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Sure, why not! For headcanons, how about: RFA + V + Saeran's favorite board or card game, and what kind of winner/loser they are (gracious winner, sore loser, etc.)

This took a while because I spent too long trying to pick games and changing my mind, but I hope these are decent pairings. :V

EDIT: I realize I forgot to add what kind of winner they are and I’m sorry. :E

+ Strip poker
+ Doesn’t gamble with money all the time
+ Sometimes he enjoys playing with Seven even though seven always beats him
+ He’s not very aggressive when he loses
+ Sometimes he pretends he is tho
+ “oh come on you cheated”
+ It always comes off as whiny
+ If he’s playing with his s/o and he wins he asks for a kiss as a prize

+ Magic the Gathering
+ Did you expect anything else?
+ Honestly this boy loves this game
+ Never shuts up about it sometimes
+ His MtG conversation trails are almost as bad as his video game ones
+ He tried to teach Seven how to play it once
+ Seven is now his ultimate rival
+ Yoosung is a very sore loser
+ Doesn’t shut up about it for hours
+ Sometimes days

+ Cards Against Humanity
+ Bees?
+ Agriculture.
+ Always comes up with the dumbest shit that makes no sense
+ And those things always get the points
+ Want to talk about a bigger blacker dick?
+ You bet your ass he’s right there
+ He probably knows every card combo there is
+ Also has every expansion anyone knew about
+ And created his own
+ One of his own expansions is an RFA exclusive one
+ Doesn’t really mind losing

+ Uno
+ She really loves this game
+ She can’t even really say why
+ But she gets really excited when she only has one card left
+ And it’s adorable
+ She usually wins because people feel bad for winning against her
+ Except Jumin
+ Not a sore loser at all
+ Often congratulates the winner

+ Monopoly
+ Monopoly
+ He gets his ass handed to him all the time
+ This game is nothing like he expected
+ Rarely wins
+ But he usually gets second/third place
+ If he does there’s a practical celebration
+ Asks Jaehee for advice too much
+ “It’s a simple game, Jumin”
+ Isn’t very sore about losing
+ But is extra salty to whoever he loses to

+ Battleship
+ He always needs someone to help him since he’s sight impaired
+ But he has the coordinates memorized now
+ Very strategic
+ It’s almost scary how good he is it’s like he knows what the other player is doing before they’ve placed their pieces
+ Not a sore loser
+ But only Jumin has ever won against him once
+ So maybe just nobody knows what he’s like when he loses

+ Solitaire
+ Why?
+ Because he was alone for so long he had to entertain himself someway
+ I’m ready for hell
+ Still plays it sometimes to distract himself
+ It’s a good therapy for him when he gets mad
+ Created a two player version to play with Seven once their relationship improved
+ Isn’t a sore loser because the game is a team game played with multiple people

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Sorry! Forgot the follow up question: how about the DC version of Afterimage? Is writing/editing that a sure thing? Also, I don't want to make people mad by suggesting it, but you really should charge for the DC versions. You have so many fans, that I bet most would be willing (for those who don't want to, there's the free version. Who are they to complain?) Then maybe getting paid for them, might push you and Santino to continue working on them :)

I think it’s a sure thing, it’s more a question of when. We do both really want to do DC versions of the rest of the books so we can get that done. The plan is/was to work on that this summer–I haven’t heard an update on that so I think it’s still a plan but I don’t know specifically when. We wanted to do DC versions so we could get them all in a printable format too, so that the people who want a printed book on their shelves can have it like they can with DC Evenfall.

This may be famous last words, but I don’t think DC Afterimage will take AS long and be AS much work as DC Evenfall was, and then you get into Interludes and Fade which are pretty fine as is, they just need to be touched up. I mean, the series will never be perfect, people will always find things wrong with different aspects, you know, all that. But the goal is to get them printed eventually for the folks who want that, and also just so there’s more consistency in the level of editing across the series so DC Evenfall to regular Afterimage isn’t such a jump.

I don’t think anyone will get mad at you by suggesting it :) Actually, for years people have asked us why we don’t charge. We created the donation button just because people kept asking how they could give us money since they couldn’t for the books themselves. Kind of same reason for the merchandise store, honestly. If we can get print copies, you’re right, we’d like to keep a free version still, but then if someone wants to buy something they can. Because there’s also definitely a lot of people who appreciate that it’s free because otherwise they wouldn’t be able to read or access it, which is super important to us, but at the same time I totally get from the fan standpoint when I love something someone else made and they charge nothing or next to nothing for it and I almost get frustrated with it, lol, I’m like, BUT LET ME GIVE YOU MY MONEY!!!!!!

So I like the idea of having both options available for people, based on whatever they feel interested in, or comfortable with, doing.

I’d kind of like to be able to continue that theme for my own solo stuff too–wherever possible, I like the idea of always having a free or super cheap option, and then the capability for making a bit more money so that eventually I could work full time on it. If that makes sense…

ANyway thanks for your interest! <3


pls forgive me i know it’s not what he said… (but it’s what he thought)


“I love you as certain dark things are loved, secretly, between the shadow and the soul.”

                                                                     - anna and the french kiss by stephanie perkins


I completely forgot the smoke in his eyes! How could I.. D: Agh how embarrassing. This is what I get for not drawing him for so long.

So I made a quick edit xD;;;


I’m very late on the birthday gift. Sorry ;-;

It was @shadows-surge ‘s birthday March 10th, and I didn’t have enough time to finish it on schedule. She wanted Faris looking sexy, so I got him dressed in an old-fashioned fancy outfit. I think he looks good ;)


John is probably my favourite ^u^
Also I can’t draw him for the life of me, so yay~ xD But this looks okey, right? xD Idk, it was literally 7th attempt, I usually give up after 2nd failed one~ xD

[[Sherlock doodle (sketch)]]

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Never forget EXO’s cover of Luis Miguel’s Sabor A Mí.


Sanada Yukimura ☆ Maeda Inuchiyo 
The Spear Duo 

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“When I was in Ukraine, there was only one thing I could think about”

Ok so I totally forgot about this! I did this ages ago when that idea of Bernie going underwear shopping was going about on tumblr (I cant remember who started it, sorry). I HATE how Bernie and the background was drawn but by the time I’d learned how to draw her, I’d already coloured and exported this as a JPEG without saving the PSD file (long story short… I’m an idiot who cant edit this image) XD

I’ve found drawing in black and white is a way around my inability to colour so me thinks I’m gonna stick to that ^_^

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