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Haikyuu!! Shiratorizawa’s #5 Tendou Satori!

stereotypes among the german states

Bavaria: They only drink beer and eat Bavarian veal sausage, Dirndl and Lederhosen, no one can understand their weird accent, yodelling, very wild and proud but also rather “not-so-smart” people, conservative

Hamburg: filthy rich, arrogant, cold, pretty hard to get to know them better because they don’t open up to just anyone, very beautiful women, Fischköpfe (fish heads), tolerant and open-minded

Hesse: they talk a lot, down-to-earth and boring, they drink Appelwoi

North Rhine-Westphalia: loud, sociable, straighforeard, they work in coal mines, weird accent, they absolutely love Fasching, crowded with people, cities everywhere

Berlin: rude af, terrible accent, gruff, working class people,  they have a dry sense of humour, are socialist, and hipsters

Saxony: they speak by far the worst german, they have a big ego and are squarrelsome, plain

Thuringia: hillbillies and tree huggers, sluggish and lazy, boring

Bremen: they’re bad at football but they still love it, sympathetic people who can laugh at themselves, nice humour, Werder Bremen sucks though

Saarland: narrow-minded, german but also french it’s really confusing???, they like eating and talking  (at the same time), smol and they once had a football match against Germany

Baden-Wuerttemberg: a young state, they hate their Bavarian neighbors, Spätzle, stingy but also hardworking and intelligent, yellow feet?

Brandenburg: they act like the people in Berlin but they fail at it, poor and lazy, not many foreigners but all the more neo-nazis, nice sausages, chav

Saxony-Anhalt: the void, it also looks like texas but in smol, silent

Lower Saxony: business-like and down-to-earth, they don’t like fun and fuss, conservative and stubborn

Rhineland-Palatinate: hoggish, very mysterious state no one knows shit about them wow

Mecklenburg-Hither Pomerania: laid-back, farms with horses and cows, they have the Baltic Sea

Schleswig-Holstein: proud and don’t talk much, they have the North Sea, direct neighbor of denmark and just as weird as them, they basically behave like Scandinavians

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Drarry Prompt: Harry walks back from Detention with Umbridge. There are the deep cuts that her quill gave, and many others that Harry gave himself. Draco finds him on the way back to his dorms

Sorry for taking so long, Jelly! I gave it my best:

Draco heard the drips of blood echoing through the dark and endless hallways. He was listening for them, eyes watching the other closely, carefully, worried eyes watching the love that was forbidden to him. So close yet so far. As Harry approached from the dark distance, Malfoy gave one last look at the beautiful stars outside, and how their reflection shimmered with whatever lived in the waters below. Before the silver-haired man could even look away or speak, Potter spoke up first:

“Malfoy, please, not tonight.” His voice revealed the stress and worry beneath the beige mask that was his face moments before. Draco sighed quietly as Potter tried to stride past him as quickly as possible, instead stopping the messy haired boy by catching him by the wrist. “Wait.” Malfoy regretted speaking a second later, seeing as his defenceless, pleading voice echoed around them moments later. “I know we don’t agree on much, Pot–Harry,” Malfoy paused, and Harry’s eyes widened even more, the little of what he processed disappearing all over again. “But, I… Want to be friends.” Maybe more, he didn’t say. “We’ve been fighting for too long. We should both leave this stupid place with at least a few good memories!” He sniffs, wiping away a tear quickly, failing to be subtle, all to Harry’s bewilderment. The blonde stared in silence, waiting for a response, worry corrupting his face within seconds. Nothing happened. Time froze, breaths were taken, but nothing happened. Until Harry pinched Draco’s left arm through the robes, just a bit above the elbow, causing the blonde to yelp and retreat, rubbing the spot; “The fuck, Potter?”

“Just making sure you’re… real,” he answered with a calm expression and an empty voice to that mean remark.

“Merlin, you’re not that crazy.” The blonde stared at the other with annoyance in his look, before his look travelled downwards, causing him to nearly gasp. “You’re still bleeding- Harry. We should get you to an inf–” “I’m fine, Malfoy, I just need to get to my–” Harry paused again as if he was catching up with something. “Why’d you even care, Malfoy? Is this some little bloody prank of yours again?”

“Somebody carved a bloody message into your fucking hand, Potter!” Literally. He sighed, as he wrestled for his hand again, finally catching it and reading the words, in a whisper. “I must not tell lies…” “Do you know that you really piss me off, Potter? Everybody’s trying to help you but, no, Perfect Potter insists on being the lonely hero, the ever-suffering warrior, the knight of the fucking Wizarding World. But what about the bloody moment when Perfect Potter ends up dead, laying in front of everybody’s feet? You’re going to be a joke, Potter, and you know it. Merlin forbid that you’d ever do something with somebody’s aid or, wors–”

“What I do with my body is my choice, Malfoy,” he retorted loudly. “You don’t get to tell me what I must and mustn’t too. If I wanna fucking die then that’s MY choice–” Draco stopped Potter from continuing his sentence. A bit of tongue over yours does end up being a touch influential over whether or not you speak, even if you are a ranting and raving, crying drama queen. Draco closed his eyes, allowing himself to enjoy the current moment, and leant into the kiss. He let out a small whine as the kiss was broken off and almost a yelp as he suddenly felt the fast friction of what is a hand smacking against his left cheek. Also known as a slap.

“I-I can’t believe you kissed me, you–!”

“You were talking shit, Potter. And you slapped me!” Draco opened one of his eyes to peer at Harry; a blushing mess. He concluded that the light and soft red of his cheeks went well with the emerald green of his sparkling eyes, and gods, that messy, untamable hair! is all that Draco could think of. “Not that I’m complaining… About the kiss, not the slap- God, your right hook is strong!” Draco could still hear the sound of Harry’s hand against his pale cheek. The brown-haired boy couldn’t quite suppress his laugh nor his smirk as he mumbled his apology and stepped back a few inches. “Where do you think you’re going? We’re still going to the infirmary.”

“But, I said I was fine, and-”

“You look paler than me, Potter… And we’re going for me, not you. This beautiful face can’t afford to bruise. Well, maybe a few hickeys, but not a head-print,” Malfoy teased and his smile only grew as Potter became nearly fluorescent in the dark. The blonde grabbed his crimson-covered hand again and the boys exchanged a secretive smile as they changed their course.

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nobody is immune to nagisa’s charm 

this ova has slayed my soul goodbye world SOUCHAN-

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makoto saw a beautiful creature one day

and know he is truly in love with him

i saw this and i couldnt resist


The Musketeers s3e01, aka How Constance got her Groove Back.

New wish for s3: Give me all of this dynamic! I’m so here for not-actually-musketeers Constance and Treville teaming up for some late-night musketeering.

Friends - Ashton Irwin Smut

Summary: You and Ashton are best friends but you seem to be drifting apart. Will him coming to your birthday bring you closer together again?

Word count: 3.7K

Ashton’s been acting weird with me all night. I haven’t seen him in months since he’s been on tour and I’ve missed him. Sure we would Skype and text each other but I suppose it’s just not the same, you miss the little things and kind of lose some of the closeness. We’ve been friends since we started high school and have always been close. He’s helped me through all my teenage crush’s, along with the heartbreaks. He’s been there when I’ve been stressed at school or when I’ve had family drama and I’ve done the same for him. Basically we were best friends for years and I felt like we would be for life but then again I didn’t think that he would become an international star when I met him.

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Once again my present was the least expensive, the least luxurious, the least exciting. But I hadn’t expected anything else with my four amazingly successful brothers. My present was just card, a small bouquet of purple flowers and a box of chocolates. No high end perfume or advanced coffee machine, but none of my brothers received such a beautiful message as I did.

I told my mom: “Mom, I’m sorry. I know my presents aren’t much but I really gave my best. I love you.” And that’s when she told me: “I know, dear. You gave your best, like you always do. Just the fact that you’re still here is the biggest present a mother can receive.”

And yes, I cried. Because of all the pain I put my mom through. For all the sleepless nights I gave her, for all the worries, for all the tough decisions she had to make to make sure her youngest son would stay alive…

I’m really sorry. But I also really love you. Thank you for loving me too. Thank you for loving me even though I’m such a troublemaker. But hey: at least I’m your troublemaker.

Thanks mom.


What’s so wrong about going crazy over it?! Are you not sad?!