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That’s My Girl

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Title: That’s My Girl

Pairing: Pride x Reader, Mayor Hamilton, LaSalle

Word Count: 953

Warnings: Mayor Hamilton

A/N: This was requested by anon! I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much! <3 <3

Things between Mayor Hamilton and Pride hadn’t been the same in a long time.  You could see the tension between them whenever they looked at each other.  Lately all they had done to each other is get under the other’s skin.  It didn’t help that you were someone they both had interest in.  You were only interested in one man; Dwayne Pride.  You thought you had made that fact apparent, but it seemed that Hamilton never quite got it.

Mayor Hamilton saw you out of the corner of his eye.  He glanced over at Pride who was talking to another witness.  He had to take advantage of this moment.  Otherwise Pride would try to steal you from him.  He couldn’t have that.

“[Y/N] weird seeing you here,” Hamilton mused, slowly sauntering up to you.

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Chilling With You

A/N: I’m honestly having hardcore fall vibes right now and it’s making me sooo happy. So I wrote a fluffy/cheesy Vic imagine and I’m loving it. This man will be the death of me. Anyways, as promised here’s an imagine this weekend. Love y'all!


A chilly breeze rustled my curtains as the morning light streamed through and into my half closed eyes. I wrapped my blanket tighter around my body but continued to shiver. Why had I opened the window last night in the first place? Probably because the cool wind had felt amazing mixed with the warmth of my room. The weather had been chilly and cloudy these past few weeks, which felt perfect last night when I was cuddled under my blankets. When I woke up sprawled out the breeze nipped at any exposed skin, which didn’t feel as good as it did last night.

The clock said that it was only ten. Not too late, but I still wanted sleep. My eyes had just closed and I was almost totally back in a peaceful sleep when my door busted open. “Ride and shine, gorgeous!” Vic sang in an overly excited voice. I let out a dramatic sigh as he began picking up things around my room and straightened it.

“Why is everything so messy, [Y/N]?”

“Why are you here, Vic? I’m tired,” I mumbled peeking at him through my blanket and half open eyelids. I smiled when he shivered and closed my window. He should be cold waking me up at this time. When he pulled the curtains back I could also see that the day was bright, but cloudy with a slight wind that rustled and shook brightly colored leaves off of their branches.

“Don’t be so mean. We made plans. Actually, I made plans for us. Come on! You need to get up,” he said excitedly. Vic started digging through my drawers and throwing a sweater and a pair of jeans at me. “Get dressed, do your makeup, whatever. We gotta go.”

He sounded urgent. Just to piss him off I curled up deeper under my blankets. “[Y/N]!” Vic yanked my protection from the chill in my room from me.

“I’m up!” I whined rubbing my bare shoulders. Note to self: stop sleeping in tank tops. Vic laughed as I hurriedly put the [F/C] sweater he had thrown at me on. Still sitting in bed, I pulled off my pajama pants and shimmied into my jeans. “I can dress myself you know. I’m just putting this on now because I’m freezing.” That was a lie. This was my favorite sweater.

“I know. Let’s just go,” Vic whined pulling my go-to shoes out of the closet and setting them out for me. I laughed at his disappointed look when I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth and do my makeup.

Vic let out a frustrated groan and flopped face first into my pillows. Truth be told, I felt kind of sorry for him. I did my makeup as quick as I could with it still looking good and picked out a beanie and scarf to complete my outfit. By the time I was done getting ready, Vic had fallen asleep and was snoring softly.

A sly smile came across my lips as an idea popped into my head. “Wake the fuck up!” I yelled jumping on top of his sleeping form. Vic jumped up, ruining my landing and causing me to fall off the bed onto the cold floor.

“Oww,” I whined rubbing my sore butt. Vic laughed so hard he rolled off the bed on top of me. “Owwww.”

“That’s payback for taking so long,” he smiled pressing a gentle kiss to my lips. “Ready to go now?”

I returned the kiss, but pushed him off of me, jumped up, and bolted towards the door. “Race you!”

Vic sped after me as I maneuvered through my apartment and out to his car. I beat him by a millisecond, yet still managed to get buckled after him. “Are you going to tell me where we’re going yet?” I questioned turning up my heater. Vic just smiled and turned the radio up to an obnoxiously loud volume.

I sighed at his secretive act and stared out the window. He drove us down winding streets lined with colorful trees for awhile before pulling into a small coffee shop I’d never been to before. “Mike told me about this place last week. He said that Alysha had said something about so he brought her here and it has the best coffee on the west coast,” Vic said as he shut off the car.

We walked inside and my nose was immediately flooded with the scent of different coffee flavors and baked goods. The air was warm and the sound of soft music and whispers made the atmosphere peaceful. “This is so perfect,” I whispered not wanting to disrupt the calmness inside.

“It is,” Vic replied softly taking my hand in his. “Find us a seat. I know the perfect drink for you.” I giggled as his sweetness. I was so lucky to have him to call mine.

I chose a table for two next to the window in the corner of the café. It had a pretty view of the outside where we could watch the wind play tug of war with the trees’ leaves. Vic returned a few minutes later holding two cups with steam escaping through their holes and two small plates with sugary muffins resting on top of them. He handed me a cup and plate as he took the seat across from me. “Thank you,” I smiled at him sweetly.

I took a sip of my caffeinated drink and I swear to God I was drinking liquid heaven. “This is amazing,” I gushed.

“They actually call it a heaven,” Vic told me.

“It’s named appropriately.”

The two of us sat there in a peaceful silence before I decided to break it. “I’m honestly really happy you got me out of bed,” I told him. “Chilling with you is my favorite thing to do.”

“Mine too,” Vic whispered leaning across the table and kissing me.


Edit: Not my gif i really don’t know where it came from tbh, sorry (Probably should of said that to begin with)Edit: found it! @damonalbarn I’m not gonna lie and say I did say shit because to be honest I just left it because I didn’t know who made it. Later, I had a realisation that i should probably say something. Sorry for not crediting promise shit like this won’t happen again. ( I’m laughing so hard it’s in the fucking corner and I couldn’t see it this whole time)

Imagine being shocked seeing Loki being took to his cell.
You never thought you’d see him again after you had a one night stand.
“Shit” you muttered recognizing the ‘stranger’, you and Loki both stare at each other until you’re out of site, he gives the slightest smirk towards you the whole time.
“Langauge!” Cap yells from the other room.
Tony laughs a little and asks “You know him or what (y/n)?”
“No I don’t…”


A/N: This was requested by @hellkaiserinphoenix hopefully you enjoy. I worked really hard on this.

Request: cassian candor imagine using the sentence prompts but it starts off with the reader is jealous of jyn and cassian spending time together since readaer and cassian are in a secret relationship and everyone thinks cassian and jyn together making the reader upset causing reader to ask mon mothma for a mission and leaves without telling cassian who was with jyn and the ones who notice that reader is upset are k2, baze, chirrut. when the mission goes wrong mon mothma sends cassian, k2, and hyn to help and reader is being stubborn and tells cassian why they left before going unconscious and when they wake up in the medbay cassian proposes to them and just fluff

Prompt #s: 4, 5, 7, 11,  13, 14, 16, 17, 221, 25, 28, 29, 35, 36, 37, 44, 45, 46, 48, 50, 51, 52, 58, 69, 71, 77, 78, 80, 82, 89, 95, 96, 97, 98


(Y/n) (L/n) and Cassian Andor had been secretly dating for years before Jyn Erso got to the base. Cassian never noticed that (Y/n) was upset that he was spending more time with Jyn, and not them. (Y/n) became angry every time they saw Jyn and Cassian together.

At first they were okay with Cassian being around Jyn because he had to. However after a while (Y/n) was upset, and just wanted to get away from the sight, so they went to Mon Mothma asking for a mission to go on.

Lucky enough Mon Mothma gave them a mission, and (Y/n) remembers telling Mon Mothma, “No one can know, and definitely Cassian can’t.” (Y/n) was now heading to a U-Wing, but they were stopped. Chirrut Imwe stood in front of them.

“I sense a disturbance within you. Is everything alright?” He questioned (Y/n).

As they were about to answer Chirrut’s question, Baze Malbus walked over and asked, “Are you okay?”

“Guys, I’m fine. I’m going on a mission I need to leave,” (Y/n) answered.  

The two weren’t completely convinced, but they let (Y/n) continue to the U-Wing. (Y/n) got into the vehicle, and sat in the pilot’s seat, and got off of Yavin 4 as quickly as they could make the ship go. (Y/n)’s mission wasn’t that hard, and wouldn’t take a whole lot of time. All they had to do was to just see what the Empire was up to. Nothing too dangerous; unless they got caught.

(Y/n) landed the U-Wing far from where the Empire could see it. They grabbed their bag that had everything they may need. (Y/n) headed towards the town the Empire had control of. They had been spying on the Empire’s stormtroopers for hours until one of the townspeople decided it would be a great idea to start a fight with a stormtrooper.

“Dammit, what have you done?” (Y/n) murmured, and sneaked towards the fight.

They needed to get there before the one trooper became more stormtroopers. As (Y/n) was close enough to the stormtrooper to shoot him; it became too late. More stormtroopers joined, but just as many civilians fought.

Blasters fired, and the one fight became a battle, a war zone. (Y/n) jumped in and shot as many troopers as she could, but they were shot in the side. (Y/n) didn’t stop though; no they continued, firing the blaster in their hand at as many stormtroopers as they could.

(Y/n) moved quickly behind a building, and spoke into the radio in their hand.

“Is anyone there?” (Y/n) choked out.

“(Y/n)? Is everything alright?” someone they didn’t recognize asked.

“No. Someone needs to come and help. The civilians started a battle with the Empire’s troopers. I was shot.”

“Alright, Captain Andor, Kaytoo, and Jyn Erso are heading out to help.”

(Y/n) didn’t have enough strength to argue, and just let it be. At least they would be saved.


Cassian, Kaytoo, and Jyn boarded onto Cassian’s U-Wing, and got off of Yavin 4 just as fast as (Y/n) had.

“The probability of (Y/n) being alive isn’t very high,” Kaytoo announced.

“Kay,” Cassian became annoyed.

“Yes, Cassian.”

“Shut up!” Cassian ordered angrily.


The three made it to (Y/n) just in time. Kaytoo stayed back, and Jyn fought with the civilians firing at the stormtroopers. Cassian kneeled by (Y/n), and whispered, “What happened here?”

“There’s so much blood,” (Y/n) coughed.

“Just hold on, you’ll be alright,” Cassian moved to pick (Y/n) up, but they pushed him away.

“Don’t help me,” (Y/n) sneered.

“(Y/n), what’s wrong? This isn’t like you,” Cassian was more worried than before.

“Cassian, you know what you did stop denying it.” (Y/n) shouted quietly before coughing some more.

“I don’t know what I did, mind telling me.”


“What about her?” Cassian questioned.

“The two of you have been getting quite cozy.”

Cassian laughed.

“Why are you laughing? It’s not funny.” (Y/n) became angry, but they loved his laugh it was kinda hard to be angry.

“Jyn, oh God no. (Y/n), I love you and only you. I’ve had to work with her a lot lately; I’m sorry.” Cassian told them.

(Y/n) felt so stupid. Of course Cassian loved them; they were just being really difficult, and that got them shot.

Jyn came running around the corner, shouting, “We need to go. This place is about to blow.”

“This wasn’t supposed to happen,” Cassian added while picking (Y/n) up bridal style.

“How did we get in this mess?” Kaytoo groaned as Jyn, Cassian, and (Y/n) entered the U-Wing.

“That’s right, because of them,” Kaytoo continued, and looked over at (Y/n).

(Y/n) gave him a naughty gesture; before shrieking because of the pain in their side.

“Jyn help Kaytoo getting out of here,” Cassian ordered before looking back to (Y/n) who was now laying on the floor.

“Just breathe. Everything will be okay,” He croaked out.

Cassian sat near (Y/n), and held onto their hand as their eyes closed.


Cassian had planned to have proposed to (Y/n) that night, but instead he watched them rest in the medbay. As he sat there he planned he’d still propose, but he didn’t know when. He was almost asleep when there was a knock on the door, and Jyn walked in.

“They’re not awake yet?” Jyn asked.

Cassian just shook his head, no.

Jyn knew that Cassian was going to propose, heck she helped pick the ring. She sat in a chair across the room, and replied, “I’m sorry.”

“So am I. (Y/n) doesn’t deserve this. I just want them to wake up, so I can be happy with them forever.” Cassian hadn’t noticed that (Y/n) was awake, and had heard all of that.

Once Cassian noticed he ran to their side, and engulfed them in a hug.

“(Y/n), can I ask you a question?” Cassian whispered.

(Y/n) nodded.

“Will you-” Cassian was interrupted by the door shutting.

“Who was that, and what are you hiding?” (Y/n) croaked.

“Jyn, and just let me finish.” Cassian answered.

(Y/n) mouthed ‘oh, okay’, and Cassian continued.

“Will you marry me?” Cassian proposed, and went down on one knee.

“What did you say?” They gasped.

“Will you marry me?” He asked again grinning.

(Y/n) smiled and replied, “Yes. Of course.”

Cassian slipped the ring onto their finger.

Both smiling ear to ear; Cassian got up, and kissed them. The kiss was different to the others the two shared. It was full of passion, and undying love.

Once the two pulled away from each other, Cassian began a speeech.

“(Y/n), I love you, and I never wanted to hurt you. You’re my one and only. I will never leave you, because I can’t. I will always protect you. I’ll never leave your side (Y/n), and don’t you forget that I love you.”

“I love you, too. You are also my one and only, and I have no plans on leaving you. I love you so much, Cassian.”

“This is the happiest moment of my life,” Cassian sighed happily.


A week passed, and (Y/n) was back to being healthy, but needed to stay away from too risky missions. Cassian was there by their side, and the two went back to Cassian’s room.

“It’s just you and me tonight. We can do whatever we want.” Cassian offered.

“Let’s just stay in, and you look lovely today, Cassian, but when was the last time you slept?” (Y/n) asked their fiance.

“Thanks, and you look beautiful no matter what.” Cassian replied.

“You didn’t answer my question,” (Y/n) cocked an eyebrow in his direction.

“I don’t know, maybe last week,” Cassian uttered.

“Cassian! You need to sleep,” (Y/n)

“I wanted to-” Cassian began to whine, but was interrupted by (Y/n).

“I don’t really care what you wanted to do. Change of plans we’re both going to sleep, and besides you’re cute when you’re sleeping.” (Y/n) declared.

“Fine, but let me change. I’ll let you borrow some of my clothes, so you don’t have to go to your room.” Cassian agreed.


Cassian changed into more comfortable clothing, and threw a t-shirt, and shorts at (Y/n). The t-shirt was his, but the shorts had been left in his room by (Y/n) from another visit. (Y/n) went into the bathroom, but struggled with taking off their clothes because of their wound.

“Cassian,” They shouted from the bathroom.

“Yes?” He asked from the other side of the door.

“Can you come in?”

“Uh. Yeah,” Cassian opened the door, and found (Y/n) struggling to get their shirt over their head.

“You’re hurt, let me help,” Cassian chuckled while helping them change.

Kaytoo walked into the scene, and stood shocked.

“This isn’t the time or place for me to be here. I assume.” He stated in his robotic voice.

“Kaytoo get out!” Cassian shouted at the robot while hurrying to put his shirt on (Y/n).

Kaytoo hurried out of the room, and shut the door mumbling something the two couldn’t hear.

“Honestly (Y/n), my clothes look great on you.” Cassian spoke into their neck.

They smiled at each other while getting into Cassian’s bed. The two held each other before (Y/n) whispered into Cassian’s chest, “What did I do to get you.”

“I have no idea, but I do know that I’m never letting go.” He sighed into the top of their head.

Cassian continued, “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“Forever?” He questioned them.


Hellooooo my beautiful peopleee <3 I am hereeee and I am soo excited :D
Hope you all enjoy and have fun reading a new part <3 Love you all so much <3

Read previous parts here:
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“Bad boy stole my heart” Jungkook story - Part 15

“Tonight it is family night!” Jin smiled
“We all hang out,talk and have fun” he added
“Oh that is cool…I like it” you smiled

You felt really nervous and kept thinking about how will you tell Jimin about the kiss.What will happen to both of you..Is your and Jimin’s friendship get lost or it will stay.
“What are you thinking about?” Suga pushes you and you get scared
“Oh..It’s nothing” you smiled at him
“Seriously? Because like you’re really quiet and you are never quiet” Suga laughed looking at you
“Yeah seriously…I am just in my own world” you said 
“Okay.okay…If that is the truth” Suga winks and walks to the kitchen

Jungkook camed towards you.
“Can we talk for a minute?” he asked
“No” you said 
“Why?” he laughs in confusion
“I don’t wanna talk to you” you look at him
“What did I do?” he points at himself
You roll your eyes and look around if Jimin is close.
“We made out” you shout but quietly
“You didn’t even say thank you for saving you!” he said quietly
“Why should I thank you? We made out and basically I cheated on Jimin with you” you look at him and Jungkook laughs
“That is not funny” you said being serious
“No it’s not..But It’s funny because we are talking so quietly” he looks at you
“Stop acting like a child!” you slap his arm
“I said I’m sorry” he looked at you
“No you didn’t!” 
“After we kissed..I said I’m sorry” he explains and you remember that he said that
“So that’s why you said sorry?” you asked looking at him
“Yes..I didn’t want to kiss you..But girl..I had to” Jungkook laughed and bit his lip.Again you slap his arm hard
“Okay! Sorry” Jungkook grabs his arm
“I hate you” you said
“You don’t Y/N” Jungkook smiled,you couldn’t stay serious,you had to smile at him..
Jin coughs and you two break the eye contact and smiling at each other.
“Help me out with the cooking?” Jin asked smiling
“I’ll be right there” Jungkook smiled at Jin then looked back at you and started to walk towards the kitchen
“Hey..But what did you want to talk about?” you said taking his hand
Jungkook looks down at your hand holding his and then back up at you
“About Jimin and you..I hope you guys solve everything if you tell him” he said
“Right..” you said letting go of his hand
“Are you mad now?” he asked
“No I’m not..Go help Jin” you said and push him

J-Hope comes behind you and puts one arm around your shoulders.
“Walk with me” he said and you nodded your head

J-Hope and you walked outside and went to the beach..You two walked next to the sea.
“May I ask you what is going on?” J-Hope looks at you
“What do you mean?” you asked
“Jungkook and Jimin..Like I don’t get it” J-Hope said
“Is there something between Jungkook and you?” he added looking at you

You take a breath and take J-Hope’s hand
“Let’s go sit somewhere” you smiled
“Okay..Do you want ice cream?” he laughed
“Sure” you smiled

J-Hope and you were sitting close to the sea and ate your ice cream.
“Close to end of the school’s year Jungkook started to chase after me and tell me like I will want him and I will love him…” you started
“I started to get close to Jungkook..We were together first for two weeks then he cheated on me and we broke up…Then I gave him one more chance and one day he just camed and told me doesn’t feel anything towards me” you said tearing up
“Don’t cry” J-Hope said to you and you laugh
“I feel so stupid crying over a guy that hurt me over and over,but I still-” you wipe off your tear that was falling
“You still always find a way to come to him,right?” J-Hope looked at you
“I guess so…” you looked at him
“But then,the other day I found something more..He was supposed to hurt by being with Chloe..That bitch” you said and laughed a little 
“That is why you guys were so miserable..You know all sad and stuff..And then because of that happened the fight two nights before right?” 
“Yeah…” you said 

J-Hope listened to you,everything you said..When you would tear up again he would blow wind with his hands towards you face so you don’t cry.
“And that is it…” you looked at him
“I am really glad you opened up to me” J-Hope was nodding his head smiling at you
“I had to let out all of these stuff” you laughed
“I understand you” J-Hope smiled
“Are you going to tell to Jimin about the kiss?”
“I honestly don’t know should I or I shouldn’t” you said biting your lip nervously
“Do what you think it’s right..” J-Hope said and you nodded your head looking at the sea
“What about Jungkook? Do you.Love him?” he asked
“Ahhh you ask so many difficult questions” you said covering your face with your hands
“I’m sorry” J-Hope laughed
“Honestly..I don’t know..I..Maybe?” you you look at him
“Maybe means that you do right?” J-Hope raised his eyebrow smiling at you
“Oh shut up..Let’s gooo now” you push him and he falls in the sand
“You didn’t answer my question” J-Hope followed you while you were walking
“Neither I will” you said and J-Hope just looks at you

J-Hope and you camed back after two hours of talking
“Where were you guys!!? We were sooo worried!” Jimin shouts
“He wanted to call the police” Jungkook added and all of you laugh except Jimin
“Well I was really worried” Jimin said making a sad face
“Aww” you smiled and hugged Jimin
“Thank God you’re alive” Jimin said looking at you and you just laugh
“You really worry to much” you kiss his cheek

You felt something smell really good,actually amazing.You walk inside of the kitchen and Jin and Suga were finishing up the food.
“Oh I can’t wait to eat all of this!” you smiled 
“Hey!” Suga looked at you
“We will share” he added winking
“Of course” you wink back 

Later when everything was finished,you guys all sat down around the table and ate.
“God this is amazing” Suga said
And you all nodded your head’s
“Master chef Jin” Jin points at himself and you all laugh,but only J-Hope choke on his food because Jin looked really funny..

“Living room!” Rap Monster points after you all ate
“Hold up I can’t even stand up how full I am” you said looking at him
“Come” Jimin stood up and looked at you
“But I can’t” you laugh and stand up

Jimin takes you in his arms and carries you bride style to the living room.
“Aww Jimin” you laughed and kiss his cheek when he let go of you

You sat next to Jimin and next to you was J-Hope.
“Let’s play a game…” Rap Monster said
“Like,we mix up the papers with our names and whoever you get you gotta dare them to do something to you” he explains
“That is weird” Suga laughs
“Let’s just play” Jimin said smiling
“BUT!” Rap Monster yells
“If you get a paper that says “different” you go up stairs with a person that you pick for 5 minutes..You can do anything,but you gotta tell what you guys will do” he again explains
“OH MY GOD!” you laughed hard
“What?” Rap Monster asked
“I’m sorry,but this gae is weird..But I’ll play it” you smiled
Rap Monster just smiled

Everyone took a paper in their hands..
“Okay we’ll go like this..So from J-Hope..” Rap Monster said
“I got….V” J-Hope smiled
“Nooo” V laughed
“I dare you to go to take a shower in your clothes” J-Hope smiled

Him and V went together in the bathroom and J-Hope had to make sure he takes a shower in hus clothes.
“HE DID IT!” J-Hope shouts laughing at V
“I will kill you” V said to him and went to change his clothes

J-Hope camed back and all of you waited for V..He camed back all mad.
“Oh come on V..Don’t be mad” you smiled
“I’m not mad” he smiled
“Okay next we have….Jungkook” Rap Monster smiled and points at him.

You got really nervous when it was his turn..He slowly opens the paper and laughs.
“I got different” he smiled
“Ohhhhhh” Jin and Suga said
“Who do you pick?” Rap Monster asked
You bit your lip nervously while looking at Jungkook.
Jungkook smiles then bites his lip and points at you.Jimin right away got mad a little and you were really nervous now.YOu felt like your heart will explode.
“Okay,okay..What will you guys do for 5 minutes?” Suga asked 
Jungkook smiled and looked at you
“But Jimin and her are together-” Suga said
“You guys said anything right?” Jungkook looks at Suga and Rap Monster
“Jungkook” Jimin said being a little angry
“Don’t worry” you said looking at him

Jungkook stood up,so did you.
“When we hear the door shut,then we will start with the time” Rap Monster said
You followed Jungkook to his room..He shuts the door and they yell that time has started.
“Jungkook this is wrong” you said looking at him
“No It’s not” he laughs and pushes you against the closet.
“Don’t do this” you said feeling nervous
“Like you don’t want me?” Jungkook laughs and comes closer to you
You didn’t say anything,because secretly you really wanted him so bad.Like in the begging when you two started to flirt each other in school.
Jungkook puts his arms beside you so you can’t escape and presses his lips on yours.
YOu kissed back right away,your hands lock around his neck.You guys kissed over and over again.It was a sweet makeout session.You felt like you were with him again in a relationship not Jimin..You forgot about Jimin in that 5 minutes,all you wanted was to be with Jungkook.
Last minute Jungkook kissed you neck..You got chills all over your body as he did that.
“I want you” he wispers
“TIME IS OVER!!!” Rap Monster yells
“You want me too..Don’t pretend” Jungkook added and smiled at you
You had to pull him in another kiss..You do want him again.
“See? I know you” he smiled
“No you don’t” you raised your eyebrow and walked downstairs

Jimin was looking at you as you walked towards him and sat next to him.Also he was staring at Jungkook,who was biing his lip smiling.
“Was it okay?” Jimin rolled his eyes
“Oh your girlfriend is a great kisser” Jungkook smirks
“What did you say?” Jimin stood up
“Calm yourself down buddy” Jungkook teased Jimin
You took Jimin’s hand in yours
“Don’t” you said
“You did this on purpose” Jimin said 
“No..I just really wanted to kiss her” Jungkook laughs
“Stop it guys” J-Hope said

Jimin got mad and went to the hall to calm down..You followed him.
“Why are you so jealous?” you laughed taking his hands in yours
“Because I know you love him still!” he shouts at you
“Jimin..I don’t-”
“You do!” Jimin looks at you
“Stop acting!” he added
“I’m not acting!” you looked at him
“You are” he said
“I am not Jimin” you said and Jungkook comes
“Look I am sorry bro for kissing her the other day” Jungkook started thinking you told Jimin about the kiss the other day that you guys done
“W-what?” Jimin asked
“Oh nothing!” Jungkook said realising that you haven’t told him about it
“Say it again” Jimin shouts at Jungkook
“It’s nothing” Jungkook tried to act like there is nothing going on
“Tell me if you are my best friend” 
Jungkook looked first at you then at Jimin.
“We kissed the other day..But It’s my fault” Jungkook looked down
“What?!” Jimin shouts being in shock
“Why didn’t you tell me Y/N about that!” Jimin looks at you in pure anger
“I’m sorry I couldn’t” you looked at him
“How could you do that to me!” he shouts at you and raises his arm at you
You looked at him,not believing he actually wanted to hit you.After long friendship he would do this to you.
Jungkook comes in front of you
“Dude..You can’t hit her” Jungkook looked at him
“How can you raise your hand at me?” you asked pushing Jungkook away slowly
Jimin realises what he wanted to do and puts his hand down
“I didn’t-” 
“I can’t believe” you said
“I can’t believe you cheated on me” Jimin looks at you
“I said it’s my fault” Jungkook said 
“But she kissed you back too!” Jimin points at you

Jimin punches a wall and walks pass by you two and goes outside.
“Y/N..” Jungkook said
“Please don’t talk to me for a while..I really need to get my mind straight” you said looking at him and walking upstairs

Moments: Part two.


Emily is laid back on my bed as I try to get the internet to work on my laptop. Ever since the accident my mum has been even more over protective of me. I don’t have my phone. The only time I get out of the house is so to go to the doctor to check that everything was healing properly. I’m surprised that she even let Emily in the house with me.

It’s been a little over two months and a lot of my cuts have healed except for the couple that kept opening up due to the high action of twisting and turning in the areas of where they were placed but most of them have tuned up with a faint and permanent scars littering my skin. The one beneath my ear was the one that caused the weekly check-ups and had left the skin raised as it healed over and the constant headache.

Two years of my life just disappeared with the second that the car hit mine. The second that I woke up in that hospital in London of all places, I felt the warmth missing from my hand and the way it seemed to take apart of me with it and suddenly how I had felt so empty without it.

My memory was mainly a haze but slowly I think I was remembering things or at least imagining things because half of what I was seeing in my mind in those moments when I zoned out on anything seemed too good to be true. A small diary had become my second best friend behind Emily, it’s where I wrote everything down trying to make sense of it but I couldn’t get it. My memories come back in parts with scenarios with people that I couldn’t match to a face or I just saw faces and whenever I asked Emily she would just tell me that my mum had asked her not to say anything to me.

That’s what she’s doing now flicking through the already worn book. There was stuff in there that I was a bit embarrassed to have her read especially that very detailed dream I had of losing my virginity which I was in truth to afraid to find out if it was true or not. When she read that she gave me a look over the top of the pages with a raised eyebrow then skipped past the next couple of very detailed and graphic pages to read what I had written next.

“You think if I asked your mum to spend the night at my house she would let you?” Emily asks offhanded as she looks over another page.  

“Probably not, why?” I ask lying down next to her my eyes moving over the page she’s reading.

“Well,” she stretches, “One Direction is back on tour and they’re going to be here in (YourCapitolCity) in a couple of days and we should go to the show.”

“Like we did two months ago,” I joke trying to shake of the unease that it is in fact one of my last solid memories that I have.

“You’re so funny, I mean it, you like their new album, why shouldn’t we.” She had managed to sneak the two albums that I had missed and they were both amazing.

“If they’re here in a couple of days there aren’t going to be any tickets left and like my mum is going to let me go.”

“I know someone who can get us in and we’ll just tell your mum that you’re sleeping over to help jog your memory.” She smiles at me sitting up and pulling a puppy dog face.

A lot of what I had written in the book had involved Harry. They’re the memories that seemed too good to be true. More than half of it was filled with him or at least his hair or his eyes but the morning that I woke up with the dream of him hovering me, his hand tangled through my hair as he took something that I only ever wanted him to have, I’ve never wanted something to be truer. The therapist that mum was taking me to had told me that since I couldn’t match the face to a previous relationship that I had that I replaced him with Harry since at this point of my memories he was all I knew as a crush.  

Smiling at her I give her a nod agreeing to whatever devious plan she has up her sleeve. Two days later we’re in a fancy car driving to the concert. Mum didn’t want me staying at her house but she couldn’t stop me when I snuck out of the house earlier today.

I was dressed in a white rolling stones shirt that Emily had thrown at me, similar to the one I had seen Harry dressed in a number of times and a pair of black distressed skinny jeans. She knew that I didn’t like the scars that cover my right leg so she didn’t push me to wear anything shorter than my ankle but she was glad when I had slipped on the grey leather combat boots that I had found while digging through my closet.

When she told me that since the concert had actually sold out and that her friend was only capable of getting us passes that meant that we had to stand at the side of the stage to watch the show I was annoyed that I would have to stand the whole time. My leg still struggled to hold my weight but she reassured me that we’ll be fine.

When we get to the stadium I’m surprised when the driver of the car drives around the back of the stadium and has to pass through security to get there. There are fans all around the perimeter of the gate hoping to see the boys and when the black car drives in the screams are deafening even through the windows.

“Who do you know?” I ask turning to her astounded.

“A very high up person,” she smiles as she passes me an all access pass that has my picture on it which leaves me even more astounded and confused.

The car drives straight into the stadium and I can hear the disappointment of the girls that we may have been what they were waiting to see. A security guard takes my hand to help me out of the car and it’s eerily familiar as Emily and I are lead through the backstage area.

We end up stood in front of one of the bleachers for the concert. We weren’t the only ones stood there. Once the support act had finished Lou and Harry’s sister Gemma had come out to stand a couple of metres away from us.

They gave as I look of surprise when they saw us. I didn’t know how to react to seeing them up this close but Emily smiles at them and is quick to pull her phone out and begin texting someone.

When they come on stage I can’t help the smile that crosses my cheeks at seeing people whose music has been my only real source of freedom since the accident. Emily smiles and fangirls along with me singing the words and dancing around in circles. I notice though Harry isn’t as into as what I’ve seen in videos.

“Is there something different with Harry?” I ask her when they are off stage during a costume change.

Emily freezes and her eyes flick to the side before she replies. “Um something happened to him and his girlfriend a couple of months ago, the media has been really quite about it but he hasn’t been the same since.”

My heart clenches as I hear that he has a girlfriend and even as they come back on stage I can’t get the idea of it out of my mind. There’s something about him being with someone else that unsettles me, I can’t get back into the joy I was feeling before.

Over on the stage I see Niall tip his bottle of water all over Harry causing the white material of his shirt to cling to his body and show the dark tattoos that he has beneath which almost incourougesall the girls to scream at the sight.


The pool of the hotel that Emily and I were staying at was amazing. Her dad had paid for the suite we were in so it wasn’t surprising that the five star resort had an infinity pool. We were spending the day at the pool and trying to relax. We had only gotten off the plane yesterday and the concert wasn’t for another few days.


Emily is reading a fashion magazine and she just nods at me as I tell her that I’m going for a swim. As I was slipping my shorts off, I felt someone bump into the back of me knocking me into the pool even as arms wrap around me trying to prevent the fall but we both end up in the water with a big splash.


A scream escapes my mouth and it’s only a second of time that I have to take a deep breath before I’m submerged in the cool water. Pushing myself up from the bottom of the pool I tread water to keep myself above the water. Quickly I push my hair back out my way and spit out the extra water that I had taken into my mouth.


When my eyes finally concentrate on who had knocked me into the pool I’m surprised to see that it’s Harry Styles. His curly hair is soaked and clinging to the tanned curves of his neck as he tries to help hold me a float.


“I’m sorry, love, didn’t see you there.” He says his British accent rolling against my ears in a harmonic way. “I’m Harry by the way.” He smiles the infamous dimples popping into his cheeks.


Nodding I try to force myself to speak and Harry has to let out a little chuckle for me to do so. “Uh, yeah, (Y/N).”


“Pretty name to go with the pretty girl.”


This time it’s me that’s laughing. “That’s the line you’re going to use?”


“Sorry,” he says and I can sense the nervousness in his voice.


“It worked Styles,” I say back exuding the normal confidence that I never have.



It seems so real. The way that he laughs as he pushes the long soaked strands of his dark hair out of his eyes I could swear that I’ve seen it before.

There’s a small part of my mind telling me that it is real. All that I had written down was true that somehow we were in a relationship at some point, but no matter how hard I try I still can’t put his face to what I had seen.

When Harry turns on the stage and his eyes lock with mine he freezes and I can see the noticeable difference that the rise and fall of his chest takes. When I see his lips whisper my name I can’t take it anymore.

I’m overwhelmed by everything that I feel and I move to go back the way that we came in. When I leave not only can I hear Emily calling me back but Lou and Gemma as well.

When I get backstage another voice joins the chorus of the ones trying to stop me from leaving but this one is male and just behind me. Close enough that he’s able to gently take my elbow and spin me around to face them.

He looks so much more beautiful up close.

“(Y/N), you’re here.” Harry says softly his hand not leaving my arm.

Shaking my head, I don’t know how to react to his words. I don’t know him. At least I don’t think I do. I could be completely wrong in putting him in my book but I can’t ignore how comfortable he makes me feel.

When I don’t reply to him after I while I see the way his face seems to morph into the face of someone who seems to have lost all hope. “Yo-you don’t remember me.”

“Um, a little, I’m not sure.” I say back looking down at his hand on my skin.

And just like that I see a tiny flicker of hope appears in his eyes and he smiles lightly down at me. He goes to say something else to me but I stop him.

“I-I have to go.” I say pulling my arm from his grasp instantly missing the warmth it gives.

Suddenly Emily appears at my side and tells me that we’re going back to the hotel we were staying at but before we leave I turn my head back around to see Harry watching us leave. He is very cute, I hope what I think I know is true. He disappears a second later as someone ushers him back on stage.


So I thought i had posted this and it turns out that i hadn’t but good news is that I’ve nearly finished the next part but I’m writing six things at once so I don’t know when it’ll be up. Best gif ever cause that is legit the exact face I imagined Harry to have.


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