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B.A.P in Europe

Hyungline+Youngjae: -Aesthetic asfuck black and white posts on instagram-

Jongup:-Confused by Vanilla Coke-

Zelo: -Shirtless dancing, shirtless dancing in the gym, Shirtless dancing on top of his bed to B.A.P, Shirtless dancing at the pool-



In the moment we clashed, the one in control is me
I will manipulate even the weight of this cut-short life

Happy Birthday Chuuya! [29.04]


“I love you as certain dark things are loved, secretly, between the shadow and the soul.”

                                                                     - anna and the french kiss by stephanie perkins

Victuuri Week // Day 1 // AU: A Different Career - The Artist & The Barista

I can totally imagine Victor as an artist (wanted to add tattoos, but I suck at drawing, so maybe whenever I get more free time to do them properly) and Yuuri as a drawing hobbyist/barista, one day out of the counter and the poor soul gets the foreigners’ attention. Imagine the kid getting on eros mode lol ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

I’m so sorry for joining so late, I better run if I want to catch up with everyone.

Edit: The idea was referenced from one of Viria’s drawings. In a rush, I forgot to post it before, thankfully an anon reminded me. I’m so embarrassed ( ´△`)

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ok but lena loves animals so much because they're always there with unconditional love for her, which is something that she's literally never had before. so like when her and kara adopt their first dog together, she honest to god treats him like he's her biological son and it's absolutely ridiculous and adorable.

oh my god?? dude lena is 100% the type of person to buy sweaters and tiny little boots for their puppy. and when kara’s like “lena, you know dogs… don’t need sweaters right?” lena just stares at her. “of course i know they don’t need them. but what if they want them, kara? can’t a dog wear a sweater without judgment?”

(lena comes home with a dog-sized supergirl outfit one day. “it’ll remind me of you when you can’t be here,” lena says. kara decides she likes the doggy clothes)


I did the sketch for this in-game dialogue like a year ago. The DM definitely didn’t know this at the time, but the way to Bruno’s heart is to be impressed by how big he is (and also give him potions).

V literally

Hi I just wanna say that I’m still alive lmao. Sorry for not posting lately because my laptop and phone died so I can’t draw digitally for a while ;; I’m just using my bro’s laptop now lol and also became really busy because of merch stuffs and con for like 2 weeks. I’ll try to make a post about the con



Hey guys, it’s finally here! I couldn’t upload one gif, but there’s another pose, so 9 couple poses in all. Love is… amazing, and it inspired me. For all the poses, it’ll indicate bed or couch, but to pose you’ll need Andrew’s Pose Player, and Teleport Sims mod. Place 2 knights in the same place in the middle of the bed, or in the middle of the couch. Teleport your sims there, and play the poses. For Infinity pose, place your knights a box away from the edge, without using alt, and pose. Simple. Thanks guys! Love ya :D (you can get the two links for the two mods required in my GRIEF posepack post)

I also added a tutorial lol.


Almost a year ago I found out about bts and made this blog. I just wanted a place to be their fan, to get to know more about them and at the time, I didn’t know how important they would become and their impact in my life.

I can’t really believe I’m actually typing this, but I reached 1k followers. It’s been a long time goal for me, from my other blogs (rip them) and I finally made it! But of course it wouldn’t be possible without all the amazing people that follows me. I just want to thank you all, for copying with me even when I don’t post oc for a while, when I was on a semi-hiatus bc of school and when I just didn’t show up sometimes. This blog grown a lot, especially since december and it’s all because of you ❤ Last year I also got to know so many amazing people and be friends with them and I can’t really believe it. I’m really luck to be able to call them my friends and I’m very grateful for have met them.

Now let’s move to the follow forever! I’m sorry if I missed some mutuals or forgot someone but tumblr confuses me lol 

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Some Post-Season Falconers (and an Ace).
It’s gotta be the beginning of the playoffs because the beards aren’t out of control yet.

Also I am ashamed of myself. I drew Kent but totally forgot about Guy. Whooops. Sorry Guy. Also forgot the ginger with the really nice flow but since he doesn’t have a name…..

One day I will color these. But I gotta have a lot of patience for that and I’m working on other stuff right now lol.
Maybe by then I’ll have Guy drawn. 

My other Check, Please! FanArt


Mystic Messenger 』 The Vow
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Ask permission for other sites.

Doodle this after seeing @protectjuminhan and @victorianyuki headcanon post but forgot to post it ;; I can totally imagine this would happen on their wedding day lol. Sorry it’s so messy >.<

I got so carried away with drawing on Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 110, another Frederick Chilton, that I forgot to post the usual sketch!! 🙈😄 Sorry. But here’s a progress pic as an apology 😉💞

I intend to play a little with b&w and color. We’ll see if I like it in the end lol
B-Joo Kinks

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Sorry I was MIA for a while. Life caught up to me. Don’t kill me for using this gif. It fits!

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