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I know I’m super late jumping on this bandwagon and I’m sorry, I had finals all week last week and then moving back home was a hassle. But now I’m back and settled in so I had time to fulfill these requests.

I’m going to try to do these more frequently, but I’m working like three jobs this summer so I make no promises. But anyway, I hope this one will make you guys happy!

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noun | ru·in | \ˈrü-ən, -ˌin; ˈrün\

1. (a) archaic :  a falling down :  collapse
    (b) physical, moral, economic, or social collapse

He was something else, once. Was a good man, maybe. Certainly a better man. A cleaner man. Someone who could look at themselves in the mirror. Someone who didn’t hide behind a mask, cloak themselves in death just so the stains didn’t shine through.  

Hard times hit everyone differently, some fall apart, some overcome, some recreate themselves entirely. Ryan was remade. Unmade. Ryan turned himself inside out to come out on top, man made monster, made machine. Man made ruthless, made killer. Made mercenary. Made money. Good god did Ryan make money, such a lucrative business for those who can stomach it, for those who can excel at it, tear out all the better parts of themselves and become devastation.  

It takes a certain kind of person to pull themselves apart, takes a particular kind of conviction, desperation, the sort of radical change that cannot be undone, permanent moral decay. Once you become the bogeyman there is no turning back.  

Ryan has been the Vagabond longer than he has been Ryan, longer than he was ever James, and longer, it turns out, than he would be a member of the Fake Ah Crew. 

2. (a) the state of being ruined
    (b) the remains of something destroyed

The Vagabond was known from coast to coast, feared across oceans, talents coveted by all and controlled by none. The Vagabond was everything, fierce and untouchable, true to his word but violently independent, a faceless wraith none could outrun, none could even truly believe was human. The Vagabond himself didn’t even know for a while, true name unspoken for so long it was almost forgotten, bone-deep loneliness so endlessly constant he didn’t notice it was there until is suddenly wasn’t.  

The FAHC snuck in like poison, insidious and unrepentant with absolutely no consideration for Ryan’s barriers. They hired him for a job, then another, their calls dogged him across states, pulled him back time and time again. It was a good gig; solid pay, decent jobs, no conflicts of interest and, as a bonus, they were a pretty entertaining bunch to work with. Too entertaining maybe, considering Ryan kept letting things slip, kept opening his mouth, kept forgetting he was just a hired tool.  

The Fake’s forgot too, forgot to be fearful, to show proper deference, forgot the mercenary was always moving, that he was just working for pay, that he wasn’t theirs. They forgot the depths of the Vagabond’s depravity and that alone should have been enough of a sign; Ryan should have stayed away, should have drawn a line, but all of a sudden for the first time in years he had a port of call and no real reason to avoid it. All of a sudden the restless itch of the Vagabond didn’t seem quite so pressing, occasional trips to Los Santos becoming occasional trips out of Los Santos, until one day he just didn’t leave. Until one day the trappings of the Vagabond were more costume than they were second skin, worn and comfortable but not necessary, not anymore.   

The Fake AH Crew were known from coast to coast, feared across oceans, they were a collection of talents obedient only to one. The FAHC were everything, they were acceptance, encouragement, they were wicked laughter and bad ideas, they were filthy cheats and the fiercest of families. They were simply a tragedy waiting to happen.

3.  a cause of destruction

The Vagabond’s got a reputation for silent threat, stoic judgement, but in all honestly Ryan’s always had a mouth on him. Always chased the final word, that one last snippy come back, always pushed the envelope to show nothing can contain him, no one can outsmart him.  

It’s part of what made the Vagabond so dangerous; professional, yes, fulfilling orders to the letter when they take his fancy but it only takes a split second to change his mind, a single throw-away comment to have him turning on his heel, reaching for his gun. The Vagabond has a temper, has a skewed sense of propriety and a sharp tongue, and in the heat of the moment none are safe from his withering condemnation. 

It’s part of what made him so compatible with the FAHC, competitive and creative and more than capable of keeping up, quick wit and scathing commentary the perfect cherry atop his undeniable talents. He’s hardly the only one in the crew needlessly making enemies, not the only one causing grave offence at the most inopportune times, but Ryan’s words will always carry the weight of the Vagabond. Will forever be deemed more serious, more humiliating, a story that will travel, a snub that will damage reputations if left unpunished. It’s what made him a fucking liability, in the end.  

4. (a) the action of destroying, laying waste or wrecking
    (b) damage, injury

The hardest thing about being in a crew is realising your actions are no longer solely your own; even with the ability to disregard orders whatever ramifications you bring down will inevitably splash over onto everyone else. An enemy of one crew-member is an enemy of all, and when retribution comes everyone is in the crosshairs. When it comes everyone is at risk.  

The thing about trying to handle your own problems, about keeping your family in the dark to save them from your mistakes, is that eventually you’re going to stumble. Eventually you’re going to fall, and when you do chances are you’re not the one who’s going to pay for it. When you do, chances are you’re going to suffer worst of all. Ryan can’t even claim it’s undeserved, not when he’d had so many opportunities to leave, had so many chances to walk away, to save them.

The FAHC might have been top dogs in the city but all it takes is a lucky shot, all it takes is an unseen ambush, merciless vengeance for a grievance they never even heard about. Ryan wasn’t even home, off on some job he didn’t even get the chance to fight with them, to die with them. All empires fall eventually. Most royal families end in bloodshed. A monster will always be a monster and the bogeyman knows damn well he doesn’t get a redemption arc. He doesn’t get a happy ending.

5. a ruined building, person, or object

He was something else, once. Had a soul, maybe. Had something more than this, was someone more than this. More than a masked killer, silent and dead-eyed, as merciless as he is inhuman. More than a loaded gun, good for only one terrible purpose. More than a gutted house, dark and empty and forever waiting for the family that won’t come home.

He was a good man, once.

anonymous asked:

Starz obviously has a deal with EW which gets us stuck with Lynette and no one else. If a large part of the fanbase actually boycotted, unfollowed them and raised some hell we might get somewhere but we're like pavlov's dogs when it comes to new content. And she has that content. I also feel if Sam had felt a blow for his answer instead of people excusing it we might have raised some awareness, but until that happens they will continue to crap on their fans from all angles.

I have no idea how the deals between networks and entertainment shows works, but I highly doubt that we would ever have much impact on who got the deal. Money talks much louder than disgruntled fans. I don’t follow those organizations/people and don’t care much what they have to say.

I’m sorry, I can’t jump on the mad at Sam bandwagon. I just don’t think it was that big of a deal. For all we know, there wasn’t actually a letter, and it was just described as such in order to say what they felt they needed to say. Maybe there was a letter and Sam was scrambling for an answer and Richard muttering ‘the letter’ gave him something to grab on to. Why did Sam have to be the one to answer? Maybe he took the bullet for everyone else? It was a stupid way to end the interview and totally unnecessary from just about every point of view. I blame the interviewer, not the actors who are there under the direction to play nice and answer questions. I also don’t think they were really mocking a fan. It was way too generic. ‘A fan’ could refer to literally anyone, and there is no way to ever know to whom they referred. I don’t think they were mean spirited. But even if they were, I don’t think you cure mean-spiritedness by returning it in kind. Why should Sam ‘receive a blow’? His days were jam packed, filled with interviews, promotion, fan encounters, being told where to go, what to do, what to say - it’s exhausting. My experience at ECCC only makes me realize that they work hard on con days - don’t get me wrong - I don’t feel bad for them. They make plenty of money, but maybe I can excuse one human for not being perfect under pressure. I really don’t think there is that much to be upset about. Water off a ducks back.

In my world, people can say stupid things and I can move on. I tell people IRL all the time that they have to work harder than that (whatever the incident was) to offend me. You have to actually try. You have to mean it, or I just won’t get offended. Even if you mean it, I still might choose not to take offense. It’s my choice and I’d rather let stuff go and feel happy. Doesn’t mean that we’ll be besties, but I don’t have to react based on another person’s desires. I don’t have to attend every fight I’m invited to, I don’t have to be angry, I don’t have to react at all if I don’t want to. That interview didn’t even make the top 500 of things that I’ll let upset me. Trust me, I’m a mess of a human and I let waaaay too much upset me.

I am sorry if it was upsetting to you. Let it go if you can, recognize that it’s just Hollywood fluff and choose to forgive and forget. And then go have an ice cream cone. It’s summer, and you’re worth it.

Welcome to the Madness (Otayuri Fansong)
Miss Mindy
Welcome to the Madness (Otayuri Fansong)

Sooooo I had to jump on the bandwagon and was inspired to write not only fanfic but also a fansong based on my OTP. Came out in less than a day. This is from Beka’s perspective of Yuri’s provacative performance. 

Sorry for the hiatus. Was in Japan for two weeks for my honeymoon. So i bring this to you as a gift.

And then I’ll be working on my requests! I promise I’m not ignoring them but was hit with the inspiration yet again for this beautiful pairing and had to let the creativity take me over. 

Hope you enjoy! Beat by GabrielDomenic. Song lyrics and engineering done by me, Miss Mindy <3. 

I seriously woke up this morning to death threats, a person literally offered to slash my throat for me. This morning was a DEF con 1 more than anything. This petty anon, you’re going to seriously tell me my writing sucks? Seriously that’s like play ground bullshit. I’ll kick sand at you mother fucker.
Your burns will never affect me, I grew up in a house where you got picked on 24/7 and I still get picked on. Bet my moms got better burns than you’ll ever have for me.
So please just back down now. I’m tired and I don’t want to have to stay up and be mean to you. Seriously death threats this morning, hating on my writing? I laughed so hard I had tears and was wheezing. Please just sit down and soak in your pathetic attempt that is a failure…
We all know you’ve clearly read something of mine, or you wouldn’t know it’s shit. So either you’re secretly in love with my work and jumping on the hate bandwagon or you stalk my blog looking for a chance to make petty little comments to fill your boring life. I’m sorry you have to hide behind Anon, clearly you don’t know writing either or you wouldn’t be hiding. Let’s see what you write peach😁

  • Mimi: Vixx is dancing on water...
  • Hana: ... okay
  • Mimi: WE danced on water.
  • Hana: uh...
  • Mimi: Vixx had a peacock in their mv. WE had PEACOCK feathers in our mv.
  • Hana: Uhhh Mimi I don't-
  • Mimi: Vixx had flowers in their mv. We had flowers in our mv.
  • Hana: Mimi stop! We are part of the same company remember?!! And those aren't even proper claims!!!
  • Mimi: Sorry just jumping into the bandwagon of people who are starting to claim that VIXX are copying other groups.

Hello I jumped on the bandwagon and just watched the bold type. Its everything i was told it would be and so much more. All 3 girls are great, and the feminism is great, and Kadena is great, but there is something more that I absolutely loved about the show and I haven’t seen a lot of praise for it, so here is an appreciation post for Jacqueline. In case you haven’t watched the show yet (seriously please do, there are only 4 episodes and they’re all great) and want some more convincing, Jacqueline is the boss of a big magazine, but she completely goes against the whole boss stereotype. Based on movies like the devil wears prada and even to a large extent Supergirl, bosses, specifically female bosses, are often cold and reserved in that typical ‘lone wolf’ characterisation men in action movies usually get. The bold type completely challenges that characterisation; Jacqueline so openly cares for her girls, and gives them chances and is understanding, highlights of which include bailing Kat out of jail, and waiting to pick up a phone call from Beyoncé to first finish her conversation with Jane to give her the pep talk she needed. Don’t get me wrong Jacqueline is still a BAMF who is a genius, a feminist, and a total boss who could one up anyone, but she knows that and since that has already been established, she treats the girls with respect and understanding and she honestly just wants to help them and watch them succeed and she’s not afraid to praise them when they do so and its just so refreshing. And I realise this post is getting pretty long now and it has no structure what so ever so I’m going to leave it at this but I honestly love Jacqueline and I love the bold type so please watch it everyone.

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it's so hard to find people who don't get mad at people for shipping things.. like,, i find ships uncomfortable, disgusting, or unshippable - whatever, but like.. it's just fiction? we don't need to have a cat fight over it !! like,, you hate this ship, i love it? okay man. you hate this ship and attack me and call me disgusting for loving it? chill, dude. sorry aha i just needed to rant;;

i feel u bro, & im gonna share something wit y'all that I haven’t told anyone.

like 3 yrs ago I was super into teen wolf, & everyone knows that shit was #sterek 25/7. i actually really disliked it. & that’s why I always say I get the anti perspective, bc I’ve been there. i felt like people were ruining a show I liked. that fandom had its own issues with age of consent & adult/minor shit & im gonna be real with y'all, it was so easy to jus jump on the hate bandwagon.

then I forced myself to look at the other side. and I realized that it was stupid to hate the people simply creating the content they want to see. they weren’t forcing it on me. as much as I didn’t like it, they were not hurting anyone.

when I stopped nitpicking at everything I could find wrong abt this ship, when i stopped taking everything (& most of all myself) so seriously, i could genuinely enjoy myself within that fandom again.

since the old days on, before all the fcking discourse written by 15 year olds who think far too highly of themselves (this was me as well), fandoms have clung to one simple rule: ship & let ship. it’s fiction guys, it’s not that deep.