sorry i had fun making all these though i went through so much old music haha

The Heartache Pg3

Bendy’s eyes were wide when she said this. In love? With Boris? How? He was confused. He shook his head and laughed.

Bendy:“What? Me? Nah, nah, nah, that can’t be doll, you’ve seen me going after women.” She gave him a look.“What?”

Molly:“Bendy, you obviously care about Boris more than anyone else. You love being around him-I’ve never seen you so happy! He’s so sweet to you too! You both really seem to care about each other, so why not?” She shrugged. Bendy frowned and rolled his eyes.

Bendy:“That’s crazy.” He stood up and walked away. She quickly followed him.

Molly:“Bendy, you just told me you couldn’t focus on your dancing, your eating or anything else!”

Bendy:“So?” She began to skip.

Molly:“That’s how you know when someone really loves you.” He shook his head.

Bendy:“Yeah right. I can’t be in love with him, what would he think if I told him I loved him?” He shrunk a bit more. Molly shrugged.

Molly:“Maybe give him hints.” She said. Bendy looked away from her. He was quiet for a while as they walked through the park.

Bendy:“What’s the point though? He’s already in love with someone else.” She shrugged.

Molly:“Yeah…actually…he broke up with her, so you have a chance to find out if he loves you more.” He stopped and she skipped past him. This didn’t seem like a bad idea. Might as well give it a shot and see if he really was in love with the wolf or not. He quickly caught up to her and she stopped.

Bendy:“Okay, what do I gotta do?” She smiled brightly.

Molly:“Just be you Bendy. He’s still here isn’t he? If he didn’t like you for you he probably wouldn’t have came back to see you.” She had a point there. Bendy slowly smiled. Maybe this wasn’t such bad plan after all.

Bendy returned home feeling a little calm. Boris was cooking up dinner for the two of them. The two ate together.

Boris:“So, got any plans before Abella shows up?” Bendy chuckled.

Bendy:“Nah, I wanna spend all the time just being with you. If this plan works, I have a feeling she won’t let us see each other much again.” Boris frowned.

Boris:“Aw, I’ll be sure to write buddy.” He said with a small smile.“Oh yeah, did you ever find out what happened to my letters?” He asked. Bendy shook his head.

Bendy:“Nope. Whoever was suppose to deliver them must’ve got lost or something.” He shrugged.

Boris:“Hm…” The two continued eating.“Hey Bendy?” He looked up at the smiling wolf.“Thanks for being such a good friend. I couldn’t ask for a better pal.” The demon chuckled.

Bendy:“Well don’t go saying that, Abella’s got all the money and she can get you just about whatever you want.” He shrugged.

Boris:“Yeah, but she can’t get me anyone better than you.” He said as he touched his hand. All of a sudden Bendy’s face heated up and his tail curled. He looked in Boris’s eyes and smiled softly.

Bendy:“Heh…come on, save the charm for her buddy.” Boris chuckled. He looked down at their hands. Boris’s hand was still on his.“You know I’m really gunna miss you when you leave again.”

Boris:“Well, do I have to leave right away if I’m with Abella again?” Bendy shrugged.

Bendy:“I think she’d like that. She can’t seem to stand being around me.” Boris smiled a little.

Boris:“Well maybe if you had a chair with ya she probably wouldn’t mind.” The two laughed.

Bendy:“Boris, really?” He laughed. He didn’t seem to notice that he was holding Boris’s hand now.

Boris:“Haha, yeah….but really I’ll try and keep in touch with ya, and if I don’t get any letters from you I’ll just come back here and see what’s going on. How’s that?” Bendy nodded.

Bendy:“Yeah…okay. That makes feel a little better. I just hope Abella doesn’t get too mad at ya.” Boris rolled his eyes.

Boris:“Well then, that’s her problem. I should be allowed to see people I love right?” Bendy’s eyes widened and he could feel his face getting hotter.“Golly, you alright there Bendy?” He chuckled.“Your looking a little heated up.” Bendy tried to hide his face.

Bendy:“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. It’s just a little hot in here is all.” Boris let his hand go and picked up his plate to put it by the sink.

Boris:“Wanna watch some T.V?” He asked. Bendy shrugged.

Bendy:“Sure.” He put his own plate in the sink and the two went into the living room and sat down on the couch. They were going through channels trying to find a comedy show. Then their show popped up. Their very first one. Boris grinned.

Boris:“Oh! I remember this! It’s been so long since we’ve watched our shows huh Bendy?” Bendy moaned.

Bendy:“Aw, this one? I never really liked this one. You were good in it though! I was just not in it that day.” He said as he shook his head.

Boris:“What? Come on buddy, you were great!” He nudged him a bit. Bendy chuckled. The two watched some old episodes they did together over the years. Bendy and Boris had some good laughs together. Then one of their musical shows came up and Bendy frowned. Boris was still smiling though.

Boris:“I remember this one, I think this is the first love song you wanted to sing.” He leaned back and put one leg over the other. Bendy crossed his arms and leaned back .

Bendy:“Yeah…” He shrugged. Too bad the cigar box was empty. He would’ve loved one right about now. He thought. Bendy, on T.V., was standing on the stage wearing a bow tie that sparkled.

~Someday when I’m awfully low,
when the world is cold, I will feel a glow just thinking of you…
and the way you look tonight.~

Boris was nodding his head as he listened.

Boris:“I was so focused on listening to you sing, I almost forgot to play my clarinet.” Bendy’s arms lowered onto his lap as he watched
himself on T.V. sing.“I wanted to hear you sing like this for a long time when we were working together. You weren’t really out of your shell much those days.” Bendy didn’t answer him, nor looked at him. The memories rushed back to him like a bolt of lightning. Just one of those things you wished you could forget and stay forgotten. Boris looked at him, his smile faded a bit.“I was really scared that day.” Bendy clenched his teeth. He remembered.“Heh, I thought this was going to be the last love song you would ever sing. You weren’t too interested in singing these songs. ”

~Yes you’re lovely, with your smile so warm
and your cheeks so soft, there is nothing for me but to love you,
and the way you look tonight~

Bendy stayed silent. His tail curled around his legs. He looked at Boris and frozed when their eyes met. Boris almost frowned when he saw the look of guilt in his eyes.

Boris:“Bendy? Are you alright?”

Bendy:“You don’t remember that day do you?” He finally spoke. He raised a brow.“Oh come on!” He yelled angrily which surprised Boris at the sudden change of mood.“You really don’t remember all the things I said to ya that day? How I treated you for the last two weeks during those days?!” He was on his knees trying to look down at the wolf but they were at the same height. Boris struggled to remember anything else that happened that day.“I was a major jerk! I treated you like you were suppose to do everything for me no matter what I did! I was acting like a selfish jerk, you really can’t remember all that?” The things he said, the lies he told him. Boris seemed to slowly remember some things. He itched his head.

Boris:“Yeah, I remember now.” He said simply. Bendy laughed but not happily.

Bendy:“How are you this kind to me after all that?!”


Bendy was smoking a cigar as he walked back and forth behind stage. Boris was walking towards him. He looked up and shot a glare at him.

Bendy:“There you are! About time! I thought I was going to have to cancel this how thing!” Boris frowned.

Boris:“Oh no! You don’t have to do that Bendy-”

“Don’t be late again, ya hear?” Bendy said as he pointed the cigar at him.“This is suppose to be my big day! We’ve got over two hundred people wanting to see me on stage tonight. I can’t have them thinking I’m some fraud! Do you?” Boris shook his head.

Boris:“No, of course not!” Bendy crossed his arms.

Bendy:“Well then why are ya goofing off somewhere else instead of being here prepared for the show?”

Boris:“I'am prepared. See?” He held out his clarinet.“I’m even dressed up in the outfit you told me to wear.” He was wearing a black and white dress. Bendy buried his face in one hand.

Bendy:“Boris….I told you to wear a suit and tie.” He shot a glare at him.“Just stay off the stage okay? They’re gunna think this is all a joke to them!” Boris’s ears lowered and he frowned.

Boris:“Gosh, I’m awfully sorry Bendy.” He said a bit sadly. Bendy sighed heavily.

Bendy:“Just…don’t let this happen again. I know we’re all for fun and all every now and then but this is not that night. This is the night where I finally show the world just how important I'am.” Boris raised a brow at him.

Boris:“I thought this was about ‘us’?” Bendy looked at him.

Bendy:“Well….yes? But no?” He shrugged.“You’re not the one on the stage tonight.” He said with a smirk. Boris’s shoulders dropped as Bendy turned around and heard the audiance cheering.“Remember, I’m counting on you to make this show happen! So is everyone else!” He quickly walked away.


         ~End of Flashback~

Bendy:“For two weeks…I treated you like garbage. I didn’t understand why you still stayed, I thought you were just an idiot.” He looked down and was shaking his head.“But I was the idiot. I always have been. I didn’t see how much of a good friend you were. I broke that promise I made all those years ago.”


Bendy:“No, no. I can understand if you hate me Boris.”

Boris:“But Bendy-”

“I DON’T wanna hear lies!” Bendy said a little loud.“Just tell me how you really feel! Be honest!” He said as he grabbed his shoulders. Boris gently took his hands off and looked in his eyes.

Boris:“Bendy, you don’t remember EVERYTHING that happened do you?” Bendy blinked looking confused.

Bendy:“What…?” Boris smiled a little.

Boris:“You already apologized. Don’t get me wrong, I actually…was planning to leave. Until Ched almost ran me over with a train.You don’t remember that day?” Bendy shook his head.

Bendy:“Not really. All I remember was treating you like garbage.” Boris shook his head as he chuckled.

Boris:“Bendy, I left that show because we got into a big argument. We already talked about this. You were going on about how it was my fault that you forgot your song you were singing for the last three days. All day and all night. I left and you were going to start the show with someone else. I was going to take a train home but Ched showed up and we got into an argument about money.
Telling me that you owed him a hundred dollars or whatever that greedy rat was going on about, and shoved me into the tracks. I hit my head hard on the metal bar and was knocked out. Next thing I remember, you were trying to get me to wake up and we were off the tracks. The train was ruined. You wouldn’t stop apologizing to me for three days after that. ” Bendy was quiet.

~With each word your tenderness grows, tearing my
fear apart… And that laugh that wrinkles your nose, it touches my
foolish heart.~

Bendy:“So….what do you think of me now?” He hesitantly asked. Boris chuckled and shook his head. He raised a brow.

Boris:“You really wanna know?” Bendy swallowed. After a minute passed he grabbed Bendy’s arms. The demon gasped as he was pushed down
on his back on the couch and the wolf gave him a mischievous smile.

Bendy:“B-Boris?” His face felt warmer than before and he was unprepared for what happened next.

~Lovely, never, ever change. Keep that breathless charm. Won’t you please
arrange it? 'Cause I love you…Just the way you look tonight.~

The wolf slid his hands down to the demon’s sides and began to tickle him. The demon burst into laughter. He tried to get away but Boris kept pulled him close and tickling him.

Bendy:“Oh yeah?” He threw himself onto the wolf and began tickling him. The two began to laugh as they tickled each other. Though Boris seemed to be able to tickle him the most.“Okay! Okay! I give! I give! Hahahaha!” Boris finally stopped tickling him.

`And that laugh that wrinkles your nose, it touches my foolish heart.
Lovely, don’t you ever change. Keep that breathless charm. Won’t you
please arrange it? 'Cause I love you…just the way you look tonight.~

Just as Bendy was catching his breath, Boris licked his cheek. Bendy looked at him with wide eyes. Boris was smiling warmly at him and the look in his eyes, he’s never looked at him that way before. Bendy slowly smiled and chuckled.

~Just the way you look tonight.~



Bendy:“….I-” There was a loud banging on the front door. The two sat up right away. Boris got up and quickly walked towards the door. When he opened it, his eyes widened.

Boris:“Abella?” Bendy’s heart dropped when he saw her. She was smiling brightly at the wolf and threw her arms around him. Bendy clawed the couch leaving scratch marks on it and clenched his teeth.

Abella:“Hello my sweetest flavored pie! It feels like it’s been forever since we last saw each other!” He took a step back but she took a step closer quickly.“When I read all your letters I felt like I was falling in love with you all over again!” Boris’s ears lowered.

Boris:“Oh…really?” She nodded.

Abella:“Of course my precious love pup!” She said as she cupped his face in her hands and pulled him in for a smooch. Bendy’s jaw dropped along with his head. It bounced off the floor and rolled away. The body slowly fell backwards and fell on it’s back on the hard floor. Boris gently pushed her back.

Boris:“Uhh, Abella, you actually came?”

Abella:“Yes! I just couldn’t wait any longer. My heart would not stop singing your name.” She threw her arms around him again and began to kiss him over and over. Bendy, in the corner, watched them and he growled low. He never felt this way before. His body walked over to him and picked his head up placing it back onto his shoulders. He wanted to speak, wanted to tell her to leave, but he waited for what Boris had to say. The demon crossed his arms. Boris gently pushed her back and tried to catch his breath.

Boris:“Uhm…that’s good and all….uhmm….oh golly…” He itched his head. She frowned.

Abella:“What’s the matter darling? I thought this was what you wanted.” He made a look of guilt and looked at Bendy. The demon blinked. He rolled his eyes and walked up to them.

Bendy:“I’ll tell her then.” She furrowed her brows at Boris.

Abella:“Tell me what?” She asked as she crossed her arms. He smiled sheepishly. Bendy smirked at her.

Bendy:“Look, you two had fun and all but Boris already found someone.” He said this as he walked her to the front door.

Abella:“What?! Who?!” He grinned at her.


Abella:“Wha-” Bendy slammed the door shut and he walked away feeling better. Boris’s ears were down.

Boris:“I kinda expected you to do…something else. That seemed a little harsh don’t ya think?” Bendy shrugged.

Bendy:“Who cares? She shouldn’t have kept ya waiting for so long right?” He sat down on the couch. Boris couldn’t help but stare at the door.

Boris:“I think we should check on her just to be sure she’s okay.” Bendy sighed and looked at him.

Bendy:“Boris you sweet, sweet wolf, she’ll be over it in no time. Now come on over here and watch T.V with me.” He said almost sweetly as he held his arms out to him.

Boris:“Uhh….I dunno, I’m getting chills down my spine-” The door flew open and he spun around only to see Abella glaring at him. She stood in front of him with crossed arms.

Abella:“So that’s it then? You’re leaving me for that thing?” She pointed a finger at Bendy.

Bendy:“Well, I never!” He kept himself from smirking.

Boris:“Well…I was going to…well I mean….you see…” He wasn’t sure what to say. He already felt bad enough that she found out this way.

Abella:“You know, I was really hoping you would of kicked him out by now.” Bendy gasped.

Bendy:“I knew it!” He said out loud.

Abella:“But instead you fell for his lies and trickery! He’s a devil hun! Of course he’s going to lie to someone so sweet and innocent like you.” Bendy glared at her.“What makes you think he’s changed? You told me he’s hurt you before!”
Bendy frowned and looked at Boris. The wolf crossed his arms.

Boris:“He’s a changed demon, he’s always has been.” Abella stomped her foot.

Abella:“Why are you being so stubborn? It’s happening all over again! I’m trying to help you from making a big mistake! He’s evil! Look at him! The horns and the tail!” Bendy waved his tail around like a cat.

Bendy:“What’s wrong with having horns and a tail?” He asked with a smile.

Abella:“He also has a floating head!” Bendy shrugged.“Please don’t do this to us Boris.” She took his hand.“Please, just get rid of him, for me.” She asked sweetly as she looked in his eyes with a warm smile. Boris looked at Bendy who was giving him a pleading look.

Bendy:“Bori?” He said. The wolf looked away and they were quiet for a long time. She gently lowered his head to make him look at her.

Abella:“Everything will be just fine without him. I promise.” She whispered. Boris swallowed. He sighed and picked Abella up bridal style. Abella smiled triumphantly. Bendy’s eyes widened.

Bendy:“B-Boris?!” He heads out the front door. Bendy jumped over the couch and followed them outside.“Boris!” He walked to her car parked behind his truck.

Abella:“I knew you would make the right choice my sweet.” She said as she kissed his cheek.

Bendy:“Boris! Don’t-don’t leave me buddy! I’ll change! I swear! I won’t smoke so much anymore! I’ll come home earlier! I’ll stop chasing women!” He dropped to his knees.“I know I’m a screw up! I’ll do whatever it takes for you to stay!” He begged. Boris had placed her in the driver’s seat. He leaned down with his arms leaning on the door so they were eye-to-eye.

Boris:“Drive safely okay?” He said with a sweet smile. She frowned and gave him a wide eyed look.


Abella:“But I don’t understand!” Boris shrugged.

Boris:“Well, me neither. I’m not like everyone else, Bendy is a good guy. I actually try to understand him. He’s a good friend most of the time. He makes mistakes, but so does everyone else. I’m being a good friend by helping him out when he needs it and he does the same for me. He’s a devil, yeah, but not like any devil I imagine he would be. He learns from his mistakes.” He walked over to Bendy and helped him up.“Bendy, I love you just the way you are.
There’s nothing wrong with a little mischief every now and then.” He winked. Bendy smiled and he laughed.

Bendy:“Aw! I knew you wouldn’t leave!” He threw his arms around him.

Boris:“Bendy, you don’t have to stop doing all that stuff y'know.” He said as he hugged him back. Bendy looked up at him.

Bendy:“Oh good, I’m not ready to give up my sweet cigars Bori.” He chuckled.“But I WILL stop chasing women. Who needs em eh?” He giggled.
Abella sighed heavily and started her car. She drove away after giving one last glare at Bendy. The two watched her leave until her car disappeared.“Glad that’s over huh buddy?” Boris looked at him and nodded.

Boris:“Hey Bendy?” He said hesitantly as they walked back into the house.

Bendy:“Yeah buddy?” He said with a smile. He almost frowned when he saw the look of guilt on his face.

Boris:“I, heh….have a confession to make.” Bendy raised a brow.

Bendy:“Oh?” He crossed his arms and smiled.“Shoot.”

Boris:“….I was kinda….trying to get you jealous at first.” Bendy gasped giving a dramatic pose.“When I first met Abella? I just wanted to get your attention. But I just thought you weren’t interested in me like that. You just saw me as a friend.” Bendy walked over to Boris and put one arm around him and pulled him close.

Bendy:“Aw Bori, I can’t be mad at ya. I was actually planning on trying to get you to forget about Abella anyway if she ever did come around.” The two laughed and Boris hugged him.

Boris:“So Bendy. Got any plans for tomorrow?” Bendy grinned.

Bendy:“Well I was planning on taking a certain wolf out on a date tomorrow night after we spend the day having a nice picnic at a park, or go to the beach with Molly and him.” Boris grinned.

Boris:“Sounds like a good plan to me!” He kissed his cheek and his bow tie began to spin as his face grew warm. He began to giggle.


Abella was sitting at a bar taking a few strong drinks. She sighed as she buried her face in her hands.

Abella:“Oh Boris….what if he’s got you in some kind of spell?”

“Sorry, did you say; 'Boris’?”

The sad poodle looked up and saw an old rat holding a cup of wine.

Abella:“Yes? Do you know him?” She asked. He nodded.

Ched:“I know he likes to spend time with that devil on his shoulder.” Her eyes widened.

Abella:“You know Bendy?” He nodded.

Ched:“Yes. He causes more trouble than you think! I can’t stand him!” He growled.“He causes me so much money! He’s a bad influence on my niece too!” She gave him a look of worry.

Abella:“Goodness…” She said softly.

Ched:“I know a way to get rid of him for good though.” Her eyes lit up. He grinned. He took out a bottle with the words PURE WATER on it.“With a reasonable price, you’ll get rid of that devil for good and you’ll have Boris all to yourself. She hesitated.

Abella:"But…Boris really seems to care about Bendy. To go far to even say he loves him.” Ched’s eyes widened and he made a disgusted look.

Ched:“Come on! Don’t be ridiculous! A devil? In love? He’s just using him for his evil plans.” Abella blinked.

Abella:“What evil plans?” Ched looked around making sure no one was listening and then he leaned closer.

Ched:“Everyone else may have fallen for the devil’s charm but I’m tellin’ ya the truth here sweet heart. He wants the souls of the innocent.” She almost didn’t believe him but then again, he was a demon.“I’d go after him myself, but I’m old and not quick enough as I used to be.” She stared at the bottle for a long time. She pulled out her purse and pulled out a hundred dollars. His eyes almost popped out and he started to drool. He took it and grinned.“Pleasure doing business with you.” He gave her a whole bag of PURE WATER. She took it and left without another word. She looked down at the bag and sighed.

Abella:“Don’t worry honey. I’ll get you out of this mess.” She said to herself. She got in her car and drove off.

My Love for Him, His Love for Her (Ch. 7)

A week has passed with Minseo completely ignoring Jungkook. Not answering his phone calls nor replying to his texts, so he had to text me instead to see if she’s okay.

Minseo was having a pretty hard time. She refused to eat and she barely showed up to her classes. Jimin noticed Minseo missing her classes since they both were in the same music class, so he would call me all the time, asking what’s wrong. He even visited our dorm four times. He was really worried about her, so was Jungkook and myself. I hated seeing her like that. Where did the once playful and cheery Minseo go? I wanted the old Minseo back. I tried to talk to her and convince her that Jungkook was only considering her drunk condition and how he didn’t mean to hurt her. I told her that he really cares and is worried about her, but it was no use. She was still ignoring him. ‘It’s no use if I just ramble to her about Jungkook’ I thought 'they should meet and talk face-to-face about it’ so I thought of a plan.

“Any plans for tomorrow?” I asked Minseo, who was laying on the couch while watching K-drama

“No, why?” She asked, her eyes never leaving the TV screen

“Nothing just thought I would cook your favorite for dinner” I winked at her while her eyes finally left the screen and looked at me, excitement written all over her face

“Grilled lamb??” She asked excitedly

“Yup” I smiled and she suddenly got up and attacked me with a tight hug

“My Jiji is tha best!!!”

“Alright, alright you’re choking me Min!” I tapped her back to let me go and she did so

“What would I do if I didn’t have you, Jiji?” She said while fake crying and I nodded

“I don’t know, you should be really grateful that you have such a friend”

“Thank you, lord for granting me such a friend” she held her hands up, as if she was praying to God. I giggled and went to my room to get ready to go grocery shopping for tomorrow’s dinner, that’s when my phone buzzed. I looked at the ID to see who texted me. Jimin…

“hey, how’s she?”

“she’s doing better, don’t worry :)”

“that’s a relief! she’s been acting weird lately, do you know what was the problem?”

I paused before replying him back, hesitating if should tell him or not. Minseo didn’t want anyone know about this so I tried to make something up “yea.. she just got the flu, nothing major”

“oh, okay then. glad she’s feeling better now”

“haha yea”

“so, how are you?”

My heart jumped a beat and I don’t even know why. Maybe it was because college didn’t let us meet or talk as much as we used to before, plus he was too worried about Minseo over the last week that I kinda felt he almost forgot about me… no matter how much I tried to avoid it…I knew I was being jealous


“you don’t sound like it, though”

I was always such a terrible liar, even through texting and especially with Jimin. He always read through me like I was a book or something

“I’m fine, really”

“what are you up to?”

“well, I’m just about to head out to go grocery shopping”

“okay, I’m on my way”

“wait, what??”

“I’m going with you, just wait for me at the gate”

“wait no, you don’t need to I’m fine”

“just wait for me there, I’ll be there in a sec”

gosh! did he even listen to me? well, I don’t think so. He never listens! I sighed and got ready as quickly as I could. Putting on my black over-sized tee with black skinny jeans and grabbing my purse before I head out

“bye Min, I’ll be back in a few” she nodded in response and I shut the door behind me before walking out and towards the gate to the dorms, where Jimin and I planned on meeting each other. When I got there, my eyes widened as I saw Jimin already there, leaning against a tree. He was wearing a white sleeveless shirt with short jeans while a silver chain hanging around his neck. He looked always. He was listening to his music and it was loud enough for me, who was standing a few meters away, to hear it. I knew he didn’t notice me so I decided to do something. to scare him! I sneaked behind the tree and suddenly grabbed his sides “BOO!” Jimin suddenly jumped while a girly scream escaped his mouth “WHAT THA- YOU FREAKING SCARED ME TO DEATH WOMAN!!” I just couldn’t stop myself from cracking up. Scarring him was always fun, but hearing him scream now was a plus. I put my hands on my stomach while still laughing out loudly. Jimin on the other hand, was completely annoyed by my attempt and flicked my forehead

“ow! what was that about” I said between my laughs

“that’s what you get trying to scare the shit out of me!” he looked away from me, still annoyed

“awh come on Jiminie, it was a joke” I told him while calming my laughter, but he ignored while still looking away. Gosh was he a kid sometimes.

“come on Jiminie, I’m sorry” I apologized and saw him looking at me in the corner of his eyes. Only then I knew I was succeeding, which motivated me

“I’ll buy you ice cream” I offered and he finally looked at me with a huge smile on his face


“my God, Jimin! you’re such a kid, grow up! you’re freaking 20!” I jested and he just shrugged in response. We started walking to the supermarket. The weather was great! sunny with a cool breeze, just perfect. We passed by the park across from my dorm and multiple stores until we reached our destination. Jimin grabbed a cart and we started walking down the aisles while I grabbed things I needed, throwing them inside the cart before checking off my list.

“oookay! that’s about it!” I said as I checked off the last item on my list

“didn’t you forget something?” Jimin asked. I frowned and went through everything I needed to get

“I don’t think so, I got everything”

“you suuure?” he tilted his head, smiling teasingly at me. I pouted while tilting my own head, confused, but then it hit me

“oh right, okay” I reminded myself as I walked inside the ice cream aisle “get whatever you want” I felt like a mother who was going to award her son for doing something good by buying him an ice cream. Jimin excitedly looked through dozens of ice cream before deciding on one

“make it two” I said, suddenly craving some for myself.

After that, we went to the cashier to check out and walked out the market. We decided to go to the nearby park to chill and eat our ice creams. We sat down on a bench, side-by-side and started eating the ice creams. It was so nice! sweet and refreshing at the same time. The cold and smooth ice cream filling up my mouth, making my teeth and cheeks cold, which was a great feeling in that hot weather. I looked to my side to see Jimin, peacefully eating his ice cream, but then I noticed that his ice cream was melting. I quickly wiped the melted cream with my finger to prevent it from dripping on his clothes. “oh thanks” he flashed me a smile and I nodded. Now I was looking for a tissue to wipe my finger clean and I couldn’t just lick it 'cause my hands were dirty. Failing at finding a tissue, an idea came to my mind

“Jiminie” he looked at me and I suddenly rubbed the cream on the tip of his nose

“what the heck! what’s wrong with you today”

“sorry, I didn’t have any tissue” I confessed while giggling and rubbed some more on his cheek “sorry, there were some left still” I laughed teasingly and stuck out my tongue at him. He looked at me in disbelief but then an evil smile appeared on his face. My instincts warned me to run, which I did so.

“let me turn you into a unicorn” Jimin yelled from behind while chasing me and I picked up my speed

“no way, mister! the one who’ll turn into a unicorn is you!” I laughed and realized that he has already caught up to me. He grabbed my elbow and pulled me back, I stumbled on my feet and we both fell flat on our butts “ow!!” I whined while rubbing my butt and heard Jimin laughing his butt off from behind, I looked at him and saw him laying on his back while laughing, knowing that it was my one and only chance I took action and hovered on top of him, sticking my ice cream on his forehead “that’s a good unicorn” I rubbed his chest as if he was a pet animal while trying to hold in my laughter

“you have got to be kidding me!” Jimin stood up, with my ice cream still stuck on his forehead. Unable to hold in anymore, I burst into laughter. I don’t know what exactly it was but Whenever we were together, we would act like 5-year olds. Stubborn, energetic and carefree. I loved it. I could easily forget about all of my worries and stress when I was with him. He just makes me feel so calm and cheery like I don’t need to care about anything else. He always makes me feel at ease and that’s what I absolutely love about him.

I stood up after wiping my tears and stood in front of the unicorn Jimin. He looked at me, annoyance and frustration written all over his face. I couldn’t help but to pinch his cheek “who’s my little squishy? asdfghjkl!!” weird words escaped my mouth in the form of a squeal from his cuteness while cupping his chubby cheeks in my hands, making his plump lips form a pout. God knows how badly I wanted to kiss those lips! His cheeks flushed bright pink and tried to break free by pushing my hands away

“awh Jiminie you’re so cute!! just let me take a picture!” I asked, reaching for my phone from my back pocket

“no way!” he protested, attempting to run away

“pretty please!!! please please please” I looked at him with my pleading puppy eyes

“I said no way!”

“aw, come on! I promise I won’t show it to anyone” I promised, but he still had his back at me, ignoring me completely

“oh my god!! someone’s stealing our bags!!” I shouted and Jimin suddenly looked back, panicked.

“where??” I took advantage and quickly took a picture of his panicked face. It came out really good and I set it as my lock screen and giggled

“are you serious?” Jimin looked at me in disbelief before trying to snatch my phone away, which, of course, I didn’t let him and started running again.

After fooling around for almost two hours, we finally decided to head back since it was starting to get dark outside. -Not to mention that we already got that ice cream off of Jimin’s forehead before going back to the supermarket to get tissues to wipe it clean- He walked me back to the dorms and suggested me to help me with the bags, but I told him it was fine. Before stepping inside the entrance, I turned back and wrapped my arms around Jimin’s waist, bringing him into a tight hug

“thank you for today, Jiminie” I whispered into his chest and he returned the hug, just as tightly

“glad you had fun, it’s always a good idea to take a little break… I know you had a pretty hard time for the past week, since Minseo’s been sick and you had to take care of her” he said softly while gently tapping my back. I felt tears beginning to fill my eyes but tried my best to blink them away 'so he did notice’ I thought to myself and a smile crept up my lips

“thank you”

“you’re welcome” We stayed like that for a few more minutes until we pulled away

“go and get a lot of rest okay? you need it” he flashed me a smile and I nodded

“yes sir!” I posed a salute form and he chuckled “okay go, it’s getting chilly out here” he ordered me and I obeyed, walking in and towards my room, stealing glances back to see if he was already gone. I smiled waved at him one last time before turning a corner and disappearing from his sight. I got out my keys and unlocked the door, entering the room to see Minseo still laying on the couch in front of the tv with a bag of chips.

“I’m home” I announced

“oh, welcome home” she threw her head back to see me

“a little help here?” I asked as I was struggling with a dozen plastic bags in my hands. She stood up and walked towards me to help to carry them to the kitchen and taking the items out to put on their appropriate places. After we were done, I went to my room to change but before doing that I pulled out my phone to text Jungkook, telling him about my plan for tomorrow

“are you sure about that?” he texted me after a pause

“well it doesn’t hurt to try, right? we’ll see what happens. sooo what do you say?”

“idk… but I trust you so”

“thank you for trusting me, Jungkook! I really hope things get better between you guys after tomorrow”

“yea me too, thank YOU”

“no problem ^^ so see you then?”

“yup! see u :)”


Author’s note:

Hello everyone~!

I know I didn’t update last week and that’s because it was my birthday and I didn’t really have the time to update and I’m really sorry about that, but I hope that this fluffy chapter made up for that haha >_<

Once again, thank you very much for reading <3


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