a number is called out, I feel comfortable assuming his name’s going to come out
  • Also it was 60 trainees that made it, not 61. Probably because they had dropouts anyway.
  • They also kept the 60 seat empty for last because the suspense about whose dream is going to get crushed is more than watching Park Jihoon take first place
  • Park Jihoon was first place btw. He was very gracious but no one’s surprised.
  • His labelmate, deep voiced cutester Kwon Hyeob did not make it. It’s a shame, because he looked great. He has such a nice face, and a nicer voice. I’m bitter.
  • There were hair changes! Kim Samuel is blonde, Baekho had a haircut and some perm that I hope can be brushed away. Ong Seongwoo has a haircut and looks fine as ever
  • Yoon Jisung has deep purple hair, Kang Daniel got a trim and is an ashy brunette. It suits them both really well The other MMO kids changed their hair too
  • Joo Jinwoo made it at 45! He jumped 32 places, for which he has to thank his incapable teammates
  • Park Woodam, the other vocal discovery, made it by the skin of his teeth because how soon the voting ended
  • Oui’s Kim Donghan, the centre from Jang Moonbok’s CMB that everyone thinks looks like Yugyeom jumped a whopping 41 places to made the cut. He should thank his stars their performance aired earlier.
  • Kwon Hyunbin made it at 23, he changed his hair too. He’s been feeling the backlash from all the people that voted for his looks and were furious at the crappy edit Mnet gave his laziness to make Pledis Jonghyun rise, so he was a bit teary. He thanked his Sorry, Sorry team and said he’ll work harder to improve
  • Lee Daehwi has dark hair now, which is a better look. He dropped 5 places and had to apologise for being a sixteen year old which is just upsetting. He said he’ll make up for his mistakes and work harder too.
  • I think they’ve all already worked harder in two weeks than I have this last year.
  • Both Starship boys made it - Sewoon was 13
  • Jang Moonbok dropped to 14, but he’s also number one on male voting lists. He thanked his hyungs, but they’re crappy fans, Hip Hop President. You deserve better.
  • Both Hotshot boys made it. 
  • Noh Taehyun, whose had a haircut and got a bronze-blond dye, was 26. His new hair looks really good, he’s a lot handsomer with the styling.
  • Ha Sungwoon was 21, which is slightly disappointing because I want him to be in the final line up. He had to stand next to tall trainees in addition to being so nervous that he was more adorable than usual. BoA offered her stand because he was so embarrassed being a shortie next to his tall hyungs
  • Tiptoe Ajusshi made it! He also apologised for his lack of coordination and said he’ll improve
  • Jaehwan made it. He picked Woodam as a vocal rival, whose apparently is also his hyung?? He looks so young though?
  • My man Star Road’s Kenta made it. He thanked his parents in Japanese was very precious.
  • The usual suspects from the F ranked visuals made it. Joo Haknyeon very sweetly thanked his sisters and his family. He’s a good boy, my top candidate for the Chaeyeon this season
  • Yuehua’s Ahn Hyungseob, Justin, JungJung and Lee Euiwoong made it.
  • Handsome man Ong Seongwoo was number 4, and picked Samuel as future dance rival. He said he’d like to battle him, and BoA said she’d like to see that
  • Me too, personally
  • Brand New’s quieter talents Im Youngmin and Park Woojin made it
  • The kid whose parents handed out flyers, Wings’ Kim Youngjin, he made it. He’s the twerking kid from Mansae. I’m worried for him because there are so many Brohyes this season and he really needs more training. His hair is copper coloured now
  • Kiwi’s Kim Dongbin miraculously made it
  • Thankfully C2K’s Kim Seunglee, aka easily best singer on the show, made it. He’s also changed his hair colour to a darker shade that suits him more. No screentime that I saw yet though.
  • All of Nu’est made it. JR and Minhyun were top 11.
  • Kang Daniel was 5. He knew he was going to be in the whole time, but he was surprised it was that high. Meme King Jisung aka his mother yelled when his name got called and cried dramatically. 
  • He’s top pick for women over 30 lol. I see it, he really is handsome. There’s something about his eyes and laugh that reminds me of my ultimate bias too. He thanked the noonas. As his noona, let me assure you, it was gr8.
  • At some point, Daniel shifted in his seat and almost knocked over his big crown 5 chair 
  • Speaking of Meme King Jisung, he was third, to the surprise of everyone. He began tearing up when BoA said he was a candidate for top 3 and fully ugly cried when he got third place
  • He pigeon bobbed his head walking up like a big toddler, so endearing I died. His ugly crying was so extreme BoA didn’t know what to do and they had to cut to when he was more in control a few minutes later
  • Jisung was basically gratified he was being received well at his age out of nowhere. He thanked everyone and ugly cried to his seat, where he saw hunched over like they were going to tell him to get out anytime soon
  • Samuel got second place and had more Somi comparisons. I’m not sure about his blonde hair yet. The shade is jarring.
  • When he got to his seat, he reached out to high five Meme King Jisung over a distance of three feet and Jisung almost knocked his own crown 3 chair over to return it
  • Hip Hop President’s rap buddy Vibe Label’s Sung Hyunwoo got axed at number 61. It was awful because all his labelmates got through, but he thank Jang Moonbok’s check power for pulling him up there at least.
  • At the end, when the elimated trainees and their friends were crying, Jang Moonbok sprinted to the back to where Hyunwoo was to sob
  • Kwon Hyeob cried, so I felt bad. This is why I stopped watching closely last year. I can’t see young girls being torn down :(
  • Yong Yongbin of the real high arched nose didn’t make the cut although his hair is silver now. It’s a shame, he was good too.
  • Next episode has position evals with the trainees picking their positions. There’s voting on the website with five (?) demo songs of different genres, and voters have to pick which of the trainees suit which best
  • Honestly, the audio clips were only 30 seconds but all but the hip hop sounded palatable. I’m also not sure what qualifies lay people to pick songs for trainees like this. Half of the popular picks can’t sing and we haven’t heard enough of the other trainees’ voices.
  • This is super long, but I’ll come back when I have more details! Let me know if you see errors, please!

mainly for transparency I figured I’d do a rundown of everything that happened with s/o/loon/th/ero/cks today. tw for paedophilia apoligism, rape ment, minor/adult relationships etc under the cut. long story short, solo is known in the tumblr pagan community for bullying and doxing users, calling people anti-Semitic with no evidence to attack them among other things. a lot of this behaviour has been seen to continue with how they’ve interacted with my friends and I today. it gets quite long, there’s a lot of pictures but uh.

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Almost Not Really [Spideypool fic]

ssree said: Spideypool: Peter gets a Deadpool hoodie. And it’s the awesomest, comfiest hoodie ever, and he isn’t giving it up no matter what people say about Deadpool. 

prompts are open again! 

“Woah! Dude!” Harry stopped in front of him, eyes wide and alarmed, staring at Peter like he wasn’t wearing pants.

Peter looked down. He was wearing pants. Awesome. “What?”

“The sweater.”

This morning his limited edition Deadpool hoodie had arrived in the mail. Limited edition for several reasons most of which involved Deadpool being somewhat of a criminal and not entirely popular with the majority of citizens or other heros. Peter, however, thought this was the comfiest damn sweater he’d ever worn in his life. It was quality fabric, Wade had definitely found the right people to sell his design - which looked amazing. It was the perfect shade of red, the Deadpool logo was part of the shirt instead of this stuck on crap that would eventually peel off, and there were thumb holes.

“It is. The. Best. Hoodie.”

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"143" Ch.1

Title: 143


Pairings: EXO x Reader

Summary: With today’s perception of beauty, you are a 20 year old girl who lacks confidence. The situation doesn’t get better as you were selected to be the personal translator for EXO during their world tour. With these perfect boys around you, you have come to realized that you will never be capable to feel love from the opposite sex. You have come with good terms with the 12 EXO members , you being their friend and bringing them happiness when times are dark. However, everything changed when they see a side of you that not even yourself knew that existed. What happens when this tale of friendship starts to become a romantic novel?

Today was your first day working with the all sexy and perfect EXO members.

Excited? May be…

One last time looking at the mirror and seeing your face full of imperfections, your pale skin making them stand out more ,and lastly your nose. Disgusting. Trying to cover up with
make-up the bing pimple that you had on top of your lip and under the nose and discovering how unattractive you most look. Once again, looking back at those magazines, you wonder why you could’t be pretty or skinny like the models in those fashion magazines. You wished so hard, that every time it was your birthday you wished to be pretty.

That was your wish…to be anyone but yourself.

After putting make-up to look less “uglier” , you decided that you were ready for the day. Heading towards the SM building, with your suitcase ready to go.Once again people were staring at you. You perfectly knew why… Because of your ugly face.

This wans’t expected. At the age of 20 you expected to be living a happy life while having someone who loves you by your side. Truth to be told, you never had a boyfriend, nor you never will. Way too ugly for any boy to look at you.

The building was finally in front of you, and finally to end this…

You close your eyes, take a deep breath and fake a smile…like always.

“Well boys, this is _________, she will be our personal translator for our world tour”- as soon as you heard the manager said that you looked at the boys in front of you.

“Nice to meet all of you”- you calmly said while making a small reverence. All the EXO members where standing in front of you, quietly looking at you. You looked back at them and wonder…

How the heck can they be so damn perfect?!

“Well I believe we are ready, it might get late for our flight to Japan, so let’s hurry up, you guys can introduce later”- the manager interrupted, after checking that everything was ready for the third time, all the staff, including you, headed off to the airport.

The airport didn’t make you feel the least comfortable.

A lot of pretty Korean girls were there only to see the EXO members. All of them saying things like “omg, he is so cute” or “my oppa is so perfect!”, were the only thing that were on your ears. With the sight, you also wonder, how didn’t these boys had any girlfriends, it’s not like they were going to say no. Then you hear it again…

“Who is she? She is so ugly!”

“I am pretty sure she is part of the staff”

“Of course she needs to be ugly! If she weren’t, then the members might get distracted”

“I feel so sorry for her…”

You pretended not to care. But still the pain and embarrassment was there. Pain because of the comments and embarrassment because you were pretty sure that the EXO members could hear the comments too. You could’t wait to aboard the airplane.

Once inside the airplane you notice that there was no more seats left than the one next to the window of D.O and Chanyeol. Great…

Trying to not disturb as much and with a quiet “excuse me” you proceed to sit in the right side of the window with D.O and Chanyeol on your left. They both looked at you as if deciding to make conversation to be polite or no, and of course the second option was always better for them. Since you decided that as up to now, they would’t be needing your translations ability, you grabbed your blanket and went to sleep.

But oh lord, you didn’t want this to happen.

As you woke up, you notice that Do Kyung Soo was sleeping on your shoulder, while Chanyeol was doing the same thing to D.O. What a beautiful time for a picture. Even if you wanted to do it, you resisted as it would be weird and unprofessional of your side to do so. Instead you did something different. You pulled the blanket that you were using and cover up the boys with it.


Your thoughts were interrupted as you looked up and the person sitting in front of you was no other than Oh Sehun.

“That’s usually my job, but I guess you can do that from now on”- Sehun said looking at you directly on the eyes.

“Oh, alright then”’

“ Oh Sehun is my name by the way”

“oh yeah, I already knew that”

“Oh, a fan, right ?”

“No, it’s part of my job to at least know all of your names”- you said with a little bit of sarcasm. To be honest, yes, you were a fan but that doesn’t mean that your job will be mixed with your personal life, right?

“True…oh by the way..umm sorry…”

“For what?”- you asked curiously.

“At the airport … They were saying some bad stuff about you…sorry you had to go trough that”

Now you were so embarrassed.

The problem wasn’t them. It was you for being so “ugly” that you called out everyone’s attention. You didn’t knew how to respond. Should you accept it? Or apologize too?

“Umm , no that’s alright , I am use to it by now”

Now you just didn’t feel embarrassed , you felt stupid too.

“Oh umm…”- Sehun began , but didn’t know how to respond. But suddenly Sehun’s attention was drawn towards your hand. You also looked at it for a moment.

Do Kyung Soo was holding your hand.

Surprised you went back to look at Oh Sehun who was giving you a smile and as he turned around, he said one last thing to you:

“Welcome to the family”

To be continued?


Also thanks for the 50 followers, and I know it might be late but, HAPPY EXO-L DAY!!!

If I see that this fanfic has enough support I will make the second part :)

To the people I keep on see ranting about the lack of a coliseum update:

(Because I have seen you, both on and of FR)

Here’s a little thing I found from a random software developer on the internet. Read through it, only everytime you see ‘boss’ substitute it with 'FR playerbase’ and everytime you see 'house’ substitute it with FR.

(For context, this was them making an analogy to explain technical debt)

“Well, say you’ve spent a year working on building a roof. It’s working pretty well. But then, a customer who pays you lots of money tells you that it’d be really nice if the shingles on the peak of the roof were made out of silver.

You had never accounted for the possibility that someone wanted to put silver shingles at the peak of the roof, and in fact you had built the roof in a way that you can’t really replace shingles without tearing the whole thing off. You tell your boss that you need to tear the roof off, replace the peak with silver shingles, and rework the whole thing so that the next time you get a request to replace some shingles, you can do it in a day.

You tell your boss it’ll take a year. He goes to his boss, who says you have a month.

So, instead of doing what you wanted to do, you staple some silver shingles on the peak of the roof.

The customer is happy enough. A few months later, another customer comes and says he’d sleep a lot better if some bulletproof plating were installed under the silver shingles.

Had you been able to install your fancy modular roof last time, it’d take a day to pop the silver shingles off the peak, put some bulletproof plating underneath, and pop them back on. You beg your boss, "Now is the right time to install my modular roof. It’ll take me a year, but everything afterwards will be so much easier.” He goes to his boss, who says you have three weeks.

Well, in three weeks, all you really can do is slap some bulletproof plating on top of the silver shingles and nail some more silver shingles on top. In the end, the customer is happy enough.

A year later, you get a notice saying that the asphalt shingles you originally put down are a fire hazard and need to be replaced. You tell your boss that now is the perfect time to implement your modular roof, and replace the shingles with fireproof ones. He goes to his boss, who says you have two weeks.

So instead, you get a sprayable fireproof coating and spray it on. It’s ugly, but it works well enough.

Then, a hurricane comes through and blows off your stacked-together silver shingles and bulletproof plating. Had you been able to install your modular roof from the beginning, this wouldn’t have happened. Now your boss’ boss is screaming on the phone at you about your fucking disaster, and you have a day to fix it. So, you hurredly throw on more bulletproof plating and silver shingles. (At least you had the chance to get rid of that first layer of silver shingles.)

Finally, you give up and quit. The guy who comes in after you is asked to replace the silver shingles with gold ones. He gets to probing and finds your silver shingles nailed on top of bulletproof plating, nailed on top of out-of-code asphalt shingles, all of which has been coated in cheap sprayable fireproofing.

He scratches his head, curses your idiocy, and your name becomes something the other roofers utter angrily in stressful situations.

This process repeats itself for 25 years. Then, they decide to hire a bunch of cheaper Sri Lankan roofers who will do the job three times slower for half the pay. They are well meaning, but all of their professional experience is in thatched roofs. The customers are asking for clay tile.

After the clay tile is installed in a fashion that makes the whole roof leak, they hire you back as you’re on the verge of retirement. You now find your original roof still on the house, now out-of-code ten times over, covered with 17 layers of rushed jobs. Your customer is complaining that you have a week to fix the leak. It would have taken you a day if you could have put in the modular roof originally, but now it’ll take you a year at least.“

-Random internet user, post found here (Admin, if you need to edit this out, sorry, but I wanted to give credit to the OP)

Basically, what I wanted to say with this post is that FR is actully a remarkable bug free game, and doesn’t work that slowly, considering the shoestring budget they’re on. Seriously, if you want to play a bggy game, go play Half Life 3. 

Klance AU: Coffee

A/N: Based off a prompt I saw forever ago. Sorry if it isn’t too good. School has been stressful, we started late so a couple of our terms are cut short, yay for less learning time!

Anyways, enjoy the story thing and my ask box is always open for requests, questions, or really anything except for hate, please don’t send me hate. 

Also, the first two paragraphs are little like filler paragraphs, I guess? I’m not really sure what to call them but they give a little background for the story. Not edited.

Lance has a habit of moving his hands around when he talks, especially when he gets excited. Lance tries not to, it is just hard to keep them to his side or in his pockets. One morning he got a little too excited. 

Keith didn’t really places that generally had a lot of people. He tried to stay away until they calmed down, even if that meant not getting coffee until midday or taking his lunch break later to avoid his coworkers or getting to work early to avoid the morning rush of people and cars. From his experience, nothing good happened in crowded places, not that everything went perfectly when there weren’t as many people, it was just a less likely that something would go wrong. 

Keith had already had a bad morning, he was up late last night trying to finish a book and because of that, he slept through his alarm. He had never been more than a couple minutes late before so he was sure his boss won’t fire him for being late once, Shiro was pretty chill if you caught him in the right mode. Keith threw his work clothes on, trying to fix his bed head the best he could so he won’t look like a complete mess even though he was one. He filled Red’s food bowl and was out the door when Shiro called. He hesitated to answer it and mentally wished that Shiro was in a good mode.

He cleared his throat before picking up. “Hello,“ 

“Keith, are you coming in today?” Shiro asked sounding a little impatient. 

“Um, yes. I woke up late, I’ll be in soon,” Keith rushed out hoping he won’t get fired. 

The other end was quiet for what seemed like an eternity but in reality, it was only about a minute. “It’s fine, you are always on time and never take sick days. Just come in for a couple hours today and then go home. It’s a slow day,  so don’t worry about working so hard, you deserve a break,” Shiro informed him before clearing his throat. “Also management is coming tomorrow and I really need you to not be late,”

Keith gulped. He hated when management came, they just stand and stare at while asking a bunch of questions that don’t really have anything to do with the company. “Okay” Keith forced out. 

“One more favor, can you get me some coffee?  Use the company card and get some coffee for the both of us, I need my daily caffeine,” 

Keith nodded before realizing Shiro couldn’t see him, so he just said another okay and hung up. 

He mentally cursed about his morning. He woke up late, got nicely scolded by Shiro, found out management is coming tomorrow, and now he had to go to his least favorite place in the morning, a coffee shop. 

Keith had managed to get to the coffee shop not too far from his work place and cried inside when he saw the amount of people. He put on a poker face and made his way in. As he stood in line he thought about his morning and about how the rest of his day could either go to okay or just plain horrible. 

The line moved quicker than Keith thought but slower than he hoped. After he had ordered and gotten out of the line, it wasn’t too long for their coffee to come out. Keith had the two drinks in his hand carefully trying to adjust his grip so he won’t drop them. 

All of the sudden a hand flies out and hits Kieth’s hand causing hot coffee to slip on his shirt and pants. “LANCE,” Keith heard someone yell ad he quickly put Shiro’s cup down and grabbed a bunch of napkins trying to dry his shirt and pants.

“Oh, dammit. I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to!” The person who had hit Keith excalimed whiling trying to dry Keith’s shirt. The person looked up and they both relaized how close they were. Keith jumped at the proximity and almost fell when the person caught him.

"Haven’t even gotten my name but I see you have already fallen for me,” He said before winking at Keith who’s face turned a bright red when he saw how attractive the stranger was and their current position. He noticed most eyes were on them and he immediately stepped out of the guy’s arms and refused to look him in the eye. 

“I’ve got to get back to work,” Keith mumbled throwing away the napkins that were in his hand. 

“Wait,” The guys said pouting.“I feel bad for causing you to spill your coffee. Let me make it up to you,”

“Are you asking me on a date?” Keith asked surprised. 

“If I was would you say yes?” The guy asked sheepishly.

“I don’t know, maybe?” Keith said in a questioning tone, taking a quick glance at the guy’s eyes. 

They were so full of hope and joy, Keith was shocked. “Really? Then will you go on a coffee date with me so I won’t feel like a horrible person for spilling coffee on you?” The guy asked.

“I don’t know your name,”

“Oh! Duh, Lance Mcclain at your service,”

“Keith Kogane”

“How about this, I’ll give you my number and you can text me if you want to go on the date, if you don’t contact me then I will know you don’t want to go,” Lance said before grabbing a pen from the counter and scribbling his number and name on a napkin. Lance handed him the napkin and put the pen back where he found it. He gave Keith one last wink before rushing another guy out of the shop with him. 

Keith smiled to himself before pocketing the note and grabbing Shiro’s coffee. He arrived at work and explained what had happened to Shiro who just told him to go home, shower and get rest. Keith did just that and have a huge debate with himself about texting Lance. 

After a couple of pacing, pulling his hair, listing the outcomes that could happen and the negatives and positives, he sent a message to Lance. Lance responded almost immediately and they talked for a little bit, learning more about each other and planning their date. 

sciver  asked:

As someone who hasn't, wouldn't, and won't be experiencing Major/Minor (or whatever it was called) could you perhaps analyze more specifically some of the things you felt were missteps more in depth, so others who decide they might want to make a visual novel or even just a story, might be able to avoid the same issues? I realize this might not be your area of interest, but I'm always interested in these kinds of analyses.

Man, where do I even begin.

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stealing @bratsims format because i need a less ugly way to mass answer your messages which will hopefully motivate me to stay on top of this! at least i can say i tried

so if you sent me an anon message in the past…idk MONTH (i’m bad i know) it might be here. (older ones are near the bottom) if not, check my faq because it’s probably answered there. (and if you’re the person/people who sent the twin flame & 7th house asks, i plan to answer those separately because i have a LOT to say. get ready)

game of thrones, nuclear war, real life santis, lou theories, i’m evil, HERE WE GO!! i literally had to cut it off at the last one because it was just too much for now. i’ll try to answer some more later ok

we’re starting off on a great note

Anonymous said: gaddamn rooney’s tiddies lookin’ hella ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Sorrow, thy name is Nekana - Part One

Here again with more angst. Written on the same day as Nyx’s Voicemail, so you know what you can expect. The idea is inspired by this gif set . I started thinking about Noctis having a female friend who stood by his side the whole time. So I created Nekana. Her name means Sorrow, and it will be a leading trait in the 4 little chapters. Just trying out different writing styles and letting it come to me. 

Sorry if I forget tagging people. It is almost midnight here while I am making the queue, and my brain is fried from a day of editing. 

Fandom: Final Fantasy XV

Pairing: Noctis Lucis Caelum x Nekana

Rating: T+

Warning: Mentioning of minor character death

[part two] [part three] [part four]

Tagging: @xnoctits @stunninglyignis @themissimmortal @itshaejinju @nifwrites @blindbae @angelic-guardienne @ponkita @rubyphilomela @atlerion @fieryfantasy @louisvuittontrashbags

She ran through the halls of the Citadel, servants jumping away and chuckling with fond looks on their faces. But also sadness. No! No sadness! Noctis was home! He was home! She hadn’t seen him in weeks, not in person at least. King Regis made sure she had been able to write him or talk to him on the phone. But it was different to see Noctis again in real life.

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“Running Away”

A fic I’ve had on the backburner for a long time ever since @thickerthanectoplasm destroyed me with clone angst. 

Valerie doesn’t know how long she lays in bed waiting for her alarm to go off. She didn’t know how much sleep she’d gotten, if any. Last night she’d gotten back from hunting -alone- spoke maybe three words to her dad and locked her door before falling into bed and stayed there until she had to slap her alarm quiet before it could let out a second blare.

Going through the morning routine helped. First she showers with the apartment’s lukewarm water, brushes her hair and teeth, stands in front of her closed closet before deciding to pick out an outfit from her dresser, instead. Breakfast is cereal she eats maybe three entire bites from, then she goes to the roof and suits up so she can ride her glider above the commuters circulating sluggishly through the streets on her way to school.

Danny isn’t in Homeroom. Tucker dutifully raises his hand and explains that he was “really sick” to Lancer, who shakes his head while marking his clipboard.

For the rest of class, Valerie ignores the itch on the back of her neck where Manson is glaring three seats behind her.

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When Will This End Anon?

Anon, I have to say, I was pretty optimistic that we were reaching the natural conclusion and that what we were seeing was what many had predicted, worse before it gets better.  But honestly, with the way Hedwig has been handled, with the constant reinforcement of Darren’s straightness, I am starting to lose hope that we are anywhere near the end.  And I do often wonder, why is Darren allowing the bearding to get out of control?  Why is Darren allowing publication after publication to remind us of how straight he is while playing a transgender role? Because even at its worst during Glee (Listen Up), he still had control. He still did not allow kissing photos.   And excessive “loving” couple photos like we get now.  Holiday photos.  Vacation photos.  And to that I question, what happened post-Glee that changed everything?  And why have the games gotten much, much worse? And I think to answer that you have to ask yourself why is Darren still engaging in these games?  And I think there are multiple factors.  And sorry, this got way longer than I intended.

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A Study in Supernatural (Part 1)

A/N: Ex-Hunter!ReaderxSherlock. Yes, this is a Sherlock-Supernatural Crossover fic. Requested by a dear friend of mine (who STILL refuses to be tagged). Some background knowledge about Supernatural might be needed to appreciate the story. (I haven’t edited this yet, will do so tomorrow :D ) It’s a bit tricky to write but here it is anyway. I hope you enjoy this!

Warning/s: None. Yet. :)

A Study in Supernatural Masterlist

“I’m still against this.” Sherlock stated with a serious expression. You and Sherlock are sitting opposite each other in a private plane courtesy of Mycroft Holmes.

“Look, I appreciate that you’re looking out for me but I’m pretty sure I can handle this.” You defended.

“I don’t believe you.” He blatantly expressed.

“Doesn’t matter. I’m here now anyway.” You shrugged him off.

“Y/N, you’re one of the strongest person I know.” He took a deep breath. “For you to leave everything behind, you must have experienced something utterly terrible.” He reasoned.

“Sherlock, can we not-”

“I won’t pry. I trust that you’ll tell me when you’re ready.” He held your hand in his.

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~legit don’t know what to title this!~

Pairing: Ryan x Reader

Summery: Haters get the better of you. Ryan is there to help

Genre: Hurt/Comfort

Word Count: 2090

A/N: Hello there gang! Long time no see since my last fic I just had the motivation for this one so please give me some feedback if you liked it my lovelies! ily all <3

You’d been working as an editor for Achievement Hunter for a few months now, mostly working on the Minecraft Let’s Plays and Let’s Watch. Let’s Watch was a pretty easy series to edit as most of the time you were just cutting the audio into sync. It was a slow day in the BTS office so you were sitting in the corner on a bean bag chair reading one of your favourite books.

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