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annoying {j.v}

request: “Fluffy Jerome with prompt 33?” - anonymous

word count: 616 (it’s on the shorter side, sorry)

warnings: torture, strong language, needy Jerome. i should add that Reader’s a bit more on the insane side in this imagine.

OH MY GOD. anon i am so sorry! i totally forgot this was a request. please accept my apologies. ;-;

The sound of the whip cracking echoed through the cement room. The sound would send shivers down any sane person’s spine. But you weren’t sane. The only thing you derived from the pained cries and cracking sound was pleasure.

Multiple more cracks sounded and blood slowly dripped from the scars of your innocent victim. Without much cause, you began to laugh mercilessly at the suffering of the person before you. It was satisfying to know you were stronger and this person would obey your every whim. This cruel power was what quenched your desires.

Before you could crack the whip again, the creaking sound of a door sliding open caught your attention. You turned your head to stare at your ginger lover, who was none other than the feared and revered Jerome Valeska.

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Not Like This (Part 2)

Part 1: Here
Part 3: Here
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Part 5: Here

Sorry for the double tags, guys.  Tumblr was apparently having some technical difficulties.  Its all good now!  Enjoy!
Fandom:  Star Trek AOS (Soulmate AU)
Pairing: Reader x Bones
Word Count: 3,633
Rating: Teen+
Warnings: Injuries, blood, scary scenes 
Tag List: @outside-the-government @littlecarowrites @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse  @feelmyroarrrr @trekken81 @lurkch @yourtropegirl @answer-the-sirens
Author’s note:  SO many people have asked to be added to the tag list for this fic.  I am absolutely flattered.  I’m so glad you guys like it!!  I apologize if I missed anyone in the tag list, please let me know if I forgot your name.  Also, if I have you just in the tag list for this story but you wish to be on my permanent tag list, please let me know!

I hope you all like this part just as much… its actually my favourite part of the story so far.  Enjoy!

          Leonard had gone back to his business after his last projected thoughts, after his soulmate had wished him luck on his exam.  It was going to be a hard one, he was sure, and he nervously chewed on the end of his stylus as he waited for the instructor’s signal.  The exam appeared on the screen of his tablet as his professor indicated that they could begin and he bent over it, meticulously reading each question and answering carefully, his mind completely focused on his task.

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anonymous asked:

Would you mind writing about the RFA(V , S) with a foreign MC whose parents are racist and don't allow her to be with them because they are Asian? But she dates them anyways because she loves them? (My grammar is $h*t I know)

This is so interesting. But it’s so touchy, I’m so afraid this can backfire and I’ll end up offending someone. Please let me know if this isn’t good, I’ll shut it down immediately (of course this is directed to my asian followers, couldn’t care less about white people’s feelings, including my own). Thank you all!

RFA + Saeran and V dealling with MC’s racist family

TRIGGER WARNING: Racism (obviously), misoginy, xenophobia (so sorry I forgot about this before, ugh… hope I didn’t do too much damage. I apologize if someone felt triggered expecting to get something else from this.


  • You introduced him to your father through Skype and he is…confused.
  • So… he’s an albino? And an oriental? How does that work?
  • Oh, and he’s an actor? Like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee? Did he ever play a karate fighter in some movie? Oh god…
  • “I’m pretty sure Jackie Chan is from Hong Kong, sir. And Bruce Lee was… Chinese, babe?” “I think he was born in America, and had a Chinese descendance…”
  • “And karate is a Japanese martial art, sir. They’re not all… oriental…” he says the word in disgust, ughhh… hearing this word in 21st century is awful!
  • “Oh, it’s all sort of the same thing, isn’t it?” Ohhhh… you’re so embarrassed, you want to turn it off immediately and scold your father for being… racist.
  • “No, it’s not, sir. Please don’t use a word that put hundreds of people from different cultures and countries in one tiny box. Please, get more sensitive about these issues now that your daughter is dating a KOREAN guy who will marry her someday. Have a nice day, sir.” And he turns it off.
  • “Oh, babe, I can’t believe I talked to your father like this, I’m so so…” “Don’t you dare apologizing for doing the right thing!”
  • “Well, yeah… but you know… this isn’t his fault. You know, asian actors play a lot of similar roles on American movies and TV series, so…” “Yeah, and this isn’t your fault either, my father isn’t dumb, he should see through stereotypes, we all should, you know?”
  • You were right. Zen kept thinking of this after you two went to bed. He couldn’t stop thinking of what he could do to change things.
  • And it hit him, the problem isn’t the asian actors, they just roll with the roles they can get, the problem is we don’t have enough asian people working on producing and writing jobs in entertainment, at least outside of asian countries, of course.
  • So now he’s thinking how he needs to expand his career in order to be a producer in USA or in Europe one day…
  • His manager sleeping beside him will help him through on this.


  • Your sister was in town and he was so excited to meet her.
  • She was excited as well, maybe too much throwing words like kawaii and calling him Yoosung-kun, you know, Japanese words.
  • “MC, she knows she’s in Korea and we speak Korean, right?” you’re too busy doing the facepalm to even answer.
  • And she keeps throwing Japanese terms totally out of context, for that matter. And Yoosung isn’t getting anything, he’s just scared of the way you’re glaring at her.
  • “Sis, shut up! You’re making a fool of yourself!” “What? I’m just showing support on you dating a jap guy.” “I’m not ‘jap’, I’m Korean. We… we are in Korea.” He says in a very kind way.
  • “Well, whatever, it’s all the same.” Oh god… oh no…
  • “No, we´re… we’re not.” He says assertively. Both you and your sister look at him, surprised.
  • “Jeez, calm down, cutie. I’m just trying to be nice and supportive. I’m super cool with my sister dating an asian guy and…” “But why do you have to be cool with it? There’s nothing to be cool about it, it’s just… you know what I’m trying to say? When you keep saying you’re cool and bringing my race and my country of origin everytime, I’m sorry… but I don’t think you’re cool with this at all. And that’s not…”
  • “Cool.” You complete for him and he smiles sweetly at you. “And please study a little, Japanese and korean have this historical feud, we don’t like being compared.” Oh wow, looks like he’s been studying too.
  • Your sister is so mad, she just stomps out of there telling she’ll never be back to this hellhole of a country and shit like that. Yoosung doesn’t understand how two people coming from the same environment can be so different like you two.
  •  “MC, are you really ok with your sister not really approving us?” “You mean if I’m okay with my sister being a xenophobic racist brat? Not really…”
  • “Oh… yeah, she was being kinda racist, right?” you nod. “Well, uhm… she seems to mean well, at least. That’s a start on us to teaching her.” “Yoosung, honey… you really don’t have to.” “I know, but I want to. She’s gonna be my family one day too, right?”
  • And that was the first time he made you blush in the ame way you’re used to making him.


  • You warned her about your brother being a little… nonsense. You know the guy who dated a black girl on high school and think he’s such a hero for it? That guy…
  • So he’s super excited to meet your asian girlfriend. Yeah, he emphasized “asian” a lot.
  • “Whoa, you’re tall. I thought you Asians were all tiny and cute…” hum, okay…
  • “And you are a blackbelt in judo? Whoa, dragon lady, am I right?” wtf, dude?
  • And he keeps throwing totally out of line comments about her body and how she’s nothing like he was expecting from an Asian girl, since all the asian girls he knows are completely different.
  • “The girls he saw on porn, that is.” You whisper to her, and she giggles, but deep inside she knows this is so wrong!
  • And since he won’t stop, she’s starting to get really angry. She needs to put a stop to this before he does THAT question about asian girls having sideways vaginas, because he seems douchy enough to make it.
  • “I know you mean well, but please stop before you say something really racist… and sexist as well.
  • “Sexist? And… racist? Ah, come on! I’m not racist, I’ve even dated a black girl on high school and…” See? I told you he was that guy.
  • “Hum… and I can’t even imagine why she isn’t dating you anymore…  if you used her race as a fetish like you’re doing to mine right now, we probably have an answer.” “What are you even saying, girl? You should feel lucky that MC has a supportive brother who doesn’t mind her dating another girl, an asian girl.”
  • “Oh, racist, mysoginistic and homophobic. You’re the triple threat, huh, bro? I won’t feel lucky for you doing nothing but your obligation, especially when you’re doing it wrong!” “What’s gotten to you, MC? I’m your family, you can’t talk to me like that!” “You can’t talk to me and to my girlfriend like this either, if you’re family, educate yourself before acting like an asshole!”Well, she’s not happy on being the cause of a fight between brother and sister… no, forget that, his racism was the cause of this. And she’s so happy you two are on the same page of this.


  • He made sure to pay for bringing your dad to Korea so they could finally meet. Despite of your protests of this being a bad investment.
  • He didn’t get it at first, but as soon as he met him, he understood.
  • Because your dad wasn’t even inclined to a handshake. He was a very serious cold man.
  • Jumin is worried if this has anything to do with those three days, did you mention the cage or something? Well, he wouldn’t be exactly pleased if someone trapped his daughter like he did to you…
  • He tells you that as an apology when your father goes to his bedroom to unpack, and you feel so bad. “Jumin, honey… you’re not the problem here at all…”
  • “What do you mean, MC?” “Well, I… have I told you my father used to work in the U.S.  forces, right?”
  • He has a solid knowledge in politics, so he knows your father is probably thinking about North Korea and the constant fear of the possibility of a war starting at any moment…
  • But… he’s south Korean, what does this have anything to do with North and USA? “Well, you know how ignorance works, especially when it’s related to nationalism…”
  • Right you are, but still… this is such a touchy subject, that shouldn’t interfere in your relationship. And… well, if his race is the problem, then your father is being racist, it doesn’t matter if politics are involved.
  • “Plus, if this war happens. USA and South will likely be allies, as it happened before, so no need for you to dislike me, sir.” Well, you don’t like the idea behind his point, but… he’s sort of right? “We are not all the same, sir. Please understand this and respect your daughter’s wishes of staying with me. I’m sure in the end you’re just thinking what’s best for her, and believe me, I’m doing the best I can in order to fulfill this position.”
  • Your father looks at him head to toes. “You’re smart and reasonable, I like that you’re different from the gooks I met in Vietnam.” And he offers his hand for that handshake, which… Jumin doesn’t take it,
  • The man is still racist and xenophobic after all. And you know this isn’t even close to an end…


  • He’s really excited to meet your sister
  • Then you introduce them two and they’re both nice to each other and all.
  • At least that’s what he thought before overhearing you talking in the guest room.
  • “He’s adorable, MC, and he doesn’t look that asian.” Hum… what is that supposed to mean?
  • “What do you even mean?” “I mean, he’s… redhead, and has this cool outfit, where’s the nerd kid with slicky hair that’s really good at math or something?”
  • “He is really good at math, but you’re just repeating stereotypes, come on!” “Well, there’s a lot of truth in stereotypes, y’ know?” “There’s also a lot of prejudice.” Slaaay MC, slaaaay.
  •  “Ugh, MC, ever since when did you become so prudish? Jeez, people are so touchy these days…”  even though he knows he shouldn’t,  he speaks up:  “I know, right? People can’t even be racist anymore without being called out, that’s awful!”
  • “I… I’m not racist! I am super happy for my sister dating a guy regardless of his race and…” “Regardless? Oh my God!” you and Saeyoung  say at the same time.
  • “No, honey. Of course you’re not a racist, you’re just saying that your sister is some kind of angel for being able to see a normal person behind these slant eyes of mine, and she not minding my race is a favor she’s doing…”
  • “MC, are you really letting him talk to me like this?” “I guess I will, since I’m no angel. And you brought this on yourself.”
  • Of course he didn’t want to be mean to your sister, but he totally went for it when you told him he could.
  • But on a more serious note, he wants your sister to be educated at some point, it’s not good living in ignorance, and he wouldn’t that for someone so close to you, neither would you.
  • So you two will try to be patient and show there’s much more than that portrayal of the nerd asian boy.


  • He wouldn’t say it loud, but he is excited about meeting your mother.
  • But you keep changing the subject and backing away on this.
  • And he doesn’t know what to think, why wouldn’t him to meet the woman who raised you? Oh… wait, he knows what this is about…
  • You’re embarrassed about him, ain’t you? Because he’s a freak and would definitely screw things up, of course!
  • He confronts you, and you feel so bad, especially because now you have to tell the truth: “I’m not embarrassed of you, I’m embarrassed of her…” the fuck?
  • “W-why?” “Well, she can be a little… odd.” Odd? How?
  • Doesn’t care, he wants to meet her, I mean, haven’t you heard about his mother? What could be worse than that?
  • And though maybe it’s not worse, is still pretty bad. “I’m not a racist, but I think pure genes are really important on a child’s brain development, so I would rather seeing my daughter with a white young man.” Oh my god…
  • He… doesn’t really know what to say, he kinda expected your mother would hate him, but because he is weird, not because of something he was born like and has nothing to do with his personality.
  • “Mom, that’s so… racist.” Hmmm, yeah, that’s the word he was looking for. “No, sweetie, I’m just thinking what’s best for you.”
  • “So are you saying you think your daughter would be happier with, say, a white guy who beats her up than with someone who likes her and respects her just because he’s not white? That makes no sense”.
  • “No, of course not… I… I just…” “Mom, trust me, just end this conversation here while you didn’t mess up completely.”
  • He’s so happy to know you have his back, and this is not only about his race.


  • He’s thrilled and slightly nervous about meeting your brother.
  • You’re nervous too, but for very different reasons.
  • You know those people who don’t consider themselves right-winged or left-winged, his political stand is moving forward? That guy…
  • And V was having very interesting conversations with the guy when he says this: “My sister is just like me, we don’t see race, we just see people.”
  • “Well, that’s nice, but it’s very easy for a white person to say that, you know? Since race doesn’t really play a role on their accomplishments and, most important, obstacles.”
  • “What do you mean? That white people don’t put effort enough to get things?” “No, I’m just saying that you get to face obstacles, but your race is not playing a part on this. I mean…  MC is white, but she’s a woman, so she won’t get the same wage as you in the same job, it’s the same thing with race, white people earn more for the same job in a lot of cases.”
  • “Now you’re just generalizing, don’t you think you’re doing…”  wait for it… “reverse racism?” Oh no…
  • “I… don’t believe such a thing exists.” “It does, look it up.”
  • “I will, then you look up on racial inequality in labor market, how does that sound?” “You don’t have to be condescending, you know?”
  • “I’m not, I’m just giving you a reality check you’re refusing to face. But I get it, it’s hard giving up on your white privileges.” “There you are being racist again.”
  • “Dude, even I know that is not a thing, just stop, you’re embarrassing yourself.” “Yes give up on your male privileges too and listen to the woman at least for once.”
  • Your brother scoffs “You two are such a postmodern couple.” “And you’re pedantic.” “Not to mention a little racist?” you and V say.
  • Well, this was a very clever conversation, and your brother seems smart, V can’t wait to educate him in a more proper way.

averybrowsingdayandnight  asked:

17, Analogical

the rhythm of our heartbeat [hit that replay]

Fandom: Sanders Sides / Thomas Sanders
Word Count:
Pairings: Heavily Implied Analogical
Alt. Link:  AO3
Notes: i swear, i am a consistent fanfic ts sides blog!! … kinda

Virgil loves music, especially his own playlists. Until one day, he notices a suspicious looking playlist.

Who listens to Mozart?

Virgil was beyond infuriated.

Well, he wouldn’t say he was, “beyond,” though he was very, very pissed off. He had to undergo the annoyances of both the Extra Roman Sanders combined with the happy-go-lucky Patton. The only one that had ever been grounded at the time was Logan - who then left him to deal with that disaster. So, yeah, sue Virgil for being just a little bit ticked off. After that whole fiasco, Virgil promptly ducked out. He knew he was being a little unfair to Logan - he did say it was alright after all- but all Virgil wanted to do was sulk.

His room was the perfect place for that.

Virgil looked down at his phone, scrolling through the playlists that he had made for these problems. They were all dark, or as Princy would call it, “emo.” Virgil was proud of his flimsy collection of playlists, no matter what he said. It was… relaxing, to just get lost in music before he was forced to play the bad guy over and over again. ‘Course, that rarely happened anymore, he thought, but sometimes it felt like the could never get over that. Virgil stared back down at his phone - he was going to start a playlist, “Dark Knights” when he stopped right in his tracks.

There, in the midst of all his playlists, was a new one.

But Virgil never let anyone make a new playlist on his Phone.

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Touch Your Face - Blind Reader

Blind reader. Dick Grayson is your neighbor, you are outside of your apartment with your Seeing Eye dog when he introduces you to his little brothers.


You are blind. You live on the third floor of an apartment building, your neighbor is a man named Dick Grayson, and he is a police officer. Ace, you seeing eye dog, absolutely loved Dick, probably because he is constantly sneaking the dog treats.

“Y/N! Hey, I want you to meet my little brothers, Jason, Tim, and Damian”

“Hello” that voice was soft, smart, analyzing, “I’m Tim”

“What is that horrid contraption that you have placed on you dog?” This voice was sharp, young, that must be Damian.

“It’s so I can grab onto Ace, so he can lead me around” you reply

tt- are you truly that lazy where you cannot look where you are going?”

“Damian -” Dick’s voice was sharp in warning

You just chuckle, “I’m blind, Damian. If I could look where I was going on my own I would, but I have Ace and my walking stick to help me get around”

“I – I was unaware of your predicament. I apologize”

You smile softly, “It’s alright, here” you bend down and unclasp the halter from Ace, meaning that he is no longer on duty, “You can pet him now”

You feel Ace leave your side and run to Damian who you assumed had crouched down on the floor. You jump when you feel a hand gently placed on your arm.

“I’m sorry, I forgot to warn you, but I’m Jason” You suck in a sharp breath when he speaks. His voice sounds like how chocolate tastes. It’s warm, silky, he sounds handsome.

“It’s nice to meet you all, but I was about to take Ace out for a walk …”

“I will do it” Damian says as he gently takes the leash from your hand, “It is no trouble”

“Alright, if you don’t mind”

“Of course Little D doesn’t mind! If he could he would probably take Ace back to the manor!”

You hear Tim groan “Don’t let him do that! There are enough animals there to be a zoo!”

“Don’t worry I won’t let your brother take my dog, I kinda need him!”

You can feel the hand gently on your harm move to cup your elbow, “Do you want to come in? We were gonna order pizza, and watch movies… fuck I’m sorry”

“Don’t worry Jason I still enjoy listening to movies”

“So is that a yes?”

“Yeah If Dick doesn’t mind?”

“Of course I don’t mind! Please come in! Damian will be happy as long as Ace is here”

“Maybe he won’t question the plot of the movie if he has something to distract him!” Tim said, walking into the apartment.

The four of you wait in the kitchen for Damian Dick handing beers to both Jason and Tim. You can sense that Jason wants to ask you something.

“Go ahead and ask, I know you want to”

Jason sighs, “Were you down blind or …”

“No, I could see when I was younger. I list my sight in an explosion, one that the Joker set off in Gotham General. I was a nurse there before I was blinded, shrapnel in the eye, it severed my optic nerve”

“I’m sorry” Tim whispered

You wave away the apology, “It wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t anyone’s fault but the Jokers”

At that moment Damian walked back in with Ace, both of them panting slightly. Immediately Ace breaks away from Damian and sits beside you, leaning against your leg, letting you know that he is here if you need him.

“I have a request, please don’t feel obligated to say yes, if you are uncomfortable with it …”

“Just state your request” Damian snaps

“Can I touch your faces?”

“That … is a very odd request” Tim says

“I may not be able to see you with my eyes, but I can with my hands. I can use my hands to feel your face, and then if you would tell me your eye color I would be able to picture you in my mind, put a face to your voice”

Damian is the first to step forward, “I assume that you have already done this with Grayson?” you nod, “They you may feel my face”

You reach out, Damian takes your hands into his and places your hands on his cheeks. You smooth your fingers over his high cheekbones, his slightly unturned nose, his square jaw, and his slightly almond shaped eyes. You run your fingers up into his hair feeling the short spikes.

“What color are your eyes?”

“They have been described as jade green before”

You smile, “You will grow into a very handsome man, Damian”

“Of course” Damian sniffs

“I’m next” Tim called, you could hear him jump up on the counter. He grabbed your hand and, much like Damian, guided you to touch his face.

You run your fingers over his narrow face. He also has high cheekbones, a narrow nose, and oval eyes. You would describe Tim as pretty. His bone structure is too delicate to be handsome. His hair is long, already past his ears, it is silky smooth and soft.

“Your eye color?”

“Blue” Tim replied, “and my hair is black”

You nod quietly, “you have such a delicate bone structure, but I have a feeling that you could pack a punch if you wanted to!”

Tim chuckled, “That I can do!”

You turn to the last place that you heard Jason’s voice, “Jason, do you mind?”

He stepped forward, so close that you can feel the heat of his chest against yours. “Well go ahead” his voice was a rumble deep in his chest.

Unlike the others he didn’t place your hands on his face. So you reach out and gently ley a hand on his chest, smoothing both hand up over his neck and gently coming in contact with Jason’s chin. He has a square jaw, a well proportioned nose, and soft lips. His eyes were oval, his eye lashes long. You run your fingers up into his hair, it feel even softer than Tim’s. However the very front part of his hair, right in the middle of his forehead where is feels different.

“Your hair feels different right here”

Jason chuckled, “I have a trauma streak, right there is completely white, the rest is black”

You reach back up and finger the strand of hair, “I like it, it adds character”

You lower your hands down to Jason’s cheeks and can feel him smile, you smile back, “You should smile more often, you look good when you do”

“I bet you look good all the time” you say back. Immediately you can feel the blood rush to your face, “Oh my God, I really just said that”

“I mean I am pretty damn hot, honey!”

Tim groans from on the couch, “Will you just ask her out already, Jay?!? She might not be able to see the looks you have been giving her but the rest of us can!!”

You smirk, tilting your head up, “I wonder what looks you have been giving me”

“Nothing that any of us want to see” Damian calls out

Dick just laughs as Jason searches for words.

“I was going to let you get to know me better first” Jason mumbled

“Don’t you need to get to know me too?”

“Dick talks about you so much that I feel like I already do know you. But everything aside. Would you like to go on a date with me?”

You reach up, brushing your fungers against his cheek again, “I would love to go on a date with you, Jay. But only if Ace can come with us”

“I wouldn’t think to have it any other way.”

Sneaking Out || Dan Howell

A/N: Another request! yeahy! i didn’t expect this to get so long but it somehow did? I guess I just really liked the idea 

Word Count: 2.1K

POV: Reader


Originally posted by exisentialdan

“Run!” Dan shouted as he came sprinting towards me. He took me by my arm and dragged me along with him. I didn’t know who or what we were running from I just followed my boyfriend’s commands.  

He seemed to be in a real hurry and kept hectically looking back over his shoulder to check if anybody was following us. Luckily the school corridor was empty since most people were in the cafeteria for lunch break.

“Dan?! Why exactly are we doing this again?” shouted at him after we had taken at least 3 turns and ended up in another empty hallway that lead to our school’s gym.

Dan slowed down his pace until we finally came to a halt. I held my left side that hurt every time I gasped for air. As soon as he had caught his breath, Dan started to mischievously grin at me from ear to ear.

“What…?” I asked, shaking my head while smiling at him. I had seen that exact grin before and let me tell you, I already knew that this certainly meant nothing good.

“There might have been a little uhhhh… ‘paint explosion’ in the cafeteria.” Dan explained, searching for the right words to explain his newest prank.

He started laughing loudly at the thought of it.

“You should have seen it” Dan added as he wiped away tears of joy.

“No way! Oh my god, Dan.”

I didn’t know whether I should laugh, be impressed or scold him. So I just giggled and shook my head at him.

Dan was known for being the prankster of our school. Now that he was a senior and knew that he would leave soon anyway, there was nothing that could hold him back. He talked back to his teachers, told his best jokes and even managed to paint everyone in the cafeteria all colours of the rainbow.

“I’m gonna be in so much trouble if they catch me.” Dan said, still with a smirk on his face.

“Well that’s for sure, Mr Howell.”

I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I slowly turned around. It was the deep voice of our headmaster Mr Travis who was approaching us with a stern and angry look on his face.

“Mr Howell, Miss Y/L/N, my office. NOW!”

I shot Dan a nervous look as we followed the elder man to his office and sat down in front of his big desk.

Before Mr Travis could even say something Dan had already opened his mouth.

“It was all me, Y/N had nothing to do with it.” He nearly shouted.

I was a straight A student and I had never been in trouble before so that didn’t sound too farfetched.

Mr Travis eyed us both intensely.

“Well this may be the first time that I actually believe you, Mr Howell.” He said before he turned his head to look at me.

“Miss Y/L/N I’ll have to call your parents but other than that I can let you off with a warning.” The headmaster explained as his facial expression softened a little bit and I felt myself relax.

Dan on the other hand got a few weeks of detention and was lucky that he didn’t get suspended, but he was used to that. He didn’t seem to mind at all, no he was just happy that I wasn’t punished for something I didn’t even do.

But once I got home there was no use in explaining to my parents that I didn’t do anything. All they cared about was that the headmaster called home and that was apparently the worst thing that could have ever happened.

“We didn’t raise you like this, young lady! Do you even know how disappointed I was when I got that call telling me that you got in trouble?”

I opened my mouth to protest but before I could even say something my dad continued, speaking over me with finality in his voice.

“You’re grounded, Miss. 2 weeks, no phone. Understood?”

I stormed up to my room with my head hanging low and slammed the door shut behind me. Well that was it then.

This was how I would have to spend the next two weeks: getting up, going to school, coming home, spending the day alone in my room, no friends, no going out, no phone. And the worst: no dates with Dan, I’d only be able to see him in school and we didn’t even have a lot of classes together since he was a grade above me.

At least I had plenty of time to do my homework now, right?

‘Oh c’mon Y/N, there’s nothing that can make this sound good.’ I thought to myself as I fell down onto my bed with a sigh.  

“I’m so stupid. This is all my fault, I’m so sorry.” Dan apologised and kissed the top of my head as soon as I told him that I was grounded in school the next day. He seemed to be extremely mad at himself.

“I shouldn’t have dragged you into this, baby.” He said with a pout.

“All we did was go for a run together, as far as I know there’s nothing wrong about that.” I riposted and even laughed a little.

“Your parents suck.” Dan muttered underneath his breath but it was still loud enough for me to hear it.

“Hey!” I started to protest but stopped myself mid-sentence. “Yeah.. you’re kinda right.” I admitted quietly, making Dan laugh and throw his arm around me.

A week into being grounded I was desperately waiting for this horror to end. This was so unfair, I missed hanging out with my friends and doing things besides going to school. But my parents wouldn’t let me go no matter how much I defended myself or complained.

Today was Friday, normally I’d be at Dan’s place for a movie night but since I couldn’t leave the house I just decided to go to bed early for once.

It was around 1 am when I heard a slight tapping sound that woke me up. At first I just switched my sleeping position and tried to fall asleep again, but then it happened again and again.

I groaned as I got out of bed and walked towards my window where the noise was coming from. I pushed the curtain out of the way and to my surprise I saw Dan standing in our garden and his black car in our drive way.

The weird noise I heard was actually him throwing little rocks at the glass. I couldn’t help but smile happily as I yanked the window open.

“What are you doing here?!” I whisper-shouted, as he smirked up at me.

“I’m here to rescue you, baby.”  He answered a little bit too loud, considering the fact that my parents were asleep in the room below mine.

“Psst! I don’t want you to wake up mum and dad.” I warned him.

“I almost forgot, sorry..” Dan apologized, scratching the back of his head.

We kept smiling at each other, glad to be able to see each other again. God, did I miss him.

“So are you coming?” Dan asked with a cheeky grin.

“Wait- what?” I stuttered in confusion.

“We’re going on an adventure! You’ve been locked up in your room for way too long now and I miss my amazing girlfriend.”

His words sounded perfect but I was still unsure. If my parents caught us I would be totally screwed. Dan could tell that I was hesitant.

“C’mon! Live a little.” Dan tried his best not to shout.

I nervously bit my lip before I nodded determinately.

“You’re right!” I agreed and quickly threw on a few clothes over my pyjamas.

I really needed to take more risks, I couldn’t just say no to an adventure just because I was a ‘good girl’. There was a whole life out there that was waiting for me to fully live it.

I tiptoed down the stairs to the front door, trying to make as little noise as possible. It was so awfully quiet that even my breathing sounded loud to me.

When I got outside, Dan was already waiting for me in his car. I quickly hopped in and let go of a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

“Oh my god, I’m sneaking out.” I gasped and couldn’t help but giggle at my sudden ‘boldness’.

“It’s so nice to see you again. I’m so proud of you, princess.” Dan whispered and winked shortly before he kissed me as a hello.

He started the engine and slowly made his way out of my drive way and onto the road. It was heavenly to spend some alone time with him again.  

“So… where are we going?” I asked him after we had been driving for a while.

“Anywhere and everywhere.”

After about 20 minutes we had reached the centre of the city. There were lights, neon signs, crowds of people and music sounded from a few bars and clubs. The city was still buzzing with live unlike the little street that I lived in. There were still quite a few people out and about, it was a Friday night after all.

Dan and I decided to go for a little sightseeing trip. We drove to all of the famous spots and tourist attractions our own city could offer. It was weird visiting them at night when there were no tourists around but there was something so unique about it that for a few hours it felt like time had stopped.

Dan I took selfies in front of a big fountain, an odd sculpture that was located in a park, a museum that we had never been to, a skyscraper that looked pretty and even in front of the local football club’s stadium.

We giggled like kids each time we hopped out of the car and took our phones out, just to take a really silly picture of ourselves.

Afterwards we just drove through random streets and even though Dan and I grew up in this city, we still discovered so many places that we had never seen before.

“What about some pizza?” Dan suggested with enthusiasm as he spotted a little pizza shop that was still open.

15 minutes later Dan had driven us up a little hill so we had a nice view of the city from above. There were two pizza cartons balanced on my lap and I handed one to my boyfriend as soon as he had turned off the car engine.

The sight was just purely beautiful and I was overwhelmed by all of the city lights.

One of Dan and I’s favourite CD was playing and the pizza tasted delicious.

I couldn’t even remember the last time I had so much fun.

“Thank you for taking me on this adventure, Dan.” I said once we were both full and just enjoying the view together.

“Anything for you, babygirl.” He said and placed a kiss onto my lips.

I automatically started running my fingers through his brown hair as I felt his hands travelling to my hips.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” Dan whispered against my lips as he pulled me into him more.

Even though he had told me a million times I still blushed.

I carefully climbed onto his lap as he moved his seat back so we had more space between us and the steering wheel.

Dan’s warm breath fanned my neck as he started to lightly suck on my soft skin.

I slowly traced his chest with my hand earning a deep groan of his once my hands had reached his crotch.

“Backseat?” was all he managed to say while his hands roamed my body and he was already pulling on my shirt, eager to take it off…

Dan was the first one to wake up after we had fallen asleep together.

“Y/N… the sun is rising.” He said, tapping my shoulder.

I stared out of the car window and was amazed by the sight. There were pastel colours everywhere and the sun was a deep orange that coloured the city.

“Wow it’s so pretty” I whispered still lying in Dan’s arms.  

“Well it is, but that’s not what I meant. We need to get you home before your parents are up.”

Suddenly I was fully awake again and my eyes widened in shock. We quickly got dressed and headed back home as fast as possible.

Just to be careful Dan parked on the side of the road a few houses down the street and we walked the rest. As I took as quick glance through our kitchen window I could see that my parents were already up and ate breakfast. My heart sank to my knees. This was it, I was totally screwed.

“Shit, what am I gonna do?” I panicked and looked at Dan for help.

“Well…you’re room has a window, right?”

Control [Part 1 of 2]

Word Count: 5612 (I’m not gonna apologize)
Warnings: So much angst, murder, blood, use of the memory suppressing machine, true historical event, danger to the reader and Bucky, lots of confusion between realities, I’m sure there’s more. Sorry if I’ve forgotten anything!
Summary: @blazeshira’s request - “Hi! I saw that you had your requests open and I was wondering if you could do a Bucky fic where the reader was also given the serum & trained with him along with the other winter soldiers but they developed something before she was frozen along with the others & he forgot her until he went to Siberia w/ Steve & he sees her chamber & realizes she escaped before Zemo could kill her so he tries to find her? Fluffy fluff & some angst, please & thank you!”
   [song/title inspiration] [playlist
A/N: Yashira, you are a jewel. I loved this prompt so much even though it’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever written. Thank you for the endless days of inspiration you’ve sent and for the support.
P.S. Sorry if any of the Russian is wrong. I used Google translator for all of it.
P.P.S. I’m very nervous about this one. It’s very much out of my comfort zone. There’s lots of angst, a couple of fight scenes, and Bucky as the Winter Soldier (which was nerve wracking all in its own). All the feedback is appreciated (and very much needed, honestly). Like I said before: I’m very nervous about this one. Please let me know what you think! I hope you all enjoy it!

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Siberia, Russia; 1950

Wake up!

Huge hands wrap around your arms, yanking you from the cold. Your limbs thaw and grow slack around you. They feel like jelly, like they weren’t meant for you. Your legs won’t cooperate, they’re collapsing underneath you.

Yet, you’re still moving forward.


You fight through the haze as your head lolls around on your shoulders. Blinking rapidly, you focus your eyes on the soldiers above you. They’re holding you up. They’re dragging you to a chair. You try to put your legs beneath you to stop them, but the ground is moving too quickly underneath you. They shove you in a chair roughly, your head slamming against the headrest. Fear holds you there.

Your heart rate picks up alarmingly, your breath tears in and out of your nostrils.

You can’t focus on what was happening.

Eyes darting around the room, you try to take in anything. Anything substantial. Where are you? Kidnapped? Lost? Bright lights erupt around you, and you close your eyes tightly to shield them from the glare. Laughing. Swings. Beautiful long hair. Missing teeth. You squint up at one soldier, his stony features undisturbed by your frightened voice. “Please. My Bella–my sister? Where is–”

A hand slaps you hard across the face, tearing your dry lip. You feel heat bloom on your face immediately. “Вы здесь не задавать вопросы.”
You are not here to ask questions.

Blood runs down your chin, hot and thick. You want to ask why you were here; but you stop yourself, fearful that the soldier would hit you again. You try to remember where you were, what you were doing here.

Panic rises like bile in your throat. You can’t remember anything further from waking up. Except your sister. So solid and true. Beyond a shadow of doubt, you knew that girl with the missing teeth was your sister. You could hear her laugh. Where was she–?

The two soldiers were speaking to each other above your ragged breathing. Metal clamps made their way around your upper and forearms, restraining you to the chair. Your eyes dart from one clamp to another, back to the soldiers, and around the room. Their accents were thick as they spoke rapidly. You could understand most of what they said. When had you learned Russian–?

“Она вспоминает свою сестру. Лечение не работало.”
She remembers her sister. The treatment did not work.

“Зола не будет счастлив. Она показала обещание, прежде чем вернуться в крио.”
Zola will not be happy. She showed promise before going back into cryo.

One soldier shoves a rubber mouth guard through your lips, causing you to choke. He steps back. The machine surrounding you suddenly comes to life and crowds around s around your face. Your panic spiked, your breath ripping out of your lungs. “What’s happening?!” You shriek around the mouthpiece.

“Wipe her.” You heard a disgusted voice, full of disappointment.

You scream around the rubber in your mouth as searing, undeniable pain shoots its way through your system.

Siberia, Russia; 1957

Again and again, you awaken with shouts and commands to move. New handlers surround you, yanking you from your chamber if you didn’t move quickly enough. Each time, your panic subsides more quickly, replaced by defiance. You argued out of spite. Telling the HYDRA scum that you could not be contained. You thought you were putting a very bold middle finger out into their system, but you realized that all you were doing was hurting yourself. You were tying yourself down. You were giving yourself the electric volts straight into your cranium. Your actions caused your own discomfort, caused you to forget yourself again and again.

Your defiance crumbles into submission quickly enough. You learn to stop speaking out of turn. You learn to comply. You keep your questions to yourself, knowing whatever information you’re supposed to know will be given to you.

There are others like you – stoic, silent, deadly. Bred to be killers. You train with them daily, honing in your skills as assassins. There’s one that catches your eye immediately.

The Asset.

He observes, mostly. Stalking around you and the others, eyes sharp, as if he’s waiting for one of you to attack him or the handlers. There’s enough weapons around – you could. You entertain the thought of throwing a knife straight between one of the guards’ eyes and dismiss it. No need to get yourself in trouble.

You’re sparring with a man who’s easily three times your size. He keeps coming at you, relying on his hulking size to drive his knife into you. But you’re lithe and strong. As he charges towards you, you widen your stance. Grabbing his knife-wielding hand, you twist it until it’s pressed against his back. He drops the weapon and falls to his knees with a sickening crack as you shove his arm between his shoulder blades. You push him into the ground and sit atop his back, smirking in victory as he wails and concedes below you.

You hear a chuckle amidst the grunting and yelling of your counterparts. You look up to find the Asset watching you. His mouth turned up in the slightest amused smile as he passes by. Your heart is hammering. Scrambling off your partner’s back, you await nervously for some kind of review.

He locks his cold blue eyes with yours, making you feel nervous and exposed for the first time in a long time. Your stomach knotted in on itself while your chest heaved, trying to regain composure. The ghost of a smile is gone from his features. “Еще раз.”

The Winter Soldier never spoke to you or your comrades. He never gave orders, never offered advice. He always circled around diligently like a hawk. His voice was smooth as silk as the command rang out. You smiled to yourself, a small victory won.

It became your goal to have him recognize you routinely after that. You pulled out all the stops during training. You hoped for his steely stare to critique your form. You wished he would spar with you himself. You desperately wanted to hear his voice again.

What was this feeling coming over you?

Siberia, Russia; 1963

You wake, feeling your body thaw from the cryofreeze and make your way to the chair without the assistance of the guards. They still surround you, hands on their guns. As if it was necessary, you scoff. You were one of the most well behaved soldiers in the program. You sit up straight, proud and elegant, awaiting your orders.

They probably wanted to send you out on a discreet mission to take care of a small nuisance. That’s all they ever took you out for. Two men burst through the door, striding purposefully toward you. Your breath hitches in your throat. One of them is a three piece, looking harried and important. The other–it’s him. The Winter Soldier.

“цель миссии.”
Mission objective.

The higher up in the suit shoves a folder in front of your face. You take it silently, sneaking a glance to the Asset before flipping through the pages to find a picture of a very young and powerful Senator – or whom you thought was still a Senator.

The man explains who the target is, that he is the current President of the United States. If he continues to hold office, he will dismantle everything that HYDRA has worked so hard to achieve. He goes on to tell you that you will accompany your comrade and over a dozen handlers. You keep your face stony and impassive, but your heart is beating wildly, pumping adrenaline through your system.

You’re going out on a real mission! Not some piddly scraps. And with–and with the Asset. This was huge. You wanted to express some kind of thanks, some kind of appreciation, but you keep your lips sealed, read the file, and wait for further instruction.


You look up at the young man in the suit. He seems impatient, like he has somewhere better to be, and do more important things than tell you who you’re going to murder today. A slow smile pulls on the corner of your lips as you quietly rasp, “Я согласен.”
I accept.

He nods as you rise from your seat and fall in step with the Asset. His metal appendage brushes against yours metronomically as you walk. It glints in the light from the overhanging lamps, and you realize the rest of your team has assembled behind you. Looking back discreetly, you notice a fairly large gang of the hardest looking men you’ve seen yet.

You suddenly wonder what year it was. The last time they took you out for a mission was in 1958 to arrange some ‘accidents’ for two political officers in Europe who were trying to shed light on subjects that were better to stay in the dark.

It didn’t matter. You were just curious.

Dallas, Texas, United States; 1963

You noticed that the Asset didn’t speak unless he was giving orders. You paid close attention the the orders he was giving to the other soldiers, noting the importance of the tasks and the sequence they were given in.

You were there as number two in command. Dedicated to protecting your comrade and take the mission over if anything were to happen to him. Nothing would, you knew that. The Asset was very good at what he did. His skills were the peak of excellence.

Lying on a rooftop, you and the Asset overlook the crowd that has gathered to line the street. He’s lying low, hiding behind his sniper. You’re on your belly beside him, pressed together from your shoulder to hip. Both watching as the motorcade slowly comes into your line of sight.

“Солдат,” his voice was low as his grip tightened on his gun. “идти вниз к обочине. Убедитесь в том, что я не видел.” He lifted his eye from the scope, his icy blue gaze piercing you. “Когда это закончится, встретиться со мной на свидание точке.”
Soldier, go down to the sidelines. Make sure I’m not seen. When this is finished, meet me at the rendezvous point.

You nod, lifting yourself on your knees before answering, “Да сэр.”
Yes sir.

You make your way down the building as quickly as you can. Taking off your mask, you tie it to your belt. You won’t blend in, not with this catsuit on; but, at least you won’t look completely like a suspicious fiend. Sunlight floods your eyes as you make your way out of the building and towards the throngs of people. They are all pressing as close as they can towards the street just to get a glimpse of this man.

You receive a couple of looks for your attire, but no one pays you any mind. You take in all the faces around you. Families, mostly. Children on their fathers’ shoulders talking excitedly as they wait. Women in pretty dresses, hanging onto the arms of men. People start to waive as the vehicles come closer.

One shot rings out, and it’s mass chaos. People scatter, ducking their heads beneath their hands, trying to find shelter. They’re all stupid fools, you think as you watch them all scramble around you. You’re an island, strong and anchored in these waves of disorder, still scanning the crowds for any danger to your comrade.

Another shot reverberates as people start to cry out. Policemen who had been assigned as escorts for the motorcade draw their weapons and search for the assailant. Your eyes stay glued on them, flickering to the black convertible. The car is nearly next to you, and you see that the objective is wounded, but not dead. You’re sure the Asset sees that, too.

One of the officers’ eyes go wide. He raises his pistol to the roof that your comrade is on. He’s inexperienced, you can tell. There is no way the officer will be able to shoot him. But, your mission is to keep the Asset safe. You quickly draw a handgun from one of the holsters on your body and shoot him twice in the chest. The civilians around you scream and scurry away, holding onto and protecting one another.

The final shot resonates and strikes the objective directly in the head, effectively killing him. A small smirk finds its way to your features before you realize you have to leave post hastily. You put your mask back on, covering the bottom half of your face; and walk between the clambering people who are still trying to find some refuge.

“Miss! Stop!” Someone calls, and you turn to see two officers chasing after you. Your gun is still in your hand; and you raise it, shooting the men without a second thought and watching as they fall to the ground.

Four of your handlers find you within minutes. You all make your way to a car that’s a little further away from the commotion. One soldier breaks into it, and you all load up and drive off before the authorities can think to put up barricades. When the handler that is driving is sure that you’re not being followed, he heads to the edge of the city.

You make it to the helicopter and are relieved to see the Asset is standing, waiting with half a dozen of his handlers. His mask is off, slung around one of his belt loops. You realize that yours is still on and remove it. After you exit the car, it drives away – no doubtedly to be abandoned somewhere.

As you make your way to the helicopter, the blades come to life, swirling the air around you. You look up at your comrade, hoping your face is expressing the relief that he’s there and alive. The corners of your mouth pull up into a small smile.

His hair is whipping across his face obstructing it from view, but you don’t miss the tiny smile he returns. The Asset holds out his hand to help you into the helicopter, and climbs in after you. A jolt runs through you as he sits next to you. There’s little to no space between the seats, so you’re pressed together shoulder to hip to knee. He’s warm and smells of metal and leather and something musky that has to be his normal scent. You fight the urge to lean your cheek against his shoulder. Sitting up straight and stoic instead.

Jakarta, Indonesia; 1978

Two sides of the same coin.

That’s the greatest thing that the handlers had to say after your first mission with the Asset. You and the Winter Soldier worked in perfect synchronization together. After that, you went on tons of missions with him. Your ability to follow orders and your judgement call in a tight situation became valuable to the Asset.

Through the decade at his side, you earned the name Foxglove. The Asset took to calling you that instead of his customary, “Soldier,” or “Comrade.” He said it was deceptively fitting; that you were also a soft, beautiful, and deadly flower. Those kinds of comments made your heart flutter in your chest.

Although you two hardly spent any ‘personal’ time together, you felt a connection with him. A deep understanding flowed between the two of you. It was something to be treasured, you didn’t feel this for any of your other comrades.

Especially not the ones you were forced to get along with.

You were on an undercover mission. A scientist in Indonesia was close to a breakthrough. Creating a new element. You had to go in, gain his trust and steal his work before killing him. This was no problem. You’ve done it countless times before, or so you’ve been told. But, you didn’t expect this man to try and be so personable with you. He was very forward, trying to get you to go out with him or work late with him whenever permissible. You hated it, but you had to go along with it for the sake of the mission.

“Come on, Amanda,” Hasan pleads, using the fake name you’d given, gently grabbing your hand. “I am so close! Just stay a couple more hours?”

You were posing as an American student who had come to Jakarta to learn more about this field. It was very hard to not revert back to your usual Russian, but you pulled off an American accent beautifully. “I can’t tonight, Hasan! I’m going out with my friends. Maybe we can come in early instead?”

The scientist pulled you close, drawing little designs on the back of your hand. “I was hoping to take you to dinner afterward.” His accent was thick and you struggled to not kick him away from you.

Your skin crawled the longer he touched you, so you pushed him away as playfully as you could. “Maybe just coffee in the morning?” You smiled and kicked an eyebrow at him before turning away.

“But–I don’t know what you like!” He calls, trying to get you to stay.

You pull open the door and repress a sigh. Turning, you plaster the delicate smile on your face. “You’ll figure it out.”

Your face falls out of the fake smile and you cannot put enough distance between yourself and this lab. You dash to the elevator, out of the building, and hailing a cab in record time.

When you get to your ‘home,’ you know the Asset is already there. You can practically feel him brooding and sulking on the other side of the door. You shove your key in the lock and push the door open, quietly calling, “Honey, I’m home!”

You laugh at yourself and flick on the lights. Sure enough, he’s sitting in his usual armchair with a deadly pout on his face. Despite your lack of a true relationship, you felt the need to tease him. “I’m guessing you saw Hasan begging me to stay late with him?”

He’s silently watching you as you put down your purse and kick off your shoes. You come to sit on the couch closest to him, tucking your feet under you. You lean your chin into your hand and smile, goading him to reply.

“I saw him hanging on you.” His voice was low and scratched its way out of his throat, promising some kind of danger. His eyes locked on yours, you saw the fire burning within them. “I almost shot him.”

You smiled, but what he said was lost on you. Your heart suddenly raced, your head falling into your hands. The world feels like it’s slowing down as your breath tears from your lungs.

“Isabella, stop hanging on your sister! She has to go! “

You snap back like a rubberband and sit up, looking around for the owner of the voice.

The Asset is kneeling in front of you, concern painting his features. His hand comes up to cup your jaw. “Fox, what’s wrong?”

As you take in his features, you feel like you know him. Not just as the Winter Soldier, or the Asset, or your comrade. There was something more behind this wall in your mind. You felt like you were seeing more clearly.

“Did you remember something?”

You sucked a breath in and nodded minutely. This was bad. You knew it. The handlers would not be happy–

He knows you’re starting to panic as he strokes his knuckles across your cheek. His voice is gravelly, but gentle. “Keep it to yourself, okay? Don’t let your handlers–hey, look at me.” You lock your gaze with his steely eyes. “The mission comes first.”

You nod, not knowing what else to do. Closing your eyes, you reign yourself back in. You have to ignore the itching thoughts in the back of your mind. The mission. Focus. You need this or the whole world could collapse into utter chaos.

You tell yourself these things, but you can’t help the question that bubbles up from you.

“Are we doing the right thing?” It’s quiet, and you’re not sure he’s heard you. You hardly heard yourself, but the guilt that comes with the thought of killing this innocent man consumes you.

Hasan has his breakthrough the next day, and the mission is finished. You and the Asset make his death look like an accident and go back to Siberia for your mission report.

Zola knows about your own breakthrough. You don’t know how, but he does. You and the Asset are always sent to the memory suppressing machine after missions, but this time was more purposeful. He kept you under the machine until he was sure you were a blank slate.

New York City, New York, United States; 1999

You come to find out that you’re unstable around the Winter Soldier. He’s more volatile around you, too. Your deep connection causes you both to become more lucid as the years go by. It was growing difficult to complete a mission when you were both together. But, the Asset had gotten to the point where he refused to go on a mission unless you were beside him. He would argue, telling the soldiers, or Karpov, or even Director Pierce, that he trusted you above anyone else. Wiping him did nothing. You were constantly in his mind.

You were dependent on him, even after having your memories suppressed time and time again. The moment you see him, you know there is a link there. You trigger each other’s memories out in the field more often than not. You had convinced each other to run away together more times than you could count. You thought that with your combined skills that HYDRA wouldn’t find you, but they always did.

HYDRA tried to keep you separated from the Winter Soldier, but certain missions required both of your skills.

You’re both currently sitting on a rooftop, the target’s home in your line of sight. The Asset is next to you, shoulder to shoulder, tracing the lines on your palm. Moments like this are rare where both your handlers and his are absent. This deep relationship you feel with the the Asset makes you wonder how long you’ve actually known him and why HYDRA keeps wiping him from your mind.

You felt like you had to be next to him. It wasn’t possessive, or even the knowledge that you’re supposed to protect him. It’s more like a confirmation that he’s there, that this man you share a bond with is a true physical being. Having him beside you helps you confirm that this link isn’t just some made up theory in your head.

“Maybe we should disappear,” you whisper into the night. The Asset’s light touches stop and you look up at him to see fear in his blue eyes.

“Do you remember what happened last time?” His voice is loaded with feeling, making you desperately wish you could remember anything. You kicked at the wall in your mind, trying to have any memory come back to you. Shaking your head, you grasped his hand and laced your fingers together. You glance over to the target’s home and see he’s still glued to the television.

“They caught us before we made it out of the country,” A dark look passed over his face. “I can’t tell you what they did to you when we got back to Siberia.”

You nodded, dropping your gaze to his thumb, watching as it made gentle, soothing arcs across the back of your hand. You feel trapped, like no matter what you do, you’ll always belong to HYDRA. You pushed the thought far from you and shifted closer to him. “I think I had a dog.”

You both did this sometimes – assumed things about who you were before being part of HYDRA. He chuckled and you peeked over at him. His smiles were so rare. You liked the way his eyes crinkled around the edges. “I see you as more of a cat person.”

You hum thoughtfully. “Maybe I had both. I remember Paris. A creek by our house, maybe?” You shake your head, hearing the little girl’s laugh. You hear her laugh all the time when you try to remember things.

The Asset squeezes your hand, shaking the weight of the memories from you. “I remember a living room. Couch cushions on the floor. A nurse.”

You crack a smile. “This got very adult-themed.”

He realizes how it sounds and blushes. You save the image of the light dusting of pink across his cheeks with a sense of pride. “No! Fox, you’re–” he laughs quietly. “I think the nurse was my mother? I don’t know, but it feels like home.”

“Do you think we would have found each other if this hadn’t happened to us?” you ask suddenly, brows knit together. “I don’t know if you feel it, but there’s a connection here–”

He nods instantly, obviously relieved that you feel the same thing he does. “Fox, there’s only one thing I’m thankful for.” His cybernetic hand comes up to cup your cheek.

You lean into his cool touch. “What’s that?”

“Finding you.”

You gasped, holding your breath with the tension you felt. The Asset combed his fingers through your hair, tucking it behind your ear, before pulling your face up. His eyes were more expressive than you had ever seen them. His thumb brushed against your cheekbone as you tilted your head and closed your eyes. You felt his breath fan across your mouth before his lips molded to yours with the faintest bit of pressure.

His phone went off, loud and annoying, and you jumped away from him like a jolt of electricity ran through you. Gasping, you press a hand to your mouth and walk away from him. Shit, shit, shit! Repercussions were going to be harsh. Your handlers were going to know–they were going to find out. They were going to wipe you both – or worse. You knew it. You tried to pull yourself together and focus on the Russian that he was fluently speaking into the phone.

“Да, сэр, я понимаю.”
Yes sir, I understand.

The Asset flipped the phone closed and put it in one of his pockets. “Fox,” he reached out for you, fingers brushing against your shoulder. You turned to him. His eyes were wide with concern. You knew he had to be thinking the same things you were. “We have to leave.”

You nodded, not trusting your voice, and followed behind him. You tried to bite your lips to rid them of the feeling of his against yours, but the tingling persisted.

Siberia, Russia; 1999

The flight back to base was quiet and tense. The handlers seemed more distant than usual, but you tried to act normally. As soon as you arrived on base, a soldier came up to you and the Asset, purpose and authority in his stride. “Карпов хочет, чтобы вы два для отчета миссии.”
Karpov wants you two for mission report.

This was unusual. After a mission, you and the Asset would turn in your weapons, clean yourselves up if needed, deliver the mission report, go to the machine, then back to cryo. You shared a look with your comrade, hoping he would understand the change. He tilted his chin forward, telling the officer to lead the way. His features softened as he glanced at you, his eyes flashing with worry before becoming reassuring.

Your arm brushes against the Asset’s flesh arm as you stayed in step down the hall. Two soldiers start walking in front of you, now; and nearly half of your team from the mission follows behind you. They all have their weapons. You consciously have to remind yourself to keep your face impassive, even though your heart is thundering in your chest. Your mind has one single thought on a loop as you enter the room:

They know, they know, they know.

Karpov is sitting towards the back of the room at a table. Two empty chairs wait for you and the Asset on the other side. Your escort party disperses around the room, all hands on a weapon, ready and waiting. You sit and wait anxiously for the report. Your commanding officer’s eyes pierced into you both. “Доклад миссии.”
Mission report.

The Asset dove into the report, telling Karpov that you both watched the objective, trying to find a way to get him cornered on his own. The mission cut short because he had ordered you both back before the mission was complete–

Karpov dismissed the Asset with a scoff, turned to you and asked for a mission report. You looked at him questioningly, then at your comrade.

“Сэр, я запутался. Зачем вы меня спрашиваете? Он говорил вам, что мы делаем.”
Sir, I’m confused. Why would you ask me? He was telling you what we were doing.

You know as soon as the words leave your mouth that this was the wrong move. You do not question your commanding officer when you’re in Winter Soldier mode. You obey. You comply. You’ve given yourself away, now. Karpov’s eyes glint with understanding, and now you know that he is also aware. He’s aware you’ve had another breakthrough. He’s aware that you and the Asset took an opportunity to isolate yourselves from your handlers. He knows about your kiss.

You blanche and gnaw at your lip. You drop your stoic facade as you feel the Asset tense beside you. He’s figured it out, as well.

“Ваши обработчики сообщили мне о ваших действиях. С этого момента, вам запрещено работать вместе. Отведите его к стулу.”
Your handlers have informed me of your actions. From here on out, you are forbidden to work together. Take him to the chair.

You and the Asset stand, yelling out in protest. He flips the table, grabs your arm, and orders you to run. An alarm is blaring, soldiers are pouring into the vast room, blockading you both in. The Asset pulls a gun from one of the holsters and starts shooting. You do the same. The handlers start dropping one by one, and you have a small glimmer of hope that you’ll be able to make it out this time. The Asset’s cybernetic hand is still wrapped around your arm, holding you close, assuring you’re safe.

Your hopes are smashed as the Asset is shot, a pained cry leaving his lips. You turn to him on instinct and start to check him for his wound. Your momentary distraction causes a soldier to come up behind you, pinning your arms between in his own and effectively disarming you. There’s too many of them. You watch, helplessly, as the Asset is taken to the machine that will wipe him. You’re faintly aware that another soldier is digging through  your various pockets and holsters, ridding you of your weapons. As soon as the Asset’s strapped to the chair, you lose all will to fight. Your knees give out beneath you, and if the soldier weren’t still holding you up, you would be crumpled on the floor.

Karpov shoves a rubber guard into the Asset’s mouth and the face guards come down. Your heart is thundering in your chest as you try to think of something–anything to make this stop. You know nothing will work.

The soldier detaining you chuckles as the Asset starts to scream in pain. “Вы не будете так повезло, Фокси. Он новый кулак HYDRA. Вы неудобством. Они будут прекратить вас.”
You will not be so lucky, Foxglove. He is the new fist of HYDRA. You are an inconvenience. They will terminate you.

Your heart races at his words. You cannot let this happen. Scanning the room, you see that a lot of the soldiers had left to go back to their posts. Now or never, you will never get another chance.

You tighten your arms in his, and rear your head back as hard as you can. You hear a nauseating crunch. He cries out in pain as he releases you. You take a knife from a sheath on the back of your suit and cut one soldier’s throat before he can draw a gun. You wield it, stepping closer to Karpov. “Let him go,” you spit.

He laughs, pulling the alarm again. Its siren wailing loud and obnoxious. “Это не закончится хорошо для вас.”
This will not end well for you.

You swallow, hearing the thundering of footsteps. He’s right. You have to make a choice. Now.

You spare a glance at the Asset, who is still screaming in pain underneath the machine, as the first soldiers make their way back to the room, guns drawn and firing. You dodge them, making your way to an exit that’s not yet flooding with soldiers.

You don’t get far down the hall before bullets ring out around you. You look behind you to see four guards firing at you, and you hear more coming into the corridor in front of you. You stop and consider your options for only a second before you run and collide through the window.

You hold your breath as you’re airborne, bullets flying by you. You feel two bites – one in your leg, another in your back. You tuck and roll as you hit the ground, crying out in pain, and get up as swiftly as you can. Gunshots and alarms are resounding behind you, motivating you to keep moving forward until you’re safe.

[Part 2]


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Fast Firsts and Sloppy Seconds Part 3.5

A Rowaelin/Manorian AU

God this part was so hard, I was super stuck, super distracted, the second half was just NOT happening - but then finally around like 1 AM I fell into a grove, lol. It’s currently Friday, 3:25 AM EST, but only 9:25 PM on Thursday in Hawaii!! This is the last one I’m doing this late, I swear to god. Tags are gonna have to be in a reblog, because I’m kind of deceased rn. Thanks for sticking with me, guys, love you all <3 As usual apologies for typos, the chapter didn’t make actually make it to Becca again
Happy reading!

EDIT: JUST FUCKING KILL ME. I was in bed, all happy and shit, it’s 3:56 am rn, and then I shot up, because I realized that I forgot to trigger warn, and I am SO sorry!!!! Luckily no notes  yet, so that’s good, and I had added a cut, so that’s also good!
Trigger Warning: It’s nothing too bad, just vague mentions of child abuse towards the end, but I wanted to make sure everyone reading is okay, and prepared, and can avoid it if they want to.
Love you guys, gnight! :) <3

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3     Part 4

Dorian was losing terribly. Manon was entirely invested in the game, her darts hitting their mark almost every time. To be fair though, Dorian wasn’t trying very hard. It’s not that he wasn’t focused, however. He was particularly focused on the way she looked in those shorts. On the way her shirt barely climbed up her body every time she thrust her hand forward. On the way her eyebrows scrunched together when the dart was so close, but not quite where she wanted it. On the way she cheered every time she did hit her mark. On the fact that she was intentionally avoiding his eyes and keeping a healthy distance between them. Dorian was incredibly focused. Just, not on the game at hand.

“That’s the third time I’ve beat you in the last half hour!” She turned to him, smiling once again, and regretted it immediately. The heat in his eyes hit her like a wave as he scanned her body, his eyes lingering over her breasts and between her legs.

That was why. That was why she had avoided it – avoided meeting his eyes. She lost all conviction, all ability to breathe, under that gaze. And  in no way did she like it. Her eyes quickly flicked away from him, desperate for something anything else to occupy her mind other than her desperate need to tear off his clothes. Because she couldn’t. Right then, she knew she couldn’t. She knew she simply wouldn’t survive. Not then, not with that boy.

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I’ve Always Liked You

(Tim Drake x Reader)

Summary: Tim finds out that it’s harder to confess his feelings to a girl when she’s the most popular one in school

Requested: yes, by a lovely anon

Request: Hey there! I love your imagines so much and I was hoping you could make an imagines where the reader is a popular girl in school and then maybe they become friends or something and he confesses that he likes her from the start? :) thank you! / I’m so sorry I forgot to mention a boy haha can it be with Tim please?

Warning/s: none

Your friendship with Tim was definitely an interesting one but you loved it nonetheless. This one had a weird beginning, and by that I mean you two meeting was weird. It wasn’t through parents or school project or anything like that.

You two met in the cafeteria when Tim spilled his lunch all over you. It was cute how he apologized a hundred times and he was still apologizing through your friendship even tough that happened a year ago, when both of you were sophomores.

For a while now Tim’s feelings for you have grown more and faster by the second, every time you two hung out he would start getting very nervous and stutter. He wanted to tell you he liked you so badly but it seemed like every time he got enough courage to say something, you would go on a date with another guy, who would turn out to be a complete douche which will resolve in Tim comforting you and you falling asleep and spending the night at the manor.

He hated to see you so heartbroken and with a guy that didn’t deserve you when he sure does, but he was sure you only see a friend in him.

“So Timmy, what did you got for an answer for the problem 7?”

He glanced at you, looking up from his own book, “Huh (y/n)? Did you say something?” You put your book down, “Yeah Tim I did. What’s wrong with you lately?” 

“What do you mean? I’m perfectly fine.”

“Now even you know that’s a big ass lie. C’mon Tim, tell me what’s wrong. Is the big ol’ Bat making you work too hard?” You said and put your hand on his knee. Tim glanced from your hand to your face, looking you in the eyes and shaking his head ‘no’.

“Then what is it?” You asked once more. 

“Well I-” He started but was cut off by your phone buzzing, “Oh sorry Tim that’s just Mike, he wants to know when we’re gonna hang out.” After you said that something in Tim just snapped. He stood up and threw his book on his bed in frustration.

“Ugh that’s why I’m acting so strange (y/n)! You’re here making plans with some asshole that’s just gonna use you for your popularity then leave you! And who will be there to comfort you? Me! The guy that actually likes you for who you are for over a year now and who won’t use you for your popularity!”

Tim was breathing hard at that point while you sat on his bed, eyes wide. “That was just my cousin asking me when we’ll hang out since he’s in town.” You said quietly. Tim’s face read shocked and embarrassed, mouth agape, eyes wide and a crimson face. “I-I-I…uhhh….”

“Well I won’t say that that wasn’t the weirdest confession ever in the whole history, even though it was, but I’m glad you feel the same way.” You said as you kissed his cheek then grabbed your bag, saying goodbye to Tim and leaving.

It took him a few seconds but once Tim finally got what the hell just happened he ran after you screaming your name and asking you out.

trouble; jung soo jung

» pairing: Krystal x Reader

» genre: College!AU, smut

» author note: This is probably the shittiest smut I´ve ever written and somehow I forgot the fluff part. I apologize if this sucks ass, but I haven´t written smut (or anything for that matter) in ages. And I want to say sorry for not updating in a while, but I suffered from a terrible case of a writer´s block. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless! 

» warning: sexual content 

» requested by: anonymous

Getting into trouble was your speciality. 

You weren´t the one iniciating the reckless actions, you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Always. By the end of high school, you believed your trouble filled life would be over once you entered college, but the magnetic field around you which seemed to pull you into the epicenter of all bad only intensified. 

You strictly told yourself you wouldn´t do anything stupid, but that seemed to go right out of the window the second you took a sip of vodka. One shot after other, your judgement of what´s good and bad disappeared completely, getting you involved with a person who was no good. At least that´s what people told you. Jung Soo Jung, theater major and possibly the most notorious fuckgirl of your school. She was the perfect definition of ´never judge a book by it´s cover´. Although she looked calm and innocent at the first glance, she was more hormonal than a teenage boy going through puberty. To her, it didn´t matter whether you were a guy or a girl. If she wanted to get laid, she would. Sweet words, smiles and lingering touches were what she used to get her ´prey´ into bed, only to toss them away like a piece of cloth right after. 

You were told many times to stay as far away from her as possible, and so you did. Avoiding her wasn´t as hard as you though it would be. Although you were the same major as her, you knew how to make yourself invisible. You weren´t timid at all, you simply knew how to blend in with the crowd. But blending in and going with the flow was a lot harder with booze in your system, completely clouding your senses. 

Maybe that´s how you got into the situation you were in now. Pressed up against the wall, with Soo Jung´s lips pressed against the sensitive skin of your neck. Whimpers were leaving your mouth left and right as she continued sucking on your neck, your fingers tangled in her hair. Without a moment of hesitation, she pulled your shirt over your head, smirking at the sight of your lacy bra. Moving her lips to your ear, she whispered, “All for me, doll?”

Soo Jung left a trail of kisses down your throat, kissing and biting at the skin right above your collarbones. Meanwhile, one of her hads sneaked around your back, unclasping your bra in one swift move. Throwing it aside, she licked a circle around your nipple before taking the pink, hardened nub into her mouth. Licking, sucking and pinching, Soo Jung made it hard for you to hold back your moans. Silencing you with a heated kiss, she let her hand travel south and stop right above the hem of your skirt. You pulled away from the kiss, whining as she touched you everywhere but the place you needed her in the most. “What is it, doll? Tell me what you want." 

"Please,” You whispered, your lips brushing against hers, “touch me.” With that, her hand cupped your heat. Soo Jung´s lips turned into an amused smile as she felt the dampness of your panties. “So wet… All for me." 

Pushing them aside, she ran her middle finger between your slick fold, making you sigh in bliss. She teased you a little longer before finally giving you the pleasure you longed for. Soo Jung pushed her finger inside your entrance, thrusting and curling it each time she was about to pull out. The sinful sounds which left your lips were like music to her ears, making her moan out as she watched her finger being coated in your juices. Adding another finger, she used her other hand to circle your clit, making you cry out at the unexpected pleasure. You began clenching around her fingers, a sign that you were about to come undone. She whispered sweet praises into your ear as she fastened her pace, muffling your scream with a kiss. 

You pushed Soo Jung away from you, taking off her clothes in the process. She was backing away from you while doing so, falling onto the matress. You were far too desperate to taste her to initiate any kind of foreplay, and judging by Soo Jung´s lust filled eyes so was she to feel your mouth on her soaking womanhood. You kissed her clothed core, a sigh leaving her lips. Although you wanted to tease her the same way she teased you, you couldn´t hold back anymore. Soo Jung flinched and moaned when she felt your mouth on her pussy, licking up a long stripe all the way to her clit. She squirmed underneath you, soon a screaming mess as you worked on her clit, making jolts of pleasure go through her body. Her hands found your hair, tugging on the strands as you moaned against her throbbing pussy. Pushing two digits into her, Soojung screamed out your name as you hit her g-spot perfectly. 

More sinful screams and string of curses echoed throughout the room, a warning that Soo Jung´s high was fast approaching. Sure enough, with one more flick of your tongue over her clit, she came. Her juices dripped down your chin and fingers and without thiking you brought your hand to her lips, pushing your fingers coated with her juices into her mouth. "That´s right. Suck them dry.”

She pulled out your fingers with a loud pop, shooting you a glance full of mischief before she pushed you on your back, chuckling at your startled expression. “We´re not done yet, doll.”

Getting into trouble wasn´t so bad after all.


implied analogicality but the ship is not the focus

Warnings: Roman angst, one sided Roman/Ann/Patton, Human AU, Self-loathing, Roman center. hurt/no comfort

This fanfic is a monster of 1437 words so im putting it under a read more and also, this is 100% a vent piece in which i make roman suffer cause he’s (surprisingly) the one thats most similar to me.

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Stick In The Mud

Pairing: Archie x Reader
Fandom: RocknRolla
Warnings: mentions of loss of a family member, language
Apologies: @whirlybirbs @cyber-nya @missredherring @im-an-elf99 @kingsman-fam and to anyone who I forgot to tag. In fact, I’m sorry to everyone reading this. 

As this was your first full year with Archie, and your first Christmas together, you was more than excited. In fact, you started your present shopping in November. Archie had scolded you for doing it this early, and that “Christmas was silly, anyway.”

After a shopping trip solo one afternoon while your boyfriend was at work, you decided to stock up on the decorations. You picked up streamers, baubles, tinsel and some fairy lights for the tree that you also brought, making sure they all matched the theme colours of the living room. 

You never understood why Archie yelled at you when he came home to see all of the decorations up, two weeks before Christmas Day. Never had you ever seen him this irate about something so small, a Christmas tree. He demanded you take everything down, and so you did. The flat you lived in was left looking as least festive as possible, and that bothered you.

Standing with Archie’s arm draped around your shoulders in The Speeler with the rest of the Bunch, you noticed the lack of festivities here too. “So who’s still doing their Christmas shopping then?” you asked with a smile, that soon dropped when everyone went quiet. 

The only response you got was from One-Two, who shook his head. “We don’t bother with all of that, Y/N.” 

“Oh, so it isn’t just Arch’ who’s a Scrooge then, eh?” You said, giggling before everyone fell silent and Archie’s grip tightened on hour shoulder and your smile dropped again, when you saw the rest of the Bunch cringe at your words. 

The rest of the night was awkward, small talk was plentiful, and even the most talkative ones of the Bunch were quiet, they were sombre. You didn’t understand, you couldn’t put your finger on why.

That was until Archie ordered for you to take a seat as soon as you got inside your shared flat. You did as you was told, and you could tell he was serious by his eyes. They were serious, sincere, solemn. “The reason why me an’ the Bunch don’t celebrate Christmas…” he railed off, looking away from you while he gained his composure. “Is because it’s the last time I saw my mum, before, y’know, everything happened.”

He hadn’t noticed he was crying until you pulled him into your arms. He hadn’t cried like this since that day, and he couldn’t stop himself. You just held him.

Every year on December 25th, he plays out in his mind the very last words his mum said to him.

I’m proud of you, Arch’.
Arrow Chapter 1 |One on One Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

This is a new story inspired by the Professor AU on YouTube by andrajacsi and the last two weeks of prompts from the Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon (which I am still trying to catch up from after being away for a couple of weeks). It contains the prompts from weeks 12 and 13, Impaired Judgment and Sleepless. 


Felicity needs to finish her last year at college, especially now that she left MIT after her boyfriend died. All her classes are pretty easy, save one, Russian, which her counselor suggested. What makes it more difficult is the teacher, who she might have made a mistake with outside of class.

Oliver Queen is a Russian Professor at Starling City University. He hides some deep secrets behind his charming, handsome exterior. Not that anyone has ever noticed. That was until a certain blonde student of his begins to crack at the edges of his comfortable life.

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Care Giver Pt 17 by Y.Black & Dscurve


It’s been four months and my relationship with Kelvin was thriving despite Marissa living in his apartment. He rarely went there and instead had halfway moved in with me! I was so hot the day we found out she was pregnant! But the patient I had scheduled for surgery wanted to talk to me before I operated. She told me if there was someone in my life that I loved, to take the time to love them on their level and not try to change them because complete each other if they are good fit. It shouldn’t be a fight. For some reason those words sank into my heart and cleared all the anger from my body. I knew I loved Kelvin. I knew he loved me. Though things weren’t falling in line like we wanted, we remained constant. Honestly my life was more of a thrill after meeting Kelvin than ever before! So when he showed up at my house that night, I had already picked up dinner and had on a black fishnet teddy with black stiletto heels! I was ready to serve him! With Helen already waiting in the bedroom, she was a nice dessert!

   So fast forward four months and as Marissa grew bigger and bigger, my suspicions about her pregnancy dissipated. I only saw her when I drove Kelvin to get something’s from his apartment. I honestly think he’s going to give her the place and just move in with me. With only 2 more months on the lease, he really needed to tell her! If she had any plans of getting Kelvin back that shit was a wrap. Helen was doing great at her new job and now was thinking about applying for a position that had just opened up! She asked if I’d come by and help her freshen up on some medical procedures when I got off of work. So, I stopped to pick up some pizza on my way. I knocked on her door and glanced over at Kelvin’s place… well soon to be Marissa’s. Kelvin was helping David move some of Ashley’s bigger pieces of furniture into storage so he wouldn’t be anywhere near here. I was tempted to pop up on Marissa but she might answer the door with an assault rifle! I chuckle to myself as I knocked again. I only wished Kelvin would catch a hint from David and solidifying things with me! I was glad for Ashley that she and David were moving things along so fast! Yet I was a little jealous that Kelvin was dragging his feet about moving in fully. I glared at his door imagining Marissa next door sitting on the couch eating ice cream. Helen said a few times she thought she’d seen Paul’s car leaving the complex. Maybe he had a new woman here, but he was leaving her alone so she didn’t care. He crashed at her house the night Marissa moved in. Apparently after drinking a few beers he wanted to wait for her to come home to talk and passed out in his car. The next morning they did talk only to end things formally.

The pizza was hot in my hand so I knocked again. Just as I was about to knock a fourth time Helen opened the door. Her hair was wet and curly; I could smell vanilla and jasmine as I entered the apartment. “Sorry I was in the shower. Let me throw something on, drinks are in the fridge. I watch her as she unwraps the towel from her waist and her voluptuous ass jiggles down the hall. “Focus…. Focus…” I say to myself as I placed the pizza on the table. Kelvin and I agreed not to fuck her alone. I dispersed a few pieces onto plates and grabbed some soda and sat down. I kept my eyes down as Helen entered the kitchen yet I could definitely smell her sensual aroma. She chattered on about the position and the details of the job and I nodded every now focusing on my food. Her sheer lavender dress was no less distracting than the towel wrapped loosely around her body earlier! Yet eventually as she stayed fixated on the task I did as well and before I knew it two hours had passed! We were deep into reviewing when the temperature in the room was too much from the fireplace so I removed my sweater. I had a low cut pink camisole on with my black leggings. “What kind of bra is that?” Helen asked pulling down the front of my camisole to see the lace ensemble beneath. I laughed pulling it down fully so she could see the zebra design. “It’s so sexy!” she says tracing the lace trim across my breasts. I look at her as her eyes stay glued on the bra; she runs the tips of her fingertips across the lace. “Umm… it’s a balconette from Vicky’s.” She nods slightly and looks into my eyes. She’s dangerously close and honestly I’m trying hard to behave! I look away and scoot back slightly not wanting to engage in her without Kelvin. “Is it a set?” I look at her and my guard lowers again since I’ve become so comfortable with her over the months I quickly answer. “Yea, a thong.” Without her asking I voluntarily stand up and pull down my leggings to my thighs so she can see the zebra print thong and turn to the side to show off the lace trim across my hips down the crack of my ass. As I turn back to face her I gasp as her soft delicate lips press against my skin right on the V of my hip! Her teeth graze my skin and I moan as she sucks on my flesh and slides her tongue tracing my V down to my pussy mound! “Fuuucckk…” I moan putting a hand on  her hair as she kisses my pussy mound, pulling down my thong. I relinquish everything as she pulls my thong and leggings off, her soft lips cover my clit!

    “Helen….” I scream as she sucks on it, slipping a finger inside my pussy. “Fuuuuucck…” I moan again as I stagger on my feet. She holds my thighs to steady me as her tongue slides up and down my pussy lips, my head begins to throb. “We… we …. Shouldn’t….” I moan but as her tongue slides past my pussy lips I moan gripping her hair, parting my thighs as her tongue strokes my pussy! “O fuck Helen!” I moan falling back on the sofa. Her tongue strokes feel amazing as she holds my legs, pinning them back against the sofa I moan as her tongue darts in and out of my pussy! Faster and faster she tongue fucks me as my pussy attempts to clasp around her tongue she teases me by sucking on my clit! “Helen…..” I moan practically begging for her to push me over the edge. She rolls her tongue over my clit and I moan groping my breasts through my bra. Then she stops and stands stripping quickly but I’m a little pissed that’s she stopped but I quickly remove my camisole and bra as she steps to me and takes hold of right breast and covers it with my mouth! “OOOOO Janay!” she moans as her knees buckle. She straddles me on the couch as I tag team from one breast to the other, rolling my tongue around her nipples, sucking on them, loving her moans as she grinds on my fingertips. I’m playfully torturing her clit unaware of Kelvin as he quietly slips in through the door.

   I pivot and lay of the couch as her breasts press against mine, again we kiss. Her fingers in my hair as I grabbed palms full of her ass, our clits rubbing against each other as our pussy juices wet the couch. “Oooo Helen…. Fuck….” We continue kissing and grinding our clits together as Kelvin makes his way further into the room sitting down enjoying the scene! My heart is racing as my pussy begs for more and Helen must sense it because she leans back onto the other side of the sofa, turns her body so that she’s scissored between my legs, grabs my thigh and grinds her pussy against mine! “FUCK!” I yell as the sensation of her pussy lips rubbing against mine is more than I can handle as I grip the back of the sofa biting into the leather! Her nails sink into the back of my thigh as she grips the side of the couch moaning as she looks into Kelvin’s eyes. I’m still oblivious to his presence as I moan louder the sound of our wet pussies grinding fills the room! “Damn Janay….. cum on this pussy… fuck…” My head is spinning as our hips fall in sync we grind harder and faster until finally we scream! “OOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo…… AAAAAAAAAAhhhhh…..”  The sweat from our bodies coat the couch as our bodies vibrates from the climax! We continue grinding as she raises her leg; I do the same turning onto my back, grinding against her pussy in a new position now! Her wet pussy lips rub against my clit as mine does hers and within minutes we are screaming again as we squirt soaking each other down in ecstasy!  We lie there panting for moment until Kelvin clears his throat and says, “I hope ya’ll still have enough energy for me.”


I swear on everything this pregnant pussy is the best. I heard dudes talk about it but, see I never experienced it. It was living up to all the hype and then some. How the hell was Kelvin able to pull away from all this good shit was beyond me. I was having a hard enough time just trying to pull out of the pussy let alone walk away from it. Four or so months in now of late night, even midday rendezvous and I was still a little excited about it all. I felt like I was getting back at Kelvin, by fucking his baby mom’s in his house, on his couch, hell we even fucked in his bed a time or two. I made sure to steer clear of Helen’s shady ass too. There were a few close calls where I remember passing her as I left out. Thankfully though each time I was in the car and on the road already.

Marissa: Hey baby

Paul: Hey sugar

Marissa: Am I going to see you tonight?

Paul: What time?

Marissa: Now

Paul: Well open up

My plan was already to pull up on her. I was in need and I knew she was always Little Ceaser’s; you know Hot N’ Ready. She opened the door in a little black lace number. Her little pudge was so sexy to me. I gripped her ass tight as I stepped in and we embraced. I started kissing on her neck as she pulled me deeper into the house. I kicked the door shut behind me as the passion was on the rise. My lips found her breast, and began to suckle lightly. “Ooh ooh, baby they are really sensitive.” Marissa warned me. “I’m sorry baby.” I backed off and kissed lightly. I forgot the hormonal changes in her body made her nipples super sensitive. “Baby, I get so excited around you, I forgot they’ve been really tender lately.” I kissed her neck. “Paul its ok no need to apologize. Just let me suck that dick. My mouth has been craving your thickness and warmth.” She looked me square in my eyes and pushed me back on to the couch. Instant stiffness ensued. I think she had my belt off before my ass was on the sofa. She attacked my dick with a goal in mind. She wanted my nut in the back of her throat.  That shit was sloppy from the onslaught. I’m talking spit running down my shaft, up under my balls. Mercy me imma have to fight to hold this nut back. But by God if she isn’t pulling it from my clutches. I knew she could hear the changes in my voice. She gave zero fucks as she began massaging my balls, while bobbing on my shit. She paused only to put my hand on her head. Fuck me, this shit was about to be over in an instant. My legs locked and entire body followed suit. My dick throbbed as nut spewed into her mouth. The sheer pleasure on her face as my body gave into her desires was blissful. Only a tad bit of my nectar missed its mark. Her index finger made sure it found its way home. Watching her work was magic. Still breathing hard “I love you” I muttered.  Marissa looked at me with an uncertain stair. Hell I myself was confused by my own words.


Nearly 6 months into our group thing and I was still going strong. Still so much fire and desire still burning strong. Janay had every right to bounce after Marissa dropped that bomb on us in the parking lot. Despite the timeline being off and me being damn near certain I couldn’t have fathered her “child”, I didn’t put up a fight or state my claim. I knew when the shit hit the fan, my truth would prevail. To be honest I wouldn’t have blamed her after everything we had been thru in the last 13 months. Shit had been crazy almost from the minute we met. I was grateful she stayed. As well I was grateful for Helen, she played a major role as to why we were all still here. These women were the apple of my eye and simply amazing. It was so good that we were all here for one another.

Walking in with 2 dozen roses for them, to stumble in on a peep show was just fine. We had an agreement. Nobody would get it poppin’ without us all being present. But how could I be bothered walking in on these two beauties. Even better I can call them both mine. I really am surprised they’ve been able to stave off each other this long. Or maybe this the first time I caught them. Who knows?  The eye contact that Helen I shared as she devoured Janay was overly intense. She was consuming Nay yet visually fucking me. A part of me wanted to surprise Janay by quietly sliding my dick in her mouth in between moans. But Helen wouldn’t let me go, she continued to stare me down. I imagined my dick between both pussies getting stroked; their lips folding on my stiffness and them moaning in each other’s ear. I knew I’d erupt on both mounds. Fuck I need them. I clear my throat and let my presence further be known. I made my way over leaving the roses on the coffee table. I freed my dick, already laced with precum. Janay wasted no time lapping me up; then sharing with Helen. Janay moved to my balls as Helen worked mid shaft to head like a real pro. They had switched I don’t know how many times before Helen was bent over in front of me and I was sliding my dick in, nice and slow. The grip on her pussy was to die for. As I pulled out she was coming with me. With each stroke the creamier she got. Janay was biting my neck telling me how much she missed me. She was talking that talk. I instructed her to go suck on that clit while I stroked this good pussy. Like my good girl she didn’t hesitate. Helen lost it just as soon as Nay disappeared under us. I felt Janay’s tongue stroking my shaft every time I went back in. I wanted to stop, but it was feeling too good. I wanted some of Janay’s good pussy but my body couldn’t stop. I was on the verge of emptying my seed in Helen. Her pussy was clenching on me again for a third time as she was climaxing yet again. I couldn’t handle anymore. From the eye contact, to the neck bites and daddy talk in my ear; now to fucking and being licked and Helen cumming on me. I pulled out and shot my load all on her red ass. My head was fucking spinning.


Oh my gawd, this…. This was everything. I really had no idea what this would be when I snuck over to Kelvin’s place. I was only scratching an itch, so to speak.  But fuck, this was as amazing as something from a dream. Yes there was drama, but we handled that shit and to be honest I am still not sure I believe that bitch that has moved into Kelvin’s place. I can’t wait until that lease is up. My lease would be right behind his. By then we’d be 8 months strong and I think we’d be good with just two residences, hell maybe even 1. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy. I only hope they feel a quarter of what I’m feeling. “That was so good yall” I was still out of breath. I kissed her, she kissed him, and the he kissed me. “I love yall.” I was in such a blissful paradise my emotions spilled out of me. Really I didn’t even care. This was real and raw. I was all in for this thing.

Sorry for the long post ahead

Hey guys.

I’m sadly gonna have to apologize once again for a delay in updates, Why? Cause of school. I’ve been trying to follow my classes intensely, as my final exam is coming up in March.
And, apparently, the school forgot to give us without a gymnasium degree a properly warning, so we got dumped the news last week, that we got an InfoD (information technology level D) exam throughout Week 5 & 6, sooo that got me a liiittle stressed, but okay, I should be able to handle that.
Though, among this exam, I also got a 3 meetings, one was today, with the educational counselor and the headmaster of my school, so try and help me figure out what to do when I’m done here on 3D College Denmark and if I can possible find an internship somewhere. One of the meetings with the counselor is an hour before my exam is due, so that cuts my work time on that down by an hour, but dumb lil me just agreed to the time without thinking.
PLUS I got all my commission work, which is REALLY slacking behind. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been EXTREMELY lazy with getting them done ever since I came back from my Canada trip in October. Idk what it is, motivation have just been super low and I am SO sorry to all my commissioners for that.

To sum it all up, I’m kinda stressed and nervous at the moment, having A LOT of things going at once. I feel like I’m in control of 5-6 different trains, who all gotta cross the rails at the same time and I gotta make sure they don’t crash each other.

I’ve decided to put this blog on a short, 2 week hiatus. I will return with an update on Week 7, when I’m on vacation again and should finally have time to clear my head and relax enough to draw an update.
I hope you all understand and again, I’m sorry for the delay.

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I just stumbled upon your punk!Luke fic like 20 minutes ago and I'm already obsessed with it!!! When will part 6 be up?❤️❤️

It’s up right now! punk!Luke part 6, ladies and gents! (click here for part one, here for part two, here for part three, here for part four, and here for part five) i can’t believe this is already part six, it feels like i just posted the first one!

(huge shoutout to punk-years for the awesome edit!)

This is shorter than part five so it’s about the same as the rest. There’s a big announcement for the band in here but it’s not super interesting, I’m sorry :( The next chapter will have a big twist for you guys!

PLEASE NOTE: This chapter contains mild smut and, as always, punk!Luke. It also skips ahead two weeks so their relationship can move along a bit quicker.

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Six Years Of Happiness

Summary: Dan and Phil are on tour and are in Manchester, and the day they’re there just happens to be the anniversary of the day they met in person.

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,172

A/N: I wrote this in like ten minutes tbh but I just wanted to write something for the anniversary today so here’s a little thing and I just have a lOT OF FEELS.

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Ding Dong Dinner Ditch (Dean x Reader)

Based on this Imagine

               Spaghetti was cooked, meatballs and sauce simmering. You were dressed in your cutest little black dress with wedges. Your hair was pulled back and curled, and your make up was done. This was it; you were going to really do this. You were really going to tell Dean that you were in love with him. Sam gave you the bunker for the night so you were ready.

               You pulled the hot bread out of the oven and placed it in the basket before moving it to the table in the library where the candles were lit. You fixed the plates and placed the wine. Everything looked perfect; you nervously played with the heel of your black high heels as you waited for him. No matter his response you’d promised yourself you’d always be there for him.

               When the bunker door opened and then slam shut your stomach began to twist in a large knot. This was it. You were ready, you took a deep breath, but when you tried to release it. It got caught in your throat. Dean’s heavy boots were quickly followed by a pair of heels and a high giggle. You bit your lip as they made their way down the hallway; Dean never once glancing toward the lightly decorated library.

               Your heart sank; of course he didn’t love you. Why would he?  You weren’t tall, a slim waist with big breasts. Your hair wasn’t blonde and curled, lying just right around your face and your lips weren’t plump. You felt the tears spill down your cheeks as your shaky fingers texted your best friend.

I need you.

               Telling Sam that you need your best friend was like telling the President that the United States had shut down. He knew you were in trouble or in pain, and would be there for you in an instant. So when the garage door opened and then slammed shut and his heavy boots stomped down the hallway furiously toward the library, you quickly wiped your cheeks not caring about smearing your makeup. You quickly tried to blow out the candles and act as if everything was fine when Sam entered the library not a moment later. “Y/N….what happened?” he asked walking toward you. “Hey Sam, find any good books at the book store?” you asked through a cracking voice as more tears fell from your eyes.

               Sam came closer and pulled you into a tight hug as a sob escaped your lips. “I was sure he felt the same Y/N…” he whispered as you cried. “I…I never got to tell him. He…” there was a sudden thump and a loud laugh followed by Dean’s deep laugh, causing new tears to spring in your eyes. “I’m going to go shower and then come and clean this up.” You mumbled and walked toward the door as more noises you didn’t want or need to hear came from the hallway. You let out a sob and took off toward your room.

               You were a hunter; your heart shouldn’t be crushed over some boy. But Dean wasn’t some boy to you, he was special. And you’d let Sam convince you he felt the same way about you. A strong arm gripped your elbow and pulled you into a warm chest. “Come on, lets lay down for a while” Sam whispered pulling you to the bed and taking your shoes off as he kicked his boots and jacket, before crawling into bed with you. You sobbed for a few minutes as Sam held you close and rubbed your back soothingly as you finally fell asleep; your body exhausted from hurt and crying.

               Sam let you go about two hours later, he headed to the library, cleaning up the dinner before taking the leftovers, covering them and putting them away in the kitchen. He heard the footsteps going out the bunker door as it shut and locked for the evening.  Dean heard the dishes clanking around in the kitchen and furrowed his brows. He didn’t realize someone was up this late.  He entered the kitchen to see Sam cleaning the dishes. “Hey man, what are you doing up so late? Just get back from research?” he asked grabbing a cold beer and sitting down at the table.

               Sam stood at the sink washing the dishes quietly. He was pissed at Dean. He couldn’t believe he’d stood you up and left you here alone all night pretty much while he went out chasing after bar whores. “What’s your deal?” Dean asked a playful smile on his lips. He was in a great mood and nothing could bring it down.  “You know Dean, I hope your friend was worth it tonight” Sam finally spoke as he turned and looked at him. Dean scuffed a little, looking slightly taken back. “What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked as Sam glared at him. “You had plans tonight…or did you forget?” Dean looked confused for a moment before realization began to set in. “Shit…I had dinner plans with Y/N….I completely forgot” he stood to go check on her when Sam gripped his arm. “She doesn’t want your half assed, sorry I was too busy fucking, apology. Leave her alone.” Sam warned before going down the hallway and slipping back into your room to curl back up with you, leaving Dean hurt and confused in the kitchen.

Based on this Imagine

Jealous (Part 3)

Pairing: Reader/Ashton

Rating: PG-13

Request : Yes (By the lovely keepcakemashton )

Summary: You’re a famous Youtuber and also, bestfriends with 5SOS. You just got out of an abusive relationship so you aren’t ready to enter a new one because you have trust issues. Ashton has feelings for you and gets jealous when you show attention to other boys. He just wants to prove to you how much he loves you and would never ever hurt you.

Small things that may give you feels: Jealous/Protective Ashton & Protective 5SOS

Song inspiration : Jealous x Nick Jonas

Words : 835

You can find part 1 here : Jealous (Part 1)

Part 2 : Jealous (Part 2)

None of these pics/gifs are mine !


“You know what? I dont care. Adam, get away from me. This is over. It’s been over. I dont want you anymore." I said, harshly.

"SOMEONE HELP!” I yelled again.

“Sweetheart, you dont mean that.” He cooed, booze on his breath.

“If I said it, I meant it. Now leave.” I said, scratching his face.

“Look here bitch.” He grabbed my throat, lifting me off the ground and slamming my head against the concrete wall.

“I’m gonna ask you once and once only.” Ashton said, balling his fists.

“Mind your buisness.” Adam said, not realeasing his grip on my throat.

Ashton rushed to him and pulled him off of me, causing me to fall to the ground.

“Fuck.” I hissed at my hand making contact with the ground I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder.

My vision blurred.

All I seen was Ashton on top of Adam, beating the living shit out of him.

“ASH THAT’S ENOUGH!” Michael screamed.

Michael and Calum pulled Ashton away while Luke rushed over to me.

“Oh my God, Y/N” Luke picked me up.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“My shoulder.” I groaned before passing out.

“Y/N?” Luke slapped my face a little.

“SOMEBODY HELP” Luke shouted.

I went in and out of consiousness in Luke’s arms. I think those are the paramedics that I hear.

“Y/N, come on. Stay awake. Can you hear me?” The concert medic asked.

“C'mon sweetheart, let’s see those pretty eyes.” The medic continued.

 They calmed Ashton down and got him a paramedic. He had to ride in a seperate ambulance.

“There we go, what’s your name darlin’?” A medic asked.

“Y/N.” I mumbled.

“Oh my God. You scared the actual hell out of me.” Luke said, holding my hand.

I tried to sit up but something felt like it was digging a dagger in my shoulder blade.

“GOD, MY ARM!” I yelled.

“Your arm is dislocated and you may have a slight concussion, with contusions forming around your neck. My name Jack and I’m your EMT for the night. We’re on our way to the hospital. Do you remember what happened before you blacked out?” Jack asked.

“Um, I remember Adam calling me a bitch and thats about it.” I told him.

“Ashton, where’s Ashton?” I asked.

“He’s in a seperate truck on the way to the same hospital.” Jack said.

Once I got to the hospital, I was wheeled in on the stretcher and into a room, Luke by my side. I heard Michael, Calum and Ashton behind the curtain.

“Boys?” I called out.

“Y/N, Oh my God.” Calum yelled.

“Y/N” Michael screamed, rushing over to me.

He hugged me, which made me cry out in pain.

“MICHAEL, HER ARM.” Luke yelled.

“I forgot. Im sorry Y/N” He apologized.

“All done!” I heard someone else from behind the curtain.

“Thanks.” Ashton said, admiring his newly stiched hand.

“Take it easy Mr.Irwin.” The doctor came towards me.

“Ready to get this shoulder back in place?” He asked.

“Wait.” I half-screamed.

“Ashton I know you’re upset with m-” I stated.

“Im coming princess.” He said from behind the curtain.

Ashton made his way through the boys and sat down on the side of my stretcher.

“Ash I cant do this.” I warned.

“Yes you can.” He insisted.

He held out the hand that wasnt stiched, for me to squeeze and boy did I squeeze.

“Ready?” The doctor quesitoned.

I nodded and he pushed my arm back until everyone heard it pop.

“SHIT” I cursed

Once the doctor left, Ashton shot the boys a glare.

“Okay, welp we’re gonna go down to the cafeteria.” Michael said.

“Be back in a bit.” Luke added.

When the boys left, police officers came in.

“Hi ma'am, I dont know if this is a bad time but the police need to question you about what happened.” The nurse informed me.

I gave Ashton a look that read ’I dont want to, please make her leave’

“Hey can you just give her a minute. She needs time to think.” Ashton insisted.

“The police really nee-”

“She needs time." Ashton said firmly, making her leave the room.

"Thank you Ash, for everything.” I told him.

“I would do it again everyday for the rest of my life if it meant you were safe.” He said kissing my hand.

I sat up and put one hand to his scruffy cheek, just admiring the greeness of his eyes for a second.

“You’re perfect.” I smiled.

He gave me a small smile back, revealing his dimples.

I leaned in and put my forehead on his.

“I love you.” He whispered.

I looked up at him, wondering if he just said what I think he said.

“You heard right. I love you Y/N.” He said.

Without thinking I just held is face in my hands and pulled him towards me, pressing his lips to mine. Our lips were so in sync, I genuinely felt sparks. Like in the movies.

 "I love you back.“ I giggled.


A/N : Please give me feedback everyone (: Thanks for reading ! I really enjoyed writing this. Request if you want xx

He Just Wants You

I quietly sat on the couch, reading the newest book my sister had recommended. I was taking in as much time as possible, without Ashton. I didn’t want to be reading when he came home because I’d rather treasure our time together. Turning the page, my phone blared. The ringtone I had set for Luke.“Hey” I said cautiously. He was supposed to be in recording until twenty more minutes. “Y/N, Ashton’s upset” was all he said. “He’s having a tantrum, he says he wants you” Luke said quietly. “Give him the phone” I demanded. “Yes ma’am” Luke joked. I heard the shuffling of Luke’s iPhone being handed to my boyfriend.
“He-Hello?” I almost broke out crying by his hurt voice. “Hey baby, how ya doin’?” I asked. My voice quiet and soothing. “Y/N?” he asked, his voice brightening up. “Yeah sweetie, it’s me” I cooed, smiling. “Y/N, I really need a hug” he said softly. As if he was embarrassed to ask. “Of course sweetie, I’m on my way” I said, still on the phone with him. Grabbing a random sweatshirt, and slipping on some shoes, I left the apartment. “I’m nearing the car, love” I said, as he simply sniffed.
I got in the car, keeping the phone between my shoulder and ear. “You’re not lying, right? You’re coming?” he asked, as if scared. My heart wrenched, his voice sending sad signals throughout the body. “I’m actually on my way, I’m three minutes away” I said, speeding to get there faster. When I saw the building, I slowed down. Parking it in the side of the road. I got out of the car, speaking soothing words to my love. I ran through the doors, waving to the body guards. I opened the door of the recording station, smiling at the One Direction boys and the three others. “Y/N” Ashton whispered, throwing Luke the phone. I gathered my boyfriend in my arms, hugging him tight. “Love, what’s the matter?” I asked, looking at Michael for an answer. “We were cornered by some rude fans a while ago, and they told him that he wasn’t good enough for you. That you were going to leave him” he shrugged. His face showing concern for his friend.
“Baby, they were just jealous because you’re so damn beautiful! I bet they thought that by getting you down they felt better about themselves” I told him. The boys smiling at how he clung to you. “Pinky promise?” he asked, looking at you. “Pinky promise, times two!” I said, grinning. “Okay, so maybe they are the most adorablest couple” Niall muttered, as the boys grinned.
Ashton’s hands tightened around my waist. Kissing the side of my head. “I love you, thanks for coming” he said, loud enough for the entire place to hear him. “Well, now, if you wouldn’t mind. Do you want to go record?” Calum asked, having to yank him away from me. “You better stay, I don’t allow you to leave” he said, grinning.
“Gosh darnit!” I joked.

I sat up in bed when I heard soft sobs rocking around the apartment. “Mikey, love, you here?” I yelled into the house. “Uh, y-yeah!” he yelled back. I dashed to the living room. There sat my Smurf, head in his hands. “Babe, what’s wrong?” I asked, grabbing him in my hands. “I. I just, is my hair and piercings weird?” he asked, coughing. “I find you absolutely adorable as a smurf!” I said, excitedly. “You really think so?” he asked hopefully, putting you on his lap.
“I actually think your smurfiness is adorable” I cleared up, resting his head on my shoulder. “You look beautiful today” he whispered. “Why thank you, Sir Smurf!” I said, his frown tugging into a smile. “No problem, my Smurfette” he giggled. “I’m sorry you had to see me act like a baby” he sighed.
“I actually don’t mind. Now, I won’t mind if I come crying to you!”
He rolled his eyes. “You should feel like that without this happening. I don’t like you being upset” he said. “Likewise, my dear” you said, leaning in to kiss him. “Thank you, thanks for being here” he said, kissing my neck affectionately.

“Hi guys” I said to the four boys in my living room. “Did you see the concert?” Calum asked, eyes trailing towards Luke. “No, I’m sorry. I was at work” I apologized. “Well good. I forgot half of Gotta Get Out!” Luke exploded, tears running down his face. “It was barely noticeable” Michael said quickly. “Only because you swooped in and started for me” Luke spat. “Lucas..” I warned. “You’re supposed to take my side!” he yelled. “I am baby, it’s just. I bet that the crowd thought Michael was just filling in, like, a random solo type thing” I said softly, inching towards him slowly.
Luke sighed. “I bet they think I’m a no good f-” I cut him off with a hug. “If I were at the show then I’d cheer Michael on, and clap for your guitar playing” I said. “But what if he hadn’t have done that?!” he asked loudly. “I bet if he hadn’t, Calum or even Ashton would’ve started” I assured him. “Totally, mate!” Ashton said, as the three boys took seats on the couch. “The big thing is that I totally embarrassed our band! And they aren’t even angry at me!” he said, his head leaning down onto my shoulder.
“Baby,” I started. “Baby, it’s totally fine. If it means that much to you, then sing the song again. For me” I said, wiping his tears. “What if I forget the lyrics?” he asked, bitterly. “Then I’ll start rapping some weird song!” I said excitedly. “Fine…later though. I’m hungry” he said. I giggled. “Love youuu!” I sang. “I love your little things!” he sang back.
“Eugh. Puke worthy love,” Michael said. “Shut it, Clifford” I said feigning warning.

I was watching a twitcam of the guys, which I had been doing for the twenty minutes it had been on. “Alright, so this person asks, why is Calum so upset?” Luke reads, glancing towards my sunken boyfriend. “I bet it’s because he misses Y/N” Ashton said weakly. “He’s been waiting for her to call him all day! She called him whilst he was recording, and he’s worried since she hasn’t called back” Michael explained.
I hurriedly reached for the phone. Dialling his number, I watched as his phone rang on the other end. Playing the song, Cover Girl, by Big Time Rush. He scrambles to pick it up, as the boys silently snickered. “Y/N?” he asked hopefully. “Hey sweetheart!” I replied, laying down, leaving the computer. “Gosh, I miss you” he muttered. “I miss you too, say hey to the others for me” I said. “Yeah, let’s ignore the idiots for now. Anyways, how was your day?” he asked. “Horrid, ‘cause you weren’t there” I said childishly. “Same, I missed you too much to have fun” he sulked.
“Well, you know you come home in two weeks?!” I asked happily. “Yeah, I know right. It’s gonna be so perfect when I get to see you again” he said. “Love, do you pinky promise to never leave me?” he asked after a short pause. “Never, ever, ever, ever!” I said without hesitation. “Why didn’t you call me, if you wanted a call?” I couldn’t help, but ask.
“Well, I just, didn’t want to seem clingy” he answered.
We talked on, and on, until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. “I love you, Cal. Call me when you awake” I begged. Falling asleep.

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