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ME,, CAITLIN ,,,,,UR LOCAL WINWIN STAN aND CAPTAIN OF THE YUTAEWIN SHIP,, HAS REACHED 1,200 FOLLOWERS……so many of yall uglies follow me for No Reason idek,,,,,y

um ok,,,,iv been on tumblr for lik e 2 years but i didnt start making friends until the last 6 months which is also the same time i joinedt the nct fandom nd i rly feel at home wit this fandom so :)) i wanna thank evyereone for makign tumblr a fun happy place 4me to jus….laug h nd hav fun… id like 2apologyize to anyone that followed me from the beggining bc yall kno how uglie my blog was when i was an exo stan jsebbhjdis k nanyways thank u all :(( wow im  Cry 

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subject of wife, or whatever — modern lams au

Uhh, this idea has been floating around in my head for months now. It’s not exactly Hamilton/Laurens, but that’s not important. Note that the writing format is a bit awkward due to the nature of the story, I did the best that I could.

AU of a certain 1779 letter in which Jack Laurens & Alex Hamilton are texting in class, and Alex wants Jack to find him a date to get his mind off of their hot teacher. Rated PG-13 for heavy swearing & sexual references.


Jack Laurens wished, above all else, that his best friend would listen to him when he asked not to be texted in class. Of course, knowing Alex, no amount of instruction would ever make a difference. The slight buzz of Jack’s cell phone told him as such.

A casual tilt of his bag under the desk gave Jack a visual of the screen. Its lock screen—a group selfie between himself his best friends, Alex and Gil—was replaced with a dull grey sheet and a single notification from iMessage.

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canon-stydia  asked:

could you pls do “I mistook you for my best friend and jumped on your back in public and now I’m embarrassed” au with bellarke or maybe " im taking a selfie at the museum because im bored and you are a guard who told me i am not allowed to take pics of the art and i explained how it was just a selfie and you said i know"au, tagged me if you are interested in doing it and if you are not its no trouble, thank you baby

This took me ages to get to. Super sorry about that. 

I decided to go with “I mistook you for my best friend and jumped on your back in public and now I’m embarrassed.” Seems like a good excuse for some context-less Halloween fun. Hope you like it!

Title from Haunting ‘cause I’m Halsey trash. All mistakes are mine.

I’m begging you to keep on haunting me (A Bellarke Haunted House AU)

Clarke ducks beneath a fringe of skeleton bone streamers, disentangling herself from a couple that catch on her stethoscope as she pushes into the next room, eyes scanning for her best friend.

Wells hates Halloween, so of course it’s Clarke’s favorite holiday. Still, she should have known that dragging him to a haunted house was a bad idea.

It’s pretty epic, and she’s been having an excellent time—her shrieking shouts turning to laughter with each turn of the corner—until she loses him somewhere between the vampire’s lair and a hokey, blood-drenched rendition of Sweeney Todd’s barber shop.


She looks around to ask anyone if they’ve seen a very scared looking batman, but the only people in sight are a sexy nurse and a shirtless guy painted green and wearing purple shorts—the hulk, she’s guessing—and they’re making out against the wall like it’s their job, so she opts to keep looking.

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boyfriend! jimin

this is kinda long and i still have more to say… wtf… kinda wanna make this a series?? idk tho.. tell me tho ^_^

- so in the beginning of the relationship… he’d be so shy.. n he’d ramble and mumble a lot.. and u’re like when is he gonna stop?? even tho u r intently listening to his story where he accidentally spilled his ramyun all over himself in front of a buch of ppl.. smh

- and he kinda really reaLLy wants to kiss you in a non creepy way like he just really likes u and wants to show it u kno.. he doesn’t really mind if it’s just your cheek or ur forehead even.. but he’s like… are we smth? does she like me or is she playing??

- on ur first date he took u to see a movie and the movie really sucked but the both of u had a good time anyway because the cinema was empty so you both ran up the two aisles and tried to catch each other 

- he did manage to catch u and he accidentally-on-purpose wrapped his arms around u from behind and sorta pulled you closer.. and the both of u just stood there for like 2 mins.. waiting for someone to make a move.. but the both of u are too shy so u pull away and he looked really sad but u pecked him on the cheek when he sent you home.. and he had such a huge grin on his face :-)

- but… jimin kinda wants more… but he keeps doubting himself….

- so one time he asked yoongi to third wheel the both of u and yoongi’s like “wow.. u guys haven’t even kissed? jimin wtf step up ur game”

- and jimin just splutters and he’s like “what?? we have kissed lots of times here look i’ll do it now”

-  and he kisses you and its really intense and almost too deep for a first kiss but the both of u really like it and jimin’s like “wow that felt so nice” and he just keeps kissing u in front of yoongi 

- yoongi looks like he wants to d i e so he just says “my work here is done” and just leaves lol 

- if it wasn’t for yoongi the both of u probably would’ve never kissed so thank him.. god bless

- so after that he gets really touchy and he’s the type of guy that rubs your back when you hug.. and he’d play with your hair while you’re just lying down on his lap using ur phone.. and it’d be a habit for him to just nuzzle ur shoulder

- he’s so cheesy like he’d get the both of u couple items even tho he knows u hate them n think its sorta tacky… but he goes out of his way to get them so u wear them for his sake..

- one time he got the both of u matching undies with little puppies on them..

- he’s the type of person to google pick up lines and use them on you

- “hey, if u were a vegetable you’d be a cutecu-”

- “jimin shut ur mouth”

- half awake smiles in the morning and husky voiced good mornings awrgghh

- taehyung and jungkook would always make puking noises when jimin kisses you in front of them.. he’d either whoop both of their asses or he’d blush and b really shy after that there is no in between

- when u come home sometimes he’d have a whole meal ready for the both of u and he’d claim that he cooked it but rlly it was jin doing everything.. all jimin did was chop the carrots 

- most of the time the both of u would stay in just so he gets to rest more, so u just make some ramyun or order food and stay up late watching really crappy variety shows

- sometimes jimin would just b like “baby feel my abs” and you’re forced to… i mean it feels good n they r def there.. but he’s gonna get all cocky after this… so u just act like its no big deal

- one time the both of u dressed up as bunnies for halloween and he got pouty bc he said u looked cuter than him..

- “i should’ve dressed up like a cow again”

- that night the both of u got rlly sugar high and also a bit drunk and the next morning you guys find a whole lot of rlly derpy selfies on your phones… double chins.. duck faces.. bunny teeth….. u r slightly embarrassed to say this but there were selfies of the both of u kissing… jimin made it his lock screen on his phone aw

- whenever he’s on tour he’d facetime you as much as possible although taehyung would be interrupting him

- “jimin couldn’t stop talking about u tell him to shut up” and jungkook would be like “yea!!” in the background and hoseok would b like “omg y/n he was moaning ur name when he fell asleep in the plane!!!” and jimin would just end the facetime call right away and text u “its not true… i think.. i mean idk how to control my thoughts when im asleep im sorry” 

- there’d always be a lot of late night pillow talk where one of u just fall asleep and you can always tell when he’s about to fall asleep like he starts mumbling things and you can’t make out what he’s saying and he starts blinking rlly slowly… it’s cute

- the both of u love putting on face masks and scaring the other members… mainly hoseok tho… but still… other members

- the both of u just love each other very much and you never get bored of each other

- like you guys are genuinely happy that you get to see each other the first thing in the morning (sometimes when jimin’s drooling u take a pic for blackmail)

Chapter 41: Family


“Chris, it’s okay. I’m not mad, so stop feeling that way.” She chuckled as I explained to her why I’m feeling some type of way. I didn’t think she’d take it so lightly. 

“No it’s not, B.” I stressed, as I ran my hands over my face. I didn’t know that it was going to be this hard moving on. It’s almost bout a year later and a nigga still feeling some type of way.

“Chris, I already told you to not stress over this. I told you not to spend a damn decade thinking about me. Move on, Chris. I can’t control your feelings for ole girl. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be for us..” She said as my heart dropped. It was meant to be, nobody could tell me shit. 

“It was meant to be. Everything was going good.. I was gonna marry you when you had Ro and everything. You don’t understand how much I love you and that shit ain’t gone never change." 

"Yes I do. You love me as much as a fat kid loves cake.” She chuckled, remembering one of my corny jokes. Damn I wish she could be here.l

“How’s our baby?” She asked as her face lit up. It made me sad because she couldn’t be here to watch her grow up. She would’ve loved her. “She’s doing good actually, she already started walking.” I answered her chuckling as I put my head down. 

“You better not start crying, punk.” She warned me as she lifted my head up while I chuckled. She ain’t have to call me a punk. Typical Bliss, she ain’t changed one bit. 

“Alright, I’m not.” I said, trying my hardest to hold back my tears. A nigga’s eyes were burning. 

“I gotta go Chris, kiss Ro for me. I love you.” She said as she gave me a quick peck on the lips and stood up. 

“I love you t-” I tried to say but she had already left causing me to sigh. I was about to start crying again, but I decided to let her win this time. Every time I talk to her and she leaves, I always start crying. I feel like a pussy but oh well. I guess I feel better now that she told me she didn’t mind and to follow my heart.

“Daddy, can you help me?” Ri asked as she leaned against the doorframe. Her hair was wrapped up in a towel so I’m guessing that Raye just washed it.

“Did you apologize to your mama and August?” I asked as she roughly sighed before nodding. Motioning for her to come sit in my lap, she had a paper in her hand. 

Raye had a long talk with me about how I should stop babying her all the time cause she’s gonna start thinking that she can do whatever she wants and she doesn’t want her disrespecting people. It was kind of wrong for her to say that to August, but me being the cool dad I am, it was funny as fuck because nobody was expecting that. I gotta stop cursing around her. 

“Is this homework? Why you wait til the last minute to do this?” I asked sternly as she pulled out her phone to show me something. 

“Daddy, I kept loosing this game and I had to beat it.” She said, showing me some game on her phone. Chuckling, I just grabbed the paper from her to look at it. Ok, it was just math. I loved math. 

“Ok, I just bought you four new pairs of shoes. Two were too big so I had to take them back. How many do you have now?” I said as I demonstrated everything on my fingers. The paper didn’t have any word problems so I had to make up my own lil version. 

“Two?” She asked as I smirked at her while she laughed and wrote it down on the paper. 

“Hey y'all.” Raye greeted us as she came in with only a towel on. “Hey big booty.” I said, slapping her on the butt only for her to jump. 

“Hey big booty.” Ri and Raye said as Ri attempted to do me the same way but we were both sitting down. “Something else big and it ain’t my booty.” I said, talking to Raye as Ri looked really confused. 


"Alright, alright my bad.” I chuckled, putting my hands up in defense. 

“Royalty still at her grandmas?” Raye asked, referring to Bliss’ mom. It’s very rare that she gets to see Ro, because she doesn’t live in Cali so I let her keep Ro for a few days. Im starting to miss my little one. 

“Yea, but she coming home tomorrow.” I explained as she nodded. 

“Daddy is this one 11?” Ri asked as she pointed to a problem that said 4+7. She catches on fast. “Yea baby.” I smiled as I gave her a high five. 

“Why you been so distant?” Raye asked me as she dropped her towel and walked around to find her lotion. I didn’t even wanna talk about this any more the moment I started staring at her ass. I just wanted to fuck the shit out of her, but I couldn’t run away from my problems. 

“I was feeling guilty..” I sighed as she grabbed some lotion and sat down on the bed behind me. “For what? You haven’t done anything, have you?” She asked, side eyeing me. 

“Because… For a min I felt like I was betraying Bliss.” I finally said as I felt like some weight was lifted off my shoulders. When she heard Bliss’ name, she paused. I know it must be hard for her to hear me talk about bliss so much. I don’t try to. 

“Oh… Well we don’t have to do anything anymore if you don’t feel comfortable with it. I don’t wanna make you feel like that.” She said, as I noticed the disappointment in her voice. 

“Nah, I was talking to her and she told me that I needed to move on and stop thinking about her so much and that if I wanna work on us again then go for it.” I explained as I turned around to face her. She looked kind of confused. I’m guessing because I said I talked to her. 

“So what you gonna do?" 

"Work on us again.” I said as she smiled. “I know it may seem kind of fake since I’m all up on you since Bliss died, but I was actually starting to develop feelings for you before. I guess I didn’t know what I was missing. Hanging around you these past months felt like the old times and honestly I missed it. I forgot all about how much fun we used to have besides the arguing. I guess we need to just work on our communication skills.” I explained as she smiled. I

“You really feel that way?” She asked as I nodded my head like a thousand times so that she could understand that I was serious. 

“Wow..” She mumbled, shocked as I smiled. I knew she was all happy and shit on the inside. All of a sudden my phone started ringing and Raye answered it. Sighing out of boredom, I changed the channel and turned it to the game. 

“Um, do I have the wrong number.” Bliss’ mom voice rang throughout the phone cause Raye had it on speaker.

“No.. This is Raye." 

"Oh ok, Hi Raye. I was calling to ask did you guys want me to bring Royalty tomorrow or one of y'all were gonna pick her up?” I heard Bliss’ mom ask as Raye looked at me. the door. I was surprised that her mom didn’t have a problem with Raye. B’s family is just nice as hell. I wonder if Ro’s gonna be that nice when she gets older cause her attitude is just like mines as of now. 

“Uh, Ill come get her tomorrow.” I said as I took the phone from Raye.

“Ok, just text me before you’re  about to come over.” She warned me as I nodded like she could see me. 

“Alright mama, love you.” I said as I made just noises into the phone while she laughed.

“Love you too, bye.” She said back before hanging up. Putting my phone in my pocket, I went back to watching the game as Raye started stripping out her clothes. 

“Chris I’m horny.” Raye whined as she straddled my lap. “Move on trying to watch the game.” I sucked my teeth, lightly pushing her to the side. Huffing and rolling her eyes, “Fine I’m just gonna go to this shoot.” She shrugged as she put her clothes back on. Grabbing her keys, she didn’t even tell me bye before she left. Damn, did she wanna fuck that bad? I give her dick almost everyday. Ungrateful ass. 

Since the TV was on commercial now I searched for my phone. Grabbing it  out my pocket, I clicked the Instagram app and scrolled down my tl for a little while. Liking a few pics and following a couple of people back, I got bored so I decided to see what Miss Greedy was doing. 

Me: wyd? you still mad? 

Rayebae😍🌺💦🍍🍑🎀💞: getting ready for my shoot. cute or no? & nope I already took care of my problem 

Me: why you so fine 😫😓 #lockscreen. & wtf u mean u already took care of that 😑 

Rayebae😍🌺💦🍍🍑🎀💞:  you forgot I have bisexual friends? 

Me: stop playing with me  😒 I wouldn’t wanna have to fuck u up smokey 

Rayebae😍🌺💦🍍🍑🎀💞:  I’m kidding 😂 I had to use my fingers 😒 

Me: better be 

Rayebae😍🌺💦🍍🍑🎀💞: cornbread got me like 

Me: dumb ass tat 😒 but 😛😍😏 that ass gone be mines when you get home

Rayebae😍🌺💦🍍🍑🎀💞:  ik u ain’t talking with these damn tats on your head like you bird-man or something. & nah I’m gonna have a girl’s night with Bri sorry 😘 

I didn’t even bother texting back. She knew if her ass didn’t come home, then she was gone be in major trouble. 

“Daddy, look.” Ri said as she stood in front of me with Raye’s big ass bra on. She’s always in Raye’s stuff when Raye’s gone. “Ri that’s way too big.” I chuckled, shaking my head. Royalty started clapping when Ri was acting like she was a model. 

“I know daddy. Mommy’s tatas are like this.” Ri laughed as she made a big space with her arms to demonstrate how big Raye’s titties were. 

“What you wanna do today?” I asked as my laughter died down. “IHOP.” She cheesed as I put on some slides and grabbed the keys. “IHOP it is then, come on.” I said as she started getting happy. 

We bout to turn up at IHOP. 


“That’s why you gotta eat yo veggies, Ri.” I heard Chris say to Ri while I was doing a little yoga. It’s very relaxing if you don’t think about anything so much. 

“Then I’m gonna look like mommy?” I heard Ri ask as I chuckled. I don’t eat veggies often at all. Amarie blessed me and I just work out a lot. But hey, if that’s what’s gonna make Ri eat her veggies then so be it.

“Hey bab- goddamn cover yo eyes Ri.” Chris said as he came into the room. “Raye, you know there’s children in this house?” Chris asked before covering his hands over Ri’s eyes. He’s acting like I’m naked, and even if I was so what.
“What I do?" 

"You over here bussing it open and all I see is ass. Don’t got on no type of bra either.” He said as Ri started giggling causing me to suck my teeth. He wonders why she’s cursing now. He’s so blunt around her. 

“Why you always talking so reckless in front of my baby? Keep playing with me Chris.” I warned him as he put his hands up in defense. The last time he cursed in front of her I got on his ass but then I felt bad afterwards so that’s why I’m warning him now. 

“Alright, Ima stop.” He said, getting serious. 

“Daddy, I’m sleepy.” Amarie mumbled as she started rubbing her eyes. “You want me to tuck you in?” Chris asked as she shook her head no and left to go in her room. That kind of made me sad. My baby’s growing up. 

“I love you, I love you, I love you.” Chris said in between the kisses that he was giving me all over my face. He’s been real clingy ever since our talk yesterday. It’s cute though. 

“Why you being so nice? What happened to asshole Chris?" 

"That’s what the pussy do to a nigga.” He smirked as he picked me up and lead us up to my room. “We should take a bubble bath.” I suggested as he shrugged. 

Making it to the bathroom, Chris went to do something in the bedroom while I ran us a nice hot bubble bath in the jacuzzi tub, put on some slow 90’s jams, lit a few candles and hand two wine glasses along with a bottle of Gold Passion Alizé. Stripping out of my clothes, I sat down into the warm water and poured me a glass of the Alizé, relaxing back in the tub waiting for Chris. What the fuck is he even doing?

I heard him cleared his throat which made my eyes popped opened and straighten up in the water. “You just gonna stand there and look at me all night or you are you gonna get it in?”

“I can’t just stand here and admire how beautiful you look?” He responded with a slightly smile on his face.

Rolling my eyes I replied, “You so corny… but thank you baby daddy.”

He stripped off his clothes and snatched the bottle of Alizé from the floor before getting in the tub. We were enjoying each other’s presence in silence until Chris yelled out, “Oh shit, that’s that bump. Let me sing to you girl.” He held the bottle up to his lips and started singing perfect in key.

Everytime I close my eyesI wake up feelin’ so hornyI can’t get you outta my mindSexin’ you be all I seeI would give anythingJust to make you understand meI don’t give a damn about nothing elseFreek'n you is all I see

Tonight, I need your bodyTonight, you got my timeTonight you won’t be sorryTonight, you got my mindYou got my mind, all I wanna do is freak you

What must I sayWhat must I doTo show how muchI think about freek'n youWhat must I sayWhat must I doTo show how muchI think about freek'n you

“Aaaaah, sing it baby!” I cheered him on as I threw my panties at him like a fan thirsting for the singer on the stage. “Every freek'n night and every freek'n day, I wanna freek you baby in every freek'n way.” I sung along with Jodeci as I brought my face closer to Chris’.

“Every freek'n day, every freek'n night I wanna freek you girl, your body’s so freek'n tight.” He sung back to me while gripping my face into his hand.

“It kinda sounds like you requesting something?”

He laughed. “Don’t start nothing you know you can’t finish. ‘Cause once I’m once done you won’t be able to walk for a couple of days.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes really, lemme show you.” He leaned forward and tongue kissed me all sloppy like as he repositioned my body on his lap so that I was straddling him. He placed his hands on my ass, gripping it hard as hell. My hands wrapped around his neck as the kiss got more intense. I felt his fingers slightly rubbing my clit. “Tell me how bad you want it.” He commanded, added pressure my clit making me jump a little.

I moaned in response, “I want you inside me so badly… I want you to fuck me until I can’t cum no more.” His hand instantly gripped my throat as he nibbled on my neck. I moaned with the affect he had on my body. Chris slowly slid me down onto his dick and the ride began. Instantly my muscles gripped him tightly.

“Shit,” He groaned, digging his fingertips into my thigh. “So fucking tight baby…”

“C-Chris…” I moaned as I bounced on his dick like a pogo stick. Water was going everywhere as we increased our movement. All of sudden Chris lifted us from the water and carried us over to the bathroom wall. Pulling out he turning me around – with the side of my face to wall and him hitting it from the back.

I hissed at the pain but moaned at the pleasure. His body slammed into mine sending the sounds of flesh on flesh through the bathroom. It was like it was echoing off the walls and I loved the sound.

“Oh my… r-right there.” I moaned as  my nails scratched the wall.

Chris gripped my neck and roughly spoke in my ear, “Shut the fuck up Amarie sleep.” He started to hit me with the fast, deep strokes bit helping my moans. I can’t handle this. If we stayed in this position I would cum all over myself.

“Right there huh?” It felt so good that all I could do was moan and drool. I felt his free hand in my hair. He pulled it hard. “Move that ass and work for this nut.” I pushed my ass against him, bouncing my pussy up and down his dick.

“That’s right work that shit.” He pulled my hair so that my neck was back as I bounced on his dick.

“Oh fuck daddy… make your pussy squirt.” He let go of my hair but kept his hand around my throat before pumping into me hard and fast once again. I tried to keep up with his strokes but all of the blood was rushing toward my orgasm and his hand on my throat was slightly cutting off my air supply. I wasn’t only going to cum, I was going squirt.
“Give me that nut Raye.” Three more strokes and I was spraying like a faucet. I screamed in pleasure and pain as Chris fucked my pussy from behind with no remorse. I had to cover my mouth to muffle my screams while squeezing my pussy and throwing my ass back on him.

“Yeah baby… Squeeze it… Squeeze it with your pussy just like that.” He grunted lowly. He was deep in my stomach and in the position we was in, I couldn’t do anything about it.

“Just like this baby?” I taunted squeezing even tighter as I rotated my hips in a circle.

“Fuuuuuuck.” I squealed trying my hardest to get away from him but there was no use. He held me down while deep stroking, until I was spraying again. “I’m done Chris.”
                                 “Too bad, ‘cause I’m not done with you yet.” He flipped me over so that we were facing each other, he lifted me up and wrapped my legs around his waist as he pushed deeply into me. Then start to pound into me as if this nigga done lost his mind.                
“Fuck, baby, you’re fucking my pussy so good! I love you C-Chris!” I screamed.                                    “I love you too, girl.” He groaned in response. “Gahdamn… this pussy so fuckin’ good.” This nigga was deep as hell and is giving cervix a workout, I’m going to be in so much pain in the morning.

“Daddy I can’t take it, it’s too much.” Chris rubbed furiously over my clít as he continued to fuck my brains out. “Chris… uhhh, God…” I móaned loudly, reaching out to grab his side, feeling like my knees might buckle beneath me.

“Shut dat shit up and take this díck…like a G.” He spoke harshly. The thick veins in his dick pulsed hard against my tight walls, as my pussy spasmed around his thrusting shaft. I could feel both the heavy beating of our hearts, pounding loudly in our chests. His arm draped over my chest and his hand locked around mine to keep my body from running away from him.

I screamed as he hit some unknown spot that felt like the beginning of the ending. I wasn’t sure if the feeling was pleasure or torturous pain but I felt that if it didn’t stop soon I would explode.  I felt my stomach tighten up, and I knew I was about to cum for the third time tonight. I squeezed my walls tightly against his huge shaft as his penis became fatter inside me. “Shit daddy. You ‘bout to make me c–” I was cut off by the powerful orgasm, that flowed throughout my body sending me on a ultimate high for the night. He fucked me harder.

“Fuck yeah… I’m ‘bout to bust.” He grunted as exploded inside of me. He laid his head on my chest, with me still in his arms and he rested against the wall, breathing hard.
                 “Daddy love you Raye.” He said, kissing my shoulder making me chuckle.
“I love you too.” I smiled as I ran some more bath water so we could get back in the tub. Once the water was done, we both got back in admiring how warm the water was while we caught our breaths. 

“Raye.. I got a question.” Chris finally spoke as I sat up to look at him. It must be important, because if it wasn’t he would’ve just flat out asked me. 

“Ok…” I mumbled, a little nervous waiting to see what he was gonna ask me. I didn’t do anything so I don’t know why I’m nervous. 

“We fuck without a condom everyday. And we be getting it IN, like all the way. How come you ain’t pregnant yet?” He asked as he looked me in the eyes. My heart dropped as soon as he said pregnant. When he said that, I couldn’t help but break down crying. I knew this day would come. 

“Shit, I’m sorry Raye I didn’t mean to make you cry.” He apologized as he pulled me into him. “No.. it’s okay it’s not your fault. I just..” I started to say but my words got choked up. 

“I can’t have kids because of Don, Chris..” I mumbled as I wiped a few tears away. Instantly, Chris’ breathing got heavier so I could tell he was mad. “I’m sorry, if you don’t wanna be with me anymore than that’s fine.” I sniffled, putting my head down. I know how much he really liked kids and he wanted plenty of them. 

“Raye chill out, that ain’t gonna stop me from loving you. All we can do is pray, alright?” He assured me as I nodded. “Where that pretty smile at?” Chris asked as he smiled at me which caused me to smile.

“There it is.” He said before we started bathing each other. We stayed in there and talked for a few minutes then it was time to get out. I was getting sleepy as hell. 

“You bout to take a nap?” Chris asked me as I slid under the covers and got comfortable. Nodding he sucked his teeth and grabbed his keys before sliding into his Givenchy slides. “I’ll be back, I gotta go pick up Royalty." 

"Be careful, and I love you." 

"Love you too." 

"Really Ro? They got you messed up.” Chris said as if Royalty were really talking. She was talking in gibberish, that’s what made it funny. “You finally up?” Chris asked me as he noticed me laughing. Nodding, I started to raise the covers up but he put it back down and pointed to the bathroom. “Wait til Keeis come out.” He said because I didn’t have on any clothes. 

“I’m just getting a robe.” I said as I got up out of bed. As soon as my feet touched the floor, Keeis had came out of the bathroom. “Aw shit, the fuck Raye?” He said, covering his eyes. 

“Sorry Keeis you were taking too long.” I said as I went to grab my robe and put it on. “I told her to wait, bruh.” Chris chuckled. Keeis had shook his head and left so I got back in bed and took Royalty from Chris. 

“Hey mama.” I squealed, kissing her chubby cheeks as she smiled. I swear she was such a happy baby. Only on people she knows though, cause in public her attitude be on Kanye just like Chris. All of a sudden, I heard rain and got pissed.

“It’s raining? Why today? Our plans are ruined.” I sighed as Chris told me to calm down. I had this day all planned out. We were supposed to go to Disney Land and have a bomb ass day but now we gotta sit in the house. 

“Who did her hair?” I asked, playing with her curls. I know Chris didn’t do this, this is too cute to be done by him. “Me duh.” He said. 

“Really? How Chris.” I said clearly not believing him. He took out his phone and clicked the YouTube app showing me his history. There was about 3 hair tutorials. This nigga. 

“Whatever Chris, you did good I guess." 

"We bout to go outside with yo hating ass.” He mugged me as he took Royalty and called Ri to tell her that they were going outside. She was too busy watching tv. 

“Ri, you don’t wanna go outside?" 

"No mommy, too many bugs.” She scrunched up her face as I chuckled. She sounded just like me when I complained about going outside. “Alright baby, I’ll be outside if you need me.” I assured her as she nodded and waved me off so she could finish watching her cartoons. Walking outside, I saw Chris and Ro playing so I decided to take a picture.

Rayeisbae: mah heart, mah soul 😫😓💗💖

Every time I posted a pic of Ro, there was always a few comments saying things like “you’re not even her mother” and honestly it hurts my feelings. Chris tells me to just ignore them, but I can’t because it’s true. Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong here. 

“Catch me if you can.” Chris said as he started running at a slow pace so that Ro could have a better chance of catching him. She had just started walking a few weeks ago and Chris was really excited about it. 

Chris had tripped over something and fell which broke me out of my thoughts. “Ah fuck.” He cursed to himself as I rushed over to him. “You okay baby?” I asked Chris as he groaned in pain. 

“Ri come get Ro!” I called out Ri as she came out the house and picked up Ro. “What’s wrong, daddy?”

“Nothing, I just busted my lip baby girl.” Chris said as he got up and followed him into the house. 

“I’ll clean it hold up.” I told him. “Nah I got it, it’s okay.” He said as he went around the corner to the bathroom. “Well okay.." 

"Daddy can she have some of my cake?!” Amarie asked as Royalty sat on her lap. If you thought her and August were close, you need to see these two. Amarie loves her so much. 

“Yea don’t give her too much though!” He warned her from the bathroom as she nodded and within seconds they both got cake every where. “Really Ri? All on the new couch?” I asked Ri as she continued to stuff her face while Ro begged for more.

“Sorry mommy.” Ri attempted to say while cake was still in her mouth, going everywhere. It was lowkey really cute so I’ll let her slide. “It’s okay baby, I’ll just clean it up. Hurry up and finish.” I chuckled.

“Look at daddy’s favorite two girls.” Chris cheesed as he replaced Ri & Ro’s seat on the couch with his lap. “Gimme sum’.” Chris said in his thick country accent, holding his mouth open. Both Ri and Ro put some cake and his mouth and he ended up looking just like them. I guess I have to clean up after Chris too. 

After cleaning up the whole house, which took hours… It was suddenly peaceful and quiet. Usually Chris would be entertaining the girls.
When I was about to go upstairs, I heard Chris’ snores so I turned around and there he was with Royalty on the couch. 

“Chris, go get in the bed.” I said lowly in his ear so that I wouldn’t wake up Royalty. She gets a little fussy when you wake her up. “You coming too?” He whispered, carefully standing up with Ro. Nodding, I made sure everything was off before quietly walking into my room because Ri was sleep too. We try to sleep as a family at least every week. 

Taking Royalty for Chris so that he could get undressed, I did the same to her and surprisingly she didn’t wake up. Since Chris was so stingy with her, he took her as soon as I was done with her. I think he likes being around her so much because he wasn’t there for the first few years in Ri’s life. 

“Goodnight babies.” I said as I kissed everyone on the cheek. “Mama.” Royalty mumbled as she reached out for me as my heart stopped. She just called me mom… What do I do? 

“Chris, wh-” he cut me off by chuckling. “Don’t freak out, she gone be seeing you for the rest of her life and you take care of her like you’re her mom so get used to it. Here.” He explained as Ri put her hand over his mouth because she was trying to sleep. 

“I think I’m gonna cry..” I whispered as I grabbed Royalty from Chris and laid her on my chest. 

“Don’t. I love you, now shut up and go to sleep.” Chris mumbled in a deep, raspy voice. 

“Finally.” Amarie mumbled as both Chris and I laughed before Chris started talking again. “Girl I’ll make you go in yo room.” Chris teased Ri as she mumbled stuff under her breath. A few minutes later the room grew silent and  I heard Ro, Ri, and Chris’ light snores so I guess that was my que to go to bed too.