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i am not a simblr, (but i do frequently play the sims, i just do not have a tumblr account) so i have to stay on anon! but but but, i adore your blog! it is so lovely to browse and it makes me feel inspired and want to play the game more & more! do you have any blogs, that you find inspirational? plus, any blogs with lot downloads? ahh. i am sorry for all the questions! i mainly wanted to write to you as i adore your blog, i look forward to more future posts & moody family updates!

hey!! thank you very much for liking my simblr!!!!! ahh i can’t help but smile ty! :-) <3

my inspos: @omniplant, @plumboops @fangflower, @womrats, @butternutgnocchi, @meisiu, @ohare-lane, @madoof @sweetsimmy, @escis, @madmono and @cupidjuice!! (i’m sure i forgot someone i have way too many inspirations + thx for inspiring me and a lot of ppl!!)
edit: i forgot @bumbble!!! i’m sorry sweetie i adore your blog <3

blogs w/ lot downloads: @omniplant, @cupidjuice, @madoof, @jenba