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kent parson headcanons part 2 (part 1 here):

  • once bought a rolex just to toss it in a fountain and make a wish bc he’s ridiculous
  • has tried to like fancy rich people things like caviar but he honestly just does not like them
    • as someone who grew up eating the store-brand mac & cheese that was 18 cents per box, i cannot handle rich tasting foods now. it’s too much. my mouth is used to the garbage.
    • kent’s the same way he’s like “yeah fancy dinner time!!” and then gives up 3 bites in bc ew and goes to burger king (he feels bad for being wasteful so he gives his very fancy meal to a homeless dude)
  • definitely has a clap-on disco light
  • is scared of thunder; when there’s a storm he blasts pop music super loud and shouts “I’M NOT AFRAID” and kit meows along with him bc she also hates storms
  • misses new york real real bad (vegas winters are stupid and not cold and he misses having real seasons)
  • is close friends with multiple celebrities including taylor swift, kristen stewart, zac efron, and the entire cast of gossip girl (listen it’s his guilty pleasure.)
  • has pollen & hay fever allergies so in spring & summer he is Suffering
    • when he moved to vegas at 18 he was like “cool! a desert environment! this’ll help!” and it did for like 2 years before his allergies got worse and now he feels cheated
    • the aces chirp him relentlessly about his constant runny nose in allergy season and he tries to chirp them back but he’s all congested so his voice sounds funny and then they chirp him for that too. double chirps. it’s endless
  • has a closet specifically for hats
  • decent gambler; he’s not bad at math and he’s very patient (at least when it comes to gambling games lmao)
  • can and will drink anything you put in front of him with a completely straight face. straight rum? sure. kombucha? you bet. a whole glass full of barbecue sauce? his eyes might tear up a bit but he’ll still look generally unaffected. 
  • has a motorcycle and loves to ride around on it bc he Loves Danger and Has No Regard For His Own Life
  • isn’t aggressive on the ice (this is canon) and the only time he ever gets in fights is if people 1. talk about his mom/sister 2. shit-talk jack 3. use slurs against him or anyone else on his team
  • IS A REALLY GOOD CAPTAIN! fight me!! he’s so dedicated & he’s always working (he has no life so it’s not like he has much to “give up” to hockey in the first place) - he’s always watching tape, spending time with the rookies, giving others advice when he can, listening when the guys have legit complaints/ideas, working on plays, keeping everyone on track and motivated and joking around to keep morale up
  • is one of those people who drunk shops. he has a hard time sleeping so he watches tv until it’s just all infomercials and it’s 4 am and he’s drunk and he gets enticed by the infomercial lady and is like “FUCK IT I’M RICH!” and then when 4 huge boxes of moon sand show up at his house a month later he’s like “what the fuck”
  • his sister is obsessed with anime so for her 14th birthday he took her and his mom to japan and it’s one of the best memories he has


I haven’t done a fanmix for this fandom before, but I’m a huge lover of fanmixes (and music in general) so I decided to create one inspired by the ultimate, Eisuke Ichinomiya. Most of the songs pertain to either Eisuke or the relationship between Eisuke and the MC, and some are just random but for some reason made me picture Eisuke in my head. The fanmix isn’t genre specific, it’s a mix of genres—so, enjoy!

01. Jealous - Nick Jonas / 02. Ego - Beyoncé / 03. Body On Me - Rita Ora Feat. Chris Brown / 04. Love Me Harder - Ariana Grande Feat. The Weeknd / 05. Mirrors - Justin Timberlake / 06. On My Mind - Timomatic / 07. Teenage Dream - Katy Perry / 08. Beneath Your Beautiful - Labrinth Feat. Emeli Sandé / 09. Take Me Home - Cash Cash Feat. Bebe Rexha / 10. Gravity - Jason Chen / 11. Touch - Pia Mia / 12. Desperate Measures - Marianas Trench / 13. Livewire - Oh Wonder / 14. Wherever You Are - Unique Zayas Feat. Charice


Tank tops! Jeans! Recolors! Here 10 recolors of a cropped tank by UberSims and 18 (there’s only 17 pictured, thought!) recolors of some jeans by Rusty. *However, after some investigation and a heads up from @evesimmies, I realized I recolored the jeans from Unbichoblita’s recolor of the same file and that’s the mesh mine uses. I’m going to try and fix it soon, but for now you can get the mesh here! Sorry if that’s caused any issues for anyone!*

And if you want some chairs to go with your tank tops - because, that’s a thing, right?? You can download the Tri-Chairs in the same color way as the first, and last two tops pictured. 

*edited* You will need the meshes for these! I totally forgot to add that before and I fixed the links above to go to meshes. Sorry!

Tri Tanks w/ jeans

  • 10 different tank colorways and 18 jeans
  • custom CAS tumbnails

DOWNLOAD:  tanks | jeans | merged

TOU: Please do not re-upload or claim as your own. And, if you wanna, tag #sjane4prezcc so I can see what you make!

reasons to watch high rollers

for @thephanlockedbrony sorry i love this too much and i am terrible at explaining things

  • Its a Dungeons & Dragons stream on sundays (although is on saturday for a few weeks at the moment)
  • its basically like having a story read out but its really randomised because the characters decide to do stuff unexepectedly
  • Its OK if you know nothing about D&D because 3 of the players have never played before so they explain (almost) everything
  • There is tons of amazing fanart
  • The characters can actually die if they mess up too much
  • But thats OK as they can be ressurected (once)
  • One character gets a pet dragon
  • One character likes pretending to be a mad old lady for some reason
  • they show most of the fanart on the stream
  • A lot of the stuff you probably expect to happen goes out the window when the characters do stuff like setting a shop on fire
  • A small cute character turns into a wolf or a bear and beats lots of stuff up
  • They seriously set a shop on fire
  • One character really likes daggers and has like 15 of them
  • one of the daggers is called Duracell
  • The characters have loads of development
  • At any one time at least 2 of the characters aren’t sure whats going on or what to do
  • Also it is very diverse
  • There is a lesbian elf queen, a pansexual character, an aromantic/asexual character (not entirely sure which) and a possibly trans guy
  • there is only one character that has been confirmed as straight
  • someone is making a comic version (link)
  • two of the players answer loads of questions about their characters on tumblr
  • If you draw something the only reasons it won’t get shown is if you tagged it wrong, or they forgot to do the fanart video that week
  • If you can’t watch live they upload it to youtube (usually the next day) (link)
  • can i just say that its brilliant as a reason to watch it?
  • the magic rope was important
  • really all the fanart is amazing, just check #rollonsunday
  • actually don’t because spoilers

if anyone else sees this and wants to add anything feel free to

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Sakura Amidst Chaos

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