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“Did you see Matt take his little sister out for Halloween? She was too timid to go as a padawan by herself. So the kid went out as a jedi and brought her along.”

Halloween with the Holts for Inktober 2,5. I figure Pidge only grew out of being a shy kid with age. Being costumed out in public is embarassing stuff!!


based on this post … because I thoroughly enjoy @badhpideas

Double Duty | M

Yoongi & Jungkook | BTS | 10.2k Words

w: for @tendershepherd and plotted with her (and she came up with the title. bless lmao) to create this mess of sub!jk & sub!yoongi, dom!reader, ass play, pussy worship, slight mxm, humiliation… and a lot more. this is so filthy. i’m sorry. lmfao

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there are parallel universes where this didn’t happen.
where i was with you, and you were with me.
and whatever universe that is, that’s the one where my heart lives in. (insp.)