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Whyyyy does tumblr keep recommending me d//an and ph//ll blogs??? by the dozens!! I’ve never watched one of their videos in my life -_-’

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Bnha x Mulan AU (TodoDeku) Goofy idea/fanfic I'll never write. (sorry anon. Still love you. I just watched the movie and Bakugou is now Yao to me. Hope you see this bc I accidentally deleted your ask x_x. <3)
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  • Toshinori Yagi: My, what beautiful blossoms we have this year. But look, this one's late. But I'll bet that when it blooms, it will be the most beautiful of all.
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  • Izuku: Excuse me, where can I sign in? Ahhh, I see you have a sword. I got one too! -goes to pull out sword- I'm very manly andddd...tough! -accidentally drops sword-
  • *
  • Mineta: For instance, my eyes, can see straightttt through your armor.
  • Izuku: -slaps Mineta-
  • *
  • Aoyama: -sparkling- Look! This tattoo will protect me from harm.
  • Bakugou: Hmmm -punches guy-
  • Kaminari: -laughs- I hope you can get your money back!
  • *
  • Bakugou: -spits- What are you lookin' at?
  • Mineta: -whispering- Punch him. It's how men say hello.
  • Izuku: -punches Bakugou-
  • Kirishima: -holding a fuming Bakugou- Bakugou, you've made a friend!
  • Mineta: Good. Now slap him on the behind. They like that.
  • Izuku: -slaps Bakugou's butt-
  • Bakugou: I'm gonna hit you so hard, it'll make your ancestors dizzy.
  • Kirishima: Bakugou -picks up Bakugou- relax and chant with me. -chants, while slowly rocking Bakugou back and forth-
  • Bakugou: -growls, but eventually, you ain't worth my time, chicken boy.
  • *
  • Todoroki: -looming over Izuku- I don't need anyone causing trouble in my camp!
  • Izuku: Sorry...-man voice- Uhh, I mean, sorry you had to see that. You know how it is when you get those, ugh, manly urges and you just have to kill something...fix things, uh, cook outdoors.
  • Todoroki: What's your name?
  • Izuku: Ahh, I,, uhh I, uhh-
  • Monoma: Your commanding officer just asked you a question!
  • Izuku: Uhh, I've got a name. Huhh a-and it's a boys name too!
  • Mineta: -whispers hiding behind Izuku- Kaminari, how about Kaminari?
  • Izuku: His name is Kaminari.
  • Todoroki: I didn't ask for his name. I asked for yours.
  • Mineta: Try, ugh, ughhh, ahh Chu!
  • Izuku: Ah Chu.
  • Todoroki: Ah Chu?
  • Mineta: Gesundheit. Hehe, I kill myself.
  • Izuku: Minetaaa
  • Todoroki: Mineta?
  • Izuku: NO!
  • Todoroki: -frustrated- Then what is it!
  • Mineta: Deku! Deku was my best friend growing up!
  • Izuku: IT'S DEKU!
  • Todoroki: Deku.
  • Mineta: Though Deku did steal my gir -gets choked by Izuku-
  • *
  • Izuku: -arrives-
  • Kaminari: Looks like our new friend slept in this morning! Helloooo Deku, are you hungry?
  • Bakugou: Yeahhh, 'causse I owe you a knuckle sandwich -grabs Izuku with fist raised-
  • Todoroki: Soldiers! You will assemble swiftly and silently every morning. -takes off shirt-
  • Izuku: ... -secretly or not so secretly checkin' Todo out-
  • Todoroki: Anyone who acts otherwise, will answer to me.
  • *
  • Izuku: -eyes wide in fear and hiding behind lily pad- Hi guys! I didn't know you were here! So, I'm clean and I'm gonna go. BYE BYE!
  • Kaminari: Come back hereee! I know we were jerks to you before, so let's start over! -naked and holding hand out to shake- Hiiii, I'm Kaminari!
  • Izuku: -naked and worried, shakes hand and bumps into Kirishima standing behind her-
  • Kirishima: And I'm Kirishima!
  • Izuku: -cringes- Hello Kirishimaaa.
  • Bakugou: -butt naked and standing on a rock- AND I AM BAKUGOU KATSUKI. KING OF THE ROCK. And there's nothing you girl's can do about it.
  • Izuku: -covers eyes-
  • Kaminari: Oh yeahhh! Well, I think Deku and I can take you.
  • Izuku: -still covering eyes trying to get away- I don't really want to take him anywhere.
  • Kaminari: But, Deku! We have to fight!
  • Izuku: We can just close our eyes...and swim around -Kaminari touches her forearm and gets too close-
  • *
  • Mineta: -spits- Ohh...what a nasty flavor.
  • Bakugou, Kirishima and Kaminari: SNAKE~ -cue screaming at the snake in the water-
  • A moment later, Kirishima: Some king of the rock...AHH! -gets pushed off rock by Bakugou-
  • *
  • Izuku: Boy, that was close...
  • Mineta: -brushing teeth- No, that was vile. YOU OWE ME BIG.
  • *
  • Todoroki: -pissed and stroming off-
  • Izuku: Hey, I'll hold him and you punch, heh, heh...-Todoroki walks by without reacting- or not. -calling out to Todoorki- For what it's worth, I think you're a great captain.
  • Mineta: I saw that!
  • Izuku: -innocent and cute- What?
  • Mineta: You likeee him don't youuu?
  • Izuku: N-No, I--
  • Mineta: Yeah right, yeah sure. Look, GO TO YOUR TENT.
  • *
  • Kaminari: Step back guys, give 'em some air.
  • Todoroki: Deku, you are the craziest man I've ever met. And for that I owe you my life. From now on, you have my trust.
  • Kirishima: YES, YES, YESSS! -bumps hips with a random guy nearby-
  • *
  • Izuku: TODOROKI-KUN!
  • Todoroki: -surprised- Izuku?
  • Izuku: The League of Villains are alive, they're in the city.
  • Todoroki: You don't belong here Deku, go home.
  • Izuku: Todoroki, I saw them. You have to believe me.
  • Todoroki: Why should I?
  • Izuku: Why else would I come back? You said you'd trust Deku. Why is Izuku any different? Keep your eyes open. I know they're here.
  • *
  • Izuku: Okay, any questions?
  • Bakugou: Does this dress make me look fat?
  • Izuku: -slaps Bakugou-
  • Bakugou: Ow.
  • *
  • Todorki: -awkward- fight good.
  • Mulan: Oh....t-thank you. -disappointed-
  • *
  • Principal Nedzu: The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.
  • Todoroki: Sir?
  • Principal Nedzu: You don't meet a girl like that every dynasty.
  • Todoroki: -goes after Midoriya-
  • *
  • Izuku: -kneels before All Might- Father. I brought you the mask of All for One, and the crest of Principal Nedzu. They're gifts, to honor the Yagi family.
  • Toshinori Yagi: -drops everything to hug Izuku- The greatest gift and honor is having you for a daughter. I've missed you so.
  • Izuku: -crying- I've missed you too Papa!
  • *
  • Todoroki: Honorable Toshinori Yagi, All Might, forgot your helmet. Ah but well, actually it's your helmet isn't it? I mean-
  • Toshinori Yagi: -smiles with eyebrow raised-
  • Izuku: -smiling at Todoroki- Would you like to stay for dinner?
  • Recovery Girl: Would you like to stay forever?
  • Todoroki: -smiling at Izuku- Dinner would be great.
  • *
  • Aizawa: Ohhh, all right. You can be a guardian again. -cue Mineta screaming in joy-

Are these still relevant, the sequel

Netflix Marvel AU where it's the same but the Defenders' main sidekicks are switched
  • Matt: No, Trish, you can't talk about me on your show.
  • Trish: Oh, come on Mattie! Don't you want the people to know about your deeds? I know, I know, I'm not going to use your name but can I at least just talk about the masked man-
  • Matt: No.
  • Trish: I can give you a cool nickname. How about..."The Man Without Fear"?
  • Matt: That sounds interesting but NO.
  • Trish: "The Devil of Hell's Kitchen"?
  • Matt: Trish...we grew up together. Did you just forget about my Catholic faith?
  • Trish: Right, sorry. How about...'Daredevil'?
  • Matt: That's...okay, that's not too bad, actually. But it sounds like I'm going to jump over the Grand Canyon or something.
  • Trish: That's more of a Ghost Rider thing.
  • Matt: Who?
  • /
  • /
  • *inside Colleen's dojo*
  • Colleen: And then you twist your!
  • *Colleen tosses Jessica to the mat*
  • Colleen: And that's how you get a mugger off of you!
  • Jessica: Oww...why did I agree to do this?
  • Colleen: Because, as your best friend in the whole world, I worry about you, especially now that you're a superhero-
  • Jessica: -ugh, no, I'm not a superhero. Don't use that word around me. Also, I have super strength and super jump, I can just push the guy off of me. I don't need fancy karate.
  • Colleen: Well...thanks for indulging me anyways.
  • Jessica: Hooray, I learned something, I guess. Let's celebrate with a drink.
  • Jessica: *opens bottle of whiskey and starts drinking*
  • Colleen: That's...mine.
  • Jessica: Did you say something?
  • Colleen: *sighs* No, I didn't, Jess.
  • /
  • /
  • Foggy: Alright, Law Office of Foggy Nelson is officially open! What you think, Luke?
  • Luke: Looks good. Don't know if it's smart to open right next to my bar.
  • Foggy: It's a metaphor! I passed the 'bar' exam and so, I open next to my best friend's bar!
  • Luke: I guess that makes sense-
  • Foggy: -hey, your shirt is torn.
  • Luke: *looks at the torn part* Oh, yeah, that happened when I...stopped a mugging.
  • Foggy: *sighs* Damn it Luke, you know I hate it when you put on the hoodie.
  • Luke: I know man. But Harlem needs me! Look, I promise I'll go out less if you hire that nurse as your new secretary. I heard she needs a temp job.
  • Foggy: Claire Temple? Hmm...I'll see if she's interested.
  • /
  • /
  • Danny: So...Detective Knight?
  • Misty: Yup.
  • Danny (smirking): So you're not just a friendly face who came by to Rand Enterprises then. You were spying on me. Here I was thinking you had a crush on me or something.
  • Misty: Well, it's not every day that the long-lost son of Wendell and Heather Rand returns from the dead.
  • Danny: I appreciate the honesty. Now, if you'll excuse me, I got important things to attend to.
  • Misty: You going to beat up more ninja? Because I saw that.
  • Danny: You don't understand! I'm not just Danny Rand anymore. I'm the Immortal Iron Fist, the protector of K'un L'un! The city is secretly being run by the criminal organization known as the Hand!
  • Misty: ...right.
  • Danny: So you believe me?
  • Misty: Nope.
  • Danny: ...well then, this is awkward.

pdturfman  asked:

Sorry about that George person Cami, I personslly don't mind how long it takes you to animate, your life comes before your YouTube channel. Please stay safe ;w;

I mean I don’t care. Not the thing he/she’s mentioning but, the fact the he/she (not to assume genders who knows if you’re a girl named george or an attack apache helicopter that’s transgender idk),  is blowing up the issue wayyyyy out of proportions, specially when I didn’t point fingers, I said “you guys” and made a statement to the air

Then the apache helicopter came with the reblog like

And at this point. Idk man, don’t waste your time with me george. love ya man

  • So what if the next Deadpool movie started like every white teen movie?
  • *valley girl voice* hi, My name's Wade.... And I'm not like those other girls, oh no. I'm not a cheerleader, or emo, or a nerd. I'm just Wade. *pan over to Spider-Man". That's Peter. He is soooo hot. He's like if Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield had a baby. *pans back to him* but me? I'm just Wade. And this is my story * Dirty Little Secret plays*

i’ve said this once, but i’ll say it again

@orphanblack and OBwriters, for season 5, please don’t let romantic cosima/delphine overtake platonic sarah/cosima. or platonic sarah/alison. or platonic cosima/alison. or platonic sarah/helena. please don’t let these beautiful sisterly relationships you’ve built over the past 5 seasons be overtaken by a romance. because orphan black has given viewers something that is really rare in the portrayal of these relationships between the clones and i would be so hurt to see that go to waste, for the sake of a romance. cophine is beautiful in its own right, but healthy familial bonds, chosen familial bonds i should add, is something i have really rarely seen on TV. and they’ve been built so beautifully over the past 4 seasons. don’t forget about them at the end of the series.

  • Adrien: I have this character I created named Vivian Feldman who's like a call in psychic and she gives advice from her tub. Cuz I don't know how to cry, so when I'm-
  • Marinette: I'm sorry what?
  • Adrien: I don't really know, I don't do that. I don't do that, so when I'm really sad I just put on all my favorite jewelry and I sit in my tub as Vivian.
  • Nino: ...that's really sad.
  • Adrien: It's nice.

But Seriously Guys

Can we just appreciate everything about the Shadowhunter Chrinicles? We have two interracial homosexual couples each with two magical bisexuals. We have an interracial heterosexual couple with a trans woman of color. We have an interracial… threesome? (Sorry, I don’t know a better word) with two magical bisexuals and a woman of color. We’re going to get another homosexual couple with artistic representation. We had an ace and aro man (boy… vampire… person…) of color. WE HAVE SO MUCH MORE COMING!!


Feel free to add to this list and tag your otps!!

Arrow 6x04 Spec Fic
  • Felicity: Oliver, hon, it's a little hard to concentrate with you inside me. I mean, your VOICE in my EAR.
  • Oliver: Sorry, Overwatch.
  • Felicity: By the way, shouldn't we be calling YOU Overwatch, since you're the one on the comms right now?
  • Oliver: That is not happening.
  • Felicity: Okaaaay, but obviously the whole point of you stepping down as Green Arrow was so that--
  • Oliver: Felicity! Code names!
  • Felicity: Copy! I mean Roger. I mean...I don't know what to call you...SIR. Boss Man. Green Leader?
  • Oliver: Let's go with Roger.
  • Felicity: Seriously? Like Roger Roger? That's kind of adorable--
  • Rene: Come on, Blondie!

Soulmate AU Where Trans Kageyama has Kenma’s name on his skin, but it worried Kenma might have someone else’s name on his hand, or worse, his birth name… So thanks to that and a combination of Kenma being intimidated by him he never asks. Hinata eventually finds out and tries to push them together becuase they are his setters!! They deserve each other!!!! Eventually Kenma talks to Kages at Hinata’s urging and askes is his name is Tobio. Kages bu r sts into tears because holy shit holy shIT and Kenma is like fuck. Goddamn why is he crying Hinata help me?! And then they go get ice cream and a happy end goODBYe

If you’re hoping for context then I’m really sorry but there is none

anonymous asked:

VERY URGENT- Hi. I'm a trans boy and I have some questions. So I so badly want to come out it to my parents, but I feel like they will say I am too young to know. What should I do? Also, I have come out to a friend recently and she hasn't been using my name, I don't want to be rude but I'm not sure what to say to her. I mean getting a masculine haircut soon, what are some tips you have? Sorry so man you questions I am just very scared.

Lee says:

Coming out to parents:

I think you should refer your parents to some trans resources, like PFLAG’s guide to being a trans ally and show that you aren’t alone in being a young trans person. There are some documentaries out there about young trans people!

Talking to your friend:


anonymous asked:

is buck buck a man or a lady? can only roosters be male chickens cause he looks like a lady chicken but I just don't know I know nothing about chickens sorry

No worries!

Buck Buck is a Powerful Man™. He has spurs and long, glossy neck feathers, but his tail feathers are ancient history. We had a hen years ago, named Esther, who Buck decided to engage in a week-long feud with, so she took the liberty of removing his tail feathers. They never grew back. 

Roosters (or cocks) are male chickens. Cockerels are young male chickens.

Hens are female chickens. Pullets are young female chickens.

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you've heard of her but there's a youtuber named Hailey Reese and she actually seems to believe in slenderman? Do you have any thoughts on this other than she's completely crazy? I mean I personally am young and I know better but there's clearly some kids who will believe anything as seen in the slenderman stabbings and it bothers be that she would even suggest it I mean she's a grown adult i'm triggered sorry please answer

*watches her slender man video*

so …she’s essentially a grown woman milking youtube children for views by presenting a lame uninspired spook story, but with conjecture that it could be “100% true” and that “something had to have happened for [the person who ‘sent’ her the story] to want to reach out and ask for help”. it’s honestly pretty gross to take advantage of an impressionable audience of potentially 200k kids to imply that something unarguably fictional could be real and doing so knowingly. this isn’t similar to creepypasta channels because she presents her story as a potentially real account to the audience and does so in a family friendly format to feign authenticity. there’s no doubt in my mind that this woman doesn’t believe any of those stories and knows exactly what she’s doing. while i don’t think videos like these will lead to another stabbing event, lying to younger viewers for views is pretty disingenuous and pathetic, especially when that targeted demographic has a tendency to believe you due to their inexperience with digital snake oil purveyors.

lilac-fairy  asked:

Here comes the second request! This one is actually,,, very cheesy ;v; Okay so, "todo" in spanish means "everything" and I was wondering,,,, what about if someday s/o called Todoroki "mi Todo"??? it would mean "my everything" but it's also Todoroki's name and idk man i think it's beautiful but,,, it's so cheesy i'm sorry omg (thank you so much i???? i love u a lot my friend 💖💖💖 don't forget how amazing you are!!)

(Your requests are filled with fluff and I love fluff!)

Todoroki Shouto:

  • Without knowing what the phrase initially meant in Spanish, and only taking the word for his name, Todoroki would still be very flustered to have a significant other call him their own.
  • Upon finding out what it actually meant, he would be deeply moved by the love they have for him. He would express how deeply he loves them back and how he’d do everything for them.
  • Whenever his significant other calls him by that sweet nickname, he can feel his face getting hotter, his hands going on impulse to his cheeks. He’ll die inside if they kiss him as well.
  • He probably learns a few cheesy lines in Spanish to surprise his partner when they expect it the least. Someday, the two of them would be watching a romance movie and he’d just whisper “Te amo” lovingly. 
  • Todoroki will grow to love the sound of Spanish spoken by his partner, so when the two of them are alone, he’d ask them to speak more to him, while he listens to their accent and lovely voice.

The Hawt Dawg  Man Doll

Started this the other night while talking with @loshka about LiS.
Victoria and Kate from dressing up Hawt Dawg Man with Mustawd Woman’s mustard (idk if that’s her name but that’s what the wikipedia says) based off Kate’s drawing in her hospital room when Max visits her.

Also sketch of Hawt Dawg Man and some fox I painted while trying out a brush that ended up looking kind of like Star Fox ._.

- Please don’t repost/use/post my art on other websites without my permission -