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you make me begin ; Kim Taehyung [6/6]
”As long as i’m with hyung, i’m happy no matter where we go. - Jeon Jungkook



I had something much fancier planned but all I had time to cram was this, sorry child ;A;


how long do i have to wait
and how many sleepless nights do i have to spend
to see you, to meet you
⤿ for @ohime-sxma

So as ya’ll know, hetalia isn’t popular that much anymore.
And all of the admins of past have moved on from it.
This is a little sentimental note haha
I made this transparent blog back when I was a wee little thing in 9th grade, almost 4 years ago.
And I never expected it to get so big.
So all I really just wanna say is, thank you. Thank you so much for supporting this blog, and for being in the hetalia fandom. With your support, this was a highly successful blog at it’s peak. I had a lot of fun making transparents for all of you to use.
To wrap this up, I’m gone from the hetalia fandom personally. I don’t post it much anymore. I don’t see it as active on my dash. I’ve moved on.

So I’m really happy that this blog was here for me to share my edits, and my feelings for hetalia!
I’ll still be logged into this blog, since it’s my baby I will hold on to it, and make some edits from time to time, but please don’t expect much from me!

I’m sorry, and thank you for your time.
Admin TEa

Okay but I love the idea of like, PTA Sans getting to know Frisk’s friends of the parents that just get on his non-existent nerves and learn that it’s not that Linda or Helen are bad parents, it’s just that they believe their crappy behavior is what’s best for their children, when in all reality, they just want what makes their selfish needs happy so just imagine THIS

-Sans helping kids with depression who don’t want to tell their own parents, fearing they won’t understand and Sans’s ability just sniffs them out with their moderate LV levels towards themselves (I headcanon his judgement isn’t just for seeing the real monsters people can be) and Sans volunteering as a school counselor just cause he knows how much holding that in can damage you, especially to someone so young.  

-Sans making sure the school board starts using more pronouns than just he/she if their parents won’t, just to make Frisk’s friends feel welcomed by their peers if they can’t feel it at home (plus he just REALLY loves seeing the parents scream internally about about it) 

-Sans starts trying to controlling what he says in front of Linda when her kids are around.  

-Helping out any kids in wheel chairs go up the stairs by just floating them up the staircase so they aren’t late to class before Sans goes to his counseling office.  

-Sans splitting up a fight if Frisk has bullying problems.  Mainly, he just annoys them with bad jokes until they call him a insult they heard their parents use towards monsters.  But if anyone actually hurts Frisk in a fight when they refused?  Helen is STILL trying to wash out the ketchup stains from that trap whoopee cushion in that kid’s desk.  

-Sans being the science class skeleton for a day to help Mr. Robert teach 4th graders about the human body.  He just keeps making body part jokes whenever Roberts goes into gross details.  Stuff like ‘Intestinal track?  Sorry Doc, I don’t got the GUTS for that’ all the kids bust up laughing.  Mr. Roberts just wishes Sans could hold still as he points out his features without snickering from how much touching his rib cage tickles!
so big / so small - sugarandbitterblues - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
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I had to do a mother’s day fic dedicated to Inko because she’s one of my favorite characters and such a wonderful mom.

I hope you like it! And I hope people who don’t have great relationships with their moms are able to have a decent weekend. It’s almost over, guys, just one more day.

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not a confession but can i say i love your shitpost style format? i love that that's becoming the thing instead of the "dramatic criminal bar" from back then

THANK YOUUUU!!!!! 😍😍😍😍

Sorry, but I’ll make this a little personal. You see, I’m really happy you guys enjoy this format ❤️ I’ve actually been using it for a long time, you know! Before I had a blog I used to make edits based on danganronpa (I’ve always been a HUGE nerd [More of my nerdness under the cut!]) 

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I just had a thought, right..

I bet Val gets Skul to buy some massive, really loud speakers, and when she’s over she plays all her screamo and metal and shit (because obvs she’s gonna have some angsty shit going on because she bloody deserves to). Skul just gets used to it, maybe even starts to enjoy some of it. But he defo likes how happy it makes her. He actually gets really into it, so they start introducing new bands to each other. Obvs Skul likes some flamboyant dramatic stuff like Prince and Bowie and also traditional Spanish music and random stuff like that. So when he’s home alone he jams a lot and gets super into it, and he finds that listening to music helps him think. (The bands where the two cross over and both like are Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Muse, System of a Down etc.) And then Val obvs has her own key so she loves coming over when she knows Skul’s out and playing all her guilty secrets really loud and is super into it. But she knows she doesn’t need to feel embarrassed because there’s nobody there. The first time, it was a bit weird, and she played the music quieter than normal so that she could hear if he came back unexpectedly early. But after the first few times she just gets super into it, settling into the routine of coming over whenever she can. So that’s how, a few days before Christmas, Skul comes back from China’s library (returning a book about dragons) to find Val with minimal clothing on, dancing around and singing along to extra loud Christmas music. It makes him so happy that he leaves again before she notices him and stands out in the street watching her be so happy and carefree inside and he just feels so happy. From then on, he always mentions to her whenever he’s going to be out of his house, and tries to let her have an opportunity at least once a week. He can see that she needs this little outlet, and he never ever brings it up with her because that would ruin it, and it makes him so happy because it makes such a huge difference to her mental health, and he can see that. ❤️🐢

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will you walk in the rain with me?

happy belated birthday to my sweetheart chanyeolistic​ <3

Happy Birthday Eiichiro Oda! 1.1

Submitted by phanicathetalia: My 12 year old sister is a huge fan of your art, so she used her iPad to try and recreate your art. I thought I should show you because it’s really cute. Hope you like it!

This is absolutely amazing!! I’m very sorry if this is a late publication – I’ve been pretty absent lately. Please tell your sister that I loved her art, and I hope she keeps drawing!


I can still hear your feet as you ran from the house
Knowing you wont be back doesn’t mean that I will stop waiting
Told me then ‘hold me down, hold me up to the fire,
but don’t you dare hold me back’ (x)

My birthday gift to @bunnyteefs! Happy birthday, Gem! I obviously had to make you a Jay edit, but I’m sorry it’s a bit of a sad one (though I’m sure you’re not surprised lol)


“faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.”

happy birthday, jia!