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“it’s your fault I was always second place…”

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How would the BTT + Romano react if they used a cheesy pick up line on their s/o and they got all blushy and shy cause it actually worked?

Francis (France)- He’d smirk and be a little surprised. He didn’t actually think that his s/o would get so flustered from it. He’d find their reaction super adorable though, and would start saying more  to see if they got even more shy. 

Gilbert (Prussia)- At first, he’d laugh and tease his s/o a little, having had no idea that the pickup line would actually kind of work. He had just meant it as a joke, so he would probably use the most cheesiest one he could think of, so he’d be a bit taken aback that his s/o actually liked it. He’d find it pretty cute too, and after he’d try and surprise them at random with bad pickup lines just to see how they react. 

Antonio (Spain)- Antonio’s also someone who gets blushy when someone uses cheesy pick-up lines, so when his s/o did the same he’d be pretty happy that they do too. If he was using one, he actually intended to try and make them a little flustered so he’d be pleased it actually worked. He’d definitely try and use them more often after knowing they actually work on his s/o. 

Lovino (Romano)- Lovino would have said it sort of offhandedly, like half as a joke and half seriously meaning it, so he’d be a little shocked it got such a reaction out of his s/o. He’d blush a bit himself once he realized, and might slightly tease his s/o a little for it. He wouldn’t start saying more right away, but he’d remember to later so he could see them being so bashful again. 


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Keep your boots tight, keep your gun close, and die with your mask on if you’ve got to. 

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Hi Imp. This is Aaronna from AO3. I hope Riley didn't scare you off with her post. She just got excited that you responded to her. The two of us wrote two stories via chat on Facebook that she wanted to she with you, but she thinks she went overboard trying to share it with you.

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Walking on Sunshine

A/N: A Densi drabble. Set in the *near* future. This spawned from my little post about her walking. Not sure what to say about it, other than I hope you enjoy it.

Walking On Sunshine (AO3)
NCIS: Los Angeles
One Shot
Word Count: 1,000 

Summary: “Today she feels a twinge of guilt because for as far as she comes she knows she has so much further to go. She also forgets a lot of the time this isn’t just her battle, while she’s the one recovering emotionally and physically, he almost lost her and he’s bearing this burden too. He’s bearing it for the both of them; not because he has too, it because he wants too. It’s one of things she loves about him, his constant reminder she’s not doing this life alone.”

For @aprylynn & @raccoonsmate4life

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Sam Winchester Imagine- Jealous Longing

A/N- Sorry i didnt post yesterday guys >.< But I’m posting today and I hope that makes up for it :) Requests should be open in the next few days, I’m almost caught up!! But I have 16 requests sitting in my inbox already 0.0 I love you guys, and I hope you enjoy :) {Credit to gif owner} I know this was supposed to be a Dean imagine, but it felt more like a Sam one to me, so i just switched it. I hope you’re okay with that anon <3

  Dean’s POV

   "Sam , I need help.“ I was rushed, talking fast. My head was spinning out of control with thoughts and doubts. "Now you admit it? I mean, I know better late than never, but damn..” Sam chuckled and shook his head. “No, seriously,  I-I cheated on Y/N..”

    My breathing started to calm as Sam turned his head slowly to me. “What?” The ’t’ was sharp as he looked straight at me. It felt like he was staring lasers into me as the moment passed. “She’s not it for me, Sam. But I know I shouldn’t have done it…”

 Sam’s POV

    I wasn’t the one he cheated on and it felt like knives in my heart. “You lucky son of a bitch..” Quickly, I jumped up out of my seat, fisting his shirt in my hands.

   Dean stared at me, his expression went from regret to stern. “Why would you do that to her?” I pulled him slightly forward and slammed him back into the wall. “I told you! I’m not exactly proud of it!” Dean spoke through gritted teeth, my grip loosened and he shrugged me off, stomping to his room.


    Dean walked into the room, pushing the door open hard enough that it hit the wall and bounced back. “Dean?” You asked fast, but stern. “What?” He was snapping at you, as if you did something wrong. “What the hell is up your ass?” You asked, mad that he was treating you like you did something.

   Dean turned to the wall, his back towards you. Leaning on both arms, he put his head between them. “Y/N I-” Bursting through the door, Sam came in. “I need to talk to you.” His chest was huffing from running down the halls. “Um.. Okay..” You spoke suspiciously, looking between the two men. Dean shot a glare at Sam,  pushing himself off the door.

     Setting down the clothes you had been folding, you looked past Sam into the hall. As you passed Dean, you looked away, closing the door behind you. “Okay, so what is it?” Your heart was beating faster, worried about the outcome. “Dean.. He.. Y/N- he cheated on you..” Sam was having a hard time getting the words out, just as you were trying to comprehend them. They must have hurt just as much to say as they did to hear..

   Sam’s POV

      Y/N’s face contorted as she began to sob softly, her arms were crossed on her chest, and she appeared to be squeezing herself as a comfort. “Hey, please don’t cry..” I lifted her head with my thumb, searching her eyes as they began to turn red, the tears falling from her cheeks. “Sam, I don’t know what to do.. Or say..” She looked so flustered and I didn’t know what to do. Instead, I just pulled her in, hugging her tightly, hoping I could hold her together even for just a moment. 

  8 Months Later 

      For the first few weeks, you and Dean avoided each other, giving short, longing glances. But after a month or so, you had finally moved out, having Sam and Cas help you. Speaking to Sam every night, you found that, according to him, Dean wouldn’t stop talking about you. Apparently he missed your presence . 

      Rolling over on the soft mattress, the photographer snapped multiple pictures a minute as you smiled, your finger tip resting in your teeth. “Perfect, sweetheart..” She said, taking a few more before snapping her fingers. Sitting up, you walked to the dressing room. “Hey, what’s up?” You asked your manager as she stood in the middle of the floor. Walking over to your next outfit, she began talking. “So, even though you aren’t a Playboy, Hugh wants to get you in to be Miss March tomorrow if that’s a thing you would be willing to do. Oh, and he’s paying handsomely for it, too..” Tapping away at her tablet, she looked up at you as you slipped the baby doll on. “Of course, I would love to..” You smiled, knowing exactly what you planned on for this one. 


     “So did she get you the gig?” Sam’s small giggle at the end of his sentence made your heart skip a beat as you talked to him on the phone. “Yes, I told her I would take it. I want to move out of this condo anyway..” You were up to your chest in bubbled hot water, having your nightly bath. In front of  you, you stared at the skyscrapers as you laid your head back. “Didn’t you just move there, Y/N?” Sam chuckled, and you could hear him shake his head. “Well yes, but there’s another condo a few floors up. The one I was looking at when I moved into this one but it wasn’t for sale yet..” You half whimpered, looking down at the white bubbles, blowing lightly to pop them. 

     “You want me to come over then?” Sam asked, and you smirked at his words. “Of course I do..” You cooed, hoping he got the hint. “I’ll be over next week, alright? Plus, we’re still working this case in Michigan…” Sam scoffed, the case was one Dean had picked just because he hadn’t been to that part of Michigan yet. 


    You walked down the hall to the elevator, going down to the lobby to get the boys. “Sam!” You yelled, running and jumping into his arms. He held you for a long moment, his scent washing away your thoughts. “Hey Dean…” You smiled, genuinely okay- and moved on from him. Dean half smiled, not enthused with being there. “C’mon up..” You said, turning and purposefully swaying your hips so they saw. 

      The second the door opened, Dean’s mouth about dropped on the floor. “Wait- is that?” Dean was pointing to the large framed picture of your ‘Miss March’ photoshoot you had leaning against some boxes. “No, it’s Betty Crocker.” You spoke sarcastically, Dean’s eyes full of a familiar lust. Your stomach twisted a bit at the look, but you drew your attention back to Sam. 

     “I’m going to have you start with me in my room while Dean ogles over my photoshoot.” Sam looked around your room, not having been in there since you moved in. “Why would you leave this view?” Sam pressed his hands on the glass wall, looking down at the streets. “Trust me, wait until you see the new views..” You picked up a box, Sam following at foot. “Dean, grab a box, c’mon!!” 


      Infinite boxes, aching arms and legs, multiple bottles of water and a large pizza later, you , Sam and Dean sat on the couch in your new condo, staring at the lit up city. “This could never get old…” You spoke, taking a drink of your ice tea.. Sam nodded, his hand resting on top of yours. Dean hadn’t said much, but he stared at your pictures often. “Sam, I’m going to steal Dean for a few minutes, okay?” You asked, looking at Dean’s surprised face. 

   He followed you as you walked into your room, beginning to open boxes. “So, why did you need help?” He asked, watching you. “Well, one, I’m just putting up decoration. Two, I didn’t need help, but we need to talk.” You took out a picture, you and Sam after a case you had done, covered in blood. In the back, you can barely see Dean, scowling at the two of you. Three weeks after the break up…

    Dean’s jaw clenched as he looked at the floor then back up at you. “We’re still friends Dean. Even if you don’t want to think it. I still love you, even if it’s not the same love I felt back then. I still care, just as I always have. But I will never forgive you.” Putting the photo on your desk, you walked back over, pulling out a picture of you and your mother. “I just can’t let that go. And I think it’s fair. But you can’t act like you don’t care too…” Doing the same with that picture, you stopped when you turned around. 

    “But Sam and I, we’ll be what’s meant to be, and you need to move on. I don’t want you hanging on to me.” You were looking right at him, your eyes locking with his. He was upset, but he released his tongue, licking his lips. “Okay.” He said,  short but fast nods coming from him. “And Dean?” You asked, watching him stop in his tracks. “Yeah?” He looked back at the floor, his body still. “Let go, but don’t forget..Okay? Because I never will…” You had walked up behind him and put your arms around his waist. He stiffened, but turned around, his arms around you. “I won’t…” He choked out, his lips kissing your hair.