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This year has been a bit strange for me, I couldn’t call it neither bad nor good, but if full of surprises and “events” that probably will mark my personal life, who knows. With regard to the anime, has been a year of self-discovery for me, because I began to become involved in some tendencies and my opinions became more stable, I raised “my voice” a little and without fear openly stated my tastes about an anime, a character, a couple or some fandoms, which led me to lose one or another mutual but that hasn’t affected me at all, I don’t regret any decision taken and I will only continue as I have maintained until now. (ღ˘♡˘)

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Cassian Andor x Reader ~ Home

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Summary: A mission goes awry when an encounter with the universe’s best bounty hunter leads to disaster for the fem!reader and Captain Andor.

Warnings: Violence, swearing, ? 

A/N: I really enjoyed this actually and may continue it. Sorry I didn’t really edit it because I wanted to get it up for you guys, so ignore my crappy writing mistakes! 

Ask to Tag: @maliciousbubbl3s, @warqueenfuriosa

“Take this and head to the ship!” You shouted as the first blast from the sniper chasing you hit the sand beneath your feet. You sprinted to catch up to Cassian’s side, dodging more shots as you did so. Cassian turned and shot back in the direction of the fire as you passed him the object. “Head to the ship and get in the air, I’ll hold them off.” You barely got out as you dodged another shot that narrowly grazed your shoulder. You both were standing with your backs to a wall, looking across the narrow corridor at each other as you fired back in the direction you just sprinted from. Cassian gave you a look, you knew that look and you glared in annoyance back. “I’ll meet you there, just get'er up and running!” You shouted trying to keep your panic from showing in your voice. After a moment of hesitation he gave you a slight nod and you jumped out into the corridor to cover him as he took off towards the ship, you tossed a grenade towards the sniper’s fire and hoped for the best.

This was not how the mission was supposed to go. This was supposed to be a simple reconnaissance mission like you both always completed but then all hell broke loose. You and Cassian were sent to collect information on the Jedi, for some reason the rebel forces wanted the intel. Yet somehow the Empire had been tipped off and now you both were being chased after with the important holocron in hand. This desert planet’s complex built out of stone and sand was open air, which only made it easier for someone to have spied on you from above. Internally you chastised yourself for being so stupid in maneuvering through the area without full coverage of the skies.

You pulled out your staff as you stood against the wall and waited for the dust to clear. If Cassian got to the ship then he would be waiting at the roof of the complex, you needed to somehow get up there to meet him. After quickly glancing over your surroundings you noticed some crates stockpiled and in a split second you were up on the wall running across towards the main dome of the complex. You looked back and spotted your assailant, adrenaline and fear coursed through your veins as you recognized the armor as one of the ‘verses best.

You spotted the ship beginning to hover over the dome and began to run even faster, there was no chance in surviving a hand to hand combat fight with this man even if you were the best assassin in the rebel forces. A bomb went off and the wall you were running on crumbled beneath your feat, you jumped forward through the dust of the blast and barely grabbed onto the edge of the dome. You quickly pulled yourself up and rolled to the side as a blaster’s shot hit the roofing beside your head. You turned to see Boba Fett quickly approaching and you knew you would have to fight him, it was too late and you had missed your opportunity to make it to the ship. You looked to see Cassian holding on to a strap in the hull of the ship and holding out a hand in your direction. “Come on!” He screamed over the roar of the engines. You quickly shook your head and ran so that you were between the bounty hunter and the ship, as you did so you held off Boba momentarily by tossing a grenade his way. You heard Casssian’s voice again, “(Y/n) I’m not leavi-”

“Just go!” You shouted back as you felt a sharp and excruciating pain in your abdomen. Before Cassian could finish his reply K-2 was closing the ships deck and the ship was speeding off. You were just relieved that Boba hadn’t blasted the ship out of the sky. You gritted your teeth at the pain and looked to the man who was now just standing there, no longer shooting at you. “Well get on with it Fett!” You shouted in fury as you shot at him, accepting your fate. You knew you were going to die but you wouldn’t go down without a fight. He shot the blaster from your hand and then approached you quickly. You lunged at him with your staff and swung at his head, you managed to hit his chin and knock his helmet to the side. He quickly shoved your staff and you spun on your feet to hit at his side. He blocked it and held on to it, blood was rushing from where he had shot you. For a moment you tried to regain the weapon and stared into his dark eyes with anger. He shoved the staff again and you lost your grip, it flew to the other side of the roof and rolled off the edge. You let out an angry grunt as you lunged at him once more, now with your fists. You manage to land a few hits before feeling his first hit in your gut. The same place he had shot you, causing you to double over and back up for a moment. Still, you continued to land a few good punches and kicks but he was also doing so. You were sure you were bleeding in multiple places and possibly even something in your left wrist had fractured from meeting armor instead of flesh. But you didn’t stop, you could bare the pain if you could at least get your hands on the hunter even if only for a few minutes before he would end your life. You both continued to fight, it was evident that you were beginning to loose balance from a hit to the head and the blood loss, he now had the upper hand. He kicked you onto your back and grabbed your throat to choke you. This was it, but at least you had done your duty to the rebellion. You spat in his face and between gasps for breath muttered, “Mandalorian scum.” You felt a sharp pain in your neck and felt a rush of fire through your veins. He let go of your throat and you began to see black edges begin to encase your vision. He grabbed your collar and drug you across the roof, you could now feel the sharp pains from the injuries he had dealt fairly clearly. However the fire that now was burning though your nerves was much more intense and causing you to writhe. You heard an engine as the blackness began to take over and your body hit a bump as you now slid across a cooler and smoother surface. Once he released your shirt from his grip,  Boba Fett noticed your movement and grunts of excruciating pain and took his boot to your head in one swift movement.

You awoke to an overload of your senses, bright light was blurring your vision and you could hear a rush of noises around you. You felt the cutting of restraints into your skin as you tried to move.  After a moment of deep breathing and a shake of your head you were able to regain your consciousness more steadily. Before you even got a full look around the small metal room the bounty hunter was standing before you once more.

“Why does the Rebellion want information from Jedi historical records?” He asked firmly, his voice distorted through the mask that covered his face. You scoffed and smirked, spitting at his feet once more.

“Like I would tell you.” You replied, your voice hoarse and cracked. A round black droid floated to his side, a torture droid. It felt like you had already had this conversation before..

“You will tell me. Either willingly or not.” He responded indifferently to your actions and the droid approached you, its sharp laser cutting into your arm and causing you to scream out.

You awoke with blurred vision once again, you couldn’t remember how many times he had come in here now. How many times had you woken up? How many times had he brought in that monster of a machine? How long had you even been in here? You didn’t know now but you were going to find out. A Stormtrooper stood at your side, and you looked it over and decided it was probably placed on watch. “Where is Boba Fett?” You asked sternly, staring through his helmet and into his mind.

“He was sent on another mission.” The Stormtrooper replied, much to your surprise. You decided you would try your luck, you were no Jedi but it all is worth a shot. You have nothing to lose.

“You will release me and leave this ship.” The Stormtrooper just looked at you and laughed. You glared at him and focused your energy, this time you stated it firmly and more determined, “You will release me, leave your blaster, and leave this ship with your crew.” After a minute of the Stormtrooper standing there, he turned on his communicator. You let out a sigh, well at least you had tried to get out somehow.

“We have been requested to leave the ship, all crew are dismissed from the vessel.” The Stormtrooper stated and your jaw dropped in shock. The armor clad clone came over and unlocked your restraints before dropping his blaster and leaving the room. You quickly grabbed the gun in your shaking hands and waited until you heard the last of the footsteps echo through the corridors. You quietly limped your way through the ship to find the cockpit. Once there you looked over the monitors to clarify all of them were gone. You didn’t know if you would live with how much pain was currently in your body, especially in your lower abdomen, and all of the blood still covering your limbs from open gashes. You quickly set course towards the rebel base, blood rubbing from your hands to the console. Luckily this wasn’t the bounty hunter’s ship, if it was you would be endangering the entire base. Luckily you were being held on a transport ship, you thanked the maker and continued to set controls. After you finished you slumped into the pilot seat with one hand holding your gut and warped away from whatever planet you were currently on, the surroundings looked like Alderaan maybe? You just set course for home and didn’t look back. With the transport set to auto-pilot you began to lull in and out of consciousness. You felt as though you were floating, drifting, and you thought about what it would be like if you died here and now. Your thoughts quickly flashed to your friends, then to your best friend Cassian. It was like you two were joined at the hip, well at least that’s what all the base operatives always said. You both went on missions together and were some of the Rebellion’s best, at least the Rebellion’s best in assassinations and reconnaissance. All you could think about now was how you had to at least thank Cassian for being by your side for so long before you died. Since you both were brought to the base from war torn homes you were inseparable.

You heard a ping and tried to wipe the blur from your eyes, it was the base contacting you.

“(Y/n) (L/n) requesting landing.” You stated back into the comm, it took a while to hear a response and you guessed they were scanning your ship.

“(Y/n) (L/n)?” The voice questioned once more over the comms, at the base there were now multiple people standing behind the operator in his headset. Someone rushed off to alert the general of your arrival.

“Yes, (Y/n) (L/n) requesting immediate landing and also a medic team on tarmac.” You answered once more and they cleared your arrival. You came to a less than graceful landing at the docks and quickly fumbled out of the seat and towards the exit. You heard a rush of people and two medics appeared on the ship at your side, before you could even respond they grabbed either side of you causing you to wince and let out a small yelp and took you out to a gurney. There were stunned eyes all around you, some familiar faces met your gaze and you smiled warmly towards them. They quickly began to wheel you off to the medical ward.

“Someone find Captain Andor! Now!” You heard your friend shout in the distance as there was now a commotion all over base at your arrival. You were now on a cot and there were all sorts of medical personnel rushing around you, an IV was quickly in your arm and scanners were beeping all over your body. The cot was so warm, not like the cold metal ship you had been in for who know how long. You slowly felt yourself begin to drift off as a new cold feeling liquid was added to your IV.

You woke up, feeling less of the pain than before and less drowsy. You immediately turned to meet an intense stare, the familiar one you knew so well. “You were dead…I saw-I saw Boba shoot you…” Cassian finally spoke, barely over a harsh whisper.

“You should know you can’t get rid of me that easily Captain.” You joked with a wide smile.  You took in his features, he looked defeated and tired. His usual almost cocky demeanor was gone and his shoulders slumped slightly. The bags under his eyes were large and dark. You reached forwards and ruffled his hair lightly, ignoring the pain from the movement. “Besides I couldn’t die without thanking you.” At this he finally let a tear fall, the man never cried but here he was before you with water shedding from his eyes.

“What would you thank me for? I left you for dead (Y/n)…” He replied, trying but failing to keep his composure.

“Andor you did what I asked you to and you completed the mission. I damn well swear if you blamed yourself…” You started before he wrapped you in a hug. After a moment of adjusting to this weird new side of him, you squeezed him back lightly before wincing at an ache in your gut. He sat back down at your side, afraid he had hurt you, but didn’t let go of your hand. He was holding it as if you were made of glass or something fragile enough for one squeeze to break. “Anyhow, I wanted to thank you for being by my side all this time.” There it was, finally that dashing smile you knew so well was back on his face.

“(Y/n) after all of this…I realized that I will never leave your side.” He told you softly, and you blushed slightly at this. You stared into his eyes searching for that usual glint, but something warmer and lighter was there in its stead.

“What do you mean Cas-” You were cut off by his lips gently brushing against yours, and after a moment of shock you kissed back.

“It’s damn well time.” A voice muttered from behind where Cassian was seated. The general walked over with a smirk and crossed arms. The captain pulled away in surprise and embarrassment, quickly regaining his composure. “Glad to see you’re back (L/n).”

“Good to see you as well, general.” You answered with a grin. The general’s smile faltered though and you could tell something very important was on his mind. “I have some information…Well there are two things really, that you need to know.” The man began to pace slightly and clasped his hands behind his back. “The holocron you and Cassian retrieved, it told us what we already expected. The other council members and I expected that is, you are Kenobi’s daughter.” You tightened your grip in shock, but realized Cassian nearly let out a yelp and you released your grip with an apologetic look. You cleared your throat and nodded your head accepting this, after all it explained your ability to escape and some chance happenings on many other occasions.

“The second news general.” You questioned as if he had just told you the weather a moment ago.

“The Empire, well Vader…They don’t want anymore Jedi to stand in their way. That’s why Boba Fett was ordered to do what he did. They also wanted to try and get you on their side, but I see how well that worked.” You nodded with a small smile, though your free hand subconsciously moving to over your abdomen. “That is all. Once you are up and running we will begin the usual procedures, for now take your time and get plenty of rest.”

“Thank you, general.” You responded and gave a salute, Cassian did the same. There was tension in the room after the general left as Cassian stared at you for answers. “Another time Cassian.” You stated softly and slightly exasperated. He nodded and gave your hand a gentle kiss.

“I love you, (y/n).” He said lightly rubbing his thumb over the back of your hand.

“I love you too, Cassian.” You replied with a warm smile and you leaned over giving him another gentle kiss.  You were finally home.


HHHHHHHHHHH AGAIN WHY DO I HAVE TO SPEND SO MUCH TIME ON THIS only to find out I’m late… And where I am? Just barely late. -w-

So celebrating a certain AfterDeath chile’s birthday, you get wishes from your parents, one of your brothers(I’m sorry, I didn’t have the time to draw any more and it might take a lot of work to edit more in), and your… “friend”(And your actual mom wanting to ship you two(I’m sorry nekophy-senpoi).)) While your uncles are just bickering over the smallest little of things… -w- I busted my ass working on this and hhhhhhhhh I’m sorry for it looking even remotely crappy…

But to sum it all up… HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GOTH(Even if it is late and shiz… -w-)!

Goth and Stick-cat - created by @nekophy

Geno Sans, Error Sans, and Fresh Sans - created by @loverofpiggies

Reaper Sans - created by @renrink

Pix(The skele in the third pic) - created by @sugarbatartwork (Hhhhhh I’m sorry if you’re not okay with me using your chile but hhhhhhh I wanted an AfterDeath sibling to greet Goth and all. And I’m sorry for ruining him)

Palette Roller - created by @angexci


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Hi! Micah here! It’s my first time doing this so I’m not really sure what to say but since this is a holiday ff, I guess I’ll start by greeting y’all. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE! ♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡

And I’d also like to thank everyone for staying with my stupid blog. I’m sorry if it has become such a mess. I didn’t mean to get into all of my fandoms/ships, I swear. It just happened. But seriously, thank you for following my super lame blog, sending me sweet messages, tagging me in stuffs, liking my crappy edits, and just being nice to me. You guys are the best *hugs and kisses you all*. I’m also sorry if I ever fail to answer messages/get back to requests. I know I suck but please don’t hate me!

Thanks again for sticking with me and may the next year be good to us all! ♥

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And if anyone wants to know, the characters from the lame graphic is from the bl manga Canis by Zakk. :D

Tangled Up In Blue (Hair)

Title: Tangled Up In Blue (Hair)

Pairing: Dan Howell/Phil Lester

Rating: PG (only some swearing from Dan)

Word Count: ~3500

Summary: Fic based on this prompt:

If you dye your hair, your soulmate’s hair color changes as well and you swear the moment you see your soulmate you will choke them because you just woke up with your hair colored like a rainbow and it’s your first job interview at a prestigious company what the fuck.

(Didn’t do rainbow hair though, just blue.)

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A/N: This is not beta read, so sorry if there are any mistakes. (Title from the Bob Dylan song Tangled Up In Blue, though it doesn’t really relate to the fic (just thought it fit as a title). Also I’m a photoshop n00b so sorry for the crappy hair edits.)

The first time it happened was when Dan was eight. At that age he only knew of one other person that it had happened to before, she had been lucky though as her hair colour had changed to a sensible colour, he however hadn’t been so lucky. One day he had woken up with bright yellow hair! His parents had gasped when he walked into the kitchen that morning.

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