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John x Reader

Prompt: I didn’t meant to send that to you

Warnings: Smut, masturbation, voyeurism, swearing, minor fluff. No penetration in this one (I know, disappointing)


Hunting alongside John Winchester wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. The stories of the great hunter were incredible to say the least, and from what you’d seen first hand, there was very little embellishment. But actually having to put up with him on a hunt was more struggle than the actual hunt itself.

He was bullheaded, arrogant, and mean. You’d been scolded by the hunter more than once and “grounded” from more hunts than you’d like to admit. He wasn’t your father but when he took you in after your own dad was killed on a hunt, he started to treat you like one of his own.

Of course, there were times when you’d be reminded that he was not your dad and you were not his daughter. Times when the 20 year age difference seemed non existant. When you’d watch him work on his beautiful ‘67 impala, covered in grease and sweat, and you had to forcefully will away the indecent thoughts that flooded your mind.

This was one of those times.

“Y/n!” John shouted, pulling you from your day dreams.

“Sorry.. what?” Peeling your eyes away from Johns bicep, and focusing on the confused look on his face.

“You going deaf? I said I’m all done with the tune up, so go pack your things and we’ll head out.” He slammed the hood down and wiped his hands with a towel to greasy to clean anything. “Sam and Dean are working on a case out in Nebraska, we’re gonna go meet them.”

“Alright.” You sighed, tired of never staying in more then one place for more than a week. You walked back into the motel room, grabbed your duffel bag off the bed and the gun you always put under the pillow of every bed you slept in.

An hour later you were in the passenger seat of the impala, flying well over the speed limit and listening to classic rock. John rarely spoke on these rides and you never forced the conversation, worried you might annoy the ageing hunter with your dumb 22 year old chatter (or so he put it).

You grabbed your phone. The lack of service gave you limited options, so you opened your camera and stared at your face, bored and not sure what to do. You caught a glimpse of John in your camera. You turned your phone so it was only him in the frame, snapping a quick picture before he could see what you were doing.

Maybe it was just a really good picture or your stupid puppy dog crush, but seeing John that way, relaxed in his own little world, enjoying the purr of the engine and the sound of his favourite music…. was absolutely breathtaking.

You managed to keep your goofy smile to yourself, but you had to share the picture with the only person you knew who would understand.

*Got this sneaky pic… fuck he’s gorgeous. Do you think he’d notice if I started getting myself off in the passenger seat? LOL*

You hit send. Jo was the only girlfriend your age you had and the only person who knew about your feelings towards the eldest Winchester. You were glad to have her in your life, knowing Sam and Dean may not appreciate the same kinds of texts.

Turning your head, you watched the world outside the window pass in a blur. The sky went from blue, to hues of pink and orange, to black. You were so focused on watching the sunset, you didn’t see John get his phone from his pocket, checking to see which one of his boys had texted him. You didn’t see the confusion cross his face when he saw your name on his screen. And you definitely didn’t see the confusion turn to shock, when he read what you sent, realizing this text was obviously not meant for him.

John knew you weren’t watching him but he still tried his best to compose himself. It wasn’t that he never thought of you as a grown woman, but he didn’t think that you would feel anything other than contempt for a jaded, miserable hunter 20 years her senior.

He glanced at you from the corner of his eyes. He always knew you were beautiful, but looking at you now it was like seeing the sun for the first time. A barrier opened and all sorts of images flooded John’s mind. The feel of your soft curves in the palm of his hands. Your legs wrapped around his waist. The sting of the claw marks down the length of this back.

John shifted in his seat, trying to adjust himself as his cock hardened, constricted by his jeans. He thought of your text again and had to stifle a groan at the thought of you touching yourself in the passenger seat of his beloved impala.

When the sun was finally gone you laid your head back in your seat, ready to get atleast a couple hours of shut eye before meeting with Sam and Dean. That’s when you realized you never got a reply from Jo and normally she was good at texting back right away. You grabbed your phone from your pocket, frowning at the lack of notifications on the lock screen. You went to your messages and just as you were about to click on the first conversation in the list, you froze. The name at the top was not Jo. It was John.

“Got anything you wanna tell me, Y/n?” John asked. You couldn’t make out the tone in his voice but you figured it probably wasn’t good.

The embarrassment washed over you and you threw your hands over your face. Your words came out fast and mashed together. “Shit John, Im so sorry, I didn’t mean to send that to you it was a stupid text I mean to send to Jo. I’m so sorry.”

“It WAS stupid.” You recoiled from his words, ready for the lecture of a lifetime.

“Of course I’d notice if a beautiful woman was touching herself in the passenger seat of my car…”

Your breathing stopped. You brought your hands away from your eyes and looked over at John. There was a playful glint in his eyes you’d never seen before, and a smile tugging at his lips.


“I’m not gonna pretend I haven’t thought about you that way, sweetheart.” His grip on the steering wheel tightened. “I’d be crazy not to. Just never thought you’d want an old grump like me.” He chuckled but there was no humour there. You knew John didn’t think much of himself.

Your mind went blank. You stared at him, eyes wide and brows raised in utter shock. Was this really happening?

He reached a hand over and placed it on your knee. The second he touched you it was like a shock went through your leg, right to your core, igniting a fire you didn’t know you had in you.

“You can relax, sweet heart. I’m not gonna do anything unless you want me to.” He squeezed your leg lightly and rubbed his thumb on your knee. “I can’t stop driving cause we gotta meet the boys by morning or they’ll worry. But you do what you have to.” He practically purred.

He removed his hand from your leg and laid it over the back of the seat. You hadn’t moved, still too shocked to say anything. His eyes shifted from the road to your face and back to the road. His words hung in the air until realization finally dawned on you.

Looking down at your jeans, you brought your hands up to the zipper, slowly zipping it down. Hands shaking ever so slightly. The top of your black cotton panties was visible now. You looked back over at John, who looked as relaxed as he did before, except the knuckles on his left hand were turning white from gripping the wheel so tight.

Anxiety stopped you from continuing. You’d never touched yourself in front of anyone before. What if it took too long? What if you couldn’t get yourself off? What if he didn’t like what he saw and asked you to stop? The rest of the road trip would be the most embarrassing ride of your life.

“You don’t have to do anything if you’re having second thoughts. Get some rest and I’ll wake you up when we’re close.”

The gentleness in his voice was almost heartbreaking. As nervous as you were, his words and tone seemed to calm you down. You knew John would never hurt you, mentally or physically, so there was no reason to be scared.

“I’m not tired.” Your voice was firm, betraying no signs of anxiety.

You slipped your jeans off, and laid your head into the crook of where the seat and the door met. You hesitantly brought your leg onto the seat so John would have the perfect view of you.

Sliding your hand under your panties, you made a show of gently caressing your lips, running your fingers along your slit. You were already wet and your nerves seemed to make you more sensitive to touch. You closed your eyes and let your body take over, knowing exactly what to do from here.

Your middle finger gently slid through your folds, going around your clit but never actually touching it. Teasing yourself. Making your clit throb with need. Your gentle sighs filled the silence in the impala, and you knew John listened intently to every one of them.

“You look amazing, darlin’.” His voice was gruff. You opened your eyes and saw he was staring at your face. You smiled for him and sat up. You pushed your panties down your leg and tossed them to the backseat.

Sitting back into your little nook, you spread your lips for John, watching as his pupils dilated at the sight before him. You teased yourself a bit more before bringing your finger right to your clit. Applying more pressure, you moved you fingers in circles, alternating directions every now and then.

The heat in your belly was building, and your sighs turned to moans. You heard the sound of a zipper and looked over to see John begin to stroke himself. This wasn’t the first time you’d seen his dick, but it was the first time it wasn’t an accident. He was long and hard, and you could see the tip already dripping with precum.

Seeing John like this only pushed you further. Your circles getting faster and faster.

“Does it feel good, sweetheart?”

“Yes.. so good.” You moaned.

“Are you gonna cum soon?”

“Yes, Im so close. I’m so close.” You starting bucking your hips, trying to keep up with the rhythm of your fingers.

“I want you to think of my cock inside you. Hard and pounding into you. Imagine how good I’d fuck you, sweetheart.”

The sounds coming from you were so full of lust and ecstasy that John had to stop himself more than once from cumming too soon. He knew he had to watch the road, but the sight of you, your eyes locked on him, your hand massaging your pussy, your juices dripping down your leg and onto the leather seat… it was so perfect he couldn’t take his eyes off you.

You could feel the impala flying, John clearly too preoccupied to car about his speed. The rev of the engine mixed with the sight of John stroking himself, his forehead shining with sweat and his arm going at the same pace as your fingers brought you right to the edge.

“I’m gonna cum.. John, I’m gonna cum. Please cum with me.”

“Fuck, Y/n, Im cumming!”

Your orgasm hit with so much intensity it almost knocked you out. Your fingers kept going at an erratic pace and your walls clenched furiously. You screamed John’s name as he did yours, imagining him inside of you with each wave of pleasure that hit.

When both orgasms had passed, you both listened to each others breathing. After a few moments, you opened your eyes and saw John, his hand and jeans covered in his cum, looking at you in wonder.

“That was amazing, sweetheart.”

“It was.” You smiled, relaxed and full of bliss.

You put your jeans back on and handed John a napkin from the glove compartment. He cleaned himself as best he could, and zipped his jeans back up. Exhaustion hit and you knew you were sleeping good tonight.

You slid closer to the hunter, careful not to overstep your bounds. The relationship between you two was changed for good now, you just weren’t sure to what extent yet.

“Can I sleep here?” Gesturing to his side.

He smiled at you, amused at how timid you became again after what had just happened. He placed his arm around your shoulders and squeezed you into his side. Your head laid into the crook of his arm and chest, and your arm gently wrapped around his waist, almost instinctually. You fit together perfectly.

Just before you drifted to sleep, you silently laughed to yourself, thinking how differently the night could have turned out had you not accidentally sexted the hunter beside you.

ME,, CAITLIN ,,,,,UR LOCAL WINWIN STAN aND CAPTAIN OF THE YUTAEWIN SHIP,, HAS REACHED 1,200 FOLLOWERS……so many of yall uglies follow me for No Reason idek,,,,,y

um ok,,,,iv been on tumblr for lik e 2 years but i didnt start making friends until the last 6 months which is also the same time i joinedt the nct fandom nd i rly feel at home wit this fandom so :)) i wanna thank evyereone for makign tumblr a fun happy place 4me to jus….laug h nd hav fun… id like 2apologyize to anyone that followed me from the beggining bc yall kno how uglie my blog was when i was an exo stan jsebbhjdis k nanyways thank u all :(( wow im  Cry 

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subject of wife, or whatever — modern lams au

Uhh, this idea has been floating around in my head for months now. It’s not exactly Hamilton/Laurens, but that’s not important. Note that the writing format is a bit awkward due to the nature of the story, I did the best that I could.

AU of a certain 1779 letter in which Jack Laurens & Alex Hamilton are texting in class, and Alex wants Jack to find him a date to get his mind off of their hot teacher. Rated PG-13 for heavy swearing & sexual references.


Jack Laurens wished, above all else, that his best friend would listen to him when he asked not to be texted in class. Of course, knowing Alex, no amount of instruction would ever make a difference. The slight buzz of Jack’s cell phone told him as such.

A casual tilt of his bag under the desk gave Jack a visual of the screen. Its lock screen—a group selfie between himself his best friends, Alex and Gil—was replaced with a dull grey sheet and a single notification from iMessage.

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boyfriend! jimin

this is kinda long and i still have more to say… wtf… kinda wanna make this a series?? idk tho.. tell me tho ^_^

- so in the beginning of the relationship… he’d be so shy.. n he’d ramble and mumble a lot.. and u’re like when is he gonna stop?? even tho u r intently listening to his story where he accidentally spilled his ramyun all over himself in front of a buch of ppl.. smh

- and he kinda really reaLLy wants to kiss you in a non creepy way like he just really likes u and wants to show it u kno.. he doesn’t really mind if it’s just your cheek or ur forehead even.. but he’s like… are we smth? does she like me or is she playing??

- on ur first date he took u to see a movie and the movie really sucked but the both of u had a good time anyway because the cinema was empty so you both ran up the two aisles and tried to catch each other 

- he did manage to catch u and he accidentally-on-purpose wrapped his arms around u from behind and sorta pulled you closer.. and the both of u just stood there for like 2 mins.. waiting for someone to make a move.. but the both of u are too shy so u pull away and he looked really sad but u pecked him on the cheek when he sent you home.. and he had such a huge grin on his face :-)

- but… jimin kinda wants more… but he keeps doubting himself….

- so one time he asked yoongi to third wheel the both of u and yoongi’s like “wow.. u guys haven’t even kissed? jimin wtf step up ur game”

- and jimin just splutters and he’s like “what?? we have kissed lots of times here look i’ll do it now”

-  and he kisses you and its really intense and almost too deep for a first kiss but the both of u really like it and jimin’s like “wow that felt so nice” and he just keeps kissing u in front of yoongi 

- yoongi looks like he wants to d i e so he just says “my work here is done” and just leaves lol 

- if it wasn’t for yoongi the both of u probably would’ve never kissed so thank him.. god bless

- so after that he gets really touchy and he’s the type of guy that rubs your back when you hug.. and he’d play with your hair while you’re just lying down on his lap using ur phone.. and it’d be a habit for him to just nuzzle ur shoulder

- he’s so cheesy like he’d get the both of u couple items even tho he knows u hate them n think its sorta tacky… but he goes out of his way to get them so u wear them for his sake..

- one time he got the both of u matching undies with little puppies on them..

- he’s the type of person to google pick up lines and use them on you

- “hey, if u were a vegetable you’d be a cutecu-”

- “jimin shut ur mouth”

- half awake smiles in the morning and husky voiced good mornings awrgghh

- taehyung and jungkook would always make puking noises when jimin kisses you in front of them.. he’d either whoop both of their asses or he’d blush and b really shy after that there is no in between

- when u come home sometimes he’d have a whole meal ready for the both of u and he’d claim that he cooked it but rlly it was jin doing everything.. all jimin did was chop the carrots 

- most of the time the both of u would stay in just so he gets to rest more, so u just make some ramyun or order food and stay up late watching really crappy variety shows

- sometimes jimin would just b like “baby feel my abs” and you’re forced to… i mean it feels good n they r def there.. but he’s gonna get all cocky after this… so u just act like its no big deal

- one time the both of u dressed up as bunnies for halloween and he got pouty bc he said u looked cuter than him..

- “i should’ve dressed up like a cow again”

- that night the both of u got rlly sugar high and also a bit drunk and the next morning you guys find a whole lot of rlly derpy selfies on your phones… double chins.. duck faces.. bunny teeth….. u r slightly embarrassed to say this but there were selfies of the both of u kissing… jimin made it his lock screen on his phone aw

- whenever he’s on tour he’d facetime you as much as possible although taehyung would be interrupting him

- “jimin couldn’t stop talking about u tell him to shut up” and jungkook would be like “yea!!” in the background and hoseok would b like “omg y/n he was moaning ur name when he fell asleep in the plane!!!” and jimin would just end the facetime call right away and text u “its not true… i think.. i mean idk how to control my thoughts when im asleep im sorry” 

- there’d always be a lot of late night pillow talk where one of u just fall asleep and you can always tell when he’s about to fall asleep like he starts mumbling things and you can’t make out what he’s saying and he starts blinking rlly slowly… it’s cute

- the both of u love putting on face masks and scaring the other members… mainly hoseok tho… but still… other members

- the both of u just love each other very much and you never get bored of each other

- like you guys are genuinely happy that you get to see each other the first thing in the morning (sometimes when jimin’s drooling u take a pic for blackmail)

Favorite Intimate Activity ~ With Visuals!!

Can you do a 4/4 preference with the boys’ favorite nonsexual intimate activity?

For: 2460donewithhydra

Of cooouurse :) sry if it’s bad, i haven’t written a preference in a long time, got too used to smut 


Cal - Cuddling ~ One of Calum’s all time favorite things to do was cuddle up with you. Calum was needy in the sense that he always had to be holding you in some way, shape, or form. His favorite was holding you in his lap, tightly wrapping his arms around your middle, you usually tracing the tattoos on his arm. Even when you were just lying in bed, Calum had you pulled against his chest, resting his forehead against your back, pressing kisses to your skin every now and then or writing out ‘I love you’ with his fingers on your back.

Ash - Holding Hands ~ You were in love with Ashton’s hands, they were one of your favorite things about him. Ever since the two of you had starting dating, you were always hand-in-hand with the other. Whenever you were bored, you’d find yourself mindlessly playing with his fingers or dragging your nails over the back of his hand, making him whine for you to stop even though he secretly loved your fascination with his large hands. It had become a bit of a habit and a sense of security to you both. When you went to sleep at night, you were still hand-in-hand, your fingers intertwined and resting on the pillow between the two of you, falling asleep to Ashton rubbing his thumb over your knuckles and assuring you’d he’d never let go.

External image

Lukey - Kissing ~ Luke constantly had his lips on you. Although he was usually more reserved when it came to affection, Luke had no problem leaving a big wet kiss to linger on your lips when no one was watching. Even when people were watching, he’d wrap an arm around you, placing a quick kiss on your forehead or cheek, pulling back to see your smiling face staring back at his. When the two of you were alone, his shyness went out the window, letting his hands wander and squeeze at random while his tongue was tangled with yours or he was nipping at your neck, leaving faint purple marks from your session.

Mikey - Holding eachother ~ Since you could easily find Michael glued to his tv playing video games or on the couch playing on his phone, you always slipped in next to him to lay on his chest. You wouldn’t ever say it out loud because of how it sounded even in your head, but you loved laying on Michael’s chest. Your favorite was when he was shirtless or at least wearing a flannel so you could push the shirt out the way and get to his bare skin. Knowing how much you enjoyed laying on him, he never said anything, he would just stroke your head or hum softly to you. Your absolute favorite time was when the two of you would go to bed, you would cuddle into Michael’s side, his arm holding your waist as he would leave a kiss on your head, you rested your head over his heart, falling asleep to the sound of the beating, Michael always saying it beated just for you. 

✧・゚:*✧・゚:* 5SOS PREFS/SMUT *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

this is so cheesy im sorry


sorry if this sucked, like i said, i haven’t written a preference in a couple of months so it was kinda weird to write.. but i hope you guys like it and feel free to request something (i write smut & preferences or basically whatever you want) ! i love you guys! :)


canon-stydia  asked:

could you pls do “I mistook you for my best friend and jumped on your back in public and now I’m embarrassed” au with bellarke or maybe " im taking a selfie at the museum because im bored and you are a guard who told me i am not allowed to take pics of the art and i explained how it was just a selfie and you said i know"au, tagged me if you are interested in doing it and if you are not its no trouble, thank you baby

This took me ages to get to. Super sorry about that. 

I decided to go with “I mistook you for my best friend and jumped on your back in public and now I’m embarrassed.” Seems like a good excuse for some context-less Halloween fun. Hope you like it!

Title from Haunting ‘cause I’m Halsey trash. All mistakes are mine.

I’m begging you to keep on haunting me (A Bellarke Haunted House AU)

Clarke ducks beneath a fringe of skeleton bone streamers, disentangling herself from a couple that catch on her stethoscope as she pushes into the next room, eyes scanning for her best friend.

Wells hates Halloween, so of course it’s Clarke’s favorite holiday. Still, she should have known that dragging him to a haunted house was a bad idea.

It’s pretty epic, and she’s been having an excellent time—her shrieking shouts turning to laughter with each turn of the corner—until she loses him somewhere between the vampire’s lair and a hokey, blood-drenched rendition of Sweeney Todd’s barber shop.


She looks around to ask anyone if they’ve seen a very scared looking batman, but the only people in sight are a sexy nurse and a shirtless guy painted green and wearing purple shorts—the hulk, she’s guessing—and they’re making out against the wall like it’s their job, so she opts to keep looking.

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maccavolver  asked:

i just unfollowed a longtime online friend of mine for tweeting "i feel like the Beatles are the most boring favorite band to have"... like we didn't talk much anymore anyway but i was just like nah i'm done. ain't nobody got time for that lol. thinking of doing a beatles spam now... anyhow thought you might appreciate that haha.

Whaaaaa? She CLEARLY doesn’t know what its like to be a massive Beatles fan. “Most boring favorite band to have”? Bahah! Okay this is what we have to celebrate our favorite band:

  • Countless Beatles festivals all over the world (literally) (Im actually going to another one next month yey!..Ive lost count to how many Beatles festivals ive been too tbh and they’ve all been SOOO rad)
  • Countless Beatles tribute bands that are extremely fun to go see, btw.
  • Thousands and thousands of Beatles books, documentaries, bio-pics, ect ect ect.
  • Amazing tribute shows like the LOVE show by Cirque Du Soleil which is entirely made up of Beatles songs. GREAT tribute, go see it if you haven’t!!
  • We have historical landmarks to go see in London, Germany, Liverpool, ect where The Beatles created history that is now very important to the music world, btw. And its fun to be able to fly to other countries and see these things!
  • We’ve got literally ALL kinds of merchandise. If you want a Beatles tooth brush, socks, undies, nail polish, you’ve got it. We even have Beatles bubbles…like?? Idk its always interesting to see all the merch that’s available to us (x
  • We have Paul and Ringo still doing music and still touring. Not everyone has the opportunity to see such legendary musicians live and we still get that chance (“: AND btw their shows are a spiritual experience, not even kidding.
  • We have one of the most largest fan bases in the world. They are known and celebrated all over the globe. It is extraordinary to meet other fans from different countries and different ages. I have friends who are 11 to friends who are 70 that are major Beatles fans. Like age doesn’t matter in this fandom. We are all just a group of people of all ages, all countries, uniting together to appreciate this band (:
  • And OF COURSE, we have the band itself; The Beatles. A band that is extremely interesting with SO much history and things to learn about them. A band that brought us so many new things in music history.

I feel like 100% of the people saying “Ugh being a Beatles fan is probably the lamest thing ever” or “Having the Beatles as your favorite band is boring” don’t have a bloody clue what they are talking about. I mean of course they don’t! They’ve never even been part of the Beatles community. I mean I feel sorry for them, they obviously don’t know what its like being part of this fan base. They go by what they hear from the haters and obviously are a bunch of hypocrites…no offence or anything.  You should send this to the person who tweeted that, that’ll show them ;)