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i am the game and i make the rules // love is destruction, but this war is mine // it’s a ritual, and i know you feel it // i am the pain, i am the game, you won’t forget my name // our blood’s in the machinery, our heart’s in the machinery // you are part of a machine, you are not a human being // another victim dies tonight // we run this town so just get lost // will we crumble into the dust, my friend, or will we start this game over again
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The Avengers as music albums.

Qunari:  Created as a servant race by some unpleasant dudes.  Background involves dragon dna. 

Elves:  Basically more intelligent, three dimensional spirits, until one of their own brought down the Veil.  

Dwarves:  Former worker drones for the now-fallen Titans, who look to have lost a war agains the Elven gods. 

Humans: ……….. showed up… at some point… because…. stuff??????

Trespasser’s biggest twist is that humans are now the cool mystery race. 

Okay so with The Force Awakens having been out for a little bit and people catching up on the old films, let me state my case for actually watching The Phantom Menace, even in Machete order (just stick it right before 2), because of one thing: Padmé Amidala.

- She is 14 during the events of this movie, when she just becomes queen in a tense situation of her planet and people

- Devises the plot to disguise herself as her own handmaiden so she can actually go out and do things because she will not be contained to a seat and a title

- Takes it upon herself to see firsthand how people live, how the pain in other worlds is real, how she can help that, because she won’t let other people tell her what’s going on, she’ll see it and do it for herself

- Padmé “If you won’t let me do it I’m coming with you no matter what” Amidala, alright, Leia gets it from somewhere and it ain’t Anakin

- Straight-up telling the Senate “If you won’t come help me I’ll do it my damn self” and marching straight off Coruscant to fight and die with her people

- Creating a plan for taking back her capital utilizing the structural weaknesses in her own palace, that she discovered herself should this situation arise

- Not to mention the involvement of uniting the races on her planet which had never been done before

- When told the plan is dangerous and risky her only response is “Well then you better not fuck up your part then” and gets right to it

- Naboo tried to amend the constitution to let her reign for the rest of her life and her heirs reign after her and she declined

- Refusing to compromise when it meant her weakness, refusing to take the easy way out when it was presented, and refusing to stop when others needed help, always

- Please don’t skip The Phantom Menace you will miss all of Padmé’s best scenes the girl was building a space in the universe for herself and this was only the beginning

if you don’t think jack johnson is the cutest most adorable yet the sexiest fucking guy you have ever seen then you need to get your head out of your ass because you’re lying 


Hanakumamii 10 Colourful Days Challenge
↳ Day 6: Green-haired character || Midoriya Izuku