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A little question eheh, why do you call Nath "Tomato"? They call him like that in the serie? (I'm asking bc I'm from latinoamerica so I don't know if the english dub says that lol) sorry for the stupid question PD: YOUR ART IS FUCKING AWESOMEEEEEE *screams*

Just add a little tomato stem on him and WHOOP there it is! Personally, I call him that because I always forget how to spell his name for some reason…

- extra doodle -


His eyes were narrowed in that way people do when they’re trying hard to appear casual, but it was obvious this story was anything but casual to him.
                                       They were just such small hurts, you know?

A small part of Gansey suspected what hearing his own name really meant. He knew it, probably, by the time his friends came to his car’s rescue an hour later. He knew it, probably, when the psychics at 300 Fox Way read a tarot card for him. He knew it, probably, when he retold the entire story to Roger Malory in person. 

This rewatch project of mine has made me take note on how many times a certain sentence has been used with different characters on different situations. The sentence?

“You are my goal.”

On the top of my head, I remember this sentence being used by Kengo, Shootie and of course Serena. Kengo said it to Hikari, Shootie to Adeku and Serena to Satoshi. I believe there were few other cases too, but I think those were COTD situations. But onto these three cases!

When Kengo said this sentence to Hikari, he said that he’s declared a war against her. And we know Kengo has a crush on Hikari, and that they’re childhood friends. So I’m pretty sure it had double meaning to it. I mean, Kengo does later on, after Grand Festival is over, fully confess his feelings to Hikari. Even if Hikari didn’t seem to fully understand.

When Shootie said it to Adeku, he meant it as wanting to beat him and becoming stronger than him. Adeku came into the conclusion that Shootie likes him.  (I can’t find the episode where he said it anymore D: I’m pretty sure he did thou.)

I see a lot of people saying that with Serena, she only reverted back to a girl with a crush but I don’t think so anymore. I truly believe that when she said so, she not only confessed her feelings (why of course), but also basically told Satoshi that she wants to come to even terms with him, and not just be someone who is always on receiving end. Satoshi is strong, and a good goal when wanting to become strong. So, it’s actually similar to how Kengo said it to Hikari, without the war declaring part. Except Serena will aim to become as strong as Satoshi while having different career goal.

Sure, she also told him that next time they meet, she’ll be a more charming woman, but that can actually be meant in different ways. Althought I guess in this case this was the confession part really. And the kiss.

This is of course based on japanese version. In English dub, Serena says the following instead:

“You’re the kind of person I want to be!“

It’s another reason why I don’t see her japanese line as just a confession. The Goal line has multiple meanings, and I do believe in Serena’s case, it was used similarily as it was used with Kengo and Hikari.

I’m saying this as a neutral party. I like amourshipping, I find it adorable, but I looked at this from a non-amourshipper view, so I really hope no one will come bash this post. This is how I feel about the “You’re my goal“ line. :)

mmmmmm space animals  👀👀👀

Lowkey confessions #2?
  • Jungkook: You know what? I don't like your last name "Park"
  • Jimin: excuse me? You just insulted my whole family, you fucke-
  • Jungkook: you should change it
  • Jimin: what?
  • Jungkook: I said you should change it,
  • Jimin: yeah? to what?
  • Jungkook: *smirks* into Jeon *runs*
  • Jimin: *looks at Yoongi* did he just confess or propose?
  • Yoongi: *shrugs not looking up from his phone*

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Hi Bonnie, so sorry to bother you but I just wanted to know how you make a squiggly animated outline that you do in some of your gfx, it looks so cute but i don't know how to do it ;-( btw your works are gorgeous i love seeing them on my dash!!

Hello!! You’re not bothering me at all ^^
Let me see if I can explain this well LOL I’m so bad at explaining
It’s very simple though /cracks knuckles/ HERE WE GO

Make a new layer that you’ll draw your first doodles on (I named this layer “1”), and just draw!! (Make sure you’re not directly drawing on the same layer as your subject… in this case it’s my lil bro Boo!!)

Next, make a second doodle layer (I named this layer “2”). Keep 2 selected (the selected layer will be blue) while you still have 1 visible. This way, you can use 1 as a guide to trace over your doodles. Be careful not to draw on 1 instead of 2!

Now it’s time to animate! If you don’t already have the Timeline open, go to Window > Timeline. In the first frame we want to have the 1st doodle layer visible, while the 2nd doodle layer hidden.

Make a new frame like so:

Now we want to have the 2nd doodle layer visible, while the 1st doodle layer hidden.

Play the animation to see if you’re satisfied, and once you’re done go to File > Save for Web and this window should pop up. Click save.

This is the final result:


I wasn’t sure to finish this or not but I’m still on the robron baby fever sooo this was inspired by @memorieswarm post here . We know Robert would have bought the most expensive stroller that can’t close. baby Aiden with his giraffe (or maybe Jacob as I see a few have said their baby would be named. I love both!). the struggles of raising a kid.

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Hi, i just found out your blog during a "lucien lachance" tag research and lemme tell you your blog brought me life. Your art is so bloody stunning and i love the way you portray him. Anyway, here's the question (my phone won't let me see your FAQ so please forgive me if you already answered to this), i noticed that beautiful corset outfit on your female elf (sorry i still don't know her name lol) and was wondering where i could find it. Thank you so much, and again, thanks for your art ♥️

Thank u!!
The armor you’re referring to is this one and it’s been my fav for a while now lol

P.S. Her name is Irissae dnsndns

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my name is Todd!!! sorry for not saying that in the first ask I LOVE ALL THE ART YOU POSTED!! )the sheet) and the video was so cute!! Jared and his birb killed me in the best way! that Robin Taylor dude you said he's a lawyer reminds me of the law and order special victims unit! which is where Dylan Jared and Cedric are from right? that's so cool. I don't want any spoilers I just want you to know that I love yours and alex's characters and i can't wait for the cute kids <3 QUAK


…Sweeny Todd??????? lol sorry, Alex said so, it was hilarious |’D funny you came here at the right time, cause we were just talking about criminals and stuff haha! I’m happy you love the video and the character sheet, it took me longer than it should but i’m happy!

Ah yes, Jayjay is a precious cinnamon roll X’D
and yes you’re right! Those characters came from Law and Order ugh…great show. His name is actually Robin according to my friend, but I thought the name Taylor was nice <: Plus to avoid confusion cause there’s so many Robins and Cories X’DDD

thank you for loving our characters so much!! We really appreciate and you truly are a wonderful anon! Q U A C K

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Sorry for making you wait.

First of all! Major spoilersss!! You’ve been warned lol

Well… this is the image I think Saeran had in his head when he finally understood that Saeyoung was really sorry and that he can believe in him again lol… you know, after the hug…

Saeran thought he had been abandoned by Saeyoung, left alone in a dark place, but Saeyoung “came back” for him, and at the same time he returned for himself (as in returning for his name and his past lol).

Saeyoung knows he made his little brother wait a long time, even if it was not entirely (or at all) his fault and he’s sorry, but now he’s back and Saeran can finally be happy. Both can finally be happy.

The little kids from the past are okay now,

“The happiness we can have now will shine brighter”

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do you know much about ness? he came out of nowhere to kill the team song, don't seem to remember hearing about him from any other eps tho :\

He’s pretty low key! I don’t know very much about him other than his real name is Yoonil Kim, he’s Korean American, and only very recently came to stay in Korea (like within the past two years). He’s done some features on some Cohort songs too! Fun fact, he went to Tulane University, which is where like 20% of my graduating class went lol. Anyways, I hope this helped, sorry I don’t know more! Here are links to his social medias:

Chronological List of Kastle & Kastle Important Scenes

Complete with brief scene overviews and approximate episode timestamps!

For @thekastlediaries and the rest of the kastle fam! Tbh I had 99% of this post already saved on my computer for rewatching purposes; I just reorganized it and found the timestamps real quick, lol.

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  • [After taking Neville on a Naturalist expedition after his divorce]
  • Luna: If you don't mind me asking, why did you and your wife split up?
  • Neville: Oh, you know how it is. We wanted different things. I wanted children, and she wanted a pastry chef named Jean-Philippe.
  • Luna: Oh, I'm, I'm so sorry.
  • Neville: Ah, that's fine. That's why I wanted to leave England. It reminded me too much of her - cold, gloomy and easily accessed by a Frenchman through a tunnel.

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Just curious. But why do fans call road to ninja playboy sasuke au 'charasuke'? Is It short for character-sasuke?? I don't understand sorry 😐 I knew it was that for years but I never really paid attention enough to ask anybody but

tbh, idk lol. i just know that that’s his alternate name c: i’m sure some of my followers may know though.

if anyone knows the meaning to ‘charasuke’ i wouldn’t mind learning as well. ~

I hear hurricanes blowing
I know the end is coming soon
I fear rivers over flowing 
I hear the voice of raze and ruin

~ Bad Moon Rising, Creedence Clearwater Revival

Sorry not sorry for the pun. All I could think of when I first heard his name…
I loooved that movie and I’m curious where they’re going with his story (cause that’s totally not over). Quick sketch, hope you like it!


Kevin Costner’s filmography (part 1)