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“I love you as certain dark things are loved, secretly, between the shadow and the soul.”

                                                                     - anna and the french kiss by stephanie perkins


pls forgive me i know it’s not what he said… (but it’s what he thought)

i forgot how much people really don’t care about the fact that mcu whitewashed the maximoff twins and made them nazis, whitewashed the ancient one, didn’t include one of the founding members of the avengers who was the only actual woman on the team and killed her in less than ten minutes, makes clint not deaf for no reason, i couLD Go on


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Hello!! Could I request how the dai companions would react to the quizzy constantly being anxious and having nervious ticks, like biting their nails or something? And would they try to get them to stop? Please and thanks!

Edit: Sorry! I forgot to finish Sera’s… fixed it now! 

Blackwall: After watching the Inquisitor make quick work of their already short, rough nails, Blackwall decides to make them a little fidget cube with whatever leftover wood he has. After giving it to them he invites the Inquisitor to the barn, offering to teach them the art of woodworking. 

Cassandra: She honestly couldn’t care less what habits the Inquisitor has, but can’t help making a small noise in disgust whenever they do it excessively in front of her. And whenever the Inquisitor gnaws a bit too much, Cassandra’s there with an extra bandage and a disapproving glare.

Cole: What first piqued his interest was the growing anxiety the Inquisitor was experiencing. He would do little things to try and ease their anxiousness, whiffs of scents that remind them of home, words of thanks and encouragement whispered in their ear. But when their fingers begin to bleed and they continue to bite despite there being no nail to bite, he realizes it needs to stop. “No, stop! You’re making the hurt worse. False comfort, knots in your throat, shaking, tightening… the fear makes you hurt.”

Cullen: He’s concerned, to say the least, when he sees the Inquisitor doing it, for it reminds him too much of himself and the Templars he’s seen going through the tougher stages of withdrawal. The next time he catches them biting their nails, he bats their hand away and instead slips a small, rough-edged rock into their palm. “It helps with the… nervousness.“

Dorian: He is…mildly appalled, to say the least, after watching the Inquisitor devour their nails like a starved Mabari. “What are you doing? Your hands look positively dreadful.” The next time he sees them biting their nails, he gifts them a small nail file and a sweet smelling cream that makes their hands softer than they’ve ever felt before. 

Iron Bull: When they first met he noticed the way the Inquisitor’s nails were rough and bitten down to little nubs, but never saw purpose in confronting them about it until dried blood found it’s way into their cuticles. “Hey there boss, you got enough things out there trying to make you bleed without you doing it to yourself. Now how do you feel ‘bout working off some of that nervous energy?”

Josephine: She knows the feeling all too well, and offers to schedule a spa appointment for the both of them next time they’re in Orlais. She hopes that the visit will not only alleviate some of the stress, but deter them from chewing on their nicely cleaned and manicured nails.

Leliana: Within a few days a pair of nicely tailored leather gloves are placed outside the Inquisitor’s quarters. “Try these, they feel much nicer than teeth,” the letter reads, and the Inquisitor agrees.

Sera: When she catches the Inquisitor spitting out one of their fingernails, she scoops it into a little pouch before coming up beside them. “Oi, why are you throwin’ these away? Perfect for makin’ nobs squeamish, so save some for me, yeah?” She shoves said pouch at the Inquisitor before going back to doing Maker knows what. Though if she ever catches them biting until they’re hurt, she pulls out some bandage scraps and shoves them at the Inquisitor the same way she did the pouch. “Pranks are good n’ all, but we can’t fix the friggin’ hole in the sky if you’re up a creek.”

Solas: He might find it a bit unpleasant, but doesn’t see it as his place to do anything about it until he sees blood along their cuticles and red bandages wrapped around their fingertips. “This is a rather difficult position you have been placed in, but what you have been doing helps no one.” An exasperated breath later, he continues. “There are some meditation techniques I know that may be of use to you…”

Varric: The first time he sees the Inquisitor biting their nails he thinks nothing of it. They’re in a stressful situation, and people deal with stress in different ways. But when it becomes excessive and harmful he decides enough is enough. Knowing that it is helpful to have something to fidget with, he passes along a small ring to the Inquisitor, letting them know what it’s for.

Vivienne: “Darling, would you please stop with that? It is… distasteful.” Vivienne gives them a rather foul tasting salve to spread on their fingers to keep them from gnawing at their finger nail nubs. Though after witnessing the Inquisitor bite at their nails despite the bitter taste, she realizes that it isn’t just a thoughtless habit. The next time the Inquisitor tries, Vivienne is there with a small mint, their hands in hers, telling them to “just breathe, the meeting will be over soon enough.”


Did a second tutorial on how I do my heads and faces. I gear my style towards feature animation and television so a lot of emphasis gets put on shape variations. Again, all artists have different approaches; this is just mine! I’m also going to link you over to this awesome post here. It covers the same thing, but with a couple other points, too. So let’s get in shape!! Ha! Ha..ha.. Sorry. Anyway, I hope this helps!

EDIT: woops forgot Shiro’s scar oh well, but you get the point


I love Jared, Jared and Connor are my favorite from deh. I don’t understand why people hate him. I know he acts like a jerk but he really cares about Evan. Like his solo in Good for you is just so great. Jared is my son. 


I completely forgot the smoke in his eyes! How could I.. D: Agh how embarrassing. This is what I get for not drawing him for so long.

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It was @shadows-surge ‘s birthday March 10th, and I didn’t have enough time to finish it on schedule. She wanted Faris looking sexy, so I got him dressed in an old-fashioned fancy outfit. I think he looks good ;)


Never forget EXO’s cover of Luis Miguel’s Sabor A Mí.

Dating Simon would include:

Requested:Can you do a what dating Simon would be like/ dating Simon would include…

A/N:Maybe i could do this for the other guys if you enjoy it?       Also this has been sitting in my inbox for a while and I totally forgot about it, sorry 💕      



-Him always asking you to be in videos with him
- Shaking your head and laughing when he gets frustrated with packs
- You laughing when he rages at his games
- You comforting him when he’s angry about his games
- Him trying to teach you how to play FIFA
- Him being shocked when you are good at it/Him laughing when your bad at it - Cuddling him while he edits 
- Forcing him to watch his videos with you 
- Forcing him to watch your favourite youtubers videos with you
 - Stealing his clothes
- Him laughing at how you look in his clothes as they are so baggy on you
- Late night Netflix binge-watching
- Going on runs with him
- Football videos
 - Him constantly calling you “babe”
- “Random Games with Y/N”
- Constantly being on his lap
- Him always having his hands somewhere on you
- Hugs from behind and sweet neck kisses
- Going on away trips with him to conventions & holidays
 - Having quite a private relationship
 - Kissing you when ever he can
- Cute messages when your away from eachother
- Long lasting phone calls and facetimes

 Honestly I dunno if this is any good but I tried, sorry it took so long X