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UNDERTALE starters
  • “…But nobody came.”
  • “I… I’ve changed my mind about all this. This isn’t a good idea anymore.”
  • “YOU! You’re standing in the way of everybody’s hopes and dreams!”
  • “I don’t want to break their hearts all over again. It’s better if they never see me.”    
  • “Despite everything, it’s still you.”
  • “Ah, the cactus. Truly the most tsundere of plants.”
  • “Go ahead. Prepare however you want. But when you step forward… I will KILL you.”
  • “It’s me, [name].”
  • “Wow! We haven’t even had our first date and I’m in the friendzone!”
  • “It pains me to say this, but… you should probably never come back here.”
  • “Maybe looking at this nice lamp will help you.”
  • “There is nothing left for us here. Let us erase this pointless world, and move on to the next.”
  • “They thought that he had killed the child.”
  • “Quit looking at me with that stupid expression. You’re pissing me off.”
  • “We’re all counting on you, kid. Good luck.”
  • “Nice day today, huh? Birds are singing, flowers are blooming… Perfect weather for a game of catch.”
  • “You can certainly find better than an old man/woman like me.” 
  • “I do not know if this is pathetic or endearing.”
  • “Oh. My god. I didn’t expect you to show up so soon! I haven’t showered, I’m barely dressed, it’s all messy, and…”
  • “You’re way better at dating than I am.”
  • “Get dunked on!”
  • “This is the power that the humans feared.”
  • “They must be here, playing a joke on me. I’ll just wait until one of them admits it…”
  • “…You really like hot animals, don’t you?”
  • “It was nice to meet you. …Goodbye.”
  • “On days like this, kids like you should be burning in Hell.”
  • “Remember. DON’T kill anyone. …I can’t believe this is a REAL thing I have to remind you.”
  • “…Why are you still here? Are you trying to keep me company?”
  • “You should be smiling, too. Aren’t you excited? Aren’t you happy?” 
  • “Don’t worry, my little monarch, my plan isn’t regicide. This is SO much more interesting.”
  • “What makes you think you’re in control?”
  • “Never come back here. You are not welcome.”
  • “Why does someone as great as me have to do so much to get recognition?!”
  • “You made your choice long ago.”
  • “Don’t you realize that being nice just makes you get hurt?”
  • “So you finally made it. The end of your journey is at hand.”
  • “I didn’t cry! I just… caught something in my eye!”
  • “You know what would be more valuable to everyone? IF YOU WERE DEAD!”
  • “Look. [Name] didn’t come to the meeting today. Say what you want about him/her/them. H/She’s/They’re weird, naive, self-absorbed. But [name] has NEVER missed a meeting. And no matter what time you call him/her/them on the phone… Night, day, afternoon, morning… He/she/they ALWAYS answers within the first two rings.”
  • “Anything you want to do is important enough. Even something as small as reading a book, or taking a walk… Please take your time.“
  • “[Name] hated humanity. Why they did, they never talked about it. But they felt very strongly about that.”
  • "If you… If you think I’m gonna give up hope, you’re wrong. ‘Cause I’ve got my friends behind me.”
  • “Perhaps we can reach a compromise. You still have something that I want.”
  • “Always wondered why people never use their strongest attack first.”
  • “No matter the struggles or hardships you faced… you strived to do the right thing. You refused to hurt anyone.”
  • “This is why I never make promises.”
  • “ …Why? Why are you being… so nice to me? I can’t understand. I can’t understand! I just can’t understand… “
  • “Honestly, fighting you IS pretty fun… So even if you ARE a sicko, I’ll take it!”
  • “Maybe you’d be better… at not killing anyone? Crazy idea, huh? Let me know how that one goes.” 
  • “Did I ever tell you about the time [name] flirted with me?”
  • “Now, I understand acting in self-defense. You were thrown into those situations against your will.”
  • “You’d better watch yourself, kid. Things are lookin’ real bad for you.”
  • “Are you ready? If you are not, I understand. I’m not ready either…”
  • “Oh my God! Will you two just smooch already?”
  • “Don’t you get it? There’s no such thing as happy endings. This is all that’s left…!”
  • “The internet! I’m quite popular there!”
  • “Do you think even the worst person can change…? That everyone can be a good person if they just try?”
  • “Don’t worry about it. Most of us have tried to kill [name] at one time or another.”
  • “Wowie! You did it! You didn’t do a violence!”
  • “Not everything can be resolved by being nice.”
  • “Don’t kill, and don’t be killed, alright? That’s the best you can strive for.” 
  • “Oh no! You’re meeting all of my standards!”
  • “Anime is real, RIGHT?!”
  • “Maybe you’re wondering if I ever get tired of winning… Wanna see my answer?”
  • “Sorry, I do not have much to say. It was nice to hear your voice, though.”
  • “This is all just a bad dream… and you’re NEVER waking up!”
  • “Down here, it’s kill or be killed!”
  • “I can’t come back. I just can’t, OK?”
  • “I so badly want to say, ‘would you like a cup of tea?’ But… You know how it is.”
  • “Would you smooch a ghost?”
  • “The truth is… [Name] wasn’t really the greatest person.” 
  • “Well, if I were you, I would have thrown in the towel by now. But you didn’t get this far by giving up, did you?” 
  • “You’re not really human, are you? No. You’re empty inside. Just like me.”
  • “Are you bored? I should have given a book to you. My apologies. Why not use your imagination to divert yourself?”
  • “I’ll hold victory in front of you, just within your reach… and then tear it away just before you grasp it.”
  • “Come on! Step forward and let’s end this!”
  • “Don’t you get it? This is all just a GAME.”
  • “Are those two robots…?”
  • “If you have some sort of special power… isn’t it your responsibility to do the right thing?”
  • “Stop plaguing my life with incidental music!”
  • “Self-defense? Please. You didn’t kill them because you had to. You killed them because it was easy for you. Because it was fun for you. Do you think it was fun when I found out…? Do you think it’s fun when people’s family members never come home? Is that fun? No. “
  • “I wish I had eight legs… so I could wear FOUR pairs of hot pants!”
  • “The more you kill, the easier it becomes to distance yourself. The more you distance yourself, the less you will hurt. The more easily you can bring yourself to hurt others.”
  • “I can’t go to Hell. I’m all out of vacation days.”
  • “They just sort of showed up one day and…asserted themselves. The town’s gotten a lot more interesting since then.”
  • “Our king is really bad at names.”
  • “If it weren’t for you, I would’ve never gotten past him. But now, with your help, he’s DEAD.”
  • “Then why’d you kill my brother/sister?”
  • “I’ve done everything this world has to offer. I’ve read every book. I’ve burned every book. I’ve won every game. I’ve lost every game. I’ve appeased everyone. I’ve killed everyone.”
  • “What did you do to him? …What did you DO to him?!”
  • “…I don’t have the heart to tell her what you did. Do you know how she’d react?”
  • “You didn’t even need my help, which is great, ‘cause I love doing absolutely nothing.”
  • “I’m smiling and I hate it!”
  • “Do you wanna have a bad time? 'Cause if you take another step forward… you are REALLY not going to like what happens next.”
  • “If we’re really friends… you won’t come back.”
  • “Did you really think I was gonna be satisfied… killing you only ONE time?”
  • “I remember when I first woke up here, in the garden. I was so scared. I couldn’t feel my arms or my legs…”
  • “Even after all this time, you’re still the only one that understands me.”
  • “Why do I always get the freaks?”
  • “It’s possible that you may have a problem.”
  • “What a terrible creature, torturing such a poor, innocent youth…”
  • “I’m nineteen years old and I’ve already wasted my entire life.”
  • “If you’re so scared, why do you keep winking?”
  • “Don’t you have anything better to do?”
Drove All Night

So I was inspired to write this after watching the Voice in which Celine Dion was coaching some singers to perform her version of Drove All Night that’s been redone like a thousand times.

Waverly and Nicole are in a long distance relationship, but Nicole feels like surprising Waverly. If the title didn’t tell you exactly what happened… the below gif has nothing to do with the fic, I just think I’ll use it as often as possible

Originally posted by mzhyde48

“Wynonna….” Waverly whined in frustration. “I have to go.” Looking at her wristwatch, she could feel each second that bled away with her sister’s asinine…

“But… you’re the only one that pours my shots the way I like them.” Wynonna gave her a pleading look until she received the snap of a towel to the back of her head. “Hey!”

“Leave your sister alone, Wynonna.” Gus slipped behind the bar, grabbing a few empty pint glasses. “She’s got a date.”

“It’s not a date.” Waverly protested, unable to hide her smile as she untied her apron. “It’s just a call.”

“A pre-scheduled call that happens every Friday.” Gus pointed out as she filled a glass with beer.

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Please Take Care of Yourself

Originally posted by bangtanboysloves

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1882

A/N: When I read Jimin’s confession about how hard he was working to stay on his strict diet at the expense of his health, I got really upset and cried more than I would like to admit. It’s been bothering me for a while and I had to get it out somehow aka writing. I am not trying to romanticize his, in my opinion, unhealthy pursuit to lose weight. In fact, if you can get even one point out of this whole thing, it’s that I’m trying to do the exact opposite.

Also, I am a pretty heavy advocate of not starving yourself to counter body image problems. Even if you aren’t ‘hungry’. Hunger is a physiological need. Appetite is mental. Even if you don’t have an appetite you still need food. You want to lose weight? Cut out unhealthy food. Exercise. Ignore what the goddamn scale says because muscle weighs more than fat. Will it be hard? Of course! Because it’s a lifestyle change, not some cheap solution. If it were easy, then no one would struggle through it. But when you do champion through it, your lifestyle will benefit physically, mentally, emotionally, and so much more.

Sorry I’m ranting. It’s important to me. Hope you enjoy!

Someone was calling you, tearing you from your dreams.

What time was it?

“…Hullo?” you grumbled into the phone, voice heavy with sleep and irritation. Who the hell would try to call you right now?

“It’s Tae.”

“Tae…why’re you…it’s two fucking am, I’m trying to-”

“I’m sorry, I really didn’t want to disturb you, but you told me to call if anything happened to Jimin again.”

The blood pumping lethargically through your veins turned to ice. Confusion and panic viciously chased away drowsiness.

“What? What the fuck are you talking about, Tae?!” You kicked the covers off and scrambled to find some clothes to change into. The only thing on your mind was getting to the boys as quickly as you possibly could.

“He…he collapsed again.”

“Is he ok? What’s going on right now? I’ll be there in a minute, just-”

“No, you can’t! Please, I know it’s hard not to, but Jimin didn’t-”

“Jimin passed out. Again. And you want me to just fucking stay here?!”

“Jimin doesn’t want you to know! After last time, he begged me not to tell you if it happened again and I-”

“Of course he doesn’t want me to know! He doesn’t want me to worry about him and all that bullshit, but you know what you can tell him when he comes to? That I fucking love him and no matter how much he tries to hide this kind of shit, I’m going to figure out, and I’m going to be there for him!”


Something in Taehyung’s voice caught you off guard. It was low and sorrowful and you froze in the middle of pulling on the first sweater you could grab.

“Please wait just a little bit. He’ll be home soon, I swear.”


“Jimin, he―he was really distressed when he learned that you figured out. The next day, he made us promise not to tell you if it happened again. None of us wanted to agree with him, but he…I dunno, he just…he was so upset. And then he kept himself in the practice room for hours and hours, trying to make everything perfect. ‘Making up for the lost practice time’ he said, but he fainted again that day and we-”

“Tae, what the fuck?!”

“I-I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. We really wanted to tell you, but he…”

“How many other times have you kept it a secret from me?”



“More than you would like to know, but not nearly as bad as you’re thinking, I promise, really, I do.”

“Taehyung,” your voice cracked, finally overwhelmed with emotion, “Taehyung, how could you…Jimin is―why would he-”

You broke down, sinking to the ground and curling up into a ball.

Taehyung was silent on the other end of the line, struggling to find words that could comfort you, but he could grasp none. The only thing he could say was ‘I’m sorry’ as you cried it out, burying your face in the oversized sleeves of the sweatshirt. Every inhale smelled like him, like Jimin, and realizing that you were wearing his clothes, surrounded by his soft, comforting scent; it just made everything more painful.

“S-so,” you hiccuped weakly, “what’s going on right now? How is he?”

“They guys are cooling him down right now. They tried to get him to drink something, but he’s out cold. We’re waiting for manager-hyung to come take him to the hospital.”

“How many times has he gone to the hospital for this?”

“Only that time when you came to see him. All the other times, he recovered within seconds, but this time…”

“Taehyung, how the hell am I supposed to just sit here?!”

“Please. For Jimin. He’ll be there in the morning. Manager-hyung said he’s gonna make Jimin rest for a few days. You can talk to him then, please.”

You wiped your face and sniffed, brows furrowing as you tried to make a decision.



“Take care of him.”

“I promise, we all will.”

“Thank you for calling me.”

“I’m sorry…try to get some sleep? He’ll be ok.”

“No promises, but I’ll try.”

The line disconnected and you stared into the darkness of your shared room for a while before you pulled yourself to your feet. By the time you crawled back into bed, tears were already running down your cheeks again. You clutched Jimin’s pillow, curling into it, burying your senses in his scent, trying to convince yourself that he was lying beside you so you could get even a little bit of rest. It was the crying that exhausted you into an uneasy sleep.

Soft, careful touches. Plush, familiar lips pressing against your temple. Jimin was home.

You slowly opened your eyes and found him smiling gently at your figure, clearly adoring how you were wearing his sweater and curled around his pillow. His fingers ran through your hair and his grin lit up even more when he caught sight of your eyes.

“Did you miss me?”

He was teasing. Affectionately teasing like he always does. But his eyes held tired circles under them, his cheeks were getting thin, his body looked much frailer than it used to. He just looked…exhausted.

Taehyung’s news still gripped your heart and you rolled onto your other side, facing away from Jimin so he wouldn’t see the tears springing into your eyes. Oh, you were so relieved that he was ok, that he still had the energy to play around, but you were furious at him for what he was doing to himself.

Jimin giggled, thinking you were playing coy. He rolled into bed with you, nuzzling up against you back, throwing his arms around you to give you a tight squeeze.

“Jagi~” he whined, “it’s ok, I missed you too.”

The happiness in his voice finally broke the walls you were desperately trying to keep intact. You got out of bed, avoiding the confused look you knew Jimin had on his face and headed straight for the kitchen, subtly wiping away your tears.

You clattered around in the kitchen, hands shaking. You grabbed a plate, scooped a healthy amount of rice onto it, opened the fridge and began dishing out kimchi and leftovers from your dinner the night before.

“Jagi, what are you doing?” He was leaning against the bedroom door frame, watching your behavior with mild curiosity. You ignored him, walking straight past with the plate of food and set it on the table. You turned around to face him, eyes tearing up again, and pointed at the dish.

“Eat,” you demanded.

Jimin’s expression hardened instantly. He didn’t move. The two of you were locked in a staring competition.

“Eat. Now.”

He let out a forced chuckle. “Jagi, you know I can’t eat anything right now because of my-”



“Fuck your stupid diet.”

“We talked about this,” he said, voice low with warning.

“Doesn’t matter. Diet’s over. You’re eating now.” You approached him and grabbed his arm, trying to lead him to the table. He easily pulled out of your grip and stood up straighter in defense.

“What’s gotten into you?”

“Jimin, please-” You tried again. He yanked his hand away again.

“You know I can’t eat right now.”

“Shut up! Stop saying that!” You tried to push him toward the table, shoving at his chest. He grabbed your wrists to immobilize you. The harsh, determined look in his eyes, the frown pulling at his lips, how worn out he obviously was. It brought you to tears and you began sobbing, leaning into him for support. Immediately, he softened and let go of your wrists, wrapping his arms around you.

“I’m sorry,” he murmured. “I know it’s hard for you to see me like this, but I have to.”

You pulled away, looking at him incredulously. “Why? Jimin, why do you have to? You’re not obligated to-”

“Yes, I actually am. The fans. It’s what they want, and I need to do my best and work hard for them. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to do what I love so much as my job, I wouldn’t be able to travel the world with the boys, and I wouldn’t have met you. If it weren’t for ARMY-”

“Jimin, the people saying that you need to lose weight are not your fans. They’re just a bunch of thirsty teenagers who throw themselves at every celebrity, trying to get the ‘perfect hot body’ out of famous people so they can drool all over your looks without even considering the insane amounts of work you already put into everything for them. They don’t care about you. They only care about how celebrities look, and the only thing they do is critique your appearance because they have nothing better to occupy their boredom! Jimin, seriously! Your health! You’re getting sick! You look exhausted. You need food to keep up with the physical strain of your job, especially before a comeback! You can’t just skip meals for days in a row!”

Jimin was silent, refusing to meet your gaze.

“Jimin, the boys are all telling me that even they can’t get you to eat. And you know what else they’ve told me?”

He stiffened.

“You’re collapsing in the middle of dance practice because you’ve completely depleted yourself of energy. You need to eat. Why are you doing this to yourself?!”

He didn’t respond for a moment, shifting his eyes from one side of the room to the other. He sighed. “Even the fans who do care about our health still love it when we look good. I’m sorry, but that’s just how it is when you’re an idol. You need to look as good as you possibly can. Even if its not for the fans, I’m a public image for our group and for our company, and…it’s the least I can do for everyone; maintaining a good image…I know there are healthier, long term ways to lose weight, and you know that I follow those, but unfortunately, this is the fastest way.”

“Jimin, you don’t need to maintain or perfect anything! You’re fine, just please-”

“It’s just a few kilos. I promise I’ll be eating well again once promotions start, but right now…I can’t. It’s just a few more weeks. I can handle it, jagi, I promise.”

You gave up. His determination and loyalty was admirable, yet dangerous. You tried all that you could right now, and if he wasn’t going to give in now, he wasn’t going to later.

“I just want you to be safe…” you whispered, worry and frustration clouding your voice.

He pulled you into another hug. “I’m sorry I can’t be better for you.”

“Don’t say that. I just want you to be healthy and happy.”

“The happiness I have when I’m with you makes it all bearable. I’m sorry for all the stress you have to deal with because of me.”

“Jimin…I love you.”

“I love you more.”

He kissed you softly before returning to the bedroom to change clothes and catch up on sleep. You stared after him, knowing that he would eat again like he promised, and although that gave you comfort, the only thing you could do right now was just hope and pray that he wouldn’t do this again for their next comeback.

Am I Enough PT 4

Am I Enough PT 4

Bucky X Reader

Summary: Their plan didn’t quite work the way they wanted. The fight that ended it all comes out and details revealed.

Warnings: as always angst, self doubt, Bucky is a naive jerk.

A/N: So I thought it was time that we knew where this whole debacle started and who Bucky’s partner in passion is. Though you’re all smart cookies and probably figured it out already. Be prepared for the hurt . As always feed back is appreciated!!

“Can you tell me what I did to drive you away? And don’t pull that ‘you have to distance yourself to keep me safe’ crap. It didn’t work before it certainly won’t work now. I know I’m not the best looking person in the world. Hey, I can even understand why you would look else where. You always did deserve better. I’m just normal right? You must have realized that normal wasn’t good enough. Just a phase. Easily replaced with someone better. Gah, why? I shouldn’t have fallen, everyone told me it was to good to be true. It felt so good though, so right. Did you ever once feel the same? Or was it nothing but pity? Did my little sob story strike a cord so you dated me to make me feel like the world wasn’t as hopeless as it really is? I get it, alright, people like me don’t ever get the guy.”


You went to dinner with the team, it was like nothing had ever happened. You laughed and shared stories. Tony, of course, insisted that he pay the bill swinging his card at the star struck staff. They had been recognized almost instantly, granted they hadn’t really even tried to go incognito. The place had gone out of its way to set up a more private area so you could eat in peace. The occasional die hard fan coming for an autograph. Overall though, it was like you were home.

You parted ways after dinner, they couldn’t all fit in your apartment. They refused to leave though until you were for sure coming back to them. Sam had a brief talk, explaining where you were at and asking them to respect your decision. They begrudgenly agreed they all understood because they would ask the same for themselves. You grabbed Wanda silently telling to stay but loudly saying “Can’t stay with a bunch of stupid boys”

You both got ready for bed. There was a slight awkwardness to the air, Wanda obviously wanted to ask you about what happened, but at the same time not push you to talk. Once you were both tucked in you let out a sigh, “Go ahead Wanda ask away, I can feel your questions eatting at me already.”

“That obvious?” Wanda chuckled. You nod, a slight chuckle leaving you as well. “Ok, I don’t know what to ask first? But what happened? I mean what really happened?”

“Just going to jump right in I see.” You take a deep breath “There’s not much to say, he doesn’t love me any more at least not as much as I thought. He … I … I caught him cheating on me. I kinda knew deep down that he was slipping away from me but I thought it would get better. I wish he,” your throat was closing up and tears were filling your eyes “I wish he had just broken up with me not just …” You couldn’t keep going. It was too soon, too fresh.

“Stop,” Wanda begged pulling you into her and stroking your head. “Stop defending him, he had no right to do what he did. He was a coward for doing it.”

“I know, but I can’t help feeling that I deserved it. I must have done something wrong and pushed him over the edge. I mean look at her and look at me it’s no competition who he would pick.”

“Who? No one knows who it was. How did you find out?” Wanda shook her head. She was confused, they knew it was Bucky that cheated but who the woman was. There were rumors of course, but no one quite knew the full story.

You were pulled back to that day all to easily. The team had just gotten back from a week long mission just the night before. Bucky had told you not to come that night as they would be getting back late. So after reluctantly agreeing you decided to head there in the morning to make him and the team a surprise breakfast.

You got everything you needed for a giant pancake feast. From bacon to juice you had it all. After setting the table up you asked FRIDAY to send everyone down. They slowly trickled in one by one, for the most part they had all made it in. You decided to wake up Bucky and bring him down. He was never a morning person so he was probably still snoring away, you creep up to the door. You turn the knob carefully and push the door not making a noise. What you are met with is a very awake Bucky, he was supported on his elbows, butt naked, and lips locked with the woman beneath him.

You couldn’t move, couldn’t breath. You waited hoping that you would wake up. They flip over changing positions. All you take in is the color at first, that striking fire color. From there you took in every curve, every slope, the perfect figure, but it was mostly how perfectly they seemed to fit together. Each movement seemed to blend and seemed so in sync with each other. It wasn’t till they started whispering sweet nothings that you felt anything. The names tore into you, each one a little dagger that ripped your heart out. Just as they finished together, you must have made a noise because both their heads whipped around to face you.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t…. I… suprise… never…. never mind.” You back away, trying to wipe the whole scene away. You drop your eyes to the floor not wanting to see it. There’s a buzz in your ear growing loader with each passing second. Bolting out of the room, you stumble back into the living room. There are no tears just shock, on your face, the others look up to see you.

“Hey what’s the matter?” Steve asks rising slightly. You straighten, you couldn’t tell then it was too embarrassing and it might hurt the dynamic. You should have seen this coming, for all you knew everyone already knew and was waiting for you to catch on. You shake your head trying to clear it.

“Nothing, just saw something I don’t want to see again.” You start packing your things intent on getting out.

“What about Bucky?”

“He’ll be right down. I gotta go. To work, yeah to work.” You shove a few more things in your bag, before swinging it onto your back. The sound of pounding feet coming down the hallway made you hurry. You didn’t make it, Bucky swung around the corner.

“(Y/N), please wait let me explain. Stop please.” He begged grabbing your elbow. You turn to look at him, looking over toward the group to see the stares. You nod and pull him away, leading him to a spare room.

You remember the fight but it was mostly the silence from his end, he didn’t say anything after trying to explain. He loved her, there was a connection that he didn’t get with you. Of course he did, any guy would have it and from what you had seen it was true. You should have seen it, in what far out world did you ever think that this ended with your happy ending.

It was nothing but tears and a raised voice from you, saying anything and doubting everything in your relationship. He just looked away, never trying to stop you. He never once told you you were wrong, that what you had was special. No it was all a lie a wonderful, blissful lie. When you were done he simply stood up and told you to be gone, that he didn’t want anything to do with you. He was revoking your rights to the tower after your stuff was gone. Lucky for you he had said that they were leaving on another mission in a couple days.

You stumbled out and headed for the back stairs, not wanting to see anyone. Two days later you packed your stuff and left.

Wanda looked down at you, “Nat…Nat slept with Bucky?” You nod confirming. “But you guys were like best friends, the three of you attached at the hip.” She couldn’t believe it. Natasha wouldn’t do that, not to you and not with him. You two had bonded so well. You were almost sister, if there was shopping to be done you could be seen attached at the hip heading out the door together.

“Yes, but he loves her so why wouldn’t he. I mean they have a ‘connection’, a past together, why wouldn’t he love her.” You could feel the tears working back up choking you. “I thought for once, I could be enough for someone. I know I’m not gorgeous or even pretty, but he” you taking a shuddering breath in. “He told me he loved how normal I am, that I brought him peace. That I made him believe he could have a future one day. I guess I thought it would be our future together. That I wasn’t some place holder to fill up the time.” You could barely breath, you broke again.

It was the first time you had spoken about what happened. You hadn’t just lost a boyfriend, you lost one of your best friends. It tore your heart even further apart, you weren’t sure there was much left at this point. Let alone if you could ever put it back together again, but maybe it was better this way. You could stop getting your hopes up and save yourself some tears.

You clutch onto Wanda in some desperate hope that she could hold you together while you were crumbling apart.

Bucky POV

He looked down at her while she slept curled away from him. Her eyes were still rimmed in red and a small sniffle escaping between the murmurs. Nat had come in crying, he had been reading on the bed and to see this strong woman out of character he immediately rose taking he in his arms. She had cried, great sobs that wracked her body. When they had finally calmed he led her to the bed stroking her back gently.

“I can’t do this. I shouldn’t have done this to her. She was my best friend.” She sniffles tears beginning again. “How could I?”

Bucky held her thinking about what she was saying. He hadn’t thought about Natasha in this whole situation. He had started to really noticed her while (Y/N) and her were hanging out. Bucky had practically been the third wheel on those adventures.

It came as a shock to him how close the group of them had gotten. The three had enjoyed movies and New York food adventures that took them to the best and shadiest parts of New York. Through it all they became friends seeing each other weaknesses and strengths. As he had learned about (Y/N) he had gotten to better understand Natasha.

It had started with lingering gazes while (Y/N) was grabbing something or had her back turned.
It turned to touches that trailed up and down arms and legs, making it seem like mere accident but prolonging it as much as possible.

The first kiss happened after movie night, they had been trading looks over (Y/N) shoulder as she nestled into Bucky’s side. His fingers running through her hair sent her to sleep about half way through the movie. As they started up the next she had awakened, and shuffled her way back to the room with promises that Bucky would be there shortly.

Natasha had scoot closer and as she entered his reach, his arm wrapping around her pulling her closer. Their eyes clicked and suddenly they lurched toward each other lips tangling together in the heat of the moment. As they separated, they were panting staring at each other debating if this was a good idea or would ruin everything.

It had grown from there each stealing moments from the other in till that fateful day. It had been a late mission and having successfully diverting you from coming to see him, he spent the night with Natasha in his arms. That morning he had woken up to her stretching on top of him. It had been so heated he missed the door opening and (Y/N) stepping in.

It was a strangled gasp that grabbed both of them whipping their heads around. When they looked at the door the dread that built was spiked when he saw (Y/N) standing there. He hadn’t seen a more broken hearted look on someone’s face since he had been the Solider. She had tears gathered in her eyes and but it was the emotion he found there that made him start to regret all his decisions with Natasha. As soon as she bolted he got up looking for clothes before chasing her.

He prayed (Y/N) hadn’t left yet. He need to tell her what happened. Why he did what he did. But it was mostly to get that look off her face. How could he be the one to put that look there, after all the late night talks they had about her looks and her insecurities of never being good enough for him. He went and did the one thing that would make all of that seem true. Even when he knew better than anyone that they weren’t.

He caught her in the kitchen, not seeing anything else he grabbed her elbow pulling her back, begging her not to leave. He dragged him to another room before she turned on him. “(Y/N), please let me explain.” He was pleading, no begging her to listen. He needed to make it right. He explained it to her everything he felt. He was finally open about how he felt about Natasha. When he looked up what he got was even worse than before. There was an understanding look but it was so twisted. It had anger and sadness but most of all it was defeat. He stepped forward, it was obvious he hadn’t explained enough to make her understand. She raised her hands to block him from moving any farther.

“You love her, and you love me but you don’t love me as much as you love her. Right? So why didn’t you just break it off then. You promised you would stay with me. That nothing on Earth could stop you from breaking that promise. What did I Do?”

He looked down. He didn’t know what to say but with each word she spoke a dagger could be felt digging into him. She continued on questioning and berating him. Wondering where she went wrong, how she had managed to screw up so bad that he sought another. She kept going never once letting him explain. So he got angry, she had the whole thing figured out did she? He couldn’t stand the looks anymore, he was trying to make it right. Natasha was the better choice, wasn’t she?

When she fell silent he tensed waiting for a moment to see if she had more to say. “Are you done?” She nodded. “Good then get out I don’t want to see you again, all you junk needs to be gone when I get back from this mission understand. As for your Tower privileges as soon as you leave consider them revoked.”

He couldn’t stop himself, there was this burning in his gut. It was eatting at him nagging his every move and it wouldn’t go away. She simply nodded and left. He turned, a small part waiting for her to come back so he could apologize for his words his tone. Instead he left and went back to the kitchen to pretend that he hadn’t just lost his best friend.

He focused back on Nat sleeping, that feeling hadn’t gone away yet. He had to fix this. Nat had been right how could they? He turned away from her a settled into his own restless dreams, ones of tears and a broken hearted girl.

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Oh look here the fic I wasn’t going to continue until after finals has it’s 2nd chapter magically appear! Chronologically it comes right after Open The Memory Cage [Link].

Tags(ish): Ending [E] spoilers. 8 pages/6168 words. 2B9S. Quite a bit of angst and feels. 

Summary: 9S notices 2B is still hiding her feelings somewhat and tries to get her to open up so he can help her heal too. It all goes downhill fast when she accidentally discovers the corpses of the 2B models 9S killed in the tower. 9S has great trouble comforting her until he comes up with an idea to help her through this.

Read on AO3: [Link]

Story under the readmore. [Link] for mobile users in case you can’t click it.

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anonymous asked:

ahHhHhhH thank you for the odd jobs au!!! it was perfect^^ if it's possible.. could you do the other half of svt??

find part one with the other members (here)


  • grocery cashier 
  • smiles at everyone and asks them about their day while bagging their produce 
  • knows people by their first names and is genuinely always happy to be working. like even when customers are assholes to him, he’ll keep smiling because nothing can stop the sun from shining y’know
  • every morning you come in to buy the same three things: a bottle of water, some gum, and your favorite snack and like you and DK are always polite and talk a bit while he’s ringing up your items
  • but one day you come in and DK waves you over like ‘i already have everything you usually buy ready! hope that’s not weird or anything,,,’ and he gives you that adorable eye smile and you’re like om,f,,,thank,,,,you
  • and he hands you the bag and you reach over to give him your money but he’s like ‘don’t worry, this morning’s on me!’ and winks and your heart like beats out of your chest but yes
  • as you’re walking out you open the bag and in it is your three things but also a letter and when you open it it’s a little poem DK wrote that describes how pretty you are and how he looks forward to seeing you everyday and you’re like oh my god,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,how can someone be so precious 


  • car washer 
  • tall enough to reach the top part of the car with the hose
  • long arms that work like windshield wipers basically 
  • mingyu in denim overalls with soap on his hands and a bit of it on his chin and like water in his hair just take a moment to, imagine
  • you don’t even drive you literally see him for the first time when you’re getting carpooled with a friend of yours and you’ almost drop your phone on your face when he walks up and starts like washing the window and you’re like holy shit
  • your friends like snapping their fingers in your face like hello get out of the car they’re gonna wash it
  • and like you’re standing there looking at mingyu just casually keeps washing your car. he got the overalls on but also his sleeves are rolled up and you’re like “why is a model working at a car wash?”
  • and mingyu heARS you he stops and smiles at you like “what a nice compliment, i should take up modeling.” and you’re like afshgdigof4tgefw and he just laughs because you’re all red
  • your friend goes to pay inside the car wash and as you’re waiting mingyu walks up to you and is like “did you really mean it, that i could be a model?” and you’re like “,,,,,,yes aren’t you like 180cm?” and he grins like “185cm ^^” and you’re like wOAH and he’s like 
  • bending a bit to get to your eye level like “im basically perfect for reaching high places, isn’t that a good quality for a boyfriend?” and you’re like ARE YOU FLIRTING WITH ME rIGHT NOw
  • fun fact: he totally is 


  • street artist
  • draws big chalk masterpieces on sidewalks in parks and stuff and people always crowd around to take photos and watch
  • looks mega adorable with chalk all over his fingers and face and like he gets this cute concentrated look on his face and talks to himself in chinese when something is off or looks wrong
  • and you see him a lot because you pass by the park to get home and you’ve taken photos of his work before it gets washed away or something and you’ve always kinda wanted to talk to him but he always looks way too focused on his work
  • one day you notice that while you’re walking home it’s getting dark and he’s still outside drawing and you don’t think it’s anything special so you look and then walk by but then at arounf 11pm you go out to buy something from the 24/7 mart and…..he’s still there
  • except no ones around him and it’s really dark and he’s literally using his phone as a flashlight to draw and you’re a bit worried because isn’t it dangerous it’s nearing midnight, also isn’t he tired???
  • so you go into the mart and buy some juice and a kimbap and go back out and like cautiously you approach and set down the food
  • the8 looks up like ??? and you’re like aH im sorry,,,it’s just i saw you like 5 hours ago and i wanted to make sure you’ve eaten,,,,,,,,and for a second you think he’s just gonna ignore you
  • but then he bows his head and gets up to thank you and you’re like !!!! it’s ok, but isn’t it late???
  • and he shrugs like yes, but i really want to finish so in the morning people have something beautiful to look at
  • and like ,,,,, it’s such a touching thought that you feel your cheeks fluster with embarrassment for asking but it’s cute you like squat down next to the8 as he continues drawing and like you guys actually talk
  • and it’s nice because there isn’t a crowd around you and like it’s quiet and when he finally finishes he thanks you shyly for keeping him company and you’re like well!! ill see you again?? and he’s like ofc!! but he also like walks you back to your building because it’s dark and he needs to make sure you get home safe hehehe 


  • flight attendant
  • seungkwan wearing the little scarf around his neck
  • is super efficient and great at keeping people satisfied. even knows details about the place the plane is going if anyone has questions about what sites to see or something
  • is the three time in a row winning champion of flight attendant karaoke night but anyway
  • you meet him on like a 15 hour flight and he’s like cute you notice him as he’s walking by to check seat belts and like you both smile at each other and whatnot
  • but then the douche beside you asks seungkwan to get him a soda and ofc seungkwan says right away and comes back like a minute later with the soda and the guy is like “noT this soda are you stupid?” and starts like causing a ruckus and seungkwan starts looking like he might lose his composure and you’re like 
  • well like you reach out and take the soda from seungkwan’s hands and you’re like “thank you! ill drink this, if the gentleman by my side wants another soda is it ok to trouble you to get it?” and seungkwan like wavers for a bit but because of your nice tone he like collects himself and is like ofc
  • and comes back and gives the mean dude his soda and the guys grumbling but seungkwan like smiles at you from the corner and you give him a thumbs up
  • and like you fall asleep on the flight and seungkwan covers you with a blanket and it’s cute when you wake up he recommends you some places to see
  • this love story happens in the span of 15 hours in the sKY how romantic
  • but yes when you land and are waiting to step out of the plane seungkwan passes you a little note and its his number and it asks what flight you’re taking back in case he’s on it and it’s cute your whole trip is better because you keep remembering that cute as hell flight attendant 


  • hotdog stand 
  • wears a striped shirt and hat that has a dancing hotdog on it. you could say he’s not a really big fan of this job 
  • sometimes gives rude customers the burnt hotdogs because he gets offended easily LOL but to nice people he always gives extra toppings 
  • spends most of his time just like texting on his phone really. likes to look at memes even though he swears to all his friends that he doesn’t even think memes are cool
  • you start working across the hotdog stand and the ice cream stand and vernon notices you right away because you look super cute standing outside handing out free samples and also like your stand is directly across from his….if he looks forward…..there you are
  • and you don’t know but vernon keeps kinda staring whenever it’s not busy. he caught you dancing to popular boy group seventeens ‘very nice’ once while it was playing and he got shy so he had to like look away
  • but it made him smile the rest of the day hehe
  • he gets extremely surprised when you come over one day and ask if he has any napkins. you ran out at the ice cream stand and you’re smiling and he’s like ,,,,,,,,,,,kfdwonve because you’re up close and yep he was totally right you’re really freaking cute!!! and he doesn’t know what to say so he just hands you like a stack of napkins and you’re like !!! thank you and grin and he feels his heart like jump LOL
  • later that day you’re on the bus stop and you see the boy from the hotdog stand waiting on the stop too and you go over and you’re like thanks for the napkins!!! and vernon’s like AHHH it’s no…..big deal hahahaha 
  • and you two talk a little and you introduce yourself and vernon acts like he hasn’t been totally looking at you for the past two weeks and it’s cute you even sit beside each other on the bus
  • when it’s your stop you get up and you wave and say you can’t wait to see him tomorrow and vernon’s like same!!
  • and once you’re off vernon like smiles goofily to himself the old lady in the seat across is like ah yes young LOVE


  • dog walker 
  • always surrounded by like 15+ dogs
  • the dogs love him and literally every time he comes by to pick them up for their walk the dogs like attack him and the owners are just like “i think our dog likes you more than they like us……”
  • totally lets little kids pet the pups if they wanna 
  • his dog walking business is called “dino: the dog whisperer” even tho everyone is like plEAse change it it’s corny
  • you are also a dog walker with your 15+ dogs and you always meet dino at the dog park 
  • you guys like chat about the dogs and it’s always friendly
  • one day though you end up chasing one of your dogs around the park because it refuses to put it’s leash back on and dino like comes over to help
  • and you two are chasing this pup eVERYwhere and it’s like oh my god
  • and at one point you bump right into each other and dino trips over a squeaky toy and you like fall backwards and he pulls you into him so you don’t get hurt
  • and it’s like you two are laying there and the dog runs over and starts licking your faces and you’re like aHGFtwlfveg
  • but also two blushing kids because you were literally ontop of him and it’s like
  • all your dogs KNOW you two are flustered so they start nudging you and dino and it’s like 101 dalmations or something
  • dino’s like ….well….and you’re like ah…..and he’s like i Finish dog walking at 2 do you wanna get…lunch together and you’re like ,,,,,that’d be nice
  • and all the dogs get hyper and happy and start like howling and it’s embarrassing but ADORABLE 
markhyuck hogwarts!au

if you read my renle hogwarts au ignore everything i said about them in that ok bYE

-donghyuck’s a slytherin and mARK’S A GRYFFINDOR OOooOoOOOooOoOooh

-they were friends before they became students at hogwarts right but nobody knows that

-like, the dream team is still alive and well

-but like, it’s lowkey af

-it’s split up into two groups but they all love each other like family

-mark has jaemin and chenle

-hyuck has renjun, jisung and jeno

-the friendship between mark and the rest of the dream team (except hyuck) isnt lowkey and the same goes for hyuck but markhyuck just pretend to hate each other

-they glare at each other whenever they see each other in the halls

-whenever someone mentions the other’s name, they get really pissed and change the subject

-one time they got into a fight and hyuck got a split lip and mark’s cheek was bruised





-their parents (who’re muggles btw) never got along so they had to pretend to hate each other at muggle school too

-and they had to make sure they would NEVER find out so they just had to pretend to hate each other for as long as they could lmfao

-they have most of their dates in the room of requirement tbh lmao

-on hogsmeade weekend trips, they’d try their best to meet up somewhere but they rarely do :///

-they buy a shit ton of candy to share on dates back at hogwarts tho lmfao

-markhyuck gotta keep the slytherin x gryffindor rivalry alive man

-they’re both the captains of their quidditch teams and whenever there’s a match between the two houses, EVERYBODY’S there to see what kinda shit the two of them pull

-theyre infamous for their rivalry, it makes hyuck laugh really hard

-on like christmas trips back, the dream team lets them ride in their own cart omg

-they literally just cuddle the entire time and look at memes on tumblr bYE

-the dream team helps them hide their relationship from their parents oh my god

-but it doesnt always work

-it failed once and ONLY ONCE but it was really bad

-mark’s parents caught them together once and were FUCKING FURIOUS

-they were calling hyuck alllll sorts of bad shit

-and mark was slowly losing his cool

-him and hyuck were holding hands and mark was squeezing hyuck’s hand harder and harder trying to control himself

-hyuck was like trying to peel mark’s hand away awkwardly bc he was about to bolt away and like die

-hyuck’s the type to think theyre all badass but like, he cant fight without magic and he isnt going to use magic to fight his boyfriend’s parents lmfao

-but long story short, mark bleW THE FUCK UP

-he was screaming on and on about how his parents were fucking awful and how hyuck was better than either of them could ever be like the most emo kid youll ever see

-and to be like a lil bitch mark told them how him and hyuck had been best friends for years

-and boLTED OFF 

-listen, hyuck had seen mark be ‘mad’ a bunch of times but never for real

-mark’s a really laid-back guy so it was rare to see him actually mad

-so seeing mark being all mad and angry and defensive all for hyuck made him feel so special it melted his lil slytherin heart

-and like, mark is such a sucker for his parents, he wouldnt do ANYTHING to hurt them

-if hyuck wasnt completely whipped for mark yet, he was now bYE

-so after that, if anybody mentioned the word ‘parents’ around mark, hyuck had to be held back or else he wouldve murdered someone

-they are SO protective of each other

-when they see someone blatantly flirting with the other, it takes everything in them not to figHT THEM

-hyuck probably gets jealous really easily

-ok so the yule ball was coming up right

-and this ravenclaw chick asked mark to the ball

-and mark was like “oh hahaha… uh… sure….”

-mark was too nice to say no and he’s pretty sure if he did, she’d jinx him or something

-hyuck saw all of it B Y E

-he was F U R I O U S

-he was so pissed off but deep down he was hella hurt even tho there was no way they could go together anyway

-see i see slytherins like big hamsters with snake costumes

-soft as heck on the inside and wannabe toughs on the outside

-so hyuck didnt wanna talk to mark and end up telling him the truth

-so he just avoided him bc that’s what he does when he doesnt want anyone to find out what he’s feeling

-it happened for like an entire week until the yule ball came up

-during the week, mark would see hyuck and try to silently communicate

-and he KNOWS hyuck noticed him but he just ignored him

-and like, hyuck can make mark’s day by just being in his presence

-mark went from “ccccccccccccccc:” to “:////////////////////////”

-mark had to go to renjun and ask him if something was up with hyuck

-”?? no?? he seems ok??”

-”oh… is he ignoring you or not talking to you?”

-”no?? we talk like usual. is something wrong?”

-mark’s lil heart broke oh my gOD

-”oh… nothing.. nothing’s wrong i just wanted to ask”

-poor baby 

-so they didnt talk for an entire week (longest time theyve never not spoken!!!)

-and at the yule ball, mark cornered hyuck

-and hyuck being hyuck paniCKED

-”what are you doing??? people are staring!!! at least tell me if we’re gonna fight omg!!!”

-”why do you keep avoiding me?”

-”im not!! just go!!”

-and mark finally realizes people are looking (even tho hyuck mentioned it smh) and drags hyuck to the room of requirement

-”i know youre avoiding me”

-”mark im really not, can i just go?”

-”tell me why youre avoiding me.”

-”i just really fucking hate the fact that you said yes to that bitch ravenclaw after we decided not to go with anyone.”

-theyre still holding hands btw mark fuckin refused to let go lmfao

-”you couldve just told me…”

-”that’s dumb”

-”youre dumb”

-poor bby mark is more careful to not hurt his dumb boyfriend’s feelings anymore

-the end i don’t know how to end things

Bad Reputation (Part Five) - Oliver Wood Imagine

A/N: OH MY FREAKIN GOD! I thought my inbox was going to explode! you guys are AWESOME! I can’t believe the response this story is having… I hope I’m loving it! you guys rock and I just hope that I keep doing a good job! I hope you guys like it! :D you guys are AWESOMEEE xD haha so, you deserved you part 5! (I still don’t know how many parts this story is going to have yet but here we go :P) I hope you guys like it! xD

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :)

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Bad Reputation

[Part 1] [Part 2]  [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14]

Oliver was pacing back and forth in front of Professor McGonagall’s office. He had a speech prepared. Well, not really he had no idea what he was going to say but he knew what his point was… sort of. He gathered the Gryffindor courage inside of him and managed to knock on the door.

“Come in” he heard the Transfiguration teacher call from the other side. He opened the door and made his way over to the chair in front of her desk.

“Professor” he greeted her.

“Mr. Wood” Professor McGonagall said looking up from her desk.

“May I have a word with you?”

“I already know what you’re going to ask me Mr. Wood and the answer is no” she simply said before going back to grading papers.

“No? B-but how do you know-?”

“Your father wrote me a letter saying he immediately wants you removed from being Miss Rosier’s mentor. I’m afraid I have no choice but to-“

“No! You can’t do that! You can’t assign another mentor to her!”

“I’m not” she explained sadly removing her glasses. “You being her mentor was Miss Rosier’s last chance, Mr. Wood. From now on, she’s on her own and I’m afraid that road is leading her towards being expelled” she said worriedly.

“What? B-but she was doing better! She was going to classes and she was doing her homework a-and she was only getting detention from Professor Snape-“

“I know that, Mr. Wood. But after the Quidditch match and the little incident with your father, Miss Rosier’s behavior took a turn for the worst” she said gravely.

“B-but I can talk to her! Please, let me talk to her!”

“Mr. Wood, are you aware that no one has even seen her since then?”

Oliver felt his heart sinking. He thought she was only hiding from him like she usually did. “W-what?”

“She has skipped all of her classes, hasn’t turned in any papers, she’s not in her dorm… she is nowhere to be found” she informed him.

“I can find her!” he said all of the sudden.

“What are you talking about, Wood?”

“I can find her, Professor! Please! I cannot walk away from her” he begged. “You said you chose me to be her mentor because I was someone who wouldn’t give up on her. Well, I’m not giving up on her!”

“But your father specifically said-“

“I don’t care what he said! He doesn’t know (Y/N)!”

“And you think you do?” Professor McGonagall asked him. “Mr. Wood, there are many stories about Miss Rosier that I’m sure even I don’t know” she informed him. “I am really sorry but it seems that this was a battle that we lost” she said with sad eyes.

“No! I refuse to believe that! Look, I won’t tell my father about it. Professor, please, just… give me one last chance! I promise I can help her” Oliver pleaded.

Professor McGonagall hesitated for a bit but saw the determination on the boy and she knew she had made the right choice by naming him her mentor.

“Alright, Mr. Wood” she said. “One last chance.”

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Monster’s Daughter (Namjoon angst pt.2)

Summary: Your 4-year old daughter is a HUGE BTS fan. Unknown to her, Namjoon is her father.

Request?: No

Multiple parts?:  Part One  

Type: Angst/Fluff

Reader Name: Rose Lowe

A/N: FINALLY! After I spent 60 bucks on this fucking charger I can finally post!! I’ve been excited to post for days! Please enjoy, I hope this doesn’t let you down. Let me know how it is ^_^ (P.S. Part three will be up tomorrow or Thursday IF NOTHING ELSE GOES WRONG)

~~  Part One  ~  Part Two  ~  Three  ~   Four  ~  Five  ~  Six  ~  Seven ~  Eight  ~  Nine  ~  Ten  ~~

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The Imaginary Friend (Chapter 8)

Chapter 7 (And other chapters)

“You have to go.” said Chuck. He sat on the couch in front of me.

“No way, you’re not getting away that easily.” I said. I walked over and sat down next to him, turning to face him.

“Talk to me, please.”

Chuck looked at me with watery eyes. I could see the fear laying in them.

“Do you trust me?” asked Chuck, barely above a whisper.

“Always have.” I said. I laid my hand on top of Chuck’s, rubbing it gently with my thumb. Chuck stared at our hands, taking a deep breath.

“Then you know why I’m about to do this.”

Chuck grabbed my face and pulled it towards his, kissing me, giving me no time to react before letting me go.

Chuck stood up, walking out of the room, up the stairs, leaving me alone.

“Ugh!” I yelled, slamming the door to the motel room of the week we were staying in.

“Range?” asked a 14 year old Sam.

“You know you could have waited for me to walk in before slamming the door.” said Dean from behind me.

Ignoring him, I walked in the bathroom, slamming the door again. Sam stood up ready to come to my aid.

“Leave her.” said Dean, knowing what had happened.

I sat on the floor against the sink with my head in my hands.

“Hey, hey what’s wrong?” asked Blue suddenly.

“I swear Blue if one more guy makes a move on me and kisses me I’m gonna explode.” said 16 year old me.


“Hunters can’t be in relationships. It doesn’t work, it’ll never work. They don’t exist. It stresses me out so much. I swear the next guy who kisses me; I’ll just run away from him.”

And I hadn’t been kissed since. I stood up quickly, wanting to get out of there before my brain took me into a state of panic, something Chuck knew would happen. I stood up quickly and walked out of his house, my head fogged up from shock.

I closed the door and leaned my head against it, taking a breath.

“Took you long enough.”

I jumped, turning around quickly. Sam stood before me.

“What are you doing here, Sam?” I asked. I pushed passed him and walked towards my truck. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with my little brother’s questions right now.

“What happened to ‘We’re right behind you!’” asked Sam. Sam walked towards the passenger door, climbing in.

“Why didn’t you go with Dean?” I asked.

“We need to talk.”

Sighing, I got in the car and started it. My phone suddenly beeped.

From: Dean

Hotel *********************

“Alright then.” Starting the car, and we were on the way.

After about 20 minutes on the road, Sam spoke up.

“So… How long have you had visions?”

I slammed on the breaks, nearly crashing the car. That was a question I was not expecting. I pulled over to the side of the road, getting out of the car. Sam followed.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, pacing slightly.

“I saw you in the car, that headache. I could see it on your face, because that’s exactly what my face used to look like.”

I stood against the truck with my head pressed against the side. What was I supposed to do here?

“When I was in that panic room, I kept seeing visions. And one, one of them was mom. She told me you were hiding something that you had secrets I couldn’t even think of. What’ going on Ranger?” asked Sam, walking towards my side of the truck.

“I can’t tell you.” I said, rubbing my temple with my hand.

“What are you talking about? Talk to me Ranger I’m your damn broth-“

“I promised Dad I wouldn’t ok?! The one promise I ever made to Dad, ‘Don’t tell Sam and Dean.’ I’m not breaking that now.” I could feel the tears trying to escape my eyes, but I refused to let them.

“Will you at least tell me how long the visions have been happening?” asked Sam, the concern evident in his voice.

I sighed. Sam wasn’t gonna let me go without me telling him something.

“The day we first met Adam.” Sam widened his eyes, realizing how long ago that was.

“Let’s go.” I said, getting into the car.


Dean and I sat in the hotel room. Dean sat on the bed next to mine, loading a gun.

Sam walked in.

“Hey.” said Dean.


Sam threw something at Dean and me. We both caught it and looked at it.

“Here. Hex bags. No way will the angels find us with those. Demons, either, for that matter.”

“Where’d you get it?” asked Dean.

“I made it.”

“How?” I asked, not making eye contact with my little brother.

Dean and I looked up at Sam, the silence laid heavy.

“I… I learned it from Ruby.”

Dean put his gun down and stood up.

“Speaking of. How you doing? Are you jonesing for another hit of bitch blood or what?” asked Dean.

“I-it’s weird. Uh. Tell you the truth, I’m fine. No shake, no fever. It’s like whoever… put me on that plane cleaned me right up.”

My mind immediately went to Chuck, still trying to figure out how he was a part of all this.

“Supernatural methadone.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Silence lay in the room again.


“Sam.” said Dean, cutting him off.

“It’s okay.” said Dean.

“You don’t have to say anything.” I said.

“Well, that’s good. Because what can I even say? “I’m sorry”? “I screwed up”? Doesn’t really do it justice, you know? Look, there’s nothing I can do or say that will ever make this right-“

“So why do you keep bringing it up?!” I asked.

Dean rested his hand on my shoulder, calming me.

“Look, all I’m saying is, why do we have to put this under a microscope? We made a mess. We clean it up. That’s it.”

Sam nodded.

“All right, so, say this is just any other hunt. You know? What do we do first?” I asked.

“We’d, uh, figure out where the thing is.” said Sam.

“All right. So we just got to find… the devil.”


Nick lied in bed, alone. He pulled his hands out from under the blankets, completely bloodstained. Tossing the blankets back, Nick sees his beds covered in blood. He jumped out of bed and switched on the light, finding no blood.

“All right, keep it together. Keep it down man.” said Nick to himself.

Nick lay back down, turning off the lights. Rolling over, a woman appeared. Nick sat up, shocked. Sarah, someone he wasn’t expecting to see.

“It’s you, Nick. You’re special. You’re chosen.”

Nick shook his head, covering his eyes. When he looks back, she’s gone.

I shot up, sweat dripping from my head. I sat in the dark motel room, the one light coming from the corner of the room. Dean sat awake in the corner, drinking a beer.

“You alright?” asked Dean.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine.” I said.

I lay back down in bed, trying to get any more sleep.

Dean switched the light off, walking over to my side of the bed we shared.

“Goodnight, baby sister.” said Dean.

Dean bent down and kissed my forehead. He walked over to the other side, laying on top of the covers. Dean fell asleep, mind shutting down for the night.

——————————————————————————————————————————————Dean, Sam and I sat in the motel room the next morning. There was a knock on the door. Dean and I pulled out our guns as Sam answered.

An unknown woman stood on the other side, looking like she was about ready to explode.

“You okay, lady?” asked Sam.

“Sam… Is it really you?” asked the girl.

Sam looked back at the two of us. The girl stepped closer and put her hand on Sam’s chest.

“And you’re so firm.”

I snorted, laughing at the strange encounter.

“Uh, do I know you?” asked Sam.

“No. But I know you. You’re Sam Winchester. And you’re-“

She looked at the two of us.

“-not what I pictured. I’m Becky.”

“I apologize in advanced.”

I blocked Chuck, not wanting to talk to him right now.

“I read all about you guys. And I’ve even written a few-“

Becky looked down and giggled.

“Anyway, Mr. Edlund told me where you were.”

Dean stood up.

“Chuck?” he asked. Sam closed the door.

“He’s got a message, but he’s being watched. Angel. Nice change-up to the mythology, by the way. The demon stuff was getting kind of old.”

“Right. Just, um… what’s the message?” I asked.

“He had a vision. “The Michael sword is on earth. The angels lost it.” said Becky.

“The Michael sword?” asked Dean.

“Becky, does he know where it is?” I asked.

“In a castle, on a hill made of forty-two dogs.”

“Forty-two dogs?” asked Dean.

“Are… you sure you got that right?” asked Sam.

“It doesn’t make sense, but that’s what he said.” said Becky. She stepped closer to Sam.

“I memorized every word” Becky touched Sam’s chest. “For you.”

“Um, Becky, c-uh, can you… quit touching me?”


I laughed slightly, crossing my arms as I leant against the wall.

“She’s a character, sorry for dropping her on you.” said Chuck, pushing through my blocking.

“You’re getting stronger.” I said.

“You’re getting closer.”

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So, this one is kinda late. That’s partly because I was a little lazy about writing yesterday since I was celebrating my birthday. Sorry to delay this! Major shout outs to @hiqhwarlockbane
@imadjobsessedbandaddict and @greyyjoys
for giving me the inspiration for this, and @sailingmeships @subject-to-feels and @ein-teufel-im-engelskreis for being awesome and encouraging me so much!

This was inspired by a discussion on Kurt grooming Warren’s wings for him and Warren messing them up (totally on purpose) the next day so that he’d do it again. It kind of just went from there and turned into this. Enjoy!
Warren’s eyes slipped closed as he hummed, practically purring in pleasure.

“You’re good at this….” He murmured quietly. Kurt giggled softly.

“Danke, Varren!” Kurt bit his lip, concentrating on gently cleaning and straightening out the feathers of Warren’s wings.

The blue mutant had noticed them getting messy over the past few days. Ever since he’d been cleared for training with Kurt and the other new X-Men, Warren had taken to using his newly regrown wings increasingly often, spending hours of free time just wheeling about the grounds of the Institute.

The increased use had also meant that they needed additional grooming, something Warren simply didn’t always have the time or energy for. So Kurt had offered to groom them for him. That was how Warren found himself melting down into his bed as Kurt moved around him, expertly running his fingers through the soft feathers.

He forced his eyes open, turning his head slightly towards Kurt.

“You know you don’t have to do all of them, right?” He asked. If he were a better person, he’d have gotten up already, let Kurt get back to doing things that were much more productive than grooming Warren’s wings, especially since the were jut as likely to get messed up again in a few days’ time. But he wasn’t as good a person as Kurt believed him to be so here he remained, going from sitting to laying facedown on his bed, luxuriating in the feeling of someone grooming his wings.

“Unsinn,” Kurt replied easily, not even pausing in his work. “An engel’s wings should always be clean and beautiful.”

“They’re just gonna get messed up again anyway, with the way training has been going. If I sat down to do this every time they got dirty, I’d never leave my room outside of training or eating,” Warren grumbled, but his protests were belied by the pleased ruffling of his feathers as Kurt carefully moved from his left wing to his right one.

“Maybe so. But it wouldn’t hurt to spend a little extra time taking care of them. Especially since it clearly feels nice,” the blue mutant pointed out reasonably.

“Shut up.” There was no heat to Warren’s response. He wouldn’t even bother trying to deny how nice it felt. “Sensitive wings. Who knew?”

Kurt chuckled, finally pulling away from him. Warren bit down on his lip hard to prevent a sound of protest escaping his lips. He had not almost whimpered. He hadn’t!

“I am glad to help if you ever have trouble reaching spots.”

“Definitely won’t hear any complaints from me,” Warren replied, sitting up and shooting a smirk over his shoulder at the younger mutant. Kurt returned it with a beaming smile of his own, which definitely didn’t do anything to Warren’s chest.

And when Warren wandered casually into the kitchen with his wings once again an absolute mess, he’d swear it had nothing to do with how much he’d enjoyed the feeling of Kurt’s hands in his feathers. Kurt took him in and shook his head, taking the first chance he got to pull Warren back up to his room to spend another hour or two grooming them back into a proper appearance.

“I do not understand how you get them so dirty!” He commented offhandedly, laser-focused on his task as he picked twigs out from between the feathers and brushed dirt away, straightening the feathers back into neat lines.

“I like buzzing the trees, ok? And the aerial maneuvers they have me working on aren’t exactly leisurely loop de loops either,” Warren grumbled in response. Even he could feel how the excuse was slightly flimsy. He did indeed enjoy buzzing the buildings and trees, but he was skilled enough to easily avoid them without doing so much damage to his wings. Especially since at high speeds, they stuck closer to his body for a more streamlined, aerodynamic posture.

Kurt hummed, blessedly not calling him on the excuse. “Alright, that should feel better.” Warren smiled as he turned to face Kurt, stretching his wings out.

“It does. Thanks, Kurt,” he replied with a smile. Kurt ducked his head but not before Warren caught the start of a purple flush covering his face and the small smile it earned him. His own smile turned into a pleased smirk at the sight.

“You are velcome Varren.”
The two were hanging out in Kurt’s room the next day when Warren nearly jumped out of his skin at the professor’s voice in his head.

[X-Men, meet me down in Cerebro. We have important matters to discuss.]

“….did you just hear-?”

“The professor? Yes. It appears he has need of us down below.”

“God, it’s fucking weird when he starts talkin’ in our heads like that….”
“Cerebro has identified a potential new student for the Xavier Institute. Shiro Yoshida’s mutation makes him incredibly volatile. He must be retrieved and brought to the Institute for training to learn control, but before that happens, we need someone who can arrive ahead of Hank and the X-copter to help assure him we are not seeking to lock him away or pick him apart in a lab.”

“Wait, wait! On a scale of one to Australia, how dangerous are we talkin’ here?” Peter asked.

“Definitely Australia,” Hank replied. “His powers are incredibly volatile, and essentially make him a walking nuclear reactor. It’s imperative he understand that he is not being attacked, kidnapped, threatened or forced in any way when we make contact.”

“Will we be able to communicate with him?”

“He speaks decent English, so communication will not be an issue. The problem is getting someone who can get there soon enough. He lives in Japan, a very long flight for jets, copter can’t fly very fast, and in his current state he is a danger to himself and others.”

“I could run there,” Peter suggested. “I’d easily get there faster than the copter would.”

“Peter, you’re offering to run nearly 7,000 miles. Even with your enhanced endurance, you would need to constantly be resting, and there would be almost no opportunities to do so once you started running over the ocean.”

“Could Kurt try teleporting his way there?” Everyone paused to look at Scott like he was a moron. “Not all at once, obviously! I know he can’t do that! It’s as far as he can see, right? He could go in little stretches like that. Once he reaches the ocean he could potentially go pretty far. You can see w long way out there.”

Kurt tilted his head, opening his mouth to reply, but before he could, Warren spoke.

“You must be an idiot if you think that would work.” His voice was hard and cold. All eyes turned to him. Scott scowled at him.


“For one thing, it’d be quicker to let Peter try to run there. For another, we’ve already established that doing a string of long teleportations strains Kurt. He’d need to sleep fairly often in order to not push himself to hard. And once he got out over the ocean that’d be next to impossible to do. There’s no way you can sanely ask him to push himself like that.”

Scott flushed angrily, which Warren took as a victory. “And what are you, his defender now?”

“If you assholes plan on asking him to go on a mission like this where it could and would KILL him, when you know he won’t outright refuse if you push him, yeah I am!” Warren growled.

“Yeah? That’s not how it started is it? You tried to kill him multiple times, and now you’re trying to protect him?” At that, Warren’s face shuttered closed, his face completely neutral. Even Scott knew that it was a low blow, and that he definitely shouldn’t have said it, before any of the others could call him on it.

“Because you took such good care of him and totally didn’t just use him as a glorified taxi!” He snarled back. Chagrined, Scott backed down.

“Well, I don’t suppose YOU have any ideas, then?”

“I do actually. And before you ask, it doesn’t involve putting anyone at risk of drowning somewhere in the Pacific, or just leaving this Shiro guy to his devices,” Warren snapped.

“Varren….” Kurt laid a soothing hand on his arm. Warren shook it off, refusing to meet Kurt’s eyes.

“I’ll go. I can fly out ahead easily enough.” Scott scowled a little.

“How is that not just putting yourself at risk of drowning?”

“Because I won’t be flying right above the ocean, dumbass! I’ll be up in the jet streams, where I will be easily out of reach of the waves!” He ground out, his jaw clenching.

“But Varren, vill you be able to make it that far?”

Warren released a breath, still mostly avoiding Kurt’s gaze. “I flew across the Atlantic on my own when I was 10. And we’ve been testing my endurance. I can fly across the U.S. with no problems, find someplace in California to eat, get some sleep, and then have one last meal, and then head out. I should be ok, but if I need to I can stop at a couple of the islands on the way for a few hours of rest.” He turned to face the professor. “I can do this,” he insisted. Xavier steepled his fingers, considering him for a long moment.

“I believe you Warren. Hank and I will set about making further preparations. You had best begin resting up for your journey. You’ll leave tomorrow. All of your are dismissed.” Warren nodded, turning to leave. He was halfway down the hall when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He tensed, resisting the impulse to grab the offending ligament and throw them into the wall.

“Warren listen….I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have-”

“Save it, Summers,” he interrupted coldly. “You made your point clear. I get it.” With that, he shook Scott’s hand off and strode away.

He didn’t see Kurt coming up to stand beside Scott and scowl at him.

“You need to fix this! You have upset Varren!” He told him.

“I know! I tried! He just brushed me off!” Scott replied, frustrated. Kurt shook his head.

“You know he is too stubborn and proud to simply accept that. You must try harder!” And with that, he disappeared in a flash of smoke, doubtlessly going after Warren.
Warren was pacing his room, his wings fluttering agitatedly, when Kurt popped in.

“You are supposed to be resting,” he said softly, “not making holes in the floor vith your pacing.” Warren turned to face him in surprise, before looking away. He moved to sit on his bed, looking down at his feet. Kurt hesitantly moved to sit next to him. “Scott should not have said those things to you.” Warren shrugged.

“Why not? Not like it wasn’t true.”

“You are a part of our team. Ve have long since moved past that. To be bring it up like that was uncalled for. Ororo is furious with him for saying that, as she should be.” Kurt placed a hand on his shoulder. Warren let out a deep breath, but didn’t shake it off. “Varren….please tell me….that you did not volunteer yourself for this mission because you wished to prove that?”

“Of course I didn’t!” Warren exclaimed, finally looking up to meet Kurt’s eyes. “I was the best option. I can actually make the journey across the Pacific without putting myself at risk. If you or Peter got tired while attempting that, you’d be screwed. I can just ride the winds over there and at least reach a couple of the islands to rest for a few hours before heading out again.”

“…..very vell. I still vish you hadn’t spoken up so against my going….” Suddenly Warren looked guilty.

“Kurt….I didn’t say that because I doubt your abilities. I know you’re tough. But I’ve seen how tired you are after some of the longer exercises where you have to constantly teleport. And the ocean? That’s a whole lot more risky than the Danger Room. Out there, there’s no turning it off if something goes wrong. I wasn’t about to let them seriously consider sending you out on a mission like that with no backup.”

“And what about you? You have no problem sending yourself out with no backup!”

“I’ll be fine! The winds and air are much more reliable and predictable than the ocean!”

“You still should not be out alone! Vhat if you get off course, or something happens and ve can’t reach you, or this mutant attacks you before Hank and the professor arrive?”

“That won’t happen-”

“But how do you know that?!” Warren stared in shock as Kurt shook, his fists clenched and staring down as he took deep breaths to get ahold of himself. “I understand that you believe you would be put at less risk than Peter or I in undertaking this. But YOU must try to understand that if something were to happen to you on this mission, if we lost you, I….I would be very upset, Varren.”

Warren was at a loss for words. He struggled to speak around the lump in his throat, reaching out to touch him gently.

“Kurt, I can’t promise that everything will go exactly to plan. But you have to know I’ll do everything in my power to make sure nothing does. I’ll be careful. I don’t like the idea of not having backup out there any more than you do.”

“Then bring me with you! I can help! We can watch out for each other and when one gets tired on the way over the other can take over for a while!” Warren blew out a deep breath.

“Kurt, you know that won’t work. I won’t be able to carry you with me for long enough, it’d take too much of my energy. I may be strong, but my bones are light and you’re no paperweight. It’d be too risky, especially over the open ocean. Plus, you’re not adapted for high altitudes. My mutation and Apocalypse’s….‘upgrades’ make me built to withstand and survive the harsh conditions up there, but you would have no protection, no built-in immunities, unless you’ve got some avian mutation that I don’t know about, in which case you’ve been holding out on us.”

Kurt looked down, clearly unhappy with this, but he didn’t argue.

“I….I do not want you to be out there alone. Vhat if something happens that we won’t know about? If you get hurt….”

“Hey, Kurt, look at me,” Warren spoke gently, gently tilting the blue mutant’s head up so he’d meet his eyes. “I promise you I will be as careful as possible. Like I said, I can’t promise nothing will go wrong, but you gotta believe I’ll do my damnedest to make it back in one piece. And if it’ll make you feel better, I can go talk to the professor and Hank about a way to communicate with you guys?” Kurt sucked in a deep breath, and slowly nodded.

“Yes, it vould make me feel much better. But you vill get some rest now. I vill go talk to them about it. You need all your strength for this mission.” He stood to leave.

“….alright, Kurt. Thanks.”

“You are velcome, Engel. I vill see you in the morning.”

“Yeah. See ya.” With that, Kurt teleported out of the room.
The next morning, Warren was being suited up for the mission with various equipment and supplies. There was a new suit designed to help ensure his body temperature remained in a healthy range at the high altitudes he’d be flying at, as well as help him easily cut through the air; a built in stash that was packed with nutrient rich snacks meant to give him energy on one arm, and one with caffeine pills (“For absolute necessity only,” Hank had warned him sternly) on the other; and strapped to his forearm was a GPS device to help make sure he hit his route correctly to reach Japan as quickly as possible, and could easily reach any of the islands scattered throughout the Pacific for a rest; finally, Hank had outfitted him with a radio comm.

“Kurt suggested this. Figured it’d be a good idea to maintain radio communication with the copter, especially for when you’re out of Jean or Charles’s telepathic range,” Hank explained. “Check in every hour or so, or whenever you’re making a stop or something happens. That way if something goes wrong we have something to work with. Your suits got a waterproof GPS tracker in it as well so we’ll at least have a basic idea where you are if something happens.”

Warren’s eyes slid to the other blue mutant standing nearby as he nodded at Hank’s explanation of everything. The furry man pat him on the shoulder.

“Good luck. You’ll be fine, and we’ll be watching out for you. We’ll get there as soon as we can to help you if you need it.”

“Pfft. I got this. I won’t need any help from you, old man.”

“Alright, whatever you say, kid.” Hank rolled his eyes at Warren’s antics before walking away to continue prepping the copter. Warren turned his attention to Kurt.

“Check in every hour,” the younger boy instructed as he stepped in front of Warren, staring him in the eyes, “Don’t forget! And if anything happens, anything at all, use the radio. It isn’t shameful to ask for help. And it would at least be good to let us know.”

“Alright, Kurt. I will. I promise,” Warren replied, reaching out to take his hand. “And I promise I’ll make it back in one piece.”

“You’d better,” Kurt snarked, his voice catching a little and his eyes growing watery. “I’ll….I’ll never forgive you if you don’t.”

Warren’s answering chuckle was watery and filled with emotion. “Well, I can’t have that, now can I?”

The two teens stood there staring at each other for a minute longer, before Warren pulled Kurt into a long hug. When they pulled back, he leaned in to give Kurt a light peck on the lips.

“For luck,” he whispered.

Kurt stared at him a moment before leaning back in to kiss him back, firmly, yet chastely. When he pulled away, Warren graced him with a giddy smile.

“Do that again?”

Kurt huffed. “Make it back as you promised and then ve’ll see.” That earned a full laugh from the winged mutant, which in turn caused a smile to grace Kurt’s lips.

“Warren,” came Xavier’s voice. “It’s time to go.”

The two sobered immediately, pausing a moment before making their way over to the group, hand in hand. No one made any comment on the exchange between the two, but from how Jean and Ororo were beaming and smirking at them respectively, they’d definitely seen it. They made no efforts to hide how pleased they were with it.

One by one, the others came up to wish Warren luck, reassuring him that they’d all be behind him and helping to watch out for him. He felt his heart swell as Ororo embraced him, Peter slapped his back and gave him a high five, and Jean graced him with a smile. Finally, Scott approached. Kurt tensed beside Warren. The two stared at each warily a moment.

“….so. I just wanted to say that I know you’ll pull this off,” Scott said, mumbling awkwardly.

“Obviously,” Warren scoffed, a smirk tugging at his lips. This brought a slight smile to Scott’s face.

“And there’s the ego.” He deflated a moment later. “Look man, about what I said yesterday….I’m sorry. Really. That was a dick move, and I can’t believe it came out of my mouth. I shouldn’t have used that against you like that. You’ve earned your spot on this team and earned everyone’s trust, including mine. I just want you to know that.”

“…..Don’t do it again, but….you’re forgiven. And….thanks, Summers.” Scott nodded, and held his hand out. They shook hands briefly.

Finally, it was time to go. The hangar door opened to let him out. He moved over in front of it, followed by his friends. He turned back one last time, looking at each of his teammates and instructors in turn, before finally settling on Kurt.

“I’ll be back. Wait for me.” He called.

“Natürlich,” Kurt replied.

With one last grin, he extended his wings, and flew out, leaving the manor for the first time since his arrival.
“What the fuck, Warren?! What happened to-what the fuck?!”

Warren had Shiro Yoshida in a fireman’s carry around both his shoulders. The other mutant was out cold, and Warren himself was very singed-looking, a few holes burnt in his suit and a black eye and trickle of blood from his nose proof of a struggle that went down.

“He was being difficult,” he said, by way explanation as he laid the mutant down in the copter and climbed in. “Not to mention obnoxious and a pain in the ass. So I decided to just knock him out and bring him here to speed up the whole process of getting him in the copter and get us home, and save all of us from having to deal with his bullshit the whole trip back. You’re welcome.”

Hank sighed. “We have a no abduction policy, Warren! No mutant should ever be forced to come to the institute if they don’t want to! I thought we’d made that clear!”

“He wasn’t cooperating! I told him what was up, and he agreed to come with but then he started being a little punk about his powers! What’d you expect me to do?!”

Hank simply shook his head, deciding to pick his battles. “Whatever. Get some rest, you look like you need it. It’s going to be a long flight back.”

“Gladly,” Warren murmured, already curling up in one of the seats in the back.
“Vhat happened to you?! Are you alright?! Are you hurting?!”

Warren had barely set foot off the copter before he was being tackled by a very concerned Kurt.

“I’m fine, just a little singed. Shiro and I just had a little conflict that’s all. Explosive personalities, big clashes, no big deal,” he tried to reassure him.

Kurt simply sniffed. “Your vings are all dirty again! I’ll have to fix them after you get looked over for injuries,” he muttered. Warren grinned.

“Oh yeah?”

“Go have your wounds looked at, Varren.”



“I made it back in one piece.”


“Just like I promised.”

“So you did.”

“Do I get a reward now?”

A slow smile spread across Kurt’s face.

“I suppose a small one now vould be alright.”

And as he leaned in to meet his waiting lips, Warren couldn’t help but feel completely at peace with the world.
So this one took a lot longer than I thought it would. Partly because I kept struggling with whether I should make it a short (ish) little stand alone kind of thing or make it a full length 3rd part to the series, and if it was a full part, what the plot would be. I eventually ended up settling on something in between, before the plot took hold and we ended up with another 3700+ word installment. I am apparently incapable of writing anything short.

I feel like I should also add that Shiro is not my character, he belongs to Marvel. I’m not super familiar with Sunfire as a character, but I’m fairly certain he was Japanese. If I messed that up, let me know and I’ll fix it! I figured though that with the mixed up timeline that DoFP caused, I could take a couple liberties with him for this and mostly leave his character alone.

So they’ve officially kissed. I’m willing to call this the end of the first part of this series at least, but if I get more ideas/requests I’d be willing to return to it with more installments of these idiots. My askbox is always open to prompts of any kind too, so feel free to drop something in there.

Part 1.

Summary: You find Sophia when she’s missing and help her back to the group.
Warnings: Swearing, angst.
A/N: This will be in either 2 or 3 parts.

You were walking through the woods looking for your 8 year old brother, you had both been sleeping in a car on the highway but when you woke up he had gone. You’ve been looking for him for about 4 days now, but you refused to give up hope. You heard a small yelp, it sounded like a child, so you followed the noise with your bow drawn and found a young girl cornered by two walkers. You made quick work of eliminating them and ran to the cowering girl.
“Hey sweetie, are you ok? Have you seen a young boy around here?” You ask as you crouched to her level. She looked at you, assessing if you were a threat or not.
“No sorry, I’m lost. Some walkers came and I ran and got separated from my mom and the group.“ She cried. You reached out and took her small hand in yours.
"What’s your name? Do you remember where the group was?” You asked softly.
“Sophia and the highway.” She nodded. You thought for a moment, the highway was quite far to walk now and you knew you’d have to set up camp for the night for safety.
“Ok, well it’s getting dark now, so we will have to find somewhere safe to sleep for tonight and we will make our way to the highway tomorrow.” You smiled. She gave you a small smile and you stood up, still holding her hand. You walked around and then found an old abandoned house in the middle of the woods. You went in and made sure it was safe, then pushed the sofa in front of the door. You rummaged through the cupboards trying to find something for you both to eat, coming up with just a tin of sardines. You gave them to Sophia with a bottle of water from your bag and she took them with a grateful smile. After she ate she looked tired, you made her a little bed in a cupboard and you stayed awake and kept watch. You were exhausted but you couldn’t risk sleeping, you needed to get Sophia back to her mother.

It had been 3 days now, a small herd of walkers had stopped you getting to the highway and now you were a little lost. You’d camp up in a tree and let Sophia sleep while you kept watch. The tiredness was really taking a toll on you now and you were starving. You’d managed to catch a few squirrels but you gave them to Sophia. You had taught Sophia how to use a knife just in case of emergencies, but you always kept her out of harms way. You were walking through the woods when you heard the tell tale sounds of hungry dead people behind you. You looked and there was about 5, but when you turned around there was a few more in front.
“Shit! Sophia climb the tree sweetie!” You yelled as you started to take out the walkers with your bow. She scrambled up the tree after letting out a terrified squeak.

Daryl had been searching for Sophia again, it had been 3 days since she went missing and people seemed to be giving up already, it was pissing him off. He heard something that resembled a scared child and he ran towards the noise. He came to a clearing and saw a woman fighting off walkers with her bow, switching to her knife when they got too close. Daryl couldn’t help but watch you in awe, you seemed so lethal yet graceful. You were easily the most beautiful woman he had ever come across. He watched curiously as you put down the last walker and then turned to the tree.
“Sophia you can come out sweetie.” You called softly. Daryl watched shocked as you helped the lost girl out of the tree and saw her hug you as if you were her life line. He couldn’t help but smile at the fact Sophia was safe and that you were caring for her. It made you more beautiful to him. He didn’t know what the hell had come over him having these thoughts, he was clearly going soft. He slowly made his way over to you. When you saw him you protectively pushed Sophia behind you as you narrowed your eyes at the man.

“S’alright, I’m lookin’ for Sophia.” Daryl said calmly, holding his hands in the air to show he wasn’t a threat.
“You know him sweetie?” You asked her as she looked up at you.
“This is Daryl, from the group.” She smiled, still holding your arm.
“Ah, the hunter. I’m y/n.” You smiled extending your hand out to him. He looked at it briefly before shaking it.
“Thanks for takin’ care of her, we’ve been real worried.” He sighed.
“Its fine. Go on Sophia, go with Daryl. Your momma will be waiting for you.” You smiled at her as you moved her forward towards Daryl.
“Aren’t you coming with us y/n?” Sophia asked sadly.
“Honey we already went through this. I told you I wouldn’t be coming.” You told her. She looked up at you with glassy eyes and you had to look away.
“I’m sure the group would wanna meet ya, ‘specially Carol.” Daryl chimed in, earning a smile from Sophia.
“I can’t, my brothers missing. It’s been 7 days now, I gotta keep looking.” You sighed.
“I could help ya look? I’m a good tracker and two pairs of eyes are better than one.” He suggested. You nibbled your lip, thinking about the offer. Of course you’d be more likely to find him with the both of you, and you’d been incredibly lonely. But joining a group meant getting attached to people and its not something you wanted to do.
“Please y/n, at least stay one night?” Sophia pleaded.
“Alright fine, but just one night.” You gave in. She hugged you and smiled excitedly.

“We’re on a farm not far from here, shouldn’t take us long to get there.” He explained and he led the way. You kept feeling him glancing at you every few minutes, about half way there you looked up and caught him looking. His eyes quickly went to something else and he blushed slightly before clearing his throat.
“So when did ya find Sophia?” He asked, making you look at him again.
“The day she went missing. We were trying to head back to the highway but a small herd of assholes cut us off. Ended up getting a little lost.” You chuckled, making him smile at you.
“Ya stay at that old house with the bed in the cupboard?” He asked curiously.
“Yeah, that was before we got lost.” You sighed.
“I was on the right track then.” He smirked to himself.
Before you knew it you’d come to a clearing. You accidentally dropped your knife and when you picked it up, you ended up a little behind Daryl and Sophia. Sophia was already running into her mom’s arms as you came through the clearing. Daryl turned around to look at you, not noticing that you’d lagged behind. All of a sudden you heard a loud bang and felt intense pain in your left shoulder. You instantly hit the floor clutching the pouring wound.
“Y/n!” You heard Daryl yell. You also heard Sophia screaming and people shouting at each other, then everything went black.

Your eyes fluttered open and you squinted at the light. It didn’t take you long to identify that you were lay in a bed. You shot up, only to have a pain rip through your shoulder, and then you remembered, you got shot.
“Fuck!” You hissed, putting a hand over the bandage.
Well this was a good start.

A Little Too Not Over You

Hope you like this one. why must wonwoo go through so much pain?

-Admin Plum

Part 2

Originally posted by the8ght

Relationships are a tricky thing. You can spend days upon days building your relationship with one person, devoting all of your time and effort just to make them smile. Then the next thing you know you’re living your life without them. And all of the days you spent together are nothing but memories.

“Do you think we’ll be like this forever?”

You cock your brows at his question, “That’s an odd question. What’s got you so sentimental?” You don’t mean to sound so teasing, but Wonwoo groans embarrassed, lying his head down on your lap.

You rest your back against the tree, taking in a deep breath and savouring the warm spring breeze, “Nothing, it’s just that…I can’t imagine my life without you.”

You look up at the sky, the corners of your mouth twitching to a small smile, “Don’t be so cheesy,” You whisper. You refuse to look down, knowing his signature toothy smile would probably be on his striking face. You didn’t need him seeing the blush that had risen on your face; he’d only tease you more.

“Are you going to keep studying even while you’re training? Are you going to finish schooling?” You intend for it to distract him and you’re thankful it works.

“Yeah, I have to. They’re moving me to a different school though, somewhere closer to the dorm,” he responds, “What about you though? What’s your plan?”

“Well, I definitely will finish college. Then I’ll look for a job in the city, so I can be closer to you,” You smile at the blush on his face, “What about you Mr. Big shot? What’s your plan after making it big?”

You wait for his answer, but it doesn’t come for a while. You turn your attention back to the sky. The tree rustles above you and several stray leaves cascade with the wind, dancing delicately in the air before gracing the ground. The sun rays that peer through the gaps in the tree light parts of your face and you wish this time would never pass. Everything was so peaceful and perfect; you begin to feel drowsy causing your eyes flutter shut.

You’re so caught up in enjoying the weather that you almost miss what he says, almost, “I’m going to marry you.”

Your eyes snap open and down at him, “What?”

He sits up, avoiding your eyes, but even with how fast he moved you notice his tainted, red cheeks, “I said I’m going to m-maim Gyu! Yeah, I’m going to maim Mingyu,” he laughs nervously.

You roll your eyes at his excuse, “You’re a horrible liar.” Resting on your knees, you wrap your arms around his torso, your chest pressing against his back, “But it’s ok. I would maim Gyu too.”

You lean forward and force him to look at you, kissing his lips as soon as he gathers the courage to do so. You feel him smile and you mimic his actions.

No matter how sincere someone is, change is bound to happen and sadly, even sincerity is temporary.

“You’re leaving me?” You choke.

Wonwoo stood in front of you with his head low, refusing to look at you.

“I’m sorry.”

“Sorry doesn’t mean anything Wonwoo! Why-why are you dumping me?” You bite back a sob, resting your hand over your mouth. Three years, you had spent three years of your life dedicating it to Wonwoo, supporting him when his friends hadn’t and acting as his most trusted confidant outside of Seventeen.  You were with him even before he got casted for Pledis, loving him with all of your heart.

How could he write you off so easily?

“We’re going to debut soon and the company has placed a dating ban on us,” he starts, “They’ll kick me out if I’m still with you and I’ve worked too hard for this-“

“Then what about us, Wonwoo!” You screech. Though you were surprised by your outburst, Wonwoo was even more so. His eyes were wide with shock but still he refused to look at you.

“I’ve worked hard for us too! I spent so much time investing in us. Do you have any idea how much torture it was not seeing you for so long? You don’t call me for days, sometimes weeks and when I plan dates on the very little day off that you have, you stand me up nine times out of then but I put up with it because I love you,” Your bottom lip tucks between your teeth and you don’t bother to wipe the tears streaming down your cheeks, “Every day I tell myself, ‘ Just keep supporting him. This is what makes him happy so it should be enough to make you happy as well’. And God, I was such an idiot.”

Wonwoo flinches at the sound your palm makes as it collides with your dining room table. Your hand is throbbing with pain but it was the least of your worries, “I can’t believe I let myself think like that.  I can’t believe I let myself-ugh!”

Your fingers curl at the base of your head, grasping your hair into your fists. Heartbreak and anger filled every morsel of your body and you couldn’t force yourself to stop. Not that you wanted to. All of the emotions you had stored for so long were taking advantage of the opportunity to escape and you had no will to halt your tirade.

You turn your gaze, locking Wonwoo’s gaze with the intensity of your own. You take a deep breath, trying to clear the emotions threatening to choke you. On your last shaky breath, you feel the hollowness inside of you drown your compassion into nothingness, leaving you feeling numb and stoic, “Get out of my life Jeon Wonwoo. I’ve wasted enough time on you and I can’t do that anymore. Take all of your things and delete my number from your phone because I never want to see or hear from you ever again.”

Wonwoo stood in front of the familiar hardwood door. It was quiet and he feared that no one would be inside, but its 8pm on a Thursday and that was your allotted time for rest and relaxation. He knows you’re home but he stops himself from knocking on the door. He’s not sure what he’s doing in front of your apartment or how he got there in the first place. But one thing’s for certain, he had to get you back.

After ending the relationship, he fell into a state of depression. He found difficulties in eating or sleeping and for the past 6 months you never left his mind. The only reason he lasted so long without crawling back to you was because of time constraints that prevented him from doing so. The same damn excuse that destroyed your relationship.

Wonwoo was constantly on the edge, yearning to hear from you and see you. But he had to admit, taking his time allowed for him to analyse your relationship and what went wrong. Of course he knows the clear reason why, but because the time apart he managed to devise the perfect plan for when you two get back together. The thought of being with you again made Wonwoo smile and as he knocks on the door, he just hopes things will work out the way he imagines.

Surprise was etched on your face when you see Wonwoo on the other side of the door, “Wonwoo? What are you doing back here? I thought I told you-“

“I know, Y/N, I know, but I have a proposition,” You grip the door handle, nodding your head and signalling him to continue, “I know I was an ass back then and I know I don’t deserve you, but I can’t stop thinking about you. You of all people know how much being an idol means to me and I’m sorry that I let that get in between us. There are a million and one things I have to do to make things right but I’m willing to do them all if you would take me b-“

“Hey babe, who’s at the door?”

Wonwoo freezes at the male voice resounding from your apartment. A shiver runs down his spine at the thought of you moving on to another man.

“Just a salesman, I’ll be right back Taeyong!” You shout as you close the door behind you. Wonwoo takes a few steps back, keeping a safe distance from you. You look at him with sympathetic eyes, gently latching a hand around his wrist and leading him up to the top of your building. Talking in your hallway would be dangerous, considering you neighbours were pretty nosy.

Wonwoo lets you guide him up a few flights of stairs but when the two of you walk through the rooftop door he stays rooted in his place.

He was afraid to ask but curiosity was eating him alive, “Babe? Taeyong? W-who was that?”

You disregard his gaze, instead choosing to stare into the horizon “Taeyong…is my boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend? T-that…that was a little fast, don’t you think?” Despite his smile, the tears were building in his eyes. His fists were shaking and the image of your shy smile as you accepted his offer to date him again vanished into thin air. He should have known better than to get his hopes up. Who in their right mind would welcome him back after all that he’d done. Or didn’t do.

A long silence hung in the air and the tension was almost tangible. You cross your arms in front of your chest, hand gripping at your forearm. There were a lot of things you wanted to say to Wonwoo, words of anger, words of guilt, but instead of scripting what to tell him you let your heart pour out of your mouth.

“You said you loved me, Wonwoo,” His name felt foreign on your tongue, “You told me you wanted us to be forever and that you wanted to marry me and I took your word for it. You said we were meant to be together and after all those years, you were embedded into me. I couldn’t imagine life without you. Then one day you tell me that you want to break up so you can continue pursuing a career after months of not seeing me…” You laugh, sniffling as a stinging sensation pricked your eyes.

“I thought you were joking, but I guess the only joke was me. I waited for you for so long Wonwoo…so long. I couldn’t wait anymore. I never planned to find someone so soon but Taeyong helped me a lot,” you confess, “After you left me a mess.”

Wonwoo searches your eyes frantically for any hint of lies, any glimmer of hope that would alert him that he still had a chance. But your eyes were void of such emotions. He licks his dry lips and shoves his hands into his pocket, “I shouldn’t have come today, huh?” He jokes and he’s never heard such a pathetic laugh in his life.

“No, you really shouldn’t have,” you whisper as you walk past him. Your hand clenches the door handle and you yank it open, “Good Luck with everything, Wonwoo. I…I wish you all the best.”

The sound of the door shutting close rings in his ears. His body feels heavy and his knees sink to the ground, both of his hands gripping his hair. A muffled sob erupts through his clenched teeth, tears flowing from his eyes with no pause.

Wonwoo hated himself for letting you slip away. He had taken you for granted and now he was paying the price, the memory of how much you loved him and how he won’t ever feel that love ever again, torturing him to no end.

Say It Again

Word Count: 1795

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Alcohol use, Smut

A/N: This was for Karina’s challenge @thing-you-do-with-that-thing The prompt was “Explain to me again how you got stuck up there!” 

“Who the hell ate my last piece of pie?” Dean bellowed from Bobby’s kitchen and stomped around the corner, glaring directly at Sam and you.

“Don’t look at me.” You raised your hands in surrender. “I know you love me but I also know you’d kill me.”

“Sam…” Dean growled. Sam looked back with a smirk on his face.

“It’s been in there 4 days! You weren’t gonna eat it!” Sam argued and shrugged.

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Look at Me - Jinyoung (Jr.)

“Are…are you crying?” He whispered.

She spun around quickly as not to let him see her face contort in that instinctive way, signaling she was hanging by her last thread. If she let him see her eyes welling up with tears she would surely come undone.

“What are you even saying,” she scoffed. Her eyes frantically moved about the room in search of something, anything, she could use to divert his inquiry. Settling her gaze on the window, she began. “You know, it’s too dark in here. I should really put up some new curtains. Ones to help brighten up the room, you know? Or maybe we should open up the windows and let a breeze through.  Oh, you know what, maybe not because the pollen’s really thick and I know how bad your sinuses get around this time of year. Remember when you sneezed all the petals off of that bouquet last year? That was so funny.” Her hollow laughter filled the small, bright living room. She flitted across the floor with her back to him talking about curtains and new end tables, sofas and perhaps a ceiling fan, all in a subtle attempt to get out of the room before her tears started to fall.

All the while he watched her. It was obvious to him what she was doing: pretend everything’s fine, like she always does, then float out of the room to cry. He could painfully listen to her sobs through the locked door and flimsy walls all he wanted, but he could never cast his eyes upon the sight of her shedding a single tear. So the more she fluttered about the room, the more he realized how deeply he hurt her. He knew his words would sting, but he had to say what he said because he too was on the verge of unraveling. She had to know that she was hurting him, and he had to be the one to tell her.

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How to Avenge 101 [Part 13]

[Master list]  [Part 12] … [Part 14]

A/N: I know some of you said you wanted longer chapters (although I promise they won’t be this long again) I just had trouble getting the story to flow if I stopped it in the middle of this ‘part’ – so Part 13 is pretty much 2 chapters at once, because I didn’t want to stop writing it. Plus I know I said this would be up yesterday – so take this as my apology for being late! I hope you enjoy it <3

Word Count: 4,281

Warnings: Violence, injuries (including blood), mild language.

You’d closed your eyes, bending your head into the crook of your arm as you fell. The next thing you felt was your shoulder and hip smacking against an exceptionally hard surface, something also stinging your knee. The material of your outfit flexed accordingly, trying to dissipate the impact, but it was to no avail. You felt dust in your mouth, and you choked almost instantly, trying to expel the dry powder.

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Title: Something Missing ~Epilogue

Protagonists: N, Ken, Hyuk, CX, Marie

Warnings: Angst, PADoll, Depression, Attempted Suicide

Word Count: 1513

Summary: She was like a broken record.

Author’s Note: I so should have forced myself to finish this epilogue the day after I posted the original, but here I am forever later. It’s heavy. The ending’ll probably frustrate many people. Oh well. Enjoy~

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Genre: Smut

Members: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 1204 words

After finishing up with the picnic with Hoseok you both took the bus home. Upon boarding you sat at the side of the back row. Your stop was 7 stations away, the both of you had traveled far from home, approximately an hour away. The 2nd stop was at a city area where almost everyone got off except for some people at the front. Hoseok rested his head on your shoulders with his eyes closed but his left hand started rubbing your upper thigh.

“Hoseok! Not here, wait till we get home..!” You whispered it close to his face so that no one else could notice what was going on. He continued rubbing your thigh but then slipped his other hand up your shirt pulling down the bra but not undoing it, his palm violently grabbed your breasts and his fingers rubbed the tip of your nipple. Hoseok had always knew the right ways to please you. That or you were just really horny.

He then moved his left hand up the thigh and into your panties. You being extremely wet let him slip two fingers into your pussy right at the start. It left you screaming out a moan that turned people’s attention towards you, the two-seater in front of you had blocked what was happening down there but no doubt you still looked odd. Hoseok silently laughed and fingered you in and out at a constant pace but when he fingered in, he always thrusted more violently hitting the right spot to satisfy your sexual needs.

Hoseok kneeled over you and pulled down his jeans revealing his underwear. There was a large bump in the middle of his underwear, you pulled it down and out came his erect dick. You press your mouth around the tip and start sucking with your hand wrapped around the rest of his length. You sucked it weakly making sure not to make any noise or get caught but he pushes your head in, taking in more of his cock. It reached down into your throat which had hurt quite painfully but Hoseok was too into the motion to let go of you. You try to push his hands off you and struggle but he only frees you of his clasp when he finally cums. The sticky milky substance had been released too far into the back of your throat and made you cough it up. Hoseok was heavily panting and sat back down, he looked over at you choking on his cum and patted your back.

“(Y/N) I’m so sorry! It just felt too good, are you okay?”

“Hoseok did you not see me in pain?! Now we aren’t going to continue this when we get home”

His shoulders fell weak but he knew this was his punishment. “Ok Jagi. I’m sorry, I was just trying to have some fun.”

Little did he know that this was only the beginning of his punishment.

When the two of you got home you start stripping off all your clothes but your bra and panties. Hoseok raises an eyebrow at you wondering if you were going to change into anything else but you just left for the kitchen to start preparing dinner. You lay the apron over your body and unclip your bra. The cloth apron was extremely thin and showed the tip of your nipples poking out, you turn over to Hoseok who was looking at you with lustful eyes but once he caught you looking at him he turned around. You walk over to the fridge and bend down to grab the ingredients, this time your ass was fully exposed for him to see.

Hoseok bites the side of his lip and question about your unusual behavior.

“Jagi what are you doing..?”

You giggled and knew how much this tempted him. “What do you mean? I’m just cooking dinner.”

He frowns and walks over to the living room couch to take a seat. He turns on the TV in an attempt to distract him from yourself but your moves were getting more tempting.

You continue cooking, smoothing out the apron every few minutes outlining your naked body shape, which he obviously noticed but pretended not to. Tonight’s dinner included a steak with gravy sauce on top and a side of vegetables and mashed potatoes. You prepared two dishes, one for you and the other for Hoseok, you walked over to him with a dish in each hand and stood in front of him. You bent down lowering his dish on the table and once again showing off your ass right in front of his face and sat down beside him on the couch. You had cut off a small piece of the steak and purposely dripped a few drops of the gravy down your cleavage. Hoseok passed you a tissue but you brushed him off and instead wiped it up using your finger and lifted it into your mouth, licking it off and sucking on it seductively. While cleaning off the last few drops, Hoseok pinned you down onto the couch.

“(Y/N) don’t do this to me.”

You gave a sly grin but still refused to give up. “Hoseok get off me, you still need to eat your dinner”

“I’ll have you then.”

He ripped off your apron and licked off the drops of food on your cleavage. You tried shoving him off but it he was too persistent. He went down to your underwear and took them off halfway, leaving them hanging off your left leg. His head went in between your thighs and his tongue slipped into you. Your juices were easily spilling out and he was licking up every drop.

“Hoseok st-stop!” He continued even when you were trying to push him off but then his tongue was replaced with his dick. Your back arched at the sudden fast pumping which only lasted a few minutes due to the time it took for him to cum. You were taking in deep breaths of air but it was soon blocked off by Hoseok’s lips against yours, his tongue intertwined with yours. Your hands were about to reach for his chest to once again push him off but your arms fell weak when he started suckling on your tongue, he was always the better kisser.

The intense make out session lasted a good 10 minutes but you were getting wet again, you wanted him in you once more.

“Hoseok please fuck me one more time..”

He laughed and pulled away.

“No. This is your punishment.”

You pouted as he walked away to clean up the dishes, if he wasn’t going to satisfy you then you refused to do the same for him.

“Fine then if you won’t do it then I guess I’ll ask Taehyung” You grabbed your phone and started dialing his number.

Hoseok ran over and snatched the phone out of your hands, he ended the call before Taehyung could answer. He glared over towards you, angry at the fact that you would even mention another guy just to satisfy your sexual needs but he was too kind not to oblige to your wants.

*sigh* “Ok fine then Jagi, only one more time!”

-Admin JCS ^^

Physical Education (part 3)

1 - 2

“Good morning girls,” Owen shouted over the gabble of girls waiting to get on the school bus as teachers did their final head counts. “Sorry it’s so early but it means we’ll be able to fit a ski session in this afternoon when we’re out in France, ok?”

“OK,” Mark took over, “Each year group is divided into two groups and have their own teacher. These teachers will be your chaperones. They will be keeping track of you every time we get on a mode of transport, every time we get off, every meal, every checkpoint. You will be kept safe and you will have to report any problems to your group leader. Get it?”

“Yes,” a chorus of voices came.

“So year 7s will be split between Dr Shepherd and Ms Hahn. Year 8s, you have Miss Kepner and Mrs Howard. Year 9s, Mr Karev and Mr Dunn. Year 10s, me and Miss Grey. Year 11s, Mr Hunt and-”

Amelia stopped listening after that point because she was too busy stifling a laugh at Owen’s face. Isla Murray was in the year 11 group, and she was willing to bet everything she owned that Mark had set it up so that Owen was in charge of her. Yes, yes, a very reluctant Isla had been sent on the school trip due to her parents being in China for half term.

Amelia watched as Owen’s features dropped, his lips pursed and his arms crossed his chest. He caught her eye and although a glimmer of a smile appeared, he shook his head in disbelief. She shrugged, silently asking him ‘Whatcha gonna do?’. She giggled when in response he gestured a finger towards Mark and then drew a line across his own neck.

It turns out, Owen had every right to be worried. It had only been two hours into the trip before Isla had disappeared at the airport and been caught trying to steal an electronic luggage cart. She went on to hold up the entire plane whilst she looked for her passport which it turns out she’d left on a self-service till in WHSmith. By the time everyone was on the plane, Owen looked like he’d aged three years rather than three hours since the morning.

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