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Guess who’s baaaaack!!
Camp was great and I met the cuuuuutest people ever!!!
But I missed you guys a lot haha so I’m happy to be home <3

Title: Coffee
Pairing: Winn Schott x reader
Summary: “she is also a programmer at CatCo and he falls in love with her cute and nerdy personality “
Word Count: 1,019
Warnings: food mention

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             "Morning Winn,“ you greeted cheerily, walking by his desk.

           Your voice causes Winn’s head to immediately snap up from the screen. His watches as walk to your desk, eyes completely trained on you before suddenly remembering your greeting to him earlier.

           "Oh, hey Y/N,” he stutters with a smile. He scrambles to his feet, leaning against your desk as you sit down. “How was your weekend?”

           "It was fantastic!“ you replied with a grin. "I caught up on my favorite TV show, and I got to upgrade my tech station at home so now it’s more energy efficient. I can also make popcorn from there now.”

           Winn’s eyes light up as you begin to talk tech, laughing at the popcorn part. Once again, he’s so engrossed that he doesn’t realize you’ve stopped talking until you begin to look at him strangely.

           "Winn,“ you say. "Winn, you okay?”

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commspecialist  asked:

rydaal, 31!

Thank you so much for the request! I hope you enjoy it.

Unsettled by the events on Kadara, Ryder hasn’t been able to get a good night’s  sleep. Tired and frustrated, she bursts into tears in the tech lab, where Jaal finds and comforts her.

Edit: Up on AO3 too.

Why are you crying?

Things were settled on Kadara, or at least as settled as they could be. Plans were underway to start setting up the outpost and Ryder was glad to be putting as much space as possible between herself and the planet.

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