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I was tagged by @devilishoblivion (thx sis) and my music taste is generic pop so here we go

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  • Buttons - The Pussycat Dolls
  • Cherry Red - Ida Maria
  • Pulses - Karmin 
  • Boombayah -  BLΛƆKPIИK
  • Straight Up - Paula Abdul 
  • Favourite Colour - Carly Rae Jepsen
  • Mood Ring - Britney Spears 
  • Like This - JOJO  
  • Yayo - Lana Del Rey  
  • Lucozade - ZAYN (I never even listened to his album but I got it anyways lmao he’s hot so he can take my $$)

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How are the SDR2 cast in DR3 OOC? That's an argument I've never really gotten. Ditto for your argument of Nanami being "accidently sociopathic".

I entertained the idea to make game/anime comparison with screenshots, but I have no time unfortunately. As a whole, I would say that the cast was turned into one big entity without distinctive personality, where everyone thinks the same and acts as one. But for some specifics examples :

Mahiru in sdr2 : What do you mean Fuyuhiko murdered my best friend ? I’m going to confront him and give him a piece of my mind. Yes, it’s reckless, but I just can’t let it pass.

Mahiru in dr3 : *cowers behind Sato anytime Natsumi gives her the bad eye, including when nothing could ever happen since they are in public*

Sonia in sdr2 : I start to dislike Souda because he doesn’t treat me as a human being and is unable to understand that I’m not the ‘doll princess’ he takes me for.

Sonia in dr3 : I dislike Souda because I’m a bitch, and my whole arc is to learn to acknowledge what a great person he actually is.

Mikan in sdr2 : My behaviour comes from years of emotional, physicial and probably sexual abuse, both at home and at school. The reason I’m so attached to Junko is because she is the first that showed me kindness, making me dependant of her.

Mikan in dr3 : A fucking spat on the face of everyone who ever went through abuse, and I’m seriously pissed. Also brainwashing.

Fuyuhiko in sdr2 toward Peko when they hide their relationship : ‘Shut up bitch, I didn’t ask for your opinion, go away.’

Fuyuhiko in dr3 toward Peko when they hide their relationship : *take her into his arms in front of everyone else* ‘are you okay ? I care so much about you, I’ll definitely kick the ass of the person who hurt you, because dr3 is heterosexist and Pekoyama is 100% unable to stand alone without her man by her side.’

Komaeda in sdr2/drae : The reason I became despair is because I think it could create hope. Contrary to others, Junko couldn’t get me by the sentimental side of my being, but by the logical one, and she was able to give me a purpose, which was so important that after her death that I had to saw my hand to put her’s instead.

Komaeda in dr3 : Brainwashing, lol. Also Izuru is hot, I guess. Wonderful.

Hinata in sdr2 : I don’t understand one thing about videogames, what is Chiaki talking about ? I don’t understand any of the references, sorry it’s just not my thing.

Hinata in dr3 : Chiaki never met someone who was as interested in videogames as Hinata, and he is able to keep up with her when they play together, and to recognize the pin she has in her hair as a reference to a videogame.


As for Chiaki, when I say she is sociopathic, I’m not talking about the hum… medical condition ? That is to say, I don’t think we could make a case of Chiaki suffering of any personality disorder. It’s always good to be very careful with it.

It’s more a case of Twilight-sociopathy, where the S. Meyer really tried to write her character as super caring and selfless and admirable, but because of her unability to write them properly, they come across as the worst people in the world, who don’t care about any life beside theirs. While Chiaki doesn’t have thousands pages to be developped contrary to Bella Swan, she is still… something.

Since I have to use a reference, I’m using Hervey Cleyckley’s list.  I’m going to say it again, but this list shouldn’t be used for self-diagnosis, and the most ‘accurate’, when it comes to diagnostic is the Dsm-5 list, which disqualifies Chiaki, of only with the ‘The subject is at least 18 years old’.

She is very cute and very saturated to make her even cuter, she talk with this cutesy voice and blush a lot, and for these reasons everyone is apparently ready to make a godess out of her. As for her intelligence, I guess it’s a case of Idiocracy. In a world where everyone has a negative IQ, I guess she is supposed to be smart.

  • Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking

Fair enough. I think this is mostly to separate this kind of personality disorder to other pathologies. She isn’t an irration thinker, as far as I can tell.

  • Absence of nervousness or neurotic manifestations

Obviously. She goes through life with the same apathetic behaviour, even when murder is happening in the school or one of her classmate has just been shot.

  • Unreliability


  • Untruthfulness and insincerity
  • Lack of remorse and shame
  • Inadequately motivated antisocial behavior

These ones don’t apply to Chiaki, because they ask for some kind of agenda on her part. When you do absolutely nothing with yourself, you also have no reason to feel remorse/shame.

  • Poor judgment and failure to learn by experience

I don’t even know where to start with this one. But she apparently thought that running into Junko’s lair without telling anyone and bringing someone who was still unable to walk with them was okay so.

  • Pathologic egocentricity and incapacity for love

She is a student in Hope’s Peak but seem absolutely unbothered by the unfairness the school treats the Reserve Course Student, and doesn’t seem to find problematic that she is treated as a queen where Hinata is treated as shit by the school. Because of the ‘tell don’t show’, I don’t think I’ve seen her have one speck of love for anyone. She doesn’t bond deeply with any of her classmates or Hinata, and has the most uncaring attitude when Hinata is upset by the murder of two of his classmates.

  • General poverty in major affective reactions

Does… she… even have reactions. Kidding, she fits.

  • Specific loss of insight


  • Unresponsiveness in general interpersonal relations

Yup. My god, Hinata, stop having an existential crisis and focus on the game, thanks bye.

  • Fantastic and uninviting behavior with alcohol and sometimes without
  • Suicide threats rarely carried out
  • Sex life impersonal, trivial, and poorly integrated

These one don’t really qualify. Doesn’t fit the ‘cute waifu’ enough, honestly.

  • Failure to follow any life plan

Literally her only wish for the future is playing videogames with her friends. It’s not even that she has trouble following life plans. She just doesn’t have any.

That’s was long, but then what did you expect when you send me an ask, I’m unable to not be super-long about anything  8)

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You forgot to tag the latest confession with "teen Inquisitor" per the request of that other anon. I'm not that same anon, but I am very much on their side that the child and teen requests are a little unsettling to picture. Thanks!

I apologize for that. I am not the mod that answered that ask but I did fix it. Closer inspection of the ask showed that the other mod forgot to tag that post in general. Again, sorry about that and we will try harder to make sure they are tagged in the future.

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Uhhh so I was tagged by @lettuce-not like two weeks ago for this and I completely forgot and hopefully it’s not too late and obviously I was tagged on my main blog (@flyy0ufools) again, and obviously I’m going to move it over here again because me=old dog, old tricks. Or whatever. Anyways.

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•Nicknames: none really, but sometimes when people are feeling really creative they’ll call me Anna banana
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•Sexual Orientation: straight
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•Number of blankets you sleep with: sheet, comforter, sometimes 1 more blanket
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I don’t give a flying fuck what you look like. If you tell me you’re a woman, then you’re a woman. If you tell me you’re a man, then you’re a man. If you tell me you’re more than one gender or non-binary or agender or anything else, then that’s what you are. That’s your call to make, not mine.

If you’re not telling the truth for some reason, I’ll still respect that, because I understand that it’s sometimes easier to misgender yourself than to endanger yourself, or maybe you’re just not comfortable coming out to me or the other people around you. Again, your call.

And if the next time we meet you tell me you’re a different gender, then guess what! I’m going to respect that, too.

Allura: I need to type in the coordinates to the Castle, Lance. Cover me.

(Lance summons his Bayard)

Lance: Oh, man. I mean, you know, I-I don’t want to kill nobody.

Allura: They’re just robots, Lance! It’s okay to kill them! They’re robots!

(Lance shoots at a Galra Soldier, blowing his leg off, and making blood gush out as he drops down in pain)

Galra Soldier 1: Aaaaah! My leg is shot off!

Galra Soldier 2: Dorlon’s bleeding to death! Someone call his wife and children!

Lance: They’re not robots, Allura!

Allura: It’s a figure of speech, Lance. They’re GALRA. I don’t respect them!


woah a new post :’)!! ✨

Sorry for not posting for a very long time, had a rough time + non-academic work has been piling up non-stop, but I sneaked in some study time!!

I’m very grateful for me bc I pushed myself to wakeup early (8am, in which i usually wake up @ 1pm). :’^)

I’ve been so inactive yet I’ve reached 350+ followers 😭😭 Thank you so much!! It means a lot to me, really.


I can’t believe I did this in one day.
Thank you so much, my little trolls for playing with me, that was really interesting and intense to do. Maybe I will do more in few weeks.
I noticed there was lots of requests about The invisible Child, the last dragon on earth, Adventures of Moominpappa and the Secret dish! I know i didn’t draw an Adventures of Moominpappa’s doodle (something’s coming ;D ) and I certainly forgot some episodes you asked me… But you were so many! XD

Last thing, even it’s doodles, I swear I did my best. Thank you to be with me and I hope i will give you the need to rewatch some episodes!!

Chips are life.

[Quick update]

Hey guys! Really sorry for the lack of new comics - I’ve been hella busy lately. My schedule is a bit all over the place right now, but I promise that I’ll do my best to post at least once a week! 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


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James: You’re smiling. Did something good happen?
Aleks: Can’t I just smile because I feel like it?
Aron: Trevor tripped and fell in the parking lot.