sorry i had a crappy video to work with

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Sorryyyy I am such a crappy writer, and probably didn’t get any of their characters right, and how they would say things I am sorry. This is me working on how to write the right dialogue. It’s all fluff. Also I kind of made Sherlock more of the bad guy in this because I feel like that would totally happen that when Sherlock would have leverage on Moriarty he would totally use it. It is soooo long, sorry not sorry

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Setsuna Drive Icons!

(Video can be found here.)

I love Shidu, like seriously. I don’t know if this is gonna be a thing, but for now Setsuna Drive is a cool video with cool characters. 

I could not resist making icons for such characters. Lemme tell you that the fast paced videos are a nightmare to screenshot but IT WAS WORTH IT IN THE END.

A problem I had was a lot of the icons are just. Different uses of the same expression (you’ll know what I mean when you see them) also the lighting and angles Shidu used were too professional and cool for amateurish me. orz;;

As always, like/reblog if you are going to use! Not my proudest works, but a few of them came out pretty good! c’: I’m sorry in hindsight these are so crappy.

Icon Count: 39


More under the cut!

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Little known glitch trick: if you glitch under the town, and then catch something on the beach (ONLY works on the beach as far as I know), you can keep swinging your net and catching the item over and over until your pockets are full. This is most useful in the summer with beetles, but today’s Festivale was the first chance I had to show it. :D (Sorry for the crappy video, I don’t have a capture card.)